Sunday, August 23, 2020

Claire Baxter Productions - Scene Two

Scene 2

Disclaimer:  Parts of the dialogue are direct lifts from the movie:

Claire made her way back to her suite, it was starting to get dark, she thought her meeting had
gone well and assumed they would be starting in the morning, but as she opened the door of
her suite she smiled. 

‘It appears we're starting now.’

Her suite had been transformed while she was away, Claire recognized the scene. Walking
over to the closet she opened the doors and smiled. 

‘Its nice to have a choice. The original was great and I may go for it, but some of these are quite
tempting,’ she thought as one hand trailed along the garments as she walked. ‘Yes, all quite
nice but I feel better with what I know and of course a few surprises,’ she added as she moved
to her own suitcase and accessory bag and went to work.

‘Not bad, it should do the trick, now to put other things to rights.’

Claire moved about elegantly setting up the scene, her scene, the way she thought it would
play out but with a twist that only she knew.  Satisfied everything was in order she relaxed and
waited for the doorbell to ring.

‘You don’t waste any time do you,’ Claire, aka Francesca Madeiros

‘Looks like you started without me,’ Jaden answered as he came inside and Claire closed the

‘I like to be at my best, what’s on your mind?’ she asked. 

‘I certainly enjoyed our conversation earlier,’ he said.

‘So much so you’re here for more.’

‘I thought I’d like to know you better.’

‘I hear that a lot baby, it usually ends in a struggle,’ Claire smiled while looking at at him from
her dressing table applying lipstick while he watched a seduction trick men find hard to resist. 

Just as he was getting close Claire (Francesca) exited from her chair and pivoted around, her
arms sweeping up and around his neck.

‘Look darling I did something for you by coming here, now you do something for me,’ Claire

‘With pleasure,’ he enthused, taking the meaning to be a kiss as he moved closer.

‘No, that’s not it maybe later,’ she teased with a smile and broke the embrace. 

‘Right now, right now, I need you to tell me who else is here?’ she asked.

‘Don’t you know or can you guess,’ he responded, playing it cool.

‘It’s going be like that is it,’ Claire smiled as she moved about the perimeter of the room letting
him have a good look at her nightgown as she made her way to the small bar.

‘If I knew I wouldn’t be asking, one of us knows the danger of this game, the other I think just
thinks it's a game. Care for a drink?’ she asked.  

‘No thanks, I’m not too fond of chlorohydrate as a chaser.’

‘Suit yourself,’ Claire honeyed as she pushed a button and the shears closed around the
windows. ‘Right, so much for that,’ she added as he walked away and she moved after him.
‘Now, it is late,’ came her answer as she touched his arm halting his progress and turning him
into her waiting arms.  

The kiss was wonderful, slow and easy, each finding an ease in the other. Claire went back for
a second, deviating from the story, as they were about to embrace she heard a clearing of a

‘Hold it right there!’

‘Hold what right where,’ Claire answered with a smile as she turned around to see a woman
hold a gun pointed at her in the open patio door.  

‘Cute, come over here Jaden,’ she said waving the gun.

‘Seems we’re both after the same man,’ Claire mused.

Claire observed her foe.  She was not dressed as Sheila Sommers, it seems that was reserved
for Claire.  She was however leggy and pretty in a dangerous way.

‘You’re goon failed to get me. Well I may not be as well, let's just say, robust, as you,’ the
woman said waving the gun sideways to indicate Claire’s breasts. ‘I make up for it in other

Jaden came up a step and stood beside her. 

‘How much did you see?’ he asked.

‘Enough,’ she answered leaning over and kissing him.

Claire smiled as she put down her drink. 

‘Pity, we would have made a better team Jaden, each looking out for the other, just as I did for
you,’ Claire smiled.

‘What do you mean,’ he asked.

‘Right about now your so called partner is mentally counting down the seconds till her
poisonous lipstick takes effect,’ Claire noted.  ‘Pity little girl it won’t happen. You see I got the
first kiss in,’ Claire smiled.

‘Perhaps, but I’m still holding a gun and well not as rewarding it does the job all the same,’
the woman retorted.

Claire tilted her head just a little in acknowledgement, her earrings sparkling in the light for
just a moment. 

‘That’s that,’ Claire said as the woman fell to the floor.

He jumped away from the body and toward Claire who took his hand.

‘I think you need this drink more than I do,’ she said putting the tumbler in his hand.

