Tuesday, May 18, 2021

SALON Agents-POV- Small Vignettes

‘Just relax, you can have all of me I promise, but you have to let me have some fun.  There something to occupy your time and what’s this, something for me?  My this present gets bigger and bigger the more I touch it, but I can think of a faster and softer way. Yes, my lips are soft but they have just the right friction it seems, some more?  Oh sorry, just a little nip, I promise I won’t do it again, I don’t have to, one is enough.  Two rules of spying, know your enemy.  Salon agent Thủy Linh Đan, that takes care of the first and the second is, know her skills, Stem Scorpion, paralysing.  You needn’t worry I won’t leave you in this state, no I’m a full service agent, let me demonstrate.  First let me get in position, there, now to my lips can demonstrate their full effectiveness.  You rather seem to enjoy that, no reason this can’t be pleasant, for a while at least.  I’m very active, I like to move about, different alignments deliver new sensations as I see you can feel even in your condition.  This next one is a bit tricky, not to worry, I’m extremely flexible. Pleasing to the touch, I told you, a woman’s lips and tongue should always be considered a deadly weapon don’t you think.  Our time together is coming to an end and speaking of coming, you're so close, all it would take is just a brush of my lips, cruel maybe, but maybe not.  You’re going to need all your strength to try and escape my trap.  The Coral Snake,  my suit gets rather tight over time, it's designed that way, one piece can be far more deadly than a bikini.  Good bye baby,’ 


‘I found it a little chilly in here so I threw on some fur. I can see you find the cold, arousing.  Together we

should be able to find a temperature we both can tolerate.  I hope that kiss warmed you up a bit, I know it

worked for me, let’s try another.  Yes, I can feel it working, I’m very aroused, but not for the reason I think

you are.  You’ve heard of Death by a Thousand Cuts, well this is Relaxation by a Thousand Scratches. 

How you ask? Simple, my Merry Widow, the raised flowers are a micro scratching thread infused with a

relaxant drug.  All I have to do is move against you to inject the toxin, several close encounters usually

accomplish the task as you can tell.  My fur awaits your body, let me help you to the floor.  I hope you like

pearls, you’ll soon be wearing mine only in a more confining way.  Let me help you on with them, consider

it a gift to remember me by.  They all attach together, the string is impossible to break or cut, once

wrapped around your body, my earrings connect the two ends, a simple turn of the base activates the

motor inside, drawing the pearls one bead at a time through tightening the strand about your helpless

form.  There, my Vietnamese Pearl Snake is ready to coil.


‘You’ve absorbed several of my kisses.  My honeysuckle lipstick, I picked it especially for today because of its chemical makeup.  When applied it creates a clear coat over the lipstick that keeps it fresh and protected from exposure to the sun and water.  Heat is the only thing that dissolves the protective coating, my kisses.  Right now a mild nerve interrupter is working its way through your body, not enough to numb you totally but enough to make coordinated defensive moments impossible.  I was told you were difficult to knot so I created a situation to eliminate that.  I knew you’d insist on a long day in the sun and a swim to dissolve my potential weapon, however, this is a new formulation, a Salon exclusive, resistant to those tricks.  This is also new, my bracelet, the opening is a razor sharp edge, they should make short work of your trunks, then we can get down to business.  Oh, I’ll be naked to, no shortcuts and besides, that wouldn’t be fair.  I like to mix pleasure and business, first pleasure, kisses to bring us to the moment, don’t worry I’ll do the work.  Mmm, excellent, just the right mixture that you can kiss back, the dossier was right, you are an excellent kisser.  Just a little motion, yes, please try and resist, my knot works faster with motion, you know that, but please fight me.  There, that’s better, relax, let my lipstick work, it's almost gone, but the kisses are about to get sweeter, just a few more turns and adjustments and I’ll have you in my knot, Kon Tum Caressing Snail.  I see you know it by your reaction, I thought I told you not to move, you contracted me with that reaction silly.  Finally I have you, entangled and helpless. It’s said the knot is inescapable, I don’t know about that, what I do know is it's pleasurable, face to face we can kiss and we can watch each other's reactions.  I hope you enjoy my caress, I’ve never had any complaints in the past, just relax, you have no choice really and let me do my duty. If you cooperate I’ll make it as pleasant as possible for us, by us I mean you of course.  Kiss me, use up the last of my lipstick, I’d hate for it to go to waste.  There, that was enjoyable, my lipstick is spent, but not to worry, I’ll still kiss you as I work, a promise is a promise after all and I am a professional.’ 


