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Mirror Image

There Miss Draper my herbal spray seems to have done its job, now for me to do mine.’

Amanda was weak and limp.  Mrs. Hein explained the fate that awaited her.

‘My Spreading Butterfly, this session is free, but I must warn you it is rather long
so I hope you don’t have any plans for this evening.  As lovely as she was lethal
Mrs. Hein began. She was slow and methodical with Amanda, her body seeping
into place leisurely. A H.O.T. agent was not to be trifled with under any
circumstances. Mrs Hein paused at certain junctures then and breathed. 

Sự chua chát’ then flexed her body.

‘Your coming out of my drug, this will keep you limp, precise stings to your
nerves endings until I have my entanglement of you completed.’

Position to position as she moved Amanda she stung her. It seemed endless to the H.O.T.
agent. ‘We are only coming to the halfway point Miss Draper, your still very loose if only you
could move,’ she mused. Amanda fidgeted her body a little, but nothing of consequence,
enough to amuse Mrs. Hein but not concern her.

The two nude women continued their deadly ballet Amanda becoming more entangled
with each passing minute and motion of her opponent. Mrs Hein’s elastic body worked itself
into Amanda’s young form bending the pliant agent into a series of painful body arrangements
where she delivered her stings.

‘Sự chua chát,’ she whispered in each position and moved her body slightly delivering her bite.

‘Enjoying my yoga Miss Draper, years of study and your the beneficiary of it. The stretches
warm me up and break you down, sapping your strength so as the still and prolong you in the
Butterfly. The stings prevent you from struggling, there no extra charge,’ she slithered as her
body delivered another.

Mrs. Hein continued her ensnarement of the H.O.T. agent adding a series of slow twists to her
motion. Amanda stretched inside them. ‘Another form of sting, Miss Draper, these accomplish
stretching you and weakening your muscles for the final position.’ Mrs Hein arched her back
and twisted taking Amanda into a stretch and holding. ‘How do you feel Miss Draper? My
experience has you, a young H.O.T. agent caught in my web, just as others have been, some
died quickly, others, like you will experience a slow death.’

Amanda was finally rolled into the final position, Mrs Hein draped endlessly about her. 

‘Now Miss Draper we can begin. Don’t move unless you wish to spread the butterfly.’

Amanda was obedient, she knew her slightest move would begin to stretch her. The duo were
on the floor in a sitting position, one behind the other with the H.O.T. spy in front, her legs
inside an insidious weave of Mrs Hein, while her arms were pinned behind her head
entangled in her opponents.

‘Your form is impressive, but I’m afraid The Spreading Butterfly is more so, escape is not
possible. I  was a former Mrs. Vietnam contestant and business owner before adding my
current position with SALON. You’d be surprised who you meet at these pageants, talented,
successful, beautiful women of course, but also deadly by nature women, women who have
used that talent to other means.  I was competing in the Mrs. Asia Friendship Pageant in
Bangkok well I guess they liked what they saw and recruited me. My business took off, I was
able to expand, we were power brokers, albeit, under the radar. Then there’s this, I like to think
of this as a perk of the job,’ Mrs. Hein said lightly kissing Amanda’s cheek. 

'That was 5 years ago, along the way I’ve managed to expand my business by 3 salons and
eliminate unwanted customers, both of the spy and non spy variety and add to my skills. You
H.O.T. girls are my favourite, young, eager, supple, you make wonderful conquests, you’ll be
my 4th Miss Draper, of course that is a long way off yet. 

Amanda was motionless as she listened to Mrs. Hein, she had no doubt about the woman’s
talent, her body removed any doubt. Mrs. Hein’s cheek rested against Amanda’s as the two
looked at each other in the mirrors. 

Quite a picture, the young H.O.T. agent entangled, her body a victim of a woman twice her
age, unwilling to move she plays a waiting game with the captor, hoping she will cramp and
the younger can escape the clutching fate she’s imprisoned in. Unfortunately, Miss Draper,
SALON trains its women entrepreneurs extremely rigorously. I’m every bit measure your equal
in many areas and your better on many more, hence our positions, feel free to disagree.

Amanda said nothing.

‘Conservation of energy is important, for both of us, hence my knot. My associates and I train
in a variety of styles but most of us prefer Passive Tangles, I save my strength while you spend
yours or try not to, in this way we can spend more time together, as I mentioned earlier, an
added perk of the job and you are a perk to be savoured.’

Mrs. Hein was just as motionless as her opposite number, she had completed her movements
earlier now all she had to do was wait for the H.O.T. agent to move and her body would
contract tightening Amanda into her, she knew it would be slow and wonderful as H.O.T.
agents were notoriously stubborn.

The spy’s beautiful body, with all its magnificent sculpted edges and delicious flow was at full
attention, her orbs, small firm were erect and fully extended, her paradise wet, her clitoris
pulsing from the contact with Mrs. Hein.

‘Don’t move Miss Draper, although I imagine our conjoined forms makes that hard for you,
all part of the trap,’ she offered then lightly kissed the spy’s cheek. ‘No charge, just a bonus,
that discipline of yours has a breaking point, its me and all I have to do hold and tease you a
little and all that training will undo itself and do me into you, Mrs Hein whispered into
Amanda’s ear.

The two remained motionless, Amanda looking in the angled mirrors at her hopeless
situation. The coiled body of Mrs Hein ready to contract waited for her silently at every angle, 
her beauty only surpassed by her sexy form.

‘Ah movement,’ she smiled and contracted just a touch. ‘I feel you are going to be a delightful
challenge, but in the end I will triumph, we’re much to entwined now for you to free yourself.
So the stalemate continues, you haven’t moved much in a while, I admit you do wear me well,
but not to worry I’ve cleared my calendar completely, so we can have all the time we need

‘I’m flattered you think me that important,’ Amanda answered.

‘Another victory for SALON and for me is always worth the time, don’t sell yourself short,
your quite a prize,’ Mrs Hein softly said.

Mrs. Hein and her prize sat still in the room, their respective trained and deadly forms giving
each other no respite. Amanda’s body was exquisite, long shapely legs, thin strong arms,
thin waist, amazingly hard ass, smooth slim hips, small perky breasts, wonderful hair which
Mrs. Hein had pinned up. 

