Friday, May 8, 2015



By HKlaw and barrie125ca

Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward was back in the office of Dr. Emma Peale, where she was about to embark on another session with her therapist. They had been meeting to explore and work through the aristocrat/spy's experiences and fascination with bondage and peril, as well as the deeper issue that Penelope had essentially murdered one of her tormenters because she believed -- incorrectly, as it turned out -- that he had killed her friend and fellow agent, Olivia "Livie" Strauss.

In their sessions, Lady Penelope recounted her experiences as a way of venting and to help her therapist, Dr. Peale, understand how she had reached this point in her life and her career.

After the usual recap of their most recent session and what Penelope took away from it, Dr. Peale asked her if she had anything new to discuss. With things being relatively slow at International Rescue, they then turned their attention to a past bondage/peril situation that involved one of the aristocrat's former classmates at Charring Abbey. As with past sessions, Lady P told it in her own words and from a first-person, stream-of-consciousness viewpoint. She shifted somewhat uncomfortably on the leather couch before beginning, smoothing the hem of her pink floral sheath dress and crossing her legs before putting her stiletto-shod feet up on the couch.

I was shopping at a small boutique just off Oxford Street that makes fine leather clothing. Not staid jackets or fetish wear -- although I'm sure they could do excellent work there -- but haute couture fashions rendered in leather. The boutique, Skins, produced some of the finest women's pants and boots in the UK.

I was trying on a pair of particularly smashing leather jeans and coordinating ankle boots. The jeans were in a pale, blush shade of pink and they were so supple and buttery soft that by the time I made my way from the dressing room to the mirrors they had molded to my measurements in a way that was most flattering -- and if I do say so, sexy. I wore them tucked into a pair of coordinating ankle boots with pointed toes, a side zipper and 5-inch stiletto heels. The darker pink fitted tweed blazer and ivory camisole I wore under it made for a smashing casual outfit, something I could wear to brunch or cocktails with some old school chums.

Speaking of old school chums, that brings us to Annabella Huffington-Post.

"Yes, I seem to remember something about her in the Times last year," Dr. Peale interjected.

"Indeed," I said before continuing.

My phone began buzzing incessantly with text alerts from some of my contacts at Scotland Yard before the official call came. I was needed at The Yard to help with a kidnapping.

After quickly paying for the pants and boots, as well as some other items I'd fancied (a pencil skirt and a bustier/corset), I was at New Scotland Yard as quickly as humanly possible, thanks to Parker. Once there, I was informed that one of my classmates at Charring Abbey, noted heiress and socialite Annabella "Bella" Huffington-Post, had been kidnapped, which didn't seem to be a matter for me. But the reason I had been summoned was that the kidnapper(s) had specifically requested that I deliver the ransom -- and in a most unique way.

They told Scotland Yard that I was to bring them the ransom on horseback, following the kidnappers' directions exactly and without any sign of the authorities or a tracking device. The ransom was 5 million Euro, in cash, which Bella's family had already collected. If I did not comply or their terms were not met, Bella would suffer dire consequences. They emailed a video recorded just moments earlier once Scotland Yard contacted them via email to say that I had been found. The video showed Bella gagged and struggling, apparently tied to a brass bed in some state of undress.

While I had no particular fondness for Bella, as she had proven to be not only a spoiled brat but had been unspeakably cruel to her horses when we were riding at school, I had little choice but to agree. As a matter of fact, I had to bring her inhumane treatment of one particular pony to the attention of the headmistress, resulting in Bella's dismissal from the competition jumping team.

With no time to waste, I sent for my horse and a riding outfit and had someone from the stable staff meet Parker and I at the starting point of my journey to save Bella. Scotland Yard would send someone with me to that point, transporting the ransom money, and would have a recovery team standing by. But they also would comply with the demands for no tracking devices or monitoring of any kind, and, of course, that meant no cell phone.

I changed into my own stylish riding outfit in the back of the Fab One once we arrived. (The car is outfitted with glass that, at the touch of a button, can be tinted against prying eyes for privacy.) I wore basic hunter/jumper attire, navy blazer and protective riding cap as well as jodphurs, but with a few modifications. Beneath the blazer I wore a white sports bra under a white sleeveless, high-neck silk blouse. And my footwear consisted of a custom pair of classic riding boots, but with 4 1/2-inch metal stiletto heels. Not wanting to be without something in my favorite shade, I accessorised with a pink silk scarf.

After becoming reacquainted with my horse, Mr. Darcy, and loading the ransom bags onto his back, I was off looking for the first clue that I was told I would find about a kilometer down the riding trail on which I had embarked.

A series of pink ribbons tied to trees led me back and forth across the countryside for the next 90 minutes astride Mr. Darcy before I finally found a note and a key dangling from one of the ribbons.

The note read: "Take the trail to the west of this tree and leave the ransom on the freshly-cut stump a kilometer down the trail. There you will see directions that will tell you where to find Annabella Huffington-Post and what to do with the key."

I did as instructed and found myself riding up onto the back side of a large country cottage and adjacent stables and indoor riding ring that seemed strangely familiar. I was told in the instructions at the ransom drop that the key would unlock the front door of the cottage.

As I surveyed the property looking for signs of the kidnapper(s), I saw no one, so I quickly unlocked the front door of the cottage. Upon entering, I found it empty and dusty, but I quickly heard sounds coming from upstairs. As I ascended the stars, I realized that the sound was someone screaming through a gag. Bella! I thought.

In a bedroom at the end of a long upstairs hallway, I found Bella dressed only in her undergarments and stiletto-heeled pumps, gagged and tied to an old brass bed. She screamed and motioned as best she could for me to untie her. When I began to do so, I suddenly heard a noise from the closet to the side of the bed and, before I could react, someone had placed a chloroform-soaked cloth over my mouth and I was unconscious.

"My word, Penelope!" Dr. Peale exclaimed. "How terribly frightful for you and for poor Annabella."

"Not exactly, Dr. Peale. All was not as it seemed."

When I was awakened by an ammonia capsule under my nose, I ached from a huge shaft upon which I found myself impaled. Not only had the crotch of my jodphurs and panties had been slit, but my riding jacket had been removed, along with the sports bra I wore under my sleeveless, pleated white blouse, although the blouse had been placed back on me.

Worst of all, I found myself sitting on an English-style riding saddle with my wrists and elbows bound tightly behind my back and my stiletto-heeled hunter riding boots tied into the stirrups so that I couldn't quite lift myself off the long, ribbed phallus that impaled me. My wrists were secured to the saddle behind me with more rope, and the long, flowing pink scarf I wore while riding had been fashioned into a double gag and tied off tightly behind my head.

As I took in my surroundings, I was dismayed and disappointed -- but not really surprised -- to find Bella standing to my right wearing a Cheshire cat grin and no longer wearing just her undergarments. Bella wore a dark green ribbed sweater with gold and red horizontal bands of color at the waist and a red-and-white ribbed color and cuffs on the short sleeves. The sweater was worn over a pair of skinny jeans and black suede stiletto-heeled boots. She held her long black tresses off her forehead by using her designer aviator sunglasses like a hair band.

There were some things I could have worked with in her outfit, which obviously cost her quite a bit, but the overall look was one of someone who had lots of cash but very little style or class. Typical Bella, as I remembered her.

Standing next to the dilettante was a tall, darkly handsome young man who clearly was her boyfriend. He was about what I would have expected -- tight white T-shirt, torn jeans, leather jacket and biker boots. Bella always liked to think she was edgy, but dodgy was more like it back in the day.

Unfortunately, he was the kind of man who would do anything for her -- and for a tidy sum -- and that included doing some rather ungentlemanly things to me. Bella stepped closer to me and began to explain my predicament.

"Ah, Penny, we meet again," she said in a voice that dripped with contempt. "Not sitting pretty now, are you, your Ladyship?"

She was right about that. As I now realized, my saddle rested on a riding simulator, much like a mechanical bull, that was set up inside a room at the stable on the property where I had been led.

Bella stepped closer and began to explain my predicament and how I came to be their captive.

"We are standing in one of the rooms at my family's country stables where I trained for jumping competitions," she said, "that is until you told tales out of school about me and not only had me removed from the jumping team but grounded by my father. (Of course, I had never been anything but truthful in describing the terrible way she treated not only her horses but other members of the team.). Now this property is for sale, thanks to some setbacks in the markets that have not only cost my father a considerable portion of his net worth but have caused him to limit my spending. Can you imagine?

"Well, with a bit of imagination of my own -- and the help of Sean, here -- I've found a way to not only supplement my allowance to the tune of 5 million Euro until my full trust fund kicks in two years hence," she said referencing the ransom money with smile, "but to get rid of you."

My eyes widened noticeably at her words. I could certainly believe that Bella was capable of holding a grudge for so long, knowing her as I did from Charring Abbey, but kidnapping and ... murder? No, I didn't believe she was capable of such things. But as she stood looking up at me, I saw the evil in not only her eyes but those of her hooligan boyfriend. They clearly meant to do me bodily harm, and they looked as if they would enjoy it.

"As I'm sure you've noticed, Penny, you are sitting atop a riding simulator that will take you on a jumping course," Bella said, pointing at a large screen in front of me that now showed a country setting on it. "You can see each jump, uphill, downhill or stream as your steed approaches it. You will feel every bump, every rise, every jump as your stallion takes you for a long, lusty romp on his thick shaft," she added as she stepped behind me and slapped the simulator where the horse's rump would have been.

I pulled and strained at not only the bindings around my wrists securing me to the saddle but at the rope that held my boots in the stirrups. I found that with great effort I could raise my body a few inches off the well-lubricated, ribbed phallus that impaled me. But I could not lift myself all the way off its rubbery surface. No, I was going to have to endure yet another erotic peril. The question was: How did they mean to kill me?

