Sunday, December 2, 2018

Sharon Sharpe Back Story Chapter 5

A few days later Sharon got the call she’d been expecting from her lawyer.  She gave him instructions to set up a meeting and he did as she wished objecting only to the fact that he should be present when she talked.  Sharon assured him she would sign or agree to nothing without checking in with him first.

Vanta Blue Diamond was a fine hotel, Sharon preferred The Hyatt, but that’s where Lord and Lady Jennings had requested they meet.

‘Home field advantage,’ Sharon thought. ‘Not that it would do them any good.’

The spy walked confidently into the lobby up to the desk and after inquiring was taken to into the Palisade Room to meet Lord and Lady Jennings.

Lord Jennings, Colin as he insisted on being called was tall about 6’ 2” dark hair, well built, obviously exercised.  Sharon thought him attractive and he knew it, an off putting trait but one she was ready to ignore if it got her somewhere.  Lady Jennings, Tessa, was an entirely different challenge.

She wanted Sharon to see body, especially her legs so she’d taken a chair that showed her off from the minute Sharon walked into the room, it was a power pose designed to show who was number one.  The spy judged their heights to be about equal, Tessa Jennings re-crossed her exception legs as Sharon approached and tensed them for her benefit. She had a willowy sexy figure and knew how to best display it.

She rose to greet the young woman, sizing her up as she rose.  Pleasantries exchanged they all sat down, drinks were ordered, Sharon preferring a Perrier with lime while the others had gin and tonic, Lord Jennings ensuring they got Blue Sapphire even after the waiter ensured him the first time.

‘You have to be careful or they’ll serve you some third rate stuff like Gordons and try to pass it off,’ he explained.

Sharon smiled, but not an approving one.

‘Taj had him pegged alright,’ was what she thought through the smile.

They made small talk, while she and Colin did, Lady Jennings simply smiled and catalogued Sharon.

‘At the present time I have no plans to sell any of the properties under my control.  After all, people need a place to live and your development would see them displaced,’ Sharon answered.

‘There must be some solution we can come to, after all, this is business, its not personal,’ he countered. ‘We can both make benefit from this if each of us willing to give a little.’

‘I’m a very giving person under the right circumstances,’ Sharon suggested with a touch of her hair and a shift of her body. ‘Perhaps we should get together, just the two of us, Lady Jennings seems to have little interest, maybe alone the two of us could reach consummation on the matter,’ she added leaning forward and touching his hand.

‘You’re quite mistaken by may silence, Miss Sharpe.  Believe me you and this business venture have both myself and my husband’s full attention,’ Lady Jennings said, her icy eyes fixed on Sharon.

‘Really, how surprising, your look told me you were concentrating on other matters,’ Sharon quipped. 

‘I assure you Miss Sharpe I am able to focus on multiple tasks at the same time,’ Tessa added.

‘Funny, I’ve always found when I do that something to do with one or the other always goes missing, sometimes more than one thing, but that’s me.’ Sharon added with a disarming smile as she looked back at Colin.

‘Perhaps we could meet again. Since you’ve been such a good host, allow me to return the favour. Here’s my address and personal phone number, maybe in a less formal setting you and I can work something out while Lady Jennings pursues her agenda,’ Sharon smiled and got up.
She left having scored all the points she needed to, behind her she could feel the fire getting hotter.

‘These next few steps are dangerous,’ Sharon said as they lay beside each other in her bed.

‘I hear a you don’t want me around coming,’ Taj sounded as he stroked her thigh.

‘You hear correct, because I don’t want you hurt in several ways,’ she added.

‘I can take care of myself pretty well,’ Taj said.

‘Its not that, I know you can, its hurt in other ways,’ Sharon said then decided to say it all.  ‘Look this job, my career, sometimes I have to seduce opponents, things get intense, physical and sexual.  It does not mean I care for them, usually the opposite, but it can be one of my best weapon’s, so I use it,’ she explained.

‘Like you did with me?’ Taj said.

‘No, never, you were a complete fluke, but a wonderful fluke, one that I don’t want to end, but one where we must understand each other, how we fit together going forward and to be blunt, what we can do for each other.  I love you, always will, but I will always love my career more and that will never.  change. I think your insanely smart, talented, charming, caring and on a person level, an insanely wonderful lover. To be blunt, we can help each other and comfort and love each other,’ Sharon explained.

