Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Claire Baxter Productions - Scene Four

 ‘Well this certainly puts the pigeon, me, among the cats, everyone else,’ Claire said as she read the brief note about the next fantasy.  ‘Great clothes, bad outcome for me,’ she added.  

She had to make preparations so she made her character as real as she could for him.  She exited her suite at the time the instructions said and the car for her was waiting, the chauffeur opened the door and she entered gracefully.  The view along the coast was nice, but Claire aka Tracy Dunhill had her plan in mind as the car came to a stop in front of a cafe.  ‘

‘Here we go,’ she said as three men rushed at the car, one to accost her driver, the other two for her.  ‘Time for action,no shrinking violet here,’ she added.  

Claire let one of her kidnappers open the door just a touch before slamming her leg against it, accelerating the motion, the resulting collision sending him flying over backwards.  She nipped out of the car smartly, one hand holding her fur about while she spun round and delivered a kick to the side of his head finishing him off, a graceful turn of her ankle in heels left in facing the other man on the opposite side of the car.  

Without losing a second Tracy moved forward towards the side of the car and into the air sliding across the roof of the limo her legs scissoring the other attacker about the neck, her torso then snapping over spinning him up and over hard the ground below where she landed, her heels on either side of his head.  She gave a turn of her body to see how her driver was doing and in the process snapping his neck, the motion so smooth and natural she never broke stride as she headed to his aid.  It was then she saw Jaden coming to help her driver a bemused smile crossing her face. ‘Sorry darling but the story has been updated a bit, I’m not a helpless woman,’ she thought as she came upon the struggle.  A quick cock and strike of her leg, at full extension settled the matter, her heel point striking his forehead dead centre, the resulting force snapping him back and over himself, his still body bounced several times off the tarmac before settling. 

‘Are you alright,’ she said to her chauffeur.  When he acknowledged he was she guided him back to the limo then returned to talk to Jaden.  

‘Thanks for jumping in, not many people would,’ she said clutching her fur.

‘You seem to not need me, you handle yourself very well.’

‘Oh that, it happens all the time to me. Makes life exciting don’t you think, the danger, the thrills,’ she said in a sultry sexy voice, trying best to play the original part. ‘I refuse to play the helpless female, I can handle myself as you can see.’

‘That you can,’ he said looking at her.

‘Still it was gallant of you to step in,’ Claire said, taking his arm and for that I should thank you. I’m giving a small party at my villa on the weekend. I'd like you to be my guest, perhaps we can get to know each other better,’ she smiled, making his knees weak.

‘That’s where I know you from, you’re Tracy Dunhill, the heiress, the one they call the billion dollar baby, the madcap heiress,’ he said.

‘Press, always looking to sensationalize. Yes, I do have my wild side, but I’m more than that, perhaps you’ll let me show you.  I know, let’s have a drink together, do you know a place?  That way we can start to know each other, so the party will not be so awkward, what do you say,’ Claire said, pulling in close on his arm, her lips inches from his.

He agreed as she knew he would, she had that effect on all males who fell into her orbit. 

‘I live just around the corner,’ he offered.

‘Your a man of action, I like that, makes things exciting,’ she enthused.  ‘Lead the way.’

They walked and talked, Claire (Tracey) keeping close on his arm fanning the flames.  When they got to his place she let him lead the way then she made her entrance. Admittedly, beige was not her best colour, but she compensated with her assets.  Claire made a show of her legs as she stepped then an elegant twirl of her as she sat down, her legs crossing as she moved, a dance that caught his eye. She had the moment and was not about to let it go.

‘What do you like to do for fun Jaden?’ she asked.

‘Well mostly, I don’t know, I kind of immerse myself in my work,’ he stammered a bit. 

