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Fashionsita - Chapter 7

Rachel had just finished with her lipstick when he knocked on the door.  A graceful exit from the vanity and several steps to practice her walk got her to the door which she opened to a small intake of air from David as he looked at her. 

‘You’ve seen me with much less on than this,’ she demurred.

‘It took a second or two but he finally agreed and stepped inside following her as she led him in.

They fell on the bed together, not in an awkward way, but perfectly in time with each other, their bodies folding and bending in unison giving each a soft fall with Rachel ending up on top.  She smiled at him before tucking her head down and seizing the waistband of his shorts in her teeth and pulling them over his already swelling stem.

‘That’s far enough , I can work them off your body from here,’ she sexily said as the tip of her tongue touched his root sending shivers through him, the feedback beating a steady rhythm  on her tongue. 
Rachel languidly climbed back up his body, her softness paradoxically increasing his hardness, he was at full attention when she slipped over top of him and secured his head.

‘These last few days with you have been great, but you’ve come to learn about the true me and that can be dangerous even deadly for either of us, and I can’t allow that to happen,’ she said softly looking into his eyes her lips mere centimeter s from his, her breath hot and passionate.

‘You know I would never tell anyone,’ he said.

‘I know, but there’s always a chance,’ she responded as her hips pushed down around his cone.
David went to say something, but Rachel stymied it with a simple touch of her finger to his lips.

‘Not to worry, I have just the remedy,’ she said softly as her lips closed about his and she fully engulfed his shaft his body shuddering against hers. 

*             *             * 

The phone buzzed on her desk, turning sideways as she reached for it.  ‘I think I have an answer,’ was all it said.  It was from Elsa.  Claire smiled. 

*             *             *       
‘You know everyone is looking at you thinking, Sugar Daddy,’ Benjamin Steinmetz said with a laugh and that twinkle, ever present in his eye.

‘If that is so, let them look, I could never do better,’ Claire Baxter answered as she squeezed his arm she was holding then watched him as he took his chair.

‘Am I really that old and unsteady that you have to watch me get into a chair?  I’m only 91 and still very spritely at that,’ he both questioned and stated.

‘That you are,’ she answered and took her seat beside him.

At present a waiter approached and took their orders, Claire had her usual, a Gin and Tonic, from Bombay Sapphire, that she always had, Ben had Bourbon on the rocks. 

‘Very nice place and of course the company, ‘Ben said.  ‘I don’t see enough of you, however I feel that if this works that will change.  I must say this is an interesting change in strategy or more accurately an addition to it.  I never thought I’d live to see the day that Claire Baxter, the daughter I never had, would open a second front.’

Claire leaned over and kissed his cheek and gave him a hug, just in time as they approached.  She got up and greeted Rachel with a kiss on the cheek and hug.

‘I’m so proud of you, welcome back agent,’ she said with pride to Rachel.

Rachel wore a stunning two piece formal print dress cut just below the knee.  The two piece outfit showed just enough of her toned mid rift to be enticing to all eyes that fell upon it.   Her hair tied in
bun gave an even more fetching look to her as it seem to elevate her height up a little and even more so accentuated her classic beauty and toned physique.  She carried a small shoulder purse.  Her long legs slipped into a pair of open 3 inch heels.  She looked nothing like the former Rachel.

‘This is the agent I always knew was in there!’ Claire said to herself and her smile conveyed that to Rachel.

‘David this is Claire Baxter and Mr. Benjamin Steinmetz,’ Rachel said as David shook both hands and held a chair for Rachel before taking one himself. 

‘I know Mr. Steinmetz by reputation of course.  It’s a pleasure to meet you sir, you’re something of a legend on Wall St.’ David said like he was meeting a sports hero from his youth.

‘I’ve heard those stories, all second hand telling of course, but flatter me, it’s been a while since I last heard my own biography, update me if you will. 

David looked him in the eye, saw the twinkle, smiled back and began.  ‘How I heard it was you were just out of Columbia, working as a newly minted broker, like all brokers do you were trying to build a client base then you hit upon something, you were the first to use demographics to invest strategically, looking at big data if you will to plan when and where to invest, using the force of the post war boom population to maximum effect.  The result was unparalleled decades of success that still continues even to this day.  I was told by everyone I met who knew anything about the business that your company was the place to work, not the biggest, but just an exceptional place to work, but they always said getting in was next to impossible, it was like some kind of club, you had to be asked to join by another member, always added to the air of mystery,’ David explained.

‘You see and you said that PR firm was a waste of money,’ Benjamin laughed as he touched Claire’s hand and she took hold of it and held on.

‘You hear the same story all the time, you just like having your ego flattered,’ she answered.

‘And why not, at 91 you take or make the glory when and where you can,’ he answered then turned to David and his eyes became dark and serious as he leaned forward.  ‘It makes a good story and yes I like hearing my laurels bandied about, but Mr. Jacobs the truth of the matter is even better, would you like to hear it?’

At just that moment a waiter appeared to take the two arrivals order.  David was grateful for the pause as it allowed him to order his thoughts.  So much had happened; he was still digesting it all. 