‘How did I get you? Well that question could have many answers. You found me attractive would be the

obvious one, but I think you’re referring to your present situation.  It’s simple really, you held me too close

and speaking of that, how do I feel against you?  I’m considered soft in application, more of a clinging

woman than a clutching one, I’ve always found it to be more seductive to the opponent and more difficult

to escape from.  But, you want to know how, simple really, my negligee, a SALON exclusive, for those

intimate one night stands, each one custom made for the wearer, a single use weapon, a negligee of

poisonous spider silk.  Instead of being entangled in a web, you’re entangled in me, though softly as I

mentioned, just like dangling in a web awaiting your fate. The negligee doesn’t kill or isn’t sticky, that

would be too much of an advantage and no fun for either of us, mostly me.  The drug is mild and not l

onger lasting, just long enough for you to be distracted by the garment and just loose enough for me to

move, allowing my body to weave its own web about you.  Just like a real spider feeling a motion on a

strand attacks its helpless victim so I move when I feel motion, only I don’t web my prey, I constrict.  It’s

called a Web Python and you baby are soon to be its latest victim.  That’s right, you lay still or try to,

don’t let me get more of you than I already have.  I’m a patient spider, we’ll just lay her together, you

entwined in my soft embrace while the deadly duality of my negligee plays on your senses, the soft silk

caress against your will.’


‘I prefer the term Call Girl. I’m well educated, a good conversationalist and generally fun to be with, I have

references to back that up if you like, but I prefer to let each client decide.  Now what’s it to be, I thought

so.  The party wishes to remain anonymous, does that really matter, I thought not.  Now just relax and let

me lead, I am a professional after all.  There,  that was pleasant, a good start, you can be more

adventurous, I’m not made of glass, I won’t break if held tightly.  Oh, that was really wonderful, it's

enough to undo a girl, which is not a good thing in your case!  My dress has two rather unique functions,

it seems the feathers stick to anything they touch and the dress peels off me in strips wrapping about and

around, in this case, you.  I have to apologize, this is not a SALON invention, let’s say I borrowed it from

The Strippers Guild and gave it some class. Really, men and strippers, I’ll never understand that. 

Wouldn’t you rather meet your end from some classy women rather than some tawdry tart?  Don’t

answer that, anyway you can’t, the last of my dress has just been wrapped around you.  I’m afraid that’s

all the time SALON paid for. Don’t worry about a tip, the information we’ll get from you will be more than

you could afford.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

End Game

Cara reached the river's edge late in the afternoon.  She said low but began setting up, making

sure the jungle canopy provided her with cover.  The embankment provided the perfect cover

and a sprawling view of the mine on the opposite side.  She finished her preparations then

relaxed and waited for the call.

‘Yen’s data theft was the final piece, everything tied together, we now have a completeorganizational structure and who sits at the centre of it all,’ David Jacobs said.  

Mai’s data from her contacts in the shipping also say the same thing,’ Tina Samuels added.

‘It’s this piece here that really interests me,’ Claire said, I think there’s more to this section than

we are seeing,’ she answered walking to the projection David had on the screen of the meeting

room.  ‘Tell Cara to go ahead and Mai’s contacts as well.  I want to give as big a piece of dessert

as I can to our partners, that way we get what we want out of this.  If all goes as planned we will

know in a few hours.’


The mine was empty, save for a few security guards who Cara made sure were far enough away

before she began. The spy slipped on the ear muffs to cancel the noise, flipped up the covers on

the scope sighted the rifle then flipped off the safety.  She had already picked out her targets. 

