Thursday, September 27, 2018

Mergers and Acquistions

‘You’re doing fantastic!’ Susan Janus enthused as Tami Mason took a seat in her office.

‘Thank you, I love the position and thank you for the other assignments as well, much appreciated,’ Tami offered.

‘You look scrumptious, better than ever and that’s saying something. Just incredible results and we have more for you, our opponents never seem to let up. We have Intel for you on them all that’s why I called you in to go over it, locations and approaches,’ Susan explained, and Tami acknowledge appreciative of the support.

‘All compliments greatly accepted and appreciated, but you didn’t call me in for a pat on the back,’ Tami offered.

‘You’re right of course in some respect. I did want to congratulate you, but there is also this, a new assignment, bit a mixed bag this one.’ Susan explained handing Tami a tablet with her copy of the mission outline on it. 

‘His name is Amir Khan, Indian national, by birth at least, but not exactly Mr. Popularity in is country of birth, hence is set up one his own private island in the Similan chain in Phuket Province, Thailand where it runs his various business interests around the world, one of which is mining and that’s what we’re primarily interested in although any other Intel you could pick up would be most welcome,’ Susan explained.

‘I see not the kind of legitimate mining either,’ Tami said as she scrolled about.

‘No, mostly jungle cut and slash operations, no safety, no concern and primary forced labour paid little for their efforts.  Its low cost high reward ventures and in this case, it seems it could vault Mr. Khan into the big leagues.  It seems one such operation netted him three perfectly shaped and flawless rubies in Myanmar.  Our friends sent us the Intel on that so it’s solid.  One of their agents made their way to the camp, contacted a worker, even a picture of the rubies, as you can see, from a camera she supplied one of the miners with,’ Susan said.

‘She couldn’t get the rubies I see, picked up by helicopter within 2 hours, but she did manage to find out where they were going via her contacts at the shipping company she runs as a cover,’ Tami added.

‘These rubies, perfect as they are, have immense value in laser use.  Estimates put them at making any current industrial laser 40 to 60 percent more efficient.  The use in a military grade weapon is even higher than that. Needless to say, they have attracted the attention of several organisations,’ Susan toned.

‘Why not sell to a country, off the top of my head I can think of two that would bid very large sums,’ Tami asked.

‘Mr. Khan does not want the money, he wants power and an in, something no country is willing to give, but certain organisations are and well given his already large reach, his less the above-board operations, it would make an attractive marriage from some.  We want you to stop that marriage and anything else you can from happening,’ Susan added.

‘I know you promised me a mixed bag of missions when I took on my new roll, but this seems more of an assignment for a standard type agent,’ Tami questioned.

‘Read on,’ Susan smiled.

Tami scrolled down and read, scanning the pages quickly until she came to the part Susan’s statement had indicated, she looked up at her department head.

‘Exactly, we want your combination of skills, that of a Curve Agent and a Sexstrictress,’ Susan answered.

‘Constrictors from several species I see,’ Tami answered.

‘And ethnicities,’ Susan added.

‘Well I do like a variety,’ Tami noted as she read more, and Susan picked up the conversation again.

‘Although the island is private he does run a hotel, special invite only of course, yours is included the takeaway from this meeting. You’re in deep here Tami, perhaps more than ever before. I had to fight to get you this assignment, the higher ups wanted someone younger and well less full-sized to be blunt.’

‘Your enthusiasm for my demise is flattering,’ Tami answered with a smile.

‘Actually, it’s the exact opposite, I’m saving an agent and getting the mission completed. Their choice would have failed, you and I both know that.  If one constrictor didn’t get her, the others would have, I argued that you had the unique skill set and figure for this mission,’ Susan argued then seeing the look on Tami’s face went on. ‘You’ve actually leaned out a little since the change, you were a knockout before, but now while what’s above a knockout.  Besides, I happen to know you are still bikini certified, gives you a nice double edge over the competition doesn’t it.  While their parading around in two pieces with the same or similar body types you can wow in a one piece or two piece if you wish, a distracting contrast either way and one the plays to your advantage. Another feather in your cap is size.  I made the point in my appeal for you on this mission when I explained about the constrictors from the other species and how in a double team their choice would not stand a chance even stressing the odds on one vis one was not in our favour, but that you tilted those odds,’ she said.

‘I’m guessing since they accepted you did not have to explain how small a tilt that was,’ Tami answered not looking up from the tablet. 

‘Don’t ask, don’t tell,’ Susan answered. ‘Now is there anything you need from the labs for this?’

‘I have something I suggested a while back.  I received an e-mail saying it was ready, it may come in handy on this mission,’ Tami said and got up.

Susan gave her a kiss on the cheek and hug and went back to work as Tami made her way to the Labs in the basement.
‘We completed the final test on it yesterday. It worked perfectly.  Fantastic idea,’ Janke Gruber, head of the lab said.

‘You even got the colour perfect as well.  I had several made, different colours for different occasions and parts of the world, gives you a bit more variety,’ she said pulling back the curtain to reveal more.
‘Wonderful,’ Tami exclaimed. ‘Oh, but what’s this?’

‘One great idea begets another.  I took your idea and added a twist to it.  What do you think?’
‘Again, superb,’ Tami enthused.

‘These come in the same styles and colours.  I will send them along ahead of you, they might just come in handy,’ she smiled.

It was a long flight to Bangkok, then a short haul flight to the south coast of Thailand then a boat ride to the island.  Tami slept and napped along the way like a seasoned traveller and a seasoned spy.  Arriving tired and in a weakened state only gave the advantage to her foes and she didn’t need them on to her any earlier than necessary.

‘Besides,’ she told herself. ‘Looking refreshed and at your best only aided her mission.’

The boat docked, Tami waited for a got space between departing passengers to make her exit. She walked out and the bright sun and a clear blue sky. The turquoise coloured water lapped against the concrete jetty while the white sand welcomed the water at the beach head.  Tami’s white hat, purple sarong with flashes of yellow, red and orange were offset by her lime bandeau bikini top. Each step or gentle gust of wind reveal her legs, toned, tanned and tantalising to all, just the impression she wanted to make.

There were luxury golf carts waiting to take them up the slight grade to the hotel, a space for each person’s luggage in the back.  Tami had planned timing to perfection, getting a cart all to herself.  As they whizzed past she drew looks from people, again just as she had hoped.
‘Talk helps spread the word,’ she thought.

She tipped the drive generously, was greeted by the concierge who pointed to several at attention staff lined up alongside him to retrieve the bags from the cart while her greet the guest.

‘Welcome to Spinnaker Bay Resort Miss Mason,’ he said looking at the invitation card Tami presented him with. I hope your stay with us will be pleasant. If there’s anything you desire, please let any of my staff know and we will make it available for you.  My name is Tuptin, you are in Cabana 7, wonderful view of the ocean, seconds to the beach and close to everything else. They will show you to your accommodations,’ he smiled.

She was led through the lobby, a marvelous structure with a teak vaulted roof, out a side door that fed into a courtyard by the pool, a massive kidney shape with several swim up bars. From behind the cover of her sunglasses she scanned the mass, her eyes darting, her mind cataloguing as she walked along coming to a massive Rhododendron bush filled with light pink flowers, they turned sideways and disappeared down a path towards her cabana, palm trees overhead providing a nice mixture of dappled sun and shade for a myriad of tropic flowers to adorn the edge of the path.  Just off in the distance she could her the gentle lapping of water, the scent of Gardenia in the air. 

They past several cabanas rounded one more corner and then the path tilted down toward her place.

‘It really is out of the way and somewhat isolated, that’s both good and bad for me, but that’s why I’m here,’ Tami thought.

Her cabana was two steps up, a veranda made of Teak wrapped completely around the cabana.  The structure itself was made of Ceylon/Malabar Ironwood and stained a deep brown to blend in with the forest.  She ascended the steps and entered the held open door.  The main entrance door was French Empire fitted with a modern screen set.  Two side doors, one on either side were more modern sliding doors that led to the veranda.  The main sitting and entertaining area took up the entire front of the cabana about 20x20 feet.  It consistent of a main seating/entertainment area, a separate dining area with a table that cloud be expanded to fir eight, the extra chairs placed against the wall.  On the other wall was a very well stocked bar and sink setup.  A short centre hallway led a guest bathroom on the right and a storage closet on the left.  Tami walked past this into the bedroom, swinging open the frosted glass doors, she smiled.   

A modern four poster queen bed of teak wood complete with mosquito netting artfully draped at each corner greeted her, screen sliding doors on all three sides of the room ensure a constant breeze as her bed looked out onto the ocean.

‘Lovely, morning and evening breeze,’ she thought.

The room was completed with a lovely siting area, a dressing table and a huge closet a large master bath.  Tami slid back the door to the veranda and walked out.  A four-person Hot Tub sat in an enclosed area just off the steps that lead to the beach, chairs, loungers, small tables and a porch swing provided furniture for gatherings.  She came back inside and tipped the two staff very well insisting that it was fine and no trouble as she preferred to unpack her own clothes.

After they had left Tami reached into her clutch retrieving her compact and mascara wand. A double push of the compact release popped it open, a left twist of the pen released the antenna that she fixed into the release hole on the top of the compact, a few light touches of the select screen on the compacts LED touch display menu and she walked about her cabana scanning or unauthorized devices.

Satisfied now were present she turned her attention to the liquor cabinet.  She went to her make up case and took out a blush palette and an eye dropper.  A quick drop from a random selection of bottles confirmed nothing had been tampered with, to ensure they stayed that way Tami ejected a small flat disk from her compact and placed it on the underside of each cap.  The device would alert her if anyone tried to undo the cap via the change in air pressure.  Happy with the results, which indicated her cover was still intact, she started unpacking.


OTR Conversation:

Checked in everything fine, will check out the pool, nightlife, etc. see what I can catch by making myself seen.

Excellent, be careful and keep me informed.

Getting another secure call?  Did you give my details to anyone else?

No.  What’s the ID?

Mrs. H and Nancy

Doesn’t register.  What do you want to do?

Take it, one way or another they know me and most
likely something about this mission.  Either way one,
hand will tip the other Send update later, bye.


Mrs. H and Nancy
It’s a great resort but it has its drawbacks

What do you mean?

Mrs. H and Nancy
Certain members of the staff can be a bit, shall we say, clingy.
Others can rub you the wrong way.
But on the positive side the flora and fauna are to die for,
if that is your passion

You sound like you speak from experience?

Mrs. H and Nancy
Only because we survived it. There is another there
for you, well hidden, but if you find her you can count on her.


Mrs. H and Nancy
Can’t risk having you blow her cover, her mission is just as
Important as yours and for the same mutual friends. Bye.

‘Well the waters just got a bit more muddied,’ Tami said as she typed Susan to investigate the mysterious Mrs. H and Nancy.  She wasn’t sure about them, but their information was certainly worth keeping in mind and pursuing. 


Her cut out green bandage one-piece bathing suit did the trick, it made her stand out amongst the sea of bikini’s, her figure did hurt either nor how see carried herself, confident and sexy. 

Tami didn’t make a show of herself as she picked her place by the poolside then went and got herself a drink, returning with many eyes on her and more than a few trying to bore holes in her with jealousy. 

She’d placed herself into one corner, the perfect spot to observe everyone and to watch the comings and goings.  Even seemingly random gatherings as these revelled patterns of both group and individual behaviour and an alert and trained mind could see them develop and better yet predict them. For instance, she noticed a couple half way up the other side, he had been watching her, thinking his wife, it was obvious to Tami they were married, didn’t or hadn’t noticed him doing so.

‘Troubles coming for you later if you don’t stop,’ Tami thought, her eyes behind her sunglasses able to look and not be seen doing so.  She also noticed they carried a bit of sway with a larger party of people, most about their same age, mid to late forties, the gym and yoga crowd was Tami’s not so flattering name for them.

Some of the ladies could still pull off a bikini, barely, but this was the last season for that without seriously more effort applied and a reduction in the after yoga class lunch.  A few more sensible women, all in good shape choose a much more appropriate and alluring sexy one piece, they stood out as confident and as she saw fully attended by their partners.

That divided against the other groups of people in their thirties and people in their late twenties, each keeping a distance from each and for their own separate reasons.   The younger group for fear that contact with the next generation would somehow hurl them faster into that age orbit and thus reduce them to sensibility and perhaps even dullness as they perceived it.  The older group adopting the, been there, done that attitude and having no wish to repeat it. 

Having gathered all this in and wishing to move she decided to introduce herself about and she what she could turn up.  The resort was all fine and good, but the house at the other end of the island was the real point of destination, she needed access there to get the mission on its way.

Another advantage of the one-piece is that you can do things in it you can’t do in a bikini, well you could but it risked embarrassment should you fail.  Tami walked to the diving board, a not well used apparatus of the pool and executed a perfect Front Reverse dive came up and swan several lengths in a graceful sinuous motion before slowly walking up the pool steps her body dripping looking hot and delicious as she went to the bar nearest the forties crowd.  Soon enough she was invited into the crowd and making small talk, letting slip things here and there that could help her if the other person was in a position to do so, it was a skilled practice she had honed over her career. 

No, I’m here for an indefinite stay. Maybe I’ll just buy a nice spot and stay, operate my life from here,’ she told a group of women.

‘What is it you do for a living?’ an attractive brunette woman in her early forties asked.
‘I source gems for a group in Antwerp, takes me all over the world so it has the benefit of paying well and letting me see the world,’ she offered, the first bit of information disseminated.

‘What can you tell me about this diamond?’ another woman asked, this one a deep auburn haired woman who could still rock her bikini.

‘Without a loupe it’s hard to tell regarding the flaws and the centre and the clarity, but just from the exterior, the cut is nice, not great, it sparkles well, but again not tremendous brilliance, so it’s not a Canadian diamond, they have the best brilliance in the world, good and solid, upper end retail, very nice setting,’ Tami said handing back the ring.