‘Just one more thing I need to say, am sure Rachel has told you this but I need to say it.  If you accept, that’s it, you’re in for life, not going back, no walking away,’ Claire stated, her look firm.

‘You make it sound like Escape from New York, once you go in you don’t come out.  You’re scaring the young man.  It’s nothing like that, sure what she said is true, but if it’s a life sentence, well I have no complaints,’ Benjamin added with a wave of his hand.

‘Thank you, Rachel explained it to me but it’s good to hear re-iteration,’ David said then paused.

‘After I got over the shock and to be truthful disbelief of what she was telling me about herself and her secret life she said perhaps there was a place for me within your organization.  What she didn’t tell me was what you wanted me for and what I would be doing.  I realize you might not be able to tell me without spilling the beans, so to speak, but if I’m going to commit, I need to know what I’m committing to.  Maybe I won’t like it, or don’t want to do.  And added to that what happens if you can’t tell me or I say no?  She didn’t say there’d be more cloak and dagger.’

Claire and Ben both smiled a little at this before the spy answered.  ‘In this business there’s always more, you come to expect that.  But if you say yes, there are no more secrets, your family, this is how I run my organization,’ Claire said looking at him with trust and truth.  ‘But to be fair, I can’t expect that from you if I’m not prepared to reciprocate, so this is what we want from you.  First a little background, FORCE was formed by me as a response to what I perceived as lack of will by the organization I left and created FORCE, recruited agents that shared the same methodology and determination that I did.  Primary we were engaged against an enemy called DOOM however all that changed in a flash when they were destroyed by a combination of The Silkworms, The Poison Geisha and The Strippers Guild to form a new organization called Trident, they have since added new agents and in the chaos of that I seized the opportunity and saved as many former DOOM agents as I could and brought them into FORCE.’

‘Ah Claire I think..’ Rachel said looking from her to David.

She looked at David, his eyes glazed and his mouth slightly open, she knew she’d gone too far too fast with him.  Slow and carefully she backed upped to the beginning, her start with COIL and explained all, then moved on to explain what DOOM, COIL and all the others meant, their anachronisms, how they operated, their tactics, etc.  She watched David carefully for signs, stopped or slowed when she saw him waiver and answered all his questions, of which he had many, usually followed by more astonished facial expressions.  When she had finished he was up to date, they ordered lunch and then after Claire brought up the present situation and why she wanted him.

‘GIGOLO, yes I know, a silly name, but I suppose not any more silly than any of the others, but intention is far removed from their name.  They killed an agent of mine I almost got another killed foolishly chasing an obvious set up, this is where you come in.  This group works for money only, they take their orders from someone, we need to find out who that organisation is.  The reason I say this is because of the nature of what GIGOLO does. They compromise the target, threaten to blackmail or expose them then trade that off for information and insider influence to their superiors who for them it’s a simply fast and cheap way to get information, a third party contract if you will.  The knowledge and powerbase gained is more than offset by the cash outlay, it also shields their agents from potential harm while masking their operations inside another’s.  But, the money has to originate somewhere and then get laundered, that is where you come in on one part, but also on another.  They’re getting Intel, but is it random or targeted, specific end goal or a wide net, that is what we need to know, so we can counteract it and stop the advance.  If you can find that information out, devise a plan and implement it, then we can really do some damage to them, force them into costly mistakes and strategic changes and if we’re, you’re very good have them eat their own, if you follow,’ Claire said.

David nodded that he did.

‘Excellent!  This latest incident, money was transferred to an Argentinian private equity firm, Julieta Strasser owns and runs it, very dubious clientele, family has Nazi past, she herself is a piece of work, but that last part is for me to deal with.  What we need from you is to dig into the firm, find out who’s its clientele are, what she puts their money into, where and how she transfers it and of course where it goes.  I also want you to develop, based on what you find, a methodical way to destroying the investments of her clients.  I get the feeling that these are not people who take losing very gracefully and if played right we can turn her to our advantage.  The second part of this is finding where that money is coming from, but I’m more concerned about the information they are getting. What are they using it for, expansion plans, creating chaos in a country so they can move it, etc, which includes all the things I can’t think of, but you can.’

There was a really long pause as David tried to absorb all he’d been told, he could wrap his head around what they wanted, it was just what they were that he was having a hard time coming to terms with. This whole world of James bond meets Matt Hem meets Derrick Fling and every other crazy spy film you ever saw or book you ever read and then multiply that by exponential factors.

‘From what I hear and have been told through various inquires I’ve made young man is you’re supposed to be some kind of genius, so let’s see some evidence of that or we’re wasting our time here, because if you can’t handle this you haven’t got the hutzpah for what’s to come,’ Benjamin said looking at him then his watch. 