"How, indeed, Penelope?" Dr. Peale asked. "As painful and humiliating as a ride on that saddle sounds, I'm not sure I see how it would prove fatal, if you don't mind my saying."

"Not at all, Dr. Peale," I said. "Those were my thoughts, as well."

But this was not to be the peril, per se. It was merely a way for Bella to humiliate me and for her lover to indulge his kinky side by watching.

"You've been riding high all these years since we were together at Charring Abbey," Bella said with venom. "And you'll soon have to get off your high horse, but not before we take you for the ride of your life.

"Sean, if you would do the honors ... " she told her boyfriend, who I now noticed was holding a control box for the riding simulator. "Once you get started, the simulator will take you over a 5-kilometer hunter-jumper course of Olympic caliber. And once you've completed that ride, the simulator will reset and you'll be off on another ride. As a matter of fact, the simulator has more than 50 such courses in its database."

My eyes widened, as you can well imagine, at hearing these words. A series of rides atop that saddle and the attached phallus might be pleasurable for a time -- and it certainly wouldn't kill a seasoned rider like myself -- but it would take a toll. And then what?

But before I could think too hard about what fate awaited me, I felt a tingling and wetness as I shifted in the saddle and the shaft inside me moved, too. I mmmppphhhed and threw my head from side to side, glaring at Bella and Sean, but I knew that for now I was at their mercy. And as if to remind me that I would be shown none, Sean threw a switch on the control box and the simulator began to move beneath me.

I screamed in frustration, the thick double gag muffling most of the sound, and I was off.

"You must understand, Doctor, whether I’m mounting an equine steed or another kind of steed," Lady Penelope explained, then paused to let the double entendre take hold, "I’m used to setting the pace. This, however, was not to be the case. I knew in an instant the stallion had been programmed by Bella and not her voyeur boyfriend."

"How so?" Dr. Peale asked, leaning forward a little in her chair.

"Think about it, Doctor, what does a woman want?  She does not want a fast start and a quick finish; no, she wants a slow rhythmic buildup, a gentle but insistent cadence that slowly builds toward a climax finish. Bella may be a lot of things but she is still a woman after all.  No, a male would have gone -- if you’ll excuse the horse analogies -- right to the whip, bit between the teeth, charging away.  But I digress. Back to my predicament."

The steed swayed back and forth, just like riding. I tried to force my mind to be elsewhere, but instinctively the walls of my paradise began to exert a firm and tightening grip about the horn of plenty.  Within minutes my arousal grew. I could feel my pulse quickening, my heart  rate increasing and my body heating up. With no means of changing the motion, I was trapped with only my willpower to resist.

Out of the corner of my eye I caught him looking at me, I shan’t dignify him by name. In fact, I erased him from the scene and focused on myself.  I closed my eyes and desperately tried to concentrate on refusing, but my partner in this ride of peril was of another mind.

Back and forth I went, my now well-lubricated walls slipping effortlessly about the phallus and stimulating me immensely.  I could feel my breathing shallow, my heart picking up pace, my body fighting against my mind for control as I moved, pushed, nudged and rocked myself over and about the immoveable pylon of pleasure.

I could see on the large screen in front of me that we were approaching the first fence. The pace quickened beneath me. I, in turn, quickened with it, matching the torrent of speed with my own gyrations, my hips shortening to sharp thrusts and then, Oh, my! a sudden pull back from the mechanical devil under me. That was all it took, that instant where all the inertia stops and reverses.  The horn drove up into me fully, my eyes rolled back and screams of muffled pure pleasure filled the room. My head snapped back and forth even as my hips thrust forward to engulf the slightly receding cone, my yoni intent on capture and total surrender to my desires.  I pulled and swayed, did everything my womanly arts commanded as I wrung pleasing moans and gasps from deep inside.

When I caught my breath, the mechanical devil was back at pace, but not the same as before.  Bella was smart and experienced and, as I said before, above all a woman.  She knew we, meaning females, need, want, desire another pace from the first that has been done. Our bodies enjoyed that, but now to stimulate us again we demand change.  The pace was more a cantor, up and down, a bouncing ride, short and sharp as was the motion upon me.

"So you were forced into a new position then?" Dr. Peale asked. "One more strident and upright?"

"Bella knew I’d be forced to tilt my hips forward, forcing maximum stimulation on my clitoris.  I would not be allowed to rest or recover."

My desire was building again.  My body stayed hot, small wet marks began to form around my erect, full and, of course, pink nipples. My wonderful silk sleeveless blouse was slowly being ruined as my damp form caught the luxurious fabric and drew it flush to my skin, much to the pleasure of my watcher.  The cantor had the desired effect, maximum contact with me, and soon I was -- well, let's put it this way -- over the fence with ease.

My tormentors, however, had designed an unrelenting course, built for a powerful steed that did not tire or require rest between fences.  No,  the pace increased to a trot, my hips sliding and shimmying about in a most delightful manner, the phallus shaped to please from every angle. I had not a chance against it except one, and I had to wait for my body to react.

At present, I was trapped in a pleasuring ride of orgasmic equestrian extravagance.  I bobbled up and down on the horn, in spite of the circumstances. I found myself driving down on it, my hips giving a little extra thrust for added stimulation.  I titled my head back and moaned and screamed in joy, much to my tormentors' delight. My whole body shook with pleasure. I was totally damp by this time, the nipples piercing raisins plastered against the silk blouse. My smooth, round orbs were the colour of white gauze as they strained against the clinging fabric, jiggling just a little, but always pert as I feverishly gyrated my hips in a rapid-fire motion against my tyrant who delivered me again to such joy.

"My word, that’s three stimulations!" Dr. Peale exclaimed.

"Yes, and now the course changed again, rough uneven terrain that pulled me front to back."

The strain on my arms was terrible, but nothing compared to the sensuous river welling up inside me.  Back and forth, relentless rubbing over my already highly swollen clitoris pushed me onward.  Oh, it was maddening! I tried in vain to concentrate, to will my mind to other places, but always it returned to that room, the room of self-gratification, and all I had to do was open the door.

It was too easy and, of course, I did. At the very next jump, I came, long and glorious as it was a series of jumps.  The aftershocks were nearly as wonderful as the orgasm. I screamed at the top of my voice. Gagged as I was, of course, all that came out was muffled sounds. But my oppressors knew very well that they had succeeded.  But they were not done with me yet.

Down a hill we raced, my hips and body now totally soaked and sheened, all aglow as I rode on. My hot, fevered body was forced forward, then we turned sharply and the sensation of the walls crashing and rubbing against the horn even more so than before as we raced up a hill. Back my body flew, the charger in full gallop, my body straining to hang on, the metal stiletto heels of my riding boots working against the inertia held me down and, of course, tight against the phallus.  My clitoris was pushed right against it astride the charging steed. His pace, ever quickening, commanded ,me to let him run. He was too powerful for me to control.

The rubbing was so wonderful that I didn’t want the pace to slow and I hoped it was a never-ending hill of pleasure that I could ride to the top again and again.  I gripped my lover with all I had and charged on, lost in a cloud of sound and fury as I experienced and enjoyed the ride to the very apex of pleasure.

"Is there more or were you, at this point, finally incapacitated?" Dr. Peale asked.

"No, far from it, but what I had hoped would happen did."

"Please continue. I think we need to extend the session in order to complete this," Dr. Peale said, looking at her watch as she clearly was enthralled – both professionally and personally.

As you well know, a woman, after a certain number of times, tends to get a little over lubricated and she somewhat enlarges in capacity. That, of course, makes friction for the male difficult and orgasm nearly out of the question. I had reached that stage and I thought that if I could just fake a few more encounters they would think I was done and move to stage two of their plan for me, at which point I would surprise them and escape.  That however was not to be, and I should have understood that. As I said before, Bella is a woman and she had anticipated this scenario.

"No need to ask if you’re enjoying yourself, Penny," Bella said with a sadistic smile. "I think both of us can clearly see and hear that you are.  But not to worry, not only doesn’t your lover get tired we have also endowed him well --- Hmm, interesting double meaning -- and given him the capacity to grow into the job.  Darling, if you please."

Her boy toy pushed a button on the control box and I knew right away my plan was useless.

Whatever do you mean?" Dr. Peale asked, her voice a little more curious than professional.

"The object between my legs began to swell, filling me from every angle, the soft firm compound allowing me no escape.  I was scrumptiously occupied,"

I could feel my lady calling to him to come to her, and he responded the second the next course came up.  I vowed to refuse, but soon knew I was not the master.  Jump after jump filled me with no refusal. He was tight and oh so perfectly positioned inside me. It was impossible!

I let go of the reins and sailed over the jump on the third fence, my body jerking and lurching as I went limp from the pleasuring.  Still we rode on, but I had lost control of the charging beast and he, all quicksilver and flash, pulsated beneath me as he ran free and hard.  I gasped for air in between double and sometimes triple orgasms lasting what seemed forever and in reality I knew far too long.

My strength ebbed quickly and soon I was in a kind of daze, aware of only light and a vague sense being.  I’m sure that if I wasn’t bound in place I would have fallen off my mount, something that has never happened to me under any circumstance.  I soon became aware of only the rush of my body from the gratification.  I sensed a little pleasure, but not much. I’m not sure even of this as I have only vague recollections of it.  I do remember Bella saying to me that my horsemanship was quite extensive in duration.

