Sunday, December 31, 2017

Anne Payton Vigenettes


‘I’m glad you finally showed up, I was getting bored,’ the young woman said.

The woman, elegant and stylishly attire in a white halter sundress merely put down her clutch on the entrance table, removed her gloves and stepped down the stairs into the bedroom.

‘Who might you be?’ she said in a very proper British accent.

‘Crystal Moon.’

‘Pleased to meet you, I’m Anne Payton, however I feel our acquaintance will be short lived,’ she answered slipping off her pumps.

Crystal got up from the chair, her nude body toned and fit, perfectly firm tits with pink rosette nipples, a flat strong stomach and long sexy toned legs walked toward Anne in a slow mesmerizing sway as she slipped off her dress.  Just a few feet away from Anne Crystal performed a front hand stand then jabbed her toes into the side of Anne’s neck and returned to her feet as the surprised COIL agent touched the sides of her neck.

‘Strippers Pole Prick, just enough of a touch to inject the venom,’ she cooed.

Anne stumbled forward then sideways as the drug took effect.

‘Disorienting, isn’t it, it changes the victim’s equilibrium allowing me to do this!’ Crystal explained.

‘Stripsa!’ yelled the stripper as she delivered a punch to Anne’s stomach doubling the woman over.  ‘Stripsa!’ as she then landed blows to the COIL spy’s sides. 

Anne wobbled about from the blows and the drug only hearing the ‘Stripsa’ and never seeing the blows just feeling them.  The Stripper danced about delivering her bombardment until Anne was ready to fall.  Crystal steadied her foe as she faced her then delivered one more blow.

‘Stripsa!’ she shot her nails into Anne ’s hips and then fell on her back awaiting the spy both her legs coming up to support the falling agent at her shoulders. 

‘It’s been fun, but I have a private show in an hour so it’s time for you to die.  The Strippers Snake is perfect for you, come to me,’ Crystal cooed as the pads of her feet massaged Anne ’s neck then began to pull her down into the body knot. 

It took little time for the Stripper to dance Anne into her body.  The COIL spy’s head was secured in her strong thighs while her torso was held in the arms of the Stripper whose nails found a home in various parts of the woman’s spine paralysing her.  Finally, the dancer’s strong legs wound about Anne’s locking them to hers as she crossed hers across the back of the trapped spy.

Stilled Anne felt the woman contract every few minutes, her body a lethal snake of tightly knit coils.  The pressure built around the spy almost to the breaking point before she could relax and then escape.

Anne closed around her prey, her stocking legs tightening as the stripper flexed her last. The COIL spy kissed her opponent and smiled.

‘Pole Wax on your body and Strippers Shield on your lips, very well planned.  However, I planned as well.  My stockings, tipped in micro Teflon barbs each coated in a very effective aphrodisiac.  My lipstick a special blend, two coatings in one, first it contains pressure bubbles which release a weak but effective solvent, two kisses and your shield is gone.  The second is a neuro paralysing agent for those muscles of yours darling,’ she answered delivering the second kiss.

Anne Payton moved her stockings about the stripper letting her weapon bite contracting as the lipstick worked.  The aristocrat deliver several more kisses then relaxed and let Crystal free, her body paralysed.

‘Now how to kill you my dear,’ she said, carefully removing her stockings and discarding them on her vanity chair as she opened a drawer.  ‘Yes perfect!’ she delighted.

The naked spy sprayed her body then opened a jar and applied a thick coating of clear gel until she burnished in the light and approached the Stripper.

‘The English have a fondness for lace, you however I don’t think will be as receptive to its beauty,’ she purred.

Anne slithered onto the woman and began transferring the gel with the smooth sexy slink of her nude form against Crystal’s.

‘I want you thoroughly coated, sorry you’ll miss your next appointment, but we have unfinished business to attend to,’ Anne purred as her toes spread the gel on Crystal’s legs.

She finished ten minutes later as the spy undid her lethal 24-year-old form slowly and got to her feet.  Crystal was coated in drying Liquid Lace her body turning white in a perfect pattern as the gel dried. 

‘A short acquaintance as I predicted my dead woman, my Liquid Lace has you already in its binding embrace, dance your last Stripper,’ she said and slipped on her dress and pumps, picked her bag up and left.

Crystal moaned and flexed as the Lace dried and patterned her.  She strained her arms and twisted her wrists, she had one chance.

‘My glue on rhinestone nails,’ she moaned as she worked a finger.