‘Oh,’ Claire (Tracey) said with a slight frown and disappointment trailing at the end of the sentence. ‘I attend to my work, investments and sort, but I really enjoy my yoga, I do hot yoga, we could try it sometime, fascinating effect on the body, makes one extremely loose and well much more pliant I find,’ she said, her eyes dancing at him. I also enjoy swimming, so many secluded coves and such around her, of course my place has several private such areas. Gliding through the blue clear water, sunlight bouncing off the sandy bottom, everything alive around you, very exhilarating.  You know what, forgot about the party,’ she started to say and he looked disappointed.  ‘Oh no, we’ll still attend that, I want everyone to see and be jealous of my date,’ she added a hungry look forming on her face as she leaned toward him.  Pack a bag, bring trunks and some other clothes,’ her voice stopping for just a heartbeat before adding. ‘Whatever you think necessary, we can do those things and more. I can hardly wait,’ Claire added as she got up to leave, not letting answer. I’m going to start making plans right away, the anticipation is almost too much.  Here’s my address and personal number,’ she said at his door. 

Claire had stayed pretty well to the story, at least this scene, but she was not a spy for the conventional.  She leaned forward and softly kissed his lips for a few seconds, her mouth opening just a fraction before sliding around his a final time and parting.  She left him with that promise.  


‘Now comes the hard part, as far as Claire/Tracey is concerned,’ she said after she’d changed into her evening gown.  The party was going full bore in the next room, she had checked the quests on the security camera, she of course knew none of them, all friends of Jaden’s she assumed along with perhaps one or two opposite number agents mixed in, Claire tried to pick her out and settled on several women.What she could not figure out was what their role was in the story as this one was basically a solo female story.  Claire needed to change the story and she had an excellent idea of how to.  

'But first I need to prepare,’ she said opening her jewelry box and smiling as she retrieved her lipstick

She flipped open the top of her ring giving her a mirror to coat her lips perfectly.  The right presentation helped with the allure and set the tone.  ‘You want to set the tone, make your lips irresistible, so that they must be kissed,’ she thought as she coursed the tip around her lips making a perfect pass the first time, years of experience showing.

‘There, ready for my entrance and exit,’ she smiled, replacing the lipstick in her case closing the top and moving to the door, a quick check and smoothing of her gown and she breezed into the room.

She found Jaden in the spell of an attractive woman, Claire had guessed correctly who the opposite agent was.  She moved in to save him before things took a turn against her .

‘There you are. Wonderful,’ she said hooking her arm into his and turning him away, a smile crossing her lips as her face met that of the other woman.  ‘My party, my rules,’ she added then delivered her kiss for all to see.

‘How was that darling?’ she added as he tried to catch his breath.

Claire took him by the hand and led him towards the curving upward staircase, a smile crossing her lips before she turned on the landing and addressed the partygoers.  ‘Everyone enjoy yourself, the night is young, you have the run of the place except for my bedroom, find your own,’ she added to laughter then went up the stairs sure eyes were boring into her. 
Her dress flowed perfectly on her body, clinging to all the right places, classic styles never failed to deliver. She closed the bedroom door and slipped into her arms for another kiss.

‘I gave you a double dose of my poisonous lipstick, you should be dead!’ Claire said with a wry smile and a small laugh. ‘Oh, don’t worry I did nothing of the kind, that was all for show, to get certain parties interested. They expect it to play out as the show did, I was never a fan of sticking to the script, besides, I like being the good girl, despite lies to the contrary, we do have just as much fun,’ she added reaching behind and unzipping her dress.  

The duo, after Claire undressing him, slipped into bed.

‘Let’s see if my lipstick can penetrate another area,’ she smiled and slithered down his body.  ‘I can see I have your full attention, yes, very full,’ she said pleasure coursing in her voice as she climbed up his body straddling him, his rod’s stiff tip skimming along her skin, between her breasts, down her smooth hard stomach, the hairs of her bush igniting lightning flashes inside him before she undulation her hips downward slowly and perfectly caught his tip in her wet button, hold it lightly as she swished side to side a hungry look on her face.  