I do remember one long crucible of joy where my heart raced uncontrollably and my screaming even managed to stir me from my dream if just for a second.  The pleasure was intense and numbing, my body started to go limp. Every string that controlled my appendages seemed to be cut, like a marionette having its strings cut on stage for all to see.  I saw white before my eyes, heard a scream of utter ecstasy and felt my body drain away as I had nothing left to fight with.
The next thing I remember was walking up to part two of my captors' plan, and this was nothing like part one. As my head slowly cleared, I realized much to my chagrin that I was tied to a huge blacksmith's anvil in the main part of the stable barn.

My legs were wrapped around the horn at one end of the anvil, with my boots pulled down as if they were still in stirrups. But they were actually both held in place by loops of a rope that ran around the base of the anvil. My wrists were pulled down under the other horn of the anvil and tied together with the same rope that formed my ankle stirrups, with the length of rope wrapped around the base. A crotch rope tied around my waist and the anvil prevented me from expelling the phallus, which was not nearly as long as my earlier companion. But what it lacked in length it made up for in girth. Even in my moistened, stretched state, it utterly filled me. My bondage was completed by a rope looped around my neck and tied around the horn beneath me.

"Ah, Penny, so good of you to rejoin us for the final leg of your journey to the afterlife," Bella said.

I knew at this point that she and her boy toy meant to finish me, and my struggling and loud mmmppphhhing made that clear, but I did not yet know the means. I was soon enlightened.

"It's usually unfortunate when a lively filly must be put down," Bella said, "but in this case I think it's actually long overdue. You've been a burr under my saddle since our days at Charring Abbey, and now it's time to put you out of my misery.

"Look up!" she commanded, pointing toward the roof of the barn, some 30 feet or so above me.

My eyes went wide again and I gasped as I saw the instrument of my doom -- or at least the doom Bella and her boyfriend intended for me -- hanging by a rope. It was an anvil just like the one to which I was so painfully bound.

"No, surely Bella wouldn't ...." Dr. Peale said, aghast at what she was hearing.

"Oh, Bella would," I replied. "She had never forgiven me for shaming her, and now she would have her deadly revenge."

And she would take great pleasure in describing my fate in detail.

"Yes, Penny," Bella said with relish, "now you see what we have planned for you. The anvil suspended above you weighs more than 250 pounds. It has been aligned directly over the anvil that will serve as your final resting place."

As Bella continued, my eyes followed the rope that held up the anvil so precariously.

"As you can see, we used a block-and-tackle and a series of pulleys to lift the anvil above you into place. The end of the rope is tied securely around a sturdy cleat on the wall right next to the barn's sliding main door," she said pointing and guiding my eyes. "That is very important because, as you will also notice, we have attached a large knife with a rather sharp blade to the door so that when it is slid open, it will cut the rope."

I strained against the ropes that held me securely to the anvil on the barn floor, but all that did was move the phallus inside me around a bit.

"I've spent years pondering how I might exact my revenge on you," Bella said. "I heard the jokes made at my expense after you had me removed from the equestrian team, so I thought it only fitting to create a diabolical deathtrap with a riding theme. And it all fits into my plan so nicely.

"In a few moments, Sean and I will leave you to your fate. He will tie me to the bed where you found me in the cottage, but this time in addition to gagging me, he will blindfold the kidnapping victim, then leave to pick up the ransom. When the authorities find me, it will appear that since I had never seen their faces -- thanks to the blindfold -- they could let me live. You, on the other hand, somehow saw them and could make an identification. So, you had to be dealt with and in a most delightful way, if I do say so myself.

"After picking up the 5 million Euro, Sean will call the police on a throwaway cell phone and tell them that they can find me in the cottage and you in the barn. He will tell them that we are unharmed -- for now -- but they had better hurry if they want us to remain that way. That should ensure someone from Scotland Yard rushing to your rescue through the sliding barn door and a final, crushing defeat for Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward."

"How horrible!" Dr. Peale said. "And what a horrible person Bella is."

"Indeed," I responded, "but she had not yet won the day."

Still, Bella had one final humiliation in store for me. Lest I forget, the phallus held fast between my legs by the crotch rope, Bella's boy toy leaned in close and looked at me lasciviously before reaching into the slit cut into my now-soaked jodphurs.

"Any final words, Penny?" Bella asked, not that I could answer her audibly.

I looked away from my captors and up at the anvil suspended high above me and screamed some rather un-Ladylike things, I dare say, into the thick gag. But the sound suddenly caught in my throat as Sean turned on the vibrator between my legs and I went rigid in my bonds. The combination of bondage, peril and stimulation had me once again.

My captors broke into loud laughter before Sean put an arm around Bella and they made their way toward a small back door of the barn behind some hay bails.

I was soon lost in the sensation of the thick phallus buzzing wildly inside me. Already drained from my ride atop the phallus on the simulator, I could do little but arch my pelvis and grind my hips against the cold, hard steel anvil as the vibrations took me back to that place where I could seek blissful release.

My mind knew that I had to find some way out of this perilous predicament, but my body could not muster the will to resist the siren call of the throbbing phallus that filled me to the hilt. I strained and wriggled as best I could in the tight bonds, working myself toward yet another orgasm. I had no sense of the passage of time as I closed my eyes and squeezed the thick shaft with every womanly muscle at my disposal.

Finally, I felt the tingling and bit down hard on the thick gag as the warmth spread slowly until I was engulfed in the fires of passion once again and my body trembled and shook in orgasm.

It was a long time -- I know not just how long -- before I finally opened my eyes. Looking up jolted me back to reality as I saw that massive anvil still hanging over me like the Sword of Damocles. I wondered for a moment if the orgasm I had just experienced would be my last, but I was by no means ready to give up.

As the last aftershocks subsided, I began to probe every bit of the rope that I could reach with my trained fingers but found no knots within my reach. I tried rubbing the ropes against the anvil, but its surfaces were too smooth to fray the fibers. I tried throwing my body from side to side and backward to forward, but the anvil was much too heavy and my feminine form much too light to move it even an inch. No, there was no way to free myself from this erotic peril.

"There must have been some way out," Dr. Peale said. "Your very presence here is proof of that, surely."

"I could not free myself, so I would have to rely on someone else to come to my rescue, and who else but ..."

"Parker, of course!" Dr. Peale exclaimed.

I was about to ponder my next move when I heard the first car roll up outside the barn. Realizing that the authorities had arrived and my time to affect an escape was up, I began struggling and screaming into my gag anew. For a moment I was torn: Would making noise bring a rescuer through the door from which Bella and Sean exited or would it only hasten my demise by bringing someone through the sliding door. The movement, the adrenaline and the bondage had me moistening again despite my best efforts to focus on my predicament.

The commotion outside grew louder as the police approached the barn door. I looked toward the blade poised to sever the rope, then my eyes widened and fixed on the massive anvil hanging directly above me. My back began to arch as the vibrations pushed me to the brink and I held my breath, every muscle in my bound body straining.

The barn door began to move as time seemed to stand still.

Dr. Peale was breathless and literally on the edge of her seat, flushed and sweating as the story was re-told to her.

I can vaguely remember a sound from behind me near the small back door of the barn and a gray blur of motion passing me. "NO! DON'T OPEN THAT BLOODY DOOR!!!!" a familiar voice shouted.

But the door was already in motion. Fortunately, so was Parker, who reached the fraying, groaning rope just as it gave way and the anvil began to drop toward me. He grasped the end of the rope with two glove hands and was literally swept off his fee before bracing them against the way and halting the anvil's rapid descent.

"Good show, Parker!" Dr. Peale shouted. "Good show!"

"Yes, indeed. And,I'm not ashamed to say that I put on quite a show myself over the next few minutes.

"Of course, you couldn't help yourself, could you?" Dr. Peale asked.

"No, the release of tension was long and pronounced as I squeezed the throbbing phallus for all I was worth, my loud moans and screams filling the air inside that barn."

Parker managed to keep the anvil at bay and keep the police out of the barn until I had satiated myself.

"Quick now, untie her lads," Parker eventually told the police as they entered the barn, "and help me with this bloody thing," he added motioning toward the swaying anvil.

I don't remember much of the aftermath, but I've been told that Bella had already been freed by this time and was being helped to an ambulance to get medical treatment when the barn door finally opened. It was a surprisingly long delay before she heard a loud clang from the barn as the anvil dropped. She had to stifle a grin at the thought of the massive weight falling on me, they say. But it was I who had the last laugh, as a few moments later, wrapped in Parker's coat, I was led from the barn, somewhat the worse for wear and on unsteady legs, but clearly unharmed by the anvil.

"And what became of Bella -- and her boyfriend, Sean?" Dr. Peale asked.

"Bella will be a guest of Ashford prison for the foreseeable future, and Sean will be a much older and less attractive toy by the time his incarceration ends. But he did receive a reduced sentence in exchange for testifying against Bella. Her rage in court after hearing him betray her was matched only by her anger toward me.

"She promised that what was done to me at her family's stable was nothing compared to what she would do to me some day."

"And how do you feel about Bella?" the therapist asked. "Does she provoke the type of anger that prompted you to ... "

"Not in the least, Doctor. I pity her more than loathe her. I take any threat seriously, but I don't think I'll be seeing Annabella Huffington-Post again for a very long time. Perhaps I’ll read about her in the papers or online. Only time will tell.

“And speaking of time, my word, is it really 10:27?” Lady Penelope said, checking her cell phone.  “I must hurry I have another pressing engagement,” she added with a wry smile, “this time with some truly lethal ladies.” 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Judas Stones - Chapter 24

Alice awoke with a hunger she had never felt before, it consumed her, all of her, every fibre every synapse was focused on it and it alone and she loved it.  The hunger became her and she it until they merged into the one entity and took form and focus and that focus laid within the walls of this place.  She rose from her mat, her body light and seemingly free to move in time and space, come and go as she pleased and do things humans could only dream of or have nightmares about.  She waved open the door to her sleep chamber and for all she could tell began to float down the hall, silent and ethereal.

