Friday, May 22, 2020

Plan in Action

 Cara and Yen went over the details that night over dinner at Cara’s place.

‘So how do you want to play this out when we meet Mr. Tang?’ Yen asked.

‘I was going to ask you that very question,’ Cara said, looking up and a little surprised. ‘You’re the lead on this mission, right from the start, if merely along for the ride. My job is to get the diamonds to you, not a difficult task.  Your job is to figure out how to conceal, distribute, collect the money, track and gather the Intel. Claire picked you for a reason, yes you speak multiple languages and that comes in handy, yes, you're a very beautiful woman, but so are the others. She picked you because she knows you have the intelligence, the adaptability and most importantly, her complete trust.  This is your mission, you can count on me for anything you need, but you are the team leader on this is one.  So back to the question. How do you want to play it tomorrow when we meet him?’

Yen glanced at the profile of Mr. Tang, it was just something to do, she already knew all the details. ‘I will know once I see and hear him for the first time. My plan will come to me then and there, it has always worked for me in the past,’ she smiled.

‘Oh, seat of our pants operation. I love the unexpected,’ Cara smiled back.


They left the next day and even though the car ride was 485km and according to Google should have taken just under 10 hours, they did it in a little less than 5 hours giving time to get settled, have a nice meal and a good night’s rest for their meeting the next morning. 

The town of Namkham was sparse in terms of amenities, Yen and Cara made the best of, Cara fared better, she was used to Myanmar, especially away from either Yangon or Mandalay.  The food was good, the accommodation was not what Yen was used to.

‘I always pack some food and bottled water when I go ‘in country’ if you think this is roughing it, Laos is even more fun, at least they have electricity here all the time and running water, such that it is,’ Cara said, opening a glass storage container she took from the cooler she’d brought along  ‘I made nga htamin, they keep well and taste wonderful if I say so myself. I also made spring rolls, sorry for the deep frying, but you can’t get away from that here, the heat and all, deep frying helps them keep longer and again, they taste yummy,’ she smiled. 

‘Here, you drive, if they’re watching us on CCTV I want them to think this is your car, success and first impression,’ Cara said, tossing Yen the keys.

They drove to the far side of town climbing all the way then just a little outside they came upon what had to be the newest and best building in the entire region. Yen swung the cae into the driveway and down a little curving ramp into a roundabout driveway with parking off to one side which she swung the car into.

‘Fanciest office I’ve ever seen,’ Yen said as she turned off the engine

 ‘Looks more like a home and Head Office combined, with the emphasis on the home part. Smuggling pays really well, at least for some people,’ Cara added.  ‘Ok, here we go, you have the lead.’

Two sexy long legs exited the car, one on each side, both women were sure they could hear the motors in the CCTV activating the close up lens.  They walked across the cobblestoned driveway, each a picture of poise and grace on the uneven stones, their heels never putting a foot wrong.  A small portico, up several steps to double glass doors came closer.  Each noted the glass was shatter, bullet and fireproof. As they opened each door they made note of the one inch holes drilled out of the frame where steel rods from the frame would insert. 

‘Little much,’ Yen thought.

Once inside the cool of air conditioning greeted them. Reinforced doors on the far side of the reception area, maybe 20 feet away lead down to a lower level on one side and up to what they both assumed was the private living area, the main floor reserved for office space.  Each gathered this in instantly then turned to the receptionist without so much as a hesitation and introduced themselves, Yen taking the lead.  

‘Yen Chau and Cara Tamblyn to see Mr Tang,’ she said in perfect Burmese.

‘Yes ladies, if you will follow me,’ the receptionist said as she escorted them down a hall, the polished marble floor echoing the heel clicks of the two spies.

‘Much too pretty and much too tall to be just a receptionist and she moves with an economy and grace you don’t get without training,’ Cara noted.

They could see their destination, an imposing set of double doors made from solid teak.  The woman gently knocked on the door opened and nodded before swinging

it open for the two to enter, she was gone in silence  and the door closed after them with a soft thud that reverberated across the gray and black marble floor.  

