Friday, July 3, 2015

Two More Captions

Two of a Kind

“I didn’t order this!” Paige Worthington said her fingers pushing back the plate the waiter had slid in front of her, her eyes never diverting from her book.

“No I did actually,” came the feminine response from the other side of her small cafĂ© table along with the scent of a delicious perfume.

 “Oh please don’t get up on my account, neither of us needs to stand on ceremony I’m sure, but by way of an ice breaker I’ll go first.  Tracey Hale a please to make your acquaintance Paige, one hears and reads a great deal about you in the circles I travel in.  Speaking of reading what’s so engrossing that it failed to draw your nose out of that book and inhale this delicious creation, they really are famous here for their cheesecake, but apparently not impressive enough for you?”

 “Quantum Switch Functions in Theoretic Isolinear Circuits; I must have missed that when it was on The Times best seller list!  Well if the cheesecake can’t tempt you perhaps another pot of tea, Earl Grey if I'm not mistaken, one of my favourites as well and I do believe its Yorkshire Tea Company Earl Grey.  Another pot and another cup and saucer if you please,” Tracey said turning to the waiter with a smile that would melt any recalcitrant servers heart. 

Paige knew full well who this woman was, although still new to her profession, she knew her opposition well, especially the curvy full figured ones!  She scanned the woman top to bottom and Tracey willingly obliged stepped back to allow Paige a complete view.  Her black almost shoulder length hair was straight, but with the merest a sassy waves to it at the end,  she wore a beautiful white skirt and matching jacket, clearly of the highest quality and custom made, the skirt cut at the perfect spot, the top of her knee’s, giving all who looked the exposure to her magnificently shapely calves!

Tracey had chosen the perfect of matching white heels, not too thin or too high, but eye catching and holding!  Her underpinned skirt was flawlessly executed allowing the follower a tantalising outline of her taut round ass that the spy just knew she moved with a hypnotising grace.   A final turn and Paige focused on the forest green silk blouse, the way it hugged her firm stomach before opening just enough to allow her ample breasts to heave the fabric outward in a grace line, the neck open enough to afford glances at her dĂ©colletage.  She finished the ensemble with a pearl necklace and earrings and perfectly applied make up right down to what Paige knew was her own special shade of pink pastel lipstick.  It was all the young spy could do to maintain even breathing and a calm outward demeanour as she looked. 

 “Come now your turn on the runway,” Tracey said sitting down, Paige taking note of how gracefully she crossed her legs.

 The young spy mused on the offer for a few seconds before deciding to reciprocate.  Paige had on her resplendent mauve skirt and matching jacket, her skirt cut just a touch higher then Tracey’s her legs dazzling as she turned, their power, grace and muscular attractiveness displayed to totality with her pumps, a pink open toed number with a tapered heel that sent hearts pounding, including the one in front of her.  Tracey watched her hard young ass move as she turned then followed the line up to her blouse a perfect sleeveless number that tapered in to the neck leaving her arms and part of her neck exposed!  The D.O.O.M. spy got her wish seconds later as Paige took of her jacket and turned, fluttering the heart of the woman and more than a few onlookers as she turned about in a circle. 

“What power and stealth and sexiness hers arms and back have!” Tracey thought as she watched.

 Paige’s auburn hair was a usually done on ringlets and coifed to perfection along with her make up and jewellery; she donned her jacket and sat down.

 “It’s hard to believe this creature is just twenty-one and this complete a package.  I shudder to think how incredible she’ll be in her thirties, if so makes it that far of course,” Tracey added silently in her mind, the emphasis on the final part a reminder to her about sides chosen.

 “Fashion show and introductions concluded, now please leave!” Paige said picking up her book.

 “Well and here I thought we were off to a civil start?  I mean you no harm my dear, I just thought we could indulge in some common girl talk for a while and put our divergent ideologies aside?” Tracey pouted.

 “Tell you what I’ll say something nice at your funeral! Paige answered coldly.

 “Now that is mean, I can see your reputation is as reads, quite ruthless!  You really ought to dole that out more carefully, don’t want to use it all up early on in your career.  Besides I have no intention of leaving until I’ve had my tea and here it is,” Tracey said acknowledging and dismissing their server with one glance.  

 “Then I’ll leave Miss Hale I have no intention of consorting with the likes of you on any level other than professional!” Paige said snapping her book shut and getting up.

 “The likes of me, I wonder what you mean by that, opposite number perhaps, nefarious femme fatale or is it something deeper than that, yes, that’s it, you meant ‘fat chick’, now that is cruel, even for you!” Tracey said introspectively, but in a mocking tone.

‘Well just to set the record straight, neither of us is a ‘fat chick’ and come Miss Worthington, if I may be so formal, aren’t you the least bit curious as to why I’m here, I know I am?” Tracey smiled over her shoulder finding her words had stopped the young agent from departing. 

 Paige feigned indifference on the outside, even frustration, but inward she was being consumed with inquisitiveness.  She weighted the options, her life, dual life, was already complicated enough, adding something that didn’t need to be seemed a folly she couldn’t afford.

“How much more chaos can be added to chaos and will the change even be noticeable?” she mused as she gracefully turned on her heel and found her seat again. 

“What’s on your mind then?” Paige said curtly.

 “Well, tea for one,” Tracey said as she poured.

“I prefer milk I won’t ask you if you take lemon, with a disposition like that, the tea wouldn’t need anymore souring!” the D.O.O.M. agent smiled sarcastically.

“Milk as well please,” Paige answered trying to be polite and for the world wondering why.

They took a sip, each carefully watching the other, as a cat watches a cornered mouse, careful not to let it out site.  Tracey delicately returned her cup to its saucer, the motion barely registering a sound as she did, leaned back and smiled.

 “You still think you’re the old you, don’t you Paige, whatever that incarnation was?  I used to think like that too, but I put down that bag of rocks years ago,” Tracey asked.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Paige answered her voice annoyed and slightly raised.

