Saturday, January 19, 2019


Susan Janus was the first familiar face Tami Mason had seen in a long while.  She was greeted with a warm hug, warmer than usual in the lobby.

‘You didn’t expect me to survive, did you?’ Tami said, as they broke apart.
‘Honestly no, I’m an excellent agent, but no, and I’m so thankful you did,’ Susan exclaimed as she hugged her again. ‘Cindy is located on the 6th floor, here is your pass for the elevator, the retinal eye scan is all step up and elevator is through that door, turn right and it says service on it.  I will see you later to catch up.’ 
She took the pass and was soon inside the office of the Head of CURVE Operations for FORCE.
Tami knew the woman only by reputation, seeing her was another matter. Figure, face, legs, style and of course lethal skills walked across as Tami smiled and held her hand out.

‘Oh no, Miss Mason, or can I call you Tami. You’ll find all of us are huggers, me especially so with my girls,’ 

Cindy smiled and embraced her. ‘Come and sit down over in the lounge section, more informal.’

Tami watched the elegance of the woman as she moved just as Cindy watched Tami, they were both graceful, slinky and smooth in every motion. Cindy quickly concluded the preliminary reports of Tami Mason were correct and indeed, did not do her justice.

‘I want you to know something right away, its honesty always here and having said that I’m aware of your relationship with Mr. Khan and as such you should be aware of mine.  I’m married to a former spy, he no longer works in the business, that was his choice.’

‘And you?’ Tami asked wondering where this was going and perhaps not liking it.

‘I wanted to quit the field, but after a very long series of talks he insisted I stay and active agent.  I confess that was my preference, but I was more than willing to take a desk job for the sake of our love,’ she explained.

‘You were able to work out the obvious intimacy issues?’ Tami asked, surprised at this revelation.

‘That was the main issue, my main issue, as I was the agent. Quinn, my husband, explained to me he knew that was sometimes part of the job and necessary, but what we had was different altogether and he was right. It took me a while to get that, but we’ve never been happier and believe me that’s saying something,’ she explained, and Tami understood.  ‘But that is me, not you and whatever you decide has to be what’s best for you and all concerned, duty is not the paramount thing here.’

‘Amir and I are very much in love, but we seem to have had the same talk as you and Quinn had. He understands how happy this makes me and he also understands, as insufficient and explanation as it is, that when on a mission, its just sex, not love, so I’m all in,’ Tami answered, and Cindy beamed.

They talked for am little while longer when a head poked inside the door, then the whole body, a wonderful one at that came toward her.

‘So, this is the woman you made me by a shipping container company, a logistics network, countless companies in East Asia and a resort.’

‘You forgot to mention, two perfect rubies, a perpetual functioning goldmine and the disruption of 87% of TRIDENT,’ Tami added getting up as she was swept into the arms of Claire Baxter.

‘You’re everything Susan said you were and more!  What a mission, what a stunning success you and Thuy completed, just incredible!’ Claire said hugging Tami again before they all sat, Claire crossing her legs and Tami instantly realising all she had heard about the woman was true.

‘We’re going to use the resort as a combination training base and actual resort.  It will be testing ground for trainee’s to learn how to mix. use their talents and assets to infiltrate, just as you two did,’ Claire added as she joined them. ‘I assume the talk went well?’ she said glancing at Cindy who nodded back. ‘Good, I want you to know that should your feelings ever change, no questions asked, you can quit, and nothing will be said to try and stop you. The other side of that equation is how FORCE operates.  I don’t know how familiar you are with COIL, I came from COIL, Cindy from DOOM, I have other DOOM and COIL operatives as well as several other agents I’ve picked up from other organisations along the way.  Every one of my agents is part of my family, we are one family, and I mean that.  I will never send anyone on a mission they can’t win, but once on that mission I expect nothing but success and a ruthless streak.  COIL liked to be nice, use stop gap or counterstrike, hit and retreat tactics.  All that did was burn out agents and create general discouragement.  FORCE does not do that, we hit, we hit, we hit and enemy agents do not walk away, they are killed, that is what will win, that is what and you, Thuy and Tina gave us in our last mission. TRIDENT effectiveness in South East Asia is down 87% and still falling as we speak. 

What I need from you, besides the commitment you already gave, is an understanding and a commitment to what I just said, I need you to be ruthless,’ Claire requested.

Tami had expected this, her talk with Susan Janus, her former boss and now number 2 at FORCE had confirmed everything she just heard and wanted to hear.

‘You can count on me ,’ she answered.

‘I’m getting jealous, CURVE Operations keeps picking up stunning agents,’ Claire smiled. ‘Come on I’ll give you the tour, introduce you around and show you the resources we have.  We’ve booked the rest of the day with you Agent Mason,’ Claire smiled and took her by the hand.


‘Operational effectiveness has fallen to 11%, we anticipate another 4% before we arrest it,’ the Silkworm stated.

‘Seven agents on one mission and how many as a result of what else occurred?’ another asked.
’25,’ came the answer from a Poison Geisha.

‘Anyway you what to slice it, a complete and total failure at every level, agent, strategy, influence, future endeavours, we are back at square one and lucky to be even there,’ the Silkworm said.

‘FORCE is definitely not COIL, the obvious, but at least something to take away.’

‘Baxter-San always operated different from COIL, but they restrained her, now she is free to act and appears she has taken to our ways, rather well it might be said.

‘She’s a cunning and deadly woman and a whole organisation designed around her philosophy has proven itself unfortunately at our expense.  The question becomes what to do now, how to fight against it?’ the Silkworm added.

‘And on a reduced budget,’ the Poison Geisha added.

‘Sometimes, for a while, smaller is better and even more nimble,’ the Silkworm added with a smile.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

End Game Part 2


Thuy went back to her bungalow after checking out the woman who was playing it too cool. She slipped out of her dress and flipped open her laptop to check the cameras when she saw the scene unfolding in the bedroom, she turned to leave when a voice interrupted her.

‘You have your own appointment with TRIDENT Miss Linh.’

‘I didn’t think TRIDENT used CURVE agents, ‘Thuy mocked as she surveyed the woman standing in the door way of her bedroom.

‘You’ll wish they hadn’t after this,’ she said proceeding to undo the tie on her cover up and removing her sunglasses, slipping it off she reveled a bikini. Thuy elegantly did the same with her silk robe and faced her opponent, one eye the screen. ‘You had better focus on me, your friends are helpless,’ she threatened cartwheeling forward and snapping a kick that connect with Thuy’s stomach sending her backward, a feat more impressive because it was done in heels, those heels now revealing a secret.

Thuy watched as a double sided knife blade protruded from the front of each shoe. The woman launched into a series of kicks, side, spinning and whirlwind, Thuy blocked them all, but the sheer power of the larger woman drove her back several steps. A side kick missed, and the Mekong LLP agent rushed catching the leg on her shoulder she pushed in close and spun the woman about slamming her back into the wall.

‘Impressive speed and flexibility for a Curve agent my compliments.’

The woman tried to move but could not, Thuy had the one leg suspended and, in the milieu, her other one had snaked around and caught the woman’s, pinching it at the back with her toes to render it motionless.  Thuy slammed her free knee into the woman’s pussy repeatedly until she began to slump in pain. 

‘Impressive legs, wonderful shape and muscle control, extremely lethal in all area’s of operation I can tell,’ Thuy smiled as her hands snaked up the Curve’s gam.

