Thursday, June 1, 2023

Climbing the Corporate Ladder

‘Of course I’m very interested, well, more than very, to be completely honest Mr Kee.  All the analysis

you provided was excellent and it absolutely expedites the process that it was all third party done.  There

is one thing I’m curious about, why look for a partner when you could easily go to a bank?  It wouldn’t

have anything to do with your recent setback concerning your drydock business?’ he said.

‘Banks have a way of building unwanted layers into an operation, various departments want to send

their people to go over things, things they really know nothing about.  Mining, as you know and this is

why I asked you to come on board, is a time sensitive operation.  Your company understands that,

that’s why you’ve been successful and why I’ve been as well.  Throughout my career I’ve generally

found all the expertise you need can be acquired just by bringing in the right people and you Mr. Cross

with your background of mining expertise and success are the perfect person, plus you do not have a

foothold on the Asian continent, this will correct that and I’ve found people work harder for something

they don’t have than something they can just

acquire more of,’ Mr Kee explained as May took notes on the meeting and Mr Cross all the while giving

her ample looks of her.

‘I understand fully about the bank argument having been there myself early on in my career.  The ironic thing is once you succeed they run after you for your business just at the time you don’t need them, so yes cutting them out, 100% on board with it,’ Ashton Cross said.  ‘My only other question is, given the rarity of the minerals you're mining, how do you plan to break into a largely established market, given the cost factors of a start-up mine?’

‘We plan to process our own then sell to the highest bidder.  Given the geological survey you’ve seen and our capacity to process, through a company I have just acquired, but is at this moment being kept quiet,

a silence I trust you can keep as well Mr Cross, we should be the dominant player in the market and all if Asia within three years and when that happens we can pretty much control the price and if all goes as planned the other companies as well, but either running then out of business or buying them out.  Business is a hard game and only those brave enough to take a risk are the ones strong enough to survive.  Don’t you agree Mr Cross.’

‘I certainly do, Mr Kee.  Call me old fashioned, but I operate on a gut instinct, facts as well and those are in abundance with all the reports you’ve generously supplied, but on instinct I trust the man and you sir are that man.  I think this is going to work out great for all concerned, well most, namely us, but that is as you say, business.  I have the final contract to read, just a formality.  I’ll have a cheque drawn up for the funds we agreed upon this afternoon and bring it back tomorrow morning shall we say promptly at 9am,’ Ashton smiled.

‘Agreed,’ Mr Kee smiled as well.  ‘I look forward to meeting you tomorrow.  Miss Zi will show you out.’

‘I hope you have time to explore our city and the nightlife, it can be extremely exotic and intoxicating,’ Seng Zi smiled at him making no mistake in what she inferred.  ‘You’re staying at The Lanson Place I believe, the best in town and very close to all the nightlife, so you don’t have to make it a late night,

unless of course you want to,’ she smiled as the elevator door opened.

‘He didn’t respond like the others usually do,’ Mr Kee said as Seng came back into the office.

‘You’re not a woman, so you don’t see the same signs I do.  He’s very interested, just playing that he’s not.  Not to worry sir, I will have the cheque and the signed contract on your desk tomorrow morning.’

‘I would be remiss if I didn’t say this, he’s not your usual assignment.  This man is a trained agent, he will come with a skill set you’ve never encountered before, this is a step up and I want to make sure my asset can do this,’ Mr Kee explained his voice firm.

Seng did not care for the tone nor the doubt it implied, but she especially did not like being referred to as something akin to property, she however let nothing show.

‘He does not know we know that about him.  All he knows is some thirty something woman made a pass at him.  All he’s thinking about right now is sex and as per most men when this happens he’s thinking

with the wrong head.  All I have to do is be there, the rest is just letting him take the hook and he’s mine for however long I want to play with him.  That doesn’t mean I won’t prepare, after all the bait has to be enticing for the fish to bite,’ Seng said and walked out with just an extra flounce in her step.  

Seng left work early to prepare herself at home for the night's work.  All she took with her was a small clutch for a final touch up.  She picked up the keycard to his suite at the hotel from the front desk, a call from them alerting her Ashton had gone out for a while, it was good to have the reach of Lum Kee Corporation.  

Inside his room she went to his closet, found what she wanted, but did not find the contract or the cheque.  

‘He must still have that on him, no matter I like mixing business and pleasure and speaking of that, time to lay out a trail of breadcrumbs so he finds the candy,’ Seng mused.    


Her mobile went off, the front desk alerting her he was on his way up.  Seng did a final cosmetic touch

up and took up her place waiting for him to find her.

Ashton inserted his card then opened the door, his eyes greeted by a trail of clothes.  His mind flashed

back to The Silencers.  

‘The lady has style and confidence,’ he thought with a smile on his face.

That smile was still there when the police showed up and she was taken away charged with being a

common prostitute, an offence of great consequence in her country.  Ash figured he’d give a few hours

to settle down and think about what had happened before he went to the police station.  He knew not

even Mr. Kee’s reach could get her out once he found out and he knew Seng Li would never call him and

admit failure, Plus in all the confusion, he had taken her clutch, she had no identification.


‘It’s nice they give you working girls something else to wear rather than your business outfits.  I gave

your real clothes to the police, except for your clutch, that is safely in FORCE’s hands now for a thorough

review as are the entire contents of your apartment, very nice by the way, I had no idea an Admin, even

an executive one made such good money.   Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.’ Ash said with

a smile.  

‘It’s nice that you can gloat, it’s not so sunny on this side of the bars,’ Seng spat.

‘You chose the role, you take the consequences.  You should count yourself lucky Mr Kee doesn’t know

yet,’ Ash explained.  ‘I imagine you might get fired for this, bringing unwanted attention to the company

and all.  Maybe there’s a golden handshake for such a loyal employee or maybe not.’

