Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Six Swans a Spying

'All my success I owe to that woman.  If it hadn’t been for her imparting her unique talents to me I would have been killed within months of becoming an agent.  At first I thought I must have pissed off the powers that be to get stuck with her, but someone had a bright idea and convinced others to let them try,’ Claire said.

‘It wasn’t such a huge risk on the surface, one trainee agent and one experienced agent, albeit a rare one,’ Cindy answered.

‘I agree but inside that was the risk, two opposite styles, to opposite women, what they could learn from each other and more importantly what could you learn from her, turns out everything,’ came Cindy’s answer.

‘I’m much in favour of your approach, after all DOOM was the leader in this area and so much more successful at it than COIL was.  Have you given any thought as to whom you want to use as trainers?’ Claire asked.

‘Marigold Gillespie, if we can spare her.  She has all the requisite skills and talents,’ Cindy answered.
Claire called up the mission active tab on the program of her laptop and made several adjustments. ‘She’s free as long as you need her,’ came her answer.

Marigold was an inspired choice; Claire knew Cindy would surprise her. 

*     *             *             *             *             *             *            
Marigold Gillespie sat in Cindy’s office having no idea why she was there.  She of course knew Cindy by reputation from before she joined FORCE and now as the Head of Plus Ops.  They had met only before in a group setting when Claire had announced the Cindy was Heading up The Plus Ops side. Marigolds impression was of a smart, sexy confident woman who knew exactly what she wanted to accomplish and how to get there, she also thought her a wonderful dresser who knew exactly what to wear to maximum effect.

The results she had achieved so far with very few agents had been remarkable.  Marigold’s year, as the agents called the year they graduated and became full time agents had not had any Plus trainee’s in it, she remembered hearing from others that that was not uncommon, COIL, back then did not actively recruit them as DOOM had in spite of the chorus of activate agents, Marigold herself leading the charge for them.  It was in fact one of the reasons she had been an early recruit of Claire’s to FORCE. She was still pondering what this meeting was all about when the office door opened and Cindy swept stylishly in.  Marigold came to her feet and the two exchanged a sisterly hug. 

‘So sorry about my tardiness, not a good way to start off,’ Cindy said motioning for Marigold to take her seat again as she took hers, a hand sweeping regally under her skirt to smooth it as she did, the motion totally natural and flawlessly executed.

‘Not at all,’ Marigold offered with a smile then continued.  ‘Let’s see, since I’m sure I’m one of the last to!’

Cindy smiled and held out her perfectly manicured left hand.

‘Oh my God!’ her guest said. ‘That is so beautiful, nearly as much as the woman wearing it,’ she added as they both shared a small laugh.

Cindy thanked her and they shared some small talk, Cindy remembering why Marigold had made an impression on her before, this confirmed for her she’d made the right choice.

‘Now before either of us bursts from curiosity I’ll come to the point of the meeting.  We’ve made changes to the Plus Training Program.  Just to fill you in we used to have the trainee’s mix in with the other recruits in all aspects, then we made a few changes, introducing specific training tailor made for them, certain Yoga styles, even a few additional fighting styles.  Then with the introduction of the Fashionista Dept. we made fashion for them, specifically in the lingerie area, but also in the overall style approach.  Now we want to make another change.  Here take a look at these charts while I explain,’ Cindy said handing over her tablet. ‘Just so you know historically these results are not out of line with the starting base for past years.  No matter how hard these girls try, they will always come into the main stream classes well behind the other trainee’s, its damaging psychologically from their point of view, basically, I’m still not good enough and no matter how hard I try I’ll never be them.’

‘Have you noticed that!’ Marigold said in an alarmed voice as she put down the device.

‘Sadly yes, it goes away after time, but I don’t want it there at all.  New agents are hard enough to keep alive, we don’t need any unwanted baggage adding to the burden and that’s where you come in,’ Cindy said.