‘But you have to be free to do your job, even sleeping with others and I assume I would not be your only lover around the world,’ Taj said.

‘Yes,’ she said. “I don’t expect you to hang around.  You will find someone, someday, probably soon for reasons I said earlier.  I expect that.  I’m not going to lie, it will hurt, but I will be glad for you, but I will never abandon when that happens.  I’m with you till the end,’ she said and kissed him on the cheek.

There was a long pause as they lay still, he had stopped touching her, the silence never seemed to end, for either of them until he slowly turned to face her, his eyes focused on her, Sharon locked into his gaze until she slowly began to turn and before she realised Taj was on top of her.  His kiss told her all each needed to now.  Sharon wiggled, her legs relaxing and opening, Taj more than filling the void. She tilted her hips as he arched up and found her.  It was slow and wonderful and magical and at the end completely binding the both of them to each other.

‘Right on time,’ Sharon said opening the door and stepping into view.

He was clearly pleased and shocked, the sudden intake of his breath telling her she’d hit a home run.

‘Come on in, can I fix you a drink before we get down to business,’ she said glancing a look over her shoulder as she made her way to the corner bar in the living room of her suite.

Her legs and swishing ass had him as she moved, he followed her willing adding the comment. ‘What kind of business?’

Sharon stopped and turned slowly leaning against the edge of the bar, her figure displayed perfectly, just as she wanted.  She held it for just the right time before she smiled and stepped forward slipping her arms and her body around his.

‘You smell wonderful,’ he said.

‘I smell better when I’ve even closer. No reason we can’t mix pleasure and business or any other kind of mixing we may want to do,’ she sexily breathed as her lips closed round his for a slow kiss.

The meeting in the lawyer’s office to sign the papers that had been drawn up to create a new corporation took place a few days later.  Everyone was on good terms, well except for Lady Jennings who shot daggers at Sharon while looking happy and refined at her husband’s success.

Sharon signed first, not even bothering to review it then handed the pen to Lord Jennings who did the same.

‘How should we celebrate?’ he asked her.

Sharon gave him a small kiss then added. ‘Unless Lady Jennings is into threesomes perhaps, we could meet later, but for now I did take the liberty of champagne,’ she added as a bottle appeared from behind a desk. Glasses and toasts followed before finally the civility of Lady Jennings wore to the point as she reminded her husband, they had an appointment with other important people taking his arm in hers and leading him away. ‘See you later,’ Sharon could not help adding knowing full well who that someone would be.
‘I see the reality more than matches the packaging,’ Lady Jennings said from a chair in the living room as Sharon emerged from the bathroom.  ‘I had wondered about your legs, but I see they surprisingly don’t disappoint. You really are a unique package.’

‘The British have such a flare for backhanded compliments,’ 

Sharon smiled as she surveyed the woman the damp towel clinging to her body from the shower she just had as Lady Jennings sat cross legged on the end of her bed.

‘You left some of your property behind. I thought I’d pay you a visit and return it,’ Lady Jennings said opening her purse and pulling out three cylinders.

‘Yes, my calling card,’ Sharon smiled.

‘Interesting shades, Passion Pink, the shade you wore to the meeting. Orange Sunset, what you were wearing when I picked up Colin and Copper Crush the shade you wore to the lawyer’s office to sign the papers for the new company.

‘Very observant,’ Sharon mused.

‘And in return I want the books,’ Tessa demanded.

‘Sorry, no exchanges or refunds or to put it another way, finders’ keepers, losers’ weepers, besides all that, they’re not here anymore.'

‘I’m not leaving without them Miss Sharpe; certain interested parties have already paid me for them.’

‘Sharon smiled then answered. ‘Give them their money back, write an IOU, do whatever you like, your concerns are not mine, but I will say you did have one part of the previous statement right.  You’re not leaving here.’

‘It’s a good thing I came prepared,’ Lady Jennings, setting down her purse.

A well toned sexy black leather leg flashed forward, first up at Sharon’s head then down to her hips and finally her knee’s. Sharon arched back on the first kick, then bent one leg at the knee to meet and block the other two challenges before stepping back and elegantly removing her towel.