Amanda studied the body wrapped around hers, the deadly arts of  the SALON agent on full
display. Her body was just as impressive, stunning legs, pert breasts, small wonderful ass,
thin waist, perfect long flowing arms.

‘Totally contained ICE agent, your body has been moving, even in the silence. I’ve trained
mine to feel the merest quaver, from the tips of my fingers to my tops, even the tips of my
nipples. Your motion has not escaped my sensors. Minor contractions, but still constrictive
movement,’ she honeyed.

Amanda focused her mind and body to delay longer. Mrs. Hein let her touch work, her fingers,
toes and nipples fed her body which reacted subtly. She could feel their nude forms growing
closer, it was exciting, but she remained calm her means of death required a disciplined body
and mind, something these young ICE agents lacked she suspected.

‘I give you credit Miss Draper, I had not expected this level of control from a young agent,
most commendable, however futile, movement again, the Butterfly opens a little more trapping
you further in my knot. Tell me how do you feel?’

‘Very comfortable, my wings are not sore or in the least bit stretched. I was a gymnast before
ICE recruited, high level. You’ll be spreading me for a while that is if you can. I can understand
the knot working on less controlled forms, but with me that will not be the case, even with, if I
may say, a beautiful and scrumptious woman such as yourself. Your lithe form may have me
bested at the moment, but over time even you will weaken, perhaps cramp or miss a
contraction, when that happens I will be ready to strike and I can assure you Mrs. Hein I will
not miss,’ Amanda honeyed.

‘I love a challenge and a sexy defiant woman,’ Mrs. Hein replied kissing Amanda softly on the
cheek. ‘Perhaps I should increase my odds of success, made nuzzle your neck and cheek, let
my tongue wander about, find a few sensitive places to nip you. I dare say your body would be
even more excited that it is now. I’m a very addictive drug, Miss Draper, would you care to
sample a little but be careful you don’t overdose, I’m fatal,’ Mrs. Hein whispered into her ear.

Amanda’s barely resisted the temptation, but her bigger worry was what if Mrs. Hein didn’t
and did what she said. Amanda knew she would crumple, be spread out in minutes and
killed. Just being in contact with Mrs. Hein was working on her.

‘I’m hard and wet, she’s smooth, sexy and alluring, her body is distracting me and she smells
so wonderful. My trainers were right, older women are the deadliest,’ Amanda thought.

‘Don’t worry my dear I won’t deploy any of my seduction traps, that would be too easy, for both
of us. No, Miss Draper, I prefer to torment you this way, perhaps you’ll come to me, my lips are
a turn of your head away, I won’t refuse you, that would be impolite. Just keep still as best you
can and wonder, in the end I will kiss you, just before I kill, you’ll die with a taste of my lips and
a contraction of my body, ahh, another micro movement,’ Mrs Hein cooed. 

Amanda managed to regain her composure, but just barely, the SALON vixen was far too
sensuous to allow her mind to wander.

Mrs. Hein was a very patient spider in her web. She didn’t rush, she didn’t need to, instead
she waited for the victim to move, felt those vibrations and reacted with subtle but irresistible
skill, but her skills were being tested by a very patient fly in Amanda who refused to move

The stalemate lasted on, Mrs. Hein holding the ICE Agent but not getting anywhere, her body
beginning to tire. Amanda felt a small relaxing of the knot, barely anything, but more than
enough to tell her she was succeeding.  

Amanda grimly hung on, her body screaming for relief from the stillness, she focused on her
opponent, outwaiting her and planning what to do when the moment for freedom presented
itself and then suddenly it did, Mrs Hein’s left calf cramped. Amanda instantly had a leg free,
using everything she had left the ICE spy swung her body around the back of her opponents
reversing their positions, she smashed her heel into the woman’s mound, in an instant the rest
of her was released. As Mrs. Hein writhed and fell back Amanda’s nails pinched certain nerve
endings in the beautiful woman’s neck, paralyzing her. She lower Mrs. Hein torso gently to the
floor and fell back herself, her body feeling its freedom.

‘You’ll be stiff for several hours, long enough for me to escape. You’re an honourable woman,
you could have used other means to make me move but you kept your word. That is
something to be admired in this business, most times it costs you, but not this time Mrs. Hein,
I respect your talents,’ Amanda said as she looked over the Salon agent then added. ‘In all
areas.’ She then proceed to dress.

‘I hope we can meet again, under more pleasant conditions, but I somehow think that would
not be possible, both our natures are built for the kill and passion is a dangerous aphrodisiac,’
Amanda added then softly kissed Mrs. Hein. ‘Neither of us will die with a kiss today,’ she
smiled then left.

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Take it up a Level

If you have a story idea or a peril scene you would like 
or a picture you’d like a caption added to please
Email me at:  barrie125ca@yahoo.ca
As you can see from below I do respond.
Thanks again Henry for the story suggestion.

A request for a Story from Henry

Hello i just came across your blog and was wondering if you have a plan of continuing the
Island Hopping since i really enjoyed but like adding possibly evil girls killed/scissored by the
heroines as part of the story ? Keep the same ingredients as the first story just try to mix it up
with some f/f fights If that is possible it would be great 

Qatar's Doha Tower 

‘You know it couldn’t get more obvious if you tried, but perhaps that genius of it, so obvious
you would just dismiss it as coincidence,’ Claire said. This is the objective, specifically floors
13A, B and C

Eyes flashed about the table as the assembled members looked at each, then back to Claire
who just looked at the picture.came back to Alice who took up the cause. 

‘None of us have any idea what you are talking about dear,’ she said gently.

‘Of course you don’t, because I never told any of you about this when I started it over 3 years
ago, but now the mission is complete as far as we can take it,’ she answered.

‘I thought, no you said we would have no secrets from each other,’ Cindy Krutlzer said more
than a touch of annoyance in her voice.

‘Yeah, I lied about that, but only in this case. This was too big, too important, to risk anything
getting out,’ Claire answered off handed as she flipped the picture on the screen.