‘I’m not the fool you think, Mr Cross, I planned for this day, I knew it would come,’ Seng smiled thinking

she had scored a blow.

‘Going to be hard to leave when you’re on several no fly lists, your picture will be at every border, you

have no passport and all that money you had stashed away is frozen.  FORCE has a long reach Miss

Seng.  No, I’m afraid you’re stuck here where Mr Kee’s reach will do just fine as far as we’re concerned,

so to answer your question, yes, you are the fool I think you are, Miss Seng,’ Ash said as he left.


‘Seng Li, this way,’ an officer said as the cell door opened.  

She got up unsure of her next move and who was waiting for her.

‘So everything has been taken care of?’ he asked.

‘As you requested Inspector.  Again, I appreciate your assistance with this matter and should you need

something in the future regarding other matters you know how to reach me.  Come along Seng, I hope

you’ve learned your lesson, apologise to the Inspector, he has been most understanding on this matter.’

Seng Li did as requested, then taken by the arm she was whisked out a back door and into a car.

‘You’re an expensive woman, two dead local gang members.  I don’t suppose anyone will miss them,

especially the Inspector, he’s been chasing them for months to no avail.  That was the price we agreed

on for you. Now I’ll tell you the price you owe Mekong LLP,’ Fan Li explained.

‘Here is the signed contract and the cheque for Mr Kee, make up whatever story you want about how it went tonight if he asks.  In the case is your new laptop, for keeping us informed on everything, use it from home along with the satellite phone.  These earrings have an end that can be plugged into your work computer to copy files for later transmission.  So much for regular work now as for your extracurricular activities, we want to know all about them, well beforehand, every detail and will instruct you on how to proceed.  Now, there have to be more of you in other organisations and perhaps even in yours, some you may be aware of, others perhaps not.  It's the ones internally that will be most dangerous to you so keep your wits about you and again tell us everything.  I don’t need to tell you what will happen if you don’t cooperate with us.  I work with FORCE, but I’m given a free hand and my hand is much more draconian than theirs,’ Fan explained.

Seng felt and looked scared, in the space of several hours her control and her life was not hers any longer, she was a puppet dancing for two players who had vastly different agenda’s.  

‘You do as you're told and we’ll get you out of this.  You may think you know who and what your boss is but that’s only what he chooses to show you.  Do some digging and you’ll see and to aid in that digging use this,’ Fan said, passing her a brush.  ‘Pull the end out and insert it into any computer the program will crack passcodes and get you access to files, you can even mask your identity to that of another user.  Great if you want someone else to take the blame.  If I were you I’d start there, see who you're working for then decide how far you want to go with this charade,’ she added as the car pulled into the laneway behind her place.  ‘We deactivated all the CCTV, the repair company will have it fixed in an hour, malfunction they’ll report, software glitch, all fixed, so hurry off inside and we’ll be in touch.’

Seng, her head spinning, did as she was told, her eyes could not help stealing a glance at the camera’s wondering if all was true.


‘Everyone and everything got back safely,’ Pham Diem said.

‘Excellent, Seng Li has proven herself once again, this time in a more immediately impactful way,’

Claire offered.  “Among many things I can’t abide, drugs come near the top of the list and those who

profit from them.  If TRIDENT wants to finance its operations, at least in this part of the world, they’ll have

to adjust their strategy.  I will call General Trang later, but when you see him please thank him again for

me.  Tell me how would your ladies feel about expanding their skills into consulting?  Mekong is stretched

at the moment and your ladies, entrepreneurs, very successful ones, would have no trouble stepping into

those roles.  We have been getting some interesting chatter lately.  I’ll send you the details, let me know,’

Claire asked.

‘We’re always interested in expanding our horizons.  I looked forward to reading it,’ Pham sounded pleased.

‘The helicopter attacks wiped out 6 bases in the Golden Triangle, all TRIDENT ones, that should be more

than enough to get them suspecting their rivals.   With luck they may all kill each other, I loathe drugs,’

Claire explained to the others in her office.  


Seng was busy combing her hair, ostensibly.  Her eyes darted down every so often until the memory

stick pushed in flush with the laptop silently moved out just a bit.  With a practised motion she swept the

comb down, seized the stick, replaced it in her comb and popped the comb back into her purse.  

‘I have to get these files copied for the meeting,’ she told a colleague.  ‘Is the copier still broken on this


‘Yes, but it will be fixed this afternoon,’ came the reply.

‘I’ll be on eight then doing this,’ Seng added, picking up a memory stick and moving off.  

Seng turned the corner on the eighth floor, smiled at several people along the walk to the copier room,

turned the corner quickly, bent one leg up, pushed a small button on the inside of the heel peg, ejecting

the memory stick she wanted.

She’d found that the copier could be used as a hub, with access to other computers that had used the

services remotely, it had proven to be a treasure trove of information.  She finished her duties, made the

copies and returned, finding that Mr Kee wanted to see her.  

‘I need you to travel to Mandalay Miss Seng.  I want you to check on a delay of delivery from one of our

suppliers.  See if all is right, if not, you have my authority to take steps to fix the issue.  I take it you

understand my meaning.’

‘Of course sir,’ she answered, knowing what was coming as he took her hand and led her into another


Seng had normally enjoyed these sessions.  He was a skilled, inventive and lasting lover, his endurance

almost equal to hers.  She also knew, just from their many couplings, that he knew more than he let on,

his physique and his moves much too refined and purposeful for him to completely cover up.  She held

that in her mind as they slipped under the sheets and she climbed on top a position she decided to keep

him in for the length of their enjoining.


‘We need to give her some support.  It's clear she’s being sent to her death with this trip.  Two other

companies are sending people to investigate supposed supply issues,’ Susan said.

‘Maybe they don’t know who the person is, maybe they just suspect.  I mean it's a good guess, it could

be an executrix, they know a lot more than others and this is their way of culling the field, fewer players

narrows down the suspects,’ Claire responded.

