Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The B.O.D.Z. Squad - Part Two - Steam Heat

Claire picked up her robe and made a quick phone call to COIL to pick up the two bodies of the BODZ squad she’d just finished off.

“After a session like that I deserve a reward,” she thought.

 The spy went to the top drawer of her dresser and slipped on a pair of gauze panties, so fine you could see through them, her bush fully visible under the filmy screen, and then headed out the large screen doors toward the spacious private sauna her Cabana enjoyed.

 She padded lightly down the path her flip-flops rhythmatically smacking against the soft skin of her feet as she danced along.  She peeled off her robe as she came to the door and placed it on a hook, set the temperature dial, slipped out of her sandals and began a small series of stretches to loosen up and also to let the sauna heat up. 

The door nudged open little by little as the unaware spy continued her routine, one leg sweeping up behind her in a crook, the motion and position showing off the alluring lines of her trained and taut form her efforts lighting her body up with small diamonds of perspiration that beaded everywhere on her naked tanned body.  The spy had just brought her foot above the back of her head and closed her hands about it to complete the Heron Position when she was swept into the sauna by the two BODZ agents that had been waiting for her. 

The COIL agent caught be surprise reacted quickly but not quite rapidly enough to escape, she released her leg and dropped it only to find it blocked by the shoulder of one of the BODZ agents.  He quickly pushed it back up along with her hands, joined them back around the soft pads of her found and insured they stay in place as his hands interlaced with her fingers and toes fusing them together.   The man in front slowly snaked and slithered one of his legs around Claire’s locking his foot into her remaining free foot, his other foot stepping on his own to pin the spy in place.  The agent in back encircled her thin waist with his leg binding her to them.

“You BODZ agents are more numerous than cockroaches,” Claire said her tone exasperated.

  “Yes, but much more deadly, especially to the female of the species,” one of them slithered.

  Claire had only caught a flashing glance of them in the whirlwind of being spun around as she was taken inside the sauna, but now she had a go look at one of them and it told her all she needed to know.  They were both Thai and judging by how fast they’d taken her members of the (S)erpent (E)xecution (X)tension, they killed with human knots and sex.

 “Thank you Miss Baxter for saving us the struggle of bending you into one of our knots, with a few simple adjustments we have bound you in The Press Flower.  Slowly, very slowly Miss Baxter, for we are aware of your rather considerable skills, we will draw you rigid in the knot, our bodies consuming yours until we are close enough to sting you with our engorged prongs.  Once fully impaled, both front and back you’ll be lost to pleasure and a rather fatal poison our cocks have been coated in, its breaks down slowly over time, the female helpless to stop it,” the man behind explained in delight.

“I can hardly wait,” Claire grunted as she laboured.

 Claire writhed furiously in the man knot her body a boiling cauldron of activity as the two Asian assassins worked their naked knot about her.  The spy flexed and snapped her comely body against theirs, her motion like that of a snake charming dancer as she sought to unwind her imperilled form before she was impaled and helpless. The two were muscular, V-shaped torso’s, strong legs, not overly muscled, but enough so that you could see they trained, there arms were the same.  She could only guest as the one behind her, but if he was as handsome as the one she now faced they were an attractive duo with a string of female spy kills to their credit no doubt and she was next.

Claire kinked and wrenched her body, they had her but only just, her charms had loosened her considerably from their death grip, but she could pry herself free, she needed a new form of motion.

“And with the right kind of attack strategy I can be free just as quickly as I was caught,” she thought.

 Her attack was soft and sexy, her lips and her body worked in unison on the two men.  Her lips quickly turned them into ravenous creatures, her head swivelling back and forth as she satisfied their lust.  Claire took her time slowing her kisses as she felt their skin creep closer to hers in the knot, her tongue playfully changed the rhythm of the dance.  Their movements slowed and she moved her body as little as possible, even the slightest shimmy of her succulent physique constricted her tighter in their coils, she lay still and let them come to her waiting mouth for pleasure. 

 The steam of the sauna was only matched by the steam coming from Claire’s body, both physical and sexual, she needed release.  They inched inward as she lay motionless, even her breathing slowed to reduce their wrapping death about her. 

“Closer, ohhhhhh, so closer, your sexecution of me is nearly complete,” Claire panted in lust as she worked.

“You will beg for death Miss Baxter even as you experience pleasure of unending magnitude,” one offered between kisses.

“If your cocks are as deadly as your perfectly snakelike bodies I can’t wait to be injected with your venom as I lay helpless in your coils,” she breathed heavily. 

The spy was entrancingly deadly, her words and her lips honeyed as was her body, as they drew closer Claire drew deadlier to the touch.  She could feel them everywhere on her, their massive bulges pushing at her panties; she pushed back encouraging the attack.  Their closeness was their strength, but also their weakness, the alluring female form when trained and used correctly can administer a myriad of debilitating procedures both fatal and non fatal.  Claire was working both men with her body at the same time; her captor in front was being slowly and carefully subjected to The Pinay Pinprick Paralysis.  Her erect and hard nipples pressing lightly into exact points on his chest would block the electronic signals to his muscles, her last touch would render him total paralysed.  The man behind was being massaged by her actions and controlled flexes of certain muscles which over time would work his to limpness.   Her movements were subtle and small, she was getting tighter inside them with each passing minute and motion, she fought off the point in her limbs and the constriction of her stomach. 

“How much longer,” Claire pleaded.

“Are you in pain so soon Miss Baxter, pity because there is so much more time and torment to endure we have hardly begun,” one said.

“Please insert and sexecute me now,” Claire moaned as the knot squeezed around her.

“All as it should be Miss Baxter,” the other said.

Claire stung with her nipples and rubbed with her muscles as the wall of flesh sealed around her.  She was feverish and sweltering, her body losing its mobility and edge, her kisses began to slip off their lips too soon, her nipples missed points and her muscles cramped, she was lost to them several minutes later.

 The spy was locked in place carefully, her body flexing and twisting no more as they tightened her in place.  Claire froze, her body entwined in theirs, they each kissed her while the pressure of the knot built on her as they lightly cinched her entangled naked body.  She surged a final time as she moaned before collapsing inside them, the trio fell to the floor with a thud, Claire buried in man flesh, but looser from the fall! The spy now desperate to dislodge them tweezed frenziedly inside them, her body caught in a coils of two snakes was rolled onto a steam vent in the floor.  Boiling already Claire’s body was coated in heat, fought in desperate fury to roll herself off the vent.  The men gladly harvested what was left of her loose sweat coated body, her musk filling their senses with desire.  The nude woman thrashed and bumped her increasing inflexible form against the floor, her stitched body knitted stiff until in minutes.  The steam drained her remaining fight and relaxed her even more, the men seeping in to her form more and more as her muscles calmed.  Twenty minutes later the lathered and helpless spy was satisfactorily within their control, they rolled her off the steam grate

“Goodbye Miss Baxter, your body is about to be pleasurably disable, permanently,” one of them said.

