Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Do Over Part 2

‘Then let’s get started and I can think of no better place than with your nails, they say a lot about you and they say things to others about you as well.  From there we’ll progress but firstly you need to choose a style,’ Wendy explained as she called up a selection on her tablet.

Arlene looked them over, her eyes darting back and forth until she was torn between oval and almond.

‘I like these two, but if I had to choose, it would be oval,’ she answered.

‘Excellent choice, that or the almond.  They convey professional, but stylish, but of course that can all be ruined by your choice of nail polish, so what will it be?’ Wendy said opening a side panel of her cosmetics case to reveal numerous choices.

Arlene was unsure. ‘Hope you don’t mind my asking but what will the scenario be this time?’

‘You see, you have instincts you didn’t even know you had.  Excellent question, just like your clothes everything must be accessorized for the event.  It will be the same location.’ Wendy informed her.

Arlene waivered back and forth between shades of the same colour scheme before picking Opal.

‘Why that choice, remember think like you’re an agent already.’ Wendy said.

‘It’s a classy place, it was full of people who were professional, they all dressed really well, conservative, but stylish.  Anything that stood out, a bright colour say might single me out as a bit of an outsider, maybe put people off I think, this colour seems to declare to me anyway a toned down yet stylish professional, but sill feminine,’ Arlene answered.

‘Where was this woman before,’ Wendy smiled.  ‘Now begin by shaping your nails, don’t worry, I’m here to help,’ she added as the spy handed Arlene a nail file.

‘Flare your fingers so you get a prospective for each nail as you file, good then point one and work on it, excellent,’ Wendy offered as way of encouragement.

It was slow going at the start but Arlene got better and her pace improved enough to impress Wendy.

‘Now for your other nails, take just as good care of them as you do the others.’

Arlene knew enough to round them but leave just a little over the edge of the toes, she needed no prompting from Wendy.

‘I’ve never done this part,’ Arlene said very hesitantly as she took the bottle.

‘Good as time as any, you’ll be a pro in no time.  Just take your time and even strokes, always away from you, smooth if you have to, no ridge lines,’ Wendy advised as she shook the bottle and handed it to Arlene.  With one or two helpful hints Arlene mastered it and she soon finished both sets.

‘What a vast improvement and we’ve barely begun,’ Wendy mused happily as they waited for the polish to dry.

‘Let’s see what we have in this closet in terms of clothes that don’t have a school marm look to them.  Well that was easy, nothing,’ she said closing the door.  You should be dry by now come on we’re going shopping!’

‘I don’t have this kind of money to shop along this street!’ Arlene said in alarm wondering what she had gotten herself into.

‘Not to worry, this is on me, I consider it an investment in both our futures,’ Wendy smiled as she held the door open.

‘What can I help you with today,’ a smartly dressed woman said as she addressed Wendy.

‘Nothing for me thanks, my niece needs a few things.  She’s attending a small gathering this Saturday at 88 Club and I want her to look, well smashing.’

‘Afternoon or evening,’ the woman asked looking at Arlene who realised what the girl must thinking of her as she stood there in her baggy clothes.

‘Evening,’ Wendy answered and the girl led her toward possibilities within the store, Arlene kind of tagging along as the afterthought.

‘Let’s look at her colours first, are you going to do anything with hair colour or style before?’ she asked Wendy.

‘A nip and snip here and there, nothing with colour she has fantastic chestnut brown hair already, gets that from me.  As for style, I want a few more curls in it, but nothing obvious that says so if you follow, again, such fantastic thick hair.  I’ve always told her with a little care and fussing, well you’d have hard time keeping it that way with all the men touching it, but did I get listened to, of course not, but now with this crisis looming who gets turned to,’ Wendy said in a light hearted voice.

‘Yes Aunt Wendy is such a help,’ Arlene added trying not to sound too strained.

‘I agree about the hair and of course, you’ll take care of the makeup seeing as, if you don’t mind my saying, you’re so well put together,’ the attendant added.

‘Yes we did her nails this morning, so to at least give something back to the clothes,’ the spy added.

‘Excellent colour, choice and shape, very professional, let’s see what we can add to that,’ the saleswoman said as Wendy nodded to Arlene regarding the compliment.

She came back with about 6 or 7 dresses and The Brannock Device to get her shoe size.  She disappeared again and came back in a flash.  ‘The dresses are all hung up in the change room I’ve placed some shoes in there as well, several varieties and styles just to get an idea to go on.  Please this way Miss,’ she said addressing Arlene for the first time.
‘You see, respect is starting, she was impressed by the manicure and also I saw by how wonderful your feet were, size and shape, wait till she sees what comes out from that door,’ Wendy whispered as she closed the change room door.

‘Arlene put on the first dress, picked the shoes she liked, fluffed and teased her hair a little as she looked in the full length mirror and made a few adjustments.  She noted with some humour and reflection that she had never done that before.  Unaccustomed to heels she wobbled a little as she opened the door using the frame to balance herself.

‘Oh my, I’m so sorry,’ the sales girl said and darted away, Arlene looked upset.

‘Nothing to worry about my dear, she’s embarrassed, she made a very bad mistake regarding you and has run off to fix it.  That’s gives us time to work on your walking.  It’s difficult at first, we all go through this, now just heel, toe, firm level measured steps, here take my hands,’ Wendy offered as she guided Arlene back and forth until she was more steady.  You turn two ways, one on the heel, like this, or on the flat like that,’ Wendy demonstrated, each has there uses as you will learn.  Just getting ahead of ourselves a little, I’m not a big fan straps on shoes, makes them too hard to come off when you need them to,’ she added as the girl returned.

‘So sorry Miss, my mistake completely on the clothes, I think these are a much better starting point,’ she said.

Arlene told her it was ok and disappeared coming out a few minutes later.

Wendy came to her feet instantly.  ‘Oh my,’ was all she said as she walked around Arlene then the attendant led her to the three way mirror.  This comes in a charcoal as well, slightly different cut with a gauze tail right about here on the legs and full length on the arms.

‘You look insane in that dress Arlene, just a few nips and tucks to fit you.  I love the way it sweeps in at the front with this little cut here allowing the legs to flash in and out and to cross themselves, she said.

‘Yes, it pulls the woman in tighter visually, adds sexy contours, not that you need it Miss, your figure is outstanding and honestly this dress is such a tease for your legs, but I have some others I want you try on so I can show you what I mean. 
‘I like these shoes, but do you have something, hope I’m expressing this right, in the same heel but with a taper to them?’ Arlene asked and Wendy smiled.