 This isn’t just about me, I can’t possibly do this by myself, this will require a staff and more importantly, most importantly,’ he corrected himself. ‘Access to a very fast mainframe that’s running complex analytic programs from a massive and constantly scalable database, I know something of your business Mr. Steinmetz and I think I can safely say you do not have such a computer or network of them, no offense.  Without that kind of computing power any analysis would be useless, Big Data does have its drawbacks, its costly.’  So I suppose my question is and forgive me, the both of you, but where are you getting the resources for this cost centre?  Your company is not big enough for that type of operation, in terms of hiding those internal cost sir and Miss Baxter, again apologies, but I’ve never heard of you in the investment circles and your far too young and beautiful to go unnoticed.’

‘You see now we’re getting somewhere!  The practical mind, don’t commit to a project until you know the resources are there.  Now David, let me ask you another question, yes the Socratic Method and I know I didn’t answer yours yet but I promise I will.  Your last sentence about Claire, what does that say?’ Ben asked.

David looked at Claire and Ben whose faces he could not read as he analyzed and ordered his thoughts.

‘That the money comes from others sources and she is just the face of her organization, saying what they want, or somehow it is as she says her money and it has been so well hidden in the financial systems of the world that it’s impossible to untangle. But even if that were possible, how could someone so young have so much money, just from a mathematical model its impossible, even under the best possible model of zero error.  There are other explanations but they have statistical values of almost zero as outcomes, but if I discount the first two then I have to consider the third as the only viable result and therefore the one pursing no matter how close to zero the chance is,’ David explained.

‘What would you say if I told you you’re sitting across from the richest woman in the world,’ Ben said and sat back.

‘Christy Walton is the richest woman in the world,’ he answered.

‘Not even close.  But before I go on, I did promise to answer your questions.  Claire owns, or more accurately, one of her many companies, owns a Cielo mainframe, off spring of the Roadrunner, do you think that would meet your needs for computational power and processing speed?  Now for the money and how she got it,’ Ben smiled as he turned to Claire.

The spy launched into the File ‘The Boundaries of Time’ giving every detail and then letting Ben explain the monetary operations of how she acquired her wealth.

David never touched his food, he said nothing just pushed back his chair and moved off in the direction of the beach.  Rachel motioned to go after him but Ben put his hand up and went in her stead, nimbly catching up to him, belying his age. 

‘He’s good looking, nice catch,’ Claire said.  ‘And he’s very bright, double bonus.’
‘I like him,’ Rachel said happily.

‘He does know about?’ Claire began.

‘I told him all about what could happen on missions, every aspect, including me being killed.  Of course this was before all this came up and we just could have ended up a vacation romance fling and occasional friends with benefits.  Now, well things and feelings could be different, not from my perspective, but its two that make it work,’ Rachel said.

‘You’ll know one way or another soon.  I have another mission for you,’ the spy said.

Rachel was thrilled about that but maintained outward calm.  They passed the time in idle talk; Claire seemed unconcerned about the two men on the beach walking back and forth, Rachel cast glances their way every few minutes.

‘They won’t come back until its all resolved one way or another,” Claire stated, catching Rachel looking for the umpteenth time.

‘What do you think?’ Rachel asked.

‘Tall order, we’re asking someone who believes, trust, puts all their faith and lives for facts to make a leap of faith and embrace the abstract that can throw people.  But on the other hand, he was inquisitive enough to hang around and meet us, shows he’s not all data, of course it could be just you, he’s crazy about you, anyone can see that, even if he tries to hide it, but I don’t want that to be the reason he takes the job and I intend to make that clear before he answers. Eat some salad, it’s fantastic,’ Claire said motioning with her fork to eat.

Rachel had just resolved to do just that, the fork halfway to her mouth when the two men were back. 

‘Sorry several more things before you say yes, one you’ve heard already and the other, well that should not be a surprise, because knowing  my man here as I do,’ Claire said slipping her hand into Benjamin’s. ‘He already told you.  I know Rachel told you about the possible consequences of her line of work, I just want to make sure you understand that fully and all the consequences that can involve, including, well it may not work out between you two, who knows.  Second, while I give you free hand to do what you think is best with my money, in terms of buying, selling and moving it about and I can tolerate losses more than most, I do expect my investments to make money for me at some point.  If we have to buy things to deny the opposition a foothold in an industry or to strategically position ourselves in such matters I understand that, but you have to be able justify it and it has to show results on either side of the ledger, if you understand that?’

‘Of course, the financial side and the covert side. I need to grow the business on both,’ he said.

‘Excellent.  You are in charge, hire the people you need, we vet them, but you direct them.  Ben and his family are there to help and guide you.  Finally and this was said before but I want it said again, you accept, you and anyone you hire, and they’ll get the same introduction and rules as you and are I having right now, you’re in for life.  There is no leaving because you want to do something else, we can’t risk that.  Maybe that’s harsh, but so is the game we play.  Now having said all that, welcome aboard David Jacobs VP Strategic Development and Asset Allocation,” Claire said reaching out her hand.

‘I didn’t say yes yet,’ he smiled.

Then say it, my salad is getting limp,’ she smiled back


‘Good to see you haven’t lost the sales touch,’ Claire said as she kissed Ben on the cheek.

‘See I had to come all the way here to get that, but it’s worth it,’ Ben laughed.