“You still think you’re a quote unquote fat chick and by being scene with me another quote unquote fat chick we’ll get those stares and sideways glances we used to get on any given day!  Well I have news for you, we are getting stared at right this instant, but not the way you’re panicked mind is thinking!  I count ten men and two women who are and have been stealing glances at us since our little fashion show and I can tell you exactly what their thinking although I clean it up a little.  Those are two beautiful well put together women, I bet they’d be deadly in the sack and we are, in many ways!  Now I’ll tell you what you thought they were saying.  Bet they fight over the last piece of cheesecake!”  Tracey smiled and Paige in spite of herself did as well much to her immediate annoyance.

“Excellent, you do have a sense of humour so we can connect on some level,” Tracey smiled, before continuing.

Perhaps even on this one.  I was born and grew up in Sheffield, left when I went to university, but you know to this day during the football season I still know what’s happening to Sheffield Wednesday, their my private naughty passion.  My dad raised me, he and my mother, who took off and I’ve never seen since, divorced when I was four.  So far a tragic story, right, I can see I have you in the grips of suspense Paige,” Tracey smiled as she watched the C.O.I.L. spy eyeing her book.

 “Anyway, now being a man down, or woman more to the point, my dad raised me, always with the best of intentions, but not always with the best of results, but that’s jumping ahead a bit.  You know,” Tracey said her eyes looking at Paige but far off and past her as the young spy observed.

“Some of my best memories are afternoons at Hillsborough with my dad, both of us in our jersey’s screaming our heads off.  When I was little he’d put me on his shoulders so I could see the game, of course that only lasted a season or two, after that I became too, as he used to put it, awkward, for him to do it.  Of course, all the crisps and packets of chips to and from the game didn’t help, my dad, I love him dearly, but he could never say no to me, even when I didn’t ask.  I got a new Sheffield Wednesday jersey every year for Christmas, I had to, the one from the year before didn’t fit anymore,” Tracey smiled and laughed a little, Paige didn’t.

“Then of course there was school, you remember those happy days, huddling in the corner against the brick wall, you and all the other girls who were ‘big boned or just big for your age’ as your parents used to tell you, somehow hoping that would ease the pain of the mental torment of being a social reject.  Anyway, there you all were, your backs turned to the world staring at the wall, heads down, every so often stealing a glimpse over your shoulder to see if the pack was circling you.  You remember the feeling, hoping against hope today was the day they would choose someone else to rip apart in front of you.  Looking back its funny now to see how we did it to ourselves, gathering in a corner with no means of escape except past the gauntlet of lions, who once they knew they had us on the run would attack with abandon, pick out the weakest that day and gorge themselves on her torment until they were full!” Tracey mused.

 Tracey watched Paige as she talked rather nonchalantly looking for the slightest bit of opening or commonality between them, see saw nothing, so she pressed on.

“Then of course there were the birthday’s you didn’t get invited to, you know, the ones just up the road, always at a popular girls house.  Ironic how we always lived near the ‘popular’ girls or boys wasn’t it, must be some kind of cosmic ying and yan thing that balances out the universe, of course then you never thought of that, the cut was deep and cruel and that’s all you felt.” Tracey reflected.

“What was your outlet Paige?  No don’t tell me now, I can wait,” Tracey cautioned.

 Paige wasn’t about to say anything, not that she could have gotten a word in anyway, instead as she had before the D.O.O.M. spy picked up the conversation.

 “Mine was drawing, at first trees and flowers but around eight or nine, it started to become people and from there clothes.  I can’t exactly recall when I made the leap from copying to designing, but I do remember it giving me a whole new world to escape into, which was good, because the one I was living in wasn’t doing me any favours.  Mind you, not that I was helping it or myself at all, a new year, time to go shopping for larger sizes,” Tracey did her best to smile, but this time Paige could see the hurt steal into her face at the very corners of her mouth and into her words.

 “Well,” Tracey continued, gathering herself back to her confident demeanour.

 “I lived in my fantasy world, designed, drew and created, my dad encouraging me, helping me with extra art and sewing lessons all through my forms.  My grades were always good, of course they would be no useless distractions like a boyfriend or chatting on the phone with girlfriends or nights out at the disco with friends, so I graduated high up and went off to university to study design, concentrating on fashion.”

Tracey stopped for a moment then laughed almost uncontrollably for several seconds before righting herself.

“Goodness, more of that and I’d have smeared my make up, can’t have that now can we.  Excuse me, my laughter was all internal, I was just recalling how I had to be the worst dressed fashion design student in the entire discipline.  All the other women and men dressed smartly and trendy, I wore what fit, mostly track pants and bulky jumpers or sweat tops, what a site.  Here I was designing and creating all these amazing fashions that I couldn’t wear, but you know I never thought about it, for me the creation process was nirvana.  I never realised it at the time, it was only upon reflection a while later that I realized I’d given up on life and was willing to settle for as small a piece as other people were willing to give me!” Tracey said in as serious a tone as Paige had heard from her yet.

“I graduated top of my class, applied and was accepted into Hamilton University for my Masters.  Things were uneventful for the two years I was there.  Then the afternoon, just after I’d finished my final exam a girl, well to make a long story short, I was set up on a gag date and humiliated in front of a group of classmates.  I suppose it was their way of getting back at the fat frumpy girl for doing so well,” Tracey said picking and saying her words carefully.

“Now hang on Paige I’m almost at the end,” she smiled.

“I ran away, tale between me legs and all, crying like I’d never cried before, all the old wounds open and bleeding.  I ran and ran and ran, straight into a chip shop and ordered a large bag of chips with gravy.  Food had always been my friend; it would make this hurt go away!  I rammed them into my mouth, one, sometimes four and five at a time; all the while the tears streaming down my cheeks, the pain wasn’t going away!  All those memories, childhood, adolescences, the loneliness, I couldn’t vanquish them, no matter how fast I ate, I put down the bag and balled my eyes out, here I was 21 and except for my dad I’d never been kissed by another man and I knew at that moment I never would be!” Tracey said then grew silent.

“Well what the bloody hell happened then!” Paige said annoyed then flustered that she’d been caught up in the woman’s tale. 

“No shame my Paige, I do tell a good story, more so because I’ve experienced it.  I’m sure I’ll be just as caught up in yours when and if I hear it,” Tracey said before commencing once more.