‘This of course has to go,’ she said referring the heel that Thuy slipped off and tossed safely away.  ‘One weapon down but you and I both know a woman’s legs are far deadlier that an accoutrement,’ she added as her nails trailed down, points pushing in at the Achilles, several points at the back of the calf then again at numerous sections of the thighs.

‘There, that’s one,’ Thuy said then slammed her knee again pulled them forward, used the woman as a pole and launched herself up onto the women’s shoulders wrapping one leg around the ankle and the neck of the woman as they fell to the floor.  Thuy’s nails struck the free leg, she bent it up and removed the second shoe. In an instant Thuy had undone herself, deliver two sharp kidney punches, rolled the woman over gather her legs into a Silken Vase knot.  Thuy arched back and cupped her hands under the woman’s chin pulling her up so they were back to back, Thuy’s arms locking the woman’s forward so they could not get at her.

Thuy pulled back as her legs moved in the woman using her size and strength to counter as best, she could.

‘I’m a long way from being finished Miss Linh and you have precious little time to waste, your friends look lose to the end, especially the one caught in the negligee,’ the woman teased.

Thuy contracted, the CURVE was strong, it would take a while, time she did not have. “Hang on Tami,” she said silently.

Tami laboured on the floor at the foot of the bed, she was totally pleated into the negligee, the once wafting garment now closeted around her in folds and refolds.  Through single adhesions the duo watched Tami’s toned body flex and wrench against the clinging film. In other places the filament had folded over covering her in a milky gauze. She was tight inside the cocoon, from her shoulders too past her feet, her body outlined perfectly against the garment as she fought.

‘One for number baby and its over. Of course, its over for Miss Mason within minutes. There, thank you,’ she said giving him a kiss, I have everything I came for,’ she purred releasing him.

Thuy tightened, she knew it was only a few more minutes, but that may be too long. She wormed inward again and finally heard the snap. She released her victim, glanced at the screen, Tami was motionless as she raced to them.

‘Everything except this,’ a voice said followed by the sound of a puff of air. The TRIDENT agent fell on the bed and did not move.  Tami was cut free, the negligee being carefully peeled off of her as Thuy ran into the room, her body heaving in grateful freedom.

‘You?’ Thuy said.

‘Yes,’ said the woman they had label as the one acting too cool.  ‘We had you as a TRIDENT agent!’

‘Agent, yes TRIDENT, no. FORCE agent and Executive Vice President of Business Metrics, Tina Samuels. Claire thought it would be a good idea to have another agent present, but unaccounted for.’

Tina moved over to help Tami get a sitting position, from there she pawed at the bed until she fell onto it with half her body next to Amir. Thuy went to check on the TRIDENT Agent.

‘Don’t bother, I assure you she’s dead, my dart earrings are fatal,’ Tina smiled. ‘We can expect a visitor later today, gives everyone  a change to rest and recover. Claire wanted me to tell you she knows this was a long and difficult mission and that she’s proud of you all, especially you Tami, Welcome to FORCE.’

Tami smiled and kiss Amir lightly before hugging him.

‘We’ll meet on the beach at 6 tonight,’ Tina said, then she and Thuy left.


It was the night before the last install, the ship was headed toward the last Atoll, Mee had just finished the conjunctive program for the mining operation.  She knew the guests had left the resort, she hoped everything was still going to plan.  The spy decided to get some air and a snack from the Mess as a reward for all the effort she’d put in.  She saw no one in the passageways or the Mess, she ate in silence then walked about the deck for a while, stretching her body and feeling the clean sea air.

Out of habit she checked the final pieces for install on the supply deck and satisfied and refreshed she headed back to her cabin to get some sleep for the final day of work.

Mee walked down the passageway thinking about tomorrow and how if could play out with the Three Admin’s.  The scenarios were too varied for her to even get an idea of what could happen, she knew she’d just have to improvise when it happened.  She turned the key to unlock her cabin and instantly knew fate had smiled upon her, al least for now. 

‘I see you have a key for every lock,’ Mee said looking at Boonsri sprawled out on her berth, a blanket seductively placed the arouse and entice.

‘There’s just one more key I need to unlock,’ the Admin said tilting her head just a little while placing a finger against her lips. 

‘I’m really tired, maybe some other time when this is all over,’ Mee said trying to sound disappointed.

‘Don’t be like that! I promise to do all the work.  You know it’s an excellent stress reliever and besides all that I’m quite wonderful,’ Boonsri honeyed.

Mee looked about, more to add to the tension, then looked at Boonsri.  The spy kicked off her sandals pulled of her light cotton tee, slipped off her shorts and panties and unhooked her bra.

‘I thought the bikini left nothing to the imagination,’ Boonsri smiled as she held open the sheet and Mee slipped in beside her. ‘Let’s pick up where we left off, only this affords us rather more privacy and comfort.’

‘Oh, you’re a quick learner Miss Fong,’ Boonsri gasped as Mee’s lips caressed her nipples and a hand slip down between her legs. ‘Oh, yes, a very quick leaner.’

Mee brought the woman to a wonderful orgasm, she knew how Boonsri would react when climaxed, it was part of her training. Mee kissed up her neck as she felt the orgasm seize the woman and send her into convulsions of joy.  Her lips found Boonsri’s as kissed her during the duration, pausing as she came back to reality, then giving her one small kiss.

‘Was the orgasm not sufficient to tweeze me? You certainly looked to have a wonderful time,’ Mee smiled as she shifted off the woman to beside her a crooked arm supporting her head while she turned Boonsri’s face to hers. ‘I’m sure this body of yours is capable of all kinds of mischief, no doubt that is the same for the other two and well those odds are a little long for me.  I knew after our kiss in the Atoll that you wanted me for yourself, in both ways and while one is flattering, the other that accompanies it is rather not.  Your desire got the better of you, that’s something we working girls can’t afford, is it. You made that mistake and it will be your last.  I sprayed by sheets with Sea Urchin poison, not enough to kill, just enough to paralyse for a long enough period for me to complete my mission and be gone.’

Mee then proceeded to roll the woman up tight in the sheet tying it tight at either end sealer Boonsri in an inescapable cocoon of poison.

‘Your body heat will provide a constant lubricant to the slow release poison in the sheet keeping you immobile until they find you.  Oh, not to worry, I’ll tell everyone, you’re under the weather, sea sick or sun stroke maybe and you asked not to be disturbed.  I know you have the only master key, you’d never let the other two have more power that you.  That was your other mistake, telegraphing your obvious leadership, so the other two will not be able to get to you, but not to worry I’ll make sure they receive a kinder fate than you, after all they’ll be dead, and you’ll have to face Trident and explain why you failed,’ Mee smiled as Boonsri’s glassy eyes looked hollowly back at her.


Mee Fong could see the shore from the Zodiac as they sped toward the last Atoll, all the work at been installed over the last two days now all that was left was a final inspection by her and the software upgrade. As she had suspected Nin and Phueng had come along, she was sure at the instance of the three VP’s.  Nin piloted the Zodiac around the far side of the Atoll slowing the motor in the waters when Mee detached the metal ring holding one side of her bikini bottom together, clicked a button and jabbed the protruding blade into the rubber inflatable, the immediate decompression sent the boat spinning sideways as Mee dove overboard and towards the Atoll, the element of surprise and advantage with her. 

The spy entered the control room, removed the water proof thumb drive from a concealed spot on the sole of her flat sandals and went to work upgrading the software.

‘At least if I fail FORCE will have the prize,’ she said as she tapped away at keyboard and kept one eye on the open hatch for the arrival of the other two.  The upload line crept along until finally it was completed just as she heard them coming down one on each hatch to surround her.  The thumb drive self erased and then destroyed itself.  Mee removed her bikini top , tore the fabric and secured the metal ring in her hand ready to fight. 