‘I still don’t see it.  Full disclosure, there were no plus agents in my year, nor have I ever worked with any,’ Marigold offered.

‘But you have encountered them many times as your file indicates, seems it’s either complete chance or you are a particular target of them.  In either case this is what I want and you’re the agent I want to train them in certain aspects,’ Cindy smiled.

‘What aspects,’ Marigold asked more curious than apprehensive.

‘You saw the charts, what do you think?’ Cindy said raising an eyebrow.

‘Anyone can teach them that, why me now, I mean, why change horses so to speak,’ Marigold asked.
‘Because you can teach them how you do.  And you do very well.  Your style, motion, fluidity, poise, grace, confidence, I want them to have that to add to their arsenal.  Like all agents your mission reports make for interesting reading,’ Cindy smiled as she flipped through the screens on her tablet.  Your colleagues all rate you very highly in certain aspects,’ Cindy said and left it at that knowing Marigold fully understood.

‘Not that I’m saying no, assuming I have a choice, but I’ve never trained anyone before,’ the agent offered.

‘Ah, again, the file,’ Cindy said touching a few tabs and coming to the data she wanted. ‘Makes for interesting reading.’

‘Watched Marigold sweep in and totally capture him in her spell, it was effortless.’

‘Seemed to instinctively know what to wear to stand out in a room where we were it was not easy to do that.’

‘Just her entrance into the room and the simple act of sitting down had him under her command.’

‘Her kiss made me surrender right away, after that I don’t have words.’

‘Simple the best partner I’ve ever had, in any situation or position.’

‘Not much reading between the lines required for some of those comments,’ Cindy said, tongue firmly in cheek.

‘People exaggerate,’ Marigold offered.

‘Really, perhaps we should look at the videos of some of those exaggerations,’ Cindy smiled.  ‘I know I’ll enjoy seeing them again.’

Marigold’s look said it all and Cindy put down the tablet.

‘Put all that teasing aside and just from a few inquiries I made you command a great deal of respect among other agents, both male and female.  Look anyone can teach them, not everyone can mentor them.  You have that, they need that confidence you can help them discover it,’ Cindy said.

‘What’s the structure of the program if I say yes,’ Marigold said trying not to smile, Cindy did that for her.

‘Open to what they want and what you think they need.  Listen to them, fill those needs if you think there valid and add the ones they hadn’t thought of and you know they’ll need,’ Cindy said knowing that she’d just closed the deal.

‘I’m in,’ Marigold said.

Cindy beamed and gave her a hug.  ‘I’ll send you the file with the details of locations and such.  You never asked about the timeframe?’

‘They’re ready when I say their ready, that’s the timeframe I’m working under,’ Marigold answered pausing at the door.

Cindy smiled and nodded, she’d made the right choice.

*     *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *             
‘Good morning ladies and welcome to the next step on the path, by way of introduction, Agent Marigold Gillespie.’

All the trainee’s did their best to avoid a smirk, some better than others.  Marigold was used to it, her name had been a pain and a constant source of amusement when she was younger, but by college it had become fascinating to people and had opened doors for her as an agent. 

‘I can see my first name has not lost its fascination and I also see something else on your faces, namely, what’s she doing training us, she’s not one of us! 

‘I think Miss we were just wondering since we passed our Fat Class..’

‘Hold it right there!  That may be the colloquium that gets applied, but I never want to hear that term in here or anywhere for that matter,’ she said her voice trailing down an tone from stern to regretful for the second part.  ‘If you think like that you’ll act like that and if that’s how you feel about yourself, then please there’s the door, you know you’re free to leave, at least you’ll have something to show for it physically, but I’m more interested in the mental part.  You know the old saying healthy mind, healthy body; it’s an old saying because it’s true.  You are all smart, capable, beautiful young women, that’s what I want you to think, but more importantly, that’s what I want you to be,’ she said. 