‘It also gives us a clear opportunity to strike.  When the cat’s away,’ Tina added.  ‘We could get close to

Mr. Kee and the other company heads.’

‘I’m sure there are others, let's for argument's sake, call them junior executrix’s staying behind, that not

even Seng knows about and maybe we can use that to find out more, but as Susan said, Seng needs

support,’ Cindy said.  ‘We have Cara in Yangon.’

‘We need to do this as Tina suggests.  We’ll give Seng the tools for her fight and we’ll take the fight to the

others.  Find out what you can about Mr Kee and the others, preferences, types and let's meet tomorrow

with agent suggestions,’ Claire finished. 


The buzzer rang on Seng’s door, she looked up alarmed, slowly and she hoped silently she made her

way across the room to the door, her body moving in the shadows of the afternoon sun.  She reached into

the umbrella stand at the door, a hand closing around the 22, opening the door swiftly.

‘Avon calling,’ a very young and beautiful full figured woman said with a smile.  ‘I wonder if I could interest

the executrix of the house in our latest line of cosmetics and accessories from our exclusive FORCE

Collection, some of which are to die for.’  Cara Tamblyn smiled as she looked at the gun.  ‘I see I got here

just in time, that accessory will never do for a businesswoman of your stature.  ‘Now help me inside with

these bags and boxes so I can demonstrate what the female spy needs today to succeed.’ 

Cara helped Seng unpack everything, explaining as she went and looking at Seng to ensure she

understood everything.

‘This in some ways is a big step up, you have to be ready, this is not going to be like you’re used to with a

simple seduction of a man who thinks he’s getting lucky, you may find yourself on the receiving end

instead of the giving, have you ever had that happen?’ Cara asked.

Seng admitted that it never had concern growing in her.

‘Well it will, that’s why you never panic and always have a weapon or two at the ready like I do now, these

earrings, each point is a different weapon or device, you have a set, I made sure of it.  Don’t be on the

defensive when you're there, that’s when you make the biggest mistakes when you're constantly thinking

about not making one.  Be dynamic, confident, aggressive if need be, that can create confusion and in

that moment you can strike,’ Cara explained.

‘I’m very good at keeping my assignments off balance, it's why I’ve been so successful as long as

I have,’ Seng smiled.

‘Well, don’t lose that, but what if you’re put off balance first,’ Cara said, then reached out and kissed Seng

who flew back.  ‘Like that.  If I had been one of your assassins, you would be mine by now,’ she added. 

‘I hope you don’t think you’re the only executrix,’ she added with a look.

Seng came forward, took Cara’s hand and looked at her.  

‘It's all new to everyone at first,’  Cara smiled then softly touched Seng’s lips.  


‘You are a very fast learner Seng,’ Cara smiled as she slipped on her bra and panty’s.

‘Remember what we talked about and what I showed you last night and you’ll be unbeatable,’ she added standing up.  ‘When all this is over I think we would make a great team, both in terms of my cover business and what I’m really doing here, with more training you’d be incredible.’

Slipped out of the bed, walked around it and hooked her thumbs into Cara’s panty’s.

‘Would that be hands-on training from you,’ she asked sweetly.

‘Boy, you’re good,’ Cara smiled.  ‘But I have to go and you need to pack.  Remember what I said last night,

they’ll try and kill you slowly, they want you to talk, use that time if you are caught to turn the tables on


They kissed each other goodbye, each departing with a sense of a new direction in their lives.  Seng

began packing, Cara’s lessons always on every choice she made.


‘Your cash flow is of no concern to me, neither are your excuses.  I was sent here to discover why our

shipments are not arriving on time.  You do realise Mr Ko that your delays, to use a polite word, are

causing a ripple effect all through this very complex production operation.  Mr Kee has had to personally

apologise to others for not only your but several other company’s failures.  That’s why he sent me, a

junior, to sort things out.  We know about your and the others operations in the bush.  Perhaps you

should have kept things a little quieter and better protected so what happened with the government

helicopter attacks could have been prevented.  Oh, don’t worry, you’re not the only one I’ve had to speak

to about these unacceptable delays and just like the others I’ve made a list of where you can cut

expenses to get things back on track,’ Seng explained, then handed him a list.

Mr Ko did not look happy, neither did the several others in the meeting room.  Seng did not know about

the people listening in via conference call nor did she care except for one participant whose avatar was

just a silhouette face and went by the name Mr Naing, he said nothing as Seng had suspected, because

there was no Mr Naing who worked for the organisation so she was pretty sure she’d be meeting that

avatar in person soon.  

All he could manage after seeing the list was.  ‘We will move forward with this.’ 

Seng acknowledged the effort then made it very clear she was staying around for several days and

would check back in to see what progress had been made.

‘That should set the cat’s among the pigeon,’ she thought and actually looked forward to it.   

She also made visits to several other suppliers that day as well, sharing the same message while

accessing their databases.  She used a very public place to analyse the intelligence she’d gathered

borrowing down who she thought might be her opposite numbers, she was curious to see how well she

would score against the actual results.  


‘I was right on all of them,’ Seng said into her burner phone that Cara had given her.  I also have a very

good idea who the rising stars are within their respective organisations, I don’t think they have a clue, I

know I didn’t about mine.  Honestly, I never suspected anything, it's kind of a gut punch if you will,’ she


‘It's always good to know your enemy, at least now you know for sure your trip was always going to be

a one way ticket.  I think that can be said for your opposite numbers as well.  Looks like your respective

bosses want to make a clean start and you three are the scapegoats for the failures simply because they

don’t have a clue who leaked the intel on the drug stations in the bush.  Who amongst the three of you

that’s let will be killed, most likely by their replacement,’ Cara answered.

