Thursday, June 6, 2019

Hard to Hold

Barbara Wilkins, TRIDENT agent, had been the perfect choice to snare him, her cool beauty
and talent easily won the day but that didn’t mean she hadn’t prepared. Her accessories
were all carefully selected.

‘I’m rather pressure sensitive,’ she smiled, as the darts embedded in his neck. She pulled
them out and explained as she held him. ‘My negligee is linked to my earrings, simple
movements create the energy for them to link. If you hold me with a certain pressure it
sends a signal to the earrings to fire the two paralysing darts I loaded earlier.'

Monday, June 3, 2019

Darcy Healy - I.C.E. Agent

Darcy Healy, I.C.E. Agent (International Counter Espionage) was held on the floor by her
hands and feet, her body gyrating in all directions in an attempt to free itself from the grip of the
two H.E.A.T. agents (Hemispheric Espionage and Termination) while Ma-Prang Patterchaw
looked on and talked.

'As you can see Darcy my companions are extremely efficient and talented,’ she smiled
as they finished. A Paired Pagoda Knot, Miss Healy, don’t move, it’s an extremely fast acting
lethal entanglement if you do, but don’t worry you won’t have to remain still for long, that time
comes after my ladies finish with you.’

The duo had made short work of the sexy spy. The Paired Pagoda placed one facing her in
front and the other pressed into her back, their respective heads resting on either side of hers.
Darcy’s arms above her head entwined in theirs gave the knot its name.

‘I need to get a picture of you Miss Healy, I don’t think you’ve looked more stunning,’
Ma-Prang mused as she clicked her cell phone. ‘Well I have what I came for, so I only feel
it’s fair to explain what your in for. My two assistants as you can feel are rather smooth to the
touch. The ladies like to take care of their skin, so much so they invented a special
moisturizer, the only problem is it does adhere to them if their body temperature gets above
a certain point, so exercise is out of the question, as is prolonged contact with enemy agents.

Soon, Miss Healy, their salve will begin to melt and it will find a new home on your body,
the only thing is, heat changes its chemical composition from a breathable membrane to a
suffocating one,’ she explained happily as the two women smiled.

‘So Miss Healy you are caught in a dilemma, do you move a have my two lethal lovelies
contract and kill you or do you wait and hope to somehow escape the salve. I will leave that
choice to you. Ladies please ensure she is coated completely.’

Darcy knew there was no choice, she would have to wait, that is if her two assailants decided to
play by the rules set out. Both were order women and experienced, very beautiful with excellent
bodies that Darcy could feel all about her.

‘Ma-Prang didn’t say we couldn’t have fun with you Miss Healy, just not kill you, but we can
make your stay with us most uncomfortable,’ one whispered into her ear.

‘Maybe we can finished her before our lotion, either way the result is the same,’ the other added. ‘
All she has to do is move, she’s young and excited by us, her inexperience is the advantage, all
we have to do is wait, she will trigger us, patience,’ the other added.

The I.C.E. agent remained still, caught in their embrace, she was alive sexually but she
pushed it down, hoping she could control her instincts.

‘A paradox Miss Healy in so many ways, the obvious of course, but then the sexual paradox,
you know how we feel, but you want to feel more, but that means paying a price, what will win
out, your reason or your curiosity, the rational mind against the instant gratification mindset.’

‘Who knows, you may have what it takes to escape us, you are a remarkable young agent
from all we were told, perhaps that is a chance you want to take. If so, you should do it soon
I can feel my lotion beginning to melt.’

A few seconds later Darcy felt a drip hit her thigh, then another ping and run down between
her breasts. The spy maintained her composure, but just barely.

‘One grip is not the same as the other I.C.E. agent. You may want to consider that. Our lotion
only starts to work once we release you and your body temperature lowers, of course while
we have you we tightened, slowly, so you can stay alive longer even though your coated.

Perhaps you will find a way to free yourself.’

Darcy felt a more drips, then more and soon it was a constant bathing of her form, the thick
liquid running over her skin coating her a light bronze colour as she made small circles with
her left ankle and felt the immediate consequence.

‘Wonderful! It appears we will have some fun after all. The two women pulled in just a touch,
not enough to concern the I.C.E. agent as she stopped her motion.

‘Don’t stop now Miss Healy, the fun was just beginning.’

The oil continued to coat Darcy who was now bronzed coloured from the emolument.
She decided to move again, a turn of her other ankle and a sway of her wrist. The two women
drew in and down on her, their arms pulling Darcy’s down onto the top of her head as they
quivered against her, stimulating her to move again.

‘Too late for control now I.C.E. agent, no matter what your orientation, stimulation is stimulation
and all three of us are close together, you can feel our bodies, our softness, our smell, our
cuddle against it, it’s all part of the knot of course and impossible to avoid, beside our Intel
says you don’t mind a little female closeness.’

Darcy shivered from their touch, they knew she would and they reacted to it, tightening about
her, their hands slipping down into her hair.

‘She did say a thorough coating Miss Healy,’ one of them said as they now both ran their
splayed fingers through the spy’s hair wetting it with their liquified trap. Darcy was helpless
to stop them and her reaction as she moved to the soothing touch and their lithe bodies
contracted about her, their body heat and the heat of the Nong Khai night scorching Darcy
as she desperately hung on.

The woman moved as Darcy did, she no longer able to control her motion, twitched every so
often, the feminine vise about her closing slowly and painfully into place around her.

‘The knot is just beginning to bite I.C.E. agent,’ one said as they finished with her hair

The woman behind her slipped her hands on either side of Darcy’s head while the slither
hers along either side of the spies neck, then bent them up and through her partners.