Cara made short work of the four ten round magazines she had.  The 50 cal shells blasted in

machines and equipment at the mine site, chunks of metal, shards of wood filling the air mixed

with the satisfying pings of the spent shell casings. ‘Best for last Cara,’ she said squeezing the

trigger and watching the 500 gallon gas storage tank explode in a fireball. She disassembled the

gun, packed it up and headed off into the jungle for her rendezvous downstream with a river

trading boat. 


‘Let it buzz,’ Yen said, seizing his wrist and placing it above his head as she slightly increased

her rocking.  ‘I demand total attention and you are far too at attention for anything else,’ she

cooed as her hips churned around sending thrills and delights into both of them. 

They had a rhythm together by now and Yen used it and her considerable skills to inducemaximum pleasure for the both of them.  Her last paspin g thrusts finished him and the session.  After they had both shower she left him alone with his phone and then his laptop which he usedin a more speedy manner than normal although she pretended to take no notice as she relaxedin the other room.

‘I’m sorry but I have to cut this wonderful time together short.  There has been an incident at the

mine and it appears with one of the shipments.  Nothing to do with you or Cara, it appears more

crime at the docks,’ he said.  Yen looked concerned and threw her arms around him in a tight


‘Wherever it is we’ll fix it together, I have friends in places that owe me so I can help if you’ll let

me,’ she said.

Before he could answer she gave him a small kiss and went into the bedroom and startedpacking.  She packed up her clothes, checked her makeup in the bathroom and checked her textin the hidden compartment of her compact.  The message told her all the information she needed.  


‘That’s everything, I cross matched all the names and email addresses even have real time

tracking on the ones with location turned on in their cellphones to make it easier for them to be

picked up.  I’ve uploaded all the data to a secure server and cut any back doors into our system. 

At this point it's just a matter of informing all the concerned parties so they can execute their

plans,’ Davis Jacobs said.

‘You should get some sleep, you’ve been at this for days with little or no rest,’ Claire said.

‘I’ll crash soon enough, but this was so exciting to do, all the algorithms and big data analysis. 

For computer geeks this is an adrenaline rush of the highest order!  My team and I feel like

we really are part of everything,’ he added.

‘You and your team are part of FORCE all the time, hope you know that.  Sure all the glamour

and, well that other stuff, I don’t think I need to say anything else, you have experienced some

of it with Rachel, that’s the sizzle, you’re the steak, to borrow a marketing term.  Modern

espionage is almost all cyber backed or cyber run these days, without you and your team we’re

nothing at all.  Schedule a full department meeting, in fact make it a celebration, order food and

refreshments, so I can come, with some of others to thank you properly.  Now having said that I

want to make sure we get all we wanted from this deal,’ Claire said.

‘Fear not, I anticipated that so I have not uploaded certain key pieces until you have the

guarantees you want,’ David smiled.

‘Who says you're not a spy,’ Claire countered. 


After David had left Claire called Alice.

‘It falls to you, you’re the closest.  I don’t want to expose any of our other agents, neither sideneeds to know more than they do.  They’ll be time for that in the future.  This chess game iscoming to an end, but I don’t need to sacrifice any more assets to win.’

‘By that you mean exposing more agents.  I understand I will take care of things I just need 48

hours.  I will call you once I have finished the operation,’ Alice answered.

Claire was hoping for less than that but she did not question Alice’s timeframe, she had vastly for

experience at this.  


‘Your Mandarin is still as flawless as ever.  It has been a long time, even for us,’ he said.

‘Too long, I trust you got my letters?’ Alice answered.

‘Still as cautious as ever.  We appreciate it and we cherish those letters, he said, opening up adrawer to show her.  That old cipher still works a treat, no sense other people knowing things,’he smiled.

‘I take it things are still the same?’ she said her voice dropping and concern coming into it.


‘I think I have a solution, one that will benefit all.  My question is are you ready for it?’ Alice asked.

‘My goodness you need not lower your voice like you're talking about a taboo subject, you knowI can hear everything and if a may be permitted to answer for us, yes we are both ready,’ abeautiful young woman said as she came into the room holding a tray with tea.

Alice waited until she had set it down before they embraced, the hug telling her the answer wastrue.