‘Sorry to interrupt Mr. Triment but she means to kill you, oh not with poisonous lipstick as I thought, although it does involve a second set up lips,’ the woman said as she motioned Claire to climb off him which she did an annoyed look on her face.

‘Pity we were just about to get to know each other better,’ Claire smiled and gave him a soft kiss as she moved.  

‘My assistant, Wen Yu Rang,’ Jaden said with disappointment and a mix of curiosity in his voice. ‘What do you mean?’

‘When I saw her kiss you downstairs I knew something was up. She would have never killed you in public.  A kiss is an intimate kill, am I night right,’ she said looking at Claire who smiled.  ‘I take that as a yes. Then it came to me, another set of lips, more intimate, but just, perhaps even more lethal, an Octopus Pot, a Kunoichi technique.  Different set of lips, same result.  Once she slipped around you, she’d grip your member and slowly squeeze, you’re helpless to the trap, can’t pull out, can’t fight her off, the Octopus Pot quickly immobilized your appendages.  I’m told it only takes 5 minutes to finish off an opponent, lucky I came when I did and you didn’t sir,’ Wen explained.

‘Don’t listen to her baby, if I’d wanted to kill you I would have used the Octopus Pot on you the other night.  Besides, it only takes three minutes to kill an opponent if you know what you’re doing,’ Claire smiled.

Wen walked over to the console entertainment centre slid back the top and pushed a sequence of buttons activating the secret door inside.  She reached in and pulled out a Flash drive.  Cleaver and ironic, old and new, one would never suspect.  I knew you would waste no time getting it Miss Baxter, yes fun and games are over, now it's the real world and there are no second takes.’

Claire slipped out of the sheets, her nude alive form seeming to flow into a standing position.  

‘Stay where you are darling, she’s more my speed,’ Claire said as she stepped toward the end of the bed.  

‘Perhap a little mood music,’ Wen said and to set the scene,’ she added, turning on the stereo then reaching both hands into her bun.

Claire watched the hair pins come out and with a snap Wen’s fingers be transformed.  

‘I came prepared to the party as you can see, traditional Chinese Fighting Fans, razor sharp blades. I shall enjoy slicing you to pieces’

Claire took her place about ten feet from Wen, her posture loose and flowing as she shook her limbs out tilted her head shoulder to shoulder.

Wen closed the fans then opened then with a flash of light waving them about in fluid menacing cutting strokes before she closed them again and advanced toward Claire, the fans held like ice picks as she tumbled them over her fingers much as a baton twirler does.

Suddenly the fans snapped open and cut through the air towards Claire who shifted her torso left then right as the blades whizzed past her. Wen closed them as her arms came back to her sides just as Claire snapped a punch that connected to Wen’s head rocking her back.

‘There only as good as the person using them,’ Claire quipped as Wen recovered and the two circled each other.  

Wen open the fan as it dashed towards Claire’s knee.  She pulled the leg back and up over top her back as her head lowered forward avoiding a second thrust from the other hand.  Claire’s momentum carried her foot over top of her head, the bottom of her foot hitting Wen square on the forehead and driving her back, her arms flailing at her sides as she tried to keep her balance.  Claire took a few running steps and launched herself into the air.

‘AAAAAH!’ she screamed as her extended leg smashed into the chest of Wen driving her into the wall on the far side of the bedroom and off again back toward her.  Claire grabbed Wen’s wrists and turned them forcing the fans from her hands. A pirouette and a fall backward send Wen overtop of her, Claire’s long extended leg pressed into the sternum to flip her high into the air.  The Head of FORCE went with the motion executing a backward somersault,coming to her feet and securing Wen’s head in between her ankles.

‘I’m not a fan of long goodbye’s,’ she smiled and turned her hips violently, finishing the woman. ‘Well that killed the mood,’ she added and on that note I think it's time we stopped playing this game of yours, clearly they have,’ Claire said pointing at the dead body.  

‘But there are more scenarios,’he explained.