 “Well there I was feeling all sorry for myself and all when I feel this soft warm hand on the back of my neck and another equally inviting hand slip into mine.  I looked up through my red eyes and into the most piecing set of coal black eyes I have ever seen.  The next thing you know the cloak this person was wearing flies over and envelops us both, I go into a kind of dream state and the next thing you know,” Tracey paused as she looked at Paige seeing she was hanging on every word.

'I’m a vampire!” Tracey laughed.

Paige rolled her eyes and reached for her book.

“Ok, mea culpa, I’ll be serious,” Tracey said the laugh and smile long gone.

 “The hands and neck part is true, but when I looked up it was this stunning woman who just looked at me, and I mean looked at me, her eyes darting everywhere, but always able to hold me in her gaze.  She cleaned up my face with a silk cloth from her purse and brushed back my hair, her soft hands soothing as they went through it until I was calm.  We never spoke during that whole time, we didn’t have too, it was an instant connect, I recognized it a little later but she right away, we left the chips and the chip shop together.” Tracey finished.

“She recruited you into D.O.O.M. end of story I hope?” Paige sighed.

“Yes, she was a D.O.O.M. agent and no it’s not the end of the story, just a little more.  D.O.O.M. rejected me because they thought I was too fat.  She took me and trained me herself, being a full figured agent herself she saw what they didn’t, I reapplied after a time and was accepted.  Now before you say why D.O.O.M., their the bad guys and all that, listen.  I was drowning and a drowning person will grab even the point of a spear.  Does that excuse what I do, maybe not, but does being a good girl excuse some of the things you’ve done, maybe not!  Either side of the fence is hard Paige and neither side is always entirely right or wrong,” Tracey finished. 

Paige was quiet for some time until Tracey once again broke the silence.

“Now that’s the end!” she said her eyes wide.

“Thank God!” Paige said in an exasperated tone as she reached for her book and got up.

 “You mean that’s it, that’s your response, I spill my guts and you’re just going to leave!” Tracey admonished.

 “Look, you invaded my space, took up my time telling me true confessions.  News flash, I’m not a shrink, if you need one don’t use me, especially me, we have nothing in common except that each of us is the enemy to the other and let’s keep it that way!  I don’t want to hear anymore from you, I don’t want to see you again, because of I do I’ll kill you!  Now sod off!” Paige threatened.

“Off to report me to C.O.I.L. or F.E.M.?” Tracey offered as a final wisecrack that got Paige’s attention.

 “You know working both sides of the fence can get very tiring especially for someone so young, usually tends to shorten one’s career!” Tracey smiled as Paige came back into her view. 

“I’ll say one more thing before I shut up, then the next move is up to you Paige.  Sooner or later they’ll come for you the way the came for Claire Baxter!  No one gets out alive Paige; Catherine Wycliffe is all the proof you need of that!” Tracey just finished saying before she found her face smashed into the table top.

“That promise of killing you becomes true right fucking now!” Paige said her voice raised a little more than she would have like.

 “I’d agree completely if I was the culprit, but I’m not, now please release me you’re making a scene and that is one thing neither of us need!” Tracey said as calmly as she could on the outside although she was terrified on the inside.

“My god, the speed and power of her!” she said to herself as Paige came to reason and released her ignoring the startled looks of the other patrons. 

“Never, NEVER mention Catherine’s name again in front of me or so help me God I’ll kill you no matter where we are, scene or no scene, is that clear!” Paige almost growled the words through clenched teeth

Tracey normally didn’t frighten easily or at all, but the coldness of those words and dead blackness in Paige’s eyes as she said them got into her and seized her to her very marrow, she felt the terror Paige intended and simply and rather sheepishly nodded. 

 “So D.O.O.M. has you on a short leash do they?  What, they don’t completely trust you, hence the don’t make a scene remark?” Paige asked, her voice modulated back to normal.

“What make’s you think I’m the one being monitored it….” Tracey started to retort a hint of a smirk in her voice.

“Cut the shit!” Paige cut in bringing Tracey up short with the abruptness of the comment.

“I’m twenty one years old, been an agent for a short time with a few missions.  I may be dumb but I’m not as stupid as to believe I’m all that valuable to C.O.I.L. when there are numerous other agents with years of experience and vastly superior skills to me.  In time who knows, maybe I will be, but even at my young age I know enough to know I’m expendable at any time, you are on the other hand Miss Hale are an entirely different scenario and I suspect part of the reason you’re here?” Paige smiled across the table. 

 “Go on,” Tracey smiled back not liking the sudden turn in the conversation.

 “I suspect you’re awaking to the fact that you are expendable, perhaps even in an internecine way, D.O.O.M. may not be the big happy family you were led to believe.  I suspect they don’t tolerate failure to well and perhaps you’ve missed your mark on the last couple of assignments and they think you’re loosing your skills.  You strike me as a person who collects secrets, decides which ones to tell and which to keep, the only problem is that you’re very good at hiding that aspect and it’s just that flaw that has your employers worried.  In short your liabilities have overtaken your assets to D.O.O.M.” Paige stated flatly.

 Tracey picked up her spoon and stirred her tea while Paige spoke her face betraying nothing as the spoon silently turned inside the cup.

 “This is a young woman in age only; she’s a mature woman, what skills, what discernment, am I truly losing it or is she just that so much more advanced than I thought, so much so we are not even on the same page.  Don’t show anything, don’t let her know she’s hit home, you may be able to regain the advantage,” Tracey thought as she twirled her spoon.

Paige picked up her tea and had a sip, her eyes on Tracey all the time, she put down her cup just as silently as Tracey had down hers before, smiled and waited.

“And here I thought I was the storyteller,” Tracey said after a long sentence of silence between the two.

“Well if that’s the case then I suppose our little tete a tete is over you’ve said what you’ve had to say and so have I.  Now if you’ll excuse me I have another appointment,” Paige said getting up and giving Tracey a full look at her as a return favour.

 Paige watched the spoon clang against the side of the Tracey’s cup, she circled around as if to leave then suddenly she was back in her chair, graceful and silent a smile on her face as she picked up her fork and cut out a piece of cake her lips closing over the creation and a smile growing on her face.