 Claire went to say something but it came out a gasp as her dance partners began working their prongs into her damp gauze panties, their hips gently rocking back and forth as they worked their tips against the material.  The spy helpless and hot waited for them to penetrate her last defence and finish her; each plunge of their prongs against her panties further wrenched her into a vortex of pain.  Their relentless attack finally paid off, the slit the gauze panties and worked their weapons of death into her, Claire hot and sexually aroused offered no resistance, they easily slipped deeply into her welcoming pleasure domes and closed the book on The Press Flower as they stitched themselves together around her. 

“Our poisonous prongs have been inserted and are dissolving their toxin into your welcoming body COIL agent.  What many have tried to do and failed two men have succeeded, COIL’s top agent finally dead, killed by the male of the species,” one said.

Claire was brought to orgasm quickly, her body straining and moaning in pleasure; she crushed further for the pleasure, their lean muscles biting into her soft flesh as they turned about her in a coiling mating embrace.  The panting agent experienced another orgasm several minutes later and on and on until she was drained, they closed about her for the kill, a final crushing at her next climax. 

They each brushed her wet lips lightly and attacked, Claire lay still and moaned as they pumped until she relaxed at last. 

After ten minutes she sat up between the two men and smiled down at each of them before she tore off her panties and ripped them in two. 

Don’t move boys I’ll be right with you, not that you can thanks to these,” Claire said holding a half of her panties in each hand.

“I’ll explain, you’re both going nowhere and I need the time to recuperate before we continue.  Your mistake was right from the start, oh you chose the perfect body knot, but I let you have it on purpose.  Tell me, what woman wears panties to have a sauna?  Once you had me you should have stripped them off of me, naked I would have been all yours and we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now, good thing for me you were both too impatience.  My panties, normal flimsy gauze, just a not so modest covering, but with a COIL twist thrown in, the inside is coated with a sealing solution that once the fabric is broken coat’s whatever it touches.  When you broke through the gauze you pushed it into me and thus sealed me from your deadly poison.  The outside is sprayed with a rather slow acting but long lasting muscle stiffening drug, it’s released upon breaking as well and your stems dragging along the torn gauze were coated in the delicious drug.  Now I suppose the only question is, do I kill both of you at the same time or let one watch the other die? Claire mused.

She had already decided on one at a time and positioned the one so he could watch the other, when she got to him his excitement would be so high he cum and be finished just as fast, this one she’d take her time with.

“I’m sure you’ve heard of this method, The Female Sexual Scorpion, ah by your widening eyes I see that you have.”

Claire moved into position, her head over the top of his supported on her arms, her body, on her stomach, stretched out away from his body she lowered her head and began kissing him.  After several minutes she tilted their heads sideways to the floor, came off her arms and reached down closing softly around his flaccid member where her technique hardened him instantly.  She smiled as he swelled in her hands, she felt the smooth skin of his shaft on her fingers, swathed him playful them tilted his head back upright and came to rest on her arms once more. 

The spy continued to kiss him as she began bringing her legs up underneath her and pushed off into a handstand above him.  Claire lowered her legs over her body slowly until her toes found his cock.  The naked spy kissed him while the soft skin of her toes rubbed his shaft, she working the spaces between them into his erect monolith and trailing it up and down, he fighting the urge to spill.

Three bites is all the female has to administer to the male for death to occur, my stinger is ready to strike the minute you spill darling,” she whispered snaking a foot up his cock that brought the eruption.

Claire covered his vented lightly with her toes, coating her toes in cum for lubrication.  She bit quickly with the points her toes, a sharp jab to his left pelvis before she basted his cock in his jelly and began again. Her hot tongue recharged him quickly and she had him stiff again in minutes.  Claire leaned forward and rolled her ass and back letting her nipples trace around his mouth further tantalising him into madness, he came and she struck.

“One more bite lover, Claire purred as she bowed downward and closed her tits about his face.

He fought and fought her attack; Claire took her time as she encouraged him verbally.

“My touch is silk to you, your helpless to my pleasure, they female body is the ultimate weapon and it has you in its grip,” she cooed.

  He quivered and quaked and then exploded, cum shooting from his captured cock and she caressed it keeping him orgasming until finally she released her toes and double stuck either side of his cock with them, he exploded again in a geyser of gissum and then went limp, Claire released her grip and twirled off of him.

“Now for you lover, the same death of perhaps this,” Claire purred.

 Rolling him onto his stomach she bent his legs up at the knee, crossed them over at the ankles.  The spy stretched herself out back to back on him then slipped her feet under his chin, a jerk of her body reversed their positions.

“Not quite as intimate lover, but just as fatal I can assure you.  This is Hindu in origin, its called The Milking Cobra,” she explained as her hands closed around his cock.

 He was so excited from watching his partner died in her body he came with little touch at all, his spume jetting from his twined form. Claire bowed him back upon himself after he was spilled and began again.

“Oh did I forget to mention, each time you cum I bow you until you’re broken,” she said with fake concern in her voice.

 Claire coddled him to orgasm again and then again as she cinched him until he was near breaking in her body.  Her nails walked up and down his shaft working his lava to the surface until it gushed out

The spy pressured her nails into his pubic mound and rocked back as he exploded everywhere unable to stop until Claire stopped it for him with a snap of her body, she relaxed and released him
“I sure hope that’s it for the evening,” she said, closing the door on the sauna and heading back up the path.

The B.O.D.Z. Squad - Part One - Come on In

This is another story suggestion from a sexylark.  Something she wanted that crossed over into a world she had created.  The result was this two part story.

“Come on in,” Claire Baxter, C.O.I.L. Agent, said from the bathroom as she put on her robe.

“I suppose I have to..” her voice trailed off as walked out into the large spacious main room of her suite.

“You guys are worse than a bad itch I can’t scratch,” she said casually sitting down at her night table and picking up a nail file that she began using industriously.

“You won’t have that problem much longer Miss Baxter!” one of them said.

“Yah, we’re here to see to that!” the other added as they both advanced on the spy as her back was turned from them.

They closed the distance in a matter of several steps, their meaty muscular arms reaching for a shoulder each when Claire dropped her nail file, her hands closing about the seat of the chair. In a flash the beauty brought both her sexy and equally lethal legs up and over the body, fully extended the edges of the slightly heeled slippers slammed into the thick brows of the two BODZ Squad assassins sending them careening back from where they’d advance, their arms flapping to keep them from going over on their asses. They stopped refocused their eyes just in time to see their opponent balancing in a hand stand on the top of the chair before pushing off, twisting in mid air and coming down to face them.

“You’ll pay for that bitch,” one of them said.

“And we’re the collection agency, the bills due now!” the other added as they both reached for the collars of the hotel uniforms.

Simultaneously they pulled away their uniforms, the sound of Velcro ripping at the seams before tossing the now pile of rags away.