‘I hope that is clear and now for the question you were going to ask. “Why aren’t we in training with the others?” That’s simple and that’s at the crux of why we’re here, you’re still not ready.’  She looked about the room scanning each of the faces of the 6 young women to glean any clues.

‘As all of you are undoubtedly aware of by this point in time, we are direct and pointed with our training, because that’s what it’s like in the field with an emphasis on the pointed.  So having said that, it’s time for all of you to become uncomfortable, with yourselves and each other.  Now as for me being your teacher, that’s by design.  In the past you would have had an instructor more suited to you, if you follow, but we found that it added nothing to the mix, in fact it tended to make you lesser than you could be.  Your mindset never changed and you became streamlined in your thinking and tactics.  You see,’ Marigold said sitting down in her chair at the front of the class and crossing her very stunning legs, the hem of her skirt cut just marginally above the knee, so the effect of a few more inches of skin did not go unnoticed. 

‘I can never become you, but you can become me, but only if you’re exposed to me,’ that is why I’m here and now to some hard sensitive matters that will further explain your temporary segregation,’ Marigold said as she plugged  her laptop into a projector. 

Ever been
Been on
A Date
Had a
Ever had
Rochelle Mainwaring
Sabine Huber
Iris Manji
Nara Fleming
Seeva Zelinsky
Elena Zubova


  She looked closely at all of them, needless to say none of them looked happy and to a woman they all looked anywhere but the chart.

`This is in fact a part of why all of you are here.  One is looks, the looks that FORCE saw that no one else saw and I can say with certainty, the looks you now see thanks to hard work and style advice among other factors.  But, its takes a special kind of person to be as brutally honest about themselves on a survey that others are going to see and you ladies did that and that is also why you`re here, because you have the mental toughness to get through something that is personally painful, that is what makes a good agent, mental toughness, the rest is window dressing, important in and of itself, but this is what keeps you alive when the other skills and talents have failed,’ Marigold said, tapping a finger against the side of her head for emphasis. 
`The other good news regarding this chart is we all start at the same place, so we can all learn together, share and get better.

`We?’ Elena asked more curious than caustic in her tone.

‘Yes, what kind of teacher would I be if I didn’t learn from my students?  I have to learn what works for you, as do you, by trying different things.  Maybe one of you see’s something you like in another’s approach and tries it and vice versa or you hybridize.  Besides, I’m responsible for all of you and I want nothing but success for you just as my teachers and mentors wanted for me.  Success breeds success ladies, a pedigree of excellence.’

‘Some kind of excellence, look at that chart, the only guys I’ve ever hugged were family members,’ Miriam said.

‘Not me Mr. Potato and I had a very close relationship for many years,’ Taylor said miming her eating a bag of potato chips while the others smirked and the tension was cut.

‘What exactly are you going to teach us and perhaps more importantly how?’ Rochelle quizzed when everyone had settled down.

‘The second part of the question intimates you know the answer to the first, but let’s just see anyone want to chime in and toss out and idea or six,’ Miss Gillespie asked looking at them.

Marigold knew this next part was crucial if they were to trust her, open conversation would bond them as a group and speed the learning process.  She did not have to wait for long.

‘How to kiss, what type of kiss, for what situation, how to use your body as an alluring tool, how to use your body as a defensive tool while still on the offense, where to kiss, how to move your arms, where to place your arms, postures, you know front and back to the opponent, how to walk, how to sit, how to cross your legs, how to pose in all kinds of situations, how to read an opponent for the moment at hand, when to be aggressive and when to be submissive, the sex act itself, what’s the best position for attack and defense,  how to be the best so as to completely overwhelm your partner and gain the advantage, how to delay or deny orgasm so you focus on attack, defense or survival,’ the questions all came at once and from everyone.
‘Most importantly what works best for us?’ they all said at the end.

Marigold smiled, uncrossed her legs and got up and walked to the door turning on her heel to face them
‘Now watch carefully,’ Marigold said.