 “There’s too much here for just me, please don’t be shy Miss Hale.”

 “What changed your mind may I ask?” Tracey said.

 “Let’s just enjoy the cake,” Paige answered.


Three's Company for Death

Rica saw the flash out of the corner of her eye, turning just in time to feel the thud of the body against hers.  Rica got her arms half raised before they frozen by the girls finger and toe pressure about her neck and lower spine respectively.   The surprised agent tried to snap a kick but found her legs frozen as well, not by a nerve pinch but the presence of another girl!  The girls quickly pillared their opponent, their long slender bodies snaking about the woman to a sensuous twist of flesh. 

 Once the bottom girl had enough of her the top one released the nerve lock but not before implanting a soft slow kiss on Rica’s lips, the agent went numb immediately. 

 “Thai toxin Miss, mild dose, enough to freeze you for 30 seconds so I can entwine you without a struggle,” the girl smiled as she explained.

 Thirty seconds was more than sufficient for the girls to entangle themselves into her naked body and take away her freedom.  Rica was bracketed in a wall of flesh, all of her 5’4” frame knotted by her assassins as they wormed their knot deeper into her resisting form. 

 “You have been wrapped in Bangkok Body Rub Knot, death is slow and painful as the knot as two lethally interactive components for you to fight.  In conjunction with the knot my partner and I also use our bodies to administer a Thai Massage, a slow pleasurable caressing rub of your form by ours, the result, a relaxing of your muscles allowing more constricting of ours as we draw the knot to its deadly conclusion,” the top girl hissed.

 The spy wiggled her form inside the nest of knots she found herself trapped in.  The girls, slim, sexy and seductive had consumed her with the ease and skill of seasoned assassins.  The girls let her undulate and pull her form in any manner she wanted, they had her in their ancient craft, she was finished, she just didn’t know it yet. 

 “Uhhh, ooooh, unnnnna!” Rica grunted as she pulled and stretched her nubile physique in hopeless efforts of escape. 

 “We’re too much for you Miss I fear.  What we lack in strength we more than make up for in technique.  Our bodies have been trained from a young age for this and our selection of this knot for you was not by chance.  The Bangkok Body Rub Knot was designed for Western women, because of their larger size than Asian women.  Even though you are a Pinay you have a Western female’s body, fuller and more difficult kill with a traditional Thai Knot, but not with this knot.  We have banded about you and you cannot break free, your exquisite Pinay form encased by our mere slips of bodies who at this moment are massaging you to your death,” the girl said again.

 Rica ignored her foes and contained to wrench her form in their coils even as the girls buzzed theirs against hers in the Thai Massage.   Everywhere she tried to pry herself free them had her, her legs weaved and crossed and coiled by the lower girl felt like they’d been wound in steel, her arms weaved and straight above her head had been laced and tied by the other, her toes holding her fingers locked to them.  The girls even had their long braided ponytails woven into her.

 “Soon you should begin to feel out naked knot commence its Thai Massage, a languid stroking of your firm flesh within ours.  Over the hours my partner and I will weaken you and collapse you to the ground, from there we will continue the body rub as we suction our knot about you in a slow contraction.”

 The spy swivelled and swept her form about in place, their knot prevented any movement of her legs or feet so she danced in place.  Her ass contracted and released driving power up her body into her shoulders as she sought to break the girls grip.  Rica was stymied in her effort, her legs fared no better and her hip thrusts were easily absorbed away by the pliant duo. 

 “Every part of you has been seen to, you are totally neutralised by us Pinay.  Instead of fighting a losing battle you should relax and let us finish you quickly and pleasurably along the way,” the bottom girl said coyly.

“I’ll choose my own sexual partners thanks,” Rica grunted as she strained.

“Suit yourself, but there will come a time in this session when you will welcome our more exciting strokes,” she replied.

The girls rubbed and danced slowly over her, their trained bodies slithering like an endless snake lightly over her flesh, deadening her muscles and sparking her desire at the same time.  Rica worked her body, an arsenal all by itself under normal circumstances, against the Thai limpets.  The Pinay woman rolled her body against the two adhesive vixens, her efforts being rewarded with deeper cuddling by her naked sexy foes who now employed their lips on her.

 Rica felt hot tongues and swathing runs about her neck coupled with wet kisses, the girls over the minutes working closer to her lips. 

“We can be quite persuasive Pinay, come to our lips and experience other form of Thai Massage.”

“Move to us trapped woman.”

Rica fought the urge to seize the nearest set of lips; her passion on boil from the girls touches and rubs.

The girls moved closer to her lips, dusting her with light touches to the corner of her mouth and sharp flicks of their tongues.  Rica struggled as the couple attacked her, their smooth, supple sweet smelling bodies breaking her will slowly as she knew they desired.

The C.O.I.L. agent twitched her head in defence only to end up finding her lips meeting one of her executioners.  The girl wasted no time sealing hers to Rica’s and then steaming the entwined spy’s lips open with her touch, her tongue shooting forward and into contact with her prey.  She was soon lost in both their lips, the two tonguing her at the same time a tactic that brought her to orgasm.  The girls cinched their knot tighter as she came, their soft bodies vibrating the spy more deeply as they broke her will.  

“We knew you’d succumb to our lips, Thai women have many seductive skills to breakdown even the most resistant of foes.”

“We are trained to use our whole bodies in various arts, one compliments the other.”

Almost as soon as the words had past her lips she was teasingly pulling Rica back to her with soft nips and a flicking running tongue tip around her lips.  The spy was back in their thrall once more, the girls alternating on her as they worked the massage into her writhing baking form.  Hours of kissing and cuddling wore the meshed spy down and her muscles, the girls coiling when required into her spent and pliant flesh until they had her absorbed and their dancing lithe forms until she could no longer support herself.

Rica fell to the floor with a thud, the massage working its relaxing death effectively.  With the girls on either side of her she laid on her right side, her body still flexing inside their clasp in futile bids for freedom.  She’d withstood four hours before falling, her determination, willpower and fitness level allowing her to withstand the two massaging minx’s for what seemed an eternity. 