Nin and Phueng crept into view each with a knife extended.

‘How disappointing,’ Mee said. ‘Here I was hoping for a Double Thai Knot of some description.  You two lack imagination, oh well.’

‘You’d be surprised how inventive we can be,’ Phueng menaced as she flashed the knife back and forth.

Mee snapped a leg back at Nin who had been silently advancing as Phueng talked hoping the distraction gave her a path to attack.  The quickness of Mee caught her square oh the forehead the momentum flipping her 360 her arm hitting the floor dislodging the knife sending it skittering under the turning turbine, lost to further use.

It was then the Phueng lunged in, Mee turning just away as the blade ran just past her neck.  The FORCE spy swung her hand up with the metal ring clenched and drove it into the sternum of the woman then up under her chin send her skipping backwards. Mee executed a back walkover into a cartwheel, her toned firm body catching the light and shadow in a dazzling illumination before twisting and falling driving her prone knee into the small of Nin’s back her face a grimacing image of searing pain before Mee’s hands snapped her head around removing the pain and replacing it with sudden death. 

By this time Phueng was back on her feet but seeing the numerical advantage gone a look of concern mixed with steely determination crossed her face and she came at Mee the knife a blur of light and sound as it slashed the air. The spy weaved and darted out of the way and when she couldn’t she used the metal ring to deflect the blade, the clang of metal o metal sending sparks into the air as the two lethal women fought. 

Mee blocked or dodged the slashes and in between delivered a series if kicks to the inside Phueng’s thighs that started to have an effect.  The Admin lunged forward, Mee slid down along her outstretched arm and against her, her back into Phueng’s chest as the two came together. Mee drove an elbow into Phueng’s stomach then reached up secured her neck and snapped her over to the floor, the ring slipping around the wrist of the woman.  Mee pulled up bending the wrist back and forcing the knife to the floor where it banged against the lip of the floor and wall and stayed. 

Phueng far from beaten snapped a kick over her body catching an overconfident Mee flush in the side of her head, she tumbled backwards and staggered to her feet but not before Phueng was on her. The Admin drove several knee strikes into the abdomen of the Mee before a hard punch to her kidney.  Mee straightened up in pain as Phueng spun low in a leg sweep and send her crashing hard to the concrete floor.

‘You may get your wish after all Miss Fong.  I am very adept with Thai knots which I can assure you kill much more painfully than any knife could,’ Phueng smiled as she picked Mee up by the hair for envelopment in her knot.

Forced to her feet Nee staggered and swung widely missing but sending both a few steps forward. 

‘One last hope Miss Fong, a pointless waste of energy,’ Phueng said as a leg began to curl around one of Mee’s

‘Not exactly,’ Mee said as her free foot tapped the floor sending the forgotten knife spinning end over end into the air where her hand seized it and in one follow thru motion plunged it into the neck of Phueng ‘Hardly pointless at all Phueng.’

The Admin pivoted, made a few gurgling noises then fell lifeless. 

She surfaced from inside an hour later, closed the hatch, looked at the ship, now joined by a black submarine Mee recognized. ‘I wonder when he gets shore leave,’ she thought, then slipped into the water for the swim to the resort where three figures waited.

‘I hope you have a vacancy,’ Mee smiled.

‘You travel light,’ Thuy answered referring to the spy’s nude form.

Tami tossed her a towel as Tina smiled, she liked this spy game.

End Game Part 1

‘All the parts are due to arrive on next Monday. The assembly area has been reconfigured to accept the parts that I have prioritized and tagged for delivery in the most efficient sequence and from there they will shipped in an on time delivery stage to the location you specify.  I will say that without that information I cannot guarantee cost certainty any further or for that matter success,’ Mee Fong said.

There was silence around the boardroom table. Mee clearly knew what she was doing by pressing the matter, but she also knew she had to, their reaction to her would determine her next move or more importantly, FORCE’s next play.

‘We understand you cannot guarantee anything beyond what we have told you so for Miss Fong and we are very grateful for your incredible expertise up to this point, without it, I think I can speak for everyone present, we would not have reached this point,’ Aat Metanee said looking about the table to nods from the other two men and stained polite smiles from the three female Admin’s.

‘In order to guarantee the final step, installation and run operation we need some assurances from you,’ Daw Kitsuwan, said picking the conversation that Mee could tell was clearly pre-orchestrated.  He slid an envelope across the table to her. ‘Please open it,’ he encouraged.  ‘This is for services preformed so far, I hope the sum is acceptable?

’Very generous,’ Mee smiled. ‘More than fair.’

‘This would be for services not yet provided, the ones we haven’t mentioned, but will, if this sum is meets with your complete co-operation regarding those matters,’ Lamon Timkun said, sliding a second envelope to her.

Mee needed no explanation on what they were buying from her, besides her engineering expertise.  She looked at the amount and tried not to be surprised by the ten figure number on the cheque.  She put it back in the envelope and allowed for enough of a dramatic pause before putting them down and speaking.

‘As an engineer, I like to see things completed, to see then do what they were intended to do.  I suspect you know I have already figured out what my designs will be used for and the consequences that can have,’ again pausing to read her audience. ‘But that only completes the engineering dream, and that dream doesn’t make me rich. There are principles and then there’s money, and money, as they say can buy you enough distance from everything else that, well out of sight out of mind.  Now you can fill me in on the rest.’


‘She has them under her spell,’ Boonsri said as the three Admin’s walked down the hall after the meeting.

‘Not to worry, the second cheque is posted dated to a week after the scheduled completion date. I don’t think Miss Mee Fong will be alive to cash it,’ Nin added.

‘Three Admin’s, one engineer and a vast ocean. I’m sure something unexplainable could go wrong,’ Phueng smiled as did the others.


‘Mekong Consultants LLP certainly has the spectrum well covered.  Smart, beautiful and bikini ready,’ Tami smiled as she looked up from the chaise lounge over her sunglasses at Thuy.

The consultant and fellow spy looked transformed in her coral bikini and nothing else.

‘There’s always openings for qualified women, that is if you want to just become a working girl,’ Thuy smiled knowingly. ‘I can’t speak for my employers, but personally, I’d work with you anywhere, anytime and speaking of that, I’ve been going over the upcoming guest list of those we can expect and ding scans of the people on the mainland, basically the potential visitors we don’t have reservations for.  I thought we might go over the list if you have moment.’

‘Always,’ Tami said as sat up and joined Thuy as they walked to the table all eyes about the pool area turning to admire them.

Thuy switched on her tablet and called up the file with the guest list and file with the surveillance from the mainland.

‘An interesting array of suspects,’ Tami said scanning the list.

‘Yes, a wide spectrum of talent, you appear to create a conundrum for them,’ Thuy offered. ‘And speaking of suspects, these arrived today, I confirmed the others are safe with FORCE and I have arranged for the jewel display as requested, that should put the pigeons among the cats.’

‘That is usually the case, but this time they have two conundrums to deal with, only one of those they don’t know about and that will give us the advantage while Mee Fong completes her end of the mission and Intelligence the other,’ Tami responded.

‘It’s fun to be the middle of the sandwich, not the first time for either of us,’ Thuy smiled raising her glass.

Mee was at work bright an early, meeting the ship at the dock and guiding the unloading of the new systems and their storage at the assembly yard. 