The six did as instructed observing as she walked to the front of her chair one hand casually and quite naturally swept behind her skirt as she sat down on the chair and crossed her legs.  Marigold smiled rose and went over to the sofa in the room and repeated. 

‘Seems simple and with practice it is, but that is the key, practice and making it look natural. Don’t flop into the chair, lower yourself elegantly, this is wear your core muscles come into play.  Believe me doing this simple gesture can be just as alluring as your legs are.’ Marigold stated.

‘We might have a problem with that particular position,’ Elena said.

‘There are variants to it, again observe,’ their trainer said with a knowing smile.

Marigold executed the same sweeping motion and sat down, first on the chair then again on the sofa then repeated the process.

‘No doubt you saw the variant, the first time around I simply put one leg on an angle and then brought the other over to cross it.  The second time I crossed them as I sat down, a simple step over of one leg in front of the other accomplishes this, very elegant and very eye catching if done properly,’ Marigold explained.
‘Once in this position it’s simple to switch the cross if need be, say when turning to talk to another person.  You just unhook the top leg slip it underneath the other at the opposite angle and slide the other over in a fluid motion, very sexy.  Then in order to re-enforce or re-establish a focus on them, you can lean forward, this naturally pulls your legs slightly apart giving a better view to whomever you wish.  Turning an ankle also has the same effect as does separating them with both heels firmly on the floor, like this,’ Marigold said as she demonstrated.  ‘Again make it seem natural even if we know it’s really a predatory behavior.  Now we’re going to work on it one at a time, one on one.  While I’m with one of you, the rest practice.  By the end today, you’ll have this mastered and it will be second nature,’ Marigold smiled.

One on one she went through with each trainee, adjusting positions to maximize the impact of their gams until them each were able to execute it flawlessly five straight times.

‘I want you all to practice that as many time as you can in as many situations as you can on as many types of chairs, sofa’s etc. as you can.  Experiment with it,’ Marigold said as the class ended

*             *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *                      
‘How was your flight over?’ Gina asked.

‘Interesting for me, seemingly uneventful for them,’ Marigold responded, then continued knowing she could be unguarded with Gina Perini.  ‘I told them they didn’t need to bring a suitcase they’d be coming home with all the clothes they could handle.  I left the choice of what to wear to them and look what they chose!’ she said in an exasperated tone.  ‘Baggy jeans, track sweats, loose rugby tops, pullovers with front pockets and not one of them have a handbag, just backpacks.  Then to top it off on the plane in spite of their choice of apparel, men were actually looking at them and none of them noticed.  They still think and act like their former selves, curl up, look straight ahead, nobodies looking at you so why even pretend.’

‘You sound like you’re on the cusp of giving up?’ Gina stated.

‘You know me better than that.  No I’m really excited by these six.  If they can get looks dressed like that what could they do when you get through with them!  I know its early days, but figuring what they have accomplished so far and their standings in other areas of training I think these girls could be game changers for FORCE. How do you want to move on this? Marigold questioned.

‘I have my assistants sorting them out.  I want each girl to choose separately, that way there’s no suasion, what they choose, with a little help and encouragement of course, becomes their style signature,’ Gina offered.

‘Do you mind if I just tag along, I promise not to say anything and observe?’ Marigold asked.

‘Not at all, we can observe all through this two way mirror just hit the button if you want audio.’

‘All the clothes have been exactly made to measure for each girl.  The colours all work perfectly with their skin tone, shading and hair.  For me this is always the fun part, watching them pick one or two outfits only then there done thinking that’s all they’ll need or should take.  They don’t realize it’s all for them.  The other is the lingerie, undergarments specifically, but also the negligees,’ Gina explained as they both looked through the mirror.

‘How so?’ Marigold asked.

