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Cindy and Quinn-Vigentte 01

It was an unusual assignment, but then again there was nothing usual about their arrangement or the missions they got.  This part was just the first small step in a much larger operation, but this was their part to play, the opening act.  They anchored mid river, the night and the jungle mist obscuring any chance of detection. 

I’ll kill him with lipstick, a specially designed lipstick,’ she smiled kissing Quinn again as she showed him the tube.   ‘A Silicon lipstick, very long lasting, twenty thousand kiss coverage, more than enough to do the job, each kiss brings the snake on step closer to skin suffocation.  You need to watch for the female snake; she’s been trained with the male in mind.’

‘Meaning?’ he asked.

‘Meaning,’ Cindy said, slipping her arms about his neck.  ‘That she kills with sex.  Her mouth is designed as a paradise for draining the male while she secures him in her body, once exhausted to her satisfaction your prong is enclosed in her other  paradise , it secretes a gluey poisonous enclosure for the male, once coiled and surround Quinn you have no escape and the only coils I want you caught in are mine.’ Cindy said with a jealous smile and a quick kiss.  ‘Now help me get ready darling.’

Cindy pinned up her hair and slipped into her bikini, she was incredible to look at full and sexy.  He inserted several cylinders into her hair and told her as he did finally handing her one lipstick which she coated her lips in and a second wax sealer for the trip in the water.  The succulent spy slipped into the water and was ashore 20 minutes later her target on her mind unaware Quinn was being prepared for death by the female. 

Quinn busied himself with some mission detail notes as the approaching silent sentry weaved through the inky waters and soundlessly up the stern of the boat and onto the aft deck.  She coiled herself into a tight ball for the initial strike and waited in the dark for her prey.  Her tongue told her he was close by and more importantly for her he was naked, just as she liked it, her first strike would capture his monument. 

She watched him approach approving of his body and his root; he did not see her as she darted forward into the night.  She was on target, her mouth opened expectant of a capture when at the last second her moved sideways and caught her head in his hands.  Her well laid plan foiled she did not get upset and make a rash move, she was too experienced for that, instead she effortlessly threw several coils about him and held him loosely in her embrace, his body warm a welcome tonic from the water.

‘That’s nice lover, struggle it helps warm me and make me for formidable,’ she hissed in delight as Quinn tried he undo her helix. 

Quinn slipped out of several loose coils and was close on the last one when a ringlet formed about the base of his cock.  Her tail traversed his rod back and forth as he tried to pull free of her last restraint on him.  She could feel his distraction and more importantly feel his swelling root.  He was well hung and responsive as she slithered more of her tail around his trapped and rapidly engorging prong.

The stimulation worked against him and he knew it, the pleasure centres over road his muscles and he weakly fought as more and more of his lust was channelled into release.  She placed her tip on his and feathered her touch as her tail curled around his hardened plaything holding it in a stroking motion. 

She languidly pirouetted her body around his to keep warm in the night air, he offered no resistance, her thrall far too much for any male to combat.  She took care hold him close but not too tight, movement was important to the trap, his as well as hers.  Her receptors told her he was close to spilling; her tail felt his pulsing wire battling to escape her satin embrace as she administered her stroking. 

‘Yessss!’ she hissed as he came, a jet of liquid spraying about as he convulsed in her embrace.

She tightened her grip and twisted about him just enough to pulled him to the deck her tail delivering the last of the pleasure as she consolidated her embrace holding him still and keeping him hard as her head made its way down.  Upon arrival her tail released and her tongue flickered on his tip sending shocks up his rod that jerked his captured body.  She freed his cock and let him feel her and her feel him, she gathering Intel on his body for the kill later.

As Quinn struggled he softened and went flaccid, she admired his limp member but left it alone letting him fight her for dominance and lose.  He was skilled, undoing a few of her coils that she put back with ease before deciding to advance the game to the next stage. 