‘She’s very good at her job and seems to have boundless energy.  I hope she brings some of that energy when we finish her, otherwise it will be boring.  But that is for the future, let her assemble and install our wealth making system before we fantasize about that.  Still it is nice to have a goal,’ Boonsri smiled.

The small cracks had presented themselves in the form of everyday work abouts as it always does, the trick is to understand how to apply them, Mee needed no such lessons.  Her need of the computer network gave her the access she needed, that and a few “capture” emails sent to “the girls” as Mee was now calling the three Admin’s.  She was soon deep into the system and with the aid of FORCE inserting code into the operating system of both Thaimak Engineering and the new system she was installing. The company mainframe began yielding results immediately, the other would have to wait for the install to see if it would do the same, but that carried the certainty of capture or death from “the girls” but it was a risk she had accepted and even welcomed, she was after all a spy.

‘Good news gentlemen, I have finished the assembly, we are ready for install. I have arranged all the logistics we are a go for tomorrow, everything will be loaded on the ships by tonight, we sail tomorrow, I estimate install will take 6 days, one for each atoll,’ Mee told the assembled executives in the boardroom.

There was stunned silence and looks of astonishment.

‘Extremely impressive Miss Fong, this is weeks ahead of schedule and impressively measurable under budget.  I know you’re a person who deals in certainties, but I have to ask are you absolutely confident nothing has been overlooked.’

‘Nothing sir, I and the project are ready to go,’ Mee smiled and looked about the room getting the reactions she wanted.  She had pushed herself hard to move up the install date to give her comrades an advantage.  This would push up the opponent’s timelines, make them less prepared, giving Tami and Thuy the advantage. 

‘We have all the data we need, traceback on all the agents sent to kill Tami and Thuy, we can intercept them and get to their contacts as well and who knows beyond that.  We also have control of their asset chain, including banks and financiers,  when we activate all these asset’s we will effectively push TRIDENT out of South East Asian for several years to come and if they do try and come back, we will be able to respond quickly given our new influence, allies and bolstered presence.  Now, given all that and the length of the mission so far and the fact that Tami and Thuy are going to face a serious challenge just to keep one person safe and I don’t say this next part lightly, but a person of limited asset carryover, we in my and my departments opinion are foolishly risking two very valuable agents,’ David said frankly to the group.

‘I agree added Alice. Mee has done her job, all the programming has been done, FORCE has control of the refining system and they are none the wiser, at least for that, they are however, according to Mee’s report, wise to her, if the three posing Admin’s for the company have anything to say.  They manage to get her out on those Atoll’s for the installation and we stand and excellent chance of never seeing her again, no matter how good she is,’

Claire looked reflective, gathered her thoughts then stood up and walked back and forth behind her chair for a moment before she turned to the assembled group and spoke.

‘When I was in COIL, we used to do just that, creep along like little mice then when the light came on scramble for the darkness and tell ourselves how well we did.  We got a part of the cheese, that’s something and then that something became the norm and we convinced ourselves we were winning by doing this and that mentality became how we trained, acted and died, but it never changed the reality.  Then one day, one little mouse, no better, no worse than all the other little mice she lived and worked with decided a tiny piece was not enough, that was not winning and that mouse left and her example inspired other mice to follow, other mice who thought like her, acted like her and believed in what she believed in. We are this close to total victory and total victory is not just Intel, like it or not its bodies and I want those TRIDENT agents DEAD! Is that clear and if you mice want to run away, there’s the door,’ Claire said raising her voice and motioning at the exit. 

Taking away money and geography is great, I acknowledge that victory, I celebrate it as well, but those are nebulous gains.  We send TRIDENT a message, this isn’t COIL you’re dealing with anymore, this is FORCE and the good girls here hit back and they hit hard, the old rules no longer apply, the price is now a lot higher.  Tami, Thuy and Mee will finish the mission right to the last enemy agent,’ Claire stated on a tone that would hear no counter.

‘I’m afraid I have some bad news to relay to all of you, but also several pieces of good news.  Due to unforeseen government naval exercises the resort will have a close 3 days earlier than the end of your stay.  Now to compensate for that we are offering all of you an all expense paid 2 week vacation back here anytime you wish and for the rest of your stay everything at the resort is free and we have also have these,’ Thuy said stepping back nodding to the staff to remove the covers from the display cabinets.  ‘ These are the jewels of Mr. Amir’s personal collection, on display for the first time and one of the finest in the work.  Now a glass of champagne for all and please enjoy the collection. For your questions either myself or world recognized Gemologist Miss Tami Mason will be more than happy to answer them.  Thank you.’

Tami put her best foot or bikini forward, a pink tropical pink number that displayed her sexy form and lethal curves.  When needed she slipped an arm around Amir to show who she was with and she was his protection, in case anyone missed it a kiss here and there could not be misunderstood. 

Both women catalogued the people as they passed by, some asked questions, those were natural, it was some of the ones that didn’t that drew there attention especially if they should a certain “it” factor.  Tami and Thuy would compare notes later.

Mee bordered one of ships transporting the components her mind divided between two things, installation and making this work for FORCE and making sure she was around to enjoy the success of the mission.  She thought this while keeping her head on swivel for the TRIDENT Trio, as she had dubbed them.  She knew they would most likely choose one of two times to strike, right after the first successful install or once the final install had been completed so at the last minute, she played her final card.

‘I was reviewing the entire operation and I came across a way to make it 1.5% more efficient, a small percentage to be sure, but the increase in production over a year is statistically significant as you can see showing the three VP’s the calculations in dollar terms.  An integrated system, each feeding off the other, using data from current and ocean temps and adjusting the whole operation at the same time will make everything work better.  I need to write the code for this, it will only take a several days work and will be ready for the final day when I can install it.  Besides, once the first to installs are done the crew should have the process down pat leaving me free to code,’ she said to smiles from the three men and stayed looks from the three Admin’s.

‘Again, you surpass your reputation Miss Fong,’ Lamon Timkun said with a smile that settle matters in everyone’s favour except the TRIDENT women. 

‘Do not worry, Miss Fong has only pushed back the end of her career.  In fact, I think this plays into our hands nicely,’ Boonsri smiled. 

‘I agree, it should not be too hard to find out when she has finished the coding, we can strike then, we don’t need her after that,’ Nin added.

‘When we know, Nin will terminate Miss Fong’s employment,’ Boonsri stated and Phueng smiled.

‘You seem to have a different bikini for each install, Miss Fong,’ Boonsri said as the FORCE agent wiped the palms of her hands on her bum before tapping away on the keyboard inside the hollowed out circular control room of the second Athol, ironically the one she’d been in a little less than a year before.

‘Each offers a different look even though the woman remains the same,’ Mee answered as she initiated a boot of the system to ensure the installation was done correctly.

‘Yes, and you certainly are a woman of many looks,’ Boonsri said the meaning intended and not lost on Mee.
‘Here come here and I’ll show you how to do this, you’re CV did say you have knowledge in Computer Science,’ the FORCE spy smiled and stepped back from the keyboard.

Boonsri smiled and came to her, the TRIDENT spy completely confident in her body and skills but also thinking she could get the kill over Nin and finish the mission in glory for herself.

She slipped in front of Mee her one piece not as daring but just as alluring.
  Mee not missing a beat slipped her arms around the woman and motioned to the screen as she gave directions. 

‘Let’s go back to the beginning,’ Mee said as she tapped a few keys then shut down the system.  ‘Ok, so make sure your hands are dry,’ Mee said taking Boonsri’s arms by the wrists and padding them on her bum to dry them. ‘Now power up the system and wait for the monitor to display,’ the spy./engineer instructed and Boonsri did as request.  She could feel the heat between herself and Mee rising as the screen flashed to life. 