‘With the smaller sized agents, they go right for the slinky sexy daring stuff, they love it, these girls, every bit as sexy, maybe even more so in some aspects, they touch it like it’s going to bite them.  Their used to what I term the sensible stuff, the cotton high cut panties and the well it’s just a bra crowd, plain and simple.  Comes from being their former selves and not thinking their worth it or would look good in it,’ she said glancing at Marigold’s concern.

‘Not too worry, that is why I always start them out in here.  I help them recreate their sense of body image by showing them how they look now not as they did before.  Once I accomplish that we can move on to actual clothes.  I’ll take care of their appearance; you’re still going to have to work on their mindset, that’s the bigger challenge.  See, look, she’s hesitating, looks like I’m up.  No just stay and watch, no sense letting her think we’re ganging up on her, besides I’ve done this countless times,’ Gina explained as she disappeared through a door.

‘Marigold hit the speaker button on the wall to have a listen. 

‘Why the hesitation?’ Gina asked Rochelle.

‘Just not sure these are for me, if you know what I mean,’ she stated in a hesitant voice.

‘No I don’t know what you mean.  They are your size, the colour choice is varied as are the styles, so can you explain it to me?’ Gina responded taking a low cut panty and placing it against the girl who very slightly recoiled at the touch.

‘Ah, you don’t think you’re good enough for these, or perhaps there too exotic for you, too daring, others will laugh when they see you in them, is that it?’  Gina asked but before Rochelle could answer Gina continued. ‘I want you to trust me for the next few minutes, that’s all I ask, just a couple of minutes to let me show and explain something to you, can you do that for me?’ Rochelle nodded.

‘Good, I need you to relax and put herself in my hands, don’t fight me, don’t talk, just know that I care,’ Gina said as she raised the girls arms above her.

Marigold listened and watched the former agent use her persuasive powers to create a bond, a bond that was real, not fake with Rochelle.

‘Now close your eyes and keep them closed until I say to open them,’ Gina said softly and tenderly.  She pulled the bulky gym top up and over the head of Rochelle.  Next she carefully unhooked her bra, Rochelle quivered and Gina could sense her unease.  ‘It’s alright my dear I know,’ was all it took and she was calm again.

Off came the bra then the loose cotton drawing string pants, her panties and socks.  On went the new panties and then the new bra.

‘There are many styles, but I like this front one on you, versatile and sexy,’ Gina said finishing the last of the hooks then fluffing Rochelle’s hair.  ‘Now keep your eyes closed and come with me,” she said slipping her hand in the trainees.

She walked her over to a stand inside a series of mirrors that form an octagonal around her; she closed the entrance door, stepped to one side and told her to open her eyes.

Gina let the girl have a look about, her eyes darting from mirror to mirror to catch each angle of her body before she spoke. 

‘Why would you ever want to cover up such a heavenly site as this?’  There is not a part of this body that could be improved upon, tantalizing legs that dance muscles and firmness screaming for a soft touch of a hand up them.  A granite firm stomach, stunning rigid breasts, incredible toned arms and look into the backwards mirrors, those shoulders and back are just waiting to be unleashed with a few very daring numbers, a backless halter dress would send you into orbit and finally what a derrière, you’re a total package Rochelle I cannot wait to see you in some of my creations,’ Gina smiled and her muse smiled back as did Marigold

Gina navigated each trainee through the lingerie, true to her experience; all of them had trouble with it, some a little more than others.

‘You look stunning  Nara tell me what you think?’ Gina asked.

‘Tell you the truth I feel strange and kind of like I don’t belong in this, like I’m in someone else’s clothes and any minute they’ll be coming through that door demanding them back.’

‘Let’s see if we can dispel that with another look, show you that you belong.  Take those off and come over here,’ Gina smiled.  ‘Oh don’t be hesitant my dear, you’ve got nothing too be nervous about, not with a body like that, and besides, in this business you get used to being au natural.’

Nara thought about it for just as second and agreed then followed.

‘Yes this is the one, when I saw your measurements, your colouring and motion I designed this exclusively for you,’ Gina said pulling an item from a large rack.