Claire took the moment to walk over and retrieve the gun. ‘Cute and feminine I suppose, but a
bit too much so for me, I prefer a basic black model, goes with any outfit,’ she quipped. 
‘Oh baby, you’re still not looking so good, let me explain, maybe that will help, she said,
slipping her arms around his neck. ‘You see I’m really the ICE Agent, she was a cleaver plant,
a look alike for the real agent. Her mission was to convince you to be her partner again, after
all you had history with her as I understand, then to find the spaceship, kill Ortega, then kill you. 
She got all the information she needed earlier in the evening when she disappeared for 10
minutes or so.  I watched her make contact with the brewery manager.  She killed Ortega, then
his goon and now she was here to kill you and I, me with this gun and you with a kiss,’
Claire explained as she put down the gun, returned to the woman and picked up her small

‘Nice design, she certainly did like pink. The rings are detachable, nice brass knuckles,
this diamond arrangement undoes here turning this into a garotte device, but it's what’s inside
that I’m after, yes here,’ she said holding up a lipstick tube. ‘Recognize the mark on the bottom?’
Claire asked him and he shook his head.

'Trident is their name and she was one of their agents. This shade is called Lethal Lavender
if I remember correctly, quick and silent, its kills in the sweetest of means. Fortunately, I got to
you first.  I thought she would try something intimate, after all the jealousy of finding you in
another woman’s arms, well she’d want to claim her prize back and complete the mission,
two for the price of one, so to speak.  My shade, code named Salmon Seal, forms a protective
membrane on my lips and anyone I kiss, her poisonous lipstick was blocked by my
administrations,’ Claire explained holding her lipstick case so he could see the ICE logo for
their spy organisation. 

‘But how did you kill her?’ he asked.

‘Oh that, simple baby. My earrings, as heavy and cumbersome as they are they serve a
purpose. Concealed in each earring is a poison dart, instant and fatal, as you can see,
activated by a touch to my bra here,’ she explained.

'Trident plays for keeps, but so do I,’ Claire added as ehe picked up a towel from her vanity
and wiped his lips. ‘There, good as new, now where were we, ah yes,’ she smiled, cinched her
arms around his neck and kissed him again.

‘What about her?’ he said as they pulled apart.

‘She’s not going anywhere, have her removed,’ Claire answered as she led him to the
bedroom.  ‘If you want we can roll play the scene again they way it was in the movie, but ad lib
it without the interruption. You can even tear my negligee if you want.’

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Claire Baxter Productions- Scene One

‘I really don’t know what to say about this. It sort of reminds me of a romance novel I read once,’
Cindy said, the others looking bolt upright and at her. ‘It was one of a series about female
spies,’ she added as the bemused faces looked at hers. ‘Oh, sure, and none of you have ever
read one. Some of the gadget ideas in the books are very interesting. I consider it fact finding
research,’ she stated.

‘Of course and good for you for doing that for the cause,’ Claire smiled at her with a face that
told her she was not alone but that no one else was going to admit it so she decided to press it. 
‘What was this book all about?’

‘A female spy from an agency, sorry can’t recall the anocrym just at the moment. Anyway, she
is assigned to protect this guy who is in love with a board game, in fact his entire estate is
fashioned on the layout of the board, she even has to drive up to the house inside a motorized
version of one of the game pieces.’

There were snickers, muted but still audible from the assembled others.

‘Hey, I admit it was far out, but it was well written and entertaining, some of the gadgets were
inventive, others just silly.  Anyway long story short, she falls for the guy she has to protect while
he has gathered a group of guests to play a life size version of the game, action ensues, but
the good girl wins in the end and all is well.  The proposal in front of us does not sound that far
off that novel, except our host really is someone very important as are his experiments,’ Cindy

‘He’s recently been very active in food yield production, cultured meat is one area another is
genetic manipulation of plants for increased yield, not the usual seed genetics but Recombinant
DNA, plant and animal hybrids. There’s also some evidence to suggest he’s heavily in gene
therapy including the use of Crispers, cutting out bad or damaged sections of a DNA strand and
replacing it with a new section so a defect in a person is eliminated or in fact altering perfectly
good DNA to make some better at something, in short genetic engineering,’ Tina Samuels,
Head of Business Metrics added from her notes, the FORCE number two filling in some of the

‘So our man, Jaden Triment is not only a genius, mad or otherwise, given some of the areas
he’s into and the fact that they are mostly banned or highly frowned upon by various world
scientific bodies, has a fetish for 60’s spy movies, or more to the point, 60’s spy femmes,’
Susan Janus FORCE’s # 2 added. 

‘What about these series of ads he placed on Message Boards and Forums, don’t you think
they got TRIDENT’s attention not be mention ICE’s as well as ours, especially since he
promises a very great prize to whoever comes out on top  from each scenario, which I think we
have to assume is last spy femme standing, to put it politely,’ Alice Hamilton stated.