‘I’m a big believer in bulk buying,’ Seng replied.

‘Listening,’ Cara said, curiosity in her voice.


Seng put down her drink and got up to greet her guest.

‘I got your note,’ the woman said, putting it down on the table.  ‘I confess to being intrigued on several

levels,’ May said.

‘I’m happy to explain, but that will have to wait for a few more minutes, my final invitee has arrived,’ Seng

explained.  ‘Welcome Miss Ko, I don’t know if you and Miss May have met before,’ Seng offered, her

hand gesture directing the greeting to which both gave a polite nod.  ‘Well, please be seated and I can

begin to explain.’

They all took seats, Seng got the attention of a waiter, they ordered drinks, had them brought, an uneasy

tension filled the time as they eyed each other.

‘Finally,’ Seng said in relief as the drinks arrived.  ‘Now we can begin.  First off I know what you are,

you're the same as me, an Executive Executrix.  I happen to work for Mr Kee, Miss Ko for Mr Kum and

May for Mr Lett, if you want proof of this I can provide it or we can all just acknowledge that fact and

move on.’

‘I would like to see this proof,’ Ko said then paused before adding.  ‘But, for the moment, I will accept your


May nodded the same and Seng went forward.

‘To be blunt I was sent here to be killed, one way or another, most likely by one of you two or if I survived

that, by killing both of you, then upon my return, I would be killed by my employer or the woman in my

company’s mailroom who is my replacement.  The same outcome awaits both of you.  Miss Ko, your

replacement works in the office supply room in the basement, her name is Shwe Myint and yours, Miss

May, is an in house cleaner named Hla Tun, you would have never seen her or more than likely, never

noticed her, the perfect cover. They both do work for your respective bosses, training if you will for the

day you're both needed or trusted.  None of us it appears will enjoy a happy retirement after so many

years of service.  Just for full disclosure, mine works in the mailroom, never seen her, why would I, her

name is Su Latt.  I did manage to get a security cam picture of her,’ Seng explained as she showed a

picture on her phone to them and here are both of yours,’ she added flipping the screen.  You can see

they try and look, well I guess the word is unflattering and to the normal male and most female eyes,

they would, but loom closer and you see what’s being covered up in baggy unflattering clothes and

colours, don't you?’

‘How did you get those pictures?’ Ko asked, her suspicions now alerted as she recognized the office

she worked in.  

‘With his Memory Stick and each of your offices networked printers that I used while visiting.  This

ingenious little device, supplied by a recent friend of mine, can access files and data at a quite incredible

rate and make notes and connections.  The AI in this thing is really cutting edge stuff.  I will explain all of

this, but I need to tell you how this happened and how you are all now involved because of me,’ Seng

said, then immediately went into the background of how she ended up on FORCE’s radar and it now

appears working for them.

‘So we’re all involved in what I suppose you’d have to call a death triangle, because our bosses can’t be

sure one of us didn’t give away the location of these drug stations in the jungle?’ Ko said, looking furious. 

‘Why do you think I was sent here?  This is not my job, getting supply chains and supply back on track.

No, I was sent so one or both of your bosses could tell you to kill me because I knew about their

operations, however, I’m sure at the urging of Mr Kee, my boss, he would encourage each of you to have

a go at me, then at each other.  They want to keep this cash cow going, how else do you think they

finance all they have?’

‘So we’ve done nothing wrong, you caused all this at the behest of the organisation called FORCE and

what was the other one you mentioned?’ Ko said her voice was angry but low.

‘Mekong LLP,’ May said.  ‘So what is our way out of this?’

‘We form our own death triangle,’ Seng smiled.  ‘We each kill the other’s boss.’

‘How does that change anything?  We’ll still be targets of whoever takes over, not to mention the ladies

behind us,’ May asked.

‘That’s where we come in,’ a voice said.

The three watched an attractive young woman pull up a chair and join them.

‘Ladies, my silent partner, until now, FORCE agent Cara Tamblyn.

‘You will come and work for FORCE, as agents of course, but also as CEO’s of the companies you're

currently employed by.  All of your bosses' companies are privately held, meaning upon their death, with

no plan of sale means the company will be sold to the highest bidder, meaning FORCE.  The sale value

will be a bargain, given that with the death of the owner and singular driving entrepreneurial force the

values of such enterprises historically have been a third to half of their value.  FORCE would buy them,

transfer, silently of course, ownership to you, give you all the expertise, should you need any to succeed

in terms of consultant help, I hear a company called Mekong LLP are very good, then let you run them. 

You would like the power, I assume and the bonus of continuing your side profession.  You can’t tell me,

knowing what Seng has told you, that you want to work for, well, let’s call it what it is, a drug cartel,’ Cara


Each looked at the other, no one really trusted the other, but being in the same predicament took some

of that away.

‘You can’t tell me being the boss, all that money, power and standing isn’t a little enticing and if that

weren’t enough you still get to be executrix’s as well, now just of the CEO variety.  There has to be more

if you ladies out there, think of what you can build while still doing what you really love and don’t tell me

you don’t, I know I do and I’m more in the game than you are,’ the FORCE agent added.

‘Besides, what choice do we have,’ Ko added.  ‘And I’m not ready for early retirement and termination is

not to my liking.’

May nodded her agreement.  ‘What can you tell me about Mr Lum?’ she said looking at Ko.


Ko made the trip back to Yangon confident in how she would handle the situation, the others were as well. 

She found that amusing given that before that night she had her orders to kill both of them and they had

theirs.  Perhaps that’s what brought them together, the conspiracy, both against them and the one they

were about to perpetrate.  She didn’t kid herself about the power she could gain from this, that had always

been in the back of her mind ever since she’d started working for Mt Lett, but it had never happened. 

Yes she was paid very well for all she did, but she was to most just a secretary in a man’s world and the

one reason she had her job was because she did favours for the boss, which was true, on both the score

sheet and the bedroom.

