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‘You’re hardly in a position to negotiate Mr. Sun,’ Hong explained. ‘My body has yours in an
inescapable, for you, knot. My Soft Prawn works slowly was you can feel, I’ve barely
contracted in the last hour and in that time you’ve not be able to loosen me. Of course my
mouth may have something to do with that. The Vietnamese Pinching Crab, an oral technique,
soft bits and touches have relaxed you, pleasurably. Mekong LLP wants answers to your
connects to TRIDENT. We can talk about that if you want. Oh, if your hoping for Mrs. Saito to
rescue you I gave her the rest of the night off, permanently. Just before she left I slipped one
of my exploding compacts into her purse. The second she handles it the compact will explode
covering her in a cocoon of suffocation powder. Now where were we?’ she said lowering her
head between his legs.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Island Hopping

I'd love to read a story where one of your lovely ladies goes on the rampage.
I'm thinking catsuit and high heeled boots, taking out an island full of male goons with
chokeholds, scissorholds, garrotte kills and neck snaps! 

The above was a suggestion made by Mark Cooper.
From that is the below story.  This is all it takes, one 3 line suggestion. 
So please don’t think your ideas have to be long or elaborate to
Have them turned into something. 

If your have an idea please post a comment here or if you wish email me at

Thanks again Mark!

‘This computer thing may just catch on,’ Claire said with a twinkle in her eye and a smile
forming on her lips. ‘What else have you got for me?’

‘Nothing yet, I’ve asked for satellite images, topographical, close up and oceanographic,
all on the QT, but they will take a day, maybe two, to get. I didn’t want to alert anyone by
having a satellite change orbit.  The only one that currently has that trajectory is an older
Austrailian weather one that is just about to come to its life’s end in a couple of months.
Its currently mapping ocean temp and currents, but can give us all we want, I’ve already
made back channel requests through contacts.  That should give you enough time to come up
with a plan and assemble a team,’ David Jacobs explained.


Claire called a meeting for that afternoon with Alice Hamilton, Cindy Krutzler, David Jacobs,
Susan Janus and Tina Samuels. The Head of FORCE walked in to find them all assembled
around the boardroom table.

‘Sorry for the short notice and the lack of background data, but this is all very new and I trust
you have more now David,’ she smiled, glancing at him.

‘Yes, ‘ he answered and began handing out his copies to the others as Claire did with her
packets and when finished she nodded at him to begin.

‘Everyone’s luggage has to go through airport security, even spies.  Through one of Claire’s
companies, FORCE was able to conceal within the regular scanning, x-ray and wand
scanning software that can read electronic devices, as long as there left on.  Now most times,
this does not happen, people are told to turn off their devices and most do, but sometimes
even when they think they have, they haven’t, thanks to the ghost the machine and that’s when
we can find something which we finally did,’ and with that statement he looked at Claire who
picked up the thread. 

‘A TRIDENT trainee went through Fast Track  airport security in Madrid a few days ago, he
thought he had turned off his laptop, but thanks to the ghost in the machine,’ Claire nodded to
David then continued. ‘The device did not turn off it and we were able to read everything and
this is what we found,’ she said activating the projector from her laptop.

The room was silent as Claire flipped through the pertinent data and hands flashed across
keyboards making notes.

‘I think you know where I’m going with this, we cannot turn an opportunity like this down.

Another hammer blow to them in such a short time, the last economic, this much more blunt,’
Claire stated so that everyone in the room knew the mission was not theoretical any longer
and they were assembled to create a plan of attack.

‘We need more data to even start to come up with something,  I can give you some basic
requirements, but that’s about it,’ Susan said, Claire number two.

‘Ok, give me something, we can construct and adjust this like a final component product
assembly.  David says he’ll have more data by tomorrow, next at the latest. Till then let’s
concentrate on what we know and have,’ Claire answered.

‘Alright off the start, we can’t use any current agents, our schedule does not permit it, meaning
using trainees ourselves,’ Susan stated.

Claire made a face and tapped her pen, Alice seeing the action jumped in.

‘Susan is right, we don’t have the numbers at the present time to have this kind of flexibility,
but we do have the trainees and to add to Susan’s take we can match up attraction points
much better with this larger pool.’

`I promised myself I would never do this, rush agents before they’re ready and now here I am
being told that’s the only way,’ Claire said in frustration.

‘Think of it as their Coming Out Party,’ Cindy chimed in. ‘I see from this list of agents that one
of my girls would be perfect for the assignment and I can guarantee you she’s more than up to
the task.  You know the others, as do Alice and Susan, I’m sure given all the data we have we
can match our agents to theirs and achieve success.’

‘Susan and I can find the girls, that will not be an issue,’ Alice confirmed.

‘We know the location is here,’ Jacob said taking up the conversation and nodded to Claire to
advance the screen. ‘A small remote island, that’s all I can say for now, tomorrow I will have all
the data and we can fill in the missing pieces.  How much time do you need to select the
agents you want, I think we need to include them from this point forward,’ he added,

Alice and Susan spoke together for a few seconds before Alice answered,  

‘We can have the list later today and get them here tomorrow late.  Perhaps schedule a late
dinner and meeting,’ Susan added and Claire agreed making a note.

That’s a lot of water and a long way to get there and back,’ Jacob said.

‘Not to worry, I think I have the perfect solution, both there and back,’ Tina answered.

‘Excellent, then we meet tomorrow evening,’ Claire said and the meeting concluded.


Each went back to their respective offices.  Cindy gave Susan and Alice her recommendation
for the mission and as usual it fit perfectly with the file dossier of the TRIDENT male agent,
assuring them if they needed other agents she could fill that need.

‘All this information off of one hard drive.  Almost complete dossiers on each of the trainee’s
who’ll be on the island.  This TRIDENT trainee would never have survived as long as an
active agent, too many loose ends.  I mean even his emails, about what he likes, other of his
trainee’s like in females. There now it’s finally sorted into neat piles, how do you want to
proceed?’ Alice asked.

‘I suggest, since we both know the trainee’s well, we each do all the dossiers once, separately
and then compare notes seeing if we agree on what agent to use. Any differences of opinion
we can discuss and come to an agreement,’ Susan explained and Alice agreed picking up a

Tina was busy in her office on a conference call sorting out the logistics.  She had a fully
formed picture in her mind of how to get the agents there and back, the call was starting the
process and getting things moving at breakneck speed but also keeping everything tight.  

‘I suppose the big questions are, how do we get them close enough, get them past the sensors
and get them back?’ David asked when the meeting picked up the next evening.

‘Already worked out,’ Tina said as the others looked at her with some surprise, but not too
much. Tina had proven herself a very capable Executive Vice President of Business Metrics
and an agent in her short spell.

The cool, well dressed and mature woman got up and moved to the front plugging in her
laptop to the projector and looking as she activate the screen.

