Monday, March 18, 2019

Tami Mason - A Leg Up


‘Green it is then, this little number should do the trick,’ she said picking out a sleeveless body-hugging emerald dress. She did her hair and make-up and prepared to leave promising herself to be careful.

She was indeed scrumptious and irresistible.  His yoga studio catered to high end women, both society and business, Tami was just the next client, but she paid for private lessons.  She knew he was a Sexstrictor, several very capable women from various agencies had disappeared over a few years, they suspected a cell using various males.  She’d taken on the mission because it was a challenge, she worked along and independent, her record having allowed that option.

Tami did not need to pretend, she had lots of money and contacts and class so she easily passed the suspicion test.  The Sexstrictress used her body to maximum effect on him, her pre-interview allowed her to cross her gams, while the dress hugged and displayed her body giving him a sample of her. They set up a session for next day and Tami left leaving an impression, she could feel his eyes burning into her, the hook was baited and ready to catch.


‘He was quite keen,’ she said later. I think he will go for me right away, so I need to be ahead of him, surprise him and attack first to gain the advantage and finish him, after he talks of course,’ she thought. ‘However, should be surprise me, what will he try?’

‘He was looking at my bum quite a bit. Anal, I think. Yes, quick and effective.  I’m sure he’ll stimulate me first as it makes his attack easier.  Anal Anaconda, yes that would be effective, me pinned in place, stretched and orgasmed until I pass out. Its effects are painful and long lasting, but that is the risk we take in this line of work, although I don’t plan to give him that chance.
Tami kept him at bay, her experienced body and womanly skills allowing him only small samples of her wares. Their workouts were peppered with erotic intersections, Tami using artful distraction and sexy schemes to keep herself free of the Anaconda. She knew her wiles would just drive him more to her, letting his desire trump his reason. She kissed and teased, wetting him for more with just enough of a promise of it.

Tami avoided being pinned for two sessions. The Sexstrictress while clearing showing him she was experienced in Yoga gave nothing away to him as to the extend of her knowledge, she was however able to satisfy and frustrate his desire.  She pleasured him both sessions, just not how he wanted. She left her second session with a long kiss for him and the promise that third time was a charm.

 ‘Yellow is a hot colour, yes, just what is needed for our session,’ she said.

‘I think we both know the game by now, but allow me Vadish,’ she smiled slipping her arms around his neck. The yellow had worked a treat. The dress was a crossed halter with an open back a combination that displayed two of Tami’s many assets to their best, her large firm breasts and her strong sexy back and shoulders. The dress hugged her all the way down ending just at the top of her knees where the yellow heels took over.

She let him explore her body, she had nothing to hide. He unhooked the clasp on her dress and slide down the zipper, Tami wiggling encouragement as her hips ground against his, a tactical rather than sexual move as she wanted to know how big he was.  He pulled the garment down and undid her bandeau freeing her, she chose not to wear panties. The Sexstrictress stepped forward from the pile at her feet, she kept her heels on as a tease. 

He was as hard as granite, thick and long, penetration would be slow and testing even for her.  She raised a leg and placed in it flush against his chest and bent inward to kiss him.

                                                     ‘You’re quite flexible Tami,’ he said.

‘I believed I mentioned I was, but a demonstration seemed in order so you know what I can do,’ she purred as she pulled the leg behind his neck to the other side.

‘A woman’s legs have an assortment of uses,’ the Sexstrictress explained in a soft sexy voice. 

‘Allurement,’ Tami breathed as she turned her heal about flexing her muscles and showing her deliciousness. ‘Then of course there’s massage, quite an effective stimulator.’  Tami pulled her leg up and down his cheek and neck, her soft smooth skin working into him.  Of course, there are more devious uses for them.  A weapon this captivating well its uses could be lethal,’ Tami said then kissed him again.

During her oration the Sexstrictress had nonchalantly turned the heel point of her shoe and removed a
yellow hair band placed it on wrist, the guided his hands down behind his back as her lips caressed his.  Tami slipped the band around his and squeezed the adjustment clasp, she broken the kiss her lips inches from his as she watched him react to her ploy a smile forming.