An exchange of shoes, more dresses and shoes, a pile of rejects and pile of accepts and Arlene had a basic wardrobe, so put on one outfit that fit her perfectly to wear, the baggy clothes resigned to the garbage.

‘I’ll have a person come by for these a little later, we need get her hair done and accessorise. Thank you so much for all your help,’ Wendy said as she paid.

‘Are you crazy? That was more than 4 grand of clothes!’

‘You should see my closet at home.  Soon enough you’ll be thinking of those purchases as everyday clothes compared to what FORCE with deck you out in.  If you’re worried about the money, don’t be, it gives me pleasure.  Now, I want you to watch how your treated from now on, no more tag along in the background, you’re now front and centre so begin using that,’ Wendy instructed as they entered the hair salon.

Right away Arlene was greeted and asked what so would like.  She repeated what Wendy had said having though about it and deciding she liked the idea.  Her stylist showed her a few pictures of what she was describing and they agreed on what to do, she also recommend her eyebrows be done.

‘It will hurt a little but a guarantee the slightest movement of them will destroy the will power of any man you desire,’ she explained and Arlene agreed.

Wendy took a seat and waited her last look a happy one as Arlene elegantly took her seat her legs crossing perfectly as she did.

‘Total instinct,’ she thought.

Her hair done, instructions on how to maintain it and a few products for that purpose the duo made their way to their next destination more than a few looks coming their way as they walked along.

‘A little uncomfortable at the attention?’ Wendy asked.

‘A little, just because I’m not used to it.’

 ‘That Arlene wasn’t, this Arlene better get used to it, after all you’ll need it in the future.  Next we’re getting a purse or more specifically a clutch.  I should tell you I’m not a big fan of purses, although they do come in handy in a fight,’ she mused before continuing. ‘I’m more a clutch girl and just my opinion, I like a certain size, which I will point out to you, but the choice is yours, so don’t be bound by what I like.’

‘We have clutch and size rules?’ Arlene asked.

Wendy though hard for a minutes before answering. ‘You and I are bigger girls, even though we’re not clumsy, clunky or whatever there could always be that perception.  In my experience and those of my predecessors, the ones who trained me, a purse is a bulky unattractive accessory that just reinforces that stereotype.  As for a clutch, it’s elegant, chic, stylish and sexy, but again the size is the thing.  A big clutch, just refer to what I said before, but the right sized one, believe it or not, it’s a turn on for the male,’ she added. ‘Keep that in mind when you’re looking at them, colour is also important, basic black white or variants thereof are my personal preference, but don’t be swayed by me.’

Wendy did as she said and showed Arlene the size she liked and why.  Arlene could see why when she compared them and looked into the mirror.  The ones she liked Wendy put aside but not before the trainee noticed the prices and gave her a look.

‘Good quality has a price and style is never cheap and neither are you,’ she answered.

Arlene took the advice, a basic black and a basic white but she picked two others as well, a teal and a deep red, they were a little more modern and gave her a flair she thought. 

‘That was quick.  You’re getting much better at this.  That tells me you have confidence in your style and are starting to see and know what you look good with and it took no time at all.  As I said before, once you change what’s upstairs the rest just follows,’ Wendy explained. ‘One last stop and here we are and this time no looking at prices, this is my treat,’ she added as the doorman welcomed them.

‘Question time.  What do you think makes a great ensemble for the dress you plan to wear?  Think about that as you look.  Like before this is on you to decide.  Think about what you want to project, your personality, your taste, things like that, be comfortable in your choices.  Now off you go, come and get me when you’re done.’

Arlene having only ever had earrings and basic studs at that looked about the display cases but her eyes quickly glazed and she was at sea and could feel panic setting in over her uncertainty.

‘No, this is what you did before, you ran, no more, look how far you’ve come in not even a day, be confident, ask for help.  Is that guy looking at me?’ she thought to herself as from somewhere she did know he had, her head turned and tilted and she gave him an acknowledge smile that said I caught you.

She approached a display case and before she could even ask, a women, very well appointed was there asking her what she would like to see.  Arlene explain and described her dresses, the black one and the white one, adding with a smile and a little laugh that she was undecided on which to wear so she’d thought she’d cover both bases just to be sure.

‘We could do what I like to call a Harlequin arrangement, the opposite for each dress, black for the white and white for the black and nothing is more timeless than pearls.  Let me get a few things if you’ll come with me I can get you a tea or a drink of your choice and a place to sit so we can do this in a more comfortable setting,’ the woman explained and led the way to semi private seating arrangements.

She was back in a flash with earrings, choker, bracelet and a ring.  Arlene loved everything except the ring, she was not a ring person, but she looked fabulous in the pearls, the white went as it usually does with most things, perfectly with the outfit she was wearing, she decided to keep them on.

‘Do you have a necklace that would say come to here,’ she asked indicating a few inches down from the top of her sternum and perhaps earrings that dangle.  I think I want to stay with the pearl motif for both or if you know of something else I should try that would be welcome as well,’ she asked.

There were soon boxes piled neatly one on top of the other, a lot of boxes, as Arlene suddenly noticed.

‘I think I have enough for now, but certainly I will return in the future,’ she said trying to sound calm.
‘Of course Miss, here is my card, it has been and will be my pleasure to serve you in the future.  I will take these to the cashier and have everything packaged and waiting for you,’ she added as she waved for another employee to assist her.

‘Feel free to cut it down any way you want, I plead temporary insanity,’ she explained to Wendy as they made their way to the cashier.

‘Everything is read for you Miss,’ the woman said and Arlene realising she had not given her name.

‘Arlene Compton.’

‘It has been my pleasure Miss Compton, I hope to see you again soon.  Thank you again.’

‘Are,’ she started off in a slightly loud voice then decided to lower it so not to attract the attention of passersby as they walked. ‘Are you fucking nuts!’ Arlene asked.

‘Now who has the potty mouth,’ Wendy replied a lilt in her voice bordering on a laugh.

‘That was $65,000.00 in jewellery,’ Arlene replied her voice even lower and her head tilted into Wendy.

‘Yes, all this shopping, makes me hungry, care for lunch there’s a delightful place up on the corner,’ she answered.

‘Ok maybe you didn’t hear me or my temporary insanity transferred to you, but $65,000.00.  I repeat minus the swear word.  Are you out of your mind!’