Alice had Fan Li make the arrangements for her to meet Fei Ling Zhao.  It was a simple one to

set up given Fan made it all about money and power.  Alice wanted to put Fei at ease so she

suggested they meet at her place and Fei of course accepted.  

Alice chose a basic dress, not a power suit , something comfortable and disarming.  Alice

knocked on the big double doors and Fei greeted her looking stunning in a blue dress. The

greeting was cool but cordial, Fei leading the way to her study.library when she had tea ready

for a welcome.  The two sat opposite each other in a room that was more colonial in design,

dark wood, but mixed with eastern influences, screens, secondary pieces of furniture and

accents that gave it an odd but somehow calming look.  Fei poured them tea in an elegant

understated manner, her economy of motion a pleasure to watch.  She set down the pot, smiled

and came straight to the meeting point.

‘So I understand Miss Fan Li says you have a business offer for me.  I’m always interested in

new ventures.’

‘It's actually just me that has the offer, other interested parties I represent know nothing about

this,’ Alice smiled and watched for a reaction which she got, others would have missed it, but her

many years in China were spent on more than just martial arts.  Fei knew nothing, time was

important in this matter, she so pressed tight to the point.

‘We, meaning myself and the party I represent, know all about your business interests and theextracurricular information you gather and use.  I must say it's impressive, an extensive web ofinfluential people, some willing, some coerced into working for you,’ Alice explained.

‘I have no idea what you’re on about Miss Hamilton.  It’s not assuming, frankly it's a waste of mytime, please leave.’ Fei said in an almost convincing tone.

‘Really, is this what you’re looking for?’ Alice said, opening her hand.

‘I’m afraid the cat’s out of the bag.  I’ll speak bluntly because time is of the essence,’ Alice began

as she got up and walked about behind the chair.  ‘You have less than 48 hours to live!  All your

network has been exposed, as we speak there are people getting ready to pounce on them and

I think we both know what happens after that.  The lucky ones will disappear into secret facilities,

the not so lucky will simply disappear and you my dear will be grouped with the latter.’

‘Who do you work for?’ Fei asked.

‘Is that really all that important right now, it will not change the outcome,’ Alice countered. ‘I can

tell you remain unconvinced, open my briefcase and take a look for yourself, it's all there.’

Alice could see the metaphorical dagger being driven home and even though this was businessshe did not like it. She came back to the table, sat down and placed the pistol between them.

‘Them or me, the old game, well at least you’re giving me a choice,’ Fei said in a defeated tone. 

‘A choice yes, but not this one, “Alice said in an alarmed voice slipping her hand over the

weapon as Fei looked up.  ‘I admire you, what you built, what brains, cunning and savvy that

took, but you pushed it too far, you got people worried, the wrong people, now they and others

want to punish you for their weaknesses, their foolishness and well, to be honest, stupidity.  You

asked me who I work for.  It’s called FORCE, run by a very special woman who I love very much,

Claire Baxter.  My Claire is excellent at what she does, but sometimes, she thinks too short term.

She cannot see tomorrow because she is too busy winning today. This is one of those times,

she believes in a clear winner and a clear loser.  But, in this case she fails to see the opportunity

of three winners, well actually two winners and a happy loser.’

‘And which one am I?’ Fei asked.

‘Oh, most assuredly a winner,  but it will require you to give something up to achieve it,’ Alice

smiled.  She took her hand off the gun and gave a slight nod.  Out of nowhere a man appeared at

the side of the table, seemingly as if he had materialized from the corner of the room. Fei startled

and came to her feet taking a step back and around the chair.  

‘Where the hell did you come from?’  she managed to gasp.

‘I’ve been here all along, my apologies for startling you, Alice thought it would be a good idea,but I went along with it, so again, my apologies, he said holding out his hand.

‘Fei Ling Zhao I would like to meet Han Xiao Wang, a very wonderful man I’ve had the pleasureof knowing for many years,’ Alice said.  Fei reached out and took the offered hand, more of areflex action than a settling of nerves.  She didn’t notice his hand was cold, her mind still whirlingon his sudden appearance on top of all that she had been told.