‘Sounds like fun, for you, but not me.  I have what I came for and as far as I’m concerned I’ve earned it.  I count three or four more agents down there, who knows how many more you invited, care to tell?  I know I’m the only good girl, but there sure seem to be a lot of bad ones about and in case you didn’t realize, you no longer control the game, they do.  You heard her, both of us were targets, you’re just lucky I’m around to save your ass, but even a good girl has her limits and I’m at the end of mine, or did you always plan it that way.  I’ve got a feeling it was always me against everyone else?’

‘I didn’t really think about it.’ he finally answered.

‘Didn’t think so. Glad I did,’ she said picking up the Flash drive.  

‘What do you mean that data is safe.’ he stated.

‘Never leave a spy and her clutch alone with a computer.  Remember my shoes and I told you a spy girl can;t reveal all her secrets, well, I lied, which if you think about it is also something a spy does, so here’s another secret, the heel of that shoe I told you, contained a Flash drive while my compact uplinks to our mainframe.  We have enough data on you that we had created a program with a series of passwords likely to be used by you and what do you know one hit and all your secrets were mine, won fair and square. All in a spy days work and just like the movies, you should be happy, I know I am and that would make two, as for the other loser agents, I don’t think they’re going to take this well.  Let's face it, you need me.  See we are going to work together.’

His mind ran the possible outcomes and could come up with nothing but what Claire had said.

‘When you're ready we have to leave the island, the games are over,’ Claire said as she went to a closet, took out a wetsuit for herself and tossed him one.  ‘Easy to find on an island and well we’ve been together twice so I know your size perfectly,’ she smiled.  ‘Come on get changed we have a long swim ahead of us.’

‘So there are four more agents that you invited, it's a sure bet they’ll be waiting by your yacht, the one that brought me here, it's the only way off, hence the swim to the boat.  From here it's 2.1 km, not hard and you're in very good shape,’Claire said, giving him a smile and a backwards glance as they moved down the dark path to the water and in she hooking a line to their belts to keep them together.  ‘One final thing, this is my game, I have the experience, you do what I say when I say, clear!’ she said and he nodded.  Claire gave a small kiss, they pulled down their swim goggles and began.  

Claire kept her pace and tempo high, Jaden worked a little harder to keep up, but did quite well.  They came within sight of the yacht 30 minutes later. Claire pulled up and trended water while she explained.

‘We change our stroke from here on in, just watch me as we go to get the idea, arms and legs always below the water line, so no splashing.  When we get to the pier you will wait in the water tight against the wall, no noise, understand, I will come and get you when I take care of the others. If I don’t come back, swim away and try to find some other means off the island, understand!’ the spy said. 

He wanted to say something, like he could help or two were better than one, but he knew deep down, that was wrong, he’d just be in the way, that hurt his ego a bit, but he took it, knowing his life was in her hands and that she was the right person for the job.  They started in, Claire watching him swim until he got it.  

They pressed up against the pier, not by a ladder, but in the darkest part Claire could find.  She didn’t look back or say anything to him, instead she felt for a purchase, a rough edge, anything that could help propel her upward the seven feet to the concrete surface.  After a few attempts she started up silently slipping from the water like a black snake.

The sexy spy pulled herself to eye height and looked about,  Across the way from her, about to feet away was a storage box, big enough to crouch behind and not be seen, she across the way and behind it in a flash. Claire listened intently, separating sounds in natural and unnatural, eliminating the distracting noises, her mind a constant shifting and adjusting equaliser until she honed in on the sound of padded feet, barely audible to the average person, but clear and present and getting closer in her mind.  She poised her body, her legs ready to leap into action, muscles activating for the task.  The figure went right past her, hardly a foot between them, but the striking cobra Claire closed that gap instantly!  The fingers of both hands found certain points on the Females neck, Claire’s pressure did the rest as the agent slumped and Claire pulled her behind the storage box without a sound being made.

‘One down,’ she said and with cat-like tread moved down the dock toward the yacht, pausing to pick up a paddle lying next to a paddle board and moved silently on, chasing into the shadows to keep from being seen.  