‘I’ve heard about blood diamonds and some of the other places gems come from, you don’t go to those places, do you?’ another asked, this time a light brown haired woman in a classic tropical print one-piece who looked over her shoulder as she spoken at her husband.

‘You have to in this business, I’ve had my share of close calls and adventures during my career, but I can handle myself,’ Tami answered.

She gave a few more bits and pieces then the group migrated back to the men and Tami was clearly the hit of the bunch, stories and tidbits of information kept coming, her conversation witty and vibrant.

The group started to break up as people left to get ready for dinner Tami, having secured an invitation to join a party prepared to leave as well when the woman with the tropical print one-piece took her arm.

‘I can tell you’re a good person, but I hate you. My husband was looking at you all the time.’

‘Yes, I noticed, even put his drink down twice to look at my ass. I’m sure he’s a nice guy and you love each other, and I don’t want to be the cause of upset.  I’ll just stay away from him if you like or you could do something,’ Tami smiled.

‘I don’t know what?’

‘Walk to the need of the pool with me then fix him in your gaze, lower yourself slowly into the pool, swim over to him emerge from the water dripping head to toe with a small but definite wiggle in her hips and a confident look.  Walk past him toward that cabana and as you pass him reach out and take his head, don’t look at him, just lead him inside pull the strings for privacy, place him on the lounger pull off his trunks then slowly very slowly tease off your suit climb onto the lounger and take command and by that I mean really take command, you control everything right to the end then just when he thinks you’re done start again and drive him insane until he’s exhausted,’ Tami explained with a smile and a squeeze of the woman’s are before disappearing behind the Rhododendron bush.
The woman thought for a second then turned around and walked to the pool edge.


Claire greeted Fan Li as she did with all her people, with a hug and kiss on the cheek which Fan returned.

‘First of all, thanks for getting here so soon, normally I would handle this but I think a more persuasive argument can be made by the both of us.

‘Do you anticipate resistance?’ Fan asked as the limo sped away from the airport tarmac.

‘No, Susan Janus is a team player, even if it is for another team, we are both on the same side, she’s just in a more specialized area as I explained,’ Claire answered.

‘How are you going to explain the interference of a certain Mrs. H and Nancy?  Not very original, I must say.  Having met and done some training with them I would have expected more imagination or common sense at least,’ Fan stated.

‘Both have done a very good job of hiding their identities and where they couldn’t, erasing them.  I always knew her a Mrs. Hawthorne forever, only found out her real name, try as I might, went she told me. Telling tales out of school did she ever tell you she was a stripper while in college?’ Claire asked as she looked at the surprise on Fan’s face. ‘True, that sophisticated, elegant, always dress perfectly woman, no one would ever guess that, but it came in handy on a few missions for her. No, those ladies are two of the best, how they hacked that secure service, while I’ll ask them later. I know they did it for a good reason, that warning to Tami Mason, that’s the W.E.B. (Women’s Execution Bureau) agent.

‘Perhaps I can shed some light on the hacking matter.  ‘The secure servers are run out of Greece and our two mutual friends have a home in the same location and well given the fact that they are both attractive ladies, it’s too much of a stretch to imagine they made, let’s call it contact to be polite with people who know the algorithmic code,’ Fan said handing Claire a series of pictures of two ladies and a couple of men at a café by the sea.

‘How did you get these?’ Claire asked.

‘I have contacts too, I asked for a favour and just got these on the flight,’ Fan explained. ‘Not too hard after that to set up an online keyword program to search conversations to find out what you’re look for.’

‘We, Mrs. Hawthorne, Nancy and I did a mission once there, not together but on opposite sides but in the end, it was the start of Mrs. H and Nancy as a team, each never really forgot the other. Mrs. Hawthorne was almost killed by Nancy, I was left in agonising pain from a knot and near death, my body refusing to heal and slowly shutting down until Alice took control,’ she said looking at Fan. ‘It’s a long story, the short explanation is I think that Mrs. H and Nancy as they like to call themselves online think the place is a front for Trident and possibly other organisations.  What we need to find out is what VISE is doing there and how we can help without having Thuy Linh exposed in the process.  What’s the update on her mission?’

She’s writing the code into the system and NULLing it, so no one finds it.  Her last report says the systems are now on a network and systems working on getting all the data onto source.  It’s a massive job and she is watched closely, but she’s managing, it’s just taking a long time, longer than we planned,’ Fan explained.

‘Six months so far. How much longer does she think before everything is up and running and we start getting data? The longer the delay the greater the chance we miss out on stopping him and those he helps, or worse case joins up with then it’s too late and back to square one.  How is Tran doing?’
‘She says fine, both aspects of her talent are working, her brains and her looks.  He is apparently quiet taken by her,’ Fan explained.

‘The let’s give him no reason not to continue to be.  I plan on full disclosure with Susan, we don’t have a choice and I’m sure she will with me, I know her.  Between the two agents I’m sure we can accomplish both out goals,’ Claire added.

The limo was now making its way to the same office block that just a few days ago Tami had accepted her mission from. Two sets of legs putting down on the sidewalk caused a few looks and stumbles from passersby, both Claire and Fan inwardly smiled.  It was always good to get a reaction and always appreciated.  They made their way to the elevator and soon where greeted by the same young woman who greeted Tami and escorted to the back of the office and into Susan’s office where Claire greeted her with a kiss and a hug, Fan having never met her a friendly but firm handshake.

‘Gosh, Claire 5 years you still look fantastic, well you’d have to be of course being a COIL agent,’ Susan said as they sat down, and she started to pour tea.

That statement told Fan all she needed to know about both parties, she schooled her face and waited.

‘I’m not with COIL anymore,’ Claire said as gently as she could but still making it sound like a statement rather than an apology.

Susan put down the pot mid pour.

‘I suppose that’s why the sudden call out of the blue. Come to finally say thanks for saving your life’ Susan said flatly but very pointed.

‘Don’t be like that, please,’ Claire said rolling her eyes.

‘Eye roll apology not accepted,’ Susan quipped as she picked up the pot and continued pouring.

‘Retire or did you use up all your mulligans,’ she added.

‘Actually, I started by own agency, FORCE,’ Claire said

‘Guess my invitation to the grand opening must have been lost in the mail,’ Susan said showing a withering smile.

‘We’re here about Mrs. H and Nancy,’ Claire said getting her attention. ‘We know you’ve been making inquiries about them,’ Fan added just to deflect from Claire and to kick the Hornet’s Nest knowing Claire would feel the stings.

‘The spy spying on the spy, not a new situation, but low even for you Claire, we are on the same team or is that now up for debate. One lump or two of Cyanide Sugar,’ Susan mocked as she picked up the sugar tongs.

‘Our super computer tracked it using a keyword/phrase search, we tracked it back to VICE,’ Claire explained.

‘Of course, you have a super computer, all super spy agencies do, and all super spy’s have access to it, of course they do, what was I thinking?’ Susan smiled and shook her head.

Claire kept her patience, partially out of practice but more because she knew Susan was right to be made.  After their mission Claire had never stayed in touch for numerous reasons, none of which she could recall at this moment.

‘They are two of my ex agents, semi-retired, they still do the odd mission and they train selected recruits. Claire then told her the story of how they got the algorithm and the reason why.  The more she told and gave the more Susan calmed down and Fan could see her mind working keenly the professional taking over.

‘Let me show you what we have,’ Susan said going to her desk, picking up her tablet and coming to the couch Claire and Fan joining her on either side. When she had finished Claire and Fan shared all they had. 

‘A confluence of events from a coincidence. We have either been handed a fantastic opportunity or the biggest chance to screw up,’ Fan mused.

‘Perhaps there’s a way they can help each other without having to contact each other,’ Susan suggested. ‘What if Tami goes about her mission as was intended, but she makes a few minor errors along the way, not enough to uncover her, but just enough to suggest someone or some people at the resort are not who they claim to be.  A classic divide and conquer approach only in this way it will spread out our opposite numbers, thinning their resources and allow both agents to accomplish their respective missions while more eyes are diverted elsewhere.’

‘Risky, but that’s the business we’re in,’ Claire said in agreement.

‘When Tami checks in I will let her know can you do the same for Thuy?’ Susan asked, and Fan acknowledged then added.

‘What about our two friends?’

‘I’ll speak to them and fill them in on what is going on.  I’ll make in clear any communication with Tami is to come through you alone.  I’ll put them in contact with you Susan.  The tighter we keep this the better,’ Claire said then added.  ‘On that note how is the rest of your day Susan?’

‘Several things but nothing pressing, well nothing I can’t accomplish other places,’ she answered.

‘Perfect, it won’t be the grand opening, but I can assure you it will be the grand tour,’ Claire smiled.

Fan observed a further thawing of relations between Claire and Susan on the limo ride back to FORCE HQ.  It had started in the office but accelerated in the car and not for a moment did Fan feel left out as two friends reacquainted in fact she felt as if she was being included into a new kind of triad. The afternoon breezed by as Claire and Fan gave Susan the grand tour and explained everything, Susan amazed but not surprised by Claire’s story of how it all came to be. (See Boundaries of Time)

‘Brilliant concept,’ Susan said as Fan described her coming into the FORCE orbit (see Bangkok Nights) and the creation of Mekong LLP. ‘Your concept is tightly focused and laser fine but more importantly seems to be working out terrifically which is incredible given that this one, more the brief time I knew worked with her was much better at breaking a plan and improvising,’ she explained to Fan with a shake of her head toward Claire was the three walked back to Claire’s office. Fan felt the final piece of ice melt.

The rest of the day was spent in the planning of how and what to execute.  When they finally came upon and none too soon for Fan, the jet lag was beginning to kick in, it was time for a late dinner.  Claire offered but Fan declined, only after Susan accepted.

‘Three’s a crowd Claire,’ she smiled and gave her a kiss and hug at the office door before leaving.

‘See you tomorrow.

‘Well just you and me then,’ Claire smiled as she turned around. ‘But first, we need to make a call.’

Once they got past the introductions and the “I’m not mad at you” with Mrs. H and Nancy things were rapidly agreed to namely no more calls to Tami but Claire did promise to keep them informed and ask for advice.

‘Damm! One more call, sorry,’ Claire said. ‘Yes, a direct fly over, completed package, several passes if you can, gǎn jī bù jìn, zài jiàn. They owe me a favour,’ Claire said. 


Tami watch Carole and Harris, the woman she’d given advice to the other day and her husband swim around the rocky outcrop of the bay. 

‘I know what you’re up to, just don’t get too much sand down there,’ she smiled, turning around the talk to a group on a small man-made atoll in the bay.

‘This is really great, a person could get used to this, a perfect spot,’ her companions voiced.

‘What are those islands way out there, just at the horizon,’ Tami asked to no one in particular.

‘Belong to the resort, so I’m told. They were part of a plan to create luxury off resort places.  Some of the Atolls are natural but what was it, Meg,’ a man named Derrick said turning to his girlfriend. ‘Five or six are man made.’

‘Six,’ came Megs answer.

‘Sure, I thought Mr. Khan, he’s the owner said five.  Oh well, have to ask him when we see him again. Anyway, long story short the whole project proved a waste of time and money, the Atolls it turned out could not take the test weight for the proposed cabana’s,’ Derrick finished.

‘Bet it would be fun to jet ski out to them, water looks calm enough, anyone game?’ Tami inquired.

‘Sorry, I already asked about that, great minds think alike, but Mr. Khan slapped that down right away, said the while thing is way to unstable to go walking on. One wrong step and you’d disappear as the ground fell out from under you,’ he added.

‘Maybe I should try, maybe he would find it harder to say no to me,’ Tami smiled hoping Derrick would take the conversation where she wanted it to go.

‘Doubt it, he seemed very stern on the matter, but tell you what, perhaps a double team, harder to say no to two than it is to one.  A bunch of us are having dinner up at his house in a few days, not promising anything but perhaps if I put in a good word for you we could get you added to the party, what do you say,’ Derrick enthused his British accent bubbling as he spoke.

‘Jolly good,’ Tami said in a good natured tease and he took it the right way and Tami had the lead in she needed. 

‘Excellent, now that’s that, race you all back for lunch, last one buys the first round,’ Derrick cheered as she plunged into the water and started for shore the rest of the party splashing after him.  Tami was the last to go, her eye catching something and then again and then it was gone.  She dove in and raced to catch up. 

A silent figure slipped from her cabana down to the water and out away from the shore. With only the moonlight to guide her Tami swam to the small Atoll and around to the far side where she landed, removed her waterproof backpack and took out her Thermal Vision Day and Night Vision Distance Measuring Binoculars, selected record and began scanning the horizon

She emerged from the water several hours later and just as silently returned to her cabana, download the file from the instrument, encrypted the file and sent it to Susan.


Susan came to Claire this time.  Their dinner together had mended fences and brought them back together, they only needed the mission to cement it again.  This time their greeting was warm the trusting.

‘I have something,’ Susan said as they sat at the conference table side by side in Claire’s office.

‘I have something as well,’ Claire said.

‘Well that’s something,’ Susan smiled.  ‘Hope our somethings add up too something bigger so we can build that into something,’ she added with a wry smile and a laugh that both enjoyed as they opened their respect data.

‘What in the hell is going on?’ they both said as they read each other’s notes.

‘We need an engineer, if you have no objections I know one, brilliant, MIT and Cal Tech grad, can I send her all this and then schedule a video conference call,’ Claire suggested and got no disagreement. 


Claire typed in a few commands and the big screen in her office came to life, the smiling face of Mee Fong starring at her. 

‘Good evening Mee, how are you doing?

‘Great and you?’

‘Fine, Mee this is Susan Janus, Head of W.E.B. (Women’s Execution Bureau)’, Claire said touching Susan’s arm.  It’s her agent, Tami Mason that got the ground level Intel.’

‘Good to meet you and great Intel, it was the piece I needed to put this whole thing together, well also, but I’ll come to that,’ Mee said before launching in.