‘Ok, you need to run the program.  C drive, then setup, then Systech.exe.  This should take about 5 minutes then you’re finished, but you need to watch in case any errors come up, but there shouldn’t be any, it’s the same program for all seven and then the final controller program I’m going to start working on tonight,’ Mee added.

‘You are very smart and experienced, and I may add an excellent teacher,’ Boonsri smiled as she looked over her shoulder at Mee.

The spy knew the game, but she also knew Boonsri did not know she knew the game and that was an advantage, and advantages needed to be played.  Mee bent forward just a touch, hesitated and then moved to retreat, Boonsri took the bait and moved in and Mee Fong had hooked her. The kiss was very tentative, just a touch of lips before Mee pulled away just a touch so that their lips just parted.

‘Perhaps it is my turn to be the teacher,’ Boonsri smiled as she closed around Mee’s lips.

Mee had to admit Boonsri was an excellent kisser, she teased just enough to hunger her partner before stopping.  Mee pretended to compose herself while Boonsri savoured the opening victory.

‘Perhaps we can continue this in a more private setting later?’ the Admin suggest letting a finger trail down Mee’s stomach.

‘I have code to write and we are on an extremely tight timeline, so while exciting, perhaps once this is completed,’ Mee offered.

‘I like to seize the moment,’ Boonsri smiled as she stepped aside and walked to the exit hatch, a hand trailing across Mee’s firm ass as she went.

‘I agree we need to let him have his room for them to make their move, so basically I need to not be around him so much,’ Tami said as she and Thuy discussed the matter in her office.

‘They just think of me as an employee, but they suspect you, advantage to us.  I can keep an eye on him without actually appearing to, but we still need to ensure his protection and I have just the thing,’ Thuy smiled as she went to the make up case on her vanity and brought back two items. ‘FORCE calls it Second Nature; FORCE agents call it Liquid Sex.  It’s our latest skin sealer, breathable, lasts for several days, poison proof, scratch proof.  It has to be applied using a hands on approach, hence our name for it, the application by one to the other tends to end in a very pleasurable outcome,’ Thuy smiled knowingly and Tami back at her. ‘This is just insurance and added layer for vulnerable areas a female might try to exploit in close contact, again, it can have very satisfying outcomes. Not that you need any encouragement or direction, but use it all up, I have more if we need it.’

Tami smiled as she took the vial and the lipstick anticipating and eventful evening.

Mee locked herself in her cabin and even went so far as to put a do not disturb sign on the door to discourage but also frustrate Boonsri.

‘The more I can throw her off her game the more I gain in advantage later.  Besides I have no interest in being consumed inside one of her sexual knots, playing hard to get will only frustrate her more.’

The FORCE spy pushed that out of her mind as she worked on her flowchart for the program.

‘One step at a time.’

She found him in the bedroom looking out the window to the ocean beyond, bouncing up and down on his heels, she understood the posture and motion instantly and had it confirmed as she came beside him.

‘You look a little nervous, that’s not you,’ Tami smiled trying to calm him.

‘Wouldn’t you be if you have people wanting to kill you?’ he said then realized the folly of the question given the person he was talking to.

‘Especially if their beautiful women with exotic and perhaps even erotic means of finishing you?’ she smiled and stepped into his arms.  ‘It’s ok to be nervous and even a little aroused by it. I’m not the jealous type, I know where your heart lies, but to keep that heart and the rest of you alive its always best to take precautions,’ Tami said.

‘What precautions?’ he asked wearily.

‘Time to take your medicine,’ she said holding up a flask.

Amir held out his hand to take it.

‘Hang on will I get the medicine spoon from the bathroom; this stuff needs to be exact,’ Tami said.

She appeared several minutes later leaning against the doorframe. ‘Time to talk your medicine,’ she said the intent clear in her voice.

He’d seen her naked, in a bikini and other wonderful stages of dress and undress, but nothing so incredibly arousing as this, for some strange reason he could not understand and did not wish to too, just enjoy.

‘I always think a little sugar with your medicine is a good thing,’ Tami explained wearing only one of Amir’s white shirts and white heels.

She could see his pupils dilate and other changes.  She walked toward him and slipped her arms around his neck giving him a kiss, he pulling her close as she did.

‘Standard issue seduction kit for female agents,’ she stated. ‘It never seems to fail. Something about the combination, the one piece of cloth, the last veil, the heels, maybe the mystery, but this is a female agent’s best garment, luckily its just for show and usually for only a short time,” she smiled as her hands began working to undo his shirt then moved to his pants.

 ‘Shouldn’t I take the medicine first before we,’ he let the sentence trail off knowing she’d understand.

‘You take the sugar with the medicine and I’m the sugar,’ Tami said removing his shorts.  ‘Now just try and relax as I apply the medicine and the sugar,’ she added kissing him as she opened the vial.

Tami was wonderfully thorough in her application of the viscous golden liquid, her practiced hands working it into him, the massage paradoxically relaxing and exciting him at the same time.

‘They’ll know doubt want to alive to find the location of the rubies then once they have that they’ll terminate you, but that’s going to happen,’ Tami said, whispering in his ear as her hands worked down his stomach.  To that end they’ll employ some sort of drug to get you to talk and those drugs can be administered in a variety of ways,’ she soothed.

‘Such as,’ he said struggling for breath from her heat as she pressed her stomach into his back.

‘There’s this,’ Tami said seizing his mouth with hers, her lips moving and dancing about. Amir’s fighting not to cum. ‘A drugged lipstick is a pleasant and effective way to deliver the serum.  Perhaps a scratch of her nail varnish with a truth toxin,’ she said her hands getting lower as she shimmied about. ‘And of course there’s always the close intimate contact we are having now, just the right environment for the female to employ a variety of bodily toxins, perhaps a sunscreen, body lotion of a variety of types and baby powder, that last one can contain microscopic crystals that when rubbed against the opponents skin break the skin sealer and allow the poison to get in, this protective coating is new and will stop that as well,’ Tami explained in a sultry sexy voice as her hands slipped around his throbbing shaft. 

‘I told you about being completely covered, I can’t leave any opening for an opponent to exploit,’ Tami offered bringing him to the cusp of joy before she stopped and released his member. ‘Don’t move until I tell you to, we need to let everything dry,’ she said.

He did as she requested, unhappy about the outcome but happy he was at least offered some form of defense even if he had to expose it for the purpose of catching those after him. 

‘Now there are certain things this will not protect you against.  Beware of women wearing rings, they may contain a poison needle, that could puncture the membrane if jabbed with enough force, fortunately you will most likely be afforded a second chance should that happen.  The first attempt will most likely be a soft pressure type of prick, as that’s usually all that’s needed, that will be your warning to move fast out of the way. It will also not protect you against airborne drugs such as perfume. A woman’ scent can be more intoxicating that you think and by that time its usually too late to escape, fortunately it takes several minutes for it to have an effect, so be careful, she added before stepping in front of him and to one side of a full length mirror.

Tami bend slightly forward at the hips, getting face a little closer to the mirror, she had the shirt and heels back on, the shirt open but the edges catching on her nipples and holding it in place, so it did not sway about.  The spy reached into her hair and pulled out a small tube, opened and screwed it up then began to coat her lips in single expert strokes, she fully aware the arousal this scene was creating and loving the fact that he found her so alluring. She shifted weight from one leg to the other, forward and back to give a swaying motion and display her killer legs even better if that was possible.