Industrial Animatronics Lab or IAL, a niche player in the movie business, it specializes in
making life like robotic animals, primarily used in nature shows to go where humans can’t. 
I’m sure you’ve all seen the “Spy in the” series. There’s been one on penguins, polar bears,
tigers, monkeys, sea turtles and dolphins. IAL is a world leader in making such robots, they
are also a wholly owned company of FORCE.  Here is a small video of the dolphin episode
with the robot they created to swim with real dolphins so scientists could study them,’ she said
letting the video play. ‘Now here is a small video of what I asked they to create for us a while

They all watched then sat there in silence after the video ended and Tina started again.

‘As you can see the robot looks and more importantly acts like a real dolphin and since
dolphins herd and stear schools of small fish into shallow water to more easily feed on them
they would not attract any attention of people monitoring underwater cameras most certainly
in the water around the island,’ Tina explained.

‘I’m not seeing the connection to the mission,’ Claire said.

Tina smiled and clicked the remote starting the projector again and this time everyone saw it.

‘We also have baby versions of these, so weapons and other ops materials can be brought
along,’ Tina added. ‘To the normal eye they will just look like a pod of dolphins hunting for
food, nothing out of the ordinary except inside each adult dolphin will be one of our agents. 
The babies are linked the the adults via a bluetooth connection so they always stay with the

How do we get them close without raising suspicion from those on the island?’ Alice inquired.

‘We will launch the from here. A weathership,’ Tina explained as a slide popped up on the
screen in the boardroom of the area.  This weathership will be resupplied in the 10 days.
A series of shipping containers unloaded onto it, nothing special it that happens all the time,
however this time, inside one of the shipping containers will be the robotic dolphins,
operational material and most importantly, out agents, out of sight out of mind.  The agents
will launch from this point, the closest the weathership gets to the island.’

‘That’s still out of range of the best operational performance of the robotic dolphins,’ Tina said,
glancing at the spec sheet from the presentation.

‘That’s why we attach these to the underside,’ Tina answered as she clicked her remote. ‘
A very modified Mk48 torpedo with more than enough power to get them to the island,
when the agents are close they simply shut down and release the device and use the battery
on the dolphin.  Spare torpedo’s can be carried inside some of the babies, when the mission
is complete our agents can attach the spares to the adults and return to the weathership,
every dolphin has a self destruct function so no traces of the technology will be found,’
she concluded.

‘Well, there and back again, now we just need the agents, tactical data and a strategy,’
Claire said. ‘Who wants to go first, David,’ see smiled.

David Jacobs took his flash drive, connected it to the projector and clicked the remote.

‘These are the satellite images.  As you can see there are several coves from which we can
gain access onto the island, but given the overlay of the structures,’ he said clicking and
placing the satellite image of the buildings.  ‘The best entry point would be here as it has the
shortest access point to the command and control building which is here. Some of this is
estimates, but it is based on data gathered. We believe there are two people manning this
facility, we base this on the traffic patterns in the sand coming and going from the building.’

How are you sure this is the C&C?’ Cindy asked.

‘You see his here,’ he said, pointing to a corner of the building. ‘Here let me blow this picture
up there.  A conduit, rather exposed and to our advantage, damaged already,’ he added.

‘This gives us are way in,’ Alice added and continued. ‘From the beach one of the agents will
shoot this electronic dampener using an Aero Precision M5E1 AR-10 into the exposed part
temporarily knocking out the surveillance devices. A second agent will make her way, at the
time of the shot to just outside the door where she will eliminate the guard coming out  to
investigate, then she will take care of the other by whatever means she sees fit, then she will
be joined by her partner, who by this time has removed the dampening device. They then
dispose of the bodies and take over the centre directing our agents to their targets,’ she

‘There only appears to be a workout building and these individual living accommodations
scattered around the small island, we have to assume they are self contained living quarters,
all most surely monitored,’ David added. 

‘And close together, which means simultaneous attacks so no one can sound the alarm,’
Susan said.

‘Silent and fast,’ Claire said. ‘Well that’s that, now how about the agents, who have we got?’

Susan and Alice now took over with Alice beginning.

‘Cara Yulich is the best shooter in the senior class, she’s also excellent at tactics and
computers.  Her partner on the beach and in the control room will be Jacqui Gill, she is our
best computer expert, together the two will guide the others to their respective targets. 
Cara will make the initial shot, Jacqui will race into place, eliminate one guard, Cara will follow
and take care of the other. Fairly straight forward but if something comes up the two can more
than adjust to the situation,’ Alice explained then Susan continued.

‘The two will land here,’ she said, pointing at the screen. ‘Away from the others, but nearest
the C&C. Radio contact will be maintained at all times via a transponder unit inside on of the
beached dolphin units, in this way if the mission fails all rally and get out.  That just leaves
two questions. Who is the team leader and how to eliminate the agents,’ Susan ended.

Claire looked about the room, the decision was now on her, as it should be, but part of it was
not hers to make. ‘The choices are excellent, let’s get them assembled, up to speed then I
want to meet them before they go,’ she said, twirled in her chair and left the room.


‘Welcome to the glamourous world of espionage,’ Claire said as she entered the windowless
office of a nondescript shipping company located in the cargo port town of Burnie, Tasmania.
The girls all came to their feet, Becky Weiss, the last to do so, as she was finishing a
Praying Mantis yoga position.

They all had met Claire before, but that was during recruitment and then just seeing her
during training, but they all had read about her exploits as an agent, studied her missions
and her abilities, she knew that, she also knew the look in their eyes, like meeting a star or a
sports hero you admire.  They should have been past it at this point, they were almost agents,
also, she reminded herself. Up till this point it had merely been training simulations, so if you
made a mistake, you got a do over.

‘This time there are no do-overs,’ she said by way of introduction. ‘Hardly the pep talk I’m sure
you expected or wanted, but that’s me. I promised myself when I started FORCE that I would
never do that. It’s no longer a game ladies, this is for real, it’s kill or be killed, you can’t hesitate
for a moment or you will be the one dead. This mission calls for you to adjust quickly should
something not go your way. Normally in that situation, experience would be your guide, but
that is not the case here. You only have your instincts, ones you came to FORCE with, one’s
we’ve helped you develop and those that come to you from somewhere inside, that small
voice if you will, that is what I want you to use and listen to. It has saved me more times than
I can remember. Don’t rely on beauty, sex appeal, charm, body motion, etc, use them, but use
your brain and feminine instincts moreso and you’ll be fine. Trust each other, be there for each
other and all come home.  Normally, as you’ve been taught, there would be a team leader for
a mission like this. As you may know or may have read from the mission history, I’m not much
on teamwork. I’ve done a few missions, but I was always preferred to be a solo operative,
I work best that way, that’s me, maybe that’s you as well, maybe not, but in this situation,
Cara and Emma will guide you to our target, who you do it is up to you, they will not tell you
how to do it. The only stipulation is you do it fast and get away safe, all of you. You’re not
trainees anymore, your agents, but more importantly, your sisters and I mean that, to each
other and to meI. love you all,’ Claire said as she hugged and kissed each trainee.

‘We’ll do you proud Miss Baxter!’ Selena said as Claire walked away.