The problem now became the remaining agents, two of which she could see, but they were far apart from each other, but still within sight of each other, taking out one without alerting the other was going to be impossible, but her job was to make the impossible happen.  The silent spy slipped from the darkness and advanced.  She brought the paddle up and level with her hips when the woman turned around and yelled, her partner was immediately on her way making Claire’s task that much more urgent.  

The blade end slammed quickly into the left calf of the woman the whirled about and sliced in the right, the sharp thin blow causing the woman to collaspe to her knees where Claire’s neoprene wrapped thighs seized her head and twisted, a loud crack breaking across the water.  

There was no time to celebrate. The second agent was on her in a flash, she having picked up a paddle now matched Claire in weaponry.  The sparring began instantly, Claire’s opposite number extending the paddle to its full length as she swung across Caire’s torso, the spy arching back to miss the blow, the blade whistling fractions of a centimetre from her chest.  The woman spun with the blade and came again with the same strike moving forward. Claire rolled to one side and down to the cement floor her legs shooting out and catching one of her opponents legs. She twisted and took the woman down catching her other leg along the way in a triangle.  Claire pushed her leg forward as the woman screamed in pain then released and got to her feet waiting for the other to get to hers.

‘You’ll need surgery to fix that, go on limp away to fight another day while you still can,’ Claire stated a clear nastiness in her voice.  

The woman went to pick up her paddle, Claire stepped on the end then snapped a kick up her body sending the female over top of herself as she crashed hard to the cement.  

‘Last chance, don’t be stupid,’ Claire offered.  

Claire didn’t expect her to leave and she wasn’t disappointed, the woman fought to her feet and moved slowly, clearly on the defensive she was looking for an opening, a mistake that she could use to even the odds.  She watched Claire dance about, employing a variant of Jeet Kune Do forcing her to move about on her injured leg.

A fake thrust to the damaged leg was defended only to have Claire deliver a spinning back heel kick to her head, tumbling the agent backward, this was followed by another. Claire advanced forward snapping a punch to the woman’s head then spun low and took the legs out front under her. Like a top, Claire spun up onto her feet, circled around to the top of the woman’s head and pulled her up.  A quick sharp strike to her throat and Claire released her, walking away, she heard the thump of her lifeless body on the concrete.  

‘Everything is clear, come on up,’ Claire said her face peering over the edge of the wharf, her hand extended to help him up.  ‘I trust you know how to pilot this, because if you don’t, I can.’

‘Of course you do, you can do anything,’ he said.

‘Don’t get pouty on me or think you’re emasculated, this is years of training and study,’ she said, taking his hand for reassurance.

‘I’ll start it up then when ready you do the lines,’ he said, feeling a little better.

Everything went as planned, Claire came to the bridge.  She picked up the SAT phone and entered a code, waited and then a number.  ‘Mission completed, we need pick up.  Ok let me look at the chart,’ she said before going to the map table and tracing out the coordinates until she found the spot.  Based on where we are and current speed, about 15 hours to that point.  Great, give me the exact position so I can set up the GPS.’

She wrote the info and passed it over for Jaden to enter into the yacht's GPS and engage it then ended the call.

‘Autopilot is engaged,’ he said.

‘That leaves us with fifteen hours to kill,’ Claire smiled. ‘I know what I want,’ she added then continued as she saw him smiling. ‘Well that for certain, but I need a shower and some food, first things first.’

He escorted her below deck, showing her about, they ate a meal, then he took her to the bedroom.

Claire walked about, took a step up to the bed and sat down.  ‘Looks like I’ll have to bring my A game. But before that I really need to clean myself up.’

He showed her where her bathroom was, appointed as well as any luxury hotel would have.  Claire closed the door and locked it and looked in the mirror.  ‘You can come out now,’ she said, turning around and propping herself up on the vanity.

‘A beautiful woman about 25 emerged from behind a wall panel and smiled. 