Mr. Tang rose from behind his antique desk and motioned them forward. As his office proper and reception area was sunken down a level the ladies had to walk along the strip next to the wall where a man was sitting in a chair but as they came closer he stood up and stepped in their way motioning for them to raise their hands above their
heads.  Yen smiled and raised her hands then brought them down like knives to the side of his neck then a knee slammed into his package and a flat fist snapped his head back sending him back on his ass and over on his side. Mr. Tang looked shocked as Yen calmly walked forward and down the steps to him, in spite of his alarm he could not take his eyes off of Yen, her elegance of motion, style, beauty and danger held him fast until she was right up to him and had his hand in hers.  

‘I don’t let just anyone touch me, I have high standards,’ Yen explained her smile suggesting more than what she said even as her arms went over her head. ‘Feel free,’ she added her body arching just a touch back stretching her and her dress into an even more pleasing pose. 

Although Mr. Tang was, as he liked to tell himself, confident with women, he paused for just a fraction, a fraction long enough to tell Yen she had made the right impression, his hands started with her fingers, his fitting into the spaces between hers, she smiling into his face her eyes doing to him what no words could, Yen squeezed her hands just a touch to give him encouragement and as she knew he would take it, permission. Hands snaked slowly down her arms, the clinging fabric feeling wonderful to his touch, but her was merely a covering, a pleasant one, but still not her, that was coming as his hands slid down her to her exposed shoulders, the electric excitement of feeling her soft, smooth skin and feeling her wonderful silky hair while breathing her seductive scent made him tremble just a little. The the lovely curve of her figure, enticing and bewitching, his hand brazenly coming together as the slid down her between decolletage across her flat stomach and surfed over her hips swinging behind and then down her seemingly endless legs to her ankles the thrill of her bare legs demanding all his resources to remain calm and flaccid as he came to his full height and looked into her eyes.

‘I don’t need to conceal anything, I’m all the weapon I need,’ she said as he took her hand and kissed it and she gave him just that look back he had hoped for.  Cara joined them and now he had two beauties to contend with, but while Yen had been busy with Mr. Tang Cara had been just as industrious.  

‘Oh no, don’t move, take deep breaths, that’s what my brother told me when he got him down there,’ she said.  Cara had squatted beside him, a need trick in heels and a tight skill but she was the essence of poise and balance and it did not go unnoticed neither did one of her hands and it slipped up his leg, her body blocking Mr. Tang from noticing, not that he would have, his attention was clearly elsewhere, but the guard did.

He looked up in her gaze as it closed around his member.  ‘I’m sure there’s no permanent damage, but I think it best to check,’ she said as her hand closed around it. ‘Besides, taking one’s mind off the pain, aids in the healing process.  My, I can feel it getting better already,’ she added her head turning slightly in a sexy way.  

She kept it there just long enough that he would not get fully hard but would long for the feeling.  She pulled it away slowly and slipped it inside his pants pocket, then pulled it out leaving behind her business card with her private telephone number. ‘Just an initial diagnosis, I’ll need to see you again for a more thorough examination,’ she added gently patting his pocket before she pulled herself straight up demonstrating strength and balance and offered him her hand.

‘Shall we sit down in and discuss business ladies,’ he said after Cara introduced herself.  The trio moved to the less former part of his large office Yen steering without it being obvious, him to her left.  Cara took the seat opposite Yen who had just made Mr. Tang’s heart skip a beat with the crossing of her legs. 

The women now had command of the situation, but they kept it to business, it was far from a done deal, both Cara and Yen had to convince Mr. Tang that they could help him out of the current jam he found himself in and Cara was not going to play nice.

‘We both know all about what happened on the Thanlyin River Mr. Tang, my contacts in the government explained everything, fortunately for all involved, those contacts are a small cadre of people who with the right remuneration are more than willing to support your, well lets call, extracurricular exports,’ Cara began.  That is why they sent me, not only do I have the necessary means to get your merchandise out, I also have their complete and total support in all aspects of this and that includes MIss Chau here, who is a very successful businesswoman and as you can see a person who can handle herself, when needs arise.’

Cara went on to explain to Mr. Tang how they would get the gems out of the country, Cara would handle all the logistics, place trusted people at the tight points, even handle the coding of the shipping and delivery labels for the fish so that when scanned by Yen at the destination point it would reveal what fish and where inside them the gems were placed.