“Now we will begin for real, the preliminary event of getting you to the floor has been accomplished.  Our bodies will now demonstrate their true lethal training.”

Rica turned her head toward the mirror on the wall, the duo were everywhere on her, their sylph like forms married to hers as they kneaded away on her body.  The C.O.I.L. agent in spite of her exhaustion kept her body active to ward off anymore of their muscle weakening rub, her wet slick body lubricating her exertions, as she slithered her form within the embrace of death. 

 The girls simply let her squirm, her body although strong was secured in theirs and relaxing with each passing minute.  They could feel her straining gainfully inside their elastic bodies, her power pulling at their science.  Too many women and men had found out how impossible it was to extricate themselves from a Thai woman trained in human knots.  Rica moved ceaselessly, rolling her entwined form about the floor, as she fevered to free herself from the Siamese constrictors. 

“Roll and slide all you wish Pinay you have no chance of escape, we have you totally entangled.”

 Rica slithered endlessly and exhaustively, her body flexing and straining to madness as she hammered it against their flesh.  The girls simply let their bodies rub and contact their prey as the knot demanded, the supple bodies unhurriedly pursuing her death. Soft flesh crept carefully into place as the massage went on unabated Rica superheated in the humid confines of the girls hold, her body running in sweat. 

The girls kissed and nuzzled the pillar Pinay, their deadly sexual skills working her to orgasm and their clasping bodies into her.  She pulled and pulled as they worked her body slow to react to their massage and determined to win.  Silky appendages buried her and worked her until she relaxed and they had her.  They let the knot work on her until she was buried in them; they closed about her and waited for her death, her deadly naked form furnaced in Thai flesh. 

The C.O.I.L. agent boiled inside them, the heat further weakening her resolve.  The girl’s smooth willowy flesh closed further around her, she was entangled endlessly in their deadly art form, their sexy bodies’ messengers of death about her.  The massage deadened her slowly over time, the girl’s hard young physiques cuddling tighter with each passing minute.  They worked her impotent over the next hours until she was still inside their closing flesh, her body knotted and sexually spent.

“Death and relief is only minutes away Pinay, our bodies have completed another assignment,” one said.

Rica lay stricken inside them their grip of iron bands closing her down until she was crushed inside their hungry flesh.  The girls undid their grip and discarded her dead body, their weapon totally effective.

One Woman Too Many

The Giant Moth larva only needs one bite to paralyse its victim and once bitten its deadly cocoon of poisonous silk will slowly kill Miss Han in a silky sticky shroud,” Troung purred.

“That is all well a good but what if she kills me first,” he said to his partner.

“You need to think more with what’s upstairs than what’s between your legs,” she said reaching out and grabbing his hard phallus.  “In that way a woman can’t lead you around.”  As if to emphasize the point she took several steps and he was forced to be pulled after her until she let go.

“You and I both know that a woman can lure a man into doing just about anything, their means never seem to add up to the sum total, but the result is almost always the same, just as they were a second ago with you, ” he said not the least bit embarrassed.

            “I knew I should have asked that this be a solo assignment so I didn’t have to baby sit you, but I suppose that is a moot point,” Troung said with a look of annoyance.

            “That still does not guarantee us success,” he said equally annoyed.

“I have just the sort of guarantee you require, come with me,” she said. 

“Once you have this position she is helpless to resist.  Spend your reserves and hers, weaken her thoroughly as I have shown you and then she’ll be finished and easy prey.  Now as for your protection,” Troung said releasing him and moving to her vanity, her negligee flowing in the tropical breeze that pushed in through the French doors of their suite, her tall petite body so excellently displayed he could feel himself getting harder with each step she took.   

“Miss Han is Korean and by nature they prefer the soft kill and the use of poisons.  We’ve taken care of the soft part now to neutralise the other,” she said picking up a lipstick an expertly applying a coat then getting up and slipping into his arms.

“She’ll employee her lethal feminine arsenal to full impact,” she said kissing him with ease.

“Lipstick will be one of her weapons, poisonously creamy and sweet and all it takes is one touch of a woman’s lips like I just did.  Miss Han will either use a deadly first kiss lipstick or a paralysing one, I suspect a paralysing lipstick so she can finish you in a knot at her leisure,” Troung smiled.

“What can I do against that?” she said desperately.

“I’m doing it now with my kisses.  My lipstick is a sealant it coats yours in a clear impenetrable shield that Miss Han’s lipstick will not be able to get past, just a few more kisses and we can move on,” she said with throaty pleasure. 

            “Now your body and her means of attack, let’s start with her body, a kiss to your root will deliver her lipstick just as effectively as will close contact with your skin via her body cream.  Or she could use her nails and scratch you with a poisonous nail polish, her nails are well sculpted as I’ve observed.  Then finally there’s this,” she said and batted her eyelashes on his cheek. 

“What was that about?” he asked.

“The Korean Fan, a bat of her eyelashes can not only attract they can kill.  Her mascara hardens her lashes into razor sharp tongs and tips them with a lethal poison, one bat and she can finish you,” Troung said before adding.

            Fortunately I have a solution,” she said holding up a bottle then leading him into the en suite and starting a bath. 

            She drained the bottle into the running water then motioned for him to remove his clothes and get in. 

            “Much like my lipstick only it coats the body in a breathable membrane impervious to any of Miss Han’s weapons, immerse yourself completely and then step out of the bath and let your body dry naturally,” she said.

            “Your defences are set just remember what I taught you and we’ll be rid of Miss Han,” she smiled and left him to his own devices and the devices of Yee Sun Han.

            Yee Sun had enjoyed there date, she always made her targets think that way, it distracted them, and distracted men made mistakes.  She added to the distraction immensely with her looks and her dress, a darling number in sheer pink, with slit sides all the way up and a neckline that left nothing to the imagination.  Her small breasts filled it out just nicely and hid just enough of her assets to make eyes stare in the hopes of more.  She caught him once or twice looking a fraction of second too long.  The smooth fabric stretch over her small taut ass that Yee Sun used to wiggle about while they danced; he forced himself not to grip it as they swayed about the floor. 

            “That is a wonderful dress I can’t take my eyes of it,” he said while they danced.

            “That’s a pity,” she said back softly.