The trainee looked at it for a second her eyes widening.

‘Let me show you how to get into it, there’s a special way,’ Gina said. ‘These are the shoes that go with it, slip them on and let’s see you dazzle.’

‘Ah I, well I never learned, really because, well I had no need for them, how to walk in heels,’ Nara said feeling embarrassed and ashamed.

‘There’s no need for recriminations, all of you today told me the same thing.  So what, I wasn’t born knowing how to walk in heels, someone taught me, so today I’ll teach you.  Come let’s begin,’ Gina said and Marigold marveled at the skill of this woman, couture, teacher, mother.  In just a short time she had taught the basics and Nara like the others was soon a natural.

‘Now let’s try something,’ Gina requested.

Gina nodded to her assistant then spoke to Nara requesting that she walk up and down the room and finally to lean against one of the pillars in the room and strike a pose for me.’

‘Just a couple of small adjustments, nothing major,’ Gina said as she adjusted the girls leaning position.  There now try it again.  Excellent!  Now come here and see the results,’ Gina said and the three watched the video on a big screen on the far wall.

‘Although the garment appears whole it actually has slits and holes placed strategically about it. These were designed specifically to match your movement and motion.  They open and close revealing you underneath, what’s important is they display your toned form and the certain parts we all find alluring. The thighs, calves, just above the hip, between the shoulder blades, the toned upper arm, etc.  All strong and well defined, very touchable.  The translucence’s of the material well revealing requires the onlooker to get very close as it only teases with flashes, I designed the material to reflect light, both inside and out, the material is folded and flowed in such as a way as to enhance that effect.  Look at how you posed here against that pillar.  Imagine that was the door frame to your bedroom, what person could resist that allurement,’ Gina said and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

*             *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *     
‘Fantastic day all around,’ Marigold said as she and Gina relaxed in her office. 

‘It always is a tiring but very rewarding experience.  Those girls, I had a feeling about them when I got the measurements and the cursory videos, but seeing them was different.  I’ve done this countless times; you get a feeling about agents almost right away.  I pass those thoughts, for whatever there worth along and I’ll do the same here, but those girls have got something special, you can never name it or package it, you just feel it.  Closest I can come to explaining is the same feeling I used to get around Sharon Sharpe.’

‘I’ve never met her, but from what others have told me FORCE would have an incredible pool of talent if that came true,’ Marigold replied.

‘I agree with Cindy on the training aspects, and not just because you’re here in front of me, trust me you’re an inspired choice and the girls really like and respect you but more importantly they can learn so much from you,’ Gina said and Marigold thanked her.

 ‘What are you up to tonight?’

Claudio is making me dinner,’ Gina said referring to the man in her life.  ‘You’re welcome to join us,’ she offered.

‘Thanks but I was thinking of a night out. Tell me is that jazz club still open.  I think it’s high time these new swans spread their wings and turned a few heads,’ Marigold asked with a hungry smile.

                *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *    
 ‘Training films today ladies,’ Marigold said as she came into the room, killed the lights and used her remote to activate the projector.

The trainee’s enthusiasm quickly turn to stunned silence when Rochelle appeared on the screen.  Marigold watched the reactions as each trainee had her turn on the screen.

‘You set all those interviews up!’ one said.

‘Those emails were nothing but a test!’ another chimed in.

‘Yes to both questions, but more importantly let’s talk about how you did as we watch them again,’ their teacher answered.

Up came Rochelle again and this time Marigold walked them all through it, hit pause on the remote from time to time to make a point. 

‘When given a choice of where to sit, in front of the desk or the sofa, she’s chooses the sofa.  Perfect control of the situation, he is now forced opposite her,’ Marigold explained then moved behind Rochelle and whispered in her ear. ‘Magnificent job, you controlled the entire situation, even how you left with that over the shoulder glance, the toss of those curls of yours and that perfect ankle twist, stunning!’