‘What amount of remuneration am I expected to pay for all of this?’ he asked.

‘It’s reasonable, generous even,’ Cara said, handing over a slip of paper with the details, then added. ‘Given that alternative, I think you come out very well.’

He scanned the sheet and the frown was small, but as he knew, he had no choice, imprisonment in either Myanmar or China or death, the former equaling the latter, just slower.

‘That brings us to you Miss Chau,’ he said putting down the paper, the smile returning to his face. ‘What plan have you for my merchandise, as we are calling it.’

I own 20 Spa Salons in Vietnam,’ she began in perfect Mandarin.  ‘Spread out all over Vietnam, including several along key border points.  I have salons in Lào Cai, Mong Cai, Dong Dang, Hai Phuong and Hanoi.  I already cater to a large Chinese Clientele, women who neither have influence themselves or gained it by marriage, they travel freely over the border no questions are ever asked, I know because they have brought me gifts from time to time.  I’m also a chemist by education, the fish scales will be used as a collagen for a skin cream that I will introduce, they will also be the basis for several other beauty products, exclusive to my Salons.  Creams and lotions that contain exotic sourced ingredients that only I can get.  It doesn’t take much more that than to sell to women or even men for that matter.  All you need to do is market the product on vanity, swear by it, then get a few celebrity endorsements and you won’t be able to keep the product on the shelves.  I already have six prominent personalities lined up ready to say whatever I tell them.

‘I assume you have a plan for getting it across the border for people who don’t have as much influence as others?’ he asked, leaning forward a clear sign he was interested in this confident sexy woman.

‘I plan to put it right on the box for all to see.  I’m as well known for my products as I am for my packaging.  My Carved Wooden and Mother of Pearl boxes are collectors items an embedded jewel would not raise an eyebrow either way, especially from a nosey male border guard.

Yen showed him  pictures of her creations. ‘Who’s going suspect, the jewels are real, it will be assumed they're fake and they will be as the real jewel will be inside a plastic coating that forms the outside of the display.  As far as the Mother of Pearl boxes you would need to be a Gemologist to discover them.  You send your customers across the border, I will give them what they came for, back they go, same day or a few days later,’ Yen finished.

‘How do you plan to get the money back to me?’ he asked.

‘Return ship, Miss Tamblyn will arrange that, once our monies with her its a simple task of either you collecting it or she brining it up her, she after all does run and Import/Export business so her travelling around would be quite normal, no suspicion aroused,’ Yen explained.  

Cara gave the security guy a sideways glance at that suggestion.

Mr, Tang thought about it for a long time, he knew he had no choice and they at least had a plan and with the connects of both it might just work, but mostly he concentrated on Yen’s legs and saying yes to the plan, although not without a private dinner, was his only chance to restart his operation and a more private chance at a conquest.  He agreed and she accepted even telling him she’d brought along a special dress in the hopes of such an invitation.  

The two businesswomen left, leaving two very happy males in their wake.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Reversing Roles

‘Well in terms of style, appearance, poise, deportment, dress and all the other graces you want to

include we can teach them nothing.  It’s the other areas that we can build on,’  Alice Hamilton explained
to the assembled executive.

‘Go on,’ Claire said, leaning back in her chair and smiling.

‘They need a lot of work on fighting skills and their overall knowledge of more exotic methods is poor,
they have some but it’s mostly very basic, but they all learn very quickly and are advancing well.
Sexual skills are great, a few additions her and there with regard to techniques, again in the exotic
and erotic area and they’ll be equal or better to any agent we have,’ she added.

‘I’m meeting with them later this week, so it will be interesting to get their take on things, see if we
mesh up. Make no mistake I want these ladies to succeed, they have done remarkably well for
themselves up to this point, so I don’t want to over polish them if that makes sense, them all have
that “it factor” you need in this game, they came with it and I don’t want to change it too much, just
improve it a touch,’ Claire said. ‘Their going to need it given what we just found out,’ she added, turning
to Susan Janus.

Susan was Claire’s number two, a former agent, she ran the Inter Agency Intelligence Operation as
well as recruiting and training. Susan patted the paper on the table in front of her. Everyone could tell it
was not good news even before she began.