All my bags are packed
I'm ready to go
I'm standin' here inside the Cargo box
I hate to wake you up to say goodbye
But the dawn is breakin'
It's early morn
The boat’s waitin'
He's blowin' his horn
Already I'm so lonesome
I could die
So kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that you'll wait for me
Hold me like you'll never let me go
'Cause I'm leavin' on a container ship
Don't know when I'll be back again
Oh babe, I love to go

They all laughed as the boat rocked gently and rolled around them.  Inside the specially
designed shipping container the girls only had each other so they were grateful for a little fun
and Holly’s song was welcomed by all as they joined in the chorus.
The time passed slowly, they all new the ETA for their transfer to the Weathership, code
named Tango Delta. They longed for the time to pass quicker, each casting glances at their
respective watches.  Each took their turns talking, just about things, nothing special or serious
but taken as a collective and conversation it brought them closer to each other, each knew
things about the other, it wasn’t a competition for marks or status amongst trainees any longer.
‘Oh boy here we go!’ Jacqui said and the others focused on the warning in her voice as they
looked about to her. ‘The sea, its changing, getting rough. I grew up in Alaska, my dad was a
fisherman, wait, wait, there feel that little swell, that’s bigger than the last one when I said,
oh boy. We’re heading into a storm, better start packing things up’
‘I don’t know which is worse, being blind inside this tin can and being tossed around or
actually seeing the storm and being terrified, at least I could adjust my position as the boat
heaved,’ Amanda stated, not in a complaining, but merely an observing way as she tightened
her safety harness. 
‘This is better, believe me,’ Jacqui answered. 
‘How so?’ Amanda inquired.
‘You have perspective inside here. Out there all you see is angry sea, churning everywhere
at impossible angles, you sink down and are enveloped in a curtain of water thinking you’ll
never see the horizon again and then up you come, no sense of control.  You realise how
small you are, it’s exhilarating and terrifying at the same time, but on the whole, I prefer here,’
Jacqui answered with a smile and laugh.
They endured the storm and another couple of days before they slowed and eventually
“Off loading,’ Cara smiled.
It took a while, but the shipping container door opened and there was David Jacobs to meet
them.  He made brief introductions and quickly escorted them to single cabins where the only
redeeming features were a bed and a small porthole.
The weathership was underway within two hours. The agents knew they had 9 hours till they
left the ship.  They had one final meeting and a check off all equipment before a quick meal
and bed, each laying out their clothes before hand and a few special items they chose to
bring along.

The eight walked along the passageway and into a large hold at midships. Hanging above
them was a submersible, in front of them lined up were the dolphins.  Silently each went to
their respective dolphin were a member of the crew helped them in. David thought it all looked
like something out of an Apollo movie except for the skin tight catsuits each girl wore, all of
different design, according to the agents taste, but all extremely alluring but most importantly,
easy to move in and hard to see at night.  Final checks complete, the dolphins skins were
sealed shut and everyone left the hold. Seconds later water flooded in filling the area and
then the hold opened along the hull and the agents sunk down into the water.
‘Ok, sonar and guidance on,’ Amber said and everyone answered affirmative. ‘Torpedo start
on my mark in 3,2,1, mark.’
The FORCE agent’s felt the forward thrust as they explode through the water, the heads up
display giving them an ever closing view on their island target as each blip brought them a
little closer. At 20 feet below the surface they would run for about 30 minutes before the
torpedo’s would be exhausted of fuel and jettisoned, from there the robotic dolphins propulsion
system would carry them the remaining 10 nautical miles to the target.  All kept a close watch
on where they were in relation to each other, it was more of just a nervous habit than a
necessity as course corrections were made automatically as they dolphins stayed in constant
communication with each other, but their minds also began to focus on what they had ahead,
each thinking about how they would accomplish their part of the mission, running through
possible means of execution and adaptation if need be.
‘Fuel exhaustion in 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, speed slowing to activation of internal power in mark!’ Amber said and all switched on their power sources.
The ride was not as smooth now, the anamorphic dolphins imitated actual motion.  It took the
agents a while to get used to it.
‘Just like sex with someone for the first time, a little wobbly at first but once you find the motion,’
Emma said over her headset.
The others laughed a little.
‘EMI pulse coming up, first of the sensors from the island,’ Cara interrupted.
They all watched their screens as they passed over it on the rapidly rising ocean floor. 

Three more such sensors came and went as they closed inside 1km to the beach, the dolphins
now turning to run parallel to the beach mimicking the real species as they would when
hunted for small fish.  
‘Around this next headland Cara and Jacqui’ Amber said.
‘Copy that,’ they both answered then Holly broke in.

When you walk through a storm
Hold your head up high
And don't be afraid of the dark
At the end of a storm
There's a golden sky
And the sweet silver song of a lark
Walk on through the wind
Walk on through the rain
Though your dreams be tossed and blown
Walk on, walk on
With hope in your heart
And you'll never walk alone
You'll never walk alone
Walk on, walk on
With hope in your heart
And you'll never walk alone
You'll never walk alone

Cara and Jacqui made the beach 5 minutes later and a minute later where positioned 200
metres from the C&C. Cara pulled down the tripod legs for the rifle and peered through the
scope, got the range and began to zero the scope for the shot a few clicks of the
elevation and wind adjustment scopes got her what she wanted, she nobbed to her partner to
confirm she was ready and Jacqui readied herself to move.

The muzzle suppressor hardly registered, but Jacqui was off displaying the sprinting ability
that had carried her to a college scholarship and an Olympic Games even with a full backpack
to carry. Her catsuited body came up against the building, her body hugging it tight before she
moved along the back wall of the cinder block toward the door. The spy unzipped her top and
pulled out her whip, a quick unfurrowing, then she snapped it up over her 
head and around a substantial tree branch that satellite imagery had shown grew directly
above and over the entrance of the door to the facility.   A nimble and fast as a spider she
ascended up the thread and sat on the branch waiting for her prey to come to her, still as the
night. She did not have long to wait as the door came open and out came her fly. Jacqui
snappedthe whip down, the end wrapping around his neck. In a flash, she had locked
the handle into a special holder on her catsuit and fell off the branch, her weight and that of the
backpack pulling her captured victim up.  They met and Jacqui clamped her body around his
struggling form, her hands sealing his mouth so he could not make a noise, she tightened as
they swung, his body thrashing, his feet kicking, but the female spider had him.

‘The jungle is a dangerous place you never know what perils it holds, even a Female
Strangling Spider,’ she whispered into his ear as they swung and his efforts demised.
‘That’s the problem with loving a spider, the love never lasts,’ she said as his eyes started to
go dim. Jacqui released her hands from his mouth, placed then on either side of his head
and turned filling the stillness of the night with a load crack that she knew would bring the
other guard.

‘I’m terribly sorry, but as you can see my web is quite full with a recent catch,’ she said from
above as the spider and her prey pendulumed back and forth slowly. There are however other
deadly females you should be more immediately concerned with,’ she added with a hungry

As she was speaking Cara, who had sprinted just behind Jacqui, to cover her, she switching
the AR-10’s magazine to standard 7.62mm on the run just in case things did not go as planned
vaulted from the bushes, having set the gun and her pack aside.