Fashionista - Chapter 6

Rachel curled in close to his back, her legs restlessly curling tighter about his waist, her toes occasionally and teasingly straying into his lap where they found a responsive welcome.  She never went too far and replaced that touch of her limbs with a kiss to the back of his or ear or any place she could reach along with a full press of her body to his back, the scent of her hair, fallen over his shoulder, the mix of her smell and her touch more than compensation for the secession of her legs. 

They had a leisurely breakfast, shared as they cuddled on a lounger by the pool and worked together on a logic puzzle David was fond of doing and Rachel was soon passionate about as well. 
Tomorrow was her appointment to pick up the Intel and she was determined to this free day and David was equally determined.  To that end they had filled the day with activities that the resort offered.  First up was snorkeling then a scuba diving lesson and dive.  Rachel had of course done both in her career, the one David knew nothing about, but she had decided to act the role of a neophyte in both. 

‘It just keeps things simpler between us,’ she thought. 

She was happy there was no hang gliding, repelling, high speed driving, target shooting or other activities she had done on the menu.  A public announcement for a porter requesting all those going for the snorkeling/scuba lesson should assemble on the beach in 15 minutes snapped her back to the present.

‘I need to change and gather a few things in a bag, I’ll meet you down there,’ she said, kissing the back of his neck and uncoupling from him.  She danced off toward her suite; David watched for a few seconds then departed for his.arrived first, partly because he had less to pack and partly or mostly to see Rachel walk toward him.
He was not disappointed, not that he ever expected to be, no it was more the anticipation of seeing what she would wear and she always surpassed his imagination.  He watched her feet sink lightly into the white sand, her body shifting slightly as the ground gave way, giving her more of a natural sway than usual.  A hand took his and they stepped onto the dock then onto the boat joining the others. 
While the boat slowly crawled out and around the spit men and women gathered round to answer a few questions from the dive instructor and learn how.  Rachel even asked a few questions to keep up appearances,

Asking a few questions here and there before they all got into the blue water for more instruction.  They day pasted by too quickly but she cheered herself up knowing she still had the night before business tomorrow.

*             *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *     
Her choice of outfit reflected very closely her new style, colours be muted as such, they took away the glaring edge vibrant shades can sometimes give off and put all the focus back on her.  The sundress hugged in all the places, the cut, a Jessica suggestion gave her toned body a chance to show off, but not so much leaving the onlooker wishing for more.  Accentuated with a pair of retro sixties sunglasses, a few bangles that picked up the colours in the dress and a clutch she showed money and sophistication, just the look she desire.  She’d even put on her bikini hoping for a swim later.

Rachel shifted the Mini into third and pushed the accelerator down, the 225h engine smoothly coming to life.  The car was a pleasure to drive; it responded to the slightest touch from the driver and hugged the road, its short wheel base and racing suspension sweeping in and out of corners majestically.  She wished David was next to her, mostly to torment him with her love of speed on the sharply turning coast road, but business, namely her secretive business got it the way of him tagging along.

‘Speaking of business,’ she thought retrieving the wireless memory stick from her purse and inserting it into the port on the dash.  See watched the sticks lights flash to life and the upload bar on the dash gradually fill sold until the upload registered complete.  I few minutes later she got a confirmation that the data had been received.

‘Mission completed,’ she smiled.

The car dove into the corner with ease then slowed before veering off the shoulder and into the sand of the beach before rolling to a slow stop.  The spy touched her head then slumped forward as her world closed into darkness.

‘Wakey wakey Miss Sparks, the shows about to start,’ the spy heard a voice say, the haze in her mind unsure if see was dreaming of not. 

She blinked her eyes they tentatively coming into focus about her feet clear blue warm water lapping at them in the sand.  She moved her toes, squishing the sand between them to stimulate the rest of her body into recovery.  

‘There we are back from the Land of Nod.  Hope you had pleasant dreams because your reality is about to become a nightmare.’

Rachel knew it was a female voice and it sounded like she should know it, but she couldn’t yet focus her eyes and her hearing was drawing blank with the second perception to aid it.  Finally after what seemed like an eternity of time and shifting sand with her feet her eyes focused then widened in recognition.

‘Miss Howett?’ she said in a combination of surprise and distain. 

‘Oh it’s not what you’re thinking Miss Sparks or can I call you Rachel as we got along so well this morning  when you came to my shop for the information FORCE wanted an other things,’ Marianne Howett explained in a self-satisfied voice as she reached up and removed Rachel’s earrings.

‘You have an excellent fashion sense, but these are part of my exclusive collection,’ she added.  This one conceals a tracking device; it’s activated when the post enters the backing.  It makes it so much easier to track my quarry.  Of course I had hoped to find you at the bottom of a cliff or smashed into a rock outcropping, once you fell asleep, which is what this earring does,’ she explained showing the second one.  ‘Once connected the post heats up just enough to break a thin membrane and secrete the drug of my choice, in this case a sleeping toxin.  If all had gone to plan the police would have found your burned body and concluded either excessive speed or losing control as the cause of death.  Of course there’d be nothing left of you to autopsy, but things didn’t go according to plan.  Oh you FORCE agents , you’re a suborn non co-operative lot, but no matter, this way is more in keeping with the exotic nature of our lifestyle,’ Marianne added with a smile.