She flicked her tongue against his tip until it began to respond; keeping up the action she opened her mouth and waited as he grew toward her.  Quinn fought but her sexual talents had him once again, he grew and came closer to her mouth with each second.  She let her tongue do the work until he was granite hard, her mouth closed lightly around him as Quinn grew even harder until she had him throbbing in her mouth.   His body thrashed about as they all did in her caress she ringed his body in more of her the fluid motion of her body against his skin further exciting him as he jerked about.  She glided about him until she was totally covering him in her embrace.

Quinn could feel her everywhere, she was in total command her technique and trap delightfully deadly, his cock was entombed in her mouth and being stimulated by her.  He was still loose but unable to do much as his senses were being attacked and he didn’t want to fight her but enjoy her.

She coddled and pulled back and forth, his instrument was larger than she had expected but easily accommodated and he was impressively resisting her but she was not in any hurry, he would be defeated like all the other males who’d tried.  She adjusted her motion and felt him react to it, she knew he was hers and continued the stroke until she was rewarded and he juiced into her.

She knew her mate was on the island disposing of his partner she had hours to work his death.  Quinn struggled in her embrace, she liked an active lover and allowed him a little movement her coils were firmly in place, he was going nowhere unless she allowed it.  Quinn’s cock was on fire from her touch as he fought another orgasm her mouth stroking him along until he came, his release filling her with jets of spume as he jerked and she encouraged his thrusting with wispy touches until he settled and she began again pushing him onto his side as she worked his rod, its steel hardness and size making it easy for her wiles.  Quinn gushed his ghism shooting in forceful streams as he jackhammer in her body.  She sensed his strength, he was strong and fit and not nearly as spent as he pretended to be.  She began slowly again, taking her time and building him from semi soft to hard again in time.  She delivered him easily this time, her body becoming desirable for him, her touch exciting him.  The more he tried to escape the more stimuli she gave him, her coils dancing around him in her deadly arousing embrace.  She cummed him again and then attacked vigorously and cummed him quickly his long draining orgasm courtesy of her touch.  She rolled him into her coils and placed him into her Passion Kiss.  Her mouth teased him to climax before she tenderly captured his tip and devoured his rod into her mouth.  Her specialised mouth was a delightful trap for the male, she could stimulate him with endless variety, her mouth swelled into a vagina, its walls warm and firm and inviting.  She stilled and waited, waited for his first thrust and then he would be hers again, he was a toy to be played with then discarded.  She brought him to climax three more times before releasing his limp cock from her mouth.  She turned about him positioning him for her more deadly sex.

Quinn dripped inside her, his stamina not yet gone, her cave so perfectly firm and lethal, he came and thrust inside her, she moved her mouth and pulled his cock as she initiated there joining.  She relaxed and let him thrust and move, his massive cock a delight for her.  Quinn worked his tool about; she was responding to his root and within minutes she was wonderfully climaxed her body shaking as he slammed inside her.  She turned her head and pulled his cock in a slow circle, she wet mouth driving him wild as she worked until a thrust of his prong ended her joy.  She climaxed him instinctively for the next hour, Quinn enduring draining orgasms until she fell still from his thrust and relaxed and he struggled out of her coils. 

Cindy had designed a male version of a sheath for him and he pulled it free from her, it protecting his cock from her glue.  She was only stopped by the thrust for several minutes long enough for him to take their tryst to the next level.

Quinn pushed inside her, she languidly wrapped her body around him and awaited climax while she employed her wiles.  She slithered about around his neck and flicked her tongue in kiss to him, his rod was encased in her fatal paradise, and being massaged to another orgasm.  He pumped inside her unable to control his desire for her as males did and escape her glue insuring his cock was hers until death.  She felt him spill numerous times into her, his stamina endless it seemed.

 Quinn was not without his skills two of which she was being exposed to, oil and Quinn’s Persian Pressure Pump.  His oil lubricated her coils allowing him to slip about and she unable to get a firm hold on him, the oil seeped everywhere on her until she was slick.  Quinn rose to his feet and let her fall from his oiled form then proceeded to apply his trap.  She was soon weaved into a suspended fishing net her body stretch out and held, she was captured.