‘It appears our alliance with SALON has had an unexpected ripple effect. I.C.E. now rebranded as
International Corporate Espionage) agents and some higher ups were not to pleased with their
enemies sudden switch to our side and the wiping of the slate clean, if you will, by all concerned. 
So… those aforementioned agents and higher ups have approached TRIDENT about an alliance with
them.  It would seem money and revenge,  in that order, were top of mind. Although TRIDENT’s
resources are not as vast as they used to be, they are still better than I.C.E. 's were and when you
couple that with experienced agents helping add to their skill sets it seems our actions may inadvertently
strengthen the very opponent we were trying to weaken further.’

‘SALON seemed to hold their own against I.C.E. before, better trained and equipped I think they will
do even better. It's just a matter of not reacting and rushing them into the field,’ Tina Samuels added as
a counterpoint.

‘Or having them want to rush back into the field,’ Claire added. ‘Either way, we don’t back down from a
challenge, she if Mekong LLP can direct a few resources our way until we have the SALON ladies
back in the field. Meanwhile gather all the dossiers and data on the I.C.E. agents that decided to turn,
copies for all present but more importantly get that information disseminated to all our agents, starting
with Mekong LLP. Find the ones that decided to stay and see if they want to transfer here, somehow
after this fiasco and the talk I had with certain people that I.C.E. as we used to know it will resurface.’

The meeting adjourned on that note, Claire grabbing a bag and her some papers to go over from her
office before taking the elevator to the basement, getting in the company limo and heading to the airport
for her flight, the a connection and then a private flight, then a water taxi for an hour to a small island
where one of FORCE’s training facilities was located.  Along the way she managed to do all the work
needed and get some rest so when she stepped off the boat she looked her usual spectacular self.  

‘Their stamina and willpower are way up and still climbing. They all show tremendous patience in all
facets, seduction, entrapment, fight skills.  They get better every day, in fact in the 3 months they’ve
been here I’d say they’re now equal to if not better than some of your third years,’ Greta Yemling,
FORCE’s Head of Training at the facility stated.

‘How’s their mental state and by that I mean do they know what’s going to be expected of them, what
they will face when activated and are they prepared to be as ruthless as need to when that occurs?’
Claire asked.

‘They saw all the mission films we have, both good and bad.  I think they rather score higher than the
other trainees, after all they actually were doing this before but on a much smaller and less skilled
scale,’ Yoko Nashima, the martial arts instructor added.

‘They spend endless hours in the library, studying old texts, looking at agents' old missions, making
detailed notes and trying various techniques out, just like a certain some else, whose name I can’t
recall at the moment once did,’ Ingrid Larrson smiled and Claire smiled coolly.  

We did not tell them about I.C.E. we figured you’d want that pleasure, but unless we all miss our guess,
I think they’ll be ecstatic at the news.  A chance to renew old rivalries and all that goes with it,’
Yoko added.

‘I think another six months here would be well spent, learn with most importantly, practice with the
third years, let them build a rapport with them, create a bond it will be better for all. I know it's a long
time to wait, but it will be worth the investment,’ Ingrid said and the rest agreed.

‘What can I say against such a united front,’ Claire smiled. She had already decided on it, but was glad
there was consensus.  Now she would tell them. 


The women perked up when they heard about I.C.E., before that they had been upset at the length of
more training, but in reality, then knew they needed it, now more than ever given who I.C.E. had aligned
themselves with.

‘I know you hear it everyday, but I’m going to say it again. You have to really push yourselves, and I
mean like nothing you’ve ever done before hard. It's the only way to ensure success or a chance of it.
Physical always, but mental is just as if not more important.  You’re all in a tough spot, agents younger
than you have a slight edge on the body department, agents older than you have it in the experience
department and then there’s you in the middle, rookie, older, no experience,’ Claire stated.

‘This is not pushing us up,’ Thu smiled.