Up on the screen flashed the picture of Jessica Collins, a Claire recruit and one time Head of
Fashion Design for FORCE who had disappeared under suspicious circumstances while in
India, the official explanation being that she had defected to TRIDENT, specifically, the

‘Who gets the pleasure of killing her?’ Susan Janus asked with ice in her voice.

‘She’s much too valuable to kill and much to good a FORCE agent,’ Claire explained.

‘You had her marked as a traitor,’ Jacob exclaimed in a louder voice then he had intended. ‘
Rachel told me so,’ he added.

‘Yes, I lied about that as well. No apologies, I need full buy in on this and I can see I got it, but
to explain. Jessica was never supposed to be an agent, true she had the looks and then body,
but her fashion skills were what I hired her for, she knew how to make agents pop.  But as we
went along it became very clear to me Jessica was so much more than that. Firstly, her yoga
skills went off the chart, she was mastering techniques and forms at a rate even I’d never seen
before. Secondly, she had the ability to marry those talents with others effortlessly, she knew
what to do, when to do it, how to do it.  In short, a natural, but above all it was yoga that drove
her, mind, body soul. She came to me with the idea of trying to become a Silkworm. Together,
we devised a plan, she implemented her end, I mine. I’ve kept in touch, carefully and now it's
time to get her out and that’s where we are now,’ Claire explained, flipping back to the picture
of the Tower.

‘It is obvious,’ Tina Samuels added. ‘A Silkworm Hive,’ she added referencing the buildings

There was a long silence while the participants put what they had heard together into some
kind of coherent story.

‘You let her try and become a Silkworm and I emphasize this point, you let this happen and
didn’t think we should be brought into this,’ Cindy asked sharply,

‘You weren’t Head of CURVE Ops at the time, neither was Susan here, nor Tina, Only Alice
and Tara were. Tara is an active agent, so I couldn’t risk it and Alice didn’t need to know, this
was Jessica and me and it still will be,’ Claire added.

‘What does that mean and what else are you keeping a secret from us.  I came here on a
promise that this would be a different system. Tell me why I should trust you ever again. 
You know I had this experience when I was at DOOM and I’m not the only one around this
table who has these feelings,’ Cindy said looking at Tara and Alice.

‘I’m disappointed dear and truthfully a little angry,’ Alice added. 

This was the first real challenge to/ her and crisis of faith Claire had experienced since she
had formed FORCE and she could not deny her action in hindsight was the very error in
judgement and trust that had led to her leaving COIL and taking other agents with her. She
put down the remote, looked at her friends around the table, all women she loved and this
move her and everyone saw something none of them except Alice had ever seen, Claire
began to cry lightly as she stammered an I’m sorry and just as before Alice was the first to her
with comfort.  As she was released from the hug, she wiped her face and offered a bow of
contrition. Claire addressed the group again.

‘Now I need to fill you all in on this whole matter.  Let’s start with how and come back to the
why. Susan actually came to me with the idea.  I told her all the reasons why not, but she
assured me she could do it. Her skills were there, she was the right age and it was easy to
manufacture a fake background for her, making her a widow and having enough of the
requisite skills to be of interest, the hard part was getting the Silkworms attention without
making it appear like we were trying to, fortunately Jessica had the solution.  She like Sharon
Sharpe before her, is an avid collector of rare books and manuscripts on yoga, even teaching
herself Sanskrit to advance her knowledge. Bidding and buying rare books and showing off
her skills in Ashram’s catering to exclusive clientele was slow going at first but it did
eventually bring results and slowly Jessica let herself be absorbed into a Silkworm Hive 

‘So she’s done all the training and I assume missions for them?’ Tara asked.

‘Now we come to the why. Yes, but those missions, well intended to be fatal encounters,
never actually came to that.. Jessica did the missions to perfection, she just faked all the
deaths. Remember, I told you her yoga talents run deep, so deep she can actually put a body
into stasios making it appear dead.  I just simply arranged to have the bodies picked up and
revived. The participants in her encounters have been given temporary positions within
FORCE with the promise of returning to their previous position upon completion of her mission
as a whole.

‘Out of sight out of mind, but tell me what did FORCE get out of this?’ Cindy questioned.

Companies they control, companies and organisations they influence and a list of Silkworms. 
In addition as Jessica went from success to success she moved closer to the inner hive that
she was attached to, she’s now the assistant to the Hive Queen, with full access to all their
files and secrets..  Now is the time to free her, she suspects others are on to her and as good
as she is she would never survive a multiple attack from those deadly women,’ Claire

‘Now we come to how Susan stated.  ‘One, how you know what you know about where is she,
with reference to the building in question and two, how you plan to get her out.’

‘You’d be surprised what security passes can gather when they are programmed correctly and
how invisible the gather is when their cleaning staff,’ Claire smiled. ‘None of the staff knew we
switched the cards, so they are in no danger, besides after this operation they will all be
offered new positions in another building with better pay and who knows maybe a chance to
contribute more.  As it stands, three of them definitely have a future at FORCE.’

‘And let me guess, their the ones who happen to clean the aforementioned floors,’ Tina smiled.

‘Of course and all three of them have agreed to call in sick in three days to be replaced by the
extraction team dressed as cleaning staff. Once inside, one agent per floor, each has a specific
function.  Floor 13A is IT. All the history of the Silkworms, tactics, styles, weapons, financial,
basically anything you can think of, an invaluable cache. Floor 13B is there research and lab
facilities and finally 13C is where the residences are including Jessica,’ Claire explained.

‘So we need to start assembling a team,’ Alice stated and began flipping through available
agent profiles.

‘No need, I have the team already,’ Claire said and looked about the room as heads snapped

‘Anne Payton, Alex Chase and me,’ Claire offered.

The room went very silent, sideways looks were exchanged before Susan spoke up.

‘Do you really think you are the best choice Claire.  I mean you are the head of FORCE and
really not to put to strong a pint on it, you are FORCE, losing you, however remote, would be a
calamity I don’t think we could recover from, not at this point in time anyway,’ Tara stated.