‘I’ve got lots of money Arlene, I’ve been very well compensated over the years both officially and unofficially,’ she said taking her hands in hers across the table in the restaurant.

‘Our profession may be glamourous and full of adventure and eroticism but it’s far from being completely virtuous in nature.  Lose any idea you have of that notion going in.  I’m telling tales out of school but you’ll find this out anyway once you get going and you’re assigned a mentor, she’ll set you straight and help you get going to.  Money, jewels, a myriad of things could be lying around, you’d be a fool not to take it.  You get the access code to bank accounts of the bad guys, you transfer that money. Being a good girl doesn’t mean you’re one all the time, it just means you’re good and believe in the cause you’re fighting for, not stupid.  You leave the booty behind it will just help finance the next scheme they hatch,’ Wendy explained looking again at the menu.

Arlene’s head as swimming at little at that, so she pushed it aside and decided to concentrate on her first statement.

‘We could have just rented those or similar items for a fraction and then returned them when I’m done.’

‘And how would that have made you feel?  Right back to the “I’m not worthy of these”, the same feelings you had this morning.  No, No my dear, we don’t go backward we go forward and we’re always worth it.  You walk into the start of formal training next week, you look your best, always, always, always remember that.  Take the time, make the effort, get the others to complete with you, not you against them, let them play catch-up.  Some of those other trainee’s are going to look at you and think “what’s she doing here” and discount you right away.  You look like you do now, maybe they think twice, you perform the way I think you can, that thought will be knocked out of their heads right away.  No Arlene, those are an investment in the future, your future.  Don’t get a big head, it’s the surest way to a quick end in this career, but you’re a knockout, all you have to do now is prove it. Ah free drinks I was beginning to have my doubts about this place,’ Wendy said to the waiter as he set two cocktails in front of them.  ‘Who are they from?’

‘The two gentlemen at the table two behind you on your right,’ he said not giving anything away.

Wendy turned about, Arlene noticed her legs, bent and swing out in an oh so sexy way, almost an invite, she made a mental note of the motion, to acknowledge the two, an older man and a younger one, dressed in office attire. Arlene smiled as well.

‘Want to pass your test right now?’ Wendy said to her.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Do Over

Her doorbell rang again, she had hoped the person would get the message and go away, but no such luck, her usual fate.  Putting down the pen that had been twirling in her hand she dragged herself out of the chair and trudged over to the door, snapping it open.

‘Avon calling,’ a woman smiled and laughed a tiny giggle as she held up a sample cosmetics case.
The young woman rolled her eyes turned on her heel back to the sofa and flopped into it.

‘I have got the right person, Arlene Compton?’ she asked following her into the condo where all she got was silence which she took for agreement.

‘Wendy Rogers, I could tell by the greeting you expected me but hoped somehow I wouldn’t show, no such luck and now that I’m here I expect no demand your full attention, so off goes the TV and away goes the phone!’ she said hitting the remote and grabbing the phone from her hand.

‘Oh, level 56, quite an accomplishment,’ she added shutting off the device and tossing it on a nearby chair.

‘No offense, I neither want, need or require a self help session from you or anyone else in this organisation since I don’t plan to be here much longer.

‘I see, well that makes my worker simpler and short, still time to enjoy the day.  I’ll be on my way then but only after you tell me why you’ve come to this conclusion,’ Wendy stated as she sat down across from Arlene, neatly and elegantly despositing herself in the chair. 

A long silence began, Wendy looking at Arlene, her lovely hazel eyes never leaving the young women while for her part Arlene looked everywhere but at Wendy.  It soon became apparent to the young woman that this intruder into her life was not going to leave without an answer.  She looked her up and down for the briefest of moments, everything she hated and feared was encapsulated across from her, it only made the time drag further.

‘I just don’t think this is for me, I don’t think I can hack it, it’s too tough and I’m not,’ she said hoping this would do, self blame had always been a reliable out in the past. 

‘If this was a movie then this would be the moment to queue the sad violin music and you’d be bursting into tears, hands in face, I’d accept it and wish you good luck, a pat on the shoulder and I’d be gone.  But since this isn’t a movie, you’ll have to do a fuck of a lot better than that to get me out the door.  You see I have evidence that says the opposite,’ Wendy smiled as she opened the case pulled out her tablet and began reading. 

‘You signed on knowing you’d be put into a rigorous program at exercise, diet and lifestyle change, essentially tearing your down and rebuilding you and your habits.  You finished the program 2 months ahead of schedule.  Sounds to me you knew exactly what you wanted and pushed to do it, so much for the I’m not tough enough BS.  Now as I leaf ahead, well let’s see, excellent in all aspects of first year training until we come to the last item in the program.  Do you want me to continue or do you want to revise your answer?’ Wendy asked.

‘You’re smug and self-assured and everything I despise.  You have no business being like that, it’s like you don’t know your place,’ the young woman answered.

‘And what place would that be?’ Wendy asked in a calm manner further irritating then young woman as she failed to rise to the emotional bait.

‘You’re big and fat, you’re like the ride along friend in a large group, not there because you belong, but because you make the others look that much better.  You’re a court jester, the before photo, the ugly duckling who never becomes the swan like all the other swans in the group,’ she stated flatly and coldly.  ‘Now leave.’

‘Now that’s honestly, but don’t ever transfer you’re feeling of inadequacy to me, you own them, that way you can deal with them. As for the ugly duckling, well I think over my career I’ve done fairly well in the allure department because if I hadn’t I won’t be an agent now would I?’ she ssid her voice calm and cool as she got to her feet.

‘Here take my hands in ours,’ she said.

Wendy got the young woman to her feet with just the slightest of tugs and pulled her close.

‘Now as for the other part, run your hands over me, pinch gently if you like, go on.’

Arlene reluctantly did as requested, her hands swirling up the arms of Wendy.  She felt the hard smoothness of them, she squeezed a little about the biceps and then moved onto the shoulders and neck then swung down her shoulders and back and about her waist the taper of her form impressive to say nothing of exciting.  Arlene was struck by the paradox, she was so hard yet so smooth and soft and ultra feminine. Hands eddied about her ass, firm and full, not a soft spot could see find even at the top of the back of her thighs.  She came back in front up and then down the flat stomach and down her long legs, pressing the material of the skirt against the insane firmness of her thighs, Arlene feeling the sexy sculpted pythons, her hands surfing the peaks and valleys of the toned muscles and she rode her hands down to the wave of skin and around the sexy flow of her calves and onto the conclusion of her legs at her thin ankles, the whole ride a sensual thrill.  That would have been more than enough but when you added in the sensory intake Wendy Rogers was surely sensory overload.  Added to the body were the clothes, make up, hair and accessories to finish the package and make one anyone would love to unwrap.