‘Just put that back in here for safe keeping,’ she said to herself capping the lipstick and putting it back into her hair then turning around and kneeling to face him. ‘You didn’t think we were done, did you? There are two areas that require, let’s just say a second coat,’ Tami hungrily said as she leaned forward and kissed him.

The white shirt refused to part, and he was afforded the stunning view of his shirt held together by her nipples and swelled out the cavernous beauty almost too much to contain in his mind as she kisses took him elsewhere.

‘There, that’s one area,’ she smiled and shifted her body around back of him she her face hung over his. She gave him a kiss then started down her neck and chest, her body shifting to his left as she went until she lowered herself and began brushing her closed lips along the summit of his obelisk, he twitched from just that. 

‘This looks like it might require some extra special attention,’ she purred reaching into he hair again.  This time Tami lightly traced the lipstick up one side from the base of shaft over the top and down the other before putting it back, then sensation and the erotic nature of the act spasming his body and convulsing his shaft.

She pressed her closed mouth to his tips them gently opened and caressed down, her head laying in his lap while he deftly removed her shirt and tossed it away amid the convulsions of joy Tami was creating.

Amir ran his hands along her sides and over her back and ass then cupped under her stomach, flat, smooth and hard scaling up until her wonderous breasts came into his hands, Tami jerking in response as he caressed her orbs, her hard receptive nipples pleasurably sensitive to his touch.

Tami gently turned her mouth, her pace slow and succulent as she swathed up and down his pole, sparking electric jolts to him.  Her tongue washed and curled and lapped about his ample manhood, the tip of her tongue scorching him in diabolical delight, her teeth teasingly delivering affectionate nips that overloaded him now and again.  She curled her body a little more and he took the bait slipping his hands from her breasts he slid them down and around her paradise, she was warm and wet, hands gently stroked then trailed away, he leaving a finger prone outward that penetrated the top of her labia pushed in and then moved along just catching her clitoris before surfacing and leaving, the brief touch leaving her fighting for concentration.  Amir’s hands swirled down her firm mesmerizing thighs and up her calf as Tami bent it up.  His lips found her calf, small nips lightly up her paradise with desire as his hands continued to caress in insanely beautiful calves until she slowly removed her shoe.  For Tami it was erotic heaven, just as she had wanted, desired, he had done, a wonderful fantasy that he repeated and if possible, better with her other leg.  She surged with desire and came low throaty moans and twists of her form that seemed to go on and one as she involuntarily tensed and then relaxed in delight only to surface in consciousness as Amir’s tongue entered her paradise.  She tried to pull away, but it was too late the desire had caught her and she succumb.  She relaxed her legs to allow him better access and he took full advantage his tongue finding and working her clitoris as she writhed in pleasure, a second orgasm close on the first that he refused to relinquish until she spent.  Tami did never let go of him, in fact he had to fight to keep from cumming, the only relief was his concentration on giving her pleasure, but now he was hers and she spilled him quickly. He tried to pull free, but Tami restrained his impulse and held firm her mouth affixed as she delivered pleasure while he discharged it.  He thrust upward, the rush of explosion intense and fierce as his body snapped and strained turning widely as he moaned in delight and tried to free himself from her grasp to no avail, Tami held him firm and hard as his hips continued the pump until he stilled his body spent and twitching as she reluctantly release and kissed about climbing up his body and working her hips into place as she looked at him, hunger, appetite and desire in her eyes as her hips thrust and captured his tip, she could feel him swelling inside her.  She did not thrust, he did not push, instead they kissed and caressed and waited, the night was just beginning.

Tami went for a snorkel the next day, around the cove, leaving, as planned, Amir under Thuy’s watchful yet impassive eye.  The hidden camera’s she had placed around the resort allowed her to follow his movements from her laptop.

Both women had narrowed down the suspected agents to watch, some may just be everyday people who wanted to hang out with the owner of such a resort, that would eliminate a few but the others were strong possibilities. The trick for Thuy was letting them get close but not to close and making sure the others did not see her eliminating them thus preserving her anonymity for future operations and pushing it back on Tami.  This would spread the pool thinner, a basic divide and conquer strategy for them to work with.

‘I see we are popular types,’ Thuy noted as she looked at the cameras on her laptop.  ‘TRIDENT or whomever they might have contracted the job out to have just replicated agents that are like Tami and me, Asian and Curve types, seems they think since Amir is seen with us most often that must be what he goes for, a logical assumption, except I didn’t go for him, which leads me to this woman who seems to be playing it a little too cool.’

‘Tami explained all this, I know she protected you,’ Thuy said as they walked along toward the pool area.

‘I understand all that and I understand the need of this operation but that doesn’t change the fact that there are people out there trying to kill me for something that is not even here anymore.  I’m sure you can appreciate my nervousness,’ Amir said.

‘I understand that, we will not let that happen.  If you don’t trust me then trust Tami and I know that you do.’

He said nothing which said everything to Thuy.

‘Your worried about being unfaithful to Tami!’ Thuy said with amusement in her voice. ‘Well don’t be, in fact that is the entire point, we want and need you to be for this to work, how else can we eliminate the agents,’ she explained as they entered the pool area and she took back papers from him as he signed them, so everything looked business as usual. ‘The sharks are circling, but don’t worry, the dolphins are close by,’ she added then disappeared with a businesslike stride as Amir waded into the shark tank.

‘While that didn’t take long,’ Thuy said as she monitored the operation from her laptop.  ‘This should be interesting, she certainly a Tami clone in all respects so that should give her an advantage,’ Thuy said as she watched the blond go to work.

The woman did not move from her position at the breakfast bar, like a spider patiently waiting the middle of her web for the prey to come to her, silent and sexy.

‘That bikini works a treat,’ Thuy acknowledged, colour and cut are perfect for her. 

Amir made the rounds talking to guests as a good host wood encouraging people to try things, making small talk, which was perfect as it confirmed all the people Thuy and Tami had suspected.  Finally, he made his way back to the bar and the spider.

‘Now to work,’ Thuy said as the woman began.

It was small talk at first, eye contact always, her body shifting about, giving him different looks and non verbal queues of acceptance and openness, all received well by Amir. 

‘One silky thread at a time, slow and alluring until he can’t move,’ Thuy commented.

‘Ah, here we go,’ Thuy said as the woman leaned in close and kissed him on the cheek, then hugged him whispering in his ear while her hips gave the slightest wiggle against his.

‘Well done!’ Thuy applauded.

Amir left the pool area and Thuy followed him down to the beach where he met and talked with other guests before walking along coming in view a few beach bungalows.

Thuy watched as a beautiful woman called to him and he went over, she immediately recognized the

the situation.  There was no audio on the grounds, so Thuy did her best to read Amir’s lips.  She quickly gathered it was something to do with the A/C in the bungalow and could he come in and look at it.

‘Go on Amir this is number one, just play along and I’ll be there when things come to a boil,’ Thuy said then smiled as she stepped up on the porch and disappeared inside,  Thuy switched the camera to the inside of the bungalow and turned on the audio.  ‘Full points for perfect position,’ Thuy commended as the woman positioned herself on the edge of the vanity displaying her legs and her message to wonderful benefit.

‘There the temp is adjusted,’ Amir said rather nervously.

‘Thank you so much, but now its too hot, but I’m not complaining, perhaps we could make it even hotter,’ the woman answered as she slid of the desk and stalked her prey coming toward him.