‘A change would be nice, get to do things my way and what did it matter which side.  Well, I suppose

that does matter, business is one thing, drugs are another and the punishment for such activity was

death and usually a quick one.  I wonder how loyal Mr Lett would have been to me had FORCE just

decided to hand over all they knew to the Army and let them go about their usual brutal campaign.’

She didn’t need the answer to that one, she knew what would have happened to her.  She was however

a little worried about this other organisation Cara had mentioned called TRIDENT and its connection to

Mr Lett’s company.  As far as Cara knew it was a simple business transaction, if a somewhat tenuous

legal one.  But, as Cara explained, that could be a basis for more intel and perhaps action for her.  She

had no reason to trust this FORCE spy, but she did, for some reason.

Her car powered into the parking lot of Kee Enterprises, found a spot.  She elegantly removed herself

and headed across the pavement to the offices and Mr. Kee.

Ko wasn’t held up in the waiting room for long, maybe 20 seconds before the door to his office opened,

but Mr Kee himself, she was inside walking toward his desk, then turning perfectly on her lovely ankle

taking a place on a chair in his discussion area.  

‘So far Seng’s information has been excellent, time to test it again,’ she smiled while folding herself into

the comfortable chair Send always picked as it was closest to Mr Kee’s, her legs crossing as she sat

down, her shirt coming up just enough to display a small part of her legs above the thigh, but not enough

for most men, a trick designed to distract and she saw it worked to perfection.  

Mr Kee was right behind her, his eyes scanning her figure and legs from behind, he liked what he saw

and Ko knew it given how close his proximity was to her as she walked.  

‘I’ll come right to the point Mr Kee, Seng is dead I killed her and before you say anything I have proof.’

Ko got up, walked over to where the door was to what had been Seng and his private bedroom, reached

into her clutch and pulled out a ladies finger with a ring on it.  She pressed it against a scanner and the

door opened.

‘A very nice room, I do hope you will use it again, it would be a shame to waste it.  Care to have to

examine it?’ Ko said, holding forth the finger in a white cloth for him to examine.

He jumped back at the sight, she smiled and put it back in her clutch.  

‘I also took this off of her,’ Ko added, pulling a ring from her clutch.  Silly woman tried to kill me with a

poison needle ring.  This is your property truthfully, so I thought it best to return it to you.  As for the rest

of Seng, well she’s buried deep in the jungle, the ant’s and other things will make short work of what’s

left of her.  I'll flush the finger down the toilet later since you declined.’

Ko walked back to her chair and sat down, feeling his eyes on her all the way.

‘So, you now have a job open for an executive assistant and an executrix, if I’m not mistaken?’ Ko

asked, shifting her body just enough to convey her real message.  

‘Tell me how you killed her and spare no details,’ he said sitting right next to her just as she had wanted. 

He was clearly aroused by her and she suspected by how she would relate her tale.  

‘I can do better than that, I can show you,’ Ko smiled sexily while one hand slithered down her crossed leg,

his eyes following every turn of her hand as she went.  

The executrix turned back the heel point and pulled out a white line of filament, then looked up at him.

I invited Seng to share a nice relaxing sauna with me after the hard day's work she and I had put in. 

We enjoyed the sauna, upon leaving I handed her a towel to cover up in. The towel was laced with the

toxin of a freshwater Stingray, odourless, it works in a few minutes, just long enough for Send to make it

to the change room bench where she remained frozen stiff from the toxin.  From there it was a simple

matter to entwine her in my constriction thread.  I took the extra care to use the spools from both my

heels to ensure total success by tying her nude body flat to the bench so she could not escape,’ Seng


‘A wonderful tale, told very well indeed,’ he salivated.  

‘So about that job opening,’ Ko smiled.  ‘I’m not bound by an NDA with my current employer, so all I know,

I’m free to tell, but I require some persuading,’ she added, letting that sentence do all it needed to.  

Ko snapped the line back into her heel, turned the point back, rose and stretched out her arm.  His hand

was in hers instantly, she led the way to the open door of the bedroom.

‘Shall we close the door on Seng and our deal,’ she smiled.

The executrix circled to the far side of the bed and slowly began to remove her clothes, her pacing

designed to arouse him which she saw she had no trouble doing.  She sat on the edge of the bed, back

turned to him, removed her last item, then like a snake coiled her about on the sheets and looked at him.

He joined her seconds later, her body curling to match his as she took him in her arms and began to show him what skills she had.  Ko kissed him then went down his body for more kisses.  She slowly slipped him into her mouth, pausing to work him hard with her tongue, his stem engorged and throbbing after mere seconds of her caress.  He thrashed about and moaned as she knelt and coddled her body waiting for him to come to her.  She softly worked on him, her skills impossible to resist.  Ko licked and kissed, pulling up and down for several minutes as she reacted to her every motion.  He was within taking distance, but she waited, using her mouth to move him about and slide him into her snare.  Less than a minute later he was there.  Ko slowly closed her soft body about his and gently rolled them over, he was entangled without even knowing it.  

‘Now Miss Ko,’ he said, urging her to couple with him.

‘Why should I sir, that would break my knot,’ she laughed then laughed more as he struggled.

‘Wetted Sponge, sir.  The only thing left for me to do is drive you insane with my mouth while

simultaneously driving you deep into my knot, a slow tormenting tangle of female flesh that rubs you

continuously as you move, weakening that excellent body of yours until your limp, well most of you.  Your

stem will stay stiff in my mouth, helpless to my embrace.  Fun at first, but after time, when you can’t

release or I won’t let you, then torment builds until you can’t take it.  It's then, weak and exhausted from my

touch that I tip you over the edge and drive you insane, literally, your mind will be blown apart, but that's

hours and hours away.  Mr Lum thought you might fall for me and my little tale of wanting to switch sides. 