‘You want to see and feel what’s underneath, don’t you?’ Wendy asked.

‘Sorry what?’ Arlene said here mind swimming around the very question Wendy had just asked her but she hadn’t heard.

‘Exactly, this what makes you and me such deadly weapons, the want of the unknown.  Your eye gets caught, maybe it’s a flash of the leg, maybe the hair, the face, maybe your breasts inside that nice blouse, who knows it’s something and it’s different and alluring so you take a closer look, those legs look great, those thin ankles rising to those exquisitely structured calves and then that skirt blocks the rest.  I wonder what they look, feel like further up, same for those full breasts behind the blouse, if only on more button was open, wonder what kind of bra she’s wearing, do they support themselves, how firm are they?  They all of sudden you’ve acquired the target, you catch them looking at you just one time too many for it to be coincidence, now you want them to lock onto you so you give them what they want, but in a perfectly natural way.  The simple act of taking a seat, could be a bar stool, always a grabber or just a normal chair, you deposit yourself smoothly and elegantly and cross those legs of yours, showing just a hint of thigh, as good as what is below and you have them.  That is just one sample of our power Arlene, there are many more.’

‘Sorry for the comments, obviously stupid and wrong about you,’ Arlene said.

‘But not about you?’ Wendy questioned. ‘Or so you think.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘It’s obvious isn’t it?’ Wendy said walking away, her body moving gracefully her legs dancing lightly in a manner Arlene had to stretch her imagination to its very length to see her doing.

‘Look at those two sacks you’re wearing, one upper, one lower.  Must have pulled those out of the bottom of the drawer where they’d been hiding from your college days when you tried to skate by in oversized clothes hoping they’d mask how really big  you were under them.’

For a second it could have gone either way for Arlene, either fight or flight, she didn’t know which would prevail, but Wendy did.

‘That was me and that was Ivory and Marcia and Cindy and all the others.  The key is that was, not that is.’

Wendy had her in her arms before Arlene even knew it and just let her go, holding her while she cried.

‘Push it out of you Arlene, all of it, I know it’s painful, that’s not you anymore and never will be again,’ she soothed as she held her and patted her back.

When Arlene finally let go she sat down on the couch as did Wendy.

‘Now, no bullshit, nothing goes beyond these walls, tell me what happened.’

Arlene gathered herself and began. ‘They gave us a first assignment, before formal training actually began.  We were all to go to this Upscale Piano Bar/Bistro and see if we could hook up with a guy.  It didn’t have to lead to anything, if you didn’t want it to,’ she added. ‘But just to get a date for the evening and secure a second one.  I bombed out and I was the only one who did!  God, that was humiliating, it still is,’ she added but refusing to cry her face more rueful than crushed.

‘I see, so what do you think went wrong?’ Wendy asked.

‘Everything,’ and then there was a long pause. ‘I never went on a date in High School or my prom and well in college you don’t really go on dates in college, mostly house parties and when I was asked to tag along it was easy to find corners to disappear into or similar girls to hang out with until the thing was over and I could go home.  I guess that’s what I felt like on that night.  I watched all those other girls walk in and stun the room, so I just used them as cover and slunk away and counted the minutes.’

Wendy thought hard before she spoke.  She had never been in this situation.  Yes she was a plus, but she’d been a teen model, yes larger, but still curvy, sexy and confident, her modeling classes and experience giving her those qualities.  She needed very little “toning up” as it is called, so she was a little out of her depth here, but fortunately she was an excellent swimmer.

‘There’s a video of all this!’ Arlene exclaimed as Wendy’s tablet played the night in question.

‘We’re a spy agency my dear, of course there’s a video,’ came the answer. ‘I’m guessing this was a wear from your closet what you think will be appropriate and make the mission successful,’ Wendy added as they watched and Arlene shrank a little more into the cushions.

‘Ok, some observations so far,’ she said pausing the recording. ‘Firstly none of you are dressed appropriately, a few are close.  This girl and this one, for instance are and with a few tweaks would be perfect.  Everyone else is showing far too much far too early in the game except for this girl, who is showing nothing all.  When the instructor said from your closet she didn’t mean your Aunt Mildred’s closet.  I mean what is this thing?  Who wears full length sack decorated with Maple 

  If a sudden gust of wind came up, this sail would billow and catapult you up to 78th Street.  I’d hide in the corner to if I had that on.’

‘Finished,’ was all Arlene said in a snappy tone.

‘One more small scene and that attitude I just heard is what I want more of.’

She played the scene then stopped it.

‘What the fuck!’ she exclaimed.

‘What, it’s a guy going to the washroom, it’s just around the corner,’ she answered back just as excited.

Wendy replayed the scene only this time is slow motion.

‘Look, he visibly slows his gate, see the shorter step, then his head moves just a little up and down, here, he’s checking you out.  Nice suit, nice buns, in shape, better than average looking and he’s checking you out and what do you do, turn away and put your head down, the universal not interested signal, holy fuck girl!’

‘You swear a lot for a person who’s supposed to be refined and sophisticated,’ Arlene fired back.

‘When it’s warranted and it’s something I care about, then yes, I do.  That guy was checking you out, you had the assignment in the bag at this point, all you had to do was smile and he’d have stopped and been over beside you.  Maybe it would have gone somewhere, maybe not, that would have been up to you, but you didn’t even try to get to that point.  This guy could see what I see and he had to see it though that hideous dress and well whatever you call that make up job you didn’t even try to apply.  

He saw a beauty, a stunner that somehow everyone had missed in their rush for the shiny sparkly objects that dazed the eye for a second.  He saw the rare beauty, the lasting deep glow and you blew him off because you didn’t want to give him the chance to do the same to you,’ Wendy said seeing her words hit home.


‘You made all this effort,’ Wendy said smacking her on the shoulders. ‘To change your body and your eating habits and that was so hard, but it’s nothing compared to changing was inside here,’ the spy added touching the top of Arlene’s head.  That is the hardest thing to change, but once done you’re unbeatable in whatever you pursue.  Don’t you at least want to find out,’ she said playing the video again. ‘Find out if you could have taken that guy home and given him the night of his life all because you’re confident in yourself?  I know I want to!’