‘Yes, very hot she said slipping her blue shawl around him. ‘Perhaps this makes it hotter,’ as her lips found his. She held them together for a while holding him tight in her arms during the kiss then parted with a smile pushing him away as she backed up ton the vanity.

My hug leaves lasting impression as you can see,’ she smiled. ‘My wrap, literally so, coated with a special adhesive,’ she added as Amir writhed on the floor.

Thuy watched the woman reach behind her, return with a compact.  She applied a pink shade of lipstick closed the compact lowered herself on top of him.

‘I see you’ve stopped struggling,’ she cooed. ‘My lipstick, code named “Pink Proposition” is a truth serum, once it builds up in your system it’s impossible for you to not answer my kiss and tell questions.  For added clarity my compact also records our conversation.  Shall we begin,’ she smiled.

‘Small pecks to start, just an ice breaker so you can get used to my touch,’ she said between light touches.  ‘Its vital to let the serum build up slowly in your system, so we have time and while this is enjoyable, don’t you think?’ she added. The woman went on for several minutes like this, working her lips about, small pecks and touches about Amir’s lips. It wasn’t necessary except that these kisses served a greater purpose, they sped up the victim’s heart rate and thus increased the flow of the drug in the system.

‘There, now something a little longer and more fulfilling,’ she smiled and slipped her arms around his neck for several long embraces before she rolled them over onto their sides for a few more. ‘You’re an excellent kisser, even in this state, a tribute to that woman you’re with, unfortunately she can’t protect you all the time,’ she said and turned them again she Amr was on top, her legs slipping around his to hold him as she sweetly took up her task again. 

She used to finger’s and nails to stimulate him further, increase the drug, small hugs and nibbles of her ear and neck drove him further into her power.  A final kiss and she rolled to be on top.

‘There, now your ready for kiss and tell,’

Thuy switched the feed to her mobile and headed for the bungalow.

Amir resisted the temptresses question.  ‘I see we need to use more extraordinary means,’ she smiled.

‘You need to keep a close watch out for stinging insects around here,’ Thuy said from the doorway.

‘The Mekong LLP Consultant moved across the space to the stricken Amir, raised a well formed leg and pushed on the cork heel of her wedge sandals.  The pressure opened the catch which she pulled out revealing a small but sharp knife that she used to cut Amir free.  She splashed some water on his face to revive him then guided him to the porch for some air before returning inside.

‘As I said, you need to be aware of stinging insects, some contain a nasty paralysing venom, such as this one,’ Thuy smiled pulling bee like dart from the female’s neck.

‘We can’t have you contacting TRIDENT, so I’ll just take this compact of yours and of course everything else in this bungalow, you won’t be needing them anymore.

Thuy tipped the stricken spy forward and carried her to the bedroom depositing her on he four poster bed.

‘Stung by a bee but killed in a web,’ Thuy said entering a command on her phone that opened a cover on the top. ‘Corporate Contraction, courtesy of Mekong LLP. It will tighten around this dangerous figure of yours as it contracts.  I don’t know which will kill you first, the crushing embrace or the stretching of your body between the bed posts,’ Thuy smiled as she began encircling the TRIDENT agent in the twine that spooled out from its concealed compartment in her phone.

She closed the door of the bungalow and tended to Amir who seemed better.

‘You’re first encounter, you did excellently, falling into her trap, that’s one gone,’ Thuy said.

‘You left that a little late didn’t you think.

‘No, I came at just the perfect time, Besides, you looked like you were not suffering to much in her arms. Like I said we’re not going to let anything happen to you, well anything really bad,’ she added with a laugh and the two left.  Thuy would return later to clean up the site.

Amir went back to his home to gather his thoughts, have a shower and regain himself. He stripped off his clothes and started the make his way to the bathroom when he stopped suddenly.

‘Surely you haven’t forgotten me already,’ the woman in the former blue bikini’d woman said as she stepped from the bathroom. ‘I’ll forgive you that only because I like a man who comes prepared,’ she said coming close before he could move away. She had enough confidence in her controlling allure to know he was now hers.
She sealed it with a kiss.

‘Your partner doesn’t have to know, just one time and then you’ll never see me again,’ she whispered while losing her body towel. She swirled her hips as she nuzzled and nipped him.

‘Your fighting my touch extremely well, but no for long I think,’ she said adjusting her rub of his tool as her lips took his. She slithered about, her stroke working as he hardened to full attention.

She surged her hips to catch his tip then pumped and tilted as she pulled him into her paradise, slowly and tightly.  She closed around him and swayed as she kissed him one foot running up the back of his leg where he felt a slight pinch of her toes.

‘My touch does have consequences,’ she smiled, as they struggled on the floor for a short time until he stilled.

‘The Fused Female, quite lethal, but that’s for later, right now I need you to talk, ‘ she hissed in delight.

‘And if I refuse,’ she offered weakly.

‘Come now, we’re both naked and the female form is so much deadlier and more convincing, let me demonstrate,’ she whispered hotly.

The TRIDENT agent rocked gently as she nuzzled him and kissed his neck and ear’s igniting a fire. She teased his mouth with small touches as she fought in spell. ‘Come baby, don’t been like that, after all I’m the only game in town and it be a shame to waste our time together on just business when we can mix pleasure in as well,’ she hotly teased him.

Her kisses seduced him totally, she had him under her control, her slow pitching hips had his cock firmly in her Medusa grasp, he was hard as stone, her walls skimming him in delight as she danced until he exploded into her.

‘There wasn’t that nice. I believe in mixing business and pleasure, I find the results more satisfying,’ she purred then kissed him. ‘Now we need to address the business side of out tryst, but not to worry I’ve seen to that as well,’ she honeyed undoing the towel around her head and tossing it away. ‘While I waited for you, I decided to wash my hair with one of my special shampoo’s, Secret Sage. Its scent has a rather mind opening effect on the inhaler,’ she smiled as kissed him as she pumped lightly with her hips then flipped her hair about his head.

‘I’m impervious to the scent,’ she said between nibbling his lips. ‘You are not, the combinations of my hips, kisses and nuzzling will speed up your heart rate, allowing my scent to work on you. All in all, a rather pleasant way to extract information.’

Unable to escape her deadly form Amir was helpless to her insistent hips and touch.

‘I have you baby, your prong is caught in my stroke, my velvet grip caressing your shaft, sending sparks about you while my lips sizzle you with each kiss, you’ll cum soon and then I’ll build you to another, your excited state perfect for my drug.  Two more raptures and you’ll be deep in my control then we can begin,’ she encouraged.

The sexy siren oscillated her hips, her motion and clutch of his stem impossible to resist, he came again, she wringing him fully as he spilled into her. A soft kiss and a slow rotation changed their positions and her stroking on his captured cock, her hair spilling around them again.

‘I can tell your beginning to feel the effects of my scent lover. Tell me where’s the vault with the jewels?’

No, not yet, cat have your tongue, let’s see if my tongue is more persuasive,’ she breathed as her tongue probed deep into his mouth and ran about. She rocked her hips then twisted slowly, she smiled as he came again, she rolled on top and kissed him several times before putting the question to him again.

‘There wasn’t that easy, now the combination,’ she cooed as she kept up her tactics. ‘Wonderful, you’ve been most cooperative,’ she said and climaxed him a final time. ‘Now don’t move baby I’ll be right back,’ she smiled uncoupling herself and moving to the safe.

She opened the vault and stepped inside, she proceeded to the drawer he had indicated, but could go no further, she was stuck, her feet would not move.

‘You should have worn shoes,’ Thuy said as she stepped into view. ‘I coated the floor in a heat sensitive adhesive, extremely sticky as you can tell and its about to get more so,’ Thuy said pushing a button on her cell.