Of course all that valuable intel I told you will be lost in that addled mind of yours, never to be of use, such

a shame.  But, really sir, you knew I was Mr Lum’s executrix and still you took me to bed, my playground

Mr Kee.’

Ko did not take him, she waited, interested to see what he would do.  He’d moved just enough to draw her

in a touch, but nothing serious.  She was aware of his abilities, but she was an unknown to him and had a

much different feel from Seng. Ko lowered her head to the mattress and waited for him to try something.  

Mr Kee’s body remained rigid as he slowly turned them on their sides, Ko unable to tighten as he didn’t

technically move then he rolled them to the other side, Ko knew he was searching for a weak point on her

the problem was she was rubbing him even with this little motion and the her very contact with him, her

sweet smell and smooth wonderful body would penetrate even his defences of course just a touch of her

mouth would change to game in her favour but Ko wanted more. His disciplined form tried side to side to

shake her loose.  

‘That tactic may have worked with Seng sir,but not me.  As I said, I’m a different body structure so I

approach things with a different style.  I get into places she can’t, my knots are touch oriented, rather than

strength, I’m what’s known as a soft knotter.’ 

Ko let him try every trick he had, she enjoyed the domination, technique over power, softness over

strength, her body was as deadly as any man’s, maybe deadlier and that thrilled her she had to admit. 

After every futile attempt she lightly kissed the tip of his prong and watched it react as it grew, pulsated

and twitched.  

‘Just a sampling sir, please continue. I think we’re both enjoying this,’ she sexily suggested.  

Kee continued to try and find a way out of her, even careful motion caused his body to betray him and Ko

tightened much to her delight,

‘Just a few more contractions and I can begin to really make you stiff,’ she thrilled.  Her body, her heat,

her feel, her smell got the better of his defences.  Ko opened her mouth and took him in.  He exploded in

movement, there was no other way, the stimulation he received from her caress overwhelmed any control

he might have hoped to retain.  Mr Kee rocked from side to side as Ko lollied around his stem, pulling him

into her knot with ease until he was quickly stiff and helpless as he moaned while she worked.  

‘My turn to move us sir,’ Ko laughed as she rolled them on their side.  ‘New angle, new sensations,’ she

offered and went to work again, his body twitching helplessly in her vise as he tried to relive the torment of

her suck.  He managed to orgasm a couple of times but Ko, her skills, seemingly endless as her

techniques, kept him hard and aroused, the torment building again even as her slim supple form bit deeper

into him, her body pressure relentless as her mouth.

Ko moved him again after several hours, he spent and useless, now she was on top. Her wet hot tongue

snaking and slithering about his pole, the tip flicking on his head, just the lightest of touches but it ignited a

fire, then soft warm circles of his tip, he jerked and she responded by holding her coddle perfectly at that

point.  Unable to escape, having been drained of all his fluid and dry his mind was lost in torment, he tried

to orgasm, willed it, but nothing could relieve the torment of her endless kiss, he collapsed.  Ko sucked

and pulled and kissed and nipped him for several more minutes before she rolled and changed her grip

again, she lightly dragged her teeth up his shaft, giving him a new stimulation and he responded as she

prepared him rolling him back so she was on top then pulling him up in a bow, her small asses sealing

around his face as she pulled back until she was happy.  

‘Smother or climax sir, either on his death, I leave it up to you,’ she offered as her seal tensed around him

and her mouth worked.  His body undulated but no relief came even as he thrust.  Ko tensed and twisted

in reaction to his motion then relaxed as she heard his neck snap and relaxed her seal.

‘That was wonderful for me sir, how about you.’


May knew he was very intrigued by her, she was after all not Ko and May had been around long enough to enough a man usually fancy’s what he doesn’t have, be it a car, a job or another woman, especially one so different from what he does have, so she used that to get a meeting with him in his home.  Ko had told her all about him, his strengths and weaknesses and what to stay away from, she had her plan of attack well thought out, but was more than open to spur of the moment changes should an opening in his armour present itself.  To further that chance she brought along something that just might to that, detailed business financials of Mr Kee’s operations and how he, Mr Lum, with her help, could acquire said enterprise.

She made the walk up the drive, then the twisting path to the door and pressed the bell.  Mr. Lum greeted

her warmly, but she could tell it was more a calculated warmth than actual.  He certainly was as

handsome as Ko had said.  

The cool of the evening was just starting to settle in amongst the hills.  His place was nice, a sprawling

one level, taking advantage of the fall of land and sweep of the crescent hill to maximise the space to light

and breeze, the hardwood interior helping the cooling effect.  It was tastefully decorated, if spare, statues

and urns placed so they filled up space in corners. The furniture was all there, again, tasteful but it just

seemed to May to fill up the space, nothing gave anyway anything about the owners actual likes or


‘More of a show house or display piece, rather than a home,’ she concluded as he welcomed her in and

directed them to the living room, the glass panorama view of the outside very inviting as was May, an

entirely planned subterfuge.  Her V neckline and side slit dress gave her legs the room to captivate they

would need while the neckline fought for his eyes' attention.  She noticed he was only wearing a silk

robe, dark red with religious folk symbols woven into it.

May had chosen well, more robust than Ko, she offered a different alluring vision as did what she tossed

down in front of him. 

‘What is this?’ he asked.

‘My Curriculum Vitae, if you will,’ she answered as he opened the folder and looked through the pages,

his eyes opening wider with each passing page.

‘I take it I’ve passed the first interview,’  May smiled.  ‘Now, as for the callback interview, I present you

with this.  Oh, you aren’t squeamish I hope?,’ she asked, then opened her small purse, took out a box

and opened it revealing a human eye.

Mr Lum recoiled as she emitted a small laugh.  ‘Just like a man,’ she said, closing the lid and replacing

the box in her purse.