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Eastern Force

She placed her skirt, nicely folded, in the suitcase.  ‘This neatness, just so, way of doing things, could become a habit with me,’ she mused.  ‘At least this part and the mission had gone smoothly, well smoothly was stretching it a bit, but despite her and her partner being two rookie agents, they had beat the odds and succeeded, that was the positive, the negative was something more personal and nagging.  Her mentor had told her that ‘couple missions’ almost always carried certain benefits that single ones did not.  The look she gave Roz told her nothing more needed to be said on that matter.

Roz was still waiting for that particular matter to show itself as she placed a negligee she had hoped not to be wearing in her case.  ‘I got my wish,’ she told herself. ‘Just not in the manner I thought.’
She had been in several training classes with her erstwhile partner, Scott Fulton, but had not spoken to him since the day they were called into Alice’s office and given the mission.  She remembered being thrilled, excited and nervous all at once, her first mission since becoming and agent, Roz also remembered Scott looking less then excited at the mission and her.  Roz went right to an old default, one in spite of her training she’d never been able to erase. ‘Yes you got stuck with the fat chick.’

Roz Downing was anything but that, true she was a size 12, not the typical spy babe formula, but just as and in many cases more effective, but it seemed evident to her that Scott had expected something more traditional and didn’t feel the need to hide his feelings.  She had resigned herself then and there to just completing the mission to show she was capable of being a good agent.  ‘Letting your ego get in the way of your better judgement and your chance at future success was just stupid,’ she told herself while looking into the mirror later that evening. ‘They’ll be other times and opportunities.’

In truth, if see wanted to admit it, she was relieved it had worked out this way.  Roz knew she was not the most experienced of women sexually.  In fact, she was downright a neophyte in the area when compared to her classmates, so having to suffer the embarrassment of being a stumbling, fumbling unsure and tentative lover or just being upset that she’d been rejected, she knew pretty much what side of the ledger she wanted to be on.  Still it nagged at her.  ‘If he doesn’t want me, even as a toss away roll about to relieve the tension of the mission what hope do I have of being effective with targets I actually have to attract?’ she thought again as the tape looped in her head one more time.

She finished folding her clothes and closed the suitcase, checkout was in an hour and that brought up another insult.  They had finished the assignment two days early and had the blessing for FORCE to stay till the end and enjoy themselves, but Scott had decided he wanted to leave early.  ‘That one hurt harder than any of the punches she’d taken from opponents. 

Roz walked over to the mirror and checked her look, a habit now, that she’d had drilled into her during training.  She teased her tresses and smoothed her skirt then checked behind with a half turn and a glance.  She was satisfied with her look, her hair and make up perfect, her lips displayed with a light creamy pink concoction called Morning Fire.  Her blouse was white and hugged her giving her breasts ample room to show off.  She wore a very fashionable pearl choker and matching earrings.  Her light green skirt hugged her hips and underpinned her ass perfectly.  It ended at mid knee giving her show stopping legs the display they deserved especially when tucked inside a pair of classic white pumps

She saw him looking at her out of the corner of her eye, she abruptly turned and walked away.  ‘I’m ready to go, the quicker the better then you won’t have to be with me any longer,’ she snipped. 

‘That’s just the problem,’ Scott said. ‘I don’t think I just can look at you any longer.  This brought Roz up short, the tone was not distant but frustrated.  She turned and looked at him.

‘I’ve never had what you’d call natural luck, but that day when I walked into the briefing room and saw you I thought I’d hit the jackpot!  No, you have to let me do this in one continuous thought,’ he said stopping her from saying something.  Roz took the cue and lowered herself into a chair.

‘We only had a few classes together, but I never had the luck to have you as a partner or an opponent.  I remember that unitard you used to wear for combat classes, looked like a modified monokini.  I used to watch you move in that, the exposed skin displaying the sculpted muscle that moved sinuous and menacing into the attack.  The way the fabric stretched to showcase your moving form and allow your deadly talents maximum freedom.  I used to wish I would be paired against you, win or lose I didn’t care just to be that close to you, to feel your touch, but as I said I was never that lucky.

Then the ultimate frustration and joy, an assignment with you.  Knowing we are rookie agents and our performance monitored it took all I had to fight off the desire inside me for you.  It was only compounded by our style choices and how you made everything you wore rock.  But I knew if I did we’d screw up the assignment and while I could live with that I couldn’t let that happen to you, you’re a real talent, so I went to the opposite extreme, but I had to tell you, not for me but because I could see you were beginning to have doubts about yourself and you should never have those Roz, your incredible.

For a second she didn’t know what to say, she had it all wrong.  She realised, this wasn’t a one off bonus roll in the hay for and job well done for either of them, Scott really cared for her, his passion was full on.

‘I’m not that experienced, I think you may have built me up into something I can never measure up to,’ she said instantly thinking it had to be the stupidest thing so could have possibly blurted out. 

‘I thought the same thing only from my perspective.  How could I never please this woman, I want to touch her everywhere at the same time, I’d fumble about giving you slices but never the whole apple as I would want, make a hash of things and then what would you think, maybe even that it was your fault.  Then there’s the whole don’t get involved with another agent it can only end badly for one or both of you, there’s a lot of truth in that.  I don’t want sex Roz I want to make love with you.’

She understood what the statement entailed.  Everything could end in heartbreak if they broke up or one was killed, that would compromise the other and make them useless as an agent, nothing but a whole series of bad endings.  Her mentor had told her to just treat it as friends with benefits proposition and leave it at that, it was sound advice, but then there was Cindy and Quinn to consider, they made it work and still do and she’d heard stories of others, nothing but rumours and innuendo, but where there was smoke.  She also knew these agents were older, had established themselves and well she didn’t like to admit it, more mature and sophisticated than she.

‘It’s a Gordian Knot to be sure,’ she said getting up and walking over to the phone.  ‘Hello, yes, we’d like to cancel our cancellation and stay the remaining days, thank you.’  She walked over to the door, slipped the Do Not Disturb sign to the outside and locked the door before turning around.

‘Let’s see where this knot leads to,’ she purred.

*             *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *            
‘I don’t remember much after that,’ she said searching for and taking his hand in hers as they swayed on the hammock.  I recalled us crashing together, hands everywhere, the removal of clothes awkwardly and quickly, a sensation of falling and then just a warm feeling and the oblivion of a soft white light, then bliss and finally the sensation of our rapid breathing and the feeling of our bodies conjoined.  I do fully and wonderfully remember everything after that,’ Roz said the soft pads of one foot stroking his calf.

