Friday, January 10, 2020


‘He had watched her in training, her body was wonderful, strong, shapely and beautiful.

He’d dreamed of the two of them together in unauthorized training, as it was called but she
seemed cool to him as she rebuffed his advances time and again until one day he found her in
his apartment. ‘This is dangerous,’ she said. ‘If we’re caught we could both be tossed out of the
program, but I love danger,’ she smiled from the chair across the room that she had sexily
positioned herself in. Tami got up in a slow fluid motion and stalked toward him and hand
touching his chest as she circled behind him then reached around and undid his belt. ‘One of
us is overdressed for the occasion.’  She managed him out of his clothes easily and elegantly,
unhurried and controlled. She kissed him from behind, on his neck her body pressing into his
leg running up and down his, the soft pads of her feet most wonderful. She turned about for a
full on kiss as he enveloped her in his arms. ‘I see my trap has worked,’ she smiled slipping
from his arms and undoing her bra. My Anemone has worked. Its my bras code name, slight
pressure releases the microscopic needles. My drug is a paralyser,’ she added slipping off her
panties. ‘I like to kill nude, a CURVE girl preference and you Eric will get to experience it. This
isn’t class, I know you watch me closely, seeing what I will come up with. I never used my bra,
I saved that for you. Maybe you were expecting something more cosmetic, that I admit I am
known for. You watched me, with fascination, when I did that scenario with Ethan, now I admit
that was early on. You accessed the video of that scene over 50 times, study purposes no
doubt,’ she explained as her arms twinned about his neck. But, 50 times? I can’t be that
fascinating, there are many other female trainees to look upon, but you only ever accessed me.
As a CURVE trainee we are given extra training in motion, position of the form and especially
dress, this extra training gives us the impact we need. I believe that day with Eric I was wearing
a white skirt, tight at the hips, with 
just the slightest underpinning, cut just a tad above mid knee and classic white pumps. A green
silk top and matching white jacket, pearl earrings, necklace and bracelet completed me.  I knew
to give him looks at me, both from away and close, part of my extra training, so I moved a great
deal, teasingly so, always just close but always just out of reach. I was not sure what did it, the
outfit, the tease that got him in my arms. My theory was my legs, you seem to like them so I’m
going with that, anyway in my arms for a soft welcoming kiss.

I delivered my welcome and my credentials with that kiss. My Cherry Blossom Lipstick is long
lasting and when delivered acts quickly, Eric was feeling the effects before the kiss ended.

I guided him into the chair the muscle relaxant doing its nasty business and all from the soft
touch of my lips. The second kiss was unnecessary, simply a bonus from me. 

Perhaps you were expecting more of an Ezra option. He was expecting a kiss but my Barbara
from ‘The Silencers’ had other ideas. That shirt was custom made to fit me perfectly, revealing
more that enough while covering what he could only imagine, a tease within a tease if you will,
but that’s all part of the game we play. Again, white pumps, same heel length I do like some
consistency. The shirt in case your wondering is standard field equipment for all female agents,
shoes are your choice or optional if you like barefoot or height is an issue.  He needed
convincing so I worked on him, fortunately for me and unfortunately for him he made the mistake
of letting me get too close to resist me. The result was, well he had to know a CURVE girl is
known for her grooming, my hair was perfect, I smelled wonderful, my legs were smooth as silk
and my lips were frosted, my nails were shaped and painted, I prefer almond shape for my nails,
again a classic, what can I say I’m a traditional girl spy. I shape them myself that way I get just
the edge I want, razor sharp.Just the merest light drag with the right pressure penetrates the skin.
My shade that day was a truth serum. I scratched Ezra five times and he didn’t notice, I’m quite
good and just between use, I like to scratch. After the five, he gave up the Intel, I only had to flick
him a few more times. That video you watched more than a 100x, my legs again I think, or the
shirt or perhaps the nails, scratching you is an option, my nails are always prepared, but we
should move on I think, but first,’ she explained then slowly kissed him, their nude forms pressed
together. ‘Wonderful, but I’m a bit chilly,’ she said walking over to her vanity and pulling on the
shirt and heels she had just explained. ‘Transforming look don’t you think, I’d thought you’d like
it, now to return to business,’ she said walking toward him, her legs dancing, the muscles
captivating as she moved until she was kissing him again.

‘Onto another video you watched a great deal. Female agents have a great choice in weapons, 
sometimes too many and an agent can get into a rut, not because of laziness, but because
she has a preference for one thing. Some like lipsticks, some nails, still 
others their bodies, some devices, which brings us to Axel. This time a clingy cocktail dress
and black pumps, what can I say, at least the colour was different. You didn’t seem to mind,
anyway, a simple plan, let him feel me, use that to draw him in and then strike, but with a slight
twist, by that I mean my ring, slide the top back and a spring loaded needle appears, just twist it
on your finger and inject and just before he kissed me, another twist. Mixing your means of
attack keeps an opponent off guard,’ Tami said in a whisper as she hugged him her full hard
body pressing into his. ‘But a have a few other fun items. Your friend Gage checked out a few of
my scenarios trying to get an edge in training. What he may have gained in knowledge certainly
did not help him. While my cosmetics case is full of deviously effect weapons but so is my
jewellery box. When he was within range I blew him a kiss with an open palm, you know the
pose. My kiss stings a bit, a bobble really, nothing of note just something attached to a bracelet,
but push the front legs simultaneously and voila and needle appears, just a puff of air sends it
on its way. In this case the neck of Gage. You see I can sting the male in a variety of ways,’ she
said lightly brushing his lips with her finger. 

Then there was Rene, allure took another turn with him, you watched this one a great many
times too, probably for the same reason Rene paid such close attention. It seems a woman
dressing and doing her makeup is quite arousing, of course I knew it was, but it was a matter of
making it seem I didn’t so the game played out under my control. He and you watched my every move, the slipping on of my undergarments, then the careful controlled filing and shaping of my nails followed by the study coating of them with my nail polish. After that the slow roll of my perfume roller, the back of my neck, between my breasts and a dab on each wrist for good measure, then on to my face. Delicate brush strokes of colour to my cheeks, colour for my eyes and thickness for my lashes, a comb and touch up for my hair, a few turns of the brush to add curls then last but not least, a frosting for my lips. I know that men find this action erotic, so I stretch it out and ensure a complete coating. Done, I slip on my dress knowing I have his full attention, too much attention, his guard is down, but a woman needs one last look to ensure she’s presentable. I pulled my compact from my clutch as we go to leave for a last look. While checking I swing towards him and push the trigger. My poison dart knocked him out in seconds. Now what else should we talk about, there are still so many videos of me you’ve looked, I feel we’ve barely scratched the surface,’ she added then included a menacing dangerous kiss and waited for an answer.