‘I think we are past that point, long past it in fact.  I may have founded this organization, but I
have filled it with people who can take over if it should happen this time, but someday I will be
gone and I know this, the people I leave behind will be more than capable of carrying on. 
I can’t hide just because I’ve been made into a demagogue. What kind of a leader, but more
importantly a friend would I be if I let others complete missions that I started. That’s not a
leader, that’s not FORCE and that certainly is not me,’ Claire said and everyone knew that
was the end of negotiation with respect to her involvement in the mission.

‘And Anne and Alex?’ Cindy said leaving the question open.

‘This is a termination mission, silent and fast.  Alex and Anne are the two best hand to hand
agents we have, they know how to kill fast and can improvise like no other when needed and
this mission will I’m sure have enough of that. So the team is set, the time and the location
and again with my humblest apologies you now no everything I do and with luck in 4 days
FORCE will be stronger and our opponents much weaker and who knows what will come of
that,’ Claire mused.

‘And the Hive Queen?’ Tina inquired.

‘Jessica will kill her just as we start our mission.  They may know each other on an intimate
level, but there are a few things she has kept hidden that will render any defense useless,’
Claire smiled.


The three ‘cleaners’ arrived at work and scanned their passcards. Their disguises were
excellent but in reality no paid any attention to them they were just part of an invisible
workforce that moved about with no one paying them any heed. Each grab their assigned
cleaning cart, Anne artfully getting in the way of the camera and Alex as the latter slipping
something from underneath her uniform and into the cart. They nobbed to each other began
moving to the elevator Claire in front, Alex in the middle and Anne at the back of the line.
Just outside the door for the security room Claire’s heel was knocked by Alex’s cart causing
her to bang into it.  They all stopped, Claire looked back, head down in annoyance before
she lifted her leg, rubbed her heel and continued on. That little delay had allowed Alex to
bend down to pick up the duster Claire had knocked off or so it appeared. She slipped the
plastic handle from the sleeve of her uniform, swept the one Claire and knocked off, the very
one Alex had placed in her cart, just under the door of the security room, pulled the feather
end off of it, placed it on the handle she had and back into her cart. As they move on the
handle under the door was emitting an odorless gas into the room. By the time they got to
their appointed floors they would be free of prying eyes.  

‘First step accomplished,’ Anne said as the elevator started up and Alex swiped her card
letting her off at floor 13A, a special floor not listed on the elevator panel.

‘Start clock,’ Alex said as the door opened and she exited pushing the button on the timer
attached to her cart.

Anne repeated Alex’s motions and departed then Claire did the same.  


Alex checked the halls then pulled a long steel shaft from the catch of cleaning tools and
moved to one of the stairwells  where she placed it across the top of the door frame, an exact
match in length and colour and touched a button on the top.

The lab had made the electro-magnet to look like an addition to the door frame, the battery
inside would supply more than enough current to lock the doors shut preventing any
additional Silkworms from entering the floor.  She would do the same at the opposite stairwell
as would her colleagues, she pushed the floor duster about as she did so making a note of
the room she wanted.. Alex returned to her cart and was just about to move went she saw the
numbers on the elevator display start to move. The spy slipped off her running shoes, undid
the buttons on her cleaning uniform and discarded it into the garbage bin attached to the
cleaning buggy leaving her in a skin tight body glove ready for action. She watched and
listened as the numbers ticked off, then the door opened and she was alive with action.

Her eyes darted from one Silkworm to the other as a plan formed in her head on how to react,
it only took a nano second for the entire plan to come to fruition, Alex clearly seeing every
action and the outcome before she had even moved. The doors opened and a punch
slammed into the sternum of the first exiting Silkworm, Alex having guessed correctly that the
narrow doors would not allow both to exit at the same time for risk of soiling their Sari’s on the
edge of the doors.  The punch, precise and weighted did its temporary job. The Silkworm
staggered back, both hands over the area of the punch as she gasped for air, unable to cry out.
She knocked the other off centre just enough for Alex to act as her second opponent tried to
right herself. A quick handstand at the edge of the doors, a bend of her legs and she had the
worm’s head in the confines of her thighs. Alex pulled her legs down and her body as she
flipped them over in mid air, the Silkworm landing hard on the floor, her face looking up at the
Force agent, a look of surprise in the eyes, but only for the merest of moments as the sexy
spy twisted her hips the cracking sound creating a nice reverb inside the elevator.

‘You know what they say, catch and release,’ Alex smiled as she executed a back walkover to
come to her feet, a trailing leg smashing into chin of the other Silkworm sending her back
crashing into the back elevator wall.  A front handstand allowed her to scissor her ankles
about the neck of the remaining Silkworm while hands cupped around the woman’s ankles
then she snapped her torso in violent swivel. The worm collapsed to the floor Alex;s legs
sliding up and her lower thighs cinching tight about her head.

‘You meet the most interesting people in elevators,’ Alex mocked.’And occasionally you strike
up conversations although I get the feeling your not the talkative type,’ the sexy blonde spy
added as her thighs tensed around the Silkworms neck with purpose.  

‘Your a foolish girl, leave while you still have your life!’ the scissored female defiantly said.

‘Little girl, haven’t heard that in a while,’ Alex answered squeezing tighter.

The Silkworms hands grasp about one of Alex’s legs in a vain attempt to loosen the vice
about her.  Alex smiled as she applied more pressure looking right into her captured
opponents eyes as a fleeting shadow filled in vision.

‘Oh you’ll have to do better than that.  This little girl knows more and is quicker than she lets
on,’ Alex smiled as she held the Silkworms extended leg in her hands then with a blur one
hand left the leg and then returned as the Worm grimaced. 

‘Break point,’ Alex said. ‘Do you want to try for the other leg, this one is now useless or should
we move on to other vital parts or perhaps you want to tell me how many Silkworms on this
floor and where there located?’ 

‘You obviously don’t understand Silkworms, you don’t have what it takes to get me to talk,
no matter what you do,’ the worm said defiantly.

‘Then there’s no need to even go there,’ Alex answered as she broke the other leg then
wrapped her arms around the useless appendages, held tight, then rotated her body 180
degrees while keeping the Silkworm still. A long tearing crack filled the silence of the hallway. 
Alex relaxed her vise, cartwheeled backwards to her feet a smile on her face.