*     *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *            

The spy came ashore and quickly moved off the beach and into the jungle her mission Intel getting her onto the path and hopefully toward her target.  She didn’t have long to wait as she picked up the trail of his body in the sandy path and moved quickly toward him.  She found him or more precisely he found her  as what had appeared to be a thick motionless green vine just like all the others at the edge of the path moved and quickly.  The spy hand two loops around her waist and one leg encircled before she could react.  A third coil was half way around her shoulders when she caught the head of the snake, slipped her free leg around the base of a tree to prevent her falling and spun about removing the third coil.  Cindy wedged the serpents head into a V notched branch on the tree and used the leverage to remove the coils from her waist, only her leg remained and she had soft plans to remove it. Her hands took his head and stroked it with her free foot much to his delight.  He slowly unwound his grip she had convinced him to apply a more pleasurable means of death to her, just as she wanted as well

‘I hope you appreciate the opportunity I’m giving you, after all I could have finished you earlier, but what fun would that have been for either of us, I think we both prefer a more close personal touch,’ she hummed;

His tail meandered up her leg coming in contact with the Lycra of her bikini bottom.  Cindy watched the tail move up until it contacted skin again then curl underneath and pulled inside the bottom.  He flooded inside her his body twisting and turning about as he embraced about the lips of her paradise in two side by side lengths.  His tail emerged and loop around the material on one hip then slithered across and looped the other.  A slow back and forth motion of his body began against her paradise to which she had no objection or defense.  Cindy felt the heat rising in her from his action but she refused to open up for him offering him a sign of resistance to his charms. 

‘You have to earn me,’ she said stroking his chin for encouragement.

He responded by slowing his motion and relaxing his coils to show her his patience.  A few climaxes of the female would render her more open and pliant and then she would be exposed to a complete encasement and he to the joys of finishing her in pleasure.

Cindy continued her nuzzling while carefully keeping his most dangerous body fixed in the tree and away from her for the meantime while her plan developed.  A kiss to the back of his head signalled her attraction to him and the beginning of her trap.  Another kiss on his head and she slipped it out of the V and under her top between her d├ęcolletage his mouth closing around the string between the two cups.  The spy held his head as she slid her tits up and down against his skin, she now encouraging him with her own act of stimulation, each baiting a trap for the other that only one would survive.  The spy could feel her wetness so could her opponent, his fondling had worked, Cindy was scenting acceptance and readiness as she knew her eye’s now clearing fixed on his emerging and swelling stem.  She fed his body through her breasts his prong still not completely erect dragging up the inside of her leg toward her damp awaiting lips, he responded by removing he top as he went while his strategically placed coils about her hips relaxed and slid down her legs taking her bottoms away and making room for his tool.

The plus spy gathered in his head and some length as well as his tail and stealthily entwined them about her calves and ankles before gingerly crossing her legs and slipping an ankle lock in place to hold him for a while, it was her turn to stimulate and weaken.

His prong danced around her pussy, Cindy teasing entrance with a brush and touch of her delicious wet lips.  She funnelled her hands down his thick trunk in a slow sweep then came together around his semi flaccid probe.

‘I can’t insert you like this lover you need to be hard and I’m just the stiffening agent you need,’ she hissed.

The spy’s hands were everywhere on his swelling cock his body writhing in joy as he tried to break free and get inside her just as any male would.  She caressed and pulled his cable until he stilled his fight and spilled into the night air.  Cindy watched his essence flow and flow, her pumping hands wringing every ounce of joy she could from him before she started again.  He was frantic to get inside her and she had to fight to hold her place or be encased in death, her size and strength an excellent advantage as her nude muscled form sexily resisted his drive to consume her.

Once again she felt him still in her hold then thrust and thrust to expel his ghism his body whipping about the free itself as the spy held on barely to him until he stilled and rested for a second before Cindy upped the ante with a slow lick of his cock from base to tip.  Her tongue curled about his tip sending spasms of joy into him.