‘Less restrictive,’ she mused then advanced.

Lady Jennings was unperturbed by the sexy nude form of her opponent.  Sharon unloaded a fury of kicks and punches, the lithe Lady Jennings paired and danced out of the way of the blows, Sharon spun hard with a reverse kick, the whizzing from the speed. Lady Jennings launched into a back walkover her legs scissoring Sharon’s extended, pulling her forward into a split as the two landed on the floor of the bedroom. Lady Jennings delivered a double chop to Sharon’s neck and a fist to her pussy.

‘Kee-sha! Lady Jennings said as she administered her blows.  Lady Jennings released the leg and snapped a kick to the side of Sharon that sent her sideways and sprawled out on her stomach where she felt a leg smash down into the small of her back a black sea of pain obscuring her senses.

The spy was rolled over onto her back, Lady Jennings smiling as she tensed her legs sending torrents of pain into Sharon’s captured legs.

‘They may be full, sexy and alluring Miss Sharpe but they do have weaknesses that can be exploited as you can see and most certainly feel.’ she said as she pushed the flat of her foot against Sharon’s bending the entangled legs of the spy. ‘Tell me the location of the books Miss Sharpe and I will let you go with minor damage, resist I will cripple you. It would be a shame to deprive others from viewing one of your better assets.’

Sharon arched up her torso to relive the pressure, just as Lady Jennings had hoped. 

‘Kee-sha!’ she yelled driving a fist into Sharon’s exposed mound crashing her back to the floor.

‘Very well Miss Sharpe.’

Lady Jennings increased the pressure and turned the two on their sides as Sharon writhed in agony.

One side to the other the aristocrat rolled the capture spy working her skill deeper into her foe.

‘Where are they Miss Sharpe?’ Lady Jennings asked calmly.

Sharon defied her even as her legs went numb from the pressure, but the young spy was far from finished.  Marshalling her strength, she pulled her torso up again and Lady Jennings propelled her fist toward the spy’s exposed sex.  Sharon swung her body up  90 degrees and caught the punch, her hand seizing the hand, turning it over, pulling her opponent to her and delivering a thumping head butt that unlocked the leg trap.

Lady Jennings tumbled over herself and lay still as Sharon gasped in relief, rubbing and using her hands to shake life into her stricken pins just enough that she could roll toward her for her legs cartwheeling in the air as the spy spun onto her shoulder in a breakdance move before crashing it hard into the small of the back of Lady Jennings, followed up with short sharp shots to her kidney’s.

‘Cha! Cha!’ she yelled driving home her punches until Lady Jennings was motionless.

‘I owe you a few of these,’ Sharon smiled as she rolled her opponent over onto her back and slammed several shots into Lady Jennings mound to finish the battle.

A quick trip to her jewellery box and she was back.  She opened them, crossed Lady Jennings wrists over each other then locked the bangles around them, she moved to her ankles and did the same.

‘There now, fashionable as well as functional.  This will keep you until COIL arrives to pick you up.

I suppose I should correct my earlier statement to you will not be leaving here under your own power.  COIL will be very interested in what you know I’m sure.’

Sharon retrieved a robe, fixed her hair in the mirror and returned to her writhing adversary.

‘Futile efforts I’m afraid, but from my prospective tantalizing to watch, but clam yourself for a moment while I explain a few more details to you,’ Sharon soothed in a smooth sexy voice before continuing. ‘Your husband was an adequate lover, but he was an excellent talker and very suggestable, of course that could have been entrancing perfume. Once under its spell he was open to my suggestions including signing that business arrangement we made which he didn’t read but just signed.  Fortunately for me and unfortunately for you it contained a codicil that upon his death I inherit the entire company and the assets, one of which is your home in Suffolk and from what he told me was your rather impressive library. I’ll make sure you hear about his untimely passing this evening from a heart attack, of course helped on by my celebratory kiss after we signed the contract,’ she smiled as Lady Jennings wriggled helplessly.

‘Time is short for both of us, we each have planes to catch, me to England and my new home, you to an undisclosed location.’

Sharon made a call showered and finished dressing just as transport arrived.

‘TTFN Lady Jennings,’ she smiled as COIL’s transport team took her away and she departed a few minutes later.