The Stripper broke several nails as she worked against the Lace, her body snaking as she laboured to stretch and tear the lace.  She was contracted into a ball as the substance pulled in, her young body fighting endlessly to stay alive as she worked her nails.  She twisted her torso and ripped the Lace her deadly body escaping in a shower of exploding white fragments, she collapsed in a heap, her body heaving, but she was already thinking of revenge.


‘Kiss me,’ she purred as her hands fondled his cock and rubbed it around the lips of her paradise.

He was just about to when he felt a strange tingling run up his spine, he fell back onto the bed.  She climbed onto the bed and straddling his hips and smiled.

‘A poison kiss daring, just from a different set of lips this time,’ she smiled. 

Anne Payton was ravishing, sophisticated, sexy and lethal.  At 24 she was one of COIL’s best agents already and that made her a target which she loved. 

‘Don’t move an inch,’ she heard a woman’s voice behind her and felt a small circular object pressing on the back of her neck. 

Anne touched one of her toes against the sole of each heel of shoes.

‘Thew, Thew!’ was the only sound as two darts exited her heels and entered the woman’s legs. 

Anne got off her man and the bed and picked the darts out the thighs.

‘His partner I presume,’ she said with a hungry smile.

Anne stripped the Thai woman naked, then delivered a kiss.

‘I drugged my lips for him, but it will loosen your tongue just as easily, I need information,’ Anne said as she kissed her again, lips slaking about as she worked in the drug. 

‘Come my good woman talk,’ Anne cooed as she kissed again and the woman began to.

‘Is that all before I dispose of you darling,’ the COIL spy murmured pleasantly.

‘No, I have something else but one more kiss please,’ the Thai woman begged and Anne obliged then asked what it was.

‘Your drug has worn off and my poisoned nipples have drugged you with Thai Toxin Miss Payton,’ the woman smiled and seized Anne before she could fully react, her ancient art of death around the COIL spy in a millisecond. 

‘Your mine COIL agent, entwined in my body and soon to be killed, how do I feel?’

Anne twisted and curled her body countering the Thai woman at each turn to keep herself loose and alive the Thai Toxin having worn off minutes ago as it was only a weak drug.  The aristocrat snaked her body slowly, her charms effective in delaying her total encapsulation for the moment, her body aglow as she worked.  Her nemesis patiently played along with the woman, her art not to be rushed.

‘Your efforts are fruitless Miss Payton, my knot will secure you,’ she mocked.

Anne was rolled over on her side, then carefully bowed and stretched until she was rolled back, suspended into the air and snapped then released, her body a limp pile. 

‘Numb Miss, a Thai Thump, you’ll be goo for several minutes, just long enough,’ she purred then disappeared, returning with something.

‘Since you move like a snake what better method to use to finish you, A Thai Pleasure Snake,’ she hissed.

‘First I carefully wrap your wonderful form in this wet bamboo roll,’ she said and began.

Anne Payton was wrapped and bent into place, the Thai woman purposeful and delighted as she worked the woman into her death trap.  Anne was soon covered in bamboo strips as thin as paper and about a half inch wide. 

‘Now for the final surprise, then end of the roll and the end of you COIL agent,’ she smiled displaying a phallus at the end of the bamboo for Anne to see.

‘Inserted into you it works on tension from you and the drying bamboo but it needs to be lubricated before being inserted with a special gel.  There good and wet, oh I should mention the gel, a special creation, designed to hold the phallus secure inside you and to deliver a muscle relaxing drug to lessen your chance of escape.  I’ve also placed you in the sun to speed up the drying and contracting of the bamboo roll.  Now to insert the phallus and one or two other things and then leave you to die,’ she purred as she scissored Anne and began to kiss her.

‘Come on Miss Payton, a little stimulation never hurts,’ the DOOM agent said.

Anne kissed back as the woman worked the phallus about her lips in a slow circle while her other hand pulled pins out of Anne’s hair and tossed them away. 

‘You look better with your hair down Miss Payton.’

The DOOM agent kissed and stimulated her prey until she worked the phallus in all the way. 

‘One more thing Miss, I’ve tied you so that those deadly nails of yours can’t be used unless of course you want to scratch yourself with whatever drugged nail polish you have on.   Goodbye COIL agent, die inside my trap slowly, it’s the only way really, your weapons are gone and you soon will be to,’ she purred depositing one final kiss then departing.

The gel relaxed her instantly as they sun dried the wet wrap around her in a clinging embrace which cummed her in minutes.  She stiffened and concentrated on her fingers, one flick of a nail would kill instantly.  She came again a minute later moaning in ecstasy as she jiggled involuntarily. 