‘How does my snake feel?’ she cooed.

The deadly women ran her tip around once more then closed over the tip with her mouth and pulled him in.  He went insane from her touch and this time she could not hold him and fell to her knees, he was still hers but for how long she could not tell.  Cindy sucked and pulled removing the silicon covering lipstick and achieving him to climax twice more into the night.  She kissed his obelisk over and over depositing her covering until he was coated then relaxed her legs and slowly let him feed out and around and into her.

 Naked she knew stimulation against her was easier but she loved the feeling and accepted the risks.  She fought hard to ensure he never got more of her than she wanted the fight was frantic.  He wanted her totally in his dominance as she used every charm she had to undo his helix of her and position him to her advantage and his liking as Cindy kissed and screwed her male lover vigorously until she was caught by him.  He covered her in bands of green and inserted his massive prong into her willing paradise. He brought her to climax in seconds she so excited it was impossible to resist.  His tool was relentless inside her as the spy was cummed for minutes at a time as she screamed in joy but she was winning.

 The nude spy spent the next several hours kissing his body between climaxes until he was covered in her tangerine lip prints.

  ‘Weak baby not surprising my suffocation lipstick is effective and thoroughly applied it has you covered,’ she smiled coating her lips in a fresh stain.  She thoroughly inspected of him to ensure she hadn’t missed anywhere adding touch up kisses before she smiled.   

‘This topic has been well covered and as good as you are, I prefer my man, he kisses back.’


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Eye of the Beholder

A while back I asked for ideas from readers about perils, situations or just in general story ideas that they would like to see.  This was a suggestion from a reader who wishes to remain in the background. I hope you enjoy it as I enjoyed writing it.

If you have any ideas for stories, perils, etc that you'd like to see please post a comment here or email me at    Don't be shy or worried your idea will be too far out there, every idea is given serious consideration.   Thanks again for the idea.  

Eye of the Beholder

As he put the key into the door of his penthouse condo he allowed himself a moment to pause, reflect, a small smile emerging. 

‘C.O.I.L. will be pleased,’ he thought.  ‘I got the data the mission required and as a bonus eliminated two D.O.O.M. agents.’  He allowed himself a second smile, the agents in question being very sexy female operatives.

With the memory of those two agents still dancing in his mind he made his way to his office and opened his laptop, took the thumb drive containing the data he’d acquired and prepared to transmit it only to find he had no Internet connection.

‘Damm.   This condo may have a lot of advantages but bandwidth is not one of them!’ he muttered as he rummaged in one of the desk drawers for his portable hotspot card.  He was still looking when he heard a voice behind him.

‘Looking for this, Steele?’

Steele turned about quickly, there standing in the door way to his bedroom, one hand supporting her weight against the frame, her head cocked slightly and provocatively to one side. Dressed only in a towel that just covered her ample breasts and slim body it ended just below her hips, her legs crossed over at the ankles stood the woman her had sought earlier in the evening.   There in the centre of her more than ample d├ęcolletage was his Internet Card.

Well Roxanne, this is a pleasant surprise,’ he said not phased at all by the presence of the D.O.O.M. agent.

‘I won’t bother to ask you how you got in here, what’s important is you’re here.  Too bad you weren’t at home when I made my special delivery earlier this evening.  You’re two minions had to pick up the cost, plus the tip of course, but room service is so much more appealing, so I’m  glad you arranged it this way,’ he said, malice in his voice.

Roxanne remained cool and calm replying.  ‘I do you can make another special delivery, just for me, but I warn you I’m more exacting in my expectations, but I tip so much better and speaking of tip,’ she said, her eyes focusing on his swelling member as it engorged to full attention, a common effect on men when she was about.

Steele made a lunge for her, she deftly and lithely stepped aside, half ducking to avoid his enfolding arms a small laugh escaping her as she pirouetted away from another attempt and came to rest leaning on the edge of a chair her body displayed seductively once more. 