‘I remember the touch of your lips after we’d finished the first time.  When I close my eyes I can feel every moment of that touch and the look in your eyes,’ Scott said back with a squeeze of her hand.
Roz turned a little in to him, the corner of her eye catching a rustling between his legs, see knew not because of her touch but because of his memory of her he had just described.  Her scent feeling his nostrils he responded even more as Roz snaked one leg over and between his, the back of her knee cupping his semi in her caress and rapidly turning it into a granite obelisk that she loving stroked to keep it that way. 

‘Luckily I have tremendous powers of concentration, otherwise this could end up being a precarious place to make love,’ he said stroking her arm. 

‘The business we’re in and you think that would be precarious?’ she giggled a little before he went on.

‘I do remember the second and the third and the forth and all the others that time and I remember you saying that you weren’t that experienced several more time after our first encounter for which I was grateful,’ he said smiling and kissing her again as she looked a little bewildered.  ‘Because if I had gotten the experienced Roz I never would have survived that weekend.  You were incredible, part of that I know is my perception what you would be like, but the reality was so much better.  You were astoundingly sexily, loving, inventive, adventurous, dangerous, I needed that Roz to grow with, everything you were that weekend was all the seed of what you are now and your career proves it.’

‘What’s your meeting on Monday about?’ Scott asked casually.

‘No idea, it’s all very hush-hush,’ Roz answered seemingly unconcerned.

The ironic thing was even though she worked for a spy agency and everything was supposed and actually was very secretive Roz as well as all the other agents had back doors to information.  Just how many doors you could open usually depended on how good an agent you were.  Roz was a very good agent and she usually could get many doors ajar, but not this time. 

‘Anyway I don’t want to dwell on work,’ she said softly as she pulled herself a little closer to him, smiled and closed her eyes as the hammock gently swayed.

*             *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *              
They never made a big deal of saying goodbye to each, just a simple kiss and hug, both needed and wanted it and it proved just enough.  They knew they’d see each other and always left it at that.  Her flight was uneventful except for adding her frequent flyer points to their joint account and seeing where they could spend time together in some exotic location in the future.

She arrived at FORCE HQ, a mid-sized office building on W 26th St.  Officially it was the Steinmetz and Sons, a Brokerage House of excellent reputation with a small and very private clientele, who liked it that way.  The trading offices were on Wall Street, close to the action, this was the Analytics Department, the brains behind the operation of finance spying, the top three floors high security supposedly just covering the computer and data resource centre, which in reality they did, but they also housed FORCE HQ in North America and Roz was headed straight for the top floor. The retinal scan got her into the building and a second Biometric scan got her into the elevator where another retinal scan, this time the other eye sent her speeding to the top floor.  

‘Miss Downing,’ said a pretty young woman in a flat serious tone then turned and starting walking.  The spy fell into step as they traversed the hall then stopped at a conference room door where the woman knocked twice and opened the door just enough to stick her head inside the door.  Roz heard her name being mentioned then the door closed and the woman turned her.

‘You may go in,’ was all she said in the same even tone then walked away.  Roz watched her go, then slipped her hand around the latch and entered the room unsure of what to expect but sure what she encountered was nowhere on her list of outcomes.

She stared and starring back at her were 10 grey haired women each wearing a house dress, a shawl, sensible shoes, spectacles and leaning on a cane.  Roz laughed a little then smiled.

‘Welcome dearie,’ said a voice, carefully masked to appear much older than she was.  ‘We have watercress and pinwheel sandwiches, crust removed of course, strawberries and cream for dessert and of course tea in china cups.  We also have this for you,’ she said wobbling a little as she leaned against her cane and dug into the oversized black purse she had.  ‘Now don’t tell me I’ve forgotten it, oh no, here it is,’ she scratched before fishing it out and handing it to Roz.  ‘Well go on and open it, at my age it will be a surprise as well, since I can’t remember anything.’

Roz gave a smile and removed the ribbon and the bow then opened the case revealing the most exquisite set of pearl earrings, bracelet and stand she’d ever seen.

‘Welcome to the Century Club,’ Claire said as she removed her wig.  ‘One Hundred completed missions,’ she added in triumph before embracing her and giving her a kiss on the cheek as did all the other members. 

‘You see I win the bet, everyone, I told you she had no idea,’ Roz’s department head Cindy Krutzler said as she embraced her.  ‘I can tell by the look of shock on her face, you almost never see it. Quick someone get a picture!’

The all had a laugh and shared a meal.  In spite of the levity they all knew what a serious accomplishment this, both, for the organisation and for the individual.  The more experience an agent had the harder they were to eliminate, all that knowledge came in useful, experience was the best asset they could possess and for FORCE to add another member to the Century Club made them more formidable as it did for Roz, not that she needed it, she was already considered a top agent and a prize to be taken by her enemies. 

While the party went on Roz notice Cindy and Claire drift together and talk for a while.  It was hard to choose between the two of them, contrasting figures certainly, Claire was more the prototypical spy femme fatale type from the movies only without the requirement of being rescued from peril. Cindy was everything you would not expect a female spy to be and that’s what played to her advantage and indeed her Sections advantage.  The Head of Ops-Plus Section had put together a formidable group of agents not only Roz, but Ivory Stephens, Marcia Seaton, Tami Dashwood among others and that was not adding the coming six:  Rochelle Mainwaring, Sabine Huber, Iris Manji, Nara Fleming, Seeva Zelinsky, Elena Zubova. 

 As the gathering wound down Cindy asked Roz to come back to her office for a few minutes.
‘Here we go,’ Roz thought, ‘I’m in trouble again for something.’

They made the journey with small talk Roz knowing even more something was coming because of it and when they had settled Cindy, in her usual manner came straight to it.

‘We want you to go to the Far East and India for a while, take up residence their, you choose the location.’ she said.

‘Sounds like a little longer than a while and why me?’ she asked.

‘We need to organize things a little better there,’ she had barely gotten the words out of her mouth when Roz put her hand up.

‘I have no interest in being an administrator and if FORCE has lost confidence in me as an agent, then I will be happy to retire,’ she stated flatly.