“You travel light,” Claire quipped as she looked at their impressive bodies.

They were hardened muscle from top to bottom, squared jawed Adonis’s, that given other circumstances she wouldn’t have minded a nights pleasure with. Chiselled ‘V’ shaped torso’s with washboard stomachs, arms full and ripped, the visible veins pumping with malice toward her, thick necks, legs of layered steel bands, oak tree trunks for thighs that filed down to steel bars for calves. They each wore a thong, one green, one red; they just contained the bulging packages each possessed and where now throbbing under their covering.

“Is that a dumb bell in your pants or are you just happy to see me?” Claire smiled before adding.

“It appears I’ve come a tad overdressed to this party, oh well, that’s easily fixed,” Claire said as she undid the tie of her silk robe and let the clinging garment slide off her body as slowly as gravity would allow. As the sheer fabric peeled away from the contours of the spy’s body it revealed the woman’s dangerous sexy body to her two admirers. Long flowing legs that swept up from unbelievably thin ankles through shapely eye distracting calves that danced about as she moved them up to firm full thighs of smooth skin that camouflaged the dangers that lay beneath the surface. Claire’s hips pulled inward to her thin waist, a look accentuated by her bikini cut panties, her stomach taut and toned a masked steel curtain. The BODZ Squad assassins took this all in including her spectacular tits. Perfectly formed and tanned just a little to show of light rose coloured nipples, both her breast and her nipples were at full attention. Claire gave them a small shimmy of her torso to occupy their eyes and minds for a second, just long enough for her to strike.

The nimble agent somersaulted forward outstretched her legs as she came out of her tuck and seized the tip of each assassins engorged cock with the underside of her soft toes and gently began a soft caressing contraction and release about them. Claire watched them fight and lose to the lustful pleasure she was delivering, their knees were buckling as they fought to stay on their feet. Within minutes their thongs were soaked in sweat as were their bodies, a pungent sexual perfume exploded in the air as Claire collapsed them to their knees before her.

“So much muscle to unleash against me and yet so helpless under my simple touch all that corded, meticulously trained sinew yearning to get a hold on the female of the species. How were you planning to eliminate me boys, something erotically and exotically sexual I hope, the two of you about me pumping away as I lay helpless between your powerfully built physiques my reason lost to me in a sea of deadly pleasure,” Claire fantasised.

As she spoke the spy ran her fingertips up the ridges of each BODZ Agents stomach before licking them slowly off the tips with a slow curl of her tongue.

“Mmmm, you boys taste delicious,” she purred before releasing toes, swinging her legs up and crushing them into the sides of the heads of her mesmerised foes.

Claire cart wheeled back over and to her feet gracefully as the two muscle hunks staggered to theirs holding their heads with their hands. The sexy spy twirled forward into the fray as the two assassins regained some of their composure but not enough to stop her withering onslaught. She leapt into the air splayed her legs and landed, her body straddled between the two hunks her legs resting on their broad beefy shoulders. Before they had time to react and dislodge Claire tipped over and inverted her body, as she went her hands formed into a knife blade as began striking the BODZ Agents. Her hands a blur Claire using the tips of her fingers struck lightly on the sides of their thick necks, the tops of shoulders and then under their arms, as she inverted the spy continued, quick bites to the sides of each stomach and to each of the muscled ridges of flesh on the washboard torso’s, before she bite down the legs ending in two pinpricks each to the Achilles tendons.

The COIL agent neatly swung her back leg off the assassin in the red thong as he fell down stiff on his back she going with him and landing with her back on his hard stomach. Her free leg now holding the BODZ agent at a 45 degree angle above her with the flat of her foot.

“The weapons in my arsenal are varied but all are effective even against muscled male assassins. Each of your Shakra Points has been struck by my blows, the manoeuvre called the Striking Cobra and as you can see the result is total body limpness except for one point and I don’t need anything special to keep that stiff do I boys,” Claire purred.

The spy had the massive cock of the agent in the red thong trapped in the soft confines of her underarm, its throbbing rhythm music to her. She carefully removed her leg from the shoulder of the other BODZ agent, her foot tenderly and teasingly caressing his cheeks and neck before she worked her toes down is torso, the soft pads of her feet bouncing lightly over each ridge of his sculpted stomach until she closed around his thong.

“It just wouldn’t be fair to leave you out of the action after all it was a threesome you two were desiring in the first place wasn’t it?” Claire teased as her toes stroked his prong.

Claire’s toes coddled him a few more seconds before she released his pounding stem, coursed her leg softly around his hips and tantalisingly over his ass, her toes weaving into the sting of his thong.

“I don’t want you slipping away on me baby,” Claire cooed before she forced his ass down and pushed up with her leg under his chest arching his body slightly so his huge erection sheaved inside his now tightened thong pressed against her wet panties.

The spy started her motion, a slow sensuous stroke for the prize under her arm and a small circular grinding motion of her hips for the other. All three quickly hotted up as their skin rubbed and slithered about, Claire sandwiched between the two dripping in perspiration after several minutes, her scent washing onto her helpless aroused victims setting then even more aflame. Claire’s bronzed body glowed in heat as she increased the paced, her undulating body twisting madly as she rubbed the men against her their cocks pounding for release. She slipped her soft skin about the shaft, his probe twitching while her silk panties delivered a rubbing nightmare of pleasure.

“Time to end the game boys,” Claire gasped, she was very close to orgasm herself.

A new motion delivered the death blow to the encased worm under her arm, he exploded, lava spilling out in great bursts before slowing and oozing forth in a slow constant stream about her tits then draining of her curves and rushing down her abs! His eyes rolled back in his head and he was finished, another victim of erotic fatal femininity. Claire slipped her now free hand down the still trapped second BODZ Agent and into his belly button.

“You never should have let me sharpen my nails you know. It allowed me to shape them into the body numbing unique strike points I needed, all except one nail that I filed with just you in mind,” she said sliding it into place.

A few more frantic motions later she jammed the finger nail in further, the ancient technique killing him instantly.

Claire moaned, her body quaked and she squirmed deliciously beneath him wringing every ounce of pleasure from his still hard member before she relaxed her body spent with the joy of victory and release before she freed herself from her former lovers.

“Thanks boys you’ll never know the pleasure you brought me, I only hope there’s more of you to come.”

Party Crashers Part 2

The five girls slowly road their poles about their hips while tongues dashed and licked at the brass rod itself as the men jostled forward for position next to one of the poles, the losers in the battle consigning themselves to spaces in between their bodies poised to fill any opening should one of their colleagues be foolish enough to move away. 

 “I’m Tami, I’m Brandi, I’m Mandy, I’m Bambi, I’m Candy,” the girls said one after the other.

  The men to a one had all done co-op assignments with female COIL agents these women had bodies every bite as impressive but they also had something more an overt raw sexuality that was tartly flaunted for public display at a price, it was more dangerous and wonderful than any one of them had experienced on a mission and it drew them to these women.