‘You’ll have to do much better than that?’ she purred. 

Steele’s face tightened in frustration as did his body.  She watched as he became more catlike in his actions, she danced and swayed just out of reach again and again her mocking laughter echoing from one failed chance to another to catch her before he finally caught just the fringe of the towel and jerked it hard back toward himself, his powerful forearms rolling her out of the covering.  Gracefully she spun out of the cocoon then stopped her back to him; she turned about and looked at him, the pose seducingly effective as a lock of her brown hair fell over one eye.  Roxanne blew him a kiss and he advanced toward her, all the while she smiled and did not move until he was just a few steps from her, suddenly she turned about, the smile growing wider on her face as he stopped just a step from her.

‘Something catch your eye?’ Roxanne smoothly said as she placed her arms behind her head and swayed slowly side to side much like a belly dancer, her magnificent orbs, firm, tense and full just slightly in motion from the movement.  She took the towel from his hand and slowly backed up, her dance never abating until she was across the room from him, her sylphlike form moving from shadow to light with the stealth of cat on the hunt, she slipped the towel back on and the trance was broken.

‘Over here darling.  Really you must be faster, if you want to catch me or did your earlier dalliances this evening drain you of your strength.  Judging from what I see I think not.  Not to worry I won’t hold it against you, we’ll just consider that practice, now for the main event,’ she said.
Steele’s mind race, he was not tired yet something had happened, just what, he couldn’t quite place, but as her searched deeper he became aware of losing control to her for the briefest of instances, or so it seemed.  She was beautiful, but nothing more so than other agents, on either side, he’d had encounters with. 

He shrugged it off and came swiftly at her only this time she disrobed herself theatrically letting the towel soar into the air.  The spy blew him a kiss as he again stopped as if frozen in place just a few steps from her, the towel cascading down from above between them where it caught on his member and hung. 

‘A Kodak moment if ever there was one,’ Roxanne said smiling then continued.  ‘You can’t seem to take your eyes off my orbs darling, don’t worry, all men have the same issue, it seems their rather hypnotic in their perfection and in the motion I add to them,’ she demurred as she watched his eyes.

‘Ah there I have you, under my spell,’ the spy said softly before stepping in close and taking his hands in hers.  ‘Feel what has you so entranced darling,’ she whispered into his ear while her hands guided the palms of his over her mounds. 

This time Steele was aware of what was happening, his mind fuzzy on the how, but clear on the effects.  ‘She’s hypnotizing me somehow.  Focus your mind Steele, concentrate on anything other than the voice, gain back control,’ he screamed to the inner recesses of his mind.

‘Now listen to me closely baby.  Keep your eyes transfixed on my cleavage, I want you to absorb every curve of my beasts, that’s right feel how they slope and rise and fall, the sweep of the tangent, map it in your mind,’ she cooed as the spy guided his hands about her incredible globes.  ‘Oh what’s that, oh yes, that feels great, you’re magic hands are doing an incredible job, their getting me so excited.‘

From some corner of his mind, he screamed at the synapses as they heard and responded to Roxanne’s honeyed voice and left him to join her.  Frustration built inside him, a wave of rage on one side and wall of longing pushing against in on the other.  He was sure he would win, his training had tackled situations like before and he’d always prevailed.

Roxanne maneuvered his hands up and over her nipples, now hard, full, erect and very sensitive.  

‘Now baby use those hands to really excite me.  Feel the resistance as you push over them, the friction against your palms, now, oh yes, toy with them between the tips of your fingers, oh my God, you’re fantastic  lover, oh no,’ she gasped directing his splayed fingers up between her nipples and then shifting them back and forth over her pinnacles. 

‘Steele tried to control his hands, he knew he could, all he had to do was stop them, it was a simple task. ‘I will stop them now!’ his mind screamed, but his hands kept going, the delight of her smooth soft skin and the Cerci voice of Roxanne dashed his willpower on the rocks.  More of his mind came over to her sugary tones.  Sweat started to form on his brow; he could feel his hands removing from his mind, his control, being magnetized to her hands, following her every lead as she guided them about.