‘We want you to do neither, you’re my top agent and that’s why we want you to go, we very much want you in the field, but we also want you too oversea the crop of young agents we have there.  Give them your wisdom and experience, your unique skill sets, besides were rather thin on the ground out there at the moment.  Just as Asian women work well in the west the same is true for Caucasian women in the east and in particular, pluses.  Your exotic skills are very well versed in eastern techniques, some of our girls would benefit from that teaching. 

‘Excellent, I want you take a couple of months and refresh yourself with Eastern Styles both from the offensive and the defensive, both sexes,’ Cindy ordered and handed her a few DVD’s.

‘Training manuals?’ Roz asked.

‘In a manner, video’s your opponents in action, they make for interesting watching,’ Cindy said with a smile and Roz knew the meeting was concluded.  She picked up her itinerary from Cindy’s admin and left.  ‘These are just a basic primer; you’ll get more in depth ones when you visit Wei Lee’

*     *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *

It was a long flight and an even longer train and then jeep ride to get to Wei Lee’s base of operations deep in the Myanmar jungle very close to the border with China.  It was secluded and as Roz had discovered difficult to get to making it an excellent place for her covert activities and the landlords never bothered her courtesy of a several favours see had performed for them.

Roz mixed her physical training with her casual training, namely the Dvd’s and her collection of exotic eastern arts, but the more see learned the more see realised she knew nothing at all.

‘The beginning of wisdom,’ she told herself.

 She worked long days with Wei Lee, as she had the best access to teachers through her connects with various business enterprises and other agencies, she was also and excellent advisor.

‘Do not think because you will have either the advantage of both size and power in some cases that will get you through.  In many cases it could be your undoing, as Asian women have learned to compensate for this,’ Wei said as they entered her private training room.

‘What about the men,’ Roz asked.

‘An excellent place to start. They tend to be smaller males, lean, but strong, the exception being some India Males but we’ll come to them.  They will dress as females, elaborate disguises and make up, right down to the weapons of a real female and use them just as we do, sometimes even with more effectiveness.  All are highly talented fighters, both in male and female arts, which make them so effective against all opponents.  Don’t think your flexibility is superior either, expertly skilled in Yoga they are lethal knotters and well versed in single and two man knots and unlike western males who just use power eastern males use multiple aspects.’ Wei explained.

Such as?’ Roz inquired keenly. 

‘They use their Yoni’s exceedingly well.  Some of the variants are known as Stringing Prawn, Lotus Stem, Thai Stick, Bamboo Bond, there are others that we’ll cover.  Also all single knots are Anal as they are more effective on us.’

‘What about poison or motion,’ Roz asked.  ‘I’ve always found either to be persuasive on the male.’
‘They’re more likely to be ones using that on you.  Aware of how talented a female’s derriere can be and how tight a grip she can encase their prongs in they have developed a synthetic oily wax that they coat their stems in.  It acts as a sealer against any poisonous entrapment that may await it upon entry.  Once inside the combined heat expands the membrane just enough causing it to release a very drug that slows your metabolism down and you just enough to make the game more interesting, it also forms a firm shell around his root protecting it from any frictional enticement you may be able to deploy.  If you couple that with a twofold entwinement, one anal the other paradise and the female is soon helpless.’

‘The Asian Stinging Hornet,’ Wei said activating a video on her tablet.‘

‘The drug isn’t potent enough to paralyze you, just make you weaker and allow them to insert their spindle into you and forget that myth we’ve all heard about Asian men and penis size, it’s just that, a myth.  If you get “Spindled” as we call it either front or back or both it will take everything you have to escape, even for you Roz.  It doesn’t stop there, in a group of three or more the female can be entangled in a Triad Tangle, either male or female, both are equally deadly but the make version contains a stinging function that can kill all by itself.  Rather than simply immobilize and ensnare the female in their bodies, males will opt for a more insidious death.  Quick penetrations from behind or stinging, a thrust and an extraction, only several seconds but one after the other.  Our physiology can’t handle it, it creates a chemical reaction and disorients us especially after long fighting encounters and we’re tried out.  All it takes is several quick stings to begin the process, from there the female is repeatedly stung maker her weaker and weaker until she is finally tethered in a specialised bind by one of the males that exposes her fully for a final penetration that kills her.’
Wei continued. ‘As I mentioned before, their small size and sinuous forms have another advantage, massage.  Our opponents are supple and smooth and trained in numerous techniques, a few are; Bangkok Body Rub, Shiatsu Snake, Mekong Male Massage are extremely slow in buildup and subtle in nature usually the female is caught during sex or a sexual act.

‘How so,’ asked Roz. ‘Usually during sex, the act or the foreplay, the female asserts control, and as so oral foreplay we definitely have control.’

‘The massage works with the act, it’s a trap from the female.  As the male indicates what he likes, maybe a little more hip turn from her or more stimulation to a part, he is actually luring her into his motion trap, she thinks she has him, distracting him with pleasure but its his body working on her.  As I said it’s a slow build up, as the female exerts her talents and energies, he’s busy doing the same to her but his positioning of her regarding what she thinks he likes has rendered her aptitudes inert.  Unable to drain the male of his energy by orgasm, she tries harder draining her energy reserves until finally the male has rubbed her just enough that he activates the trap.  Unable to resist, her muscles deadened, the female is slowly enveloped inside his body and finished slowly.  There are variants that allow two males to entangle and massage the female,’ Wei offered.

Observe,’ Fan said as she activated the screen at the front of the room.

Roz watched scene after scene of males completing their missions using the techniques Wei had described.  She watched closely observing the men, skilled, sexy and lethal against their prey, their sinewy bodies entangling their female opponents in exotic positions. 

She went to bed that night studying and thinking of how to counter them.  Warm moist air filled her room.  Wei’s retreat and training centre for her women was deep in the jungle in Myanmar by a lake, she looked out at the room, jungle heat rising from it.  She needed to get used to the heat, her naked body silhouetted against the moonlight by the door had a sheen to it from the moist air.

She never heard the silent intruder.  A pinch to both her calves from his toes froze her by the door and in the moonlight that flooded in.  She looked down and saw a him, just as had been outlined to her by Fan, sinewy and small, her was naked as well Roz also noticing the other thing Wei had said that about their appendages, he was more than adequate.  She couldn’t more her legs.

‘Evening Miss Downing, excellent to find you nude.  Its good to see a pluses calves can be caught in The Clasping Crab.’