            “Why?” he asked his curiosity getting the better of him.

            “Because when it’s off of me and I’m naked before you does that mean you’ll still be staring at?”

            He felt himself hardening at the thought and backed away just a little from her closeness as they danced to cover his tracks.  Yee Sun smiled, she knew she had him when he made that motion.

            “Care to join me in a drink?” he said as he went to the bar.

            “No thanks care to join me?” she said as the spy unhooked her dress and let it fall.  “I don’t believe in under garments, to much fuss,” she said a she stood naked before him.

            Again he was hard instantly, but this time it didn’t matter, he fumbled behind the bar with his clothes trying to look casual as his heart raced and his mind screamed for him to hurry up and get to her.  Somehow he managed to control his actions just enough to look as if he expected it to happen this way. 

            They kissed several times before she detached himself and slid down his chest, his heart hammering as he anticipated what was about to happen.  Her first touch was like a tingle of electricity had been introduced to his body, then the sensation of being warm all over, followed by sudden jolts of ecstasy that shot straight from his rod to his mind and overload it for a fraction of second.  His body twitched and his knees swayed and wobbled as he ran his hands through her hair and about her shoulders. 

            Yee Sun’s hands searched up his legs and circled his ass as she coddled and kissed his member.  The slightest of motions in her arms indicated to him that she wanted him to join her; he slowly lowered as she held on, his massive stem firmly and softly with the confines of her pleasuring lips while her hands gently stroked the base. 

            He was totally in a dream state, just as she wanted.  Yee Sun slipped one hand off his mound and clicked open the bottom of the heel on one of her shoes.  The beautiful spy removed the tube and turned it up with one hand then removed her mouth from his rod and coated her lips while her hands stroked and rubbed his members in such a way he never suspected.  Yee Sun had the tube back in the heels secret compartment within seconds.

            “That was just the warm up, I guarantee this will really blow you away,” Yee Sun said sexily as her lips softly closed about his throbbing tip for a second before sliding fully up his shaft and them back down again until she turned her lips about his tip, his body jerking and twisting joy at the pleasure she was delivering. 

            She knew instantly she’d not been successful, but did not panic, instead she pleasured him some more before leaving his tip and kissing up his body, her lips leaving red outlines of her presence as she ascended.  She kissed him a few times as she wriggled about, he reacting to the soft delights of her body by moving just as much until he managed to flip her over on her back. 

They kissed in that position, Yee Sun’s lower half resting on top of his lower half while her face was tilted towards his sideways as his was to hers.  She nuzzled and prodded with her kisses as she manoeuvred to expose his neck, up success, Yee Sun came in close and flicked her eyelashes, again to no effective.

            “He’s very well prepared against by poisonous onslaught, but there are other ways a woman has, OHHH!” she said and then screamed in her mind as his rod slipped into her ass and impaled her.

Yee Sun had been caught out of position, her body worked to keep itself free with soft distracting moves as she tried to seduce him into making a mistake.  Kisses and rubs and rolls about the floor did nothing to gain her position of distraction for escape.  He captured her an hour later with a series of slow winding moves Troung had taught him, her lavender scented body inching into his embrace in an unwilling dance.  His body flexed and pushed into hers.  Yee sun’s walls surround him in her grip totally with that final thrust and began to work.

“You may be sealed from my poisonous touch by not a massaging touch lover,” she cooed as she squirmed and felt and adjusted and adjusted.

“Yes Miss Han, Troung even thought of that,” he laughed. 

“He’s wearing a shield, I can’t massage him!” she exasperated in her mind.

He tightened slowly as Troung had instructed and worked his hips and his body about her as Yee Sun fought on until she was climaxed.  She quaked and gasped and pulled her entwined form as she searched for freedom and was rewarded with another orgasm. 

“That’s right darling, slowly, work into her body, every corner, make her feel you,” Troung encouraged into the television monitor as she watched the opera unfold.

Yee Sun had slipped deeper into his hold over the two orgasms, she was close again and one more would lock her in the knot and finish her.

“NO. NO!” she moaned and refused him for a while until the motion changed; she fell seconds later unable to hold back his instrument.

“I have you Miss Han,” he chimed.

She was climaxed frequently over the next several hours as he closed about her and applied the Vietnamese Massaging Prawn.  Yee Sun was weakened carefully, attention given to every part of her body.  The final half hour was spend caressing her as he slowly undid his knot keeping her secure until the end before he slithered free and kissed her non responsive lips and left freeing her means of death before he did.

Yee Sun was unable to move as she saw the Giant Moth Larva come into her view. 

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *         

            “A job well done, but then the instruction was perfect.  If you’re still up it,” She gripping his member softly.  “Perhaps we can celebrate after you take a shower,” Troung said slyly. 

             Troung came up behind him and pressed her cool naked body into his.  She nuzzled his neck then reached around and kissed him slowly before her long legs tripped him to the floor and into her awaiting ensnarement. 

            “Perhaps I neglected to inform you my shielding lipstick has a time limit in its effectiveness,” she stated, as her nude form activated around him.  “My lipstick, weak, but just enough to allow me to strike and hold and relax you a touch while my body secures you.” Troung kissed in her lipstick and used its limited effects to coil him into her Sticky Palm Knot.

“Death, lover, a slow death as ordered, my knot is imbedded and my Skin Suffocating Baby Powder is a special blend just for the male of the species.  I should have just kissed you with a death lipstick, but I wanted you to feel what a real woman is capable of with her body,” she hissed.

He knew more than she thought and soon he was working on escape and her death.  Troung hugged him tight; kissed his neck as she contracted her knot then just when he was ready to strike she reached back into the bun of her hair and pulled out a surprise.  She glided the pink cream perfectly about her lips then replaced it in the bun all without him knowing then glued their damp bodies tighter in her knot as he worked.

Troung’s baby powder was slow acting as was her choice of knots.

His body rolled them over and she was arched away from his form, her body left to cool in the heat and conceal in her own baby powder.  She twisted and wormed her naked long form in the shadows as he laughed and reached up and removed her lipstick tube from her bun

“Your coating did not go unnoticed Troung, I learned more from you than you thought, so I took precautions, but apparently my counter did and now you’re secured in the Drying Butterfly and helpless,” he offered.  