A flash later the slim latex covered thighs of Cara slid around his neck and squeezed together.
Jacqui smiled, detached her whip from the belt holder discarding her prey. She landed, akimbo
in front of his captured head, then knelt down, her face right her to his.

‘I did warn you baby, now don’t get mad, I can see your face is turning purple with rage,’
she honeyed as Cara contracted her thighs, her slim ankles crossed over each other as she
effortlessly balanced in her stiletto heels, her arms crossed and linked above her head as her
hips swayed. ‘Caught in the ever tightening grip of a Femstrictor, a FORCE Femstrictor to be
precise. She’s exceptionally lethal and I imagine tight at this point, if your face is any indication.
Of course there’s no escape, but there is relief from her torment, Cara does like to feel her prey
die slowly in her legs, that relief comes from me, your friend the Spider. I could end your
torment with a simple kiss, of being a spider, my kiss is venomous, but at least you would die
quickly and in pleasure. What say you sugar, do you want me to kiss you,’ Jacqui honeyed as
she brought her lips light cream coloured lips close to his and his eyes widened, then fluttered
as a cracking filled the air. ‘Maybe not, it seems Cara wants you all to herself, she is selfish
that way, Goodbye, you’ll never know what you missed out on,’ Jacqui finished as Cara rolled
her hips then thrust again, this time turning her head completely sideways.

They dragged the two bodies off the path in the darkness, picked up their gear and made their
way inside, Cara remarking as they did. ‘It’s a good thing I ended it, a few more words from you
and I would have asked for that kiss.’

Jacqui smiled at the compliment as the two vaulted up a small set of stairs, through a door and
into the control. Each unpacking and going about getting set up. Jacqui patched into the
communications system and changed the frequency to theirs so she could communicate with
the agents, while Cara got the cameras focused on their other targets then brought in the heat
signatures of the FORCE agents to guide them to their targets.

‘Ok, radio check,’ Jacqui said into the headset and all answered back.

‘Looks like all of them are in their huts except for one keener who’s still in the gym, Amber he’s
yours, move forward 20 feet, you’ll find the path, turn left and follow it to the gym, the rest of you
make your way along the beach, I’ll drop each of you off as we come to the huts,’ Cara said into
her headset as they set off each acknowledging when they were in position.‘ 

Ok, its go time,’ Jacqui said and each set off.

‘At the door,’ Amber said into her headset and Cara released the electronic lock on the doo FORCE agent silently made her way in, through the locker room door and then stealthily into
the workout room.  Weights and machines to her left down one wall, a large workout
mat in the middle meant for sparing occupied the centre space, to her right an assortment
of single user apparatus for strength and resistance training.  Down the far wall endurance
trainers and along the back wall a series of martial arts wooden dummy’s. It was there that
she saw her target, hard at work. Amber eyed him for a few minutes, studying his technique
as she moved behind him against the wall.

‘You’re technique needs improving,’ Amber finally said

His body stuttered from unexpected noise behind him.

‘Who the hell are you?’ he said.

‘You’re not much for manners, I don’t she how any females going to find that tone or comment
arractive, but I’ll let it pass as I can understand the surprise,’ she replied.

‘We’re supposed to be the only people on the island for another day.’

Amber noted that, but said nothing instead she used it as a tool to her advantage. 

‘How did you ever get through training, you have to expect the unexpected. Did you really think
what you’d been told was true.  A good part of being a good and hence alive spy is adjusting to
expecting an outcome other that what you think is going to happen, in other words thinking on
your feet.  Speaking of which your footwork is terrible, you’ll never survive in hand to hand
against a FORCE female,’ she added unable to contain the tease, besides it played to her
game with him. 

‘I suppose you would know that and speaking along those lines, again, who the hell are you,
I don’t recognise you from our mixed training sessions.’

Amber laughed at the question just a little then explained, she was really getting into this.

‘Again, how dumb are you?  Do you think TRIDENT would send student agents to test you?
Sorry, sugarpants, this is the big leagues, TRIDENT agent Amber Reynolds and the reason I
know you need work is because I’ve killed both male and female FORCE and other
organisations agents who had better skills than you’ve shown me, but to be fair, perhaps you
were just warming up, is that the case?’ she said leaving the question and the challenge it
silently said hanging in the air.

She knew he could not resist, one was his silly male pride, she knew he couldn’t let her
challenge go and other reason was her.  As they’d been talking the spy had been shifting from
side to side letting her body stretch and display, as if it needed to be more on show than it was,
he getting a look at her from every angle and she could tell he more than liked what he saw but
she decided to turn the heat up more. He started to advance on her.

‘Hold on their tiger, you’ve had a chance to limber up, now it’s my turn,’ she said and began
stretching further exciting him.  Amber turned her back to him and snaked a leg up the wall and
stretched forward her ass pressing hard against the fabric and indenting to show her firm hard
cheeks. She looked over her shoulder, tossing her hair over one eye as she looked around at

‘Just making sure you’re not sneaking up on me, although I expect with that very impressive
bulge in your pants a quick dash might be difficult,’ she smiled warmly switching legs and
further hardening him, if that was possible. ‘There that should do it, I’m ready,’ she said. 

They came together in the centre of the room, each raising an arm and touching the back of
each other’s wrist.

‘WAAHII’ Amber said as her hand snapped forward and connected with his cheek, she
followed up with a spinning back heel kick that again connected with his face, her voice
making another sound reminiscent of Bruce Lee’s “WAHYOO”.

‘You’ve got to be faster than that,’ she smiled while she danced about on her feet as he
gathered himself back to his and commenced again to attack. 

She parried everything he had, snapping punches and kicks to him every so often, not so much
to hurt as to wound his pride and being taken apart by a female, it was almost too easy so she
decided to spice things up a bit.  

‘OHYI, ZAIYA, ASHI’, she yelled connecting with a series of punches to his chest before
reaching in and flipping him over her back hard to floor then casually walking over to the wall
as he recovered and turned to her. 

Amber slowly unzipped the front of her catsuit, she teasing the zipper down his eyes on every
pop of the interlocking mechanism as she undid it stopping just above her mound. His pupils
dilated watching her body strain against the fabric, she twisting and turning to open up the
exposure the fabric barely containing her natural formations.

‘The rest of the way is up to you, of course you have to earn it by defeating me and as a reward
I will be on top and oh yes,’ she added pulling a set of Nunchucks from behind her on the wall
and tantalisingly bringing on stick to her mouth where a sexy serpent tongue slowly licked
around the tip. That’s a bonus, just because I want to feel how hard you really are and how long
you can stay that way. Ready?’ she purred and advanced as he dodged and weaved until
Amber let him get a weapon, a Bojutsu from the weapons rack.