‘The six artificial islands built were not built for creating a secluded vacation spot, they were built to enhance the other four natural atolls, specifically, water motion.  Here take a look at this,” Mee said presenting a picture.  ‘This would be the natural flow of water if those six islands did not exist. Now this slide.  This is the flow of water now, circular around each island. I will say very clever engineering.’

‘But for what purpose?’ Susan asked before Claire could.

‘This is where the Intel from Susan’s binoculars comes from. This is the thermal image, as you can see a faint heat source is coming from each of the atolls and then this. I will ply these in rapid succession, so you can see what I mean.’

Claire and Susan watched the pictures flashed one after the other and they could see nothing until Mee hi-lighted the area then they could just barely see it.

‘How did Susan even see it, that’s what made her swim out there at night to get these,’ Susan asked.

‘If we can barely see it.

‘Most likely a rogue wave or two, just dipping low enough and she looking at exactly the right time otherwise it would have gone unnoticed, probably been hundreds maybe thousands of people on the atoll she was on in the past and they never saw it either,’ Mee answered.

‘To follow up on that how did satellites not pick any of this up?’ Claire asked.

‘You had to ask for a diversion to get me the data you did.  Phuket has no military installations or strategic employers so why would you waste time on a tracking satellite when there are other more important areas you could fly over. You could construct something out there as happened and no one but you would be aware of it.  Even if they had they would have maybe, maybe seen the water pattern, but only if they really looked for it, they just would have seen construction of a hotel and thought nothing else of it.  Mostly, for military purposes you’re looking for buildings, heat sources, hidden entrances, they heat source in this instance barely registered at ground level, it would never have been picked up by a satellite.  No this is a perfect location,’ Mee concluded.

‘For what?’ Susan asked.

‘That’s the question. If you noticed how the light flashed in the series of slides I showed you.  It moves just a fraction which leads me to believe the light was reflecting off something moving, my guess is a fan turbine, spinning with the motion of the circling water, generating electricity for some sort of motor something, the very faint thermal image Tami picked up.

‘Can you hang on for a few minutes Mee, I need to talk to Susan for a second,’ Claire said, and Mee Fong acknowledge.  Claire put the call on mute and blanked the screen.

‘We need to know,’ Susan said, and Claire agreed.

‘Can we use one of your agents and keep the two we have undercover,’ Susan asked.

Claire knew this was the best way and reconnected to Mee.

‘You’re the best person for this job.  I want you to check this out.  I’ll make some calls and arrangements and get back to you on details,’ Claire explained.

‘Can’t wait to find out what it is.  Talk to you both soon.’

‘You look a little deer in the headlights Susan, what gives?’ Claire said.

‘Wish I had your kind of clout. To be truthful I kind of resent this whole affair. I feel like I’m losing my boyfriend to my bigger smarter and prettier sister,’ Susan said.

Claire thought about some levity but decided against it.

‘If it wasn’t for the work of your agent and the Intel you obtained none of this would have happened and most likely I’d have a failed mission on my hands.  We still have our two in there, valuable, yours becoming more valuable each day, she’s a knockout and soon her looks combination of days spent there and the illusion of lots of money is going to become too irresistible for Mr. Khan to ignore.  All the better for the operation.  Maybe you don’t want to hear that, but I have something else.  What if your organisation worked with us?’ Claire offered.

‘You mean for you.’

‘No with me, I don’t operate like that. Yes, I can be high handed at times, but then I get slapped around and see reason.’

‘You have that kind of pull?

‘No offense, but you cost money, the shipping company as the front bleeds red ink and as long as certain governments are willing to mop up that ink it will continue and should and must, but I know they squeeze you, sorry I could not resist the metaphor.  If we can make it happen my only condition is that the shipping company makes money as all my businesses do.  And to be frank I can use the reach you have into certain areas that at present I don’t.  You would head the department, run it, recruit and train.  You don’t answer to me, we answer to each other,’ Claire stated. 

If you can do it,’ Susan said hopefully.


‘Ok Mee here’s the plan.  You’re to go to the naval base at Guam.  The USS Topeka will take you to within 20 miles of the atolls.  You’ll use a one person sub launched from the torpedo tube to get you the rest of the way. One there enter, gather Intel and leave and make your way back to the sub and report in. Clear.

‘Yes,’ Mee said excited at the idea.

‘We know you by of course certain back channel communications from your time with COIL Miss Baxter, but I must say this did catch us all by surprise.  Information on you and well orbital sphere’s that surround you are difficult to obtain,’ she said.  The she in question had offered no name only indicating that she represented the interests of W.E.B.

Susan had met her before and Claire through the years had met people just like her and had little time for them but realised the formalities need to be address and a certain dance performed if you were to get what you wanted.

‘Just as you remain a mystery to me, so it should be I remain one to you,’ Claire smiled.  ‘I need to be clear that Susan did not propose this, I did and for the reasons laid out,’

‘And for the reasons not stated,’ the woman answered.

‘W.E.B. cost you money and your habitual tinkering with the allocation is not helping.  Right now, they are current 56% of agent strength, their analytics are non-existent as are training, resources, equipment, need I go on?  If you are referring to control, then yes, they will become part of FORCE as we will become part of them. I’m not taking anything away I’m just enhancing it,’ Claire stated.

‘One might think you’re consolidating power for something else?’ the woman asked.

Claire looked at her. She was in her late forties and everything about her screamed career backroom operative, the real power behind things, the people you never see in government photo ops, but the ones who really pulled the strings.

‘If that were the case I would already have absorbed COIL and a few others by now.  I changed my spots when I left COIL, I admit that, but the spots I currently have suit me just fine and our enemies much less so than before. Truth is I really don’t need your approval and whoever else is listening to our conversation, I could just take these agents by sheer force of attraction, you know that, just as those COIL and DOOM agents came to me, so will WEB agents, but neither of us want that, so here I am,’ Claire said leaning forward in her chair. ‘This is not a palace coup, your operational needs and requests will still have input as you will or representatives at operational and planning meetings, she added then got out of her chair and walking around the conference table the long way, her heels slowly clicking on the hardwood was she stalked the woman who turned nervously in her chair keeping the predator in her sights as she eyed her escape until suddenly frozen in Claire’s gaze it was gone and the hunter was leaning over her.

‘Will that be you..’ Claire let the question trail off waiting for a name.

‘Miss Gray, Helen Gray,’ came the answer in a nervous tone.

‘What an appropriate name, you dress in all gray,’ Claire said referencing her charcoal gray business outfit from head to toe, shoes and hose included. ‘But I happen to know your name is not Helen Gray, its Tina Samuels, graduate of Vassar 3.9 GPA major in International relations, MA Columbia Political Economy 4.0 GPA, refused Ph.D. placement to work for government or more appropriately, a dark corner of it. Never married, never serious, never been, well we don’t need to go there.  My offer is I take everything, right down to the paper clips.  All the people, all the assets and contacts.  I incur all the costs, you get your say like other agencies and governments, but we have final say on missions and I have one last addition request. Miss Samuels comes along, liaisons ae easily replaceable,’ Claire said looking up.

‘Good settled, I understand the need for silence, but silence condones consent so welcome aboard Miss Samuels,’ Claire said as she swung around to meet her eyes.

Susan knew what was coming next, she was up and out of her seat and over to Tina.

‘If you’re going to work for FORCE you have to let your hair down, not so buttoned up,’ Susan smiled as she released Tina’s hair clamp, fluffed her hair and smiled.  Very nice, 100% better than before.’

Tina was too stunned to say anything.

Claire smiled at Susan and she back.  Claire knew it would work out in her favour, they didn’t want Susan or the organization any longer. ‘That will be one last hidden expense on various balance sheets.  Good for them, better for me, I just got the bargain of the century,’ she thought.


Mee Fong had passed all the security clearances she was just waiting for Cmdr. Gary Suffield to come a get her at the MP’s office. She checked her phone again when the door opened.

‘Sorry I’m late, last minute checks on the boat,’ he offered extending his hand.

‘Mee was upset and being late, but his looks and body made forgiving a little easier.  Trim, athletic, sandy blonde hair and a strapping 6’2” eased her a little.

‘Hope this isn’t a normal routine with you Commander,’ she said sharply to him, more to give the Marines waiting in the office a laugh at Navies expense than actual upset as she walked part him and out the door.

‘He could have been mad but given the lady he was greeting and the look of her from front and back, he couldn’t.  Even dress in baggy beige working duds his top secret passenger was impressively beautiful and she was not even trying. 

Mee Fong was 27, 5’9” tall, long lovely legs that seemed to go on forever, wonderful slim and proportioned body, stunning face, shimmering black hair that regrettably he could only see a little of as she had it pinned and stuffed into her navy cap.

She gestured to the Humvee and he indicated that was his and got in.

‘You travel light, I mean nothing,’ he said by way of small talk as they pulled out.

‘Everything I need came and is on board,’ she said all business.

‘Stowed away. I’m the only one who knows about this mission and it’s to stay that way, so consequently you’re coming aboard when no one is around and sorry to say confined to quarters, nice but small, until we are at the start mission point, same goes for recovery, only me and right back to the dungeon I’m afraid, sorry,’ he offered and meant it.

She warmed up a bit and smile at him as they talked about nothing important until they swung into his boats covered sub bay stopping mid ship, he gave a quick look about then they both went up the gang plank and directly down into the boat he leading the way to her quarters.  The passed the com, down a flight of stairs before he opened the door.

‘It will take us four days to get to the drop off point, until then this is home. We leave in five hours. 

Loaded up on books and DVD’s for you to pass the time. Your meals are I’m afraid MRE’s as this has level five classification attached to it, sorry.  I stocked up some of the more popular ones and the small fridge as juice and water is just a push of this button,’ he said pointing to the wall behind her.

The shower is just behind you. ‘If you need anything, you can use the Secure Com, that button there to contact me.’

‘Thanks, but I don’t think I will need anything,’ Mee smiled more this time.

‘When we get to the point the boat will be secured and I will come and get you and yes, we will be on time exactly,’ he smiled.


‘Now I know what it feels like to be in a black and white movie,’ the FORCE stylist said.

‘We get it Maggie,’ Susan said to the stylist, I think we all got it after the reference to Dorothy before OZ.  Now work your magic, the works, clear all this out, donate it and let’s start fresh.  You’re in excellent hands Tina, don’t worry, every one of us has been through this,’ she added then gave a sideways look to Maggie as she left.


Tami didn't fuss about what to wear for dinner. Her light green aquamarine gown with the daring backline, plunging neckline that showed off her wonderful breasts and a thigh slit for her equally stunning legs would do nicely. A simple pair of heeled sandals, a exquisite pearl bracelet, matching earring and finally something to really catch his eye and the prize of her jewelry collection, a 15 carat Dermatoid Garnet necklace on a Platinum chain, a sure attraction getter especially considering Mr. Khan's recent acquiring of the rubies. One last look in the mirror, a smile and she was off up the path to the main entrance to meet the others in the select group for the ride up the hill to his private residence. 

She greeted the others and she in turn was greeted with long looks.  They'd all seen her in a bikini and a one piece, but there was always something different about a well dressed ad turn out woman that drew extra looks.

Their transportation was a modified jeep with an extended seating area, kind of like an open limo with a canvas covering for shade.  

Tami strategically placed herself on one of the outside seats so when she exited the limo he would get the full view of her.  She was also the only woman on her side so no competition. 

The road snaked along back and forth cutting into the hill as it climbed, the view becoming more breathtaking with each passing minute.  They past a ranch style bungalow, then up a small hill then swung left to the main house. 

The spy was impressed as it combined classic Indian architecture, a wrap around porch for the breeze and sun and of course the views but with many large floor to ceiling windows for light and cool breezes. Although of classic design the house was made of modern materials, steel and composite giving it a sleek ultra modern look with classic touches.  

The second floor cantilevered over the first providing additional shade but also giving a balcony to every room, a nice touch.  The area around the property was dotted with tropical flowering plants, palm tress and other exotic fruit and nut flora.  The smell was intoxicating in the early night air and there on the veranda by the front door was Amir Khan to greet them. 

Tami timed her exit from the jeep perfectly, she was the last out and in full view of him and he of her entrancing form that she could tell instantly did not disappoint. 

'Now to catch the rest of him,' she mused silently a warm smile on her face as she advanced to greet him. 

'Miss Mason,' he said, his British/Indian accent refined as he took her hand.

‘Mr. Khan, thank you so much for the invitation. Your resort is impressive, but your residence is even more so, from what I’ve seen so far,’ Tami complimented, her voice very open ended and leaving room for interpretation for both parties.  ‘Your home looks like the work of A49 Group, if I’m not mistaken,’ she added.

‘I see you have an excellent eye for architecture, something we have in common and an eye for precious gems, something we also share,’ he smiled and Tam getting right away the meaning, as he eyed her necklace.

‘Feel free,’ she offered, her meaning very opened ended as well.

‘I acquired it in the Ural Mountains sometime back,’ she added her took it in his hand and looked closely. ‘Perhaps later I’ll let you remove it for a closer inspection,’ she added, this meaning very clear.

The entire encounter was just transitory even so that the other guests did not feel excluded.  Amir returned his attention back the group and welcomed then before leading them through a magnificent and ornately carved solid mahogany double wide door that was in Tami’s estimate over 200 years old judging by the chisel strokes used to carve it, she let one hand trail over the carvings, several of Nang Kwa, bringer of good fortune and business prosperity and more than a few of the Nagas deity linking women and snakes together.  Tami liked this especially as her hand swam over several of them.

Inside was a wonder of carved wood and light, superbly carved furniture adorned the entrance hall that was dominated by a wonder grand staircase with carved and polished finials of Nagas again.

‘I’m certainly in the right place,’ Tami mused as she took in the splendor of the hall and her host who had not gone unnoticed by her, his handsome face and well looked after physique catching her eye from every angle as she caught him but never let on of him watching her. 