The vampire was pulled toward the door at the end of hallway, the hunger and longing within her rising with each second as she got closer to the room where she lay.  By the time she got to the door Lady Alice Hamilton, all that she had been in life and death was gone and it wasn’t missed, that life had been but a flash, a waste of time or a prelude to this moment, she was beyond a petty body and the confines it presented, she was new and free and strong and immortal as she waived the door open and entered.

The door closed behind her, not this time with a wave but with just the slightest of thoughts, she was learning her new powers and liked them, then she turned and saw the body of Alex Chase. 

“It is so fragile, so impermanent, the smallest thing can destroy it, a creation of limitations but also of uses and I have need of this body,” she thought.

What had been Alice knelt beside what had been Alex and scooped up her torso in her arms bringing her head close to her own.  She kissed the forehead and each of the closed eyes of the dead woman before lowering her lips to the woman.

“I will tell you a secret; you shall not die but will be changed in the blink of an eye.” Alice said.

With that she took Alex’s hand.  Alex opened her eyes sat up and enfolding the woman in her arms.

“The gift of life is a gift that must be shared, love passes from generation to generation but never dies, it flies as a spark from a fire to light a new blaze,” Alex said as she placed Alice’s hand in hers and pressed it to her heart.

Alice’s eyes grew wide and her mouth opened as if to speak then tears filled her eyes and she collapsed into Alex’s waiting arms.  Alex held her tight, so tight she could feel Alice’s now beating heart pounding against her chest.

Aki came silently to Alex’s side and took her hand instantly feeling the connection they shared once again. 

“We are all whole again,” Aki said as the others came stumbling to the doors edge.

Alex soothed Alice like she was soothing a baby with tiny circular rubs of her back and calming noises and small kisses to her head that helped calm the woman until she pulled away, her face flushed and tear stained but holding a question that Alex did not need to have said to be answered.

“When Aki and I first touched each other we felt a strange connection, neither of us could understand it.  Over time we stopped trying to and just let it take us were it would and Aki and I could start to see where it was going but not the destination, until I had an experience looking for the second stone and let down the final barrier,” Alex explained.

“We came to realise at same moment that Alex and I were carrying you inside us. That is your Chi or Yin and Yang or soul if you prefer, they are just words.  We were keepers of what you had lost that day many centuries ago, but had never acknowledged until recently I think.  You fought for life that day and as such your spirit if you will could not be taken from you freely but was torn from you,” Aki continued.

“Like embers separated from a fire they eventually fade and die, this was what was happening to you.  Somehow, we cannot explain because we do not understand it, all of you was split into two halves and placed into us.  We never talked about it but Aki and I were born on the same day in the same year.  It lay inside each of waiting for the one to find the other,” Alex explained.

“Aki and I decided I would die in order to transfer the energy back to you and make you whole again it was the only way it could happen, thus the sword I let pierce me,” she continued.

“When you grabbed my arms you transferred your energy and mine into my body so you must have known I would give it back to you and restore your life,” Alice explained.

“No, Alex and I were never promised that during our mingling, but we decided together that it was what had to be done and that we loved and love each other enough to let each other go,” Aki said turning to Alex and smiling.  “That we could let this happen and trust in you.”

“One of you chose to die for me to give up everything including the other,” Alice said nearing tears again.

Both Aki and Alex reached up at the same time and wiped away a tear from each of her eyes.

“It is only the death of this consciousness, another awaits, don’t you remember Alice,” Alex said.

Alice recalled the feelings of floating and happiness that started the journey of this night and she started to understand.

“I think we should all go back to sleep,” Aki said softly and helped Alice up.

They walked past a bewildered and silent group of women when a hand reached out for Alex and stopped her, the others left leaving Alex and Claire alone and Aki and Alice by Alice’s bedroom door. 

Of all the people who saved me you know you and I are the only ones who have never met and yet you undertook this adventure which I’m sure is going to land everyone in deep you know what.  I don’t know what to say to that or to you,” Claire said.

“Aki was your enemy at one time Claire, mine as well.  Acceptance is change; you need to learn that, just as I did, we all love one another there is no greater thanks than that.” Alex smiled.

“What did you tell her?” Alex said as she picked up Aki on the way back to their respective bedrooms.

“To have pleasant dreams,” Aki said softly.  “And you to Baxter san?”


*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *                  

“I have come to ask permission to leave Kiko-san,” Aki said as she bowed from her kneeling 

“Before we began this journey of many parties we were merely a group of individuals united in a common cause or perhaps person is a better explanation.  I did not trust you given your past history with the Poison Geisha, but events have proven me wrong and for that I ask your forgiveness,” Kiko said as she bowed.

Aki had not expected this and she was humbled and honoured by it, a pillar of trust now existed for these women.  Kiko offered Aki a cup of tea they drank silently for a few minutes.

“You have not told Alex have you?” Kiko finally asked.

“No, think it best she know nothing as it is my business, this matter and I do not want my friends involved in anymore affairs that are just about me and another person.  My duty is to end this matter one way or another,” Aki said.

“Yet Alex will know, you still share the link with her, a gift or perhaps a curse left over from Alice’s transfiguration.  If you truly love and perhaps even more, trust each other do you not think you should tell her, after all she told you what had to happen to her in order to save Alice and you agreed even though you knew she was going to die,” Kiko explained taking another sip of tea.

“Hai,” Aki answered softly.

“Alex loves you so much, she will understand this more than you think, her understanding will only give you more strength and resolve when you need it most, that is why people say loves conquers all.  I have no desire to hold you back from your destiny, how far down this path are you willing to go and more importantly how far down it can you see,” Kiko stated.

“Only as far killing Uoko-san and ending this vengeance against me which has engulfed my friends in pain, that this time was mercifully erased, but she not stop, she keep coming, killing me by punishing the people I love the most, instead of one death I die many times through them, I will not allow this to happen any longer.   You see the kind of power she has, to even get people within your temple. I have a plan but I need to keep it to myself, but promise to share all once this is over, but as suggested, I will share with Alex,” Aki said softly.

Kiko came to her feet as did Aki, they bowed and then embraced before Aki took her leave she turned and smiled.

“Your baby is a girl, another Kunoichi.”

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *                  

   Aki left happy, Alex would have it no other way, she got the train to the main station on Tokyo to Kyoto.  Dressed as a modern looking woman she fit fight in even don to the numerous stares she got from the men and a few sneers from women.  Her face remained passive, outward all calm and indifferent; inward she was rehearsing her plan such as it was. 

“Uoko must know I’m still alive simply because none of her agents survived and that I will be after her, so must expect attack before I get to confront her at Teahouse,” she thought.  “What kind of trap will she set or send?” Aki mused as the train flew along.

She checked in her hotel, her suite was extremely well appointed including a sunken large bath that she intended to avail herself of as soon as she unpacked so she could relax and ponder a little more.  She started the water and left to unpack the bath was rather large and would take time to fill.  She returned stripped of and hug her kimono and laid out her bath accessories at the edge.

Aki reached for her kimono a second too late as the first coloured dot hit her thigh.  She lurched forward before a second dot stuck to her on the neck another to the back of her heel, the small of her back and the last between her shoulder blades.  Aki crashed to the floor, her body limp and her eyes glassy as she watched to door slide open and a figure bow before gracefully getting to her feet and entering.  She knelt closed the door, locked it and then rose moving silently toward Aki.  Her opponent, a Poison Geisha in full costume but just for the moment as Aki watched her undo her Obi sash and disrobe.  Her alabaster body filled Aki’s eyes with perfection and her heart with dread, a body that was the perfection of her craft, willowy legs, soft to the touch and beautiful to look at but concealing the strength and suppleness of bamboo.  Flat, feminine stomach, small apple sized breasts, perfect for her body size and a stunning if passive face. Lowering herself she looked closely into Aki’s eyes, then daintily brought their lips together for the briefest of touches. 

“My name is Shinju,” she said as she bowed.

 “My Poison Geisha Beads are very fast acting Aki.  Discharged with a puff of air from two of my special hairpins they contain a sticky outer coating that attaches itself to the skin.  The Beads then dissolve into the pours of the person releasing their muscular toxin, the venom from the Japanese Silk Beetle.  I’ve been given the honour of killing you Aki san, my twenty five year service as a Poison Geisha thought needed against your exceptional mix of youth and talent.   These beads are just the beginning for you Aki san; next we slip back into water for The Geisha Water Dragon.”

The Geisha eased both their bodies into the water placed Aki against a corner and retreated to the far edge of the large bath reached into her pack and swam back wrapping her legs around Aki’s waist and drawing them together face to face as she placed a jar and a sponge on the ledge.

“Now Aki I must prepare your body for execution” she said softy as the sponge dabbed the soap in the jar.

Aki felt the sponge liberally soap her back as she was cradled by the Poison Geisha, Aki’s hand resting on one of the woman’s soft shoulders.  Shinju delicately moved Aki about as she soaped her covering her in a perfumed lather that refused to be washed away by the water.  The Poison Geisha put away her sponge and soap and closed around Aki sealing their bodies together in the warm water.

“Normally a trap employed against a man Aki san as you know, soap usually contains the poison of the Puffer Fish a heart attack inducing toxin.  Usually I help it along with a little extra stimulation, but the mixture I have used on you is for something else, however as for stimulation,” she purred.

Shinju’s body knew just what to do as did Aki’s, her climax was almost instant.  The woman adjusted tenderly and brought her fingers about Aki’s nipples who gasped for air then lowered her head into Shinju’s breasts.  It was just seconds later Aki succumb again and the Poison Geisha lifted her head up to her face and brought their heads together.