‘Glad you’re here, we need to talk. I give you credit for playing the spy movie theme to the end, although kind of a Janice Bourne, in this case, Claire said as the woman made a motion to advance.  ‘Just a minute, if you don’t mind, I’d like to call a truce to show you something if I may.  

The woman only knew Claire by reputation, mostly the deadly side of that, but she also knew she had been fair at times on her missions and was not a breaker of her word.  

‘Alright,’ she answered.

‘Can I ask what your educational background is and your name if you don’t mind, first name is fine, true or a fake one, just so we’re civil?’ Claire asked.

‘I have a Masters in Chemistry, my name is Linda.’

‘Oh thank goodness. I think I understand some of this, mostly the writing, but I need another opinion.  Do you want to or should I,’ Claire said pointing to the zipper in her wetsuit.

Linda could certainly see where Claire got her reputation from, she was cool and sexy and knew just how to flirt and well since they were under a truce, Linda could not resist doing the task herself.  She stepped closer, reached out a hand, grasped the zipper and slowly, very slowly, she pulled it down up and over the hump of Claire’s breasts then down the other side and unto her stomach.  The two locked eyes as Linda’s hand slid further down until Claire gently touched it with her hand.  

‘Its inside, if you care to look,’ was all the FORCE agent said.

Linda reached in, her fingers tenderly parting the cleavage and removing a flash drive. A second probe, more extensive, not that Claire ot Linda minded took place.

‘Warmer,’ Claire said, ‘Colder, oh colder still, but somehow warmer for me. Oh yes warmer, very warm, red hot, there you have it,’ she added as Linda removed Claire’s compact. ‘If I may,’ Claire said and connected the flash drive to the compact. A screen appeared and Claire entered a code, placed the compact on the counter and watched as the mirror reflected the small screen onto the 
far wall of the bathroom.  ‘You can swipe across the screen or run your finger around the edge to advance the data,’ she said as Linda read and scanned, doing as \claire had instructed. ‘I need to take a shower and get ready, take all the time you want.’

Linda went through the data, the more she saw the more she didn’t like which confused her.  ‘Why would she be showing this to me, what’s the trick or trap I’m falling into her.  Her mind gave that as much heed as she gave to the data, so much so she jumped a little when Claire came beside her and asked.

‘So this is what I got from it and my background is as far away from hard science as you can get.’  Seeing Linda’s reaction she smiled.  ‘Its ok I don’t bite, at least not right away,’ she added.

That both thrilled and worried Linda, she however managed to gather herself together.

‘This isn’t what he makes it out to be at all, it all looks good on the surface, but if you look deeply into the science these plans mutate or don’t,’ she said shaking her head at an unpredictable percentage.’

‘But everything mutates, even humans, we’ve changed in 200,000 years,’ Claire said.

‘Yes, but our rate of change is slow and constant, like losing the tailbone, we still have a coccyx, but it took millions of years to get it to this point, same with the baby finger, its slowly getting smaller.  The thing with his ideas is the change is not predictable, one year great yield, next maybe nothing, maybe nothing for years, then back again.  That is only part of the worry, the other is cross pollination.  What will DNA remnants from one plant do to another and what the hell will it do to the insects carrying it.  This whole thing has disaster written all over it, well for you and I and most of the world but I suspect not for Mr. Triment,’ Linda explained.

Claire gave her the go on look.

‘Perhaps the cure is better business than the problem.  Think of it, along comes a corporation, says it can solve world hunger in five years and shows you how, what country isn’t going to sign on to that, especially food scarce countries, Africa and parts of Asia, Australia come to mind. China would leap at this as it would eliminate a major weakness for them, food importation.  He gets all the money he can ask for, uses it to infiltrate and consolidate power in those regions, then all of a sudden food collaspe.  What would you pay to eat, not starve to death, watch everyone around you die.  What would countries that didn’t use this pay to keep the peace in the world and violence for spilling across their borders.  The US and Mexico come to mind right off the top of my head.  Mr. Triment comes up with a magic cure, but only after things have nearly collapsed and no one has the resources to fight back.  I think you can see where this would end up.  But you knew that already didn’t you?’