He struck and pose and started rotating the pole in tight wrist circles causing the end wobble as
hit turned make his defensive perimeter bigger, Amber knew to wait for him to move in the
meantime she flashed her Nunchuck skills, blinding speed, that would have made Bruce Lee
proud, smiling sexily at him as she did so.  She was strong, skilled and sexy, just the fantasy for
most men and she used it to maximum advantage.  

A quick waist high lunge of the pole was easily avoided, she smiled and then effortlessly
escaped his reaped attacks her sylph like body twisting, snaking and contorting, stretching her
suit and her wonderfully. She could see his constant missing was beginning to show, his
thrusts and moves became less crisp, her opening was getting wider and she decided to push
it open further.

‘If you tire this quickly I might have to rescind my offer. We’ve just begun and already your
thrusts are not as fast and your movement lazy, sharp sustained thrusts are important,'
she teased.

It had the desired action. He thrust forward with the pole in a downward angle trying the get
between her legs and sweep them out. Amber anticipated the move, raised a leg up and let the
pole overextend, her foot came down again as she pirouetted, her calf coming against the back
of the pole as she turned while her other leg came up, her foot landing on the pole as she
continued to turn and elevated her into the air as she spun, now her other leg followed her body
as she snapped around like a spinning top, her foot connecting with his head.  His weapon fell
from his hands as he crashed backwards and to the floor, she landing and sweeping his lost
weapon clear of the combat area.

He staggered to his feet as she waited, crouched in a cat position, one leg stretched out in front
while her body arched back, the nunchucks fully extended in an upward 45 degree angle over
her head, her wonderful breasts firm, testing the limits of their fabric cocoon.  The TRIDENT
male came at her, more bull in a china shop, that style, a leg stretching out to connect,
Amber rolled back, tucked her legs in and executed a backward somersault, as she came out
of the tuck her legs came together in full extension and whipped up slamming him under
his chin, raising him off the ground and crashing to the mat on his back, she gracefully and
silently landing on her feet.

The FORCE agent circled him as he got to his hands and knees and looked up at her.

‘Lesson over for today, I'm afraid you didn’t pass the test sugar and will need further training,’
she smiled as she slowly undid her zipper down exposing just enough of her paradise. 
Amber walked up to him put a couple of fingers under his chin and pulled it up to just inches
from her exposed form, he move forward but never got there, The spy whirlwinded one end of
the nunchuck  behind him, between his legs, crashing it hard into his sack. He tried to scream
but nothing came out as the nunchuck hand returned to her hand and the chain placed against
his Adam’s Apple before each wooden handle was twirl around the back of his head and
caught in her thighs.

‘I’m thinking sex is out of the question,’ she teased.

‘You can look but don’t touch,’ she smiled as her thighs pressed inward forcing the handles
closer together and the chain tighter against his windpipe. ‘Killer thighs can have many
meanings,’ she smiled as she flexed a little watching him helplessly flail, his hands trying to
find purchase on her catsuit.

‘You’ll find my suit a little hard to hold onto, it's designed that way, another lesson you should
have learned.  Definitely further training is required, however sugar I’m not in the training
department I’m in the killing department,’ she smiled as her thighs contracted adding more
pressure. ‘I imagine this is like being caught in a constrictors embrace, no matter how much
you struggle things only get worse,’ Amber added.

His hands smacked against her hips and legs, weak slaps, that did nothing except thrill her t
hat she had him caught in her embrace.  Amber held her thighs firm against the nunchucks as
her hands pulled his head into her muff, he had just made contact when her thighs snapped
shut and the load cracking snap of his neck filled the room. Amber twisted hard about turning
his head about as she smiled.

‘Sorry sugar I’m just not in the mood anymore,’ she finished her thighs relaxing and letting him


The door opened easily. Becky Weiss replaced her hairpin lockpick back into her bun and
entered the cottage. In the background she could hear the shower. She moved inside passing
a small opening for the kitchen that looked out over the living room through a breakfast bar
and down a small hallway directly in front of her, the bedroom and the running water of the
shower which contained her target.  Becky came into the living room and looked about, the
furniture was placed against the walls giving her ample space directly in the middle. She
hopped on the counter of the breakfast nook, turned sideways and placed her legs against the
far wall, one just above the other for maximum gazing potential, her stiletto heeled boots flush
with the wall allowing her legs to display perfectly, their wonderful fullness and sexy line most
alluring inside her bodysuit.

‘I was starting to wonder if you’d ever finish,’ she said as he came to the edge of the hallway
wearing only sleeping shorts. 

‘And who might you be?’ he said in a cool manner that Becky had hoped for.

‘He shows confidence and a cool demeanour, this should be fun,’ she thought.

‘I’m FORCE agent Becky Weiss, not that it matters as you’ll be dead in several minutes, but I
suppose in some small way maybe it helps to know the name of your killer,’ she smiled
removing her legs from the wall, shifting on her ass to face him her legs crossing as she did.
Becky looked at him, her hands pressed flat against the counter of the bar, head tilted slightly,
a soft wonderful smile on her forming on her lips.

He laughed. ‘Sure you are. We know all about how this works, guys talk in the guy and the
active agents told us about how this last session works.. And plays,’ he added, taking a step
towards her.

Becky’s face registered disappointment as she uncrossed her legs, noticing as she did that he
followed them.

‘Ok, I’m not,’ she said in an exasperated tone, ‘But you could have at least played along a
little while longer instead of spoiling the fun. I mean it would have been nice to think of me as
a sexy FORCE agent sent to terminate you. Who knows how that would have worked out,’
Becky added her voice teasing a perhaps pleasurable encounter.

‘Ok, sorry, don’t be upset, perhaps we can try again and see where it leads,’ he suggested
even backtracking to the bedroom opening to show he was serious and aroused.

She waited just long enough to hook him before she set herself up in the position he saw
when he came into the room and they repeated the scene, this time he played along. 

‘You picked the wrong mission, such a waste, a beautiful young FORCE CURVE agent, her
career ended before it begins,’ he said playing along.

‘Confidence, I like that,’ she smiled coming into a sitting position on the bar once again, only
this time not crossing her legs.

‘I spent a large part of my training working on how to combat the skills of CURVE agents, so
yes, I do have confidence,’ he added.

‘A specialist, excellent, makes a girls job more interesting. Glad you enjoy my type of agent so
much,’ Becky smiled her body shifting as she talked.

He took a step closer and pressed his hands down over top of hers. ‘I know for instance, that
CURVE’s are rather fond of using their nails and yours if I may say look rather deadly. Classic
almond shape and varnished a rather unique colour.’

‘Excellently spotted, one point in your evaluation,’ Becky smiled sexily. “Anything else or can
we move on the post scenario activities,’ she added and moved her head closer to his.

‘A nice try but those lips of yours need a wiping before I’m willing to risk kissing you. Who
knows what concoction your coated them in.’

‘Another point to you,’ Becky added, as he released his hands and handed her a napkin from
the bar beside her.  She dutifully did as requested and they returned to the position they had

He moved in to kiss her and just as he got close she spoke,  ‘You missed something!’