Shinju’s soft palms stroked Aki’s hard nipples in every direction at once.  The Poison Geisha parted her lips just a little and advanced them to Aki’s just touching them.  Her wet inviting tongue moisten Aki’s lips, the tip curling and brushing about her opponents lovely lips.  She was very beautiful and highly skilled, her soft touches and equally soft body a tender trap that worked perfectly on Aki.  The Geisha rubbed Aki soothingly with her arms and legs, her motion creating barely a ripple in the water but more than a tidal wave in Aki.  Shinju took herself a touch tighter around her victim and slipped her hands between Aki’s legs and stroked while her lips teased Aki’s ears and neck. 

Aki’s breathing slowed as she climaxed, Shinju wrapped her arms around Aki’s chest and employed the soft pads of her feet to continue the pleasure.  Her soap clung firmly in its grip to Aki, Shinju through her touches could tell Aki as totally limp, she smiled and continued her caress.  The helpless Geisha was climaxed several more times until her foe was happy. 

The experienced Poison Geisha pulled Aki from the water and began to dry her limp body with soft towel touches until Aki was free of moisture.  She watched somewhat glassy eyed as the older woman removed two hairpins and turned the ornate tops until just a drop of milky liquid appeared at the other end.

“Poison Geisha have many talents as you know Aki, some are deadly by a direct nature, but most are hidden arts as is this one,  The Geisha’s Tattoo.  What picture shall I paint for you Aki?  A snake or a spider or a centipede perhaps you have a request?” she asked.  “I think a spider, something to all the senses to combat at once, yes a spider it is,” Shinju added.

“I’m sure you are well aware of this but it helps pass the time while I work so I will tell you.  My two hairpins contain special glue like liquid that allows me paint a picture on your body a picture that when completely dry kills you.  The spider is although not as sensuous as the centipede just as deadly,” she mused as she traced the tip of her hairpin on Aki’s stomach, chest, shoulders and down her legs. 

“You have lovely breasts Aki and a sweet mound a pleasure to draw on.  The ink draws outside in, meaning it forms a hard shell first, almost instantly then it dries on the inside over time.  Of course as it congeals it moves causing stimulation to the victim especially in sensitive areas which I have ensured are covered.  Your neck is caught on either side in the spiders pinchers, your nipples each have a leg attached to them as does your mound.  The remaining two legs will be drawn on your back with the four tips of the legs drawn on your spine at certain points Aki so when the ink begins to contract you will be stimulated into near madness while having your body crushed and snapped in four places,” Shinju smiled as she exhausted a hairpin and slipped it back into her coif.

She rolled Aki over and drew the remaining outline of the spider’s legs, let it dry for a minute then rolled Aki back over to face her.  She dressed silently as Aki lay still, gathered her things into her pouch and returned to kneel beside her victim.

“The beads will wear off shortly then you will be free to experience the paradox I have explained.  Goodbye Aki san,” Shinju said, as she bowed kissed the young Poison Geisha and silently left. 

Aki came about slowly but the spider already had its grip into her and she was alive with stimulation. 

“Shinju true mistress of Geisha Tattoo, she even draw tiny hairs on spiders legs,” Aki panted as those hairs excited her nipples even harder until they were tiny pink bullets.  Her pussy was alive with micro touches from the hairs, her hips swivelled crazily to reduce the effects as she tried to pull her legs apart but the body of the spider on her chest and the way Shinju had drawn it held them wedged together while her arms were behind her back and held by the other legs. 

She climaxed wildly as the stimulation burst her dam of refusal.  Her body shook and heaved as she gasped and rocked about her eyes dancing in colours.  She shook her head in a desperate bid to stop the caress on her neck.  She rolled over and pushed her forehead in the floor arching up her body to relieve any pressure on her erogenous zones.  A low purr exited her as she came, a long slow gently debilitating orgasm that refused to release her from its pleasure.  Aki lapped it up, her tongue running along it lips and curling at the corners of her mouth while her body swayed and danced in deadly joy.  She collapsed exhausted, her body steaming hot and wet just as another climax welled up inside her.

“Ooooh!” she screamed as she flexed in violent gyrations not of her own making and was tossed about the room like a rag doll her mind oblivious to anything the exquisite joy running freely inside her. 

She kicked her bath accessories container and spilled the contents about before she slipped into the tub and submerge.  Aki’s initial panic broke the spell of the orgasm, fighting off the panic that ensued from falling into the water she wiggled sideways and wedged her against the tub walls her head and neck the only part out of the water.  She came again the water roiling as she thrashed into a tidal wave of water and passion then the storm passed and she calmed into the grip of her killer.

The Poison Geisha was soon in searing pain, her neck was being crushed as was her back and front, her breathing grew shallower with each passing minute, she rotated 180 degrees in the tub keeping her head out of the water by resting her neck on the floor and tub edge.  Aki could feel the disks in her spine spreading apart a few pops of sound as air escaped from between them.   She hung on in pain for another hour before her neck began to give way and she started to slide back into the tub now acting as her awaiting coffin.  Aki turned her head as it slipped off the edge and below the surface a faint silver cylinder catching her eye as she slipped beneath the water.  The water bubbled and waved then was still before a set of very shapely legs slowly emerged from the pool and over the lip of the tub.  They felt up and down along the edge until the sensation between her toes was cool and smooth.  A crinkle of skin held it and then the wonderful gams slid back into the water without a sound and barely a ripple of water. 

Aki emerged from the water after another minute gasping for air as her arms flailed for the sides and any purchase they could find, it was another ten minutes before she was able to drag her body out and onto the floor. 

“Thank you Alex,” she puffed as she extracted the cylinder from between her toes that had formerly contained Alex’s dissolving bath oil.

“Always wanted to try this on opponent wearing shield to she if actually would dissolve barrier, but I take this use of it any day,” she smiled and relaxed. 

*             *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          
            Having a constant routine was sometimes boring but it did have its advantages, one of which was you always new where you wee and what to expect and it was these two facets of Poison Geisha life that Aki aimed to take advantage of.  She watched from her car in the alley across from the Teahouse the comings and goings of the students and Poison Geisha, her just seemingly regular Geisha’s, all about the days business.  She waited for just the right time before quickly exiting the vehicle with her fake grocery bags and merging into the crowd on the street and then into the street and across to the entrance to the Teahouse.  She held her head down and offered her name to the gate master before being questioned the stain from the bags showing as she pulled them up and down as her gripped slipped.

“Yes Kasumi I can see they are heavy hurry along,” she a senior older Poison Geisha.

“Hai Sempai-sama,” Aki said and moved along quickly and gracefully into the courtyard and then the formal gardens were she ridden herself of the bags there part in the deception complete. 

She moved quickly to side entrance, slid open the door and was inside a small room used mainly for meditation.

She was about to open the main paper door to the hallway when the two doors on either side of her opened and before she could react two Poison Geisha’s side rolled into the room each going past her and grabbing each an end of her Obi Sash and pulling it as the rolled undoing the knot.  They pulled the material tight then rolled forward toward the door Aki had used to first enter the room, the resulting motion snapping her kimono over her back and pulling her free of it leaving her body naked.  The two Poison Geisha’s quickly discarded their kimonos and rolled toward her their motion so fluid. 

“Teeso!” They both said at once delivering a simultaneous chop to Aki’s neck which she deftly blocked with her hands but not the follow up to her stomach with their other arms nor the double kick to her shoulders that accompanied.  Aki crashed forward to the Tatami mat and was pinned instantly to it as legs snapped across her neck and back of her knees. 

“Welcome back Aki-san, I am Hee and this is my sister Yee.”

Aki felt their bite instantly, Hee’s finger nails had her small hard breasts encircled and pressured while Yee’s nails had stuck below in her pussy.

“Our ex sister is paralysed in The Geisha’s Quills just as we had planned Yee!” Hee celebrated.

“Such a deadly body, but two deadly bodies are always better than one and they can do more interesting things!” Yee answered in a sinister voice.

“What death have planned for me?” Aki asked.

“That would spoil the surprise Aki-san!” Yee mocked.

The two Poison Geisha’s moved their naked forms slowly about until they began to grow closer and closer to Aki, she still unable to move.

Aki felt the two begin to entangle their limbs into hers, slowly and with probing care they moved about her, twisting and tying the helpless women in a wall of consuming flesh!  It took the two over an hour of worming and probing to search out and find the perfect spots to entangle their foe; once they had accomplished this they released their nails!

Aki reacted furiously as did her body, sinking quickly into the abyss of flesh!  Her arms flailed at the surprise and were consumed in and instant above her head!  Hee and Yee twisted and collapsed the trio to the Tatami matted floor with a soft thud, their prize fully secured!  A door slide open and a woman smiled in glee.

The door to the hallway opened and a familiar face to Aki smiled.

“Welcome home Aki,” Uoko said with a bow.

“I see my Geisha’s have made you an honoured guest,” she added.

Aki flexed wildly inside her encasing foes, her body dancing a writhing tango of moves as she fought for escape!  Yee and Hee with Aki between them interlocked fingers and toes and let her struggle!  Uoko watched her former student squirm her naked body within the confines of her geisha’s, her body arching, stretching and bending in a frenzy of motion against the bind the geisha’s had her in. 

“Rest a while Aki, you’re going nowhere, my geisha’s have entwined themselves about you in A Double Fan Knot, slow, erotic and impossible to free ones self from, as you know!” Uoko slithered as Aki ceased her movement.

“You’ve changed a little since I last saw you, where is the girl I personally trained? 