‘I never needed you to tell me, just a bit of fun,’ she smiled as she removed the Saree Pins
from her two dead opponents and moved down the hallway.


Anne stood to the side of the elevator as the doors opened, keeping out of sight as she peered
out.  Seeing the way clear she stepped off and into the hallway gathering in her location.

‘Seems to be a series of upgrades going on,’ she mused looking up at the missing ceiling tiles
and the fibre optic cabling running above her. ‘Well, go to see I’m in the right place and that
the path is well marked,’ she added following the multi- coloured cables along the narrow
hallway until the open ceiling stopped, replaced by intact tiles.

Anne took a few steps back, then rushed forward silently, jumped into the air, her hands
grasping around a support bar running at a right angle to the hallway. The spy’s momentum
carried her up, her legs tucking in as she rose, then over another support bar. She came up
into a sitting position on her perch looking down that the floor of the hallway her dark bodysuit
merging with the darkness she’d entered.

‘Time to go to work,’ she said and reached into her hair. Anne slid the tortoise shell top back
revealing a small but very sharp blade that she used to nick one of the fibre cables. She
replaced the clip in her hair and waited.  Her time alone was short, she heard a door open
then close behind her, footsteps coming closer. The male Silkworm looked up into the ceiling
just in time to see blackness descend around him in the form of two well sculpted legs that  at
first scissored about his neck then bent into a clamp sealing about his mouth before her could
call out. Anne rocked her thighs from side to side as she balanced on the bar, her vise like
pressure quickly turning his head purple.

‘Much as I’d love to continue to squeeze you, alas I female spy’s work is never done, I have
to move onward and upward while you need to go around and down,’ Anne honeyed as she
spun about on the bar taking his with her but not his body. The FORCE agent slipped of her
perch, her hands seizing the bar as she lowered them both to the ground.

‘Well look what the lady won for hitting the target,’ she smiled holding up a passcard. ‘Oh the
places you’ll go with this,’ she added and turned just in time to see a door starting to open
about ten feet down the hall.

Anne took a few steps for acceleration, twisted her torso and launched in the series of
backflips, each revolution gathering more speed and as rapidly closed the distance between
her and the now fully visible two Silkworms who were now reacting to her with raised hands
and a fighting stance, such was their training seemingly equal to Anne’s, but the FORCE
beauty and lethal lovely had another idea in store for her deadly opponents.  They were
expecting Anne to come at them from height, most likely try for a double kick to their heads,
they were prepared for it and to deliver a surprise of their own. At the last possible second
and before momentum forced only one course of action Anne in a tight neat ball somersaulted
along the floor, her arms darting out at the last second, catching the legs of the Silkworms and
unending them. But the spy’s bag of gymnastic skills was far from exhausted. Anne came out
of the somersault into a handstand, executed a back walkover into another handstand, lowered
her body down with a speed that defied physics and into an open Firefly pose the flats of her
feet pressing into the necks of the Silkworms that had fallen on either side of her against the
hallway walls.

‘Tight hallways always make for a crush of bodies.  Hope you ladies don’t mind if I just
squeeze you, I mean get by you,’ Anne stated in an ironic manner as she lowered her head
and increased the pressure on the throats of the Silkworms, her toes gripping tight for extra
pressure before her head dropped suddenly pushing her feet through bone and cartilage, the
familiar sounds and gasps and cracking filling the hallway as her opponents breathed a final
time. Anne raised her head, swung her legs in and came to her feet removing two more Saree

Claire’s head turned sideways and back a touch avoiding a punch just as the elevator doors
fully opened.  The Head of FORCE rocked forward and down, her legs coming over the top
and smashing into the side of the Silkworms head in a perfectly executed Scorpion Kick
smashing her against the elevator wall.  The second Silkworm quickly undid and flashed her
scarf outward, Claire catching it out of the corner of her eye and turning her head to avoid it
wrapping about her neck. Instead her reflexes took over and her hands seized the material, a
few revolutions of her hand and she had all the material she needed.  Claire yanked the scarf,
pulling the worm towards her, an elbow up and cocked as woman rammed into the sharpened
point, the connection hitting her stomach and doubling her over in pain. Claire wasted no time,
her knee came up and smashed into the Silkworms head snapping her violently over to the
floor where she joined her sister Silkworm whom Claire was busy tying the captured end of
scarf about her neck.  The Head of FORCE then dragged them out of the elevator into the hall
where she executed a split, the wrapped scarf becoming more and more uncomfortable as
she lowered until the raw gasping sounds gave way to the snapping of vertebrae and the
crushing of their windpipes. It was all accomplished in a matter of seconds, a clinical and
artistic Claire elimination. She undid the scarf, wrapped it loose between her legs and over
her shoulders, keeping it in place with the two Saree Pins from her victims.  She moved on
down the hall pausing at a junction. She knew around the corner was the Hive Queen’s lair and

Alex moved down the hall, passing doors on either side, she knew she wanted the one at the
end, but as she passed by she heard a click of electronic lock being disengaged behind her. 
She was up against the wall in a flash melding her body tight to it. Two figures appear out,
they did not look her way, just turning toward the elevator that Alex could not let them get to.

‘Here is my opportunity,’ she said to herself while the memory of Yasmin Bennett, CIA
Operative and Alex’s partner on a mission came back to her along with the phrase “really cool
gadgets’ in reference to her bodysuit as she took a few steps and jumped onto the left wall,
one foot catching and pushing up as the micro suction cups on the bodysuit caught and
transferred the angular momentum upward as she leaped across to the opposite wall, gaining
speed and height where her other foot caught and pushed off, sending her up to the height she

She flew through the air coming down on them from behind just as they turned to see her too
late.  The deadly beauty caught the guard on her right with her left leg, Alex had her leg cocked
and ready, bent at the knee to fit about his neck which it did perfectly.  Her forward motion was
transferred into a circular pivot a she swung round in front of them and them where her right
cocked leg secured around the other guard, she swinging around to the back of them, the
contracting force of her lethal gam slowing then stopping her.