‘Just think of how sweet it will be for all you when you surprise them, that’s why the extra time.  I tell
this to every new agent I won’t send you into a situation you can’t win and you will always have the
best resources, Intel and equipment available, but that sometimes isn’t even enough.  This is the best
and deadliest weapon you have, use it well, master it, make use of the skills and talents you, but most
of all make use of this, your brain, make it the master of your body, not the other way around.  Beautiful
women, dime a dozen, beautiful women with brains, one every corner, beautiful women with brains
and the power to use both, now that is a pearl of great price and that is I want and you are those pearls
and to keep the metaphor going I expect you when you are in the field expanding your business empires
adding pearls of great price to the 5 on the strand already,’ she smiled.  

‘We have yoga class in 10 minutes. Would you care to join us, we know you’re an expert in many styles
and it would be great to see you in action.

‘Have you been looking in my files at mission reports as well,’ Claire smiled.


The Salon agents knew enough not to ask where they were going, after all they could see the signs
along the road.  The City of  Dawei was a special economic zone in Myanmar and the on again off
again Port project was supposed to make it the biggest port and trade zone in South East Asia, was,
being the operative word.  At the present time the project was on hold, yet again.  

‘You’re all so quiet, why the silence?’ Claire asked as the limo sped along.

‘I thought that was what was expected?’ Thu said.

‘Only on missions.  With me or anyone else in FORCE I want you to be open and trusting.  Think of us
as your extended family, close extended family, perhaps like cousins you grew up with, we are all
different, but we are all family and families stick together and in my family, there are no secrets. I keep
none and I expect the same from others.  So ask away, besides your faces tell me your itching to know
about where we’re going,’ Claire smiled.

‘Where we are going is nowhere at the present time, just a giant government mess up that has yet to
be fixed if ever,’ Hanh stated.  ‘Just a giant incomplete warehouse and pier complex, deserted as far
as I know, that is according to the last report I report in the newspaper.’

‘Heard the same bit of fiasco for the Myanmar government, but as things go, that would seem to be
par for the course,’ Kim added.

‘All correct conclusions, and an excellent opportunity for FORCE,’ Claire injected as the limo passed
through the opened manned security gate that closed behind them. ‘The government still hasn’t given
up on it as you can see, in fact they take it very seriously as do we, but more on that in a few moments,
we’re almost there, just up ahead a kilometer or so and around a few warehouses now.

The limo passed through another patrolled gate then into the inner complex, a series of massive
warehouses several stories tall, it seemed an endless stream of them on either side as the limo
sped on, loading docks and doors various numbers blurred together. They turned a corner, the sight of
giant cranes taking over against the docks, meal giants that dwarfed all else, the limo turned left and left
again swerving through open hanger doors and into the artificial light of the interior.  

‘Finally,’ Claire said as the driver opened the doors and they stepped out. Directly in front of them was
a table with a cloth over it to cover its contents.  A door opened from a small office adjacent to the door
they had just passed through and a young, beautiful and well dressed woman made their way toward

‘Ladies I’d like you to meet FORCE Agent Cara Tamblyn, owner of Mandalay Sea Trading Company or
M.S.T.C. for short. She’s our agent for Myanmar, Laos and Bangladesh. Not only is she an excellent
agent, but like all of you, an exceptional businesswoman, having built the company as a cover for our
and her operations, it is now quite a going concern. You can count on her for any support you may
need, whether it be material needs or Intel. Cara had extensive ties into the military here and in Laos
as well has deep contacts in Bangladesh, Thailand and Cambodia,’ Claire explained.

‘You can all talk later, now lets have some fun. Since you're all newly graduated I thought it only
appropriate that you have a graduation present or two from me, work related of course,’ she added
walking over to the table and lifting off the cover.  A selection for the well dressed agent,  silencer
included of course, don’t worry if more than one of you likes the same one, Cara brought extras and of
course a way to find out which ones you prefer,’ she said pushing a button on her cell phone that raised
an interior rolling door revealing targets. 

In unison they all advanced to the table, donned the protective headgear, safetied their weapons, pulled
back the action then ejected the clip, each taking an extra bullet from the ammunition box in front of
their respective weapon and loading it into the clip. 

Each tested the weight in the palm, feel of the weapon in their hand, the sighting before releasing the
safety and firing a single shot, pausing to feel the recoil and the accuracy of the weapon before resuming
and emptying their respective clips.  They repeated the process, trading pistols with each other. 