‘Iris drew a difficult situation, a small room with only a desk blocking her out from the waist down, what do you do.  You improvise, and in this case you stand and move, making the excuse that you think better when moving.  Then you move into view, just around the back of the desk, like this,” Marigold said pausing the video.  ‘She gives him just a peak, turning her heel on a dime and moving away, then’ Marigold hit the play. ‘You give him a little more and a little more as you walk and talk, then you strike, that perfect turn, the one leg crossing over the other as you lean back on the credenza, then only when you’re sure you pull up and sit on it your legs naturally sliding into the cross.’

‘An experienced agent could not have improved upon that, totally flawless in execution,’ Marigold whispered in her ear.

‘Seeva has exactly the opposite, multiple seating possibilities, each one has display advantages and perhaps disadvantages, what’s a trainee to do.  You do this,’ Marigold said as they watched the video and she explained. ‘She seemingly takes the worst position, but not before he gets a quick glimpse of her,  but is it in fact the worst.  Notice the contrast with her outfit and the surroundings, they all mix perfectly to make her stand out and the lighting is excellent on her.  Then she does the hardest thing, she waits, patiently like a predator for the prey to come to her. Watch closely for the very subtle turn of the shoulders, the rotating of the ankle in a circle which he can’t see but somehow feels, because he moves to her, into her lair, she now controls the game as he comes out from behind his desk and sits across from her. ‘Drawing close to Seeva, Marigold placed her palms firmly on the tops of her arms and gave them a squeeze as she softly spoke to her.  ‘What you did takes not only incredible skill but confidence.  You waited in your web until your seduction drew the prey to you, beautiful and deadly!’

Nara has only one choice and it’s one that presents a challenge to any agent, it has to be commanded right from the start or it quickly turns into a fiasco and the agent loses all advantage.  There are several keys to this, one is balance and the other is placement or how you pose.  Now watch how she accomplishes this,’ Marigold said as she hit the play. 

The video played then Marigold went over it again explaining. ‘Sitting on a stool, any stool is hard, there’s no back to support you, all your strength comes from your core.  You have to maintain it constantly while all the while looking natural.  Notice how Nara does a little crossover with her legs in front of the stool as she turned to face him and sit.  Now instead of taking a full seat, she puts half her bum on the seat, note the completely smooth tuck of the skirt before she begins, then she slowly pulls herself up, this motion naturally draws the eye of the other, what we call elevator eyes as they scan up her form.  Nara could maintain this position and do just fine with it, but she’s takes it further.  Right there!’ Marigold stopped video, reversed and played it back in slow motion.  ‘Ever so slightly she shifts her hips, curls her legs to one side and matchlessly crosses them.  That simple move won the game as you can see. All those moves were innate, the sign of a natural seductress.  What will you be like when fully trained, irresistible!’ Marigold said softly to her and kissed the top of her head.

‘You only have a second or two to catch the eyes or make an impression, especially in this business,’ Marigold said they watched Sabine enter an office lobby populated by 3 other young attractive women.  

‘This is exactly the dilemma faced here multiplied by three and compounded by contrast.  Three very attractive regular sized, I still hate that term, someone please come up with a new one or a code word we can use,’ Marigold said before launching back into it. The direct viewpoint from the closed office door is occupied by one of the three and the two others have each side, this immediately adds another disadvantage to Sabine.  Notice how her assessment is made instantly at the door, quick and decisive she heads for the chair off to one side, but still within peripheral vision of the office door.  A quick, natural sweep of her skirt and then the decline into the perfect sitting position.  Notice how the three others all present the same view for the person coming from the office, straight on.  Yes their legs are attractive and posed to be so, but it’s a one-dimension view from the on looker’s perspective.  Now,’ Marigold stopping the video. ‘Notice Sabine, hers legs offer a multi-dimensional view.  The perfect pose, crossed legs with the under leg extended away from the edge of the chair just a little but not too much to make it obvious and then the flair element, the slight tilt to the inside of the heel  causing the leg to display the calf muscle running up it giving a more sensual look.  More than enough there for perfect attraction, but then this,’ she added starting the video once again. ‘The other leg exposes itself so the viewer now sees both displayed, each at its best and most alluring.  When the person comes out of the office or even if they come in through the door Miriam has the attention firstly, the front door by way of direct perspective and that presents a multi view and by the office door the peripheral one and as humans our evolutionary trait is to always check our peripheral view.  In short she wins the day.  ‘You’ll win more than that on a mission every time, those legs can compete with anything I’ve seen,  you’re dynamic and alluring, a complete package!’ Marigold soothed.