Roz’s legs were stone; she could stand but not command her legs to move.  She was more annoyed about be caught unaware, he was good and she knew deadly.  Slowly he moved his legs apart like a fan opening, Roz her back to him could do nothing.  Very slowly the plus was lowered into a split position on the bamboo floor her arms secured in his as she came down, caught behind her neck. He came closer in as she came down his prong engorging to full extension and steel hard stiffness as she carefully tried to guide himself in.

Roz quivered as he churned his hips about, he gently worked himself in, she tried to resist but she was compromised by her position.

‘I’m opened up to him, spread out and extended.’ she said to herself.

Roz clenched her ass and rolled forward pulling his stem free. He tried again, her gates were barred, but she rubbed on his yoni, breaking his concentration, but not his hold on her.  Roz smiled as he came, his ghism spilling on the floor under her.

‘Round One to me Honey Bun, but I think you have more in you to give.

The outlines moved in the moonlight, Roz struggling to free her legs from The Clasping Crab before she was spindled.  Her body drenched in sweat, moist and dripping, her nipples dropping splashes of water that formed tiny pools below her.

He arched her up and slid into place once more, his hips dancing with her as she tried to evade capture.  Roz used her strength to just hold herself off his lap while she danced about him.  The vivacious vixen used her asset to full advantage.  She felt him still after several minutes. Then just a brush of skin sent him over the top, her convulsed and jetted, his grunts and thrusting noises filling her spacious room.

She took full advantage of his release turning her head in an incredible display of suppleness to give him a picture of her beautiful face before applying a kiss.

‘Round two to me as well Sugar,’ she said and continued in a breathless voice.

The spy twisted and contorted and swayed her ass about, her body splashing droplets into the night pelting the floor like raindrops.  She cummed him four more times, his cock still hard and full of fight. 

‘You’re hard and so huge, one slip and I’ll be helplessly impaled on your lance, my labours to escape wasted,’ she panted as she worked.

The control the FORCE spy exhibited was incredible as was her sheer strength.  Her muscle tone revealed itself to her attacker, much more so than any women he’d had before.  His cock was throbbing from her ministrations, tingling and soaring, the wonderful sense of pleasure bubbling to the surface and then exploding in spite of his efforts to avoid it.

She danced and kissed and talked and nuzzled him to 6 more before she was free.  She fell forward exhausted but free.  She glowed intensely in the moonlight, her body an orangey flame colour, wet and glistening as she rolled lethargically onto her stomach, her breath heavy and laboured as she rested for a second before slowly slithering toward him.

‘A excellent try sweetie pie but I pack a punch in my ass, a lethal part of any pluses arsenal, as deadly as any other part of my body,’ she said giving him a kiss.

‘My trap is a modification from the Stripper’s Guild Lethal Lap Dance.  I can kill with mine if need be, but mostly I use it in a paralysing way.  My motion and my touches all attack the oh so sensitive nerve endings in that monster of yours, eventually paralysing your entire body, but not before a pleasurable interlude,’ she purred giving him another kiss.

Roz wiggled about, her movements laboured from her ordeal of hours of work.  She tilted him on his side and pressed her front into his back then rolled taking him on top of her as she rolled onto her back.

‘This is much more comfortable position for both us,’ she cooed.

Roz softly cuddled him while her hands closed around his flaccid stem.  His soft rope instinctively responding to her skilled touch.

‘It appears my touch appeals to you this way as well,’ she said into his ear as her tongue lashed it adding to the attack.  ‘You’re getting bigger and harder, a dangerous combination,’ she added hotly.
Roz turned his rope into a hardened shaft of pulsing pleasure, her hands lapping and rubbing his prong.  She danced her nails over it every so often hitting nerve endings and turning the fire hotter inside him.  She gave him encouraging nips and kisses and touches along the way.  Her palms tenderly polished his tip sending bliss up his stem.

The tips of her lips just resting on his she opened and closed them just in a purse, the hot air from her doing just what she wanted, it send him over the top.  Roz directed the eruption away and elicited all of it out of him with her manipulations.

‘Oh my Snuggle Toy, what a geyser, but I bet you have more, you’re still so hard and the next ones will be quicker as I know what you like now.’

She delivered on her promise stroking him to expulsion four more times each quicker than the previous.  His musk covered them both, mixing with hers keeping the sexual stimulation on the boil, both were covered in dampness.  Roz arched her pelvis up and let him slide backward a little so his head came off her shoulder and down beside her. 

She turned her head to his and smiled hungrily before her lips took his and her tongue danced inside his mouth. 

‘You’re still interested Lammie, just not so enthusiastically I think, lets see if I can fix that’ Roz purred as she drew a leg up his body and into his package.

‘It feels like a snake coming up your body, doesn’t it, carefully slithering toward its goal, a flicking tongue,’ Roz flicked hers into his mouth. ‘A slow turn of its head,’ Roz turned her mouth as she kissed him. ‘And finally if finds and envelops its prey,’ she hissed as her toes succulently opened and closed on his tip before running down his shaft.

‘The snake builds the senses, stimulates a primal urge, maybe you can resist the siren call, but maybe the serpent is your secret desire and you give in,’ Roz whispered as he came, she kneading him to extract his juice.

‘There secret desire fulfilled, but what if the sexual constrictor has a partner, another pleasure python, what then,’ she said slipping her other leg about him and into the caress.  Two lethal constrictors wrapped around, their churning stimulation turning you on and on until you just succumb to them.’

He did, her soft touch spilled him, her legs tightening to hold him still while he writhed in ecstasy. 

‘But now you have a problem your desires have been granted, but the two serpents are not yet satiated, they want more, they want all of you,’ she explained as she began again.  Roz stroked and played with his root, delicate brushes mixed with soft strokes and grips from the pads of her toes along with a grip and pull of his knob did the trick. The spy gave him a kiss and began again.  She repeated the process five more times, until his root was limp and spent. Roz rolled him back onto her and sat up at the waist taking him with her.

‘One final position honey bear,’ she said.

The spy pulled his right leg across and tight to his body and repeated the position with his left.  From behind Roz placed her heels against the tops of his feet.  Roz lowered her ass and relaxed wiggling it about until she had his face she fell forward and took his appendage into her mouth and his arms into hers competing The Honeycomb.

Despite his spend nature the instant Roz coddled his piece, her lips and tongue caressing and sliding around his obelisk began to harden and his body twitch.  The spy let him worm helplessly in the knot her ministrations sapping the remaining fight from him until he stilled.  Roz’s ass contracted and pulled his face into it sealing him tight and his fate.