My heels Vadish, the legs best accessory both for looks and function. Concealed within my heel point, a contracting hairband. A simple tool, but effective device all concealed inside a fashion statement, so perfectly sexy its is own weapon, but in reality, it conceals a Trojan Horse of potential weapons for a female to employ,’ Tami explained in conquest with another kiss and surprise.
In the distraction of the kiss the Sexstrictress swiveled her foot around his head and up against the underside of his chin and applied pressure pinning his head up.

‘My legs appear to have both allurement and treacherous abilities and all while in heels,’ she purred and kissed him softly.

Tami smiled as she consolidated her position slipping her planted foot out of her heel reached around the back of his right leg where she pinched his Achilles Tendon then pulled it over resting it behind his other leg. Tami tucked her foot back into her pump and pressed the space between the heel and the sole against his.

‘Yes, treacherous indeed,’ she purred.

‘You failed to mention your advanced yoga training during our interview,’ Vadish said sarcastically.

‘A woman likes to remain a mystery,’ Tami smiled then tensed her form in reaction to his tone.

Her arms undid and slid down seizing his cock in her gently stroking it as she nipped his lips.

‘Not just my legs are deadly,’ she whispered. ‘My nails,’ she said releasing his throbbing wang and bringing her arms back up and around his neck in a tight embrace so he could see them.

‘Not too long to be gaudy, classic almond shape which gives me ample edge space. Razor sharp, of course, it takes great control to keep them from catching.’

‘Interesting shade,’ he said in a complimentary tone.

‘Thank you, I chose it just for this occasion, matching toenails of course, but their sheathed inside a more lethal set of weapons,’ she explained. ‘The shades called Sunflower, attractive and unusual, both for its colour choice and function. Just a nick will release a drug into your system that will start to raise your body temperature just a little, not enough to initially distress you in anyway, but I like to scratch,’ Tami added with a sexy smile and a kiss.

‘Just my kisses alone seem to be turning up the heat,’ she added between nibbles as she arms slithered around first his neck then around his bald head, her soft hands sweeping about as she turned up the heat before sealing in place, the flats of her palms fixed to his skull, her fingers splayed out, her frosted nails resting lightly against his skin.

‘There Vadish, captured in your own Ashram. I don’t think this is how you imagined our Viniyoga? 

 Well, except for some of this,’ Tami purred as she ran her lips about his, her tongue dancing inside his mouth.

‘Shall we start the lesson.’ Tami murmured.

Vadish tried to move in defiance. Tami merely clung to him a sexy predatory smile filling her face, her supple sexy form never giving him any room to maneuver. Tami’s curvy figure was smooth steel against his, the contact exciting him sexually, his cock was throbbing and twitching. She could feel him, his arousal exciting for her as well, but on a different level.

‘Careful Vadish,’ she purred moving her hands into a new position. ‘Too much motion could trigger me,’ she said sweeping her hands about his head in an alluring slither before settling about his neck. 

‘My points may be rounded but they will graze if you move the wrong way so its best to stay still baby.’

Tami nipped and kissed him, her service making him more and more aroused and she could tell.

‘Now Vanish tell me about your Sexstrictor Cell, this Sexstrictress is very interested.’

She feathered his lips as she rubbed her body against his, her raised leg turning and moving up and down against his skin. Tami’s other leg rubbed against his distended shaft, a slow sway of her hips moved it about his soft inner thigh she feeling its hammering pulse against her.

‘They are beautiful. Smooth steel cables shaped in an alluring way, they can be convincing in so many ways. Flexibly effective as you can tell. Now about your cell, how many and your current targets, tell me baby.’

Tami pressed in rubbed again, her mouth nibbling ravenously on his ears and neck as she traveled about her soft inner thigh stroking his stem. Tami knew Sexstrictor’s were trained to resist but she was trained to seduce and while both sexes guarded their training methods carefully, she knew the female was the deadly of the two. She changed her motion catching him, he quivered, Tami adjusting her body to hold him as he came. He thrust vigorously time and again, his piece tingling in delight as he expelled his juice, Tami using all her skill to entice every drop from him. She kissed him and smiled.

‘You seemed to enjoy yourself Vanish, perhaps now you’ll tell me a little secret. No, well then how about I share one. Your orgasm triggered me. I scratched you three times during your climax. I told you to be careful about how you move me. The art of it was you never even felt it, nor will you ever,’ she smiled running her hands about his head before they took up a new position. ‘Move me again, sugar,’ she whispered in his ear.