‘I did this with Cindy,’ Cara said. ‘Couldn’t decide between the Ruger and the Smith and Wesson, so
I took both. It's always good to have mix and match accessories and both go well with pearls,’
Cara smiled as did Claire.

‘Let me try the Springfield again,’ Hanh said as she put down the Kahr.

‘Here you are, I’m set on the Smith and Wesson, feels great, fast action and a quick load,’
Mai answered, passing over the pistol.

‘I love this Boberg, custom ammo I know, but I don’t think supply will be an issue and boy does it pack
a punch. Kim said.

‘Think I’ll take the Kahr and the Ruger,’ Trinh chimed in. ‘Two legs, room for two guns,’ Yen smiled.

‘My legs are deadlier than any gun,’ Trinh mocked to looks from the others, but if I have to choose it’s
the Smith and Wesson.’

‘Well, that seemed like fun, at least from where I was standing. Now if you want to follow me I have
something for you that i think will be much more fun. I know, what could be more fun what just
happened, but I have a feeling, this could be just the ticket.  Mind the shell casings,’ Claire said as
she walked toward a large set of steel doors that segregated the massive warehouse.

‘Tell them what’s behind door # 1 Johnny,’ Claire mocked as she activated her phone once more and
the steel doors rolled back..  This time you only get to pick one, but you can test drive them all.

Yen, Trinh, Mai, Kim and Hanh stood there for a few seconds before Trinh broke the silence.

‘See you later bitches,’ she said moving to the Skyline.

Cara who had moved outside, opened another door. ‘To the left, follow the orange cones to get to the
track around the complex,’ she said as the R34 roared to l
                                           ‘So who’s going to chase her down.  I will tell you that these cars have been modified, Trinh’s going to
find that out very quickly.  She’s not behind 276 horsepower, more like 600 HP, the others have all been
modified as well, so drive with that in mind, get the feel, then go hard.

‘Just like sex,’ Kim added. ‘What’s with the Yaris, really?’

‘Nothing “really” about 267 HP from the factory, only this one is slightly better than than, about 200 more
HP. That little car, with AWD is like a rocket with a steering wheel attached,’ Claire explained.

That was all Kim needed, she was off and the others picked a car and raced off.

Claire called up the dash cams on her phone so she and Cara watched the action as the Skyline,
along with the two Toyota’s and Subaru’s chased after each other.

‘Hope your seat is comfortable because I’m about to kick your ass,’ Kim said as she raced up to Trinh.

‘Hope you two are belted in tight because I’m about to blow right by you,’ Mai said and she shifted in the
Subaru 22b in fifth and pushed her foot down the turbocharger screaming to life.

Hanh and Mai closed in as well as all exchanged good natured by competitive banter, each taking the
lead as they all jockeyed for the corner angles.  

‘They took their driver training to heart,’ Cara said. ‘Which one is coming with me on the mission?’

Claire watched the screen a little more before she answered. ‘Yen is the obvious and only choice.
Speaks fluent Mandarin as well as English, French and Burmese. I’ll tell her after they sort this whole
thing out about the cars.’

‘Or when everyone of them has a blown engine,’ Cara added.

‘How hard do you push your Nissan Gt-r  R35,’ Claire answered with a sideways smile. Let them have
their fun, harder times are ahead, besides this is part of the package. A good set of wheels can be a
lifesaver at times.’

The SALON Agents changed cars multiple times before they settled on the one they wanted.  They all
declared the day a success.  

‘Now for the final present, your first assignments,’ Claire said handing out dossiers to each agent. 

‘You can look at them later, for now I think the day has run its course and we need to get back to town
have a meal and relax.  Yen, I want you to ride with Cara, your car will be delivered to your home, not to
worry, your staying here for an assignment with her,’ Claire explained as Yen looked a little
disappointed, co-missions were usually judged as assignments for weak link agents. Cara knew this,
she moved forward, hooked her arm in Yen’s and began to move her away from the group. 

‘Not to worry, you can drive my car back to town, see you later bitches!, she said over her shoulder
as they walked out the warehouse door, across the road into another building.