 “Now who’s the unlucky follow who’s getting married tomorrow,” Candy cooed in a sexy pouting voice as she writhed up and down her pole.

  All the men smiled and pointed at Boyd as they closed a semicircle around him and pushed him forward toward Candy who was waiting for him in an inverted position her back against the pole as she supported herself in a handstand.

“Go on man don’t be shy shake hands with the lady,” Markus said a final shove from him, his best man, pushed his face into her panties.

“Mmmm! I can tell you’re a man of experience, go on, their edible,” she purred as her hips wiggled in enticement.

The remaining strips dismounted their respective poles, two sat on the edge of the cake while the other two moved about the ground of men circling them the like hungry lionesses as they picked out their prey and lead them to the two other females on their hunting group.

“Why don’t you three have a seat,” Bambi sugared as she lead the men to seats to wait for their turn.

 “Oh don’t frown, we’ll get to you soon enough,” she said, gesturing with a finger that drew them in closer she whispered.

“Our Bubble Trouble seems to have affected you three the quickest.  Don’t tell the others, not that you can anyway, but they dull the mind making you sluggish and non combative, drink in more of them while my friends and I begin on the others who look like they require an added touch,” she breathed.

 She rejoined the others and began her one on one encounter; she had Markus, the best man.

 Each of the remaining girls paired off with one of the remaining men, each leading them away from the others for a more private setting within the confines of the room, the men more than willing to let them take the initiative. 

Mandy picked her man and led him a little way before beginning her Belly Dance routine, her costume for the night a series of coins attached to sheer purple gauze at just the perfect strategic points as the make the view wish they weren’t and at the same time yearn for a look at what’s underneath.  The coins bobbed and danced to the tune her body played for him making her worth to him so much more than any coins could cover.

Brandi pulled out her feather duster from the hip holder of her French Maids outfit and traced the tips about her man, stopping to slowly brush around his manhood that swelled to attention under her careful scrutiny

“I see will have to dust extensively in this area,” she said in her best French accent, as she looked hungrily into his eyes.

The costume complete with the head dress and the short skirt gave her long legs ample display, complete with black seemed hose and matching heels they battled for his attention against his almost over flowing cleavage that strained against the low cut top. 

Tami, her nurse’s outfit already driving her charges fantasy world drove it to another level as she swung her stethoscope an asked.

“I need to take your pulse, purely for safety concerns, I tend too send my patients pulses racing, both here,” she said placing a finger over his wrist.  “And here,” she smiled, plunging the instrument down his front.

“Oh, that’s very high, you better sit down and let my training calm you down a little,” she cooed leading him a few steps back to a chair.

Finally Bambi picked out her man, he was dressed in a very nice business suit as was she, white blouse, provocatively unbuttoned to just the right spot, a white pearl necklace dangling between her décolletage.  Her skirt much too short and her heels much too high to be considered professional office attire, but he wasn’t going to call Human Resources on her. 

Rick was becoming agitated, at first in a very pleasurable way because of Amber’s skills, but that slowly given way to a feeling of regret, but not yet action to stop that regret.  Amber read his face and felt his body reactions, but she had more than her own share of body reaction, most of which men found very distracting.

“Just enough to take you mind off of what’s happening,” she thought as she soothed his face and body back to where she wanted it.

The Stripper delivered more kisses, teasing him with false hope than he may yet feel her lips on his skin; instead she continued to kiss the veil she’d placed over his head.  Skilfully her hips rode up and down his crotch, his rock hard massive head bulging in his pants skimming over the thin gauze fabric of her outfit and her pussy, the small rises on either side of her sweet welcoming envelope sending shivers down the walls of his prong.  Amber repeated the process several times until his actions became almost uncontrollable, the Stripper quickly pushed up with her arms on the arms of the swung her legs forward and wrapped then around his middle. 

Cole came out of his near orgasmic fog called Velvet to see Amber’s change of position and realised to late that his fellow agent was in trouble, just as he was a fraction of a second later.  Velvet turned his head back to her and hugged him tight for the nanosecond it took her pressure sensitive pasties to fire their hooks into him.   She danced back a step, the miniscule device inside her pasties releasing a very thin, almost invisible wire as she did.  Cole rushed toward her intent on finishing her before he turned his fury on her partner, but in doing so he played right into her well constructed and intricate trap. 

Velvet somersaulted below his outstretched haymaker swing, she came to her feet in back of him, cart wheeled over to his other side and executed and walkover to land once more in front of him.  Her arms and legs became a flurry and motion, none of it hitting him, that was never the intention, which was made clear seconds later when he fell to the floor bound tight in the wire.

“You reacted a fraction of a second too late baby and now you can’t move at all, caught in The Stripper Cradle,” Velvet purred.

Cole opened his mouth to scream for help but Velvet merely pulled on one of the wires with her finger that controlled it and it tightened dangerously about his larynx.

“Now is that nice ruining the party for all my friends inside there, how rude,” she smiled.

 Cole cast a look over at Rick to see if he was faring any better.

“What’s the matter darling can’t breathe?” Amber honeyed evilly.  “Well I’m not surprised, what with my legs wrapped around you and squeezing every time you inhale.  Tell me how are you enjoying my veil, its and interesting fabric don’t you think?  You can breathe out through it normally but its does seems to be rather restrictive on how much air in can intake and the frustration of it all is that you can’t remove it, my lipstick has seem to that.  A special blend, it cements the veil to your skin by the sweetest of applicators,” she cooed.

Velvet, stepped over a few wires, twisted and turned her body slowly as her motions constricted the twine about Cole, just as Amber crushed Rick with her legs.  The two women had struck quickly and perfectly just as their training had taught them to.  The defenceless COIL agents would make another line on their respective resumes, but that was merely filler.

Inside the party room the situation was much the same.  The Strippers had all struck at exactly the same time each with perfect surprise. 
Candy had contained Boyd easily, her pussy was a fatal trap on many levels, and this was just one of them.  She relaxed her grip and carefully lowered the COIL agent down until he slumped against the edge of the cake and the floor.  She stepped forward and gently drew his face back into her panties for a few more rolls and nods of his head before she let go and knelt down face to face with him.

“I told you they were edible didn’t I, I guess you just ate too much of them and the drug they contain, you really should learn to over eat, it can lead to serious health problems,” she teased.  “You’d better rest for a moment before we continue in the meantime let me ask you a few questions,” she smiled.

 Mandy danced about her charge, her gyrations jingling her coin costume in ever changing rhythms as she came closer and closer to his spellbound body. 

“It hardly seems fair that you’re dressed and I barely have anything on,” she pouted while undoing the buttons on his shirt then removed it sensually from him, her smooth silky arms trailing across his skin as she did arousing him even more. 

The Stripper renewed her motions, only this time altering her motion to slow waving slalom of her body and placing it in contact with his.  He didn’t think he could get any harder than he was but he felt his pants pulling tighter around him. 