Mr. Khan led them through a set of sliding doors into a formal dining room, again with incredible fixtures, some delicate, some strong indicating a well-balanced aesthetic.  The large glass at the far end filled the room with the light of the evening sun and in this direction, he led his party out through the sliding glass doors and on to his private patio.

‘Ah glad you could join us Miss Linh.  Introduction all around.  I’m in the process of upgrading my IT systems integrating all my various business interests into one system and well as they say in business parlance, then leveraging that strength to grow and expand into areas of opportunity not previously foreseen.  In other words, making more money,’ he laughed. ‘And Miss Linh is making that happen, how I can’t tell you, it’s all just lines of code that mean nothing, but the results are incredible.  In fact, today the first major step was accomplished, all HR information is now on one system with a completely searchable and scrollable database making again in business parlance, a nimble company able to allocate its resources to maximum efficiency allowing unlimited application of people to projects to results,’ he smiled.

Tami took note of Miss Linh, they were approximately the same age and height, Miss was slim and controlled sexy, Tami noting the Vietnamese woman was working to control it, her choice of clothes revelling in that area, an evening sundress, revealing but too much so and not as form fitting as she could get away with as the Sexstrictress noticed when the breeze blew the light cotton against her body.

Staff appeared and took drink order and the herd fell into conversation, the usual milling and exchanging of groups until Tami found herself alone with Miss Linh, they made first name introductions and small talk.

‘It appears you and I are the only two single ladies present.  I wonder if that is by design or accident,’ Tami mused.

‘I’ve had the pleasure, if you can call it that,’ Thuy said.’

‘So mixing business and not pleasure, I can hardly wait, Tami resigned.

‘We’ve had the training, we know how make it seem like a good time and make him feel like he’s a super lover, we’re women,’ Thuy answered as she clinked Tami’s glass. ‘Besides I have work to do and if you can keep him otherwise occupied it makes me more productive, this project has a rather tight schedule,’ she added.

I’ll see what I can do,’ Tami smiled and clinked her glass against Thuy’s in reply.

Tami was seated next to him at dinner and let him be encouraged, she did her part shifting a leg and turning it around his calf.  The food was excellent and the company better but soon the time was at hand to leave.

The spy took his hand as the guests made for the front door and departure, Thuy noting the gesture, her body leaned in slightly to his and she knew Tami had sealed the dealer, she left with the others and headed to the office down the hill slightly tell Mr. Khan she had a report to file with the company.

‘She’s a hard working woman, I can understand why she’s never been married, no man could put up with the hours she keeps, they’d never see each other.  You don’t seem to have that conflict Tami.

‘I’ve never been married either and well my lifestyle just wouldn’t allow it.  I like my freedom, but I always make time for pleasure,’ she smiled as her arms went about his next, smooth confident strong and feminine she crossed them behind his neck and brought his lips to hers. 

It was obvious to Tami that Thuy had been right, the kiss was ok, but not great, she could also tell the woman had done her best to train him on what a woman liked in a kiss, Tami endeavoured to add to it until slowly after five or six he was coming around and she enjoyed it truly.

He led the way upstairs and into his bedroom where a wonderful king size four poster bed awaited them again intricately carved including the ceiling canopy that she starred up at reclining on the bed he straddling her.

‘Tell me about this gem, so perfect, so beautiful,’ he said kissing her as she moved underneath him acknowledging the compliment. 

Tami filled in the details as best she could omitting all the classified sections, but he did make the story interesting and exotic, as indeed it was, even including the border gun battle, the whole tale making her in his eyes a dangerous, sexy and desirable woman.  As the tale unfolded she reached behind her neck, undid the clasp and let him hold it until she finished then in a flash she rolled them over, kissed him hungrily then got up.

‘I need to shower and so do you, I like a clean man, especially for the things I want to do to you,’ she smiled and walked to the bathroom.


Thuy worked fast, fingers flashing then waiting for the upload to finish, she’d test run her code on her own laptop in a micro environment and all was perfect.  Now it was just the time consuming task of loading the embedded code and then setting up the file transfer protocols and times. 


Tami stripped off her clothes as she went, Amir getting the benefit of the view as her dress dropped and her small thong panties revealed themselves.  She danced away, her ass firm and smooth and wobbling just perfectly.  She removed them at the door with a slow roll of her hands on each hip then using the toes of one foot pulled them down all the way and stepped free, next came the bracelet and earrings, placed just so on the vanity next to her necklace, a come hither turn of the head and smile before she disappeared and the sound of running water started.  He need no other incentive to join her, his only stumbling point, getting his pants and an underwear off because of his enormous erection.

He stepped into the spacious shower as Tami’s soaped up body waited to embrace him.  They kissed as she caressed him with her soapy puff, down his back and sides before fitting her hands in between their bodies and around his throbbing wire, he fairly melting to her touch.

‘Gotcha!’ she breathed heavily as she swung around to his back and pressed them against the wall.  The puff and her hand coned around his prong and she gently pulled back and forth while her tongue and teeth lapped and sexily nipped his neck and ears.  Tami swirled and concaved their bodies, she pressed tight against him as she massaged his tool until she felt him go over the edge.

‘See I knew we needed a shower,’ she purred as he came back to reality from bliss as she let the water cleanse their forms as they parted, and she rejoined him the palms of her hands resting on his shoulders. ‘My soapy embrace seemed to agree with you, let’s see if another of my embraces has the same effect,’ she smiled as she crouched down before him watching his stem react in anticipation.
Tami’s touch was delight, from the soft delicate hold of his tip by her lips, to the rotation of them about it, the probing flicks of her hot tongue and the languid slide of her all-consuming embrace up his extension, his body jerking in delight, the pleasure receptors turned on to overdrive. He braced himself against the wall as she administered her sensuous envelopment.

Tami could tell her was close, she slowly pulled back, her lips twisting and hugging his member until he was freed from her caress but only for an instant. The spy rose, her tongue streaking his chest in a burning touch of pleasure as she inched toward his lips, she found them at precisely her second set up lips caught his tip.  She thrust to drive him into her forcing him to the far wall where another plunge secured him totally.

‘One set of pleasuring lips replaced by another,’ Tami breathed as she began her rhythm. 

He didn’t require much before he came, Tami heeding Thuy’s advice had worked herself around him so that she came as well, her skill never letting him know how much she had to do to make it happen.  They rested, cleaned up, dried then proceeded to the bed Tami sliding in beside him and into his embrace. Her body, warm and yielding called to him as her tongue scorched him in fiery devilish touches while hands closed around his semi flaccid member and proceeded to engorge it to full attention. She pulled him on top of her and guided him in, her body bending, rising and falling as she pulled him fully inside her paradise.

‘Just like the Nagas I have trapped you in my coils, soft, sumptuous, delightful both oh so deadly. Do you want me to become one and coil myself around you in a passionate embrace,’ Tami sexily hissed driving him insane with desire.

The Sexstrictress rolled her hips a little and watched him react, she could feel him throbbing inside her, his pulsating cock primed to explode.  Three slow serpentining motions cascaded him over the edge, he thrust into her deep and penetrating lances as she turned her torso to capture the stimulation for herself.  Tami kept the motion going after his last thrust encouraging him onward as she built to pleasure her body writhing and dancing as she moaned in delight, her orgasm long and wonderful before they settle into each other and kissed, Tami refusing to break their embrace.

‘Give it time,’ she whispered.

Amir kissed her neck and than began to toy with her nipples Tami responding as she sucked and coddled for a time then let his fingers gently play with one while his lips worked on the other.
‘Keep going, oh yes, keep going,’ she encouraged her body tensing for climax as she came deliciously then soften into him as they embraced.

Hardness returned as she felt him begin the swell inside her, she rolled them over putting her on top and in control and Tami took control as she extracted his pleasure many times until a final coupling early in the morning light finished their tryst he limp and exhausted.  Tami smiled, exited the bed took a shower, dressed and gave him a wonderful goodbye kiss. 


‘Thuy has the personnel and financial systems on line and the information is flowing,’ David Jacob’s, Head of IT said to assembled at the meeting; Claire Baxter, Alice Hamilton, Cindy Krutzler Allison Daniels and Tina Samuels and Fan Li on conference call, Tina still not sure why she was being included.

‘So far we’ve been able to connect a great many things,’ he continued turning on the Data Projector and beginning.  Let’s start with the financial. Consolidate balance sheet and statements all look normal based on the data from his individual group holdings, so not really much there.’

‘Except it doesn’t explain how he got where he is. If you extract the cash flow and revenue from what you just showed there’s no way he has the leverage to have the size of company he has and since the data showed minimal bank loans, the cash for acquisitions has to be coming from another source,’

Tina saying then realised she’d interrupted.

‘Exactly, good eye, but this does explain it.  Thuy is brilliant, she found an embedded and encrypted multi-layered program hidden inside a boring tax calculation array table and was able to decrypt it.’

‘Deposits from where?’ Susan asked.

‘No idea and not traceable at the moment although I have the computer working on it, but it’s like finding a needle in a haystack.  If we get anything it will be sheer luck, given the trillions of financial transitions a day in the world,’ David explained.

‘Can you go right back to the beginning transaction,’ Tina asked. ‘These amounts are very odd, does anyone else think so?

‘They are for odd amounts, odd in the sense of their exactitude,’ Cindy offered.

‘Do you mind if I look into this further?’ Tina asked turning to Claire.

‘Go ahead, see what you can find we’re all speculating here at the moment.  Any idea when Thuy will have the email on line?’ Claire asked. 

‘She thinks another day,’ Fan Li said via a speaker.

‘That’s encouraging, why the shortening of the time line.

‘Apparently Mr. Khan has is rather fascinated by a new woman and Thuy is taking advantage of the freedom,’ Fan explained a lilt in her voice.

Claire turned a glance to Susan and smiled.

‘Ok Mee is to report in tomorrow at 4pm our time here so let’s say 6pm we meet again that way everyone will have had time to read her report,’ Claire suggested, and everyone made a note.

‘David what about the personal records?’ Alice inquired. 

‘Very interesting,’ David answered. ‘Some of the staff seem a little more than they appear once you dive into their backgrounds, having the personnel records let us do that,’ he said as he went to pictures. On the projector of the ones in question. 

‘Let Tami and Thuy know about these, maybe they can find out more, but tell them not to tip their hand at all.  We only have a few pieces and we need more to put this puzzle together, at least the edges,’ Cindy requested.

The meeting broke up shortly after that and everyone started to leave, Claire latched on to Tina and steered her in another direction.

‘Come with me I have something for you,’ she smiled.

They walked down the hall Tina a little leery of Claire.  She only knew her by second hand reputation, but even that told her see was not a woman to cross. They turned a few corners, Claire stopped once, thought as a finger danced left then right.

‘Yes, this way. Getting nearly lost in your own building is a bit of an embarrassment,’ she laughed until they came to a very nice door that read Business Metrics and underneath Tina Samuels Executive Vice President. Claire pushed open the frosted glass doors.

‘Your office is there, hence the name on the door.  Yes, its empty, you have to fine staff, I never pick them.  Take some of the people from FTG Shipping if you think they are good or find others, there are plenty of very cleaver people around here and fill out your staff.

‘What is the goal,’ Tina send looking a little confused and Claire could see that.

‘Our first meeting, excellent, let’s use your office, after you Miss Samuels,’ Claire said with a gesture.

Tina did not know what to do so she did the only thing she could she walked toward her office, pushed open the smaller but matching frosted door and entered.

‘Every office is the same in terms of size for the senior staff and of course layout, conference table and assorted electronic devices for display, seating area for informal and chats, I like that part best, private wash and changeroom over there and finally your desk area, I took a chance and ordered this, I think it goes with the new look you, sleek, sophisticated and most definitely stylish,’ Claire answered.

‘Its wonderful, I love it but.’ Tina answered.

‘Why,’ Claire said finishing her question. ‘Have a seat and I’ll explain,’ Claire finished as they both did, Claire knitted her fingers together, looked up at the ceiling then back at Tina. ‘You were unwanted, I knew that the minute I asked for you and they said nothing.  Now that does not reflect on you in anyway, you need to understand that, it reflects on them and only them.  I did my homework on you before the meeting as you know.’

‘Yes, I seem to remember three things you mentioned about me,’ Tina cut in.

‘Cruel, yes, I admit it, but for a reason.  I said those things because I wanted to further cement in your shadowy superiors a bad opinion of you, which they already had, an opinion I did not share, but was not going to tip off.  They had already made up their minds on W.E.B.. who wouldn’t, a money losing agency that some dumb broad wants to takeover, where do we sign and with that signature they would have tossed you as well, refer to what I said about their silence. You were never part of their club and never were going to be, but here you are, a full and valued member and all want is loyalty, I don’t ask for hard work and late hours and all that other stuff, I know I have that, your past precludes me having to ask for it, you didn’t make it this far without talent and sacrifice. In short, I believe in you and I think that is what has been missing, now you just believe in you and that shouldn’t be too hard, if you ever have any doubts just look in the mirror.  Did you catch the looks from people as we came over here, I did, you fit right in.’

‘Fit right into what exactly?’ Tina asked.

‘You’re going to make FTG profitable, all my companies make money, no exceptions.  That is one goal, the other is to integrate it into FORCE overall giving us bigger and better reach and along the way making other departments more efficient, profitable and giving a bigger punch.  It’s a big job, but you can do it, I know you can.  One more thing along the way you have to find time to train, everyone who works here is a trained agent, that way they understand, they carry weight when talking to field agent and you never know when it will come in handy,’ Claire smiled.  ‘Now I suppose its up to you, do you accept?’

Tina loved a challenge, but more importantly she liked being included and she had to admit she liked the new look her, she accepted without hesitation. 