‘I feel so ready for you,’ she said controlling his hands downward and closing them around his own massive shaft its volume pulsing with excitement.  ‘No lover keep your glaze affixed to my boobs,’ Roxanne said as slowly she pistoned his hands back and forth along his steel pole. 

‘Oh my, back to your old tricks, you devil!  Ohhh!  You haven’t lost your touch, that is so wonderful,’ she said.  ‘Feel how wet I am, I’m almost ready, just a like longer baby and I’ll be there for you,’ she said touching his tip against her pussy sending pounding electric spikes up his shaft, his body twitching in response.  ‘They feel so good in your hands I want you to touch me always like this,’ she said then instructed his hands in how she liked it while giving him several verbal commands to follow when she spoke them. 

‘Keep control Steele,’ he told himself, but his mind was slipping further down her well of dominance and now the please factor added a second front to Roxanne’s attack.  He started to feel the rising tide of joy inside him, a stirring that could and would not be quelled. 

‘You love touching me there and every time you see them you simply can’t resist, you must stop whatever you’re doing and satisfy me until I say stop.  Remember darling, your pleasure is my pleasure and I’m not satisfied fully until you are, do you understand?’ she questioned and he nodded vacantly. ‘Wonderful, let’s try a simple experiment now that your pump is primed.’

Steele was aware of his agreeing and part of him cursed himself for doing it, but he had to comply with Roxanne’s wishes, he must obey her, his mind told him.

The hypnotic spy released her hands and stepped back several paces retrieving the towel deftly as she moved then stopped and in a quick flash wrapped herself back up breaking the spell she had on him.  Instantly the glazed look in his eyes was replaced by menace, he released his hands from his spear realizing what he hand been doing.  Steele fought the feeling to continue pleasuring himself as he was close, he was unsure if this was his indulgent pleasure trying to win out or Roxanne still having residual control of him, either way he cursed himself for his weakness.  He and rushed at her, she all the while smiling until  he was just about on her, she relaxed her covering just enough to let it, with a little encouragement from her, slip off her breasts.  In an instant he stopped, the glass eyed looked returned and his hand began to stroke his obelisk.

‘Not again, so close, so near to having her and finishing he as I did the others.’  Steele instantly knew that was the wrong thought to have, his thoughts recalled the two beauties he had finished earlier, both with sexual entanglements that had been exquisite in their pleasuring for him.  He watched his hand move toward and then encircle his shaft, nothing his brain commanded could stop it and he watched in desperation as the Steele controlled by Roxanne began to stroke back and forth and massage his member, that Steele was lost in pleasure and the other Steele, the one that could do nothing, simply followed along. 

‘That’s right baby, make me cum,’ she mocked as he pulled and stroked his stem while she made noises of encouragement.  ‘AHHHHH, almost honey just a few more, oh yes, there you are, keep it going, wring every last drop from me,’ she mocked as he climaxed and jetted his fluid with forceful rage.

Steele’s mind rushed with pleasure and nothing else, he was lost to the primal urge and gladly surrendered to it, letting it fill him up. 

‘If I can just focus!’ he said to himself as the briefest of moments after the last ray of joy slipped from him and his mind cleared.  Now is the time, get control of your mind while you can and she is still shut out.  I have it, I have it,’ Steele thought as the light came back into focus and the world around him cleared again, but then he saw her tits, so perfect so…. And he was lost again.  “Noooo!’ his mind screamed as Roxanne flooded into every corner and took control again. 

The spy made a follow me motion with her finger as she turned him and then backed away some more and pulled up the towel.  For a moment he looked dazed, his eyes betraying his intent as he looked at his hand for just a second, then he came for her again and she repeated then hypnotic trap only with a little more flair.  Side stepping her assailant, she pivoted about and with a grandiose gesture flung off the towel and subdued him again with her mesmerizing spheres.