‘I’ve already sent the information you gave me,’ Rachel said defiantly as her body and her faculties came fully back to her as she tried to lunge at her adversary but found she was restrained.

‘Good for you, that’s what I expected.  It is low level intelligence, more than worth trading for the life of an agent, as was the intention all along.  Now to immediate circumstances, as I said I had hoped for a crash but this method will leave even less of you, namely nothing for anyone to find.’

Rachel tried again to lunge forward, her first attempt had told her it was fruitless but she needed an outlet for her anger, which she achieved along with mocking laughter.

 ‘Try all you want Miss Sparks you’re firmly bound in place, both at the wrists and ankles,  as I’m sure you can tell,’ Marianne offered. 

‘What is this stuff!’ the exasperated spy demanded.

‘It has a proper botanical name, but for simplicity sake I call it Solidifying Seaweed.    It’s the only carnivorous plant in the ocean, but instead of waiting for its prey to swim or crawl by it prefers to float freely with the current attaching to anything it comes into contact with.  Once affixed by even the most tenuous of touches it will expand and surround its prey attaching tendrils that slowly absorb its victim over time even the bones.  Once the tide comes in you’ll be slowly covered in it.  Once the tide goes out you’ll be carried out to sea t to be devoured never to be seen again,’ Marianne explained a smile of self-satisfaction curling on her lips.

Rachel resisted the impulse to luge again knowing it would only give her adversary the chance to gloat again, she did it anyway.

‘You FORCE girls are so stoic in the face of death is that training or just how you are?’ Marianne smiled.  ‘Well no time for a discussion, I can feel that tide coming in,’ she said turning and walking a fee steps before looking over her shoulder and smiling.  ‘Good choice of bikini leaves little to imagination and so much more for the seaweed to cling to.’

Rachel watched her disappear around a corner; she could hear nothing more except the constant gurgling and lapping of water against her legs and the rock walls of the long twisting cavern she was imprisoned in.  Clear blue warm water slowly began to fill the channel she was in, it was up to her knees now and no matter how hard she pulled she could not loosen her ensnarement.  As the water rose to mid-thigh Rachel saw the first ominous signs of the seaweed coming toward her on the tide. 

The spy churned her hips, circling them about, thumping them back and forth in a furtive attempt to create a wave the fight the tide, a cluster of the weed found her skin just above the knee and stayed.  Rachel’s body shivered in spite of the warm day and water, she tried to thrust it off, only to see it slowly and teasingly creep about her its tendrils spreading up to encapsulate her mid-thigh. 

The water splashed into the narrow crevice, some seaweed depositing on rocks where it clung to lichen and other plant life, one cluster found a slashed onto a ledge where a crab had been picking and small snails, Rachel watched as the greenery entrapped the creature before they fell off into the water to its grave.

Unable to manufacture even the smallest amount of counter thrust to the rising water Rachel was reduced to spectator as the waters rose and the seaweed increased in frequency.  A patch found the top of her bikini brief, a few shoots curling about the lip of the fabric and underneath then spreading about and around her slim shapely figure.  A patch floated in and stuck to her stomach her defined muscles churning and moving in the vain hope of successful discard. 

She did deduce on thing, Marianne did not intend to let her drown, that would have been too easy and left part of her exposed to try and free herself should the seaweed detach early.  No the woman clearly wanted her covered, her arms and been bound in the stuff and placed behind her back to be further enmeshed by the flotsam of botanical death.  She could also sense the rise in the waters slowing which if she roughly calculated would stop at the top of her neck.  Rachel marveled at her calmness, a year ago, even less than that, she would have been in a complete panic, unable to think or strategize.  She knew her situation was dire, but somehow she managed to maintain calm focusing on what other agents had always told her, always have a trick up your sleeve and successful agents aren’t always the most beautiful.  Rachel Sparks was beautiful now she needed to add in the other ingredients.

The rising waters forced the spy to make herself as tall as possible, going up on her toes making her already gorgeous legs look even more stunning.  She had calculated correctly, the water stopped just at the cleft in her chin.  Rachel arched her head up to keep from swallowing sea water.  From her neck down she was covered in seaweed, expanding and encircling her, only small patches of her skin and bikini were visible.    She could feel the fronds edging along her skin; they were not tight, just firmly against her, making movement slow and requiring great use of energy.

The water began to recede and with it the grasp of the seaweed against the rock, sensing a little freedom Rachel twisted and writhed, the water bubbling about her as she struggled.   Rachel snapped and whipped her body, like a fish caught on a line until she broke free of the rock and began floating out of the fissure with the tide her motion doing as she hoped and carrying her toward a small nodule of rock.  The sexy spy twisted around and dragged her wrists along the wall managing to snag the spur in spite of having her hands behind her back.