Mee Fong passed the time exercising, stretching, reading, meditating and finally going over the mission so it was fresh in her memory.  It was annoying hearing noise and footsteps outside her door and not being able to join in, but she understood the nature of the game. She started getting ready an hour before the mission, she stretched her body then pulled the only piece of clothing she’d brought on board out of her bag, her wetsuit, a thin sleek and skin tight membrane.  Mee stripped off her clothes, rolled up one leg of the suit and slipped in her own the material closing instantly hugging her alluring game.  Repeating the process, she then pulled the suit up her legs and over her slim alluring hips the material molding over her derriere making it more-taut, if possible than before.  She closed the micro zipper just as he knocked.

‘Ready for action sir!’ she smiled posing in the doorway he trying not to become aroused at the silhouette before him, her body a mass of delectable curves that invited to be held close. 

They walked silently to the Bow Torpedo Room, Cmdr. Suffield leading the way.  He stepped aside and let her enter then closed and locked the water tight door then moved on to the torpedo tubes and the master control.

‘This was my first assignment as an Ensign,’ he smiled up at Mee as he typed. ‘I just hope I remember it all,’ then gave her a playful smile which the spy returned.

The tube as dry, he released the lock, the hatch swung open and the loader swung into action pulling the Mini Sub out of the tube and swinging it down onto the cradle.  Mee entered the unlock sequence on the flush mounted pad and the clear cockpit canopy opened.  She gave a final stretch to her body compressing her torso over and against her legs before rising, her eyes catching him trying not to watch. She lowered herself flat on her stomach into the sub placing her bag of accessories in front and secured it via a carabiner then activated the navigation and environmental systems, all showed green to go.

‘Everything looks good except for one thing,’ she said and motioned with her hand at the display. He bent over to look concerned, but soon found his concern assuaged by a kiss from Mee. ‘Don’t worry,’ she said. ‘I’ve had much harder assignment, and besides I’m a trained spy and engineer, this isn’t my first underwater adventure, see you in a while and thanks for the concern.’

She pushed the button and closed the cockpit.  Cmdr. Suffield loaded the sub back into the tube, flooded it and opened the outer door then hit the launch button.

Mee felt the force push her forward then even out as she watched the auto controls guide her to her destination, she would take over with half a mile to go.

She travelled a low speed 50 feet below the surface, just deep and low enough that should any satellite pick her up she would appear to be a large shark or other fish, anything but a sub, the machine even weaving every so often to imitate the actual motion of a fish.  Soon enough her speed dropped, the auto controls switched off and she was in charge, the deeper water behind her as the ocean came up and she was in clear blue water bathed in sunlight.  The spy guided the sub around one atoll then swung away a bit, the on board sensor telling her she was perfectly positioned equidistant to three atolls.  Removing her bag from its clasp she opened and donned her swim mask, the rest of everything she needed was attached to a belt she would fasten about her hips when she exited.  The agent powered off the sub and opened a flow value letting water come into the cockpit while he fitted a compressed air cartridge into her mask and turned on the heads up display for it hitting one button along the top of the mask to activate the camera.  The water flooded her space and the hatch opened easily with the force equalized, she was soon swimming free attaching the belt as she glided along towards her first atoll surfacing on the far side pulling herself up onto a ledge in the water to have a look at the surface and taking a few close up pictures with the still camera in her mask, a few clicks of another button and she disappeared below the surface swimming around until she found the entrance. 


‘Could I have 5 minutes of your time I think I have something regarding those bank numbers we came across the other day in the conference call,’ Tina said as she intercepted Claire in one of the hallways of FORCE HQ.

‘Of course, walk with me,’ Claire said.

‘I did some playing with these numbers and came across this for the specific dates of the transactions,’ Tina said showing Claire her tablet.

‘There’s no correlation that leaps out at me,’ Claire said stopping to look at the numbers.
‘I didn’t see it either until I ran a cascading percentage algorithm,’ Tina replied and touched the screen activating the program that filled in the rest of the data.

‘You’re kidding,’ Claire said as she looked at the data.

‘That’s what he’s doing out there.  I got David to run some big data search generators and it turned up these companies and names to the matching amounts,’ Tina said swiping the screen down.

‘It’s not a complete list meaning some of these transactions were cash or other cashable items in exchange. My guess is those ones are done at or near the resort,’ Tina speculated.

‘We’ll know in 5 hours when Mee Fong reports in, right now she’s most likely on her way back to the Topeka. In the meantime, see if you can dig up anything else on this.  Great work Tina!’ Claire smiled.


Mee surfaced the craft, activated the heads up display on her swim mask, slipped over the edge and into the water then reached inside activated the self-destruct button then tipped the hull sideways filling it with water and watching it sink beneath the waves.  At 200 feet it would self-destruct scattering useless pieces on the ocean floor.  She always knew the last part of the journey would be hers alone, 5k swim to the sub. The spy watched the telemetric display was she went into her zone and moved off.

An hour later she was directly over the submerge Topeka, Mee touched a button on the outside of her mask activating her ping for the sonar. She was onboard, and the Topeka vanished 5 minutes later.

‘You see, nothing to worry about,’ she smiled at Cmdr. Suffield. ‘All in a day’s work,’ she added as they made their way to her cabin.

‘I have food waiting for you and you’re ELF link is all set and ready to go,’ he said keeping his eyes straight ahead to avoid looking at her in that very distracting wetsuit. 

She thanked him, closed the door, changed, ate quickly and connected to FORCE.


‘Well that stole my thunder,’ Mee said reacting to Claire saying what she thought it was.

‘Not at all,’ Claire answered. ‘We still needed the actual confirmation and more importantly all the details and our countermeasures.’

Mee Fong took this as her queue to continue.

‘This was always thought to be prohibitive given the cost/revenue factors and in fact it still is under normal circumstances, but as we discovered with the islands water flow this mitigates the impediment.  I have all the pictures if you start my report I’ll go through it and explain.’
Claire hit the report and advanced to the first picture and Mee continued.

‘This is what Tami Mason saw, they form a ring around each atoll, essentially a ring of fan blades connected at the centre that spin to generate the electricity for the operation.  Each atoll is self-contained although they are connected for purposes of production reporting. If you go to the next picture it shows the entrance, two water tight doors, you open one go inside, close it then pump out the water via that hand crank, the water spills out onto the top of the atoll and is concealed by hollowed out rock, perfect camouflage.  Once drained, you open the inner door, descended a small metal ladder and your inside as you can see.  The next picture is the operation, a circular cavity with the instruments and the mechanicals for the operation.  I won’t bother you with all the technical specs, it’s in the report, but this is a very efficient and incredible operation on so many levels.  The surface of each atoll is actually a new kind of solar collector, made to look natural.  A few years ago, a company in France made a life size tree that had as its leaves solar panels, it blended in perfectly in the park they placed it in, this is the same principle, but on a much more sophisticated level.  Typical solar arrays only convert about 8% of the sunlight into energy, these are doing 76%.  The array powers all the electronics while the water turbine powers the distillation process.’

‘What’s the time frame for extraction?’ Alice asked.

‘One bar per month, but that can be doubled.  I discovered there is actually a second shaft on the turbine spindle and space for a second set of distillation equipment,’ Mee answered.

‘That’s would mean over 57 million a year assuming double production, currently he’s at 28.5 million and based on what I calculated he’s been doing it for about 11 months so far,’ Tina stated.

‘That correlates exactly with the system diagnostics, there downloaded and included in the report as well.  The entire operation is self-contained, before it reaches capacity it sends a message to come and collect.  The entire procedure never needs to be shut down, seamless production of an almost unlimited supply of gold and all from seawater,’ Mee explained.

‘That explains how he finances his operations, his cash flow as Thuy discovered never matched his operational grasp,’ Fan Li noted, but where is he getting rid of it?’

‘You’ll soon be able to know that. For such a technological marvel the security is poor, I guess he figured he didn’t need it given the distance from shore and that’s its off limits. I hacked the software and installed a shadow reporting system for us, so we’ll know what they know,’ Mee smiled.

‘Of course, you did,’ Claire smiled back. ‘What about the equipment, who made it, any leads?’

‘It’s Swedish, nothing on the equipment, but the engineer in me recognizes the quality and the style.  

Their a small company helped create the Öresund Bridge between Sweden and Denmark, specifically they designed the pillars to deflect the strong current so the wear on the support pillars is minimal, but they also built into them turbines to help power the lights on the bridge, well at least partially power them, but now I’m wondering if they had other bigger ideas for their big idea.  Might be worth looking into on several levels, I have contacts inside the industry that can help me find out’ Mee suggested.

‘I think that’s an excellent idea, but let me get back to you, I want to co-ordinate this on several levels before proceeding, besides you have several days back to Guam and I want you rested.  Great work Mee, get some sun and sand after you get back and we’ll be in touch,’ Claire smiled.

‘The “we” part was not lost on Tina, it was a team and she was included.

‘Ok, the way I see it we are still going down the rabbit hole, just maybe now we have a little light we can see,’ Claire said getting up and walking over to the smart screen and picking up a light pen.

‘We need to back trace the gold production from the dates Mee sent us and match them to records of Mr. Khan’s whereabouts, visitors to his resort, travel he may have made, see if we can come up with any links to who is buying his gold.  I’ll get Mee to go to Sweden to investigate the equipment end of things. Ideas, options and suggestions welcome,’ she said to the assembled.

‘I think we need to inform Tami that her mission is changed slightly, she needs to stay close to Mr. Khan more I think out of protection for him than information she could gain, but that could he there as well,’ Cindy offered.

‘No sure I follow,’ Claire answered.

Cindy looked at Tina, who nodded, and Cindy continued. ‘We all know who is behind this or behind the person or persons buying the gold.  Their buying could as Tina discovered at a discount price meaning the bars are not recorded anywhere, meaning the buyer knows the item is near impossible to convert without too many questions and who has that power and those connections but Trident or someone familiar with them.  Once those people do enough inquiring of their own they’re going to figure out what we stumbled upon and well why buy a cow when you can get the milk for free.  Boom goes Mr. Khan, especially if he starts ramping up production.’

‘Tami needs to be both his lover and his bodyguard,’ Tina stated.  ‘In doing so she gains his trust, maybe we gain he rubies and the gold and best of all we gain more and more Intel the longer she’s there.’

‘What about Thuy?’ Fan Li asked.

‘I think it may be time for Thuy to go from consultant to employee,’ Alice mused. ‘Perhaps a whisper in Mr. Khan’s ear from Tami might go a way to accomplishing this.  It gives her the cover she needs to do more of what she is already doing, perhaps even utilizing David’s departments help with issues. You know with a little work we may even be able to persuade Mr. Khan to work with us’

‘It also gives Tami back up and two women can be very distracting for one man,’ Tina mused, and Claire gave her a look with a raised eyebrow of surprise.

‘I’ve been studying as suggested,’ Tina smiled. 

Tina had made huge strides in the three weeks since she’d taken over. The people she’d kept had all moved into the new location, others provided for with positions in other covert agencies, the systems flawlessly running, no blip at all in transition.  She’s spent a great deal of money getting everything up to standard, all their Intermodal containers were now GPS equipped. New containers had been purchased and placed strategically around the world. 

‘You can spend money, but you also spend it well,’ Claire said as she put down the report and looked back at Tina. ‘On track for profit by the end of the year despite the cash outlay, impressive.  The courier and the trucking companies were brilliant buys, both from a FORCE operational perspective and from a price acquisition.  So, we now have a truly global reach of under a day anywhere in the world, well done doesn’t even cover it,’ Claire beamed.

‘I think I’m about done with the spending,’ Tina smiled.

‘You have a nice smile, I’ve noticed it more and more since you came on board,’ Claire added but your wrong about spending more.’

‘I don’t think I missed anything,’ Tina said her voice a little alarmed at making an error.

‘Not here, this business plan is perfect.  No, I meant on yourself.  I’ve seen that outfit already twice this month, you need more clothes. Sharp dresser for a sharp woman.  I know you only took the minimum when your wardrobe was redone, I understand the various reasons for that, but now is the time to expand your closet,’ Claire explained.

‘Ok,’ Tina said a little unsure.

‘Your happy, here aren’t you?’ Claire said a little alarmed.

‘Very, it’s well, a little more than that.

‘Somebodies got an admirer!’ Claire smiled widely as she got up and made her way over to the informal section of her office and Tina followed.

‘That was business this is pleasure, girl talk if you want, just you and me.  Ok, spill it!’ Claire giddily said.

‘I had to do a lot of interfacing with IT, so David assigned me someone to help with all the programming and installation that needed to be done. He was great, super smart and friendly always worked until we could work no more and then would walk me to the subway or my car.  I thought it was just him being nice and well ego all in here, a little bit of deference to my position, it still sounds awful when I say it that way, but then and this took a long time because, well, it just never happened before, I started to think it was looking at me as a man does to a women. I’m still not sure that’s it, god I feel silly and stupid right about now,’ Tina said looking up and away from Claire.

‘Because this place is full of beautiful women so why would he even look at you?  Claire answered.  

‘What a pile of shit, he’s looking at you because he likes what he sees, hears and feels about you Tina Samuels. You need to give yourself more credit, you’re a very alluring and attractive woman.  You move well, have a very good figure, great legs, but most of all you’re smart and driven and that is what VJ Pakerash finds so alluring about you, yes the looks are the first attractor, but it’s the aforementioned that really sets the hook in place and I think the hooks in place you just have to give the line a tug,’ Claire said giving a friendly smile.

‘I’ve not had much, well any real experience at fishing as you know,’ Tina said again looking away.

‘None of us had a one point in our lives, your time just came a little later, that’s all, nothing to be embarrassed about.  Sure, your nervous, so was I first time a kissed a boy, so was every other female. 
Usually you both make a hash of it for the first couple of times, but even that first couple of times don’t feel like mistakes, they feel good, so good you replace those with better ones and so on.  Sex is the same way, usually not so good the first time or two, but after that, well there are no words when the two of you get it right, well check that, some words, usually said in an excited tone, but that’s down the road a little for you two.  My suggestion is show VJ some return kindness, maybe start with brining him a tea, then lunch or dinner and see where it goes.  You’ll be fine. There that’s my mother daughter talk for today.  Anything else?’ Claire asked.