Becky wrapped her legs around his waist and squeezed, her heels locking together creating a
vise about him.  He immediately released her hands, just as she had expected. Her nails
pinched specific points around his neck cutting the nerve endings to his arms rendering them

‘You were right about my nails, only wrong about the danger.  They aren’t poisonous, their
shaped this way to paralyze not poison. I will have to deduct one point for not recognising a
weapon can have more than one use,’she smiled squeezing him tighter and he fought for

‘Ok I get it I made a mistake, can we just move on.’ he gasped.

Full disclosure, you made another mistake, you didn’t believe me when I told you I was a
FORCE agent, which I think you can guess I am by now, if not then perhaps this will convince
you,’ she said slipping her arms around his neck to kiss him.

In spite of the pain she was inflicting, he longed for a taste of her lips, he drew toward her as
well then felt her lips oh so lightly touch his.  What he felt was her swing around behind his

‘Did all your studies mention how fast CURVE agents are these days, just as fast if not faster
than regular agents. Another point deduction,’ Becky cooed as she twisted into him, hold him
erect in more than just standing.  ‘I think we’re into remedial training, lucky for you the teacher
is present. Lesson one, how to disable a male with just your body. First, where some that
allows freedom of movement, nothing at all is best, but a shirt, negligee,bikini or catsuit will do
in a pinch. Second, distract them using the aforementioned, this will gain you the upper hand
as they start thinking with their other head rather than the one on their shoulders.  Third, either
terminate them at this point or incapacitate them for termination,’ Becky said in sexy hot breath
into his ear before delivering a sharp undulation of her form.

She could feel all the strength darin out of his body, he went limp in her arms, just as many
male trainees had done after sex with her, she never got tried of the control she had over them
with such a simple act and the rush it gave it,

Becky straddled him, feeling his bulge against her mound. 

‘Snapdragon, simple and effective, but I’m sure you knew that, now just one final step and
your lesson and my mission is finished.  ‘I believe I mentioned this earlier, but in case you
forgot, a small review. A weapon can and should have more than one function, in this case my
catsuit, excellent for allure and fighting freedom, but it is so much more versatile than that,’
she said reaching around for a zipper on her ass.

‘There are certain skills only a CURVE agent has to offer and they come with the body. I’m
sure I’m not telling you anything new, but just in case, one of our best assets is our ass, men
seem to love it, grabbing its firmness, that way it moves inside a skirt and heels, it seems to
provide endless fascination for them. Again, another weapon we can use and as always,
remember, it has more than one use, it’s also quite lethal,’ she smiled.

Becky reversed her position on him then slowly lowered her ass down over his face, relaxing
her cheeks. She shimmied and rolled her hips covering his face fully, then she contracted to
seal him to her, his legs kicking lightly.

‘Mmm, delightful, sealed in my embrace. You know I’m not sure which is deadlier, my arms
about you or my ass surrounding you, oh well, either is fatal,’ she explained as his struggle
become more intensive.  

She captured his legs in her arms and pulled them back over his body, the effort pushing her
down further about him. Becky compressed a little more, her grip was impossible to pull free
off. She swayed her hips from side to side, rocking him about as he fought to escape, his arms
and legs waving about like light branches in a storm.

He was far enough along that Becky released his legs, reach around and grabbed a heel in
each hand from her boots and pushed down.

‘Not at all what you expected, I'm sure, but in a way, it’s the same method, by that I mean
constriction. I could have killed you with a body knot, perhaps that would have been more
erotic, you feeling my latex covered skin, my muscles as I slowly tightened my embrace about
you. I’d be smooth and undulating, just like a snake as I squeezed the life from you while you
felt my seamless sexy coils. But this way is just another form of constriction, in the end it’s still
suffocation by a lethal female or perhaps its something else, another surprise,’ she honeyed

Becky let go of her heels and straightened up over him, her hands interlacing at the back of
her head.  She tensed a final time then thrust her hips sharply to the left filling the small space
with a crack.

‘Anal Necklace,’ she smiled. ‘As I said, a weapon needs more than one function. That
concludes out lesson, I’m sorry you didn’t pass.’


Selena slipped inside having been informed that her target was not on site but was in fact,
through infrared tracking on the slight cliff a few hundred feet from her relaxing. 

The spy moved quietly into the bedroom and opened the closet.

‘Well this is something of a surprise,’ she mused as she heard the patio door open and close.
She waited until she knew he was at the bedroom door then turned and seized the
conversation getting ahead and putting him on the defensive.

‘You really expect me to wear this?’ she turned to him the last few words of her sentence
coming out as a laugh, as she held up the gossamer negligee in front of her and against her
body. Not waiting she grabbed another garment from the closet and held it in front of her. 
‘Or this? What do you think this is some kind of Matt Helm movie?’ Selena mocked again as
she replaced the man’s shirt on the hook.

‘I never put those there, they came with the unit, but from what I’m seeing neither of those
would be an improvement on what you have on.

Selena’s face was a study in disapproval. ‘So you claim you never put them there, making it
seem like your not about the stereotype of all female spies are just eye candy, then you go
and make a comment to reinforce the stereotype, not helping yourself much trainee.  ‘I’ve got
4 years as an agent and if you think I signed up to just be a sex toy you have another thing
coming and that will be the only thing coming tonight,’ she added with just the merest hint
attached to it. 

‘Let’s not get off to a bad start, what can I do to apologise,’ he said.

‘I’m here to assess you so lets start by seeing what kind of moves you have,’ Selena smiled,
then snapped to short kicks, one to his chest the other his inner thigh. ‘Your reactions need a
little work’, she added then delivered to short punches to his chest and a spinning back kick
that sent him backward onto his ass. 

‘Now it’s your turn, hit me, if you can?’ she smiled her feet dancing about.

He looked at her, shoot his head a little then slowly came to his feet. He came at her a flury
and activity, but nothing hit her, Selena dodged and weaved dancing away from any blow,
her lithe tall body spinning and twirling like a ballerina with perfect poise until she decided to
strike back.

‘Keecha!’ she yelled delivering a double chop to his neck. ‘Keecha!’ another two hit him in the
stomach, them two more to the kidney’s put him on his knees.

Selena went to the closet returning with negligee held it against her body.

‘These garments have their place, usually it’s on the floor after initial contact but in this case I
think I can find another use.’

Selena twirled the luminous garment into a tightrope, made a knot, then double wrapped it
around his neck then pulled it up so he could look her in the eye. 

‘Normally I would kill you with my body, but you have to earn that kind of sweet death baby,’
she smiled, then walked over him, her mound brushing against his face in a teasing manner
he smelling her excitement at the contest, but it was just a fleeting smell as she past bye him
and moved to his legs.  

‘I like my packages to be tied in,’ and here she spaced out her words as she worked the fabric
around his ankles. ‘With...nice...neat...bows’

The siren stepped over hooking the filament into the back of her knee, did a couple of quick
pirouettes then fell over onto her back tilting him onto his side as the garment bowed his body.