The water nymph used the receding tide waters and her own back and forth motion to try and cut the seaweed bind free from her hands, while her body used the same motion to rub itself vigorously against the rock shelf.  The surging sea pushed her back and forth, nearly dislodging her several times, but she hung on tenaciously refusing to be bucked off. The relentless undulations finally took their toll, a large inward thrust of power and then the accompanying massive withdrawal as the water rushed out of the crevice forced her off, she dropped into the water and was carried along with the current, her body twisting and writhing, preforming a series of spectacular undulations as it snaked in the water. 

The open sea was visible out of the corner of her eye as Rachel snapped and thrashed until finally her wrists came free, she forced her arms forward and above her head whilst her body shifted sideways to full stretch just managing to catch the top of her feet and her fingers on the craggy facing of the last narrows before the open water. 

Still immersed in the waves Rachel knew she had to get above them or face the certainty of being dislodged and swept out to sea and certain death.  Delicately she inched one foot along the rock wall gradually curling in toes inward so they could probe for a fissure to seize on to.  A sign of relief showed on her face as she found one then began the process of repeating the steps for the other leg.  Secured she inched her body upward out of the water, the strain of fighting the water instantly

replaced by the effort to fight gravity.  Water drained off of her in a series of steady tiny streams that little by little turned into steady drips.  They coursed across her taut form, her toned muscles straining to keep her from falling into the precipice while the sun began to dry her out.

She watched the water slowly, very slowly run out until finally it was only ankle deep as it was at the start.  Rachel relaxed and fell, turning her hips so she landed on her feet in the soft sand.  She moved quickly out of the corridor and into the full sun where she stood and let the light and the heat dry out the seaweed enough that she could start to remove it in clumps from her body revealing the delectable form so cruelly covered up by the foliage.

Removing the final strands she walked to the road, her car had been removed.  ‘No doubt so as to not draw suspicion to the area,’ she thought. ‘Guess I’ll have to hitchhike back to the resort, lucky, I have on presentable attire,’ she smiled at the thought and the first car along stopped.

She chatted amiably with her rescuer as they drove along while she concocted a story to tell.  She settled on taking some sightseeing advice making a wrong turn and having the car break down then finding out see didn’t have cell service and having to walk to get help then having to wait for the rental car company to come and get her and the car and then the paperwork.  She even covered why they didn’t give her another car because her stay was at an end tomorrow she didn’t need another and would just take advantage of the shuttle the resort provided.  She believed it and David did to when she explained it, her training coming in handy once again. 

He fussed over her for the rest of the day, ordering room service, drawing a bath for her and even massaging her feet later.  Rachel was relived and a little disappointed when later he didn’t pursue her in bed, but quickly changed her mind, she was not up to it, he could sense it and his arm around her, his body against her back was in many ways better, she fell asleep instantly.

*             *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *     
Their final day was supposed to be a cruise for all the patrons, but Rachel did not feel up to it or so she led David into thinking.  In reality she had a call with FORCE to clarify what had happened, but she insisted David go and enjoy himself, but not too much, she told him with a promising kiss.
Once the boat had disappeared around the horn of the bay Rachel made her call and then went to the pool to catch some sun and quiet.  She drifted off into a semi dream state unsure of where reality ended and dreams began, thinking things were imaginary when they were all to tangible and the other way around, then she awoke with a start.

‘We meet again Miss Sparks, oh no need for formalities, please remain relaxed, you course you don’t have choice in the matter!’ Marianne smiled down at her as another drip that had called Rachel back to the present, of suntan lotion hit the skin on her stomach.  ‘You are a hard woman to kill, fortunately I enjoy a challenge.’

‘How did you find me?’ Rachel demanded unable to move and showing her frustration at being caught for the second time. as well you know.  Once again we find ourselves alone and you immobilized, this time thanks to a few drops of paralyzing suntan oil, an accessory no spy worth her salt would be caught without in the tropics and you Miss Sparks are caught!’ Marianne smiled pleasingly.

‘What a lovely place you chose to stay at, perfect for a short vacation or in your cases a soon to be permanent one.  But, this is far to public an area, I have something more secluded in mind, someplace where you won’t be disturbed should the guest or staff wander in.  No I want you out of site, just close enough to hear help, always holding out that hope that someone will save you, but they don’t.”

‘How do you plan to get me there?’ Rachel blazed.

‘Lucky for you I brought my dependable Cat’s Paws,’ Marianne said as a man appeared and scooped her up.  ‘I always wanted to use that line, ever since I saw Batman,’ Marianne laughed as she led the way away from the pool, her two henchmen carrying the helpless agent.

‘You definitely have a thing for water,’ Rachel said in a defiantly sarcastic voice.

‘We’re on an island Miss Sparks, when in Rome.  This one however requires a little more effort than just lying around.  You FORCE agents pride yourselves, among other things, in your conditioning; well let’s put that to the test,’

The spy had been placed up in the Endless Pool, one that came with each patron’s suite, floating on her back with the support of the woman’s partners.  Her arms stretched out above her head but free as were her legs, she was however restrained about the waist.