‘I think I had best be over here while we do this,’ Alice said as she took a spare chair and placed

it next to Fei’s who she guided back into her seat and Han took the one Alice vacated.

Alice looked at Han and she looked at him.  ‘Well how do you want to handle this, judging byhow it's gone so far, you’re off to a great start,’ he said, his voice teasing her.

‘Fei, look at me,’ Alice said, talking her hands in hers.  Han and I mean you no harm, nothing isgoing to happen unless you want it to.  I am here, we are here to help you,’ she said looking at Han.

‘What does help mean?’ she said, here eyes dancing back from Alice to Han.

‘You got into this whole business after they retired you.  They took an experienced operative,smart and if I may add, sext, cast her aside because she was no longer what they deemeddesirable for a female field agent.  In other words, you got old, Alice reminded her.

‘Foolish reason I suppose, I mean I knew someday that would come, but it hurt so bad when theytold me, just cast me aside, made me feel worthless, no compassion, I suppose I shouldn’t haveexpected any, but this was my side telling me, they didn’t even give me a chance to fail,’ Feiexplained her voice upset at the memory.

‘I’m going to tell you something then Han is going to show you something.  You’re going to bescared, hold on to my hands and remember what I promised you. Are you ready?’

Fei for all her years as a spy and the head of a massive covert intelligence company looked


‘Han is jiangshi,’ Alice said in a calm voice and with that Han got up and walked around the room

slowly vanishing from the view then coming back into it.  

‘I can’t do it for a long time, even shorter when moving, it requires a great deal of energy and

concentration,’ he said as he sat back down again.

‘Fei tried to get out of her seat, but Alice was on her in a flash, holding her as she struggled, thechair tipping over and away across the floor from the force.  Alice was on top of Fei’s squirmingand kicking body pinning her to the floor, Han looked alarmed.

‘This was a mistake,’ his voice full of concern.

‘You didn’t have any suggestions when I asked,’ Alice retorted, then looked at Fei.  ‘No, no, no,calm honey, look at me, focus on my face, relax, you're safe in my arms. I know, I know, it seemsimpossible, a nightmare, but it's real and there is nothing to be afraid of, you have my word,’Alice softly said then kissed her cheeks and head then hugged her for what seemed a long timebefore she felt Fei relax.  ‘You’re safe with us, forget all that nonsense people told you aboutjiangshi, none of it is true.  Han doesn’t bounce to get around, he doesn’t need to devour peopleand well, as you can see, he’s handsome, well I think so, and he’s an excellent dresser.’

‘Thank you,’ Han said and bowed.

Alice stroked Fei’s hair in a soothing sweep.  ‘How old are you?’ Fei finally asked.

‘That’s always the first question, isn’t it,’ he smiled and laughed looking at Alice.

By this time Alice had managed to get Fei to her feet, the Countess was behind her, holding heraround the waist in the protective hug, her face over the left shoulder of Fei in a hug.  

‘I’m actually 33, but that is when I changed.  I was born in 1636. I was an officer in The GreatQing Army.  I was leading my men through a deep valley, the forest closed in about us on bothsides then a fog descended into the valley, so thick I could not see two paces in front of me.The men and horses began to panic when they heard noises coming from the fog and sharpblasts of air as things ran by.  When I emerged from the fog, that stopped like a curtain I saw her,then I didn’t then I did again, just I as showed you and I had the same reaction you did.  This tome was an evil spirit of the forest and she had taken all the men and now it was me she wanted.I drew my sword determined to die a soldier,’ he smiled.  ‘Remember the time frame this iscoming from, and continued.  ‘She walked toward me, my body tensed but as she came closershe held up a wooden scroll for me to take.  It was written from my superior to my subordinate.I had never seen it before.  Seems I was to be assassinated so that they and their families couldmove up in ranks.  It was all a political power play and I was the pawn in the way.  She haddriven them off the path with her whirlwind running and voices from the forest, so much so theymissed the fork that I took out of the fog.  She assured me they would be safe after a while.Her name is Xiao Chen Tao, a princess from the Shang Dynasty from 2070 BC.  There was nota word for what she was then, the word jiangshi did not exist yet, people would have justregarded her as an evil forest spirit.  She led me to safety and kept me safe for months and I fellin love with her and she me.  You can guess the rest,’ he concluded.