Alex’s motion, fluid, sexy and dangerous never stopped as her body then fell over and down
their backs, her fists ramming into the back of their knees knocking the legs out from under
them.  Forward onto their stomachs the duo fell, Alex clamped in place, before they could react,
she wrenched them over the pulled up legs bringing their imprisoned heads over her torso
and into view.

‘Another drill, come on! We were just going on break!’ one said as he fruitlessly tried to
dislodge Alex’s leg.

‘If this was a drill you both failed,’ she answered in a cool tone.  ‘However, you both look like
you could use a break,’ the spy smiled as she rocked her hips to the left and then right feeling
the vibrations from the neck break ripple up her wonderful toned deadly beautiful legs. She
undid and moved down the hall toward her goal, one of the cards passcards in hand.

Three and least, maybe four Silkworms was what David Jacobs had told Alex would be in the
room, three was long odds, four was near suicide, even for an agent of Alex’s skills and speed,
but she told herself she did have the element of surprise and a few tricks to play. She swiped
the passcard, watch the lock turn green then pushed open the door.  


Anne had the outline of the library from the Intel Jessica had sent, two sets of cubicles run
straight up the middle of the room as you entered, seven on each side, around the outside of
the room were shelves of books that had not yet been digitized and somewhere, and this was
Alex’s job, was a hidden room with rare books that only certain special Silkworms had access
to.  Once Anne had secured the room and Alex had disabled the security system all would be

‘Now for my part,’ she said to herself and slowly opened the door, closing it silently behind her.
Anne immediately spotted a worm looking for a book on the shelves, she turned the wrong
way and too engrossed to notice the intruder,  The spy crouched down letting the cubicle
conceal her as she looked underneath to observe which ones were occupied, see counted
four, Anne then checked the light above the shelves for changes and after a spell she made
two others to add to the counted.  She had a plan in an instant, not elegant, but quick and
deadly with just a touch of flare.  

The sexy spy moved quickly and silently to her first victim, her hand clamping tight about the
Silkworms mouth as a millisecond later a quick, strong and silent knife strike of her hand the
woman’s throat ended. Anne braced her in an upright position and moved on to the next one. 
Again a hand over the mouth, but this time her other hand turned the Silkworms hand
unnaturally farther than possible, she to was left staring at her book, normal to any passerby
except for her missing scarf..  

While the Silkworm look intently at her screen a layer of fabric enclosed around her mouth,
then another and another, then it moved onto her neck.  Anne twisted the material tighter and
tighter while one of her legs locked and closed around the Silkworms to keep her from kicking,
It was over quickly and Anne moved on.

The Silkworm gave a small yawn, it was late, but at the moment just before the end of it a fist
size ball of silk was was rammed into her mouth and pulled back forcing the back of her neck
against the edge of the chair.  Anne stamped her foot down on the scarf that she had tied
together and broke the Silkworms neck. Just as she had finished and right on cue the door to
the secret vault opened.

‘Right on time Alex,’ Anne said with a smile and stepped from the cubicle into the open
against the shelves of books at the far end of the room.

‘Ladies the library is now closed all tardy patrons please report to me to have your privileges
revoked permanently.  Thank you for your cooperation,’ she smiled then made an immediate
rush for the Silkworm she had spotted when first entering.

Anne took several steps, building her speed quickly, a sideways glance told her the other
Silkworm was coming at her from behind, then she focused back on the other. The FORCE
spy was with five or six feet when her left hand darted out grabbed a hardcover paperback
sized book from the shelf.  She flashed it about, here and there before launching into a slide
on her side along the wooden floor, her body sliding, her legs reaching out and scissoring the
Silkworm about the ankle and dropping her to the floor, her head banging off the hardwood up
and into the downswing from the book Anne slammed into the back of her neck after her body
had swung about from her own momentum.  The blow forced her head back against the floor
as Anne pressed it down with all her weight, She then dropped the book seized her head in
her hands and twisted using her body as a whip to gain all the speed she needs to, one, turn
the Silkworms head 180 degrees and, two, give her the speed to come to her feet and catch
the other Silkworm with a front snap kick catching her flush under the chin.  Anne toosed the
book away, the three Silkworm Poison Darts from the woman’s hair bobbles imbedded in the
leather cover. She had no intention of letting the remaining worm have any chance of using
some devious device she may have. 

Anne picked her up, swung a leg up and over her body connecting flush on the forehead of
the Silkworm. The spy turned in one fluid motion into a spinning back kick pinning her foot
against the Silkworms throat. 

‘It’s always important to stretch after a workout,’ Anne smiled as she leaned her weight into
the worm and her throat. ‘It’s also important not to lunge, serious injury can result or in this
case even death,’ she added thrusting forward.  Anne relaxed, pulled her leg away into a
cocked position and watch the Silkworm cascade to the floor. She lowered her leg smiled and
got the book she wanted and left for the elevator.


Alex swiped the passcard and pushed open the door fully expecting the open door would
draw eyes, instead all it brought was a response from a Silkworm looking and her screen,
fingers flashing across a keyboard and she ran diagnostics on the error.

‘Did you find the cause Samita?’

Alex quickly and nimbly advanced toward her, the catsuited body taut with anticipation.

‘Yes, and the cure is close at hand, namely my hands,’ Alex said in a knowing voice before
she rammed the woman’s  head down across the edge of her laptop, she coming up clutching
her neck, her mouth formed into a circle as she tried to suck in air, that horrible low roaring
sound filling her silence before Alex clamped a hand on her chin, another on the side of her
hand and turned, that sound was replaced by a satisfying tearing of neck bones.

The spy unzipped her top, reach between her firm breasts, pulled out a thumb drive and
inserted it into the computer, it flashed to life.  David Jacobs had designed the program to
disable all the security systems and allow FORCE total access to the Silkworms network and
begin downloading it.  It also gave Anne the access she needed.

Alex didn’t watch this happen she had more pressing matters to contend with, namely two
Silkworms, one on either side of her.  A cartwheel to her left caught that advancing worm on
the back of her neck, knocking her face down as Alex righted herself above the dazed body a
front snap kick sending her other assailant stumbling backwards before she regained her
balance.  By that time Alex has secured the fallen Silkworm between her thighs as her eyes
locked on the other.