Troung glistened in the moonlight, her body damp and cooling in her trap as the clear shroud formed around her flexible body.  She was encased in her trap totally after two hours, her second skin sealed to her first, he discarded her and showered peeling off the little of her death trap that had sealed to him.  When he returned dressed and ready to leave her golden skinned body was searching for a way free, her nails looking for a flaw the coating.  Her body never looked better as she contorted and swayed inside her own trap, her muscles dancing against the stretching shroud, so lethal in other ways but here reduce to display purpose only.  The sexy spy caught him out of the corner of her eye watching her, she had a chance.

The spy forced herself to her feet and danced for him, her serpent body using all its seductive charm as she worked on the suffocation trap.  He came closer, she fell into him and danced, he had never been able to refuse her body and a trapped body was too erotic to pass up, he stripped and worked her struggling body into his favourite and fatal hold The Pressing Python, her writhing body fighting with all she had until them fell to the floor and his undulations rippled around her in constricting madness. 

Troung shimmied and snaked until exhausted and stilled.  He undulated his physique every few minutes as she limply fought and moaned until he could feel her succumbing to the pressure and the sealant.  Her lips safely behind a clear barrier he turned her head and kissed her, her lips responding wonderfully as        she nipped his lips then provided another long kiss and a few final nips before she smiled and slunk free.

The spy peeled away the seal and blissfully let her skin breathe again before rolling on top of him and tilting her face over on the side to look at him.  

“You never could resist me even when you should.  That shower you took to wash off any of my baby powder so you had to use the special soap of mine, it leaves a residual trace for a few hours that acts to remove any of the powder you may have missed.  When I saw you watching me twist and writhe I knew I had a chance.  You made a mistake in letting me dry with my legs and arms apart in that way I could still stand and dance for you baby, my seduction trap employed to maximum effective.  When I fell against you my mouth touched your skin and part of the enzyme, it dissolved the shield of death around my lips over time, and your knot dissolved the rest.  I knew you would not finish me without one final kiss and you knew you were safe.  I was unsure myself but I see the effects have not been dulled with time, only you have baby.  My blend is referred to as Pink Passion Paralysis, total and instant body paralysis for hours all delivered with the soft lips of a woman, now to finish you,” Troung cooed as she kissed him a few more times then got to her feet and walked to her closet before returning.

“Now my little fly since I have caught you I now must spin you into my web for safe keeping.  The negligee is the web and I’ve already bitten you with my paralysing venom,” Truong worked about him spinning her web of death around him until she glowed, her naked body free of her weapon and wet with exertion.

“My web of death baby contracting strands of silk designed to deliver a crushingly soft caress of death,” she hissed in delight. 

She gave him a long kiss goodbye then dressed, packed and left; he was dead before she closed the door.  

Older and Deadlier

She’d faced many excellent opponents during her career, but he was proving to be the best!  His combination of youth, speed and flexibility coupled with his extraordinary skills for one so young and his perfectly chiselled lithe body was proving more than a match for her experience!  Since they started she’d be entangled in him twice, the first time after more than an hour of fighting he’d cleverly encased her in The Tiger Moth from which she’d barely managed to escape after four arduous hours of toil!  Two more hours of combat, a mistake and she was his prisoner once more, this time his choice was a classic, The Crescent Moon.  She was bent and twisted in a slow death march over three hours until she was at the brink, she managed to keep herself there for five more until his sculpted muscles knotted and she wiggled free, nearly broken, but alive.

“You are resourceful old woman, but I think your resources and energy are nearly gone!  My muscles have recovered while I think your age has caught up to you!” he said rising to his feet and advancing towards her. 

 She watched his gleaming perspiration soaked body, every threatening muscle on display including his engorged stem, come toward her.  She staggered to her feet, stumbled forward a few paces to meet him then her eyes flickered rolled up in her head and she fell forward somersaulting once until she was at his feet, her head swimming as it bobbled about, his laugh mixing with her dizziness until it was too late! 

 A quick thrust of her nails to the tendons at the back of his heel and he was brought down!  Her feet in a flash pulled back his head and locked underneath his chin while her arms locked his legs to her!  Her fish squirmed wildly as she struggled to thrust them both upright to her feet, his strength still proving difficult to overcome, but finally she brought their slick bodies upright and closed in for the kill!

 She lowered her head and seized his massive spear with her lips, her tongue stroking the resistance from him in seconds!  She slide up and down his shaft swallowing him with deep hot caresses and long tantalising pulls from his base to his tip, her lips and tongue deadly playthings about his swollen member!  She could easy kill him, one tense of her naked form would snap his spine, but she wanted him to experience some of the pain she’d been the recipient of.

  One final deep pull consumed him to the base of his shaft, her hot experienced tongue swathing him in shivers of pleasure as she went!  He battled her, hammering his body and writhing for freedom, but her soft lips and licking tongue proved hard to overcome.  He was young and inexperienced and she took full advantage, he’d been hard the minute he’d seen her naked form, even at her advanced age, she was stunning, hard and firm and deadly, as he was discovering!  She slowly consumed and released him, working him over, feeling and bathing his extra sensitive areas in moistness until he exploded!  She released her mouth and let him go, his spume everywhere as he bucked and moaned her body contracting him little by little as she closed her grip about his firm young body.

 She wasted no time, coddling him again, his massive hardness not dissipating an inch as she worked.  Her technique was different this time, a long lapping of her tongue, from base to tip!  Again he banged wildly to break her hold, but her mouth stilled him as he built to another crescendo, one final long tingling draw released his juice once more as he frantically convulsed her in deliciously lethal embrace!  She drew him into her even more, feeling his previously strong impervious body slacken as she drained his energy, she allowed herself a brief smile before lowering her head once more! 

 His sticky mandible felt her experienced touch again, small nuzzles and caresses, gentle breezes and brushing touches of her soft lips all combined into a attack that easily breached his defences for a third time!  This time she let their bodies dissolve to the floor, her entwinement about him still complete and growing in intensity.