‘You’re almost 400 years old?’ Fei said in a low voice, hardly believing it.

‘Alice is older, she was born in the 1300’s,’ Han said and Alice felt Fei tense.

‘But you’re warm,’ Fei said suddenly remembering how cold Han was.

‘It’s a long story Fei, but I will tell you and it has a happy ending,’ Alice said, giving her a softsqueeze.  ‘Are you able to sit down again?’

Fei gave Alice a nod and the Countess helped her into the chair, Han having retrieved and

uprighted it for her.

Fei sat still for a while, the others could tell her mind was racing, to what or where, that theycould not determine.

‘You want to turn me into a jiangshi so I can escape my fate,’ she said.

‘No,’ Han answered.  ‘I do not want that, only you can want that, only you can make that choice,I cannot take it from you, it never works that way, well almost never and he looked at Alice wholooked at Fei and related her story, but unfortunately that outcome could not be repeated andthat this was the only way.  

‘So I have to die to live, become a monster,” Fei said, tears forming in the corners of her eyes.

‘Not the first time I’ve heard that,’ Alice said.  ‘I’m sure it's the same for you?’ she added looking

at Han.

‘I don’t have a heartbeat, I’m cold to the touch as a result, I don’t age, I can’t change into anotheranimal, bat, wolf, dragon, those things are true.  What is untrue is, I can see myself in a mirror, Ionly need about a normal vile of blood you give for a lab test twice a year.  I can go out in thesun, I do eat and like food and no I don’t turn everyone or in fact anyone I meet into my personalarmy of the undead.  Oh that last part sounded like a bad movie cliche,’ Han grimaced.  

‘So if I give myself to you then I can become like you?’ Fei asked.

‘No, not me. I think it’s time my love,’ he said, Xiao Chen Tao came out of the shadows and

appeared beside Han.. Fei pushed against Alice, not because a second apparition had appeared

to her in less than five minutes, it was Xiao’s beauty that caused the reaction.

Xiao bowed to Fei as a sign of respect to an elder then turned to Han and Alice.

‘You both did a wonderful job, but I think, if you agree,’ she said looking at Fei.  ‘That we needsome privacy.’

Fei nodded and undid Alice’s arms, the Countess and Han left the room as Xiao sat in one chair

and Fei took the other.  Xiao slipped her hands into Fei’s, the woman taking them willingly.

‘You have a strong fire in you, rare, I can feel it warming me.  Alice always knows.  I have lived avery long life Fei, a full one, but I’m tired. I have had enough of this world and want to move on,to something or nothing.  I love Han and he loves me enough to let me go, it's my time, just as itwas Alice’s time, she just chose a different path than me, but when you have lived as long asshe has another 50 or 60 years is not much more to wait, but for me even that time is becomingunbearable.  This is my desire but it has to be yours as well and it must be total.  ‘You mustsurrender to me totally when the moment comes, you will know it, I do not need to say anything.We will for the briefest time become one entity, you and I together, but separate, all that we aretogether in harmony, then we will pass into each other's bodies, you will stay in mine and I willpass into yours and after a moment no clock can measure, I will depart.  if we do it right there isno regret, no hesitation, only joy and pure love for each other.  I wish to die like that knowingyou will live like that.’

Fei looked at her,  she could not believe what was happening to her and others, but she knew

one thing for certain.  ‘You are no longer cold,’ she answered and Xiao smiled as Fei got up, took

Xiao by the hand and led her out of the room, down the hall and into her bedroom.  The act

seemed normal to her although she had never been with a woman before, she closed the door

gently behind them.  

There was nothing hurried, they tenderly took turns removing each other's clothes.  Xiao kissedFei’s forehead, then cheeks a finger sweeping her back then languidly pulling down the zipperof the dress while undid the buttons on Xiao’s, her skilled fingers pitching the button through thematerial, Xiao feeling the thrill of her nail in just for the briefest of moments against her skin, thengone, the longing desire fulfilled as it returned to the next.  