‘Thanks Mom,’ Tina smiled warmly, and Claire knew VJ had no chance of resisting her.


Tami woke up, the familiar warmth of Amir against her just as they been the night before, her head resting on his smooth chest, one arm loosely around his neck.  They had not made love that night, in the three weeks she’d been there the relationship had deepened.  The sex was still very important and most of all wonderful, Tami had brought out the best in him and her, in turn was enjoying their time together. She gave him a kiss on his chest as he stirred. A leg draped between his told her he was stirring in other places as well. One kiss turned into another then a series of slowly wonderful explorations, her hands cupping around his stem as they kissed, then sunlight dappling their bodies, as she extended him giggling while she kissed Tami pulled herself on top and captured him lightly in her welcoming pleasure. The two deepened their embrace but did not hurry the coupling, over time they conjoined fully then settled into a slow rocking motion until Tami could feel his body slowing then still, then a wonderful explosion inside her as he arched, twisted and pushed against her, her hot tongue pressing insistently into his mouth and ear to extend the sensation.  She came a short while later, a low animal growl of delight, her hot breath on his neck as she rocked her hips and his magic thrusts sending her into prolonged ecstasy. She rested in his chest for a while then pulled herself up on her forearms and smiled.

‘You’re an incredible woman Tami,’ he said. ‘There’s the obvious, mind-blowing body, fantastic love maker, but there’s so much more, great style, wonderful conversationalist, interesting life and an incredible mind, there’s just so much to desire,’ Amir said tenderly.

‘Same goes for you, I wouldn’t be here if that wasn’t the case,’ she answered.

‘Would you do me a favour,’ he said.  ‘Look at my gem collection and tell me what you think of it. I’ve had it seen to before, but those people say and do things for their own interest, which is insulting if you think about it, I’m paying them for the expertise, but that is not enough for them, they still feel they cheat me by supposedly deflating the value of my gems to perhaps buy them for a discount price. In you I have no such reservations, there are two recent possessions in particular I want your opinion on,’ he asked fondling her hair.

‘Of course, but you know I’ll need more than just a loupe to give you and complete and accurate account.’

‘I have all the equipment for it at your disposal whenever you are ready,’ he explained.

‘Maybe a little later this morning,’ she honeyed with a wicked smile. ‘At present I’m occupied with a much more precious gem,’ she added sliding her hips back and trailing her tongue down his chest, searing a line of fire, her eyes watching his get wider as her mouth opened then closed over his prong their bed experienced a series of sudden tremors then moaning stillness interrupted by shuddering aftershocks.


Stefan Ekblad greeted Mee with a warm smile and hug.  Welcome to Malmömässan and the conference, a proposition dedicated to the principle that no matter how finite a space you can fill it with an infinite amount of engineering nerds, present company excepted,’ he smiled. ‘Good to see you again, however, as in the past I suspect not entirely to trip with some business attached to it,’ he added.

Mee and Stefan had been at Cal tech together getting their Master’s degrees and had worked on the Öresund Bridge while their doing many of the water and load stress calculations maintaining their friendship ever since.  He knew what she did and conversely Mee knew he had more than passing dealings with Swedish Intelligence, so he was a natural choice to go to regarding the equipment. 

‘I found out about your inquiry, turns out I didn’t have to go very far, my friends had already been looking into it, just nothing solid until you came along.  It did not take much convincing to let you have the lead in this matter, in fact, and of course totally off the record, they would not be to upset if this particular matter disappeared from Swedish soil altogether, ‘he explained as they walked into the exhibit floor. 

Mee needed to hear nothing else to confirm what needed to be done should it come to that, she merely maintained a neutral face and a smile here and there as they walked down one aisle of vendors among the many companies present. 

‘Their booth is around the corner at the end, GRU Engineered Machine and System.  I have made you known to them and they are keen to meet you, so it should be smooth sailing.  I’ll do the introductions then let you charm and dazzle them from their, should be easy given your resume of achievements,’ he smiled as they came up to the booth.

‘Gentlemen this is the engineer I spent all that time bragging to you about, Miss Mee Fong, Juri Gascov, President, Prat Ananada, Vice President Operations and Sook Nhat, Vice President Engineering and Design, Stefan said as Mee shook hands with each in turn. ‘Well you don’t need me hanging around while you discuss business, I’ll be about stealing as much business as I can from you, he laughed and was on his way.

‘You come highly recommended even without Stefan’s cheerleader Miss Fong, your resume does not need any boosterism.  Having said that we did do an extensive background check on you as I know you would have expected and of course nothing came up,’ Mr. Ananada said.

‘Thanks goodness, so it was worth that extra ten feet of digging to bury those skeletons,’ Mee laughed, and the others followed.

‘Our problem which has eluded our engineers as a few sides to it, each time we correct one another issue arises.  Your financial re-numeration is fine with us, in fact to be forthright we expected it to be a great deal higher,’ Mr. Nhat expressed.

‘I’m sure your digging turned up that I have 5 patents to my name and 3 co-patents, so money is not my motivation her, solving a puzzle, the reward of all engineers is really why I still do this,’ she answered.

‘Great, then I think we can proceed.  All we need from you is your signatures on the NDS and the on the terms of your consulting contract and you can start.  We will have a car pick you up tomorrow and bring you to the office,’ Juri smiled and they all shook hands.

‘No need I’m staying at the Scandic Kramer and I have a car, just a short distance from you, across the river, I’ll be there at 8 tomorrow and we can get started,’ Mee smiled and took her leave going to find Stefan at a pre-arranged point but making it look like a search just in case.

‘All went well I suspect,’ he smiled.

‘Yes, I start tomorrow, thanks for all your help on this,’ she replied.

‘Knowing you as I do, you already have a solution to their issue,’ he laughed a little to himself.

‘Of course, but I can’t let them know that, I need time to get into their system and books records,’ she smiled. 


‘I thought you might like a tea this morning,’ Tina said putting down the cup in front of him.  ‘Had it made fresh around the corner, mine is quite good, just the right amount of Cardamom.’

‘Thank you, very kind,’ VJ smiled. ‘I was just finishing up a few things, making the system a little faster and more responsive, also since you told me about Malmo I have acquired the rental of several containers in the port should we need them, if not there are shipping opportunities there for them and a profit to be made,’ he added taking a sip of his tea. ‘Yes, this is very good.’

‘So is all the work you do,’ Tina said. ‘He does have a small restaurant in the back, if the tea is this good the food must be as well, how about we have dinner there tonight if you are free,’ she added on and surprised how easily it came out, but then realising she’d said it nervous dread about the answer filled her mind.

‘I would love that,’ he said, the pupils of his eyes expanding just a fraction, but Tina noticed it.
‘Damn, those training texts are good,’ she thought referencing the trainee manuals she’d been pouring over.

‘So, would I, about 6 then, I’ll meet you in the lobby by the elevator doors,’ she smiled and walked away she not sure her feet were on the ground as she moved, her stomach calming as the butterflies settled for now.


Amir brought Tami his collection of gems, some in individual boxes others secured in slots on display trays, in all about 25, the rubies were not among them, much to her disappointment.

‘I have a few more, but these are most of them and more than enough to start,’ he said. ‘I have to leave you for a couple of days, business on the mainland, tedious stuff, it would be much more fascinating watching you work.’

‘You know if that was to happen nothing would get done eventually, thought it would be a pleasure getting there,’ Tami suggestively answered. ‘If it’s so boring, why don’t you take Miss Trinh along, she very cleaver, a good companion and she knows her stuff,’ Tami offered.

‘You would not be jealous?’ Amir said.

‘Have I need to be?’ she answered and slipped her arms around him.

‘No, just a teasing moment. An excellent idea, I will inform her,’ he smiled back, and Tami closed her lips around his giving him a special goodbye kiss.

She sent him on his way before things got out of hand.  He was easy to make love with and she rather enjoyed him, but she had a mission to do and this at least was a start and besides while he was away maybe she could find and examine the rubies. With a laptop she made meticulous notes about each stone using an array of devices, a Corrected 10X Loupe, Microscope, Refractometer, Polarizing filter, Magnifying Eyepiece, Contact Liquid for RI (Refractive Index) up to 1.81, Polariscope, Optic Figure sphere, Dichroscope, Spectroscope, Penlight, color filter, immersion cell and UV Light. It was an impressive lab, one any Gemologist would be more than happy to own, all the equipment was top of the line and new, nothing used.

This is where Tami had thought she was going to start her formal career, she’d studied Gemology in America and Europe after completing her Master in Geology from the University of Arizona, but as with many others, a divergent career path had appeared and she’d decided to seize the opportunity, this was a chance to employ her first love again and she dove in head first resurfacing 14 hours later, although she would have sworn only several hours had past she stopped, she only had 2 more to go, those she could finish up tomorrow giving her more than enough time to look about, something she had never had the chance to do before.


Tina watched the time nervously, it was one thing to ask, another to have it accepted and now she had to actually go through with it. Not that she dreaded it, VJ was easy to talk to and she liked him, it she her end of things that she worried about, she did not want her to be the cause of a bad night.  She stood up from her desk, when to the washroom to check herself and started out from her office.  As the elevator descended she felt her stomach catch up in her throat, then the door opened and there he was smiling on the far wall of the elevator banks.
‘The spot is just around the corner and down a short block, Jewel of India,’ she said. ‘Oh my, I’m sorry, would you like to try something else, maybe this is just the same old thing, I didn’t think,’ Tina stammered.’

‘It’s not the food, it’s the company,’ he said looking at her and Tina grew even more nervous on the inside.

The dinner turned out to be fine, they talked about everything but work, an excellent sign, places they’d been, both were keen travellers, things, they’d tried doing, Tina came up a little short on this, her hesitant personality showing more.

‘I understand the concept but getting there, what I don’t get is all those backslashes and cryptic words and symbols are a language I’ve never been able to master, computer code is not my forte,’ she said with a small laugh.

‘You have the vision, that’s just as important, the rest is just the nuts and bolts, I could teach you some of the basics if you want?’ VJ suggested.

She had a wonderful time but soon it was that time and they left and walked to the Underground. Somewhere during that stroll her hand ended up in his, she never noticed at first, then her heart skipped a beat, then nervous, then she calmed, reminding herself she was not a teenage girl, but for her all these experiences where new then a dreadful thought entered her head.

‘I’m the only one who knows this, what am I going to do, I’m going to look such a fool if this goes father, no experience, what is he going to think of me, the evening will be ruined! What was I thinking?’

Lost in her world she soon came to the reality that they were on the train and speeding away from the station, her mind recalling something about him seeing her home and that time came soon enough as they stood outside her apartment.

Tina looked at him not knowing what to do but knowing what see wanted to do, run inside fast, but VJ deserved better than that.

‘I may know what I want in the office and how to plan and execute it, but I have no idea what I’m doing here,’ she said just blurting it out. ‘I’m not at all experienced at this, it’s embarrassing.  I mean here I am a woman who works for an organisation full of beautiful female spies all trained in sexual arts and I don’t even know how to say goodnight, what must you think of me?’

‘Well let me tell you.  I think you’re incredibly smart, very interesting, a great conversationalist, excellent listener, fun to be with and on top of that, incredibly attractive in various ways,’ he answered. ‘The short answer in the small amount of time I’ve known you both in and out of the office is, I think you’re fantastic and I’d like the honour of getting to know you better.’

She looked at him then next before she could even react his lips lightly contacted hers then pulled away.

‘That was sweet, just as I expected it would be,’ he said.

She moved to him and they embraced, awkwardly at first, each not knowing where they wanted their arms to go.

‘Claire was right, it’s not great the first couple of times, but it’s just great enough to want to try again,’ she smiled running her arms around his neck.


Tami’s strategy had worked to a tee, Thuy was asked along for trip which included the city of Mae Sot on the Moei River and Mandalay on the Irrawaddy River. The only bad part of the trip was that you had to drive, no domestic flights because of the high fuel low passenger return rate.  The drive was fast, Amir A8 moved and with Thuy driving it moved faster than usual. 

‘You should maybe slow down a bit,’ he seemed to beg in a nervous voice.

‘I didn’t think you were the nervous type, you seem a little agitated today, everything alright?’ Thuy asked.

‘Other than your driving, I just don’t like these types of meetings,’ he answered, and she noticed even more nervousness in his voice.

‘I am a consultant, in case you need reminding, I assume that’s why you brought me along, it will help both of us if I know what’s going on,’ she said upshifting the car and darting out and around a truck then back in again. 

‘I know that and if I need you for some aspect of this I will include you,’ he said the tone in his voice ending the conversations. 

They drove the rest of the way in silence. 

She pulled into the driveway of the Pongpicha Boutique House, a 3 story hotel the Thuy quickly googled and came back as good value, but to her mind rather uninspiring.  That being said she was grateful that he had booked separate rooms for them, that gesture telling her their one time liaison was going to remain just that and that he was serious about Tami.  He suggested they meet in the bar/lounge area in an hour to discuss matters.


Tami had kept her cabana while her relationship with Amir had developed, she’d carefully managed the time she had spent with him, keeping her independence but also all of her rather hard to explain things away from him, several of those things she now employed.

The spy manipulated her tablet then placed it in the centre of the room and stepped let it go to work.  An invisible beam bounced about the walls, floors and ceilings creating a map of the room and any hidden recesses it may contain.

‘The architect must have designed bank vaults for a living,’ she mused surveying the results from her scan of Amir’s house.  She also discovered several hidden security cameras which she would manipulate later to remove her from the footage.  ‘Five safes, bit of overkill if you ask me, but well, that just means there’s more to find and more to use,’ Tami said as she removed her eye shadow compact and moved to the first hidden safe.  