Opinions everyone, what should we do here?’ Claire asked looking around the table.

‘I think we need to have a go at it, after all the stakes are high in terms of the reward, at least
that’s what we hope, but even if they aren’t, can we really afford not to take that chance.  I don’t
think TRIDENT will be thinking that way, as will ICE, they’ll both be all in,’ Susan spoke first.

The others agreed and then Cindy spoke up again. ‘I know we usually try to find an agent who
would be a good fit but this mission is really multiple missions with only one person, so that
person has to be able to adapt and play all the roles as they are spelled out. Now I will say
that given these scenario’s none of my girls would be a good choice, they didn’t appear in that
era as femme fatales.’

‘But you do have someone in mind,’ Claire asked.

‘Yes, you,’ Cindy smiled, ' you're perfect.’

Claire went to say something but Susan grabbed the moment.

‘Let’s look at the various scenarios. You get to play Barbara, ICE Agent from the Matt Helm
movie, The Silencers. You have the legs, the body and you love to use a man’s shirt as a
seduction tool.’

‘And as I recall, she is killed by the other woman, a fate I would like to avoid,’ Claire smiled.

‘See, you even know the movie,’ Cindy interjected. ‘Besides who says it has to end that way,
the rules say nothing about that, only that you play the scene, it does not specify how it ends.’

‘I’m sure TRIDENT and ICE realise the same thing,’ Claire added, but the others would not be
put off so easily.

‘He really likes that Matt Helm movies, can’t say I blame him, they had great women, but always
seemed to waste them, Barbara was a case in point, but never mind. The next one is Sheila
Sommers. You know you could wear a blonde wig for Barbara, the natural assets will more
than make up for that sin, but you look like Sheila, in my opinion the best of the female spies in
all the movies. Then we move on to Francesca, again, you in spades, you like a negligee as a
device and well lipsticks,’ Tina smiled. 

‘Those earring of hers are killers,’ Claire said with a smile.

‘You big holdout you know more about these movies than all of us, I bet you have them all and
ones we’ve never heard of that are on this list,’ Cindy teased.  

‘Well,’ Claire began, warming to the topic. ‘This one is from Get Smart, episode called, Kiss of
Death. Sexy older actress played the part to the hilt.  Let’s see a few more Get Smart episodes,
Man from Uncle, Girl from Uncle, Wild Wild West, Eurospy films, Special Mission: Lady Chaplin,
Agent 008, Our Man in Istanbul I could go on if you want.  Passable action films to camp, but
all have sexy female agents failing at something or other, just eye candy mostly.’

‘You want this assignment,’ Cindy smiled, I can see it all over your face.

‘I think I’ve talked myself into it, I mean what could be better than playing out failed scenes
from movies that should have been so much better and getting the chance to make them so. 
It’s like making the film all over again, only the way you want it. So, yes of course I want it.’


Claire took the mission, accepting online and confirming through a complex cryptological
formula that only advanced intelligence services could have been able to solve.  She was soon
on her way to Verde Island, his private residence in the Philippines, his private yacht picking
her and as far as Claire could tell only her for the 25 minute journey.  

The island was as billed, private and fantastic, although to Claire’s mind not as nice as the
FORCE training island, but still beautiful.  She was greeted at the dock and escorted to her
room only being told that she would have a private audience with Mr. Triment later that day,
until then she was free to enjoy the island or rest as she preferred.  
Claire decided to go all on the charade, she spent her time lounging by the pool in a classic
60’s bikini and accessories, Claire was sure camera’s were recording her so she gave it her
60’s spy babe effort and found she rather enjoyed it.

A waiter appeared with a note on a silver tray, she took it, read the contents and elegantly rose
from her lounger, making it way around the pool and to the private entrance of her suite.  Once
inside she went to work.  

‘Best not to go all in right away, I like to tease a little, let him see the potential, create interest if
you like.  Yes, this will do nicely, it looks just like the original and well that was eye catching
enough,’ she said.

Claire prepped then made her way across the pool area into the main house and down a hall
at the left for her interview.  His place was nice, but had a hotel feel to it, not a home, everything
placed in a symmetry or in a certain order, nothing appeared out of the ordinary, nothing she
could grasp as a personal touch about who she was to meet,  Somehow to Claire this made it
more exciting, not less, a clean slate, a chance to direct events, so she was a tad disappointed
when she had to wait and fill in a questionnaire with some written answers.  She scanned the
whole thing, it ran to many pages on the tablet before beginning so she had an idea of where
it was going and how she should answer.  

At the end she submitted her answers and was again forced to wait.