 “Now for something special,” she said sexily as he hands went above her head and she pressed closer to him.  “Hold me tight while I dance on your body,” she requested in a predatory tone and he was only to happy to co-operate.

 Mandy snaked and slithered her body against his for several minutes, his cock pounding inside his pants, she grabbed it carefully for leverage and pulled herself closer while she stroked it.  The COIL agent felt the growing sensation of an impending explosion, he tensed, his eyes rolled up and then he was sitting in a chair looking at her his eyes focused on her costume or what was left of it.

 “Oh dear, baby, you’re so hot you melted my coins and yourself in the process,” she purred.  “Heat dissolves them, specifically the heat of two human bodies, their coated in a rather effective muscle toxin, quickly absorbed into the skin unless one takes precautions as I did,” she added.  “Now let’s see if we can melt the remaining coins, penny for your most secret thoughts,” Mandy hotly breathed.

“You just relax and let Nurse Tami see to you,” the Stripper soothed as she pushed her stethoscope down his chest.

“Oh I don’t like the sounds I’m hearing down here, I think I going to have to explore a little deeper until I can find the root cause of this,” she giggled a little as her fingers undid the zipper on his pants.

“I see the problem now, you’re massive tense down here, fortunately for you I’m a trained masseuse as well,” she played as she gripped his root in her hand and pulled it free.  The palms of her hands softly pulled against the walls of his root in a creamy caress of delight.

'Strange you’re not relaxing, don’t worry I’ll simply try another technique,” she smiled and lowered her head.

“There now that seemed to do the trick, you’re good and relaxed and you didn’t even feel my touch, did you?’ Tami oozed as she showed him her ring.  “Just a touch releases the tiny needle, barely visible and totally undetectable, but that’s the point after all isn’t it baby?”

 Brandi played the French Maid to the hilt, giving her man views of her very firm and small ass as she bent over along with extreme close ups of her barely contained breasts.  She fussed with his clothes, straightening his tie as their eyes met; she moved in to kiss him touching the top of the handle on her duster as she did.  Her mouth open slightly and ravenously as she came within a hair of his lips, just as the duster pierced the back of his neck. 

What is zee matter cheri,” she accented, as the Stripper pulled the concealed syringe from him with a smile.  “I like to clean very thoroughly, get my duster into every corner, sweeping out secrets.”

 She too placed him in a chair and straddled him.  “Pity you can’t feel or touch me, but you can answer questions and I have many for you,” she whispered into his ear.

 Bambi flipped open a small compact and checked herself in the mirror before doing a few touch ups including a fresh application of lipstick.  She paused halfway through as her eye caught his.

“A woman can never be too careful regarding her appearance in the corporate world, just one final touch, there,” she smiled into the mirror before closing it and slipping it back into her pocket.

Her lipstick contained tiny bits of sparkle that moved with the light and made her deep delicious to his eyes.  She caught the end of his tie and pulled it through her hands drawing him closer to her with each tug.

“Let’s create a corporate merger,” she smiled as her lips took his. 

She controlled the kiss, its tempo, the movement of their lips, the pressure until finally she broke contact and smiled. 

“The sparkles sit on the surface of my lipstick, there the poison; the lipstick is the protection from it, but only for me.  Any contact breaks the sparkles open and instantly delivers the poison.  The application for the watcher is erotic enough if down correctly, but the lipstick is so dazzling to look at that all the target can think of is kissing those lips as you just did.  Now its time for a little corporate espionage,” she laughed. 

The Strippers worked over the make agents for intell gathering more than they could have hoped for, but it was Velvet who hit the jackpot.  Once the women had worked all they thought they could get out of the male agents it was time to finish what they’d started.

Brandi still straddling her man raised her legs up the back of the chair and reached for the seam of her stocking at the base of her heel.  With practiced skill she removed the wire hidden inside the seam, wrapped it around a special groove cut into each of her heels and with the quickness of a striking cobra wrapped it around his neck, her heels crossing and back and locking the wire securely about his throat.  The Stripper snapped her legs and his neck.

Candy placed her panties over Boyd’s head and pulled small threat instantly they contracted.

“What would you fiancée say if she could see you now honey, more than I suspect you can at the moment.  My panties will contact until they crush you, oh and about your former fiancée, don’t say a thing, I’ll be sure to explain everything to her while I’m disposing of her.”

 Nurse Tami checked for vital signs, there were none; her stethoscope had delivered his cardiac arrest with just the right amount of electric shock.  Mandy danced her thighs into place around his neck and began a slow rolling gyration that increased in speed and circumference over the minutes.  She watched Candy, Brandi and Velvet take care of the remaining three COIL agents while she worked her own execution.  What was left of her coins jangled as she shimmied until a final thrust into the dance on beat with a crack.

 “Well now what to do, you’ve been drugged by my lipstick, so killing you that way would be repetitive and a women never wants that, she needs to use a wide arsenal of weapons to always keep the male guessing and guessing wrong.  Yes, this should do nicely,” she smiled taking off her necklace and putting it around his neck.  Next she removed her set of earrings and placed one on either side of the necklace.

“Don’t move a muscle baby, I’ve activated the earrings, the slightest motion or jostling will cause them two explode and I wouldn’t want you to loose your head over me, or perhaps I would,” she teased.

The girls gathered together and pushed the cake to the door, their mission a complete and total success.

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *                 

“I think this certainly qualifies as another disaster for COIL,” Sharon Sharpe said as she came up to Devon Thrash her counterpart for COIL OPS on the men’s side.

“It gets even better or worse I should say as he handed Sharon a piece of paper which she quickly scanned before turning away in anger and taking a few strident paces.

“You mean to tell me one of your men hacked into the database and looked at the files of these female agents?  How far into them did he get and better yet who else knows what he does or did as the case may be?” she demanded.

Devon breathed a sigh and motioned Sharon he follow him over to a body covered with a table cloth.  He pulled back the sheet so she could have a look.

“I recognize the trademark, The Strippers Guild,” now it was her turn to sigh.  “I suppose they accessed the system using Intel they worked out of this one,” she said in disgust.

“They flash downloaded the files of those agents I handed you, everything on them, complete skills, case studies, the works,” he said dejectedly.

 “If you’ll excuse me I have to start contacting these women before they end up like your lot and I don’t intend to let that happen.  The Strippers Guild are assassins for hire and opportunists, that list represents a large payday for them, the bidding will be fierce or perhaps they’ll do the jobs themselves on a contract basis for whomever bids the most, DOOM, The Silkworms, The Poison Geisha, SNARE or numerous other organisations,” Sharon said barely able to hold her temper as she walked away.