Her two assassins silkily slithered about her, their slim soft forms delicately holding her as they worked her deeper and closer to her death.  Pressed against her their naked bodies delivered a scintillating touch to the Poison Geisha.  Aki’s body was fevered quickly by their skill, her supple form shifting frantically and tactically to avoid further stimulation.  Hee and Yee moved with her their own tactics working perfectly. Aki contorted and churned for endless minutes, her stunning form flitting about the duo’s swaying bodies, until she slowed and realised too late they’d sprung their trap to perfection.

“You've react too late Aki-san, Geisha Moving Massage has rubbed you more than enough times to have affected you,” Hee said softly.

Aki flopped and flicked her weakening body as the duo chafed about her per exquisite Poison Geisha softness, their touch light and breezy.  Her legs were coddled and rolled by the two; her hips were shifted slowly by theirs, up and down and to each side.  Her stomach and back were only lightly touched, her arms, mated to her foes were helpless to the stroke and were lost to her quickly. 

The Poison Geisha’s took their time on her, feeling her strength points and working on them one by one, their bodies had her and she was going nowhere.  Aki laboured ceaselessly over the next several hours fighting her fate and their touch as her body was energised with sexual tension from her opponents touch.  She got weaker slowly, her conditioning making it difficult for the girls to easily defeat her, she spent her energy before they spent it for her, but it was all in vain.  A slow roll of her hips by the Geisha’s collapsed her final effort and they cinched her to them for their final surprise.  A series of tiny pinpricks filled her back and chest, Aki felt a tingling and then nothing, her eyes glassed over and her face went blank. 

“Geisha’s Needles Aki-san, paralysing perfect touches of our nipples to points on you rendering you motionless for duration of your life allowing us to deliver most painful death experience, only sound will be your screams” Yee softly spoke. 

Aki lay motionless she knew escape from the needles was impossible she’d used them herself; the victim was left only speech as their sole motion.  Her body still, the Hee and Yee took control, only very slowly, Aki would be broken inch by inch, until their was nothing left to break, her delicate flower of a body strangled in theirs and crushed by theirs.

She lay helpless, coiled and twisted by the two lethal minxes’ for hour upon hour until a door slid upon, a Poison Geisha bowed politely, rose and advanced toward her, kneeling silently before her.  The woman bent down and took Aki’s lips with hers depositing a soft kiss on her lips.  She got up and left only to be replaced by another and then other until finally Uoko knelt and delivered her long slow kiss. 

“Poison Geisha Death Kiss Aki, my Geisha’s have a taste of what would await them should they decide to follow your example, their kiss is symbolic of their loyalty to me and their desire to be part of your death,” Uoko said.

“Not..dead..yet..  ohhhhhhh!” Aki laboured to say as she panted for air before screaming as the knot ripped into her.

“Before its too late I am puzzled by why you seek me out and try for revenge when you knew the odds were so against you.  As for your betrayal of the Poison Geisha’s and me more specifically for that woman from C.O.I.L. that I will never understand,” Uoko said with more than a hint of disgust in her voice.

“You ask and answer same question.  She and I have connection on level so intense it beyond words, not physical connection, spiritual union of all we are.  Part of me die when she did, all left now is physical self and it not enough.  You not understand because it involve honour, love and friendship,” Aki gasped between words as she winched in pain.

“Die with honour then, it is still a death,” Uoko smiled as she rose to her feet.

“And you have about two hours before my Geisha’s extinguished your physical life.  When you are finished with her we are all assembled in the main hall,” she said to Hee and Yee before departing.

Caught between two constricting Poison Geisha’s and paralysed Aki could mount nothing in a way of a defence.  Her trained Poison Geisha body rendered impotent by the duo of naked softness wrapped endless around her.  Hee and Yee advanced the Folding Fan in small increments, their nearly still bodies gracefully moving only when needed.

All of Aki Eto was now aflame, burning in waves of searing pain that consumed her, moans and gasps for air breaking the silence.  The Geisha’s let her endure them for another half hour before two infinitesimal movements pulled their faces against hers, one on either side. 

“One final piece of business Aki-san,” Hee whispered as she nuzzled her ear before turning her head slightly and kissing Aki.

Yee preformed her Death Kiss then smiled.

“Now our bodies perform permanent Death Kiss to you Aki-san,” she said to a nearly unconscious Aki.

Yee and Hee quivered their bodies for several seconds then relaxed releasing their victim much to Aki’s relief.  She was free of them and the Geisha’s Needles the convulsions of the Geisha’s bodies seeing to that and all because of her earrings, a present from Alex.  Two tiny wires, one from each earring lay imbedded in each of the necks of the Geisha’s, the remote triggering device placed in the roof of her mouth and activated by her tongue.  They’d each received enough volts to shock their bodies to incapacity. 
Aki laid on the floor between them her body hot and sticky, her chest rising and falling rapidly as she gulped air.  Only at the very end were they within range and both in position for her to use her only weapon.  She’d hung on nearly delirious with pain hoping she could get her chance and she did but her body had paid the price as it twitched involuntarily and refused to answer her call.

A door slid silent open and she was pulled inside and out of sight.  The room was utter darkness, no vision, no matter how catlike a person’s eyes could penetrate the darkness.  Two soft hands ran down her calves until the persons nails pinched into the soles of Aki’s buttery pads.  Frustratingly unable to move the Poison Geisha was powerless to her unseen opponent who was moving her body at will.  Aki was rolled over several times, each time delicately and tenderly she was encapsulated inside the body of her opponent, a sweet smelling female, her body lightly powered with the scent of lavender.  The Geisha rolled them a few more times, her naked body sensitive to her opponent as she worked herself into place until she rolled them upright, adjusted one last time and applied light pressure bringing their bodies together.  Aki tried moving her body but she was held everywhere by the Geisha, but tried still.

“Sempai Sama, please trust me and not move,” the voice said softly into her ear followed by a light kiss.

Aki relaxed at the kiss and was reward with a cinching of her body by the woman.

“May I know name of executioner?” Aki said softly to the dark.

“No, but healer’s name is Kasumi,” came the answer.

Aki now put a face to the voice, the much too young Poison Geisha she’d spared and sent back with a message to Uoko. Before she could ask the one and only question Kasumi answered for her.

“Show me respect and honour, truly Poison Geisha qualities and take time to teach me even when I sent to kill you.  Those all qualities of Great Poison Geisha and that what I want to be, but first you need to heal, your body damaged.  The Geisha’s Kimono is a speciality of mine and this is variant I have developed.  One Geisha heals another and..”

“And they become as sisters,” Aki finished the sentence.

“We are safe in here for as long as it takes, bodies have been taken care of,” Kasumi said.

“Not qualified to be anyone’s Sempai,” Aki said, wondering if Kasumi knew all the ramifications of what she was getting herself into. 

“Must be still and silent Sempai, for me to heal you,” Kasumi whispered as she tightened slightly.

This time Aki obeyed, she could feel the young Poison Geisha about her form her body and her touch was impressive for someone so young, she gave herself over to Kasumi.

The young Poison Geisha reached into her hair and removed the two crossed hairpins holding up her long elaborately styled hair and pulled them free.  The scented strands cascaded down touching Aki with wisps of pleasure as her senses filled with the delicious scents Kasumi had treated them in, a few slow swirls of her head gave her Sempai more of her pleasing aroma.  Kasumi worked herself in carefully, her own delicate body lovingly worming into Aki’s tense form where possible, where it was not Kasumi used other methods.

Aki felt the soft moist tip of her healers tongue trace about the back of her neck before replaced by soft lotus petal kisses.  The entangled woman warmed to Kasumi’s touch over time, her body weakening to the woman until Kasumi slithered into place so velvety smooth that Aki was unaware of it.  The Poison Geisha went back to the nuzzling as she rolled them on their sides, the technique distracting Aki from any pain she may have felt.  Even in the dark Aki new Kasumi was wrapped around her, just like a Kimono, she lay still biting her lip in pain as her muscles cramped, tears welling in her eyes from the agony and suddenly there was Kasumi. 

Her lips kissed the tears from one eye before moving to the other while her hands worked a pleasing massage about Aki’s thighs.  Kasumi worked her healings arts into Aki, her whole body engaged with her Sempai’s.  The young Poison Geisha swept her hands out of Aki’s thighs and brushed them lightly over and around her ass, the up her back slowly along her spine until her index fingernail stretched out pushed in slowly at the base of Aki’s neck, a small gasp of air releasing from the stricken women as she did.  A push of the finger moved Aki’s head forward and down with no effort, her head nestled between Kasumi’s firm young breasts.  The aroma of the woman’s body powder began to work more actively now as Aki’s mind wafted into a blissful state, only barely aware of what was happening to her. 

Kasumi removed her finger and continued, her body rose petal soft in touch it worked and moved about Aki, their bodies slowly rolling from position to position, Kasumi releasing her grip ever so slightly so that their momentum brought her to her desired point on Aki.  Kasumi unhurriedly closed the Kimono around Aki as they found each new spot on the floor, her body supplely but firmly holding her charge, her silken steel body the picture of erotic femininity. 

Move after move Kasumi worked Aki’s body free of the effects of The Double Fan Knot.  The young geisha sensitively stretched little parts of Aki’s limbs straight, kisses to the fingers and rubs of her own toes to Aki’s began the process.  She continued slowly, very slowly undoing more damage over time until Aki tried to move suddenly.  Kasumi dared out a hand and pinched her neck in several places freezing her.

“No Sempai Sama, you cannot move yet, much too dangerous,” Kasumi laboured to say between pants for breath.

 “You exhausted Kasumi,” Aki whispered.

“Nearly there Sempai, I finish what I start, cannot fail my first test as your student,” she said her voice working hard to get the words out as her head slumped.