‘My mind is being eroded by all the control/release she is applying.  I find it harder and harder to resist pleasuring myself or gaining back my mind even when she gives it to me.  I’m lost to her power to control me sexually,’ Steele said.  He did not add that he liked it, but what’s left unsaid is usually more powerful that what’s said. 

His hand mechanically went to his shaft and began, not in a crude way, but just the way she had guided it when he was first under her spell.  She smiled as she watched knowing if she’d left the procedure up to him he’d only ever spill once and that was not the outcome or the end game she wanted.  ‘Who better  than to teach a male about masturbation than a female, after all we are the softer sex and we know more about their bodies and how to get them to perform than they do,’ she thought as she watched him spill again in a great stream of energy draining ghism.

This time Roxanne did not cover up but encouraged him to continue.  ‘Come on baby, you can do it, make me scream in glory.  Yesssss, that’s it around the tip, bath me in pleasure until I collapse in your arms totally spent by your vigour!’ she honeyed as she watched him do what she commanded to his python.   ‘Very impressive and so fast, I knew you were a virile lover, you make me so happy!’
Steele still knew enough to understand what she was up to, but powerless to do anything about it.  ‘She’s going to pleasure me to death, death by my own had at the command of another person.  I need to resist and break her spell,’ he thought as he watched the last drips of his seed escape and his body relax just a little.

The sexy spy moved away again and covered up once more then exposed him to her deadly commanding presence.  This time she kept him under her spell of seduction for three sessions.  When she released him, he staggered toward her, she moved and danced out of the way, ducking and cartwheeling free of his swing arms, her laugh mixing with his pants for air and awkward lunging thuds of his legs upon the floor, but she cast her spell on him once more.

‘Not again! I have nothing left to offer and she knows that, my bodies in overdrive and still I can’t stop it, I must obey her commands, I want to obey her commands and make her happy,’ she mind said overriding his own thoughts and taking control.

Exhausted he fell to his knees after the first discharge.  She smiled and lifted his head up in her hands and stepped closer so he could keep contact with her dual hypnotic knolls. 

‘That’s excellent honey, god your amazing, faster and faster, make the room spin for me, push harder and faster, oh yes, almost baby almost!’ she voiced as he did her bidding and came his body jerking and his face twisting as he did. 

‘Give her what she wants, I must, I will make her happy even if it means death for me!’ his mind told him and his body accepted it as it worked harder.  ‘I’m all hers and I want to be,’ Steele thought with his last gasp of independence. 

She did not let up, a venomously honey voice lured him like a siren song and he came again and again, his body lathered in perspiration.  She could feel his heart pounding, his body straining to keep up with her commands, still she coated him in words of praise and he stroked himself again.  This time his whole body stammered and quaked. 

‘This is it lover, together, take me over the top, pin me to the mattress with your wand and fill me with all that fantastic magic inside you!’ she screamed in mock passion.  She pulled his face into her cleavage and buried him inside then while she whispered into his ear, her soft words and softer flesh exciting him to dangerous levels. His heart beat right through her body, she smiled and shimmied just a little, giving more encouragement, not that he needed any, her trap and her words was all that was ever required but she liked to spice up the game for herself.

His heart raced then just as quickly he slowed to a stop, only for a fraction of a second, she knew, she’d been here many times before.  That flicker of an instant between a dead stop and what came next seemed like an eternity, long enough for the victory smile to pose on her lips and her eyes to light up with triumph.

He thrust forward, his hips machine gunning as he released into the air all the strength he had left, his body twisted and pounded, then convulsed as she twinned her arms about his neck until he stilled.
‘Is that all you have for me lover?’ she cooed and released her arms.  He tumbled lifeless to one side, she looking at him for a second then retreating to the bedroom to clean herself up and change.

‘Nice place,’ she said sometime later as she emerged from the bedroom.  “I think I’ll put an offer in on it.  I don’t think the previous tenant will be getting back his cleaning deposit though.’