‘I got to that conclusion, but I hoped I’d read the data wrong,’ Claire answered.

‘So where does that leave us, by that I mean you and me and the bigger picture of course.

Claire removed the Flash drive from the compact and slid it across the counter to Linda. ‘This one is your copy. This is too much for any one person or organization to have, if looked at from any side.  Each of us has the solution to a problem, we can either use it or not, knowing that the other has the solution to that problem.  I think that is the best outcome.’

‘Mr. Triment?’ Linda asked.

‘He likes his spy movies, why not continue the game, Janice Bourne?’ Claire smiled.  ‘You were on board all the time just waiting for the right moment.  You killed me, now you want to celebrate. I guarantee he will not say no to you.  How and when you chose to end the game, well that’s up to you,’ Claire smiled.

‘And our game?’ Linda asked.

‘The boat is on GPS to a rendezvous pick up point. That’s all they know, they have no idea of how many, No one will ask questions, we’ll be hurried into our own cabin and when we dock escorted off, taken to the airport and we leave.  No one will ever know or needs to know.’

‘And why should I trust you, after all, we don’t exactly see eye to eye,’ Linda asked.

‘Because you know deep down you can,’ Claire answered.  


‘Where’s Miss Baxter?’ he said in a surprised and worried voice.

‘Miss Baxter will not be joining us, seems amongst her many skills is not counting, she forgot one agent, me.  But don’t worry my fight was with her, not you, after all we are still playing deadly female spies aren’t we?’ Linda said in a sexy voice as she leaned against the door frame of the bathroom wearing only a towel.  ‘And it appears I’m the last female standing, doesn’t that entitle me to some kind of prize?’ she said removing the towel from her head then walking toward him the other towel dropping from her nude and predatory form as she closed the distance to entwine him in her arms.  ‘I can assure whatever Miss Baxter did to you is nothing compared to what you’ll get from me!’


‘This is where we part company Linda. I wish I could say it wasn’t, you're an exceptional woman,’ Claire said as they called her flight.

‘From time to time I’m sure we will or could run into each other. We do work well together, in all aspects,’ she smiled.  

‘I look forward to those chance encounters,’ Claire smiled back, the tone of her voice taken by the other. ‘And yes, we do work well together.’  Claire gave her a kiss on the cheek, turned and walked away.  ‘We most certainly do work well together,’ she thought, a smile crossing her face in spite of herself.  

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Claire Baxter Productions - Scene Three

Scene Three

Note: Some of the dialogue is direct lift from the movies, full credit
to the writers given. 

Claire came back from a run to find a note that requested she come to Jaden’s villa for a
meeting and that he would have a car out front waiting for her.  She tapped the note a few times
in her hand then went to have a shower, he’d have to wait until she was refreshed. 

The drive was pleasant around the bay, then off a road onto a private drive that slowly switched
back as it climbed up the hill , they circled into the driveway and stopped at a walkway that led
downhill.  The door opened and Claire was instructed to follow the path to the house which she
arriving at a robin’s egg blue set of double doors.  She knocked but no answer, knocked again
be polite and still no response she so opened and entered stopping after a few steps a smile
crossing her lips.

‘This looks very familiar,’ she said to herself then started to undress leaving a trail as she went
before disappearing into the bedroom closing the door behind her.

‘Everything I need, oh and more,’ she thought going back out to retrieve something.

Claire had just finished her prep when she heard the door open, she took her place waiting for
her moment.

She fussed with her hair as she heard the footsteps get closer, the irony of the moment not lost
on Claire as she actually used this scenario on a mission and it had worked 

A slight rush of air hit her, she pretended not to notice as she played with the blonde wig he’d
left to make her more the part.

‘Its a girl,’ came a voice from behind as she turned around 
‘Hello there,’ she said turning around, her expression one of anticipation.