Her head fell next to Aki’s, her breathing hard and shallow in the Poison Geisha’s ear.  They lay interlocked for minutes, Aki noting no mater how spent Kasumi was she kept her body pressure around her perfect.  Aki mustered her strength and delivered a small kiss to Kasumi’s scorching hot cheek. 

“My first pupil can never let me down,” Aki said softly.

Kasumi released her fingers and went back to work her heart hammering in her chest and reverberating into her teachers as she slithered about.  Aki felt her body coming back to her as Kasumi stretched her in her body incrementally as she untied the Kimono.  Aki held finally only by her toes and fingers was twisted one way then the other before a body snapping wave from Kasumi wormed her form and she was released. 
Aki’s body felt revived and energised beyond anything she could have imagined, even better than when she had entered the house.  She rose to her feet and padded softly across the floor where she expected to find her saviour’s exhausted body, she found nothing, but felt something, the cool smoothness of silk about her shoulders.  Her arm’s found the sleeve holes and slipped inside them as the garment was draped about her by Kasumi who tied it in front.  She handed Aki her sword and kissed her on the cheek.

“Friends deliver sword while you being healed Sempai Sama, as well as kimono.  Uoko Sama and all house assembled in main gathering room, out door and to the left to end of hall, but you know way already I apologise,” Kasumi said softly. 

Aki lightly touched the Poison Geisha’s cheek with her cupped hand then disappeared out the door.  Kasumi knelt down and slowly began to redo her hair; she placed the final hairpin, down the hall she could hear the clanging of swords.

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *                  

The door silently slid open, all eyes turned to look at the woman who bowed perfectly then rose came inside knelt down closed the door turned and bowed again.

A few Poison Geisha’s made a motion to get up but a sharp word from Uoko returned them to stillness.

“It is good that you escaped Aki now I have the honour of dispatching you myself as a demonstration to my loyal students,” Uoko said emphasising the word loyal.

“Loyalty misplace Uoko, as for honour you not know meaning of word,” Aki said without emotion in her voice although all the students noticed she didn’t say san or use the term sempai when speaking to the Poison Geisha Headmistress.

“You dare speak to me in my house like that?” Uoko said her voice furious.

“You sent assassins to kill my friends at her house rather the face me, you dishonour Poison Geisha and yourself with cowardice,” Aki snapped back.

“Your dishonour to the tradition of the Poison Geisha comes to an end today,” Uoko said sharply just as two poisoned stars flew from the sleeves of her kimono.

Aki raised the sword and moved her wrist slightly side to side deflecting the stars into the wood supports of the paper walls.  Uoko smiled and put a hand behind her taking the handle of the sword a student hand retrieved for her.  The students silently backed against the walls leaving the centre of the room open for combat.

“Zahhhh!” Uoko yelled and run toward Aki, her sword slicing diagonally side to side and then a might double overhand downward  slice.

Aki met the blade with hers above her head then neatly stepped inward releasing the pressure on her block and allowing the force of Uoko arms to carrying their blades to the floor.

“Geeso!” Aki said in a whisper breathy voice as she snapped a short sharp punch to Uoko’s side and then swept her feet out from under her with a low spinning leg swirl that sent the Headmistress crashing to her back. 

Aki sliced her sword through the air down to the prostrate Uoko who got her sword up just in time to stop the blow inches from her face.

“Hisa!” Uoko yelled as one of her legs connected to the small of Aki’s back, a follow up kick to her stomach knocked her back several steps and allowed Uoko to find her feet.

“Your Geishedo is as excellent as ever Aki, you cannot deny my training of that,” Uoko smiled again.

“Training never issue, once you accept me as student you obligated to teach everything you know, but often wonder if you really did?” Aki answered.

“A wise girl you are, no I have knowledge in my head I head back, just in case anything like this ever happened with a student of mine.  Now student the master class begins.

Uoko advanced her gleaming sword cutting the air from all angles, her kimono edges flying in the air.  Aki moved gracefully and sparingly parrying the blows as the clanking of metal grew louder and more frequent.  Uoko thrust across her body and caught Aki reacting a second too late, she had the advantage, she turned her blade over as it ran down Aki’s and skidded toward the ex Poison Geisha’s neck in a furious rush.  At the very last second Aki lowered her head and the blade skimmed over her head the speed of the blade spinning Uoko around.

“Geeso!” Aki hooked the arm, stepped into Uoko and tossed her into the air and across the room.  The deft woman tucked and rolled and came to a crouching position her sword raise and a defiant smile on her face. 

Uoko changed her stalking pattern, her foot movement patterns so vital to a defensive strategy could not be slotted into a pattern Aki could discern.  Uoko took the fight to Aki forcing her to back peddle and block all the time.  The fury of the strikes from Uoko sent her off balance more than once, he recovered the first few times, but was soon absorbing kicks and punches, all short and sharp but damaging.  The Headmistress knew she was gaining the upper hand and pressed home the attack with a spinning back heel kick that caught Aki flash on her cheek turning her back and about. 

“Hisa!’ Uoko stepped back then plunged forward jabbing the point of her sword into he floor and launching herself into the air using the hilt as a fulcrum.  Straight out from the floor she flew at Aki and clamped her legs around her neck and snapped herself over in the air sending Aki flying and crashing into the tea table near where the Headmistress had been sitting, the sword lost from her hand.  In one fluid motion after she’d released she landed on her feet pulled the sword from the floor sideways rolled and came to her feet above Aki and swung the blade straight down on the defenceless woman.

Aki looked up to see a glint of white hot light zooming at her; she instinctively raised her arm in defence as Uoko laughed in glee.  The blade struck her arm, rolled sideways and hit her side and then finally the floor.

“Steel Kimono,” Aki smiled.  “Geeso!”  She chopped the sword from Uoko’s hand and kicked it away with one leg while the other snapped a kick that connect square in the woman’s chest.

Uoko waved her arms to keep her balance then reached into her hair and removed two of her many hairpins.  By his time Aki was on her feet to see the arms of Uoko ready to throw her deadly pins.  She dove down into a forward summersault as the pins flew overhead and emerged into a handstand her hands grabbing Uoko’s feet while her feet caught the object she’d tossed into the air undetected before her acrobatics and spread it open.  Aki pulled the Headmistresses feet from under her, let the object and fall into the neck of Uoko, a sharp downward push from the top of one foot rammed the steels tines of her fan into the neck of her former Sempai pinning her head to the floor and ending the fight and Uoko life.  Aki walked over slipped on her shoes and looked that the students fully expecting another challenge.

The room was silent for what seemed to Aki forever, the longer it went the more tense her body became on the inside; outside she was impassive as always.  Uoko’s senior student bowed to her former teacher and the others followed, then they rose as one.

Aki fully expected to be killed and she was ready for it, but instead the Poison Geisha’s simply walked silently out of the room in two neat rows and left her alone.  Aki looked around unsure of what do next when the entrance door slide open and Kasumi bowed then entered along with four other Poison Geisha’s all performing the same ritual Aki had when she first entered the room.

Kasumi led them forward and the filed into a line across from Aki as Kasumi approached and bowed.

“Sempai-sama myself and my four sisters request to become yours for training as proper Poison Geisha,” Kasumi said.

The words Sempai carried more than just teacher, they meant service, duty, honour, love, loyalty and many other duties and obligations as well.  Aki was 23; no Poison Geisha was ever a Headmistress until she was in her mid thirties or order.  There was too much to learn from teaching and from missions to be of any use at such a younger age.  Just as with traditional Geisha’s the older ones were always the most skilled and sought after and revered.  Aki Eto felt her heart begin to race, these five young girls Kasumi was maybe a year and half younger than her and others just novices had risked all by not being in the room.  They could still return to the and nothing would be said had put their trust in her as had Kasumi, the one she’d spared and taught that day and sent back with a message for Uoko and who in turn had saved her today.  Aki knew what her path was but she was not sure they others would want to follow once she told them.

She bowed to Kasumi.  “Please,” was all she said with a small hand motion.

Kasumi took her position behind and one step to the left of Kasumi as they approached the first girl who bowed and stayed down.

“This is Reiko Natsuko.  She is a second season student,” Kasumi said.

Reiko rose to meet Aki’s eye and Aki motioned her to bow again which Reiko did until the palm of Aki’s hand blocked her shoulder from going lower.

“Tell me Reiko san without raising head how much of room in front of you can you see?” Aki asked softly.

“All of it Sempai-sama.”

Aki pulled her hand away and told her to continue to where she would have bowed to if she hadn’t stopped her and asked again.

“Only floor directly in front of me Sempai-sama.”

“Always see as much as you can without letting others know you can,” Aki said

Reiko held out her hand for punishment as was traditional under Uoko.  Aki took her hand and kissed her palm then gently released it and watched Reiko bowed perfectly this time, they moved on.

“This is Hitomi Komatsu.  She is a first season student.”

Hitomi bowed and rose and Aki undid her Obi sash and pulled it out on either side of her body.

“Ends are not equal, always important to have ends equal for two reasons can you tell me why Hitomi-san?” Aki asked.

“Hai, Sempai-sama, one is for appearance, to always present the perfect Geisha in everyway and the other is that if I need it for a weapon I have equal range of motion on either side,” Hitomi answered.

“I make same mistake my first season,” Aki smiled.

“This is Eriko Saki.  She is also first season student.”

Eriko bowed and rose and as she did Aki pulled her two hairpins free.

Eriko looked very nervous and scared as her hair did not fall free and cascade as it should have.

Aki stepped between her and the final student and went to Eriko’s back.  She calmly took the trembling hand in hers and moved it behind her head.