 “Three my young opponent, the Stinging Scorpion is fatal, but pleasurably fatal to all and your body seems to like my poison stings!  With each touch I can feel my venom working through you, weakening you more than any combat between us did!  You had me twice, but couldn’t finish me, you will not get a second chance from me!” she slyly said.

 Her lips and tongue secreted their deadly poison again and again, bathing him in orgasmic joy as he flexed endless to escape her grip their bodies roiling and twisting about the floor as she maddened him with joy until her grip cinched him still!  She coiled her tongue about his shaft and waited for him to hardened, her lips enticing him with silk strokes and pulls until she could feel his pulsating cock grow in her coils and throb with passionate madness! 

 She spilled him again and again but he was young and strong and resistant, hours and hours past, he was weak but not yet hers and she was exhausted from her labours!  He took advantage pulling his legs straight as they struggled and rolling them into a more advantageous position for him.  She kept up her attack knowing the danger of the moment, but she had no other choice her plan had been set when she seized him, she could not turn back now, but she could make some adjustments! 

 His strength and vigour showed as he nipped up to his knee’s then tried to get to his feet as she knew he would, but she had other plans.  All it took was a change to her motion, both tongue and lips, that subtle change wobbled him for just a second, but that was all she needed!  Her legs disentangled and then entangled again flat against each side of his head, her toes strategically placed for another assault!  Her toes pushed and pressed into his head rubbing and caressing him in a gentle fondle until his legs fell from beneath him and he slumped to his knees!

 “I am a woman of many weapons and exotic arts my young warrior and you are a most stubborn adversary but I will coax you to orgasm and death!  I have you warped helplessly and hopelessly, your strong virile body encased by sexy experience and diabolical skill,” she purred knowing her talk would heat him up even more. 

 Despite being tired from her exertions she found her rhythm and continued drawing strength from him as he weakened her ageless body dancing about his young muscled frame with deadly precision!  She spilled him minutes later, her delightful attack to much to resist, she arched her frame outward as she pulled away from his explosion, her hips darting inward for a second then a second more and soon too many seconds had passed, his tongue had found her! 

 He probed into her very lubricated and receptive pussy instantly accelerating her heart rate and her excitement!  His probe quick and efficiently accurate, she fell to its touch and came instantly, her body writhing as she continued to work on him even as she came!  He kept his tongue embedded in her deliciousness its twisting washing torrent sweeping over her again less than a minute later, he muffled moans attesting to that even as she held his engorged cock!  She worked and worked him but he refused her spell while she fell deeper into his, her orgasms becoming more intense with each passing one, soon her legs could no longer focus on stroking, she tried to change their position and he was ready, she missed and was his! 

 He clasped her legs and twisted corkscrewing himself free and ending their long engagement with other!  He took her before she could recover spreading her legs out as she lay on her stomach he slipped them into the back of his knee just above her knee and closed about them!  He crossed her arms and interlaced his arms about hers before sealing their fingers together and raising both sets above her head!  Finally he pulled back up into a sitting position and impaled her onto his massive member.

 “I thought you said your Stinging Scorpion was fatal it would seem I’m immune to your poison old woman!  Here we are again; I’m the master once more.  I was resistant to your charms, or could it be that you’re just too old to be effective anymore, lets see how long you can resist my youthful enthusiasm about her treacherous sexy body!” he whispered to her before his hot breath and tongue found her exposed neck and his hips began to rock slowly back and forth.

 “Don’t worry about me, I’m spent, but you I think have many orgasms left, each one leading you closer to your death!” he added.

 His words proved true, she was climaxed endlessly, her body gyrating in his hold with each victory!  He was relentless, his massive wedge defeating her counter moves each time until he was able to rise to his feet taking her with him his hips circling as he worked until she screamed in glory her body convulsing widely for a long time until she went limp except for her heaving chest!  He released her to the floor in a discarded heap before preparing for her death, one final sexual encounter! 

 As her steaming body lay on its stomach he spread her legs a little then encompassed them with his, folding around them just about her knees.  Her arms were crossed above her head, his arms intertwining about her before closing their fingers together.  Finally he rocked the both of them back onto his lower legs and raised her up suspending her for just a second before plunging her down and impaling her on his massive member! 

 Her moans of delight were overtaken by his laughter.

 “Now to give you one final moment of pleasure before ending our game and your life!” he taunted.

 Secured and weak she was his to toy with.  His throbbing enormous prong filling her completely as his hips thrust and rushed about her in a slow magical dance.  She frustrated his insistent rhythm several times but she could not pull her pussy free and all too soon she was at the edge, her body twisting to avoid his onrushing thrusts, she had to get to him and slow him, but the risk was great!  She turned her head and began seeking out his lips with hers, the added tension of the twist putting insane orgasmic pressure on her clitoris.  She was beautiful, even at her age, much too beautiful to ignore and he took her lips, it was all she needed.

 Her experience took over; her touch slowed his death trap despite his furious pumping!  Deep thrust after deep thrust stirred her yearnings but he couldn’t push her over the top!  He clasp their hands in front of her  and seized rearing up and driving into her, his massive cock pleasuring her ripe clitoris with wild pummels!  She needed time to work her spell but she was out of time as she came in convulsive delight her ageless body quivering to his dance as he cinched about her and pinned her into position.  She delayed him again with every trick she had but she was helpless, her drove on ravaging her body until she came again and again, he rose to his feet with her frame entwined in his and shimming with all she had willing his cock on for one more coupling!  Her body was gracefully convincing, he raised her up, positioning her pussy for his shaft, but she twisted and manoeuvred him until it slipped into her ass crack 

 He complied and began working himself inward as he tensed her small frame stiff.  She tiled her head back to his, parted her lips for a kiss and thrust back and down on his cock, he quivered for a few seconds, before stiffening!  She kissed him softly then slipped free of his grip as he fell to the floor.

 “My ass is deadly in ways you did not imagine!” she smiled pulling a small needle out of his swollen prong.

 “A deadly poison that you willingly accepted, it’s good to see that I haven’t lost my touch around the male of the species!  The encounter is mine now if you’ll excuse me I need to clean up from our session.” She smiled nipping his lips with hers before disappearing from sight.