She opened the compact and removed the applicator attaching its magnetic base to the safe.  A quick touch to certain colours active the unit and its micro circuits when to work running the algorithm to find the code, the mirror doubling as and LCD display to show the code before the applicator touched the pop up screen to record the location and store the results.

Tami opened each safe examining and photographing the contents as she went, some of made for interesting and disturbing news.  She texted Thuy with details that she needed to know as she went along.  The spy found the rubies in the fourth safe, she left it open, pocketed the stones and finished with the fifth safe sending additional texts, then took the stones to the lab and did a thorough analysis, out them back and used her laptop to call FORCE.


‘I’ve conferenced in Thuy,’ Tina said from her apartment.

‘I sent you the dimensions on the gems, if you can get copies made I can switch them if it comes to that, Tami said.

‘Exactly, but I would like to explore another avenue,’ Claire said from her place.

‘He’s really scared,’ Thuy answered. ‘I don’t know how much more of this game he wants to play and from he told me, these guys don’t play nice or understand delays.  They want what they want and now.

‘It’s a huge chunk of money,’ Tami added.

‘This whole thing was set up this way from the start.  If you look at his finances, I mean the legitimate books, you can see he never could afford it.  They had this planned right from the start, all they needed was the land and the willing patsy who owned it.  They loaned him the money to expand his operations, in return he allowed them to build the off shore operation and he would run it bringing the gold to them. Problem was the gold was never enough to cover the payments for the money and his other operations couldn’t make up the difference.  He just fell further and further behind and now they want their money back, but really, they want the covert system and the industries Amir has purchased with the money, something they could never do without arousing suspicion.  Paying them the money, something they know is not going to happen would put the cat amongst the pigeons, wouldn’t it,’ Tina explained. 

‘And put you two in the line of fire I suspect,’ Alice added.

‘Nothing knew there,’ Tami answered. 

‘But the minute that happens their going to suspect something.  It would only be a matter of time before they found out it was us and then the game would be up.  Who else, beside a government and why would they do it, has this kind of money to splash about, especially at this short notice,’ Cindy interjected.

‘I can think of several Gulf State Sultans who would love to expand their hotel holdings and they have the money to do it. Two can play this game was well.  We’ll have the money ready to go for the meeting tomorrow, that is not an issue, all nicely concealed like it came from anywhere but FORCE.  

These people tomorrow are just the bagmen for Trident, but they are not going to expect this, so we don’t know how they are going to react.  I suspect Amir was going to be killed anyway now that everything is up and running with his empire, he is no longer of any use and is in fact a liability to talk which means you are also a liability Thuy.  I’m going to send you the contact number for an asset we have in the area, explain the situation and he will take care of the rest if it should come that,’ Claire explained.

‘I’m going to send you an app that you need to upload to his phone, it will help us trace the money to see where it goes,’ David said. ‘It will only take a few seconds to upload and it’s invisible to all unless you know where to look.’

‘Tami, we got the data you sent, very interesting, we can certainly make use of it. I’ve got one of our chemical companies working on it right now.  Good thing is, since your rubies are perfect these will stand up next to them really well since manufactured gemstones have no flaws, well long enough to do the trick, again if it is needed,’ Susan said then passed a note to Claire.

‘Thuy we you’ll need eyes and ears inside the meeting place, you know what to do,’ Claire said and cut her line.

‘Tami, I hate asking and telling this, but you know if Amir does not play along or even if he does and then gives the slightest hint of trying to double cross us you know you have to kill him,’ Susan said.

‘I don’t like having my loyalty questioned,’ came her stark response.

‘I’m not, it’s just that it’s been a while that you two have been together, I know it can become not just a mission anymore as time passes, things can get complicated,’ Susan pressed.

‘You leave the Gordian Knots to me, if it comes to that it will be done, no questions asked,’ Tami said and cut off the call.

The others looked at Susan.

‘She’ll do what has to be done,’ she answered.


They made the changes to his cell when it was getting ready in the bathroom.

‘You look good, casual and prepared just let me fix the shirt and I think you don’t need the collar so done up makes you look uptight and nervous, a disadvantage in negotiations.  We need to look confident, hence my look, power but not so much,’ Thuy said.

The Mekong LLP consultant had chosen white leggings, a tight white tank top and a cool cotton jacket and black mid heel pumps.

‘Grab your sunglasses and let’s go, I’ll drive,’ she added.

‘Great now I’m more nervous,’ Amir said.

It was what Thuy had expected, a warehouse down by the river inside a pier, a non-descript place away from others and of course the police.  A body might be days here before being discovered, but that worked both ways and these people did not know who they were dealing with, yet nor did they know they’d be on camera, curious of her earrings.

Thuy pulled the car in slowly and across the pocked marked gravel yard, deftly avoiding the puddles from the early morning rain and swung the car around so it faced the exit gate.  She surveyed about then got out and made her way over to Amir her eye just catching a pickup truck pulling up outside the gate.  She smiled. Hooked her arm into his and they went in through the large roll up metal cargo door Thuy removing her sunglasses hooking them into her tank top drawing the eyes of the three men waiting half way across the concrete floor.

‘It’s just supposed to you, who’s this?’ one of them snapped.

‘She’s a consultant doing some work for my hotel,’ Amir answered.

‘You are some dumb fuck, what do you think this is, some kind of fucking social get together,’ another said.  He was a little taller than the first one and winery, he be the lead if things went south Thuy thought while her face remained neutral.  The other was like the first, bad thin moustache, stockier build but not fat, the hard muscle, she thought again.

‘Lady you got bad choice in men. Maybe you want to come over to this side and experience success,’ the first said with a derisive look to Amir.

Thuy just smiled and looked the three of them up and down before stepping forward.

‘You see shithead, you can’t even hold on to your woman.’

‘I’m sorry baby, but three’s company and oh so much more fun,’ Thuy said looking over her shoulder at the three before giving him a light kiss on the lips and turning to them, she having removed his cell phone during their encounter.

‘But, business before pleasure,’ she smiled holding out the phone. ‘Your monies all ready, plus an extra bit for all of you, feel free to split that any way you want.  Just enter the transit number and the money will be on its way, all clean and washed and untraceable as per the arrangements, bitcoin in and cash out,’ she said handing him the phone.

‘Bullshit, where did he get the money, impossible!’ the third said.

‘Does that matter, all that should matter is the money and of course your cut.  Enter the code and then it will happen,’ Thuy smiled.

She could tell they were at a quandary, this was an unexpected outcome.  Thuy looked back at Amir and gave him the eye to stay still and quiet.  The greed of the money won out they entered the code and the transaction completed perfectly. 

‘Enjoy your money boys spend it while you can,’ Thuy said as she took Amir’s hand in hers and they began to leave.

‘Oh, and if you’re thinking about pulling out that gun in your back think again, take a look around you,’ she added as several people stepped into view from the shadows.  Your friends outside are dead, multiple tire tracks are a dead giveaway, that just means you have more money each, make the right choice.

Several of the shadows approached, the sound of gun butt against followed then silence.  Thuy and Amir drove off picked up quickly by their escort that followed them back to the hotel and then to the bridge across the river to Myanmar where they parted company.

‘You’re in safe and more importantly better hands. I’ll explain later,’ Thuy said


‘I’d ask how is going but I can tell by the spring in your step that things are shall we say progressing well?’ Claire said as Tina came into her office for their weekly briefing.

‘Very well,’ Tina offered with a smile as she sat down in the salon area of Claire’s office.

The spy moved her head slightly to one side, gave a droll smile as she set down in china cup and added.

‘I also see you’ve been studying some more. Your deportment and bearing merit an A, but here watch me sit,’ Claire said as she demonstrated the classic sit and cross in one motion. ‘Now you try,’ and Tina did.

‘Perfect! You have the legs for this tactic. What else have you been reading up on?’

‘Shouldn’t we be discussing business?’ Tina questioned.

‘We are, we’re discussing you Agent Samuels,’ Claire answered.

‘Tina blushed. ‘Hardly anywhere near an agent and at my age!’

‘Ok, agent trainee, if you like. But, as to age, that is nonsense, FORCE has more than a few agents older than you, and all most effective.  Mekong LLP alone has agents much older than you so put that out of your mind and tell me what else you’ve been up to?’ Claire asked.

‘Well deportment as you saw, clothes were from before, but I’m starting to expand that with reading and physical training, a toned body, as the guidebook’s say open up a world of possibilities. Make up, finding my colours and just the right amount that proved a little tricky at first, especially the lipstick and nail varnish, but I have the shades I prefer now and judging by the reactions I get, I chose well.’

Claire noted the confidence in the voice at the end and was pleased by that.

‘Of course, yoga, I’ve been told to specialise in Flaccid Form as my body type is perfect for it and Martial Arts, but again a specialised form, Widow’s Kiss,’ Tina said.

‘You do have the body for those styles and I suspect the talent, they are not easy to master,’ Claire responded. ‘What about more intimate skills?’

‘I’ve been trying a few, Yielding Vine, Laotian Liquid and Fluid Form,’ she answered.

‘Do you have a favourite?’

‘VJ seems to like the Laotian Liquid ones the best, he’s very, well enthusiastic during and afterward,’ Tina said with a small smile and touch of embarrassment.

‘You’re going to have to teach everyone your time management skills. You start up that department and have it running like the proverbial well-oiled machine, you’re dating, let’s just say very intensely and you’re training even mores o.  I’m exhausted just thinking about it. I’m loathe the suggest this, but I think you should consider, and I use the word consider, this is entirely your choice, trying your new found skills on others, it’s always a good measuring stick,’ Claire asked.

‘You think it may just be a one off attraction thing, VJ and I?’

‘Oh, hell no, that’s not what I meant all at.  You know him, he knows you, to be blunt, you know each other’s moves too well, another person brings the unexpected, and it makes you sharper.  You don’t have to if you don’t want to, as long as you have the basics I’ll be happy and from our conversation so far, how could I not be,’ Claire said. 

You mean like the scenario’s they run with the trainee agents?’ Tina asked a little unsure.


Amara Ocean Resort   Thandwe, Ngapali Beach

The resort features 24 private bungalows and two twin bungalows, purposely built all by hand in wood to provide unique accommodation in harmony with its surrounding, the beach, the many palm trees and its nearby villages. The bungalows caterer up to 70 square meter living room and 40 square meter private terrace overlooking the seaside. All rooms are equipped with:

‘So you had absolutely no idea who is behind the entire financing scheme.  WOW, that says a lot about your business acumen, it’s a wonder you got as far as you did,’ Thuy said over lunch at a nice restaurant in Taungdwingyi.

‘I know hotels and I know gemstones, those are my passions and well I guess my passion got the best of me.  As they say when these people approached me it seemed like a fantastic opportunity, the money for the use of the islands for scientific research. I wasn’t ever going to use them, then they kept coming to me with opportunities to invest in things and the upfront money to do so.  I suppose I’m an idiot, maybe a Nigerian prince will email me a fortune and I’ll be saved,’ Amir said.

‘What else did they have you do for them?’ Thuy asked, she wanted to know about the rubies.

‘I guess during conversations I let it be known I collected gemstones, basically levered my holdings against the purchase of them.  They asked if I could do them a favour and investigate the rubies in Myanmar, specifically about these two supposedly perfect ones.  I had heard all the rumours of course, but just by geological odds it was nearly impossible for such things to exist.  In the lab, sure you can produce perfect synthetic ones, but nature has a way of introducing imperfections in creation.  But, the curiosity drove me to look, always the, what if, made me look and I managed to find the source and then the stones.’

‘Then you made your big mistake,’ Thuy said.

‘Yes, I bought them for myself using their money, told them it was all a lie.  You should see them, they are so red and rich and perfect.  I thought I could sell them, turn a quick very large profit and pay off my debts, but I could find no buyers,’ he explained.

‘Of course, you couldn’t, because they didn’t want you to. You played right into their hands or more specifically, they played you perfectly.  They found your weakness and exploited it.  They gave you money for the islands, that was a great windfall, then they become friends, offer you advice on great investments, all those companies you own in seemingly diverse industries, even loan you the money to buy them, leveraging yourself to beyond the safe point.  The alone comes the rubies, they ask a favour, you know you owe them so you can’t say no, they suspect the rubies are real but don’t want to alert certain people to what they are about, so they have their stooge, you, go and find them, but you decide to keep them, which they knew you would.  However, now we come to the money.  I knew your books were cooked they minute I started to dig into them, the money just didn’t add up, what we didn’t know was where it was coming from.’

‘Who is we?’ Amir finally asked, Thuy wondering what took him so long.

‘Mekong LLP. Yes, I was an actual consultant at one time.  I have an MBA from Hanoi School of Business and an MSc in Computer Science from Duy Tan University.’

‘What do you mean at one time?’ he asked, this all starting to become very confusing.

‘Mekong LLP is a special branch of a bigger organisation called FORCE (Female Operative Counter Espionage).’ Thuy explained.

‘You mean you’re really a spy,’ Amir said in a low but bewildered voice.

‘Yes, but a good one, you have been dealing with the bad ones.  Those goons today were merely the upfront thugs for a much deeper shadowy organisation called Trident, I will spare you the details on them till later, this is rather all a lot to absorb right now,’ Thuy explained.

So, you were a contrivance from the start then?  All to find out about me?’ he asked.

‘More to find out about where your money was coming from, you were a secondary concern,’ Thuy answered.

‘So now this is all over I’m working for you now, as you own everything,’ Amir declared.

‘Yes, we, meaning FORCE own it but you’re mistaken if you think this is over.  Trident has no idea where the money to pay off your debt came from, they will try and find out but that will lead to a dead end whereas we care tracing the money we paid as it moves about giving us a knowledge of what they are up do so we can stay one step ahead of them, but you are very much mistaken if you think this is over and mistaken on several fronts,’ Thuy stated and she could see his countenance change.