‘Time for a little file compression,’ she mused as the woman watch her thighs tense about the
head of her fellow worm. ‘You know I think I;ve changed my mind. I need more space,’ she
added and thrust her hips sideways, the Silkworms body convulsing for a few seconds before
going still. ‘File deleted,’ the FORCE beauty smiled as she dropped the body from her and
moved forward into a phalanx of kicks and punches..  Alex block, dodged and weaved about,
easily blocking or avoiding being her hit. Still the Silkworm, who Alex had to admit was skilled
came one, undeterred by her lack of success.

‘You’re very good for an ol….my apologies, mature woman, your speed in impressive,’ Alex
said as she caught an arm and spun about placing her back against the Silkworms chest, a
sexy gam snapping up and kicking the Saree wearing beauty in the head. In the same motion
Alex swung the leg down and over her back making contact with the back of the worm’s head
this time. A grab of her arm, a step underneath as she had the arm bar she want.  A shapely
lycra clad leg snapped a series of kicks up and down the Silkworms chest and torso, before a
final strike the worms head in the crook of Alex’s knee. The FORCE beauty applied downward
pressure rolling them over on the floor where her other leg hooked around the Silkworms
ankles and pulled bowing the woman backward. Alex wasted no time closing the scissor and
snapping the back of her opponent, a lightning strike of her hand finished the Silkworm by
breaking her windpipe.  

She was her feat in seconds, returned to the laptop and saw FORCE was busy downloading
the data, when finished they would introduce a communications virus into the network to track
others. Her part done she departed.


Claire expected no guards on the door and there were none. When you reached the level of
Hive Queen bodyguards were just a nuisance that got in the way, she could handle her own
affairs, Claire admired the confidence. 

She pushed open the ornate mahogany doors and slipped inside only to be greeted by two
Silkworm apprentices who had just delivered tea.  

The sexy spy made her hands into claws, struck with such speed that the novitiate did not see
Claire’s hands move, she just felt the spy’s nails touch all around her neck. During this Claire
extended one of her very shapely gams and swept the other trainee off her feet .  While one
grabbed her neck as she fell, her mouth open struggling for the other slowly sank to the floor
where the back of her neck landed on top of Claire’s foot, the spy placing the soft pad of her
other foot on the chin. A simultaneous arch of one and push down by the other foot neatly
finished of the woman as her neck snapped, Claire giving it a hard thrust sideways just to
make sure.  She elegantly spun and came to her feet.

Claire surveyed the room, the main part was  a sunken square space, a myriad of pillows all
about and at the far end reclined to very elegantly dressed and beautiful women. She saw a
moment of shock, just a flash, then it was gone, Silkworms were usually very good at sang-froid
and she recovered quickly, but Claire knew this was a total surprise to her.  The spy continued
about the room, looking at things, books, nic-naks before stopping at an enclosed glass case.

‘I see the Hive Queen has her own special hive. No doubt they produce a diabolically special
silk for certain occasions,’ Claire supposed as she turned to face the two, her skin tight suit 
looking more than usually dangerous against the background of the white wall.

‘Efficient and flowing, I applaud you on your dispatching of my trainees, Miss?’ the Hive Queen

‘Claire Baxter.’

‘Your reputation is not overstated Miss Baxter, in any area. I must say I am flattered that the
Head of Force would pay me a personal visit, you have however made a grave mistake, one
that will be your last.  Ironic that as one star extinguishes another takes it place in the

‘Such cool confidence, I would expect nothing less from a Silkworm,’ Claire smiled.

‘I see you have not lost your bravado, something that needs to be corrected, permanently. 
The odds are still two to one and well to be fair to you much more than that. A Hive Queen is
not an ordinary Silkworm, as you know, there are arts only we know and those who we want to
succeed us,’ she said turning and looking at her protege with a smile who took her hand and
touched her forehead to it.

Namaste Yogini,’ she said.

‘KIll Miss Baxter, Jessica. Let me see the arrogant light from her eyes fade before me as you
administered a painful death,’ she commanded.

Jessica got to her feet in a slow rising snake like motion much as a cobra would do, removed
her scarf and carefully placed it where she had been sitting.  Her body was even better than
Claire had remembered. She walked up the sets and towards Claire as the spy made ready
for combat.
'I hope you feel this as much as I will enjoy administering it,’ she said softly but audible
for the Hive Queen to hear and nod approval.

Jessica Collins flung herself at Claire, wrapped her arms around Claire’s neck hugging her
fiercely, Claire returning it just as much.

‘I imagine you have agents on every floor, a fait accompli, except for one thing,’the Hive Queen
stated cooly. 

‘You have an excellent imagination, Claire responded.

‘Out of misfortune comes opportunity.  Your game has been well played Miss Baxter and Miss
Collins, pity you won’t live to tell anyone, not after I get through with the two of you.  You I will
kill quickly Miss Collins, you Miss Baxter will die slowly and painfully just as TRIDENT will do
to FORCE once you are gone. All that work of yours for nothing.  To borrow a metaphor, once
you cut off the head of the snake, the body dies.

Pity it has to be such a young snake, but experience is only gained over time, not arrogance,’
smiled then clicked a hidden button on the floor, opening a small door at her feet, ‘At least
you’ll have the pleasure of seeing me in my regalia. As you can see I like to scratch, honed to
a fine surgical and tipped with Silkworm Venom from the very same hive you admired Miss
Baxter, even a drop on your skin will kill you in mere seconds, as for my tiara I can assure you
it’s more than just decorative,’ she smiled getting up, her scarf falling flawlessly from her body
as she walked toward them.

Jessica tried to step in front of Claire but the Head of FORCE was having none of it.

