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Spy Femme Fatale Fashion

‘Remember this is just an overview of things, you’re not meant to absorb any of it on an intricate level, that will come later, for now just observe and ask any questions you may have,’ she said.
For the group of ten young ladies, all just out of college and used to being the ones in control the whole experience was more than eye opening and to a woman they could not believe all this was real, they hung back a little and looked more than a little nervous, not a feeling any of them were accustomed to. 

‘Shoe’s, we love them, own scores of pairs, I assure you the same is holds true here, only ours are custom made, not only to fit you perfectly and accentuate, but also to aid you in your work.  Take these pair,’ she said picking up a black wedge.  Inside the heel a secret compartment, perfect when you don’t want to carry a clutch or aren’t allowed to, this gives you place for some of our more exotic devices to reside,’ but more on those later,’ she said putting down the shoe and picking up a white pump and a black one.  The classic white or black a staple of any women’s wardrobe, these come in a variety of her lengths and thicknesses depending on the function, observe,’ she said putting down the black for the moment. 

She turned the shoe over and showed them all a slight indentation hidden at the top of the heel on the sole.’ Just the slightest of touches and viola,’ The girls watched
as she turned back the heel point and turned it over so they could see inside.  ‘A simple push and its released from it hold, same goes for the other side.  The wider heel gives you the option of two holds as is the case with this heel or one large one for other devices, getting to them is fast and simple, here let me demonstrate for you.’  She walked toward a nearby chair, turned and elegantly sat down crossing her legs as she did. ‘A simple reach down, seemingly innocuous and there you have it,’ she smiled.

‘What can you put in there?’ an auburn haired young recruit asked.

The agent smiled ruefully knowing this was the part that would startle them into disbelief. 

‘This heel,’ she said, picking up the wide model again. ‘This side a lipstick and this side a series of small colourless pellets that can be released while walking, you activate it by holding down the indentation for more than three seconds.  If you need to escape a room or trap an opponent in one, this tool comes in very handy.  Masked in the toe is a needle, simply apply pressure with your toe to a pressure button on the inside of the shoe and its released.  Now the finer point heels can only conceal one object, but they are more appealing to the eye that the large heel.  Inside the heel of this black one is a spool of twine, again the activation is the same.  Once exposed to the air it becomes extremely adherent to anything it touches, like spiders web, the other heel can contain a second spool if you desire.’

‘What its for?’ asked a stunning blonde.

‘Why I think that should be obvious, to weave about your opponent to entangle them much like a spider does.  The twine comes in a variety of practicalities, sticky, contraction and poisonous, but as I said earlier more on that later,’ she added casually.

‘This is like something out a crazy sixties spy movie, its hard to believe its not some kind of joke,’ another added.

‘Where do you think we get some of our ideas from,’ the woman said then added.  ‘I thought so to when I was in your place, but believe me its all real and the only limitation to new tools is lack of imagination.  Now this white one has a series of ultra thin darts stored in the heel that get fired out of the tip of the shoe.  The power source brilliant, just by moving about you prime a small high pressure air pump inside the heel giving you more than enough power to fire the ten darts it holds.  Put the heels together on this pair, push to two releases at the same time, pull them apart and then press each button inside the show and you have a real killer stiletto pair.’

The girls watched as the shoes were crazily transformed into a Numckuks complete with knife blades out the tips of each shoe.

‘Now it only seems fitting that since we started at the bottom we work our way up.  Next then, the legs, specifically stocking and pantyhose. Probably your most versatile weapon which is fitting since they cover one your best and deadliest assets.  They come in all standard colours and indeed can be made to any shade that works best for you.  These dots are not just for decorative purposes ladies, each dot is the repository for a drug, be in fatal or non fatal, that is the choice of the agent within the parameters of the mission.’ 
‘How do you use them?’   
‘There are several avenues of administration.  One is simple skin contact, these are designed to release the drug at a certain temperature that can only be achieved when your skin touches another person’s.  They come in an infinite variety of designs and have for certain agents become their calling card when left with the victim.  These nude ones contain micro barbs the tips just the slightest of touches releases the drug which can be sprayed on using this,’ she smiled.