‘The rest of the hotel are off for a sail and barbeque and won’t be back until late afternoon, more than ample time to finish you, let me explain what will be your entertainment for the day.  When the water starts up you of course must match its speed in order to stay neutral in the water, a slight increase or decrease sends you crashing against either end, uncomfortable enough when just doing it as a normal exercise routine, however this is anything but normal.  As you know doubt can feel you’ve been bound, but there is one more bind to be employed,’ she said and nodded to her partner.

 You see Miss Sparks the water jet will increase in speed forcing you to adjust your speed, but not knowing when presents the first dilemma for you.  The ties that bind you about your waist have a metallic threads running thru them and should you contact either end of the pools electrified bumpers  you Miss Spark,, what an appropriate name, will ground the circuit sending  the current surging into you and as you know, water, electricity and a FORCE agent do not mix.  But why stop there, so I didn’t.  But back to the fitness of FORCE agents and from what all I can see of your body and your escape so far, I would conclude those stories are true, you may just be able to survive, so a final piece of the puzzle.’

Rachel felt her bikini bottom being pulled out from her body then a warm moist obelisk being gently worked about her lips just enough to encourage relaxation, the male watching her face for signs she was being stimulated, Rachel determined not to give away any, she did however relax and the phallus just penetrated enough before her top was released holding and putting tension on the sex toy.
‘Waterproof and as an added bonus it vibrates.  So you see Miss Sparks, there is no escape, even if you somehow managed to maintain your rhythm and position; this ensures you cannot do that.  The orgasms you experience will be your death and our victory.  Goodbye.’

Rachel darted her eyes about as the water jets started up in order to ascertain a fixed point she need to stay in line with to avoid being grounded and electrocuted.  She found it in the pebble colouring of the pool liner, a single pebble coloured a solid red, unlike the others which were a mix of colours.
‘Great now I have my point to stay alive, now it’s just a matter of staying alive,’ she though as her body came into line perfectly with the pebble, the upward sweep of her arm on the back stroke her measure as gauged against the knife point her fingers made as they came out of the water. 

The pace was not yet a problem, although the spy knew it soon enough would be.  Rachel’s natural buoyancy help her greatly, her beguiling form slipping through the water with ease, the droplets splashing of her toned firm sexy arms and legs, each droplet seemingly clinging to her for as long as possible before cascading back into the pool.  The she felt the phallus between her legs generate an on/off vibe that started with short bursts but grew into long runs, the motion causing the device to work itself in further.  Rachel could not break her motion; she had to endure its penetration and stimulation.  She knew her body, knew when it was ready, knew what it did when she climaxed, she prepped and waited, letting the inevitable orgasm take her but just before she kicked and stroke hard to overcome the tactics of the pleasure, forcing her body to work and concentrate on only that that.  It worked, she felt the pleasure, but none of the draining after effects of it, her body had pushed that away as the endorphins worked.

Rachel felt the pace of the water pick up; unfortunately so have the phallus’ pace, she carefully adjusted her own pace, coming close to touching but managing a speed correction just in time.  It was still not a brisk pace; she equaled it, her breathing still normal. The devious device was now fully imbedded in her welcoming paradise and eager to please her again.  The flow from the jets was constant for a long time then suddenly they increased forcing her into a frenzy of activity as she accelerated then slowed then sped up again her body sliding dangerously close to the bumper before she managed to pull away, but she could not get away from the orgasm that consumed her.  She splashed frantically, using energy she could not afford to displace.  Now the pace was hard and relentless, her breathing started to become shallow, she forced her down, controlling it, as a runner would, but even that was only temporary she knew.  Her heart rate climbed, she began to feel her legs and arms begin to drag in the water, her crisp fluid motion becoming more laboured.  She had to push her arms harder through the water, her legs kicking more per minute to compensate for the slowing arm motion.

She’d lost track of time, so focused on survival, the sun was high overhead smashing down on her forcing her eyes to squint, sweat stung her eyes making vision blurry at times and causing the spy to lose track of her precious pebble for periods of time.  Just when she thought that she’d found her rhythm, the torrent of water increased as did the torrent of pleasure that rode over her.  This time Rachel screamed in pain and joy as she madly upped her stroke rate.  All control and hope of wresting control of her breathing was gone, she began to labour hard, her breath now coming in shallow gulps of air.  Well defined and sexy arms now coursed with pain as muscles screamed at her, her appendages began to sink lower in the water forcing her in turn to increase her kicks; her head sank a little allowing water to spill into her airway.  The sexy spy coughed and convulsed at the uninvited intake, but fought on as another body draining orgasm flooded her with joy.  She bucked but kept going, losing because of physical exhaustion was one thing, losing to sexual exhaustion was out of the question for Rachel.

Rachel locked her eyes on the pebble even with tears streaming she refused to lose contact.  She pushed her body forward alternately moaning and screaming and pain.  When she felt herself sinking in the water she pushed up, every time she did she a little more of tenacious fight went out of her, she didn’t rise up as much each time forcing her to work harder. 