‘We can talk on the way,’ Cara smiled, holding up the keys. ‘Go hard into the corners, ease
off just a touch then punch it on the way out, she likes that.’

Yen revved the engine then took off, she did a couple of circuits of the facility before heading
for the exit. Cara, unconcerned, began explaining the situation.

‘First of all, you’re not a weak link as is the common belief on team assignments, in fact, you're
the key to this whole operation.  About six months ago my contact inside the government told
me about a situation in Namhkan.  The area, especially close to the border with China is rich in
rubies, diamonds and sapphire, the rubies are especially prized all over the world because of
their deep red colour and hardness. To that end Myanmar and a private mining company in
China with of course ties to the government there entered into a partnership. Everything was
going long fine for a few years, Myanmar got the infusion of capital and cash it needed and the
mining company was making very good profits.  All that started to slow, that’s when I was alerted
by my contact. We have done each other favours and built up a trust,’ Cara explained.

Yen gave a glance over, she knew Cara and her contact were more than that, but trust comes
with time in their line of work, if she wanted and when she wanted Yen knew Cara would
expand. She geared the car down as they exited the port.

‘The amount and especially the quality of the stones, both in size and colour, started to fall off.
At first it was put down to a seam being played out, but it went on, with the mine owner and his
cadre making the usual excuses, equipment issues, labour shortages, the need for more
geological assessment and on and on it went.  That was, as I said, six months then my
contacts operatives chanced upon unregistered stones being transported up the Thanlwin
River into China hidden inside various local goods being sold in Liuku.  Rather than shut it
down, the operatives took direction from my contact, took a bribe and let them pass, but warned
the smugglers not to try again.  That’s where you and I come in. The mining company is owned
by Mr. Lee Gao Tang, I’m sure he’s got partners in this operation, that is our mission.  One, find
out all the parties involved and how they move the stones once I had them over to you,’
Cara smiled as she looked sideways.

‘Me, how do I come into this?’ Yen asked.

‘You're the distribution point, I’m the transport. Mr. Tang thinks my contact wants in on the
scheme and well having a person inside the government can smooth over just about anything
and that fact that he has a friend, me, in the import/export business who he happened to
mention he does a few off the books deals with and has full and checkpoint free access to a
port with minimal oversight and traffic and a plan to get the gems into Vietnam and a contact
there who can handle the distribution of his property to his buyers without raising suspicion,
well all we have do is go to Namhkan and explain how and it's a done deal.

‘How is it to be done?’ Yen inquired.

‘Frozen fish, refrigerated containers, shipping to Hai Phuong, refrigerated truck delivery to your
various stores/labs where you use the fish to make protein based beauty products guaranteed
to make any skin look smoother and younger among other things, first removing the gems
hidden inside the fish, simple,’ Cara explained.  

‘Go on,’ Yen said as she upshifted and blew by a truck.

‘These gems are being sold to wealthy individuals and to corrupt members of the government,
those are the tentacles we’re looking for. My suspicion is there for person use and not sold on. 
Maybe to keep a wife or a mistress or both happy and not arouse the eye of the government
about how you can afford a stone of that quality or your pay. So my thinking is you can hide
then inside a beauty product, perhaps a cream or a lotion.  Patrons come to your store, a
vacation perhaps or business and well the wife/mistress gets a treatment, buys additional
product and takes it and the stone home,’ Cara explained.

‘And if they are passing them along the authorities can track them once they cross the border
again. I get it, two things though, what’s in it for FORCE and SALON and why do you need me
here if you have all this set up?’ Yen asked.

‘He of course wants to meet us and of course we need to meet him, gather as much Intel as
possible and get on good terms with him, that’s where you come in.  You speak all the required
languages, you have the distribution points and you know me and finally, you’re not me. 
I’m going to make it very clear if it isn’t already to him that I’m spoken for, you on the other hand
are not and that is the ace up our sleeve. Not only do you bring all the other stuff to the table,
but your very easy on the eyes, believe me, unless he’s blind or gay he’ll be all over you. 
Just remember to control the situation, get as much Intel as he will give you but never press or
ask for it,’ Cara explained.

Yen smiled and pushed the car again, she liked being in control.

To be Continued