“Hands must be calm and steady Eriko-san.  You have lovely hair let’s make it perfect.  Here like this,” Aki said as she guided Eriko’s hands in her hair and they redid the setting and the pins.

“Now try again,” Aki said.

Eriko pulled the pins and her hair came down perfectly, Aki came in front of her again.

“As can see I no longer have that problem,” she smiled referring to her now short hair.  “Please retie hair and explain reason,” Aki asked.

“Presents the picture of dedication and perfection also can be used as a distraction technique on opponent Sempai-sama,” Eriko said as she finished her hair.

“Beautiful hair and beautiful woman,” Aki smiled and moved to the last one.

“This is Kimura Hara.  She is a novice.”

“Why,” was all Aki said

“Sempai-Sama, Kasumi-san has been very kind to me since I was accepted last month.  I make many mistakes, more than others, but she always correct with kindness and encouraging words.  I asked her once why she did not correct like other higher students, she said she had not been corrected like that once and she learned more from that Poison Geisha than from all others.  She told me about you one time after I overheard a conversation between her and former Headmistress,” Kimura said with a nervous bow.

Aki turned to Kasumi.

“She heard you’re name and Sempai Uoko’s history of you and my mission and put the facts together.  I did not deny them to Kimura when she asked me about it.  My reason is than in spite of her  rather numerous mistakes she never repeats one once corrected and please forgive me Sempai-Sama as I overstep my learning, but I see something in her, that the others did not,” Kasumi said with a bow.

“I am no longer Poison Geisha as you know and what you choose today you must choose freely but with all facts.  I am young, I was Uoko’s top student, but that not qualify me to be Sempai of Poison Geisha.  If leave with me we will only have each other.  If you choose to return to Poison Geisha I can send you to another Sempai I know who will take action against you for what happen here, but who would continue to train you, but always for lesser duties, but you would have protection of Poison Geisha.  I as speak cannot offer you that, I can only offer my love, respect and all the teaching I can give you.  You must make choice freely,” Aki said and then bowed.

They all slowly sank to their knees and bowed low, their decision and made.

Aki turned to Kasumi.  “No need to forgive a gift,”

“Go and gather what personal things you have any other items my be valuable to learning and meet me at the door,” Aki said.

They all left silently and when the door had closed Aki went into Uoko’s private office and to the safe.  She knew the combination off by heart and also knew Uoko was too confident in herself against her enemies ever to change it.  She took four books, ancient texts and teachings of The Poison Geisha, each house had one and Aki knew Uoko had one of only two original sets, sets that continue hidden teachings if one new the codex for finding them.

Aki took the books and left her former home along with the others.  She had arranged for a safe house in Kyoto to be available to her if she managed to live.  They were expecting her when she arrived but not the others, however, like the true professionals COIL were they smoothly adjusted and everyone was accommodated.  She made sure they all had a good meal together and then a nights rest.  Aki was impressed with them all, they never asked a single question about where they were or who was looking after then although she was sure they knew it was COIL.  Still they remained silent and loyal and completely trusting of her, she vowed then and their not to ever lose that trust.  The next day she gathered them into a meeting room to explain some things.

“These are the four books of the Poison Geisha, they contain all the knowledge and training any women needs to become one.  But also contain secret codex for things not taught to anyone except leader of school,”  Aki said.  “Uoko said during our fight that she had knowledge in her head she never taught another she also never tied her hair correctly so she never missed these when I pulled then out when flipped her during fight.”

Aki set down Uoko’s four hairpins on the table and opened the flat wide top end on one of them and removed a carefully folded piece of paper that she undid slowly to reveal a series of random holes all over the paper.  She opened one of the books and placed the paper on the page. 

“Kasumi, please make four exact copies of this codex, give the master back to me and one copy the others.  Reiko, Hitomi, Eriko and Kimura your job is to unlock secrets of book assigned to you.  Consider all angles and possibility for book could have multiple secrets,” Aki said.

“Hai,” came the uniform response.

“Once we have secrets it will give us advantage over Poison Geisha should it come to that.  We however will also have another advantage of another opponent that will make use try deadly foe.  My last mission I recovered something that was thought to be lost for long time, so long it had become a legend, but today legend become fact,” Aki said as she placed a book on the table with a large insect cut into the wooden cover.

“This is The Book of Worm thought lost forever and the only one ever made.  This the training manual of The Silkworms, set down by the first Silkworm.  All her knowledge and skills, things no one knows today, arts and techniques that modern Silkworms have no concept of.  Compared to the knowledge in this book they know next to nothing,” Aki smiled.

They all looked at the book and then at their Sempai and Aki could see in their eyes they were eager to learn.

“I am not a Poison Geisha and neither are you.  From today we are Silk Geisha’s, more deadly that the two namesakes we carry and more modern than our past Geisha tradition.  We not abandon our heritage, but we also embrace modern world and dress in that we can move in both worlds,” she said.

            “One final thing which you already know I think but must be said, we are aligned with COIL, not DOOM, we are still independent but will work they them when needed by us and by them,” she said and saw that they knew this already and accepted it, even welcomed it.

            “Please if any questions ask, we not are Poison Geisha remember, questions are welcome,” Aki said.

            “Where will we live and train Sempai-sama we have no place of our own to go and few resources,” Kasumi spoke.

            Aki undid a bag and spilled its contents out the table.

            “Also took these are with book, eight gem stones of highest value and largest weight ever scene.  We have resources and just before meeting completed a transaction for Teahouse in mountains outside Sapporo,” she explained.

            Her students stared at the gems none of them having ever seen ones so spectacular as those before them.  Reiko spoke next.

            “Know you have history with COIL Sempai-sama, but why would they trust us or want us?”

            “COIL needs us, they are in bad shape, we give strength and a position in Asia they do not have in strong agents.  No care if COIL trust us, care if COIL agents trust us and can tell you ones I know do,” Aki answered.  “We will meet them in a few days to discuss our terms of alliance, they are eager but apprehensive of us.  Together we will show them not to be,” Aki said.  “And to do that we need to go shopping.”

            For the first time, smiles all around the table.

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *

            They met at Kyoto Station for the train ride to Tokyo and their meeting.  Aki made they all come separately partly for security reasons and partly to get them used to moving about by themselves instead of having everything done for them like Poison Geisha’s.  What Aki saw made her very happy, five stunning young women all dressed professionally but with a touch of a sexy flare to them, their hair and make up all perfect and they waited all about the platform not in a group, business women startling the day for all anyone knew.  The train pulled into the station and they boarded without looking at the other.

            Aki watched them all carefully, their style was perfect but like her they were a little awkward in how they moved and sat, she made notes on what to instruct on later.  She noted none of them tried to sit together or contact the other, some of their early training was very good and they were not trying to compete with one another.  She also noted Kasumi kept a close eye on them as well and one her Sempai’s surroundings, Aki knew she had a loyal and excellent number two who would one day help expand the teahouse to further greatness.

            The train arrived in Tokyo and more than a few men tried to help the ladies depart, they accepted with race and restraint in perfect combination even making small talk to add to their cover.  Aki hung back pretending to make a cell phone call while she watched Kasumi watch all the girls get off safely into separate cabs, when Kasumi left, she followed. 

            They met up with other inside the COIL subterranean office and made their way to the appointed office where they waited outside the office while voices inside he office were a little louder than they should have been and the assistant outside looked uncomfortable, Aki smiled at her in an understanding way and wondered what to say now that she’d made I contact when the door opened.

            “Sorry to keep you waiting please come in.  I’m Vera de la Fuente, Head of COIL Intelligence,” an attractive but not stunning woman said as she led Aki and her students in.  “This is Sharon Sharpe, Head of Woman’s Ops and the rest I think you know.”

            Inside the room where Alex, Claire, Paige and Charlotte, Aki bowed slightly to they then much deeper to Sharon. 

            A pleasure to meet you Miss Sharpe, may say as beautiful in stories as you are in front of me,” Aki said as Sharon offered a seat with her hand and Aki gracefully sat down.

            “I will come straight to the point as I’m sure you overheard some of what was being said in the outer office.  We seem to have a slight but meaningful disagreement regarding you and your offer.  To be blunt I don’t trust Poison Geisha no matter what other people say,” Sharon began

            “That is good because we are not Poison Geisha I don’t trust them either,  we are Silk Geisha,” Aki interrupted.

            Sharon smiled and pushed a little more this was just what she was looking for, not the jade fa├žade of lies and silence you got from Poison Geisha. 

            “You offer your alliance to us, but from our intelligence you have no or few resources, sounds like we will be supporting you, resources we could perhaps put to better use elsewhere,” she threw out.

            “True I have spent most of my own money to acquire a Teahouse for us and other small needs, what I seek is more contacts and expertise,” Aki said as she opened her small clutch purse.  “I need to get best price for these so can start out with capital and investments so not be so much a burden in future,” Aki said in a soft but sarcastic tone. 

            “Stones this big and this pure there are few buyers for,” Sharon said looking at one of them.

            “Sure you know all of them,” Aki answered.

            “I can’t promise you anything Miss Eto,” Sharon said with a smile.

            “Sure you can Sharpe-san.  I not come here to as they say fuck around, I come here with an offer.  I know all these ladies, even try to kill one of them before, but that in the past, and my past is dead, as sure your Intelligence chief tell you already.”

            “I hear Miss Chase’s voice in that last statement,” Sharon said in a flat voice.

            “Respectfully decline to answer,” Aki smiled and Alex coughed in the background.

            “Yes the past is dead and I hope you can forgive me but I wanted to see how dead it was in your case if you understand,” Sharon smiled.

            “Hai, Sharpe-san understand totally and would have questioned if you were sincere had not done so.  Now please meet new allies The Silk Geisha’s,” Aki said as she made the introductions.