‘Odorless and colourless and not to worry the special  weave in the hose prevents the drug from affecting you.  They of course come in all colours as well.  Now these,’ she said holding up yet another pair. ‘This seam, while alluring masks quick and deadly device,’ she said and proceeded to pull out a wire hidden in the seam.  ‘It can be extracted either from the back of the thigh or from just above the tip of the heel of the shoe. I found it best to extract it when the opponent is distracted, usually during a kiss, a simple reach behind with one hand to the thigh or a tilted of the leg upward and you have it. Then there’s this pair extremely versatile.  The fishnet pattern can act as a kind of rasp, each crosshatch is microscopically sharpened, so if your opponent is coated in a skin sealer simply rubbing strokes will rip it open leaving them vulnerable to your toxin of choice.’

She watched the girls look on in astonishment before she added. ‘Or if you prefer you do this,’ she smiled and pushed the toes of the two legs together then slowly pulled them apart a strand of fine thread stretching out as she pulled them further away from each other.

‘You become spider ladies, using your legs as spinnerets you weave your web about your prey spinning them into a death trap of your making,’ she said with a sexy look forming on her lips.

‘We should move on, if you’ll follow me to the next table.’  She could see her charges were more than a little bewildered by what she had been presenting as just plain fact.  In truth she couldn’t blame them, everyone looked the same at first, fantasy meeting reality, or did it, was it all fake, a big lie, an elaborate joke of some kind, it was a lot for them to sort out and they hadn’t even gone halfway yet, the maze had more turn and twist in store for them.  She did notice, as she knew she would, that every one of them had dilated pupils, which was a good sign.

‘I can’t wait to see what they do?’ she heard several of them saying to each other in whispered tones as she came around the table, she decided to play along and introduce a little audience participation in the orientation.

‘What do you think they do?’ she answered back scanning from one to the other to nothing but silence and firmly pressed together lips.  ‘Come, come remember what I said, its only limited by your imagination and I’ve seen your test scores and you all have creativity in spades otherwise you wouldn’t be here, so please someone break the ice.’

‘I would say, given style of this one,’ that it works somewhat along the lines of the last item we saw.  Can I take a closer look?’ one of the group asked. 

She nodded her approve and the young woman picked it up and began examining it.  Soon another girl picked up another and began going over it.  The girls circulated between the two items each suggesting things before they put them back.

‘Your conclusions ladies?’ she asked with a helpful smile.

‘These one, we think have a dual purpose based on their design.  We all agreed that the lace and the frills must be a disguise for a fine file system that would work against the skin protection you mentioned before and also in case that wasn’t needed they could be poison tipped awaiting a simply scratch of the fabric against skin to administer the drug,’ she paused and looked a little embarrassed in the manner of being unsure. ‘We think it may contain an injection system for a drug, perhaps activated by pressure,’ she added.  ‘Two of us remember reading an erotic spy story on the internet about such a thing,’ she said glancing across at another girl.

‘As for the other since it is smooth and minus the frills we settled on the poison needle inject idea, but all think it may contain within it either a spool of fine filament or just enough, perhaps sewn in around the cup to be a strangulation wire,’ but we’re just guessing,’ another added with an equally rapid pace to her answer.

She held out her hand as she looked at the all, took back the items and placed them on the table as she had found them then looked back up once more into their eyes.

‘That wasn’t so hard was it, correct all around and my congratulations you’re starting warm up nicely.  I think we’ll take a small break I need to attend to some business, please feel free to look and examine any of the items we’ve through so far, no need to worry none of them are loaded.  I’ll be back shortly’

As she walked away the girls watched her closely as they spoke amongst themselves. 

‘Is it me or does she just ooze sexy confidence.  My legs don’t ever look that good.  I feel like I’m wearing a poor fitting hand me down compared to her outfit.  Look at the way she moves, like she’s gliding, its effortless and so alluring.  I feel like I’m that gapped toothed kid I once was fighting to just be average and losing.  It’s a long way to first place from here.  Take comfort girls I think even she was where we are today.  They all nodded and smiled at each other, then fanned out to closer inspect what they’d been shown so far. 

Ok Part One completed or maybe not. 
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