‘Are these your clothes?’ he asked.

‘Everything but the shirt that I kept on, well at least for now,’ Claire said snaking herself up to
him, her arms wrapping around him. 

‘Your sent to entice me to share the data I have,’ she said

‘Is it working,’ Claire answered as she pulled up and closer for a kiss but he broke and moved away out the door, 

Claire in pursuit catching up with him as he poured himself a drink.

‘There’s work to done,’ she softly said as her arms found his waist, her hips snaking about as
she continued.  ‘This happens to be important work, your work, we can’t chance it falling into
the wrong hands, that’s why McDonald sent me to be your partner.’

‘I usually work alone,’ he answered as her hands continued to caress him, becoming more and
more bold.

‘Me as well, but that gets boring after a while, no one to share the adventure with or the triumph,
if you understand.  Oh, I think you do,’ Claire sexily said as her hands felt around his alert

She could tell her tease was working, the combination of the shirt and a sexy woman in white
heels was for some reason impossible for the make to resist. A few more slow curling runs of
her hands and her lips and warm words next to his near and she closed the deal.

‘There must be some way for me to convince you.’ she said letting her body fully press against
his, her hips in a slow revolution as she spoke.

‘Just hold it there for a moment,’ he said turning around and trying to slip his arms around her

Claire made her move perfectly, she stepped back just a touch and to the left, hardly a notice,
then touched her nails lightly up his chest, her fingers climbing before her arms slithered about
his neck, his arms naturally flowing about her waist as he pulled her close.

‘I can tell I’m going to enjoy working with you,’ she said in a throaty voice then her lips took his
and moved them about as only she could.  Claire could feel the breath being taken from him
and his knees wobble.  

‘Still want to work alone,’ she added then delivered a second kiss, this one longer and deeper.
She was tight in his arms, her mound churning and pressing against his distended wand as she
flailed one of her hands to look at her nails.

‘Convinced,’ she said.  

Maybe one more,’ he answered and Claire was more than willing to oblige.  

They were in the middle of the embrace when a sharp “THEW” sound filled the air then a
second.  Claire’s body quivered from the jolt, but did not break the kiss.  Instead she raised one
leg up and answered with her own ‘THEW, THEW” sound then broke the kiss. 

Behind them a body slumped to the floor dead. Claire casually walked over and picked up the
gun, opening the cylinder.  

‘Recognize the trademark?’ Claire asked.

She’s an ICE Agent, well was, good thing I was around or you’d be dead and she’d have all
your research and before you say impossible, getting the knowledge from you would be easy
for her,’ Claire answered as she put the gun down.

‘You knew she was there,’ he said putting a few things together.

‘I suspected, once I shifted you a little, that accomplished two things, put me in the line of fire
and allowed the offshore breeze to pass us, that’s when I picked up her scent,’ she explained.

‘How did you survive and what happened after that?’ he asked bewildered by it all.  

Claire gave him a pat on the chest as she went by to the bar and made him a drink.

‘Here, have this while I explain.  My shirt does the obvious, it's a seduction weapon in the
classic sense, but this weapon has a defensive feature as well.  While it exposes a lot of me it
also protects, the material is tactical, basically a fine intense weave that looks and acts like a
real shirt, but is in fact bulletproof.  Now as for the second part,’ Claire continued as she
removed her heels.  ‘Standard FORCE issue comes in a variety of styles, colours and delivery
methods,’ she explained showing him the heels of her shoes.  This heel is loaded with two
small calibre shells, a simple push on the trigger here fires them.’

‘And the other?’ he asked.

‘Trade secret, a spy girl can’t tell everything,’ Claire said, slipping her arms back around him
for a kiss.  ‘Yes, we do make a good team,’ she said as they came apart.  

‘What do we do with her?’ Jaden questioned.

‘She’s an ICE girl, let her cool her heels for a while,’ Claire smiled as she kissed him again
and this time they did not break apart.