‘I give you credit, you do leave a lasting impression, especially that bikini of yours. A masterful touch removing the keys without Amir knowing it then pressing each side against your bikini bottom to make the impression.  I assume you used a 3-D printer to make the key for the house.  Again. well done, but even your talent has limits. My partner installed this, its from her cosmetics kit, Bonding Bath Beads, she said looking up at the ceiling directly overhead of the woman. ‘This room is temperature control, but it can be overridden, just like that,’ Thuy smiled and entered a code on the phone. ‘Now as the room heats up the beads begin to dissolve and drip onto you, eventually they will create a suffocating coating around that exceptional body of yours, goodbye Miss,’ Thuy smiled and closed the door to the vault.

‘Thuy says you had quite a day, especially the second half,’ Tami said as she slipped into bed beside him.

‘Oh, nothing special, just doing my part,’ Amir said carefully.

‘Enthusiastically according to her. Three times,’ Tami smiled as she rested her head on his chest and let the comment hang before she picked it up again feeling she had made him uncomfortable enough. ‘Just teasing, I know how you feel, we feel about each other, and this is hard for me as well, but tomorrow is the final day and we have three suspects left.  I set the security system on, with my enhanced features, so we should be fine tonight,’ she added they gave him a kiss and turned out the light.  They fell asleep in each other arms.

They awakened still in each other’s arms. Tami went off to the bathroom to freshen up while Amir lay in the middle of the bedroom not yet ready to give up and get up. Tami’s pleasant humming lulling in and out of a light sleep.

The sheets moved slightly as a body slipped in beside him, gave him a light kiss and a pinch of his neck.

‘Don’t say or move a muscle sir, not that you can do either, my Korogi Pinch has seen to that. Let’s just wait for Miss Mason to return while I explain.  My bra and panties are a special design, in contact with another’s skin and manipulated in certain ways they can be quite hypnotically stimulating,’ she whispered in a breathy voice then gave a small demonstration. But that is not the only arousing surprise I have planned and her she is right on queue.

Tami came in and immediately stopped humming as she stood and starred at the Japanese woman curled around the back of Amir.

‘You are wise not to move Miss Mason, not at least until I explain your predictament to you. I took the opportunity to follow my colleague in yesterday, but unlike her I decided to lay the ground work for my success and come back, your negligee. I immersed it in a special solution, a secretion of the Japanese Silk Moth Larvae.  They use it to trap food. Extremely sticky it only takes a few threads to entangle its prey, it then contracts and crushes the prey for easy consumption. Your deadly creation has been turned against you , Miss Mason not even a women of your strength can escape its tenacious embrace.  First, you’ll try and escape without making too much contact, perhaps a nail trying to raise the filament up impossible, the slightest breath or motion on such a light garment will move it. Once it touches any part of you it sticks, so slowly over endless hours Miss Mason you’ll become caught, entangled tighter and tighter in the web, then crushed over hours of slow contraction and you get to watch in happen my love all the while I’ll be working Intel from you. She’s only 6 feet away but that’s as close as she can get, while I get to work on you while she watches, what could be more delightful or erotic, your lover trapped in a sexy death trap while another lover worms and rubs and caresses you to talk all the while describing your lovers fate as we watch. Oh, and Miss Mason if you’re counting on executive help, I think you know what I mean by that, my partner is ensuring that its not forthcoming,’ she smiled.

Tami dared not move, she’d be encased before she could get half way to the bed. Her hope lay in escape and Thuy and hoping against hope that Amir could resist the woman and her sexy trap.

The TRIDENT agent turned her head about and kissed Amir then nuzzled as her body adjusted them into a position at the end of the bed in a sitting position facing the frozen Tami, where she wiggled and shifted about Amir.

‘Come Miss Mason, you must move, perhaps I can motivate you,’ she smiled and delivered a slow kiss to Amir. ‘He’s falling for touch, perhaps I’m a better lover than you?’ she teased.

The spy moved carefully her body tense and alert as she shifted slightly with no ill effects, then again as she gingerly moved. She watched the Japanese TRIDENT agent come around the other cheek of Amir as dose him with more kisses, her body writhing against his as her spell began to take hold.  She slowed to enjoy the woman working on her escape.

‘Watch baby, your protector is trying to escape using Full Figure Yoga. Electrifying, she moves with such grace, of course its all in vain, soon her once lethal negligee, a garment I’m sure she used many times her seduce and kill with will turn the tables on her.’

The woman watched Tami carefully move again, she rolled Amir and her over putting her on the bottom, her head flopped back over the edge of the bed watching the result as their motion cause a stir in the air and a catch on Tami’s ankle.

‘Pity Miss Mason, there goes your yoga strategy, you’ve made your first of many mistakes,’ she smiled as her body moved against his.

Tami concentrated but it was hard, Amir was clearly in her thrall and it was maddening to be in her predicament.  The spy watched as the woman nibbled and cuddled, she didn’t ask any questions for information from Amir, she was clearly enjoying her victim’s reactions. Tami tried to inch closer to the bed, her only hope was to get to them then entangle the woman with her in the negligee forcing maybe a stalemate and saving Amir. She moved as slowly as she could, the Japanese woman working but watching excitedly out of the corner of her eye.

The Curve felt the attachment at her ankle, warily she adjusted her stride but could not compensate totally and the fabric fastened itself about her ankle and calf freezing her.  She looked down as the filmy shroud caught her other leg from the ankle to the top of her tight.

‘Yes, the woman exclaimed. ‘Look baby,’ she instructed Amir rolling them on their sides. ‘Your protector has been caught in the fringes of the web. Stay still Miss Mason or my deadly gown will entrap more of you. Now lover where were we, of yes, the location of the safe, tell me or do I need to stroke it out of you,’ she smiled at Tami as her hips arched up as she worked Amir’s rod under her panties and into her paradise.  ‘Two pleasure streams for one, the panties work just as well on this side as well, and of course there’s better tongue loosener than between a woman’s legs,’ she added rolling on top where her hips worked him in slowly as she watched Tami.

‘Let’s see whose hips are more convincing Miss Mason,’ she smiled as she rocked lightly back and forth to quick results. ‘Did he come this quickly for you?’ she added as Amir convulsed under her.

Tami felt a light breeze from the screen door way across the room, she gasped as he blew the limpid and trapped her legs fully, she wobbled to control the change in her equilibrium, it took the rest of her closing around her in seconds.  The spy was stuck in the web completely immobilized as she overbalanced and fell to the floor at the foot of the bed, her spun body flexing as the morning sunlight danced off of it creating a magic show of skin and gossamer as the sexy spy strained and stretched her body endlessly as Amir watched her wonderous body covered in the delicate negligee wriggle like a fly caught in a web. The alluring nature of the vision pulsing his rod as she strained her strong and pliant form against the web in a desperate attempt at escape. He came forcefully into the woman, she working him vigorously.

‘The fly has been wrapped in unbreakable threads baby, let’s watch her body writhe and twist in useless effort. All her efforts useless against my trap, Miss Mason is enmeshed all she had left is fruitless exertions for our entertainment, my garment slowly even as we speak drawing tighter around her well trained body, but not even her skills can escape its sticky contracting embrace, just as you can’t escape mine,’ she said kissing him. 

Tami struggled violently as the two watched her, she knew Amir could not resist the sight of her trapped and struggling, she told him enough exploits from her past to know his reaction and she didn’t blame him as she desperately tried to find an escape from the garment.