Still she pushed on, refusing victory to the enemy attacking her externally and the more insidious one attacking her from within.  She was now in more pain that she ever thought possible, no longer did tears stream from her eyes, she was in full mournful cry, her body convulsing, her breath short gasps at times as she further exhausted herself and the pebble moved out of alignment.  One final pleasure was near the horizon, she fought to have before she expired.  She pulled herself back into place once, then twice, the third time she could not.  She watched the dot drift away knowing it was the end.

A small tingling sensation started at the back of her neck rapidly spreading down her spine then finally into her legs.  It was warm, pleasant and welcome, she felt herself drifting off, the last thought being that if this was death it was not unwelcome.  She felt warm and loved as she floated unable to feel anything but aware she was finally safe. 

‘No, just a little longer please,’ she said but unsure she was heard the words not sounding quite right to her ear, but then messaged seemed to be understood as she was pulled closer and ever present touch about and around her in the form of soft touches and gentle strokes, so caring and so familiar.  Little by little veils began to left, the gauze of dreams was pulled away and she surfaced.  Rachel’s eyes opened and her senses came back to her.  She was sitting on the floor of her suite, several soft towels under her, she was naked, but not cold and the reason was David.

The spy sat on David’s crossed legs, her legs on either side of his torso, her head resting sideways on his shoulder, as her eyes adjusted to the light she saw that he was naked as well.  Instinctively her legs closed in around him in a pincer movement, instructive not in training but in passion.  She pulled herself against him, feeling safe and loved as he started combing her hair, working out the tats and knots with gentle efforts she barely noticed until nothing but the touch of the comb sliding down her blonde hair filled her senses with delight. 

‘I need to explain a lot to you,’ she somehow managed to get out, before a finger found her lips.

‘There is time for that and to say I’m curious would be an understatement, but that can wait, you are badly sunburned and very dehydrated,’ she said back to her tenderly pulling her head off his shoulder  to look at her.  Even that slight movement made Rachel winch.. He held up a bottle with a straw, she took a sips as he spoke.

‘I brought this along with me, it’s the best for sunburn, I know I’ve have first had experience with it from previous vacations.  Some people are slow learners,’ he smiled as warm cream found Rachel’s back. 

He carefully touched and dabbed her face, the salve soaking in instantly and requiring a second coat.  His delicate loving touch around her ears tempted warm thoughts in her mind. The coolness of the emollient felt instantly soothing, almost as soothing as being with David.  They looked at each other as he worked as his hands slip silently about her back, his touch never rough and quick, just a slow constant steady pace, the pressure perfect, the touch welcome and inviting at the same time. 

Rachel closed her eyes after a bit, her forehead tilted coming to rest against his, her arms relaxed on his shoulders.  The slow slide of his hands merged into the curve of her waist, then the small of her back before sliding about her bum.  The long slow sweep of his hands, the splaying of his fingers as he covered her in cream, David cupped her in his hands, lifting her slight to get the balm everywhere before lowering her again.

His hands slid up her back and about her shoulders, tenderly, delicately in spread the elixir, creating a glowing oiled woman.  Caringly he slipped his arms about her, one at the neck the other in the small of her back.  Then with great control he leaned forward, she totally supported by him, and little by little took her to the floor and the awaiting plush towel.  Rachel barely felt a thing except the working of his muscles to control her descent.  Her arms entwined at the wrists behind his head were the next to receive care.  Fingers enmeshed with fingers until he gently laid each arm at her side. 

David poured some of the lotion in cup of one hand then closed the other over it, letting it heat.  His hands just about her body, he splayed his fingers and let the balm dribble about her torso as his hands moved about.  Exhausted and in discomfort Rachel could still not help herself into thinking and feeling that this was incredibly erotic, then the touch of his hands sealed that thought.  Her lover pressed lightly against her neck before seeking out new territory in ever widening circles of his hands before sliding slowly, ‘ooh so slowly’, Rachel thought down her sides, around the top of her pelvis then inside her thighs, one hand trailing up over her mound before rejoining the other as they swirled about her flat smooth stomach.

Rachel waited, totally relaxed for what was next.  She felt David’s hands turn up as the cupped around her breasts, the fingers turning inward so he could fully embrace the walls of her wonderful orbs.  Rachel felt him slowly swirl the fluid about then with one tender sweep each hand caress over her nipples and was gone. 

Her legs got the last of his touch, each enfolded in his caring hands, he feeling the resistance of her toned sculpted feminine muscles, she the artful touch of his skill right down to the last declining contact, his one hand holding the sole of her foot while the covered the top in salve, his fingers spreading and lacing between her toes before he rested her foot on the towel.

‘I’ll be in the next room,’ he said. ‘Keeping guard, I’m not leaving.  Call me when you want to see me or if you need anything.  Most of you just rest,’ he said looking about the glowing woman, her body even more magnificent the usual, if that was possible.  ‘Here,’ he said, slipping her cellphone into her then leaving the room.

‘Rachel called FORCE, spoke, listened, understood, finished the call then fell asleep.