‘You’re still hard and active, I take that as a compliment,’ she added nuzzling him.

Vanish looked at her from different perspectives that the mirrors in his private studio provide. Her legs, one up his body and the other behind his, tucked into perfect yellow pumps held in immobile, thin elegant ankles, wonderful calves and strong thigh that showed just flashes of muscle when she needed it otherwise, they lay under the surface, a predator only surfacing to strike. Her ass was hard and smooth and invited contact, hands roving up the V of her back into toned shoulders and arms that encircled you in a sweet dangerous embrace. Her flat hard stomach, smooth round full firm to attention breasts, her thick shoulder hair, sweet to the smell and finally her gorgeous face, full lips and wonderful voice and her sexual skills under which he was caught in.

The Sexstrictress worked slowly building him up, select kisses and bites gave her attack points to concentrate one. Tami rolled his cock against her thigh, her persuasive motion and touch lighting the fuse.

‘Oh yes Vanish,’ she breathed as he came. The orgasm was longer, much longer than the first, Tami clasped him as he rocked and surged trying to escape her wily trap. Tami stroked his member intently pulled aftershocks from him for another minute as she smiled at him.

‘Oh yes, most enjoyable for both of us. My nails have done their job, you’ve been scratched totally. Soon your body will begin to heat up, an internal sauna if you like, a fever induced dream while take over and you’ll talk.

‘Your confinement has one flaw,’ he said. ‘You’re heels. No woman, can stay in this position in heels, not even a Sexstrictress,’ he offered. ‘I’ll resist your drug until you collapse in agony. Instead of playing your little kissing and seduction games you show have acted right away,’ he said defiantly.

‘Oh, does that mean you didn’t like my playfulness, parts of you seemed to enjoy it, twice in fact,’ she said feigning her but bring her lips to his cheek for a few touches. ‘Tell me you don’t want to kiss me right now. Wait, don’t answer,’ she smiled as she released one hand from around his neck and removed an earring, rolled open the diamond star and showed it to him.

‘I like to come prepared,’ she smiled and began, then replaced the earring. ‘Now, where were we? Yes, not wanting to kiss me. I think that answer has changed judging by the dilation of your pupils.

You just watched a woman apply lipstick, I’m told most men find it arousing. This shade, Pink Bliss, is a favourite and it tastes wonderful. As for my heels, my legs are quite well trained and disciplined, after all they got you with little trouble.’

She hugged him again and checked her nails, he was heating up nicely. Tami scratched him a few more times her nails varnish always had a little extra to give, a slow roll of certain nails injected the last of her drug and he never knew it, she cuddled him closer than ever holding him firm and still as she felt his temperature rise.

‘You’re getting hotter every minute Vanish, now shall we try again or do you want to fight more. The reward is a kiss, just as before,’ she said her body enflaming him as the drug worked.

‘Excited Vanish, you need to control it, otherwise the drug will work faster,’ she purred.

Sensing his weakening Tami touched her other earring activating the recorder.

‘Names and numbers Vanish,’ Tami whispered as she rubbed his wet form with hers lathering them both as their conjoined bodies glowed. Feverish he could no longer resist her and began, smiling she put more questions to him then pulled back to look at him.

‘I see you still have some awareness,’ she answered as his eyes widened.

‘Heat resistant and water proof, otherwise a normal lipstick. I didn’t need a third means of drugging you, my nails and body were poisonous enough,’ she smiled and kissed him with a peck before returning for deeper runs. I think I forgot to mention smear its immune to smearing and long lasting, makes for more enjoyable sessions.’

What the drug didn’t get the Sexstrictress lips obtained. She kissed him as her arms lower, her soft hands closing around his limp member.

‘Don’t worry, it won’t stay soft for long, I promised,’ she cooed the kisses returning as she stroked and lapped him to hardness. Tami ended the kiss and watched him as she built him to climax, she tipped him over the top, her hands running back and forth as she wrung his massive member, pulling juice from him as he quaked.

She held him by his member as he finished and kissed him a final time as he began shuddering. The Sexstrictress freed her hands, slipped her lovely leg from under his chin and lowered it as he fell.  She turned of her earring, gathered her clothes and left, her lipstick still perfect.