‘Its seems Miss Ko’s head found the crushing grip of my thighs a little too much to handle.  My proof

that I’m her better in the executrix part of the position, as for other positions within the firm I'm speaking of,

I’m sure I would be more than exceptional, but that would have o be determined by yourself on a more

indepth one on one interview, multiple sessions of course, so you could get the feel of me.  This has of

course to be a comfortable fit for both of us, don’t you agree sir?’

May got up, walked over to the large window overlooking the forest, no other buildings to be seen

anywhere, she liked the spot.

‘So private here, calm, relaxing,’ she said, stretching her arms above her body to better showcase herself.  

Mr Lum pressed into her back, his hands cupping and running about her full breasts.  She felt his robe

slide off and touch her leg on the way down, his hard root rubbing against her. 

May twisted her head about and kissed him softly, pulling away her lips as she stepped forward, turned

around and slowly unzipped her dress at the back, hands sliding up her sides to take it off her shoulders. 

May stepped out of it and into Mr Lum’s arms.  They kissed, he was wonderful as was she.  He was

clearly fascinated with her, a body so much different from Ko’s.  His hands wandered about, her hips.

Her hard ass, firm breasts and she smelled incredible. May kissed his neck, her hands slithering down

his front and around his semi rigid member that soon swelled to very full size.  She rubbed it against her

paradise as she nipped and slowly moved around him, her last act letting his tip bump across her wet

labia before snapping free.  May circled around to his back and continued her kissing while her hands

resumed stroking him.

‘Consider this my job interview Mr Lum,’ she hummed as she nuzzled his ear, her hot breath pushing

him closer to the edge.  ‘Your so big and so stiff down there, also everywhere else I fear,’ she added, tilting

his head to hers.  ‘A retractable needle in the point of my shoe, so small no one ever notices, a new

weapon courtesy of a friend.  Oh, don’t worry, it only lasts for a few minutes, the real fun begins after it

wears off.  Ko must be an interesting entwiner, she’s thin, so very technical, not that I’m not, but a bigger

woman has a different feel and a whole different set of tactics,  I'm not sure you’re capable of dealing

with, but I’m intrigued to find out, how about you sir:’ May hummed as she nuzzled his neck and nipped

his nape.  ‘I love that we’re both naked sir, I’m dangerous when dressed, even more so this way, but I

love the natural feel, clothes can be sexy, but ultimately, they are restricting don’t you agree?  Case in

point, our, or more specifically, your predicament.  In clothes I would never have been able to accomplish

what I’ve done while we’ve been chatting.  Tell me sir, am I as supple as Ko?  That’s the thing, most don’t

think a larger woman can be, that of course as you can plainly see and feel, if you care to look in the

mirror, is a fallacy.’

May watched him look up and down, her nude robust form helixed about him.  She continued with her

soft kisses and words, he in spite of his situation still hard and throbbing against one of her thighs, pinned

safely in place so he could not use it.

‘Dangerous, perhaps even deadly sir, but still arousing, a paradox.  Chinese in origin, it's called The

Lady’s Hairpin, because it's rigid, straight and meant to keep whatever it's inserted into in place, namely

you.  The thing about hairpins is that over time they become uncomfortable, they have a nasty tendency

to twist the hair there holding even tighter.  It's the motion of the woman, you see, dancing, walking, even

turning her head, that’s what causes the issue.  In this case I’m the pin and you're the hair so you should

do everything in your power to refrain from moving, if you can,’ May hummed and kissed him.  ‘That one

is for free, a sample of my sweetness and I’ve been reliably told you have a fondness for sweets.’

He remained still as did May, but a nude female pressed into and around you is very distracting and she

added to that with little kisses and her tongue.

‘This is just business sir, nothing personal, but if it's one thing I’ve learned working for my boss, it's not

to play fair if you want to win and I most definitely want to win, how about you?’  May offered her tongue

probing about his ear. 

May was honey and love all the while she cinched inward with every move he made, her crushing form

and feminine wiles defeating him at every turn.  

‘You’re beginning to toddler sir, no doubt the result of us coming closer together.  The question is how

much longer can you stay on your feet?  In case you don’t know, it's a matter of life and death for you. 

You see when we fall over the hairpin with snap open, it's triggered by the impact of our merged forms. 

We’ll be thrown apart, but you’ll be dead.  You see once the hairpin is open, I’m triggered, it's me that

snaps open and you being entwined as you are feel the full impact of that snap and the results, well I think

I covered that.  So hang on sir as long as you can, remember the longer you do the longer you stay alive

and get to enjoy this,’ May explained then kissed him.  ‘Oh, don’t move, you know that.  I’m disappointed,

I thought you liked my kisses and other touches, you’re pulling away like that makes a woman feel

unwanted and I know you don’t mean that otherwise why would have taken such a dangerous serpent as

myself into your arms,’ she added and kissed him again as he moved.  

Somehow to May’s surprise and absolute delight he was still upright an hour later, but teetering on the

edge, she figured a few more touches and it would be over.  She stretched it out as long as she could

but her last kiss had a little something extra in it and they fell.  The thud of their bodies was overcome

with a loud crisp crack.  May got up, smiled, dressed and left.

‘I’ll see myself out sir,’ was her parting goodbye. 


‘I would have expected a man of your abilities and drive to keep more regimented hours Mr Lett?’,

Seng said as he came into his office.  ‘You should also consider upgrading your lock, when a simple

hairpin can open it.  I left some morning reading on your desk,’ she added getting up and walking over to

him.  ‘You may find it interesting, perhaps even dare I say it, arousing.’

Seng with practised ease, turned herself slightly about him and had him in her arms, he, a more than willing participant.  The executrix could have killed him at that moment, it would have been easy, she even gave it serious consideration knowing what she knew about him and what she’d been told, but that would be letting him off too easy.  Instead, she softly kissed him, his hands pulling her close as they ran about.  