Hands brushed against her back and into the folds of the open dress, Xiao’s fingers sparking

against Fei’s back before a sweep, tender and slow released the dress from Fei’s shoulders. 

Xiao’s shoulders followed suit, her body thrilling to the touch of a skilled lover as Fei’s hands

cupped around her small pert breasts and easily brought her nipples to erectness, Xiao’s body

quivering from the caressing, that motion releasing Fei’s upper body from her dress, she in

ecstasy that a lover could be so skilled as to use her body to disrobe her.  

The two dresses dropped off their respective hips, the duo casually letting the motion of theirundulating bodies free themselves from the last encumbrances the two slipped into bed, only athin silk sheet covering their naked forms.  A slow loving entwining of arms and legs began, eachone understanding the other as they came together in wonderful blss, Fei burning with passion,Xiao embraced in a lover more than she, in her long life, had ever been, Fei’s warm bodyseeping its fire into hers as they settled in place and loved each other into one flesh and onebeing,  

Fei and Xiao lost themselves to each other, it was peaceful and still as Xiao, unknown to her andFei bit her lover, neither noticed it, but the one entity did and it rejoiced in the total bonding, allof the two came together at one moment, each knew the other, nothing was spared, two lightsmerged into one then separated from each other, neither sad, both joyfull for the communion. Fei looked the longest as the lights traveled apart to their respective new homes, Fei could feelherself immersing into a new shell, but at the last moment she saw the far light flicker, the pulsingbeam showing something it was traveling toward and she felt it express one final thought to her,it was happy and excited.

Fei’s eyes flickered open,  She got out of the bed carefully, thinking she might be unsteady in

her new body, but she was fine.  The new body moved like she did when she was that age, but

as she looked in the mirror on the wall she saw Xiao.  It shocked her at first, but as hard as it was

to admit, there was an improvement.  Fei was younger and prettier.  She slipped in her robe and

moved to the door, catching the latch she emerged into the light of the day to Alice and Han

carefully placing the body of Fei.

‘Sure they’ll buy this?’  Alice asked.


‘They’ll be too interested in the body to check anything and in too much of a hurry to get rid of it

to do an autopsy.  But if they do, trust me, they’ll find exactly what we want them to find.  I have

some experience in this area,’ Han answered, then looked up to see Fei.

‘She is very happy and excited,’ Fei said to him.

‘How about you?’ he asked.

‘Nervous and well a little unsure of my future,’ Fei answered.

‘Put that at rest, I’ve seen to certain matters Han will fill you in, but we must leave very soon,events are already unfolding and it would not do for any of us to be here, Alice explained.

‘I thought we had 48 hours?’ Fei said.

‘You and Xiao were together for more than a day,’ Han answered.

‘I have no memory of time and even now I remember less and less of her and us,’ Fei said, hervoice catching.

‘It's designed that way so the new person has no ties to the old, no regrets.  A new start,’Alice said.  ‘I purchased a new set of clothes for you, there in the bathroom, get dressed wehave to go.’


‘Yim Wing-chun, my master, told me this once.  ‘Aged ginger is more pungent.’

‘Meaning your wiser than me,’ Claire answered.

‘Let’s just say I have more experience than you and to learn from that, you must step throughthe open door I offer,’ Alice answered.

‘My first step then is to let you handle the operation from here on.  That means getting thecasino/hotel complex built, taking advantage of our new found trust with the mainlandgovernment and working with SALON to make them even better than they already are andgetting them deeper into other countries.  I have a feeling  we may experience pushback fromcertain areas on this victory,’ Claire explained. ‘Pull resources from other areas if you have to,not to suggest anyone to the master, but Tina Samuels would be an excellent choice,’ she addedwith a smile.

They walked on for a bit till they came to Claire’s office, they hugged.

‘Do you know where Fei is now, Great Gran?’ Claire asked.

‘Yes, but all you need to know is she’s with people who will teach, love and accept her.

‘And the 200 million that nobody can seem to find from Fei’s accounts?’ Claire asked knowing

the answer.  

‘Starting over doesn’t mean starting with nothing,’ Alice smiled.