Party Crashers Part 1

This is a two part story I wrote as a result of a request from a reader.  So I anyone has an idea for a story, even the vaguest notion of something they'd like to see please suggest either here or send me an e-mail at barrie125ca@yahoo.ca

“I don’t understand why we can’t be inside like all the other guys enjoying ourselves,” Cole complained for the umpteenth time to his colleague who was doing his best and failing to tune him out.

“Ok for the final time it’s because we’re the low men on the totem pole in terms of seniority, in fact to be technical we have none, being new to the company and still in training, does that finally clear things up for you probie!” Rick answered sharply.

“That totem won’t be so low in a few minutes,” a young woman smiled while her friend eyed the two men from behind an enormously large cake she was helping to push along.

“I’m Amber and my friend is Velvet and if you’ll just open the door we’ll deliver this cake, but I promise we come back with some icing for the both of you right away,” she smiled as she put her finger in her mouth.

“I need to see some ID before I can let you two in,” Rick answered his voice trying to sound calm while his heart raced.

“Velvet come over here a minute,” Amber said as her friend came round the cake to stand beside her.  
“Does it look like either of us has anywhere to put ID,” she laughed.

Velvet just had on pasties with swirling little tassels attached to them each about 3 inches long, her pasties strategically covering the areas men most wanted to see.  Amber was wearing a pink see thru Harem Girls costume with slits cut into the material all over it so her lightly tanned skinned flashed into view everywhere for seconds at a time when she moved.  The two men stared at the hardbodies before them lost in daydreams for just a second before Velvet’s voice surfaced them.

“You can do more than gape when we return, Boyd paid for the works for all concerned, including you two,” she cooed.

“Open the door probie,” Rick said as he tossed the key to him and he fumbled with the lock before inserting the key.

“I hope you have better aim when we return,” Velvet giggled.

 “Don’t worry probie, if you don’t she has a steady hand,” Amber added and this time they both laughed.

 “Shouldn’t we have checked with Boyd before letting them in,” he asked as he closed the doors cutting out the noise from inside.

“Exactly why and this is why I continue to call you probie.  She knew Boyd’s name how much more clearance do you want than that.

Amber touched her earring and lowered her head a little while Velvet smiled and distracted the men in the room as they wheeled the cake up to the front.

“There are eight of them, we’ll handle to two outside, these are up to you, enjoy.”

 The girls bounced out back toward the door, their bodies drawing looks as they went before reverting o the cake as blue, pink and gold bubbles started to stream out from it and into the air flying over the group of gathered men before bursting as they contacted the ceiling. 

 “I wonder who’s inside the cake?” Cole, forming known as probie said to his partner.  “Some of the female agents I can think off would be great, maybe Alex Chase or Sarita Gill or..”

“Whoa, your walking deeper into probie hell if you keep that up,” his partner said.  “You’ve never met any of those agents and except for the pictures you’ve illegally seen of them in the files when you hacked into them.  This is a stag, we may someday be lucky enough to go on an assignment with one of them, but for the time being you should stay in the boys department before trying on the adult sizes,” he mocked.

 A small rap on the inside of the door spared him further embarrassment to which he was grateful, he unlocked the door and smiled as Velvet and Amber reappeared.  

“Now guys its time to collect your reward for being so loyal to your friend in there who I’m sure is having a good time, but he has to share and you get our full attention,” Velvet smiled as she ran the palms of her hands up Cole’s stomach and chest before locking her fingers behind his neck as she began to dance. 

 Amber retrieved a chair from nearby and guided Rick into it and her into his lap as she swirled her hips about his manhood. 

 Instantly hard and excited they both lost their thoughts and tried to touch the women to which Amber and Velvet slithered away and wagged a finger each. 

“Now you know the rules boys, we’re allowed to touch you, but we’re off limits so if you can’t control yourselves, well that will just be the end of the entertainment for the evening and you can go back to guarding the door and listening to what a great time your friends are having and your not.  What’s it to be?” Velvet questioned. 

They both instantly agreed to behave, the girls smiled and began again this time more vigorous than before. Rick and Cole went with the enjoyment the two dished out, closing their eyes as the girls rubbed there silky sensuous forms against and about them.  Velvet released her arms from around Cole’s neck and twirled her sexy form around then bent over at the waist rocking her firm ass up and down against the bulge in Cole’s pants occasionally trapping it in her firm cheeks and taking it for a ride. 

 Amber stepped up from her exercise and languidly peeled off her sheer gauze top revealing the most magnificent pair of tits Rick had ever scene.  Firm and perfect they quavered inches from his mouth as she resumed the dance, he longed to dart his tongue out and snare one of her nipples, but the thought of having the dance end and her depart was not worth the momentary pleasure that would give him.  The stripper teased him with he perfume scented top dashing it across his face filling his mind with her exotic aromas before she wafted it into the air and guided down across his face then sealed her lips to his between the sheer gauze.

 Velvet turned around again and churned her womanhood against his pulsating missile as she ground it up and down and about as she danced and turned Cole about the hallway at will until the corner of her eye caught that of her partner, they winked at each other.

 As the bubbles continued to stream music started up from the cake, bass induced soft grinding stuff that all the men caught and captured in their minds as to the its one and only purpose.  Then suddenly the frosting layer of the large ornate pastry began to separate from the filling and slowly raise itself up in an unscrewing motion, like that of a lid from a jar.  Five brass poles pushed the frosting layer toward the ceiling and on each pole a woman of uncompromising body and beauty curled about the brass phallus in sexy poses. 


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Caption Time Again

Here are some more captions.  If you have a pic you'd like to see a caption added to send it alone to my email at barrie125ca@yahoo.ca and I'll work on it

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The Curved Knot

These poser images were done for a story by a fan, Bendy Wendy.  They are of Claire trapped in Raj's Human Knot.  Many thanks again to Wendy for the Amazing Posers

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We Three Chapter 10

Chapter Ten:

            The surf crashed against the sand, the cascading water deafening all other sounds with its roar.  The receding foam leaving behind a variety of jetsam it had collected on its journey across the ocean including an extremely curvy ebony coloured object.  Whitney lay motionless in the wet sand waiting patiently for the moon to be obscured in the cloudy night sky before she slithered her long body up the short beach and into the vegetation.  The night, hot and muggy cloyed at her thin wetsuit as she straightened up against the trunk of a palm tree and pulled the hood off her suit, her hair spilling out grateful to be free of its neoprene prison. 

Silent and agile she moved along the edge of the brush as she made her way toward the greenhouse her silhouette barely rippling the cloak of the night as she went.  The C.O.I.L. agent moved to the door and disappeared inside down the hallway toward the decontamination chambers.  Removing her waterproof backpack she briskly peeled herself out of the diving suit opened the chamber and entered along with her equipment. The cleansing process finally completed her nude body emerged into the greenhouse.