‘No, she’s mine, you’ve done more than enough,’ and took up her stance as Jessica backed

‘Seems I was mistaken about the order and length of death,’ the Hive Queen honeyed as her
hand flashed across Claire’s chest, it missed cleanly, the spy snapping a kick that scored a
direct hit knocking the woman backwards. The Hive Queen recovered quickly and came back
a slow dance in new mode of attack punctuated by sharp thrusts and slashes as she tried to
score hits, the silky Claire dancing out of the way with ease returning kicks that stung the

The duo danced about the upper floor in the room, the Hive Queen mixing a variety of kicks.
One flashed by as Claire deftly turned her head, the flat of the woman’s foot hitting the wall.
Claire drove a fist into her well sculpted thigh while her leg cocked and snapped a kick to the
side of her head spinning her back.

‘It appears you may have had the order of death a little mistaken,’ Claire smiled.

The Queen came at Claire in full fury and motion, her skill and speed were impressive,
moreso given her age, but the Head of FORCE was more than her equal. When the woman
thrust forward both arms Claire caught them by the wrists and turned them over,wincing pain
filled the Hive Queens face. Claire, holding tight, fell down and back onto her ass, a foot
braced into the chest of her foe and she flipped her up and over,down hard on the floor she
crashed, the catsuited spy rolled them over, Claire onto her stomach and the Hive Queen
forced onto her back. The spy pulled up her body, reversing the position of her legs and arms.
The Hive Queen still dazed felt her hands forced to her head and into her tiara, a forced turn of
her wrists sent the piece of jewellery skidding across the floor. Another turn of her wrists and
Claire used her thumbs to dislodge the deadly nails, plinking metal sounding about the room
as they hit the ceramic floor.

Yet Claire was not done and it seemed barely a few seconds had passed. Her legs wrapped
around the woman;s torso where the heel of her smashed down like a swinging pendulum in
the Hive Queen paradise inducing another wince of pain. Claire’s legs, so lethal in so many
situations, snapped up, crossed and locked behind the woman’s neck where instant pressure
was applied and increased.

‘Now let me ask you a question,’ Claire cooed in her ear the Hive Queen struggled. ‘What
happens when you cut the head off of a Hive Queen and assorted Silkworms? I suppose the
obvious answer is the hive dies. FORCE has already weakened you significantly through
financial assassination, but I have to admit that is a bit too stale for me, I more of a hands on
girl myself, or legs on in this case. Tonight is just another cut to the body of TRIDENT and
perhaps the Silkworms part in that. How much longer do you think The Poison Geisha or the
Strippers Guild are going to want you around. I also know TRIDENT is busy trying to build up
a CURVE Section and so called regular agents, but FORCE put a bit of a crimp in that recently,
perhaps you heard? My point Hive Queen, is that I don’t intend to eliminate you totally, why
should I when I can just weaken you to the point where your own organization turns on you. 
I just need to leave enough meat on the bone or assets in place, then tell them where there
located, sit back and watch the fun, that’s what this whole operation, with Jessica and tonight
was about. We may be good girls, but we play for keeps!’ Claire explained as her legs forced
the Hive Queens neck to the breaking point.

‘We already have The Book of Worm, deciphered the hidden texts,The Silkworm Focusing
Gems. Now we have all your knowledge and all the books and manuscripts Jessica has
collected, there isn’t much else of value,’ Claire added as she arched up and pressed.

‘You’ll never survive them, TRIDENT will kill you and any other Silkworms, you are a spent
force to them, weak and not worth the expense of keeping or they will keep you, but you’ll just
be part of the TRIDENT, not a founding member anymore, no position, no glory, no power.
Perhaps they’ll be generous, just take all the assets you have left and make you all into a
Mature Agent Section and tell you want to do, sending you on all the suicide missions, after
all your expendable,’ Claire explained.

‘I’ll leave you with that, and the dead bodies, everything else I’m taking or have already taken,’
Claire said, nodding to Jessica that it was time to go.  She reached out and pinched the
woman’s neck in a few places, then massaged her temples with her thumbs knocking her out.

‘I’m not stupid enough to leave her conscious,’ Claire said with a smile and the two left.


They picked up Alex and Anne on the way down, then back through the service tunnels in the
basement, into the underground parking then out into the night in the van they’d come in,
Claire driving, Jessica in the passenger seat, Alex and Anne in the back where Alex was
engaged in a lively description of her activity, Claire not caring to listen in as she reached out
a hand that was met by Jessica’s


‘That sounds remarkably similar to a certain mission I was on,’ Anne said in her proper
english accent.

‘I’ve read every mission report on you, tried out the moves, that one really stuck with me, I had
to try it!’ Alex explained then added sheepishly. ‘You’re kind of a hero for me, sorry,’ she added,
already regretting saying it and making herself look like some silly trainee.

‘Don’t be sorry, I really rather flattered, I didn’t think anyone outside of the upper echelon
bothered,’ Anne answered her head motioning slightly to the front of the car.

‘I heard that,’ came Claire’s voice.

‘Then stop listening, rather rude listening in on other people’s private conversations,’
Anne shot back and smiled at Alex.

‘Is it instinctual with you?’ Alex pressed, ‘It’s not with me, I’m…’ she started to want to say
something but trailed off.

‘I’m just faster and better, I think you were going to say,’ Anne stated and Alex went a little red.
Nothing to be embarrassed about, I have heard that about you from other agents, even some
who listen in on conversations,’ Anne added as a tease.  ‘But to answer your question,
instinctual, perhaps, but inventive as well. A woman is nature’s deadliest creation, but to
restrict it to a rigid set of disciplined moves is to waste many of the talents that are locked up
here,’ Anne said tapping her head.  ‘You took that step tonight, but don’t copy me, be Alex
Chase, incorporate others into you, but don’t let you become them, if you follow. Having said
all that I couldn’t wish for a better agent to emulate me.


It’s been a week, what do you think Claire?’ Jessica asked as she slipped her tea and played
with a fashion design in Claire’s office.

‘We have everything we told her we’d take, leaving just enough for TRIDENT to scavenge.
Who knows she may already be dead, punishment for such a failure, but I wonder about the
other hives as well, the secondary data we got on them and implemented left them in the
same situation, but with Silkworms, you never can tell.  You know I never asked you, what
was her name?’

‘Rekha Sharma,’ Jessica answered and went back to her sketch of a Saree.