‘It's good to see you’re not in mourning over the loss of Miss May.  Oh don’t look so shocked sir,’ Seng

said after the kiss, her arms still about his neck.  ‘She paid me a nocturnal visit last night.  Poor woman

didn’t stand a chance, you see Mr Lett I do my best hunting at night and well. She’s just one more trophy

in my cabinet.  I brought you proof, a present if you like and no you can’t return it, go on open the box on

your desk, I even put a bow on it for you,’ she said releasing her hold.  

He walked around his desk, hesitated for a second then opened and closed the box in one motion.  

‘May had good taste in earrings, sorry, I only have the one and the ear it hung on.  The rest of her is, well,

you don’t need to know that, I take care of my own messes.  With that said and done, you have an

opening for a new executrix and if that kiss is any indication the fringe benefits will be very much to my


May moved around the desk and pressed herself into his back, her mouth by his ear as she whispered

into it.

‘My address is on the last page, I’ll be expecting you this evening.’

Seng turned her head about and kissed him again, her tongue steaming open his mouth while her hands

slid inside his pants and around his prong, a few strokes hardened him.  He jerked in her hands while she

kissed him.  ‘May, who,’ Seng said as their lips parted and her hands freed him.

Seng turned, snatched the box on his desk and walked away, his eyes on her long legs and swaying

ass, a smile on her face as she departed.   ‘I’ll just get rid of this, don’t want it to ruin your day.’ and was



He arrived at the appointed time Seng had written on the paper, the door was slightly ajar, Mr Lett entered,

his senses, alerted by anticipation of holding this woman again, were racing his heart.  

‘I like a man who comes on time.’ Seng smiled from across the room, drawing his eyes to the voice.

Seng dropped the rose she’d been holding and swayed over to him, her long hair stubbornly holding the

shirt in place, her breasts firm and unmoving revealed only to the point of madness while her legs, long

and sculpted danced as she placed them, each step closer eliciting a response she could see growing

before her.  Seng pushed her hands up his chest and around his neck, her fingers, smooth, cool and

playful teased his neck with soft running touches from her tips.  

‘Business before pleasure, sir.  What did you think of my special delivery this morning?’

‘Impressive, but it will require some risk,’ he said, his arms pulling around her waist, pulling her closer.

‘Everything has risk sir, I took one for you not knowing the outcome and here we are, you have an

opportunity to be a dominant player in the business of this country and I have to opportunity be ensure

you achieve that and more, but if that risk is to high perhaps I can add a sweetener,’ Seng said as she

kissed him.  ‘Or this,’ she added,  undoing his pants, her hands enfolding his swelling root.  ‘So very hard,

like a pillar of ivory, smooth and firm,’ she added, her breath hot on his neck.

Seng pulled his pants and underwear over his hips and let them fall to the floor while she unbuttoned his

shirt, he removed hers the same time she did his.  Seng ran the soft pads of her feet down one calf of his,

her toes hooked into his sock and pulled it free, she repeated the step with the other leg, the touch and

stroke of her foot clearly exciting him as he tried to push into her.

‘If that excites you sir, I don’t think you’ll be able to withstand what's coming next,’ she purred, finding the

perfect spot on his neck with her first nibble.

This time she let him in, just a touch, but enough for her to encircle his waist with her legs and pull up as

he cupped her sway ass and she worked herself into him with slow turns, sudden thrusts and finally a

tilting back and forth motion.

He walked them over to the bedroom, her lips never leaving his.  They lowered into a sitting position for a

moment then she reclined, pulling him down with her.  A last thrust from him inserting him totally into her

paradise a soft welcoming moan filling the room as they started into a steady rhythm, she clinging to him

as they rocked.

Seng brought him close to climax then took it away with a subtle change of her motion, he adjusted and

tried again, she stymied him again until finally she was ready to climax, she rose up cuddle tight about

him, her torso pressed to his, her legs squeezing around his middle as her arm hugged him tight to her. 

Seng stilled, the erupted in joy, her tense body even more so now as she moved the thrust about, pushing

and pulling his root inside to maximum pleasure, her quivering form wanting more but also escape.  He

refused, pulled her closer and drove himself into her, the pleasure jerking her about like a rag doll until

finally she settled, a few last thrusts from him prolonging her pleasure for a few more seconds.  

That was wonderful!,’ she said, her breath short, then pushed him off of her backwards where she

climbed over top of him and looked down.  ‘You always like to take not give I’m told, this time you gave

me something, joy and inturn, I’ve given you something, a fatal dose of poison courtesy of the flower I

was holding, Nightshade.  Odourless, colourless it makes for the perfect oil when prepared just right.  I

protected my skin beforehand, but you have no such protection and I was very sure to be tight against

you to ensure maximum effect and I can see I was successful on all levels,’ Seng smiled then gave him

a goodbye kiss. 


‘Now that’s what I call buying in bulk.  No offence meant by that comment ladies,’ Cara said.

Seng, May and Ko smiled at the remark.

‘So now what?’ May asked.

‘Simple, you will own the companies, that’s being seen to as we speak.  There yours to run if you want

just that or you can have that and an association with FORCE.  We’re always looking for lethal ladies

and you three have a unique position to offer us: being CEO’s you can move inside circles faster and

more naturally than we can.  Of course we’ll provide additional training and equipment, but I must tell you

some of the dealings your former bosses had were with organisations you’ve never heard of before and

they possess agents you’ve never encountered.  It will be dangerous and quite possibly deadly for all

involved.  If that is of interest to one or all of you we can proceed to the next step, meeting my boss,’

Cara explained.

‘What’s he like?’ Ko asked.

‘She.  Her name is Claire.’ Cara smiled and raised her glass to a resounding clink of the others.