‘This step is called called closing the pagoda’s doors. If you are planning to escape this is
the time Miss, our next move is locking the door, from that point escape is impossible until
we decide to let you go,’ the other added.

The sizzling agent moved but the two did not contract and Darcy gasped in torment.

‘We prefer to let you overheat for a while, in that way we can wring any excess energy from
you before we constrict you further.’

‘The we will constrict squeezing out anything you may have left leaving this exquisite body
of yours deadened for several minutes, long enough for our lotion to bond to your skin and
begin solidifying.’

Desperate Darcy moved to get them to react, but they did not. She gulped in air and tried to
escape. Her body tilted and swayed as she tried to loosen them. She knew if she could
stimulate one of them the pleasure would break to knot. She rubbed her skin against the
nipples of the woman facing her while her back did the same to the other.

‘Two can play that game I.C.E. agent,’ one said as two tongues each found an ear and rolled

Darcy concentrated hard but the two were too much for her as their sexual skill overwhelmed
her . The spies breath grew shorter and quicker, she fought and fought but they soon released
her to glory. Amid the moaning and breathy hesitations she felt their synchronised bodies
draw inward relentlessly and her moans of joy turned to those of pain.

The threesome were now fused together, Darcy feeling unrelenting pressure in every part
of her form as the now seamlessly crushed her at will, her jiggling form giving them complete
dominance of her. The I.C.E. agent slumped in the menage a trois all feeling in her body gone
which is exactly when the women relaxed and undid their entanglement. Darcy toppled over
slowly to the floor in a heap her sexy form burnished yellow and orange from the heated
embrace, her oil covered form glistening.

The duo smiled and adjusted her on the floor in a stretched out position hands above her
head then bent low to speak to her, one at each ear.

‘We are finished our part I.C.E. agent.’

‘Now it’s time for the oil to complete the mission,’

‘By the time your luscious form regains and mobility the oil with have began to set and seal
against your skin.’

‘You will suffocate within a little more than an hour.’

‘Enjoy the final struggle.’

One of the women wiped away the oil from her mouth to prolong the torment before they left
her still in the room.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Daphne Hemmings I.C. E. Agent

Daphne exited the sauna, her nude body glowing and glistening as she walked to the shower,
after which she made her way to the change room when she was speared from behind.

The CURVE agent giggled violently, water wicking from her body in droplets. The male exited
her ass quickly, she tried to steady her legs underneath her and face him when she was
impaled again by a second male. Daphne’s body rippled, his cock embedded into her ass as
she writhed. He pulled out, the spy staggered about trying to mount a defense when she was
caught again by the first male.

His wire, steel hard thrust into her, piercing her, she moaned, her gyrating body struggling to
break free. She twisted her torso in a desperate effort and finally broke the spell. She tried to
get her body to respond before they came at again, but she was slow and uncoordinated.  

‘If they get more chances to Spindle me I’ll be helpless, their art is as effective as I’ve heard.’

Quick penetration of the female caused disorientation, repeated capture eventually led to a
temporary short circuit of the nervous system rendering the female helpless. She swung and
missed with a punch then spun widely with a back heel kick. The one male caught her foot
and placed in on his shoulder then stepped in to hold her in place as the other thrust inside her.

Daphne fully stretched was helpless, his massive cock lunged deep into her, she spasmed
before he arched his back and plunged in deeper. Hers eyes flickered but she regained a
small sense of control before he released her and his partner propelled his root into her.
He secured her arms above her head and submerged deeper into her with each push.

The spy weakly twisted and churned her captured for before she was released to another
impalement seconds later. Daphne unable to defend herself was closed in on by the two as
they took turns inserting and then passing her to the other, the limp, glassy eye CURVE agent
caught in their trap with no escape possible.

She was finished after 20 minutes, but the duo kept inserting until after an hour she was finally
released. Her body crumpled to the floor of the change room she looking up at the two unable
to move a muscle.  

‘Don’t worry my dear in a few minutes this will seem like paradise,’ one of the said as the other
moved out of sight into the next room.

Daphne was positioned on the floor, stretched out her arms placed at her sides on her back,
she saw a thermal bag brought to her side and opened.

‘Now I.C.E. agent (International Counter Espionage) it’s time to heat things up. A steaming
white towel emerged from the bag and was spread over top of her. She was rolled left then
right the towel being wrapped around her, then onto her back were a second towel was placed
before she was rolled over to face them again as the wet hot blanket was folded over her front.

The wet covering clung to her body outlining it perfectly from her covered shoulders down to
her ankles. She was already hot and getting hotter by the moment.

‘This is merely the beginning I.C.E. agent of your torment. You are to be wrapped in The
Turkish Towel Snake.’

With that he and his partner took a towel each and spun them from each end into a long snake.
The first towel encircled both her ankles and as tied before the immobilised spy was the
rolled over and back coiling the fabric snake around her legs. They tied the second to the first
then repeated the process up to one shoulder, two more moist snakes completed the job back
down the opposite way so that Daphne’s body was criss-crossed.  They wrapped two more
towels in sheets about her cocooning woman, special clips keeping the towels tight against

‘Now for the final step,’ one said and Daphne stiff in the trap was picked up and transported
back to a sauna and layed on the wooden platform.  ‘A special chemical in the towels causes
them to contract with heat. I’m sure an I.C.E. agent, even one as deadly as you can’t stay cool
forever. Its and extremely slow process, you’ll be wishing for it to end long before it does.’

As a final gesture they turbaned her hair and left her turning up the heat and setting the water
to automatically fall onto the rocks to create stream keeping her wet.

She shifted a little as her body came back to her and the steam covered her in its enveloping