‘Not quite the feel you imagined I’m sure, still it stiffened you, just not in the usual way,’ she
mocked as she pulled her knee back bracing his back with her free leg.

Selena took her time, pulling back slowly as he fought expending energy he couldn’t replace
as his face became more the colour of a beet, his body shaking from the lack of air.

‘This negligee is enough to take one’s breath away,’ she mocked pulling back. ‘I wonder what
will go first, your back or your neck, perhaps both if I’m lucky,’ she added a taste of poison
honey in her tone. ‘ Kind of ironic, her I am in a snakeskin catsuit, you think I might be using
my body in some sort of constriction on you,, while in truth, I suppose I am it’s just that you
never get to feel how cuddly I can be, perhaps I save that for the next TRIDENT agent,’ she
added and pulled again only this time she pulled him up over her as Selena rolled into her
back and arched him above he, his crimson face now looking directly into hers.

‘Your extremely flexible. I’ll be sure to record that in your favour, however I somehow don’t
think you as flexible as I am. That’s the way it is with snakes, it’s our advantage,’ Selena
added as she brought her lips close to his then tensed hearing the rewarded snapping sound
of his back and neck then releasing him.

‘Another bow to finish the job,’ she added packaging the loose ends of the negligee into
another bow. ‘There, pretty as can be.’


Michelle Jensen came round the front of the cabin, her eyes scanning as she did for
movement from inside as her mind worked on a plan.  She slunk closer then up against the
building her catsuit molding to the structure and disappearing into the darkness as she moved
along the edge toward the back.  She knew from the Intel that there was a small patio about
8x8 feet with pergola covered in a flowering vine to protect from the sun. The spy easily
climbed up and onto the roof her body hidden in the darkness and the vine.

‘Know to set the scene,’ she mused in her mind unzipping her stiletto boots then letting then
fall to the centre of the floor, their contact alerting a rustle from inside, just as she had hoped. 
A second later the door sliding door opened and she heard the cautious footsteps, her ears
measuring the sound as they grew closer. He straightened up having picked up one of the
boots when two latex thighs clamped suddenly and viciously tight around his neck.

‘You need to be careful when in the jungle, always survey your surroundings before reacting,
you never know what’s out there just waiting to pounce,’ Michelle offered as her legs crushed
inward, the latex suit making a crinkling noise as the fabric moved with her exertions.

His hands tried to  insert between her crossed at the ankles legs, but it was impossible, her
seal was total and unbreakable.

‘Waste of time honey, you must know a woman’s strength in her lower body surpasses a
man’s upper body strength, you can struggle all you want, your not getting free. Not until I
want you to,’ she added.

He twisted and thrashed earning the reward of Michelle cinching her legs tighter as his hue
began to change and some of the fight was taken out of him.  She controlled her urge to
continue turning the vise holding him at a point of continued debilitation and torment but not
death. The spy kept it up for several minutes until she could feel his legs beginning to give out
and his sheer weight pulling her down. A quick flip of her hips and she released him, her feet
hitting the ground about the same time as his body.  

‘Welcome back, I gave you a little nap, but not to worry, you have full mobility again, at least
for a short time or maybe a long time, but that depends on you,’ Michelle smiled, her body
sitting in a lounge chair a few feet from his erect body that she had placed against one of the
poles of the pergola.  ‘Careful trainee, think before you act, or were you away the day that was
taught,’ she admonished as he tried to move. ‘Focus on what has happened, what you and
well since you’re slow what I’m going to tell you, Michelle added as she watched him get
more angry.

“I could have killed you with my legs, not the worst way to go, they are rather nice I’ve been
told and it would have been easy, just a touch more torque and it would have all been over,
but what fun would that been and certainly not sporting from my end to give you a chance.  I’ve
given you a chance, slim I admit, but still a chance and the operative word in that statement is
still. You’re held in place, not by chain or twine but by the zippers in my boots, one holds your
legs, another your wrists above your head, the third around your neck and well, the final one,
sorry I just couldn’t resist, is around your pole. Now these zippers have a nasty habit of wanting
to close all the time, so to keep them from doing that you must remain still, because if you
don’t they will close one tooth at a time slowly cutting of your air and well other parts. If you
can manage that maybe someone will find you in time and free you, hen of course you’ll have
to explain to your masters how a FORCE agent managed to capture you.  I think that may
result in a failing grade, with no chance of a make up test,’ Michelle smiled her sexy tone
masking the deadly peril she’d placed him in. ‘I hate to squeeze and leave, but that’s the
nature of game we play, besides, you have more pressing matters to attend to,’ she smiled as
the zipper around his neck clicked. ‘Oh, it's not that tight yet, your change in colour must be
coming from another place,’ Michelle said as she drew her face close to his and she heard
more clicks. ‘I’m so unfair, I know, but if I were to kiss you, while you’d be dead before the kiss
ended,’ she mused, so close he could taste her. ‘Another click, and another, I better leave, I
think my presence is a distraction. I’ll leave you my boots as a reminder of our encounter,’ she
added walking away from him, her wonderfully wiggle and comely form activating a series of
clicks from all four zippers.

‘I’m just warming up trainee,’ Emma Sorenson smiled as he staggered back to his feet. ‘In fact
I think I need to cool down a bit,’ she added unzipping her leather jacket and removing it
unveiling her catsuit fully to him, her top half just as impressive as her lower. 

He lunged at her, clearly frustrated at his inability to land a single blow, his undisciplined
approach only making things worse. Emma did a 180 side stepping him then snapped a kick
up over her body and into his face, he stammered back and she was on him again. Like a
ballerina taking flight, she leap and turned in the air, landing on his shoulders her thighs
locking about his head as she dove forward tucked into a somersault and snapped him over,
her legs shifting about as he crashed to the ground, his head now caught in the crook of her
leg. Emma shifted her other foot back and locked one heel inside the other and tensed. 

‘Enjoying the view,’ she smiled as he looked right to her pussy.. ‘Do make yourself at home.’

Emma put her arms behind her head and slowly swivelled her hips about, alternately
contracting and releasing. She kept up the pressure, sink to her knees, then onto her side, her
heels cupping around each other as she stretched and arched her body, her catsuit never
looking better as the pressure on his neck mounted. 

‘Between a rock and a woman’s thighs, I don’t know which is harder,’ Emma mused.

He continued to struggle, her clench so debilitating that he could not mount any type of
defense to escape her constrictive embrace. Emma changed positions again, rolling onto her
back and pulling up her legs, he forced to follow her, a rag doll to the spy’s manipulations.
The FORCE agent hooked her legs behind his back and arched him backward.

‘Why have one pain point when you can have two,’ she answered as she forced his straining
back further into the bow.

His feet kicked in desperation as he fought for air but that offered no relief only more torment
from her unrelenting pressure.  Emma relaxed the arch then sprang over top of him driving an
elbow into the package as she returned to earth, rolled gracefully and came up on her feet
ready to pounce.