Whitney moved quickly among the rows of plants, picking at random until she had the samples required.  Kneeling down she opened her equipment and placed the first of the samples inside on the platform for analysis.  Flipping open the small keyboard and lifting the monitor screen the spy powered the unit to life, entered the commands and started the program.  While it worked on the spectral analysis and genetic markers of the plant sample she established the up link to the satellite for data transmission to C.O.I.L.  Patiently she worked through each sample, securing a confirmation of received transmission before moving to the next, the final sample concluded and confirmed, she activated the auto-destruct code and in seconds the machine began to melt before her eyes as the chemical soup of acids eroded the device. 

            Swiftly Whitney moved, making her way to the main air transfer station within the greenhouse and its connection via a complex series of vents to all the other ones in the complex.  She opened the control panel for the station reached into her hair and quickly removed the four jumper wires she stored there before beginning her nights adventure.  Quickly connecting the clips to the desired terminal ends she overrode the air decontaminators and opened all the vents to the other greenhouses.  Whitney opened an air duct catch, reached both hands behind her back carefully peeling off the skin patch she’d attached, smiling she tossed the patch in the air shaft and replaced the cover. 

            “My work is done!” she thought.  “Now its up to the spores I released and they work even faster than I do!”

            The spy began making her way to the exit her naked form wicking moisture in the humid environment.

            “You are a most determined and if I may say so difficult young woman to kill!” Miss Thomas.  “All the trademarks C.O.I.L. looks for in its recruits.  It’s a good thing there are plenty of your type in the world because your organisation is about to be minus one!” Zai smiled dangerously.

            “I hope D.O.O.M. can boast the same recruiting program!” Whitney smiled back before leaping at Zai with a forward cartwheel that transformed into a back flip before the spy’s willowy leg snapped out and tagged her opponent in the chest knocking her over into a large patch of moss that covered the greenhouse floor!

            The surprised D.O.O.M. agent nibbled to her feet with a low menacing laugh.

            “I knew you had abilities that stretched beyond the academic Miss Thomas!  For your sake I hope you put as much study into them as you did into Engineering!” Zai hungrily said as she began to stalk Whitney. 

            The D.O.O.M. fem whipped her right leg quickly forward slashing it side to side before retracting it, cocking it and firing again this time with a high kick to Whitney’s head!  The first two blows jackhammered against the inside of the C.O.I.L. agents thighs, the third connect flush with her forehead sending her tumbling backward her arms flailing at her sides as she struggled to stay upright!  Zai launched herself forward in a flying walkover, first her left leg snapped into Whitney’s jaw then its mate followed suit a nanosecond later!

            Whitney went sideways with the force of the blow and with Zai!  As the D.O.O.M. spy’s torso aligned upright once more they were met by Whitney’s legs as the spy swung onto her hands and closed her calves around the neck of her combatant!  Zai felt the vise about her swiftly tense before she was pulled toward the ground as Whitney’s body darted between her legs and flipped her unclasping at the end to increase the hard landing for Zai.  The C.O.I.L. spy gathered herself into a tight ball on the ball spun round, up on her shoulder, opened up and drove a punishing karate kick into the back of the woman’s head lunging her body over itself and forward onto her stomach!   Whitney bound to her raised her right leg before rocketing it down toward the small of Zai’s back!

            The D.O.O.M. fighter rolled over just in time to catch the underside of Whitney’s foot impeding its motion. Zai cocked her left leg and fired it into her adversary’s mound before pinballing it off her inner thighs!  Whitney’s legs flared outward as she sank to the floor!  Zai continued her barrage, a quick tuck of her body forward escaped the crumbling Whitney before she snapped her left leg up her body from a siting position and connected with the back of the ebony woman’s head crashing her forward into a waiting headlock! 

            Zai was on her feet instantly taking the caught Whitney with her the vice about her neck growing tighter with each second as Zai applied pressure and leverage, leaning down with her weight on her half bent opposite number.  The D.O.O.M. siren swung her leg up behind her and rammed the flat of her foot into her top of Whitney’s head several times before pendulumming it around and kneeing in hard in the stomach for equal measure!  She released the spy, elegantly executed and back walkover before snapping another kick to Whitney’s mound, toppled to her knees from the blow! Zai smiled stepped forward and slowly snaked her thighs around the Nubian agent’s neck in a loose matter.  

            “Game over Miss Thomas! You should have chosen an academic career!” Zai hissed.

            The words had just faded on the air when Whitney rammed her head up and back tumbling Zai up and over and down her back!  The C.O.I.L. spy’s legs curved up from the knees crossing over each other as they went the flats of the top of her feet pressing Zai’s head and neck inward!  Whitney’s arms swung around her back clasping together as they added a second band of locking appendages to the trap!  The agent inclined her body back a little to take away another counter from Zai’s legs that now just dangled above useless to her in any escape attempt!

            “You were saying Miss Shetty?” Whitney mocked.  “Speak now it’s your last chance before I closed about you and seal you in Cleopatra's Tomb!”

            Zai said nothing as she wiggled her form seeking an escape but Whitney coiled and poised used her lean rippling form to perfection.  She wrenched the woman closer her small hard ass dancing about in hypnotic action as it contacted Zai’s face!  Whitney loosened her muscles and massaged her cheeks around until Zai slipped into place!  The spy contracted her arms and feet slowly as her ass flexed and squeezed around her prey drawing Zai deeper in until she had the woman!  Whitney slowly rocked back and forth, her action working like a tightening vice about Zai who flailed her entangled form ceaselessly within the constricting snake of Whitney’s body! 

            The young C.O.I.L. agent could feel her nemesis weakening very slowly, Whitney knew Zai was superbly conditioned and it would take time to exhaust her!  Twenty minutes later Zai had been still for just about five minutes in the hold, her breathing imperceptible.  The victorious spy unleashed her arms main a fist with one hand and closed the palm of the other over it as she placed it into the small of Zai’s back!  With her feet still secured about the back of Zai’s neck Whitney convulsed her body backward rippling it like a wave crest on the water snapping Zai’s spine!  Her body relaxed and dislodged its victim; she got to her feet and moved to the exit pausing by large green standpipe that carried the water about the complex, to catch her breath. 

            The bite to her neck happened so quickly and unexpectedly she couldn't react quick enough to counter it, even if that had been possible, which it was not.  She felt another bite, this time to the other side of her neck and a paralyzing stiffness over take her instantly!

            “Not to worry my dear, my nails are not poisonous, although they can be, in fact some of my order use them almost exclusively!  I however do not.  If a woman can’t kill efficiently and of course erotically with just her body as is in her nature, then she has no business being a Silkworm, but I’m from the old school,” Seema slithered from above.

            “I was beginning to think my employer would finish you! But luckily, for me that is, you are a resourceful young woman!  The question of course now becomes are you resourceful enough to escape my experience?”

            Whitney had mused to herself whether Chama was a member of The Silkworms, an ancient order of lethal female assassins!  Skilled in a myriad of tactics, erotic and otherwise their ranks were exclusively populated by woman over the age of forty. 

            “I was hoping you were a Silkworm!” Whitney said.  “Now I can add your defeat to my list of accomplishments Chama.