‘Trident may have lost this battle, but the war is still on as far as they are concerned.  One, your still alive and they’d like to put an end to that just to send a message. Two, they want the rubies you have. Three, they want the businesses you control as they appear to fit with why they want the rubies. Four, they want to find out who your benefactor is and see if they can cut a deal with them or two just cut them out completely, by any means possible and finally five, those off shore atolls cease to be leased out with takeover, they belong to someone else now and that is really going to make them upset,’ Thuy explained.

‘I’m most worried about the “me” part,’ Amir said his voice worried.

‘That’s why I’m here,’ Thuy reassured him.

‘What about those three back at the warehouse, they know what you look like, putting two and two together and all that.’

‘Hard to do that from the bottom of the river,’ Thuy answered nonchalantly.


It had only taken a week to get her job done, well the real purpose of her time in Malmo, the modifications to the machinery, the energy routing and the software had been done before hand and finished up at night away from the workplace.  Her office time had been taken up with hacking and installing software with a great deal of help from David Jacob’s department and his staff.  Her specialised glasses gave FORCE analysts a direct view of GRU Engineered Machine and System.  computer system and via the Bluetooth link in her necklace they could do their work all on hidden tabs while she did hers in plain sight. By mid-week they were finished and by extension Mee Fong was as to.  She set up a Friday meeting with the three and walk them through which she did to stunned silence, her part in the mission completed as far as she knew.


‘Might was jump in the deep end right away,’ Susan said to Tina as they waited for the role play to begin.

‘Any advice?’ Tina asked.

‘Don’t compete where you can’t, use what you have and what the others haven’t got,’ she offered.

The scenario was a restaurant street side patio. The object was to attract the male spy by using just what you had, no contact, other than eye was allowed, all female agents had an excellent vantage point to him and thus the he to them.  All female agents choose their own outfits with the time of year and temperature fixed constants to ensure fairness and all agents were in place and no one knew who the male was or who the other female agents were. 

Tina had chosen a houndstooth pencil skirt, white silk blouse, black business jacket, which see had removed and placed on the back of her chair, a strand of pearls for a necklace and matching two pearl earrings.  She finished off with black hose and matching pumps, her make up light and perfect for her.

‘Excellent work trainee walk me through your strategy,’ the examiner said to Tina.

‘I chose classic clothes, that’s just my style, things that never go out of fashion, but always look good. The houndstooth is such an item, I prefer the small pattern, it seems more eye catching to me and helps lengthen out the body but more importantly, the legs.  The black hose are season appropriate and well a classic set of black pumps cannot be beat.  I think I have a good figure so the silk blouse and the pencil skirt help in defining those parts of my body that are not exposed.  Pearls are classic again and suggest sophisticated well put together woman,’ Tina explained. 

‘From studying the role play I knew this would be about several factors given the description.  One would most definitely be style, next would be maturity and not in the sense of age but in taste and motion, my drink was a delicate aperitif on purpose, it showed just that.  The final one would display, too much would ruin the moment, not enough, the same so I tailored my skirt to be just a touch above the knee, classic but elegant. I had to rely on my legs competing but also I knew they did not have to over compete,’ Tina said.

‘Explain?’ asked the examiner.

‘The younger the agent the more see will want to show in most cases, the older women show’s what she needs and lets the imagination of the onlooker do the rest, at least that’s what I read in certain manuals,’ Tina added.

‘Excellent. I would like to try you on certain other role playing modules if you are game.’


‘We have the Intel on who the client is thanks to Mee’s software install,’ David said.

‘Give yourself and your staff credit as well. They did a fantastic job,’ Claire added from the other end of the conference table.

‘The components are in the process of manufacture and should be ready for shipping in three weeks. We have the containers ready and the trackers in place,’ Tina added.

‘At Mee’s suggestion GRU Engineered Machine and System has suggested that she be present for the assembly and testing and install. She’s on her way to Thailand as we speak, the company, Thaimak Engineering is expecting her. Gives us more opportunity to gather Intel on them and maybe who they report to, David suggested.

‘I want to go easy in this area, we have a long chain here I don’t want it stretched any more than need be If she has a chance for that without exposure then of course take it, but I don’t want to risk blowing this whole thing, at least at her end, for something little.  All the focus, from TRIDENT’s end at this point is going to come onto Tami and Thuy now as TRIDENT comes after Amir,’ Claire added.

‘Is there anything Tami and Thuy need from us at this time,’ David asked.


Thuy and Amir spent several days at the resort where they mixed in relaxation and business.  Amir had to adjust to the end reality of having to screen everything through her and Mekong LLP.  Thuy had to admit he had an excellent instinct for the hotel and resort business, which was his strength, it was not knowing his weakness that had caused all this.

They slept in the same bed, to make sure no harm came to him should TRIDENT be on their trail already.  He never tried anything which was good and bad.  Good in that it kept the cohesion between Tami and her also good, because after their one and only bad encounter she really wasn’t interested in him.  The bad aspects were twofold, one that meant he was really committed to Tami and two, she had no idea where Tami stood on that, too much involvement usually led to bad decision making by the agent and not any meant that he was going to hurt after their business wrapped up. 

They drove back to Phuket in a lighter mood, well Amir was happier, Thuy was less so, she had an idea that things were about to get a lot stickier for her and Tami, but she did not let on, she decided to let Tami handle that.  She did however, text her to tell her what had happened, and that Amir now knew enough to be told everything, if she wanted.


Waiting for they as the car pulled up was Tami, stunning yellow bikini top and Green Sarong one lovely leg flashing out as the wind caught it.  Amir said his goodbyes to Thu and Tami hooked her arm into his as they went inside.

‘I finished my report it’s on your desk,’ she said. ‘Did you have a good trip?’ she asked.

‘Yes, in the end things worked out,’ he said.

‘I’m so glad, I missed you, even though it was only a couple of days. Why don’t we go out on the patio and I’ll make you a drink and we can relax together,’ she suggested unhook her arm and taking his hand in hers as she led the way.

They lay together in the large hammock enjoying the drinks she made, talking a while before settling into each other and embracing as they gently rocked. 

‘I’m sorry I didn’t say I missed you as well, I did, very much so,’ he said, and she smiled at him.

‘It’s ok, I could tell you did,’ Tami said as she unhooked his pants and slid down the zipper. ‘Now you’re going to show me,’ she said sexily as her hand slipped inside his underwear. ‘You see, appreciation already.’

They took turns removing each other clothes then Tami climbed on top. ‘You’ve done enough driving for one day, let me,’ she purred as her hips pulled up slowly over his extended monolith until it fell into place. She gave a gentle push, just enough to catch hold them lowered herself into his arms, her lips finding his. Gravity and time pulled them together as they gently rocked and swayed in the hammock.


Mee Fong landed at Suvarnabhumi Airport, met her driver and was taken to Magnolia Energy Corporation in True Digital Park a hi tech hub in Bangkok. She was greeted at the entrance by Aat Metanee, Daw Kitsuwan and Lamon Timkun, respectively the President, Vice President and Vice President of Engineering and Design.  They in turn were supported by three female assistants who were only introduced by their first names, Boonsri, Nin and Phueng.

‘I’m sure you three beautiful young ladies are more than just assistants,’ she noted to herself.

‘We certainly are grateful of your assistance with this matter,’ Aat said as they walked along to the boardroom to discuss the matter. ‘These changes present a few assembly and installation issues we’re not used to handling.’

‘Engineers like to see things completed, I’m all of our heads together we will be able to accomplish that,’ Mee added diplomatically.

Once ensconced she made her presentation on how proceed, including her at the site, something she could tell did not sit well with the assistants, but the officers of the company endorsed it. 

‘I think we have an excellent plan forward,’ Daw said with a relieved smile.

‘We have arranged a suite for you at The Peninsula Bangkok, The Duplex Suite, I think you will find it spacious and welcoming, Miss Nin picked it out personally,’ Lamon stated. ‘We have a car and driver at your disposal,’ he added.

‘Mee thanked them, and the meeting concluded, they walked out with her, Mee taking note that the three women never let their eyes leave her.

‘Should be a fun time,’ Mee thought as she got into the car letting her three companions see her legs for all their glory.


‘You see I told you someone was up and about,’ Tami said flicking on the soft wall sconce lights in the office.

The intruder stopped and turned around looking at the figures who stood in the doorway draped in a silk bedsheet.

‘I was wondering when something like this would happen.  I assume you’re looking for these,’ Tami said holding out her hand that held the two rubies.

Amir gave a small start and looked at her.  ‘I’ve had them for a while darling, not to worry, I knew something like this was coming along there more secure with me than in any safe,’ Tami smiled.

‘Give them to me and they’ll be no need for any unpleasantries.’

‘She speaks, excellent, a Trident girl or perhaps a contractor for them, either way is fine with me,’ Tami smiled.

‘Trident,’ came the answer.

‘Excellent,’ Tami smiled then turned to Amir. ‘Honey, can you please hold these, I have some work to do,’ she said handing him the gems, giving him a kiss and stepping forward, the silk sheet peeling off her form as she stepped, her body emerging from its concealed chrysalis to full wonderful display.

Her opponent was tall and thin, the only visual was her face. Tami could tell from the features she was Thai. Thin she was dressed a form fitting dark green skinsuit that displayed her body wonderfully and gave her complete freedom of movement as Tami saw as she snapped a high kick in the direction of the agent.

Tami had anticipated the move and a sudden lunge forward snagged the women’s leg on her shoulder.  A quick sharp punch delivered to her pussy double the woman over on her side, her suspended foot hooked in behind Tami’s head. She followed up with a sharp punch to the small of the woman’s back, further damaging her. Tami dropped to one knee bracing the woman’s back against her left leg while her right leg slipped under the neck and pushed back bowing the woman.

‘Now my dear, care to talk or do you require further stimulation,’ Tami menaced. 

Amir who knew every inch of Tami sumptuous form was totally aroused by what he saw.  He knew she was athletic, had watched her stretching and doing yoga and working out, but this was different, the level of excitement for her was way beyond what he normally experienced.  Perhaps it was every curve of her displayed in a new way before him. The body he held in his arms, so soft and wonderful yet here so deadly and beautiful, in his fantasy he long to experience it and as he thought he grew and swelled to full attention, he unaware of it as Tami held his gaze in full rapture.

‘I think you need more persuasive measures,’ Tami suggested.

‘You find me more than capable of resisting you, I’m extremely pliant,’ the Trident agent responded.
Amir was glued to the spectacle before him, Tami tucked into a roll, then a shift and another roll, her body energetic and squirming about as she transported the intruder about the floor, her figure a delight in motion, smooth, flowing and graceful as she put one move into another without stopping, her body weaving and bending and coaxing as she went about her deadly craft. Amir felt his hand reach down and take his shaft as Tami stilled, her glorious form some entangled about the other woman, Amir was fevered as his hand moved.

‘There, that’s better, now perhaps a little cajoling embrace will loosen your tongue or if that doesn’t perhaps this will,’ Tami sexily whispered as her mouth closed around the Trident agent’s mouth.

‘Tami Mason, FORCE Agent and Sexstrictress all in one lovely enveloping package,’ she hissed slowly, and Amir’s hands sped up just a little. 

The Trident agent writhed helplessly as Tami slowly, slowly closed around her, her nude flexuous body serpentining her prey in a soft dance.

‘You’re quite engulfed my dear, care to talk while you can.’

Tami kissed her lightly and then settle in as she could not resist the vixen.  Slowly the combination of her dancing and twisting form, alive around the Trident agent’s body as much as her lips were searing the spy loosened her tongue, Tami increasing the crushing pressure every few minutes.

Amir watched Tami’s ass quiver and clench as she pulled in, his hand faster now as his lover slithered about, her body never this sexy to him.  She was dangerous and deadly, and he wanted to experience it for himself, he could feel himself letting go.

‘My lover finds me most stimulating, how about you,’ Tami breathed between kisses and contractions.

Her sculpted body got the answers she wanted.  In a final move she rotated about placing herself on the bottom and arched up locking her eyes onto Amir’s. He body undulated in a slow dance up and down and side to side, always her eyes fixed on him, her look hungry and sexual.

Tami increased her motion syncing it to his until his prong and her body exploded in together.  She unclenched and rolled free to her feet just as his sensation subsided and walked over to him embracing her hot body against his.

‘I hope you saved enough for me,’ she softly purred and took him by the hands back into the bedroom.

Amir watched Tami pick up her phone, unlock it open several hidden apps via codes then make a call.

‘Its started, one to pick up. No, I’ve still in background as is Thu, but I suspect not for long, next time it will most likely be a team effort on their part, but if we play our cards right, one of us can still be anonymous for the time after that.  We send our dirty sheets and towels to the mainland, she’ll be in one of the bags, we Clean Sweep as our service. Excellent.  No nothing else. I have some explaining to do I’ll check in after the pick up tomorrow,’ Tami said ending the conversation.

‘Now I think you and I need to have a long talk,’ Tami said as she slipped into bed beside him.

She and Thuy got rid of the body in the morning with the rest of the laundry.

‘Next incursion will be several of them,’ Thuy said as they talked in her office. ‘I suspect posing as just regular guests. What are you going to do?’ she asked.

 ‘Get in the way of course. They’ll try and seduce him, I’ll just make sure I’m there every step of the way, that way I’ll become the focus,’ Tami said.

‘They’re going to suspect you right away, you’re not the average guest. They’ll know your much more than just a girlfriend,’ Thuy said.

‘Yes, but while their focused on me, there’s you,’ Tami smiled.

‘Whatever happens, I’m here for you, besides, anyone who checks in or is even around just as a day trip I’ll have a picture of them and we can run that through the database to see what turns up,’ Thu said then looked at Tami a serious expression forming on her face.

‘I know. Yes, I do like him, perhaps more than I should. Well a lot more than I should, but that is not clouding me from the assignment. I will not take more risks than usual, and you can count on me.  I’ll have your back always,’ Tami stated.

‘I think we will spend more time around the pool and in the resort, another pair of eyes can only help, no sense hiding and waiting, that’s not my style,’ Tami added.