No doubt while the tabulate and cross reference to see if I measure up,’ she thought.  

She waited about half an hour before being shown in. She made her entrance in a casual and
unaffected way just as Sheila Sommers would have done, a woman confident in her style and
, confident and cool.  Claire’s long sexy legs set the outfit off perfectly, like she was meant to
wear it and she could see that Jaden Triment thought as much as well.  

‘Wonderful to meet you Miss Baxter, you certainly can make an entrance, Sheila Sommers
herself would be proud,’ he said as he shook her hand.

‘Well credit where credit is due, Mr. Triment, Janice Rule would be proud. Please call me
Claire,’ she smiled.

First name basis for me as well. Would you like a drink or some other refreshment,’ he asked
as he escorted her to a sunken living room area with a circular couch that ran the complete way
around, save for the steps down. In the middle of the circle there was a small suspended gas
fireplace.  The whole thing screamed the 1960’s.

‘I’m fine for the moment,’ Claire said, walking down the steps and elegantly sitting down her
legs crossing over as she went, the crinkle of leather on leather from her thigh boots and the
exposure of her firm sexy thighs creating more heat than the fireplace produced.  

Claire looked him over, without doing so, her training kicking in.  He was tall, which was good,
it meant she could wear her normal heels giving her legs even more of a look, not that they
needed it, but everything helped.  He was also not bad looking, again a plus with respect to the
role play.

‘I would like to ask you some questions with regard to your answers to my questionnaire. 
Your answers were brief and to the point, which is good, but a little more detail is required if you
are to be accepted,’ he said.

‘I withheld that information just so we could meet and do that very thing,’ Claire smiled.  ‘It would
have been easy to write it down, but I think it would have lost something in translation, but that
I mean me telling you, man to woman, I think that adds something, it gives us both a sense of
the other and well maybe this isn’t the best thing, since we are role playing spies, to be honest
with each other, after all if we are to be partners, we need that,’ Claire offered.

‘Who says we’re to be partners, we could be on opposite sides,’ he countered.

‘Much too easy for me, I kill you in no time,’ Claire smiled.  

She knew this was a gambit, but she knew what she was doing, she’d played this role before.

‘I can see you’re taken aback. Look why don’t you ask me those questions you want to and
I’ll answer them, perhaps my explanations will tell you why I said that,’ Claire answered before
she got up and moved to get herself a drink offering to get one for him and he accepted.  She
handed him his drink and sat back down, this time just a shade closer, the rubbing of the leather
thigh boots even more arousing.  

‘There my mission is done,’ Claire smiled as a confused look formed on his face.  ‘For a person
who loves spy movies of a more sensational nature you certainly didn’t retain any of the
nuances,’ she explained with a smile.  Seeing he still didn’t understand, Claire continued.
‘I just poisoned your drink, just as Francesca Maderios did only with the antidote, in The
Ambushers,’ Claire added.  ‘See, my pearl bracelet, don’t worry most people don’t see it either. 
Well to speed up the explanation before the poison kicks in, there’s two pearls less on the
stand than I came in with.  A simple brush against the glass and it detached from the strand
falls into the drink and dissolves, odourless and colourless and should you suspect and switch
glasses that would be fine by me as a precaution I poisoned both drinks, only I took the
antidote so that only leaves you without a chair and the music has stopped,’ Claire explained

He looked a little panicked at her cold explanation.

Relax Jaden I’m kidding, I didn’t poison you, but how I explained it could easily have
happened. Now how about those questions?’

‘He looked a little overwhelmed, not the confident person he was a few minutes ago.  Claire
could have that effect on people.  ‘Ok, your favourite spy babe, you answered Sheila Sommers
but didn’t explain.’

‘She’s the best of all the female agents in those movies, maybe most films of that type and
here’s why.  She’s not the most beautiful, that makes her within reach for most men, not out of
their league, but she has a pleasing body, great face and and hair and stunning array of clothes
that all compliment her.  She’s also smart, a pilot and a good agent, resourceful enough to
survive and return from a failed mission and have the courage to go back and try again. 
She does not give second chances or toy with her victims, she acts quickly and decisively.
In the end she is every bit her male partner's equal. You seem to like me as Sheila,’ Claire

‘She was my favourite as well,’ he admitted. ‘Now these other questions.’

‘I could answer all day, but don’t you think it would be better to see me in action? Those
actions will answer your questions and anything left unanswered I’d be happy to explain later,’
Claire answered with a smile. ‘I can be a good girl or a bad girl, but just remember sometimes
one needs to be good to be bad and vice versa and I’m not above ad libbing, so don’t think
every situation will play out as you think it will.’ 

He could hardly wait to get started.