‘Perhaps it’s time for a new game, you don’t seem very competitive in this one,’ Emma said as
she rolled him over to his stomach and reached for the metal cylinders on each side of her hip.
She released the catches, bent his legs up, crossed his feet and began. ‘Ky-sa!’ she yelled
driving a fist into his kidney to keep him from moving as she continued.

Through the daze of pain he was just aware of something soft against his wrists, then more of
it before Emma made a few quick revolutions of his neck then walked to one side of the door
way and placed the cylinder against the frame and pushed the button on the top. The metal
object admitted a drilling sound, then she did the same on the other side of the frame then got
down to his level her suit displaying her wonderfully. 

‘Playing with you is not much of a challenge, perhaps you’re better at single player games.
This game combines several skills, flexibility, discipline and resistance. Take a glance to your
left and right, good, those are contracting reels, screwed into the frame with 5 inch titanium
screws, and this line wrapped about your feet, hands and neck what will be reeled in. Now I
don’t think I need to explain to the predicament. Just remain still and everything will be fine, of
course you have to remain still until someone rescues you and then I’m afraid could be a long
time, a very long time, and we both know, you will move just from cramping alone, so your fate
is sealed, just as this twine will seal about you strangling you slowly as you struggle like a fly
caught in a web. Interesting imagery, sexy and dangerous and it came from the spider right in
front of you,’ Emma smiled as she played with the slack line dancing it on the flats of her nails
before giving it a slight tug and watching it disappear into the cylinders with a whirl of the

Emma stretched out and watched him for several minutes, the motors slow at first but picking
up speed as they grew taut about him. 

‘Pity you weren’t better a multi-player games, but the result would have been the same
anyway,’ she smiled as his body gyrated uncontrollably, then fell still.


Holly Osman could tell he was no match for her, she had trained with Alex Chase and while
not quite at her level, Alex had said it would have been hard to live off of the difference
between them, but the art of self defense is sometimes the art of deception as well or in this
case deception and deflection for another purpose and he was falling right in line.  She also
knew that he would not hit her hard, thinking she was a fellow TRIDENT agent, so she played
that up to, making his hits seem harder and more painful than they were. 

She also used her body, intentionally using exotic martial arts techniques that showed it off to
him and when needed brought her in close contact with him, letting him feel and smell her, a
combination more deadly than any fighting technique.  

Holly took a few hits to the midsection, turned and snapped a kick that missed, then she tried
again with a front kick that run up his shoulder, he rushed forward and pushed her back landing
her on the floor, she rolled and came to her feet and tried again.

The result was the same, as she let it be.

‘I think that’s enough sweetness, why don’t we try something just as physical only more
enjoyable for both of us,’ he mocked.

Holly knew it was time, she lunged perfectly making it easy for him, but not obvious, not as far
as he was concerned. He grabbed her arms spun her about and locked them behind her. She
squirmed, her suit rubbing against him as she wormed for freedom, her body displaying in the
mirror across the room, just as she had planned, it was captivating picture.

She slowed her struggle and smiled. ‘Well. it’s clear you passed the test, the rest is all
academic, but a good score deserves a reward,’ her voice dripping honey.  Holly knew the
ploy would work, he was thinking with the wrong head, as she could tell at such close
proximity, she relaxed and he let her hands go.

Languidly she reached up her chest, her hands caressing the fabric in slow waves as they
ascended until one closed around the ring of her catsuit, a finger entered it, playing back and
forth with the hole before hooking on., Holly could feel his body stiffen from her actions. The
pull downward was slow and sexy, she letting each tooth of the zipper unlock and collaspe
back exposing more of her skin.  The process having to desired effect on him until she
reached the last catch and he looked at her in the mirror. 

‘Well, I’ve done all I can do, the rest is up to you,’ she said blowing him a kiss.

He reached for her shoulders to pull the garment away and Holly pulled the ring out and had
it around his neck in a second, then a second later another loop of the formally concealed
twine was around it, Holly flipping him over her shoulder, on the floor, the flats of her feet
against his shoulder blades as she pulled back on the rings.

‘I play hard to get and hard to kill,’ she added, pushing her legs straighter. “How do you like the
look of me now in the mirror, sweetie.’

He reached for his throat, but the twine was much too tight already. He tried pushing back with
his legs to slacken the strangulation, but Holly was more than ready for such a move.

‘So obvious, you know I should win an award for making you look so good during our fight,
your pathetic or maybe I’m just so much better and deadlier,’ she said. ‘You wanted more close
before, well, be careful what you wish for. Now I’m too close for comfort or in your case
discomfort,’ she said during the exchange, for when he pushed back she moved forward,
releasing her legs from the back of his shoulders and slamming them with full forced around
his waist where they slammed full on into his still erect cock, searing him with pain while she
wrapped the twine numerous times around his neck.

Holly’s legs tightened fully and fast, squeezing the breath out of him, she contracting each time
he inhaled until she couldn’t anymore.

‘Quite the situation you find yourself in trainee,’ she mocked as he gasped and sputtered for air.
‘A fatal contraction, one might say. This is what happens when you think with the wrong head
and underestimate your opponent. A hard lesson to learn, but lucky for you, one you only have
to learn once,’ she added releasing her full fury.

The FORCE agent held on for several minutes until she was certain, then relaxed and
discarded him.

‘I’ll have to change your mark to an E for extermination,’ she added.


‘That’s that,’ Cara said as made preparations before turning and looking at her partner.

‘All set, how about you?’ Jacqui asked.

‘Just a few more seconds, there, done, lets  go.’

They slipped into the night, Cara her rifle at the ready as was Jacqui’s whip as they made for
the water.

The duo stowed their gear, slipped back inside their transport and into the sea, switching on
the dolphins as they made their way to the rendezvous point.


One by one slinky shadows emerged from the foliage and onto the white sand beach. There
were no words only silent head counts from each of them in insure all present.  They were at
sea in minutes, having fitted the dolphins with the spare torpedo’s and destroying the little
dolphins that carried them, then they joined the awaiting Cara and Jacqui.

‘Everyone surface and switch viewers on,’ Cara said over the radio. ‘And in 3, 2, 1 now!’

The sky lit up with fire and debris as all the buildings exploded at once thanks to the remote
C-4 explosives all of them had planted. What was left would be burned to cinders from the
resulting conflagration.  Each smiled then concentrated on getting back to the weathership.
On the countdown they activated the spare torpedo and settled into the long trip back, no one
talked, they each knew the mission had been a complete success, there would be time later
for talk, now it was concentrating on staying together and making sure they all got back.


‘Just well done ladies, I don’t know what to say, but I will be saying it to you in person when
you get back here,’ a beaming and moved Claire Baxter said as she wiped a tear from the
corner of one eye.

‘Thanks boss!’ they all said at once the screen on Claire’s crowded with tired faces of the

‘The destruction from satellite images looks total, a serious blow to TRIDENT in all areas,’
Alice added.

‘Not quite total,’ Cara said and the others smiled. ‘We managed to download the last 6 months
of video from the island,’ she added holding up a hard drive.

Total destruction indeed,’ Claire smiled.