“Now what if situation does not allow for the preferred stationary position, what if you’re constantly mobile, how to you achieve the allure or set the spark of desire.  Elena has to walk with her contact, severely limiting the distracting use of her legs or perhaps not.’  The video started again and once more Marigold let it run for a while then stopped back tracked and begin her monologue. ‘Elena maintains eye contact never making it obvious but then she stops and turns to talk.  The perfect choice look at the pure reflection in the polished steel walls behind her, legs finally in full view then the tease, a curl of one ankle behind the other then slowly back again and she resumes movement with him just a fraction of a second behind, she notices but makes him catch up, never slowing.  Then another opportunity, stairs or use the ramp, Elena chooses the ramp and takes the lead giving ample time to gaze and her to work her magic.  Then finally we come to the mirror and she seals the deal, deftly stopping in the perfect position to clarify a point.  A turn of her body gives him a different prospective in the reflection, they dance and move with grace before she breaks it off and moves on letting him trail after her caught in her spell, Marigold explained.  ‘You move with such grace and understated elegance, smooth and sexy so aware of your surroundings and how to use them.  You’ll be incredible,’ Marigold breathed into her ear then gave her a small hug.

Marigold took a chair behind the conference table the trainees were arrayed across and asked them to turn around and move in close around her in a semi-circle.

‘Transformation of the body is one thing, and you’ve all done that, but transformation of the mind is another.  You can be beautiful, you can have a killer body, you can have all that, but if the mind doesn’t believe, then the other is just window dressing.  If your new form doesn’t convince you, your scores in other classes doesn’t assure you, how you look in your new clothes doesn’t persuade you then what you and I just saw must.  Because what I saw was six young women who taught one thing, not even a skill that directly relates to what you’re training for, but just an everyday skill every woman should know, make it their own and turn it into something special.  When I was a trainee it took a few trainees more than several attempts to master that, you did it immediately, think about that,’ their instructor said.

‘Give me your hands, put them in here, let me hold them,’ Marigold continued. ‘What I’m about to say stays in this room, it’s just between us, our bond,’ she said looking them in the eyes.  ‘Cindy thinks you six are something special, you have the potential to be game changers, great agents, maybe some of the best ever and I agree, but that is a long way off.  Never ever think like that, have confidence in yourself, but never get complacent, push yourself to always be better and you will be, your life will depend on it.  And just in case that is not enough for you there’s this,’ she said releasing their hands and hitting the play button the remote.

‘This lady’s is a graph of the reactions of the various people you came into contact with during that exercise.  The marked points are labeled as to the specific point of interaction with regard to surface skin temperature, moisture level, heart rate, respiratory rate.  All those first spikes indicate first eye contact, the second spikes show first contact with your whole body, the third stolen glances, very close in time to the first look at you as a whole.  Then here,’ Marigold said walking to the screen and sweeping her hand across all six of the agents lines. ‘From here on it’s a constant increase in all the factors I mentioned before, in others words you’re sexually arousing.’

She turned off the machine, clicked back on the lights. 

‘That’s it for today, keep practicing and oh one more thing.  I noticed that the first letters of your names can be used to form an acronym, namely SIRENS.  I think that’s an appropriate code name for this group.’