            “Confidence or is it arrogance, its so hard to tell the two apart in young agents.  A certain Miss Baxter sounded just the same as you do.  C.O.I.L. must issue you all the same notes on what to say.   No matter too much of each will always lead to defeat.  Oh and please call me Seema, my real name if you don’t mind.”

            “So your Seema, excellent!” Whitney chirped.  “Now I can finish what Claire couldn’t!”

            “Ah, so you’re a friend of Miss Baxter’s!  What a wonderful resourceful woman!  I do hope your up to her standard my dear, it will make for an interesting encounter!” Seema hissed as she tilted Whitney’s head up.

            “As I said, eroticism is in a Silkworm’s nature!” Seema smiled as she saw the look in Whitney’s eyes.

            The young spy was awash in a wave of desire that she knew was intended to cripple her, but she couldn’t help it!  Seema had painted her skin a shimmering emerald green to match the hose, save for her lips, those she had coated in a glossy red lipstick, and her hair had been tightly wound and pinned against her head!  She smiled a sexy serpent grin back at her immobilized prey! 

            “And you told me you didn’t go that way my dear!” Seema said with a laugh. 

            The inverted green woman relaxed her legs just a little and slid down the pipe as her nails kept their light pressure against Whitney’s neck preventing and bodily movement from her.  Leisurely Seema brought her face down her front of her prey’s as her arms worked about the spy’s neck, drawing up one arm at a time before enfolding hers about them loosely all the while her beguiling green face and glowing lips mere inches from Whitney’s face. 

            “Some of my colleagues kill at this point with a poisonous bite of their lips, just as some insects do!  But I prefer the languid skin to skin contact a slow kill of my victim’s body offers!” Seema hissed further pushing up Whitney’s stimulation. 

            “You’ll find my Preying Mantis hold most effective Miss Thomas and lethal of course!”

            Seema flicked her tongue about Whitney’s mouth several times before slithering down the spy’s body a little more until her face hung just about the spy’s mound!  Seema’s arms swept around into position against Whitney’s spine as her nails walked up and down its length with light but precise tension.

            “Can’t have you moving about my dear while I labour about my work!” she explained.

            Whitney demanded her body move but it disobeyed her!  Seema’s nails were far too effective against them, as was the little of her body she had on her.  The C.O.I.L. agent watched each muscle on the woman’s back and arm’s swirl beneath its green exterior, tense for a second, then disappear! 

            “God what a body!” Whitney’s mind screamed as she watched Seema work her luscious magic. 

            The Silkworm slithered her body around on her paralyzed foe so now her head was resting on Whitney’s rigid ass!  She took hold the standpipe and pushed outward inserting one of her green legs neatly down the back of Whitney’s body the nails of her toes substituting for her fingers along the Nubian woman’s spine before the soft pad of her foot came to rest on Whitney’s ass!  Seema’s other leg somehow managed to position and set both of Whitney’s hands into a knife-edge against her neck before slowly wrapping around them and pushing them into place with her amazing muscle control!

            “Shit! She’s got me paralyzing myself!” Whitney panicked in her mind.

            “My experience, not to mention my body appear to be winning the day!  Soon my Preying Mantis will be complete and I can begin your execution! 

            Frozen and helpless Whitney watched their reflection in the greenhouse glass as the lethal mantis worked about her in a casual but purposeful manner.  She watched the soft pad of Seema’s foot rub and stroke her ass working it loose with each masterful brush stroke as she perched her body between Whitney and the standpipe.  Next came the extensive massage of her long legs, starting with her hard inner thighs.

            Seema kneaded back and forth just below the spy’s pussy that Whitney secretly longed for her to attack, before fondling the remaining thighs with wispy expertise.  Her calves fell under the snake woman’s spell next as a combination of Seema’s nails and toes anesthetized and enfeebled her muscles with trained talent! 

            “I think you are almost mine my dear but to ensure my clasp has you helpless you need to be weakened just a little more!” Seema offered.

            Seema lowered herself to her knee and tilted forward until her arms clasp Whitney by the forward from behind freezing her further in place!  Whitney got her unfulfilled wish seconds later as Seema’s soft foot began a purposeful caress of her exposed pussy. 

            “You’re very excited my dear!  I take that as a compliment,” Seema mocked.

            Whitney was helpless in the hold of Seema whose lithe flexible form appeared to have no boundaries!  The young spy, despite her situation, was utterly turned on by this most seductive insect secured about her.  Whether it was the green skin, her delicious body or the promise of a crashing orgasm she didn’t know and didn’t care at this point only pleasure invaded her mind and she couldn’t chase it way! 

            “You may have succeeded in destroying this operation my dear, but you’ll not live to fight again, so enjoy your last few minutes of life!” Seema offered.

            The Silkworm raised her foot off Whitney’s sex and pointed it, all her magnificent muscles flowing into place as her calf separated into wavelets of sexy fluid power!  Seema thrust it downward and into her prey’s skin with just the lightest of touches before pulling it up and poising again for another strike! It came seconds later followed in rapid succession by others all hitting different parts of her torso but all damaging her severely as she weakened quickly!

            “Mantis death strikes my dear.  You’re out of time and chances!” Seema hissed as she plunged her leg down and held it there!

            Whitney squirmed, her breathing was failing her and her body was useless!  Seema was still holding her position and the death strike until needed, her prey valiantly hung on in the Silkworm’s Mantis refusing to give in!  Twenty minutes later the battle ended as Seema let Whitney’s lifeless body free of her Preying Mantis, a smile forming across her painted lips.

            She stretched her lithesome body and got to her feet.

            “No my dear it is I who will add your name to my list of accomplishments,” she offered before walking toward the exit.

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *         

            “Great!  We obtained all the information, stopped D.O.O.M.’s plot and lost two agents in the process and the third one doesn’t like to listen to advice!” Sharon said throwing her hands in the air.

            “We still don’t have confirmation of Alex’s death!” Grace Pak offered in a muted ray of hope.

            “You know the Poison Geisha, you never see the body again!” Sharon snapped.  “Alex is dead along with Whitney and that just leaves Paige and as I said she doesn’t listen, she wants to do it her way so she can prove everyone wrong even though nobody is thinking that.” Sharon said dejectedly.

            “Sounds like someone you knew once doesn’t it?” Grace smiled.

            “No it doesn’t!” Sharon said emphatically.

            “See you just proved my point!  Besides, you knew this job was going to end up like this some day.  You made a tough decision, they agreed knowing the risks and the consequences of failure.  That’s the nature of the job.  The question now is do you have what it takes to keep making those decisions?” Grace challenged. 

            Sharon reclined in her chair silent and still for several minutes before she reached for the phone.

            “I want all the dossiers of our trainees and have their trainers and evaluators ready for a video conference call in two hours,” she said hanging up.

            “Let’s hope we can do better this time around!”