Anne resisted the next climax until it exploded her; the motion rocking her over on her side and close to freedom.  She fought off another cumming and let it build as she lay drying in the sun until she unleashed it and warbled her body toward her stilettos, they’re name most apt in this case. 

The next two orgasms got her nail in place to release the catch and eject the knife blade from the heel.  She freed it on her next climax and worked it into a cutting position on the next two, but she was being crushed by the drying bamboo and fucked incessantly by the phallus, she was rocked by another orgasm and moaned as the blade caught and did its job, she was loose and free minutes later.


Anne Payton rose tilted up her pelvis and slid about until this tip found her lips.  She kissed him while she swirled and teased and worked him in.  Controlling the tempo in the Sitting Monkey position was slow and he didn’t mind and neither did she. Her knot and her lipstick were slow developers, hours in fact.  Her lipstick, a special clear long lasting tasteless silicone was a weapon recently added to her arsenal gave her the camouflage desired.  

It was her body he was most interested in, namely her dead body once he moved her to a sexual position designed to trap the female form as he had done so many times before, but until then he was enjoying himself and was safe having taken precautions.  A dip in a special solution had given him a second skin, breathable, non-penetrable, scratch proof; even his lips were impervious to her chemical charms.

Anne checked her nails while they kissed, she’d sharpened them earlier in preparation for this encounter and varnished them in pink, a deadly shade of pink.  She placed one against his smooth skin and contemplated a quick end with just a loving tickle of her nail, but decided against it for now. 

He too had his weapons, his cock, for one.  Once he dried his skin he applied slow time released muscle relaxant to it, her body was much too strong to try at full strength, after many hours she would begin to get weaker instead of stronger as women always did during sex. 

But a woman has much more in terms of an arsenal to employ.  Anne wore a pair of earrings, multi-functional.  A poison needle for a stem and a built-in strangulation wire in one, the other contained a spool of contacting twine.  Her hair and skin had been sprayed with her favourite perfume, seductive and sexual it worked on the male slowly as he inhaled it, her legs would give her the first clue as to its effectiveness. 

Anne climaxed him and then she came, both wonderful orgasms.  It was his turn to pick and he chose a Reverse Twisting Reed.  She pulled free and turned sideways in his lap slowly raising her left leg up and over his head then around his body.  Her right leg bent up at the knee pushed and raised her ass off the floor then lowered onto his steel hammer.  She raised and lowered her ass to work him in all the while kissing him until he was secured fully. 

He lowered his head into her pussy and slipped his tongue inside, she quivered in delight.  The hold was perfect for the male; she was penetrated at both ends and he took advantage depositing a small pill inside her pussy he had kept under his tongue.  She came from the double stimulation then cummed him with slow ass pulls then cummed him a second time, his position her advantage.

She freed his cock and went to work on her advantage picking a Venus Delight as her position and his death.  She worked herself in and then closed around him as the position required only small adjustments of her body and his with a few pumps of her hips; he was now in the early stages of the Venus Fly Trap.  She used her wiles and skills to spill him quickly, his pleasure allowing her to work her legs into him; she spilled him again after a few minutes and closed her knot sinking around him as he quavered from his orgasm. 

Anne flipped her long hair her into his face and held as her pussy worked his cock.

‘Venus Fly Trap lover, fatal to the male,’ she purred.

‘My lipstick met with some resistance from you so,’ she said flicking a nail.

He laughed as she tried several more of her talons.

‘My body is coated against such attacks as yours?’

‘Yes, your paralysing cock, sheathed safely inside both my paradise in a special diaphragm that also caught your little pill.  Clever using a second skin against my body spray?’ she said drawing in her legs, but nothing can protect you from this position.’

‘No need to answer my legs tell me you have no defense,’ Anne explained as she drew around him more.

‘You took a great deal of caution against me Yoga Master what knot did you plan for me?’ she said cinching more.

‘Won’t talk, then let’s just kiss while I screw you to death in my knot and tell me did you coat the inside of your ass with your shield,’ she said flicking a toe.

‘Truth serum darling now tell me about your Silkworm students.’

Anne used her body and drugs in perfect combinations, her knot closed slowly as she screwed him endlessly for Intel.  He lasted several more hours before the knot finished him and she got all she needed.


Anne sat down at her vanity and picked up a lipstick and applied it then took him in her arms and kissed slowly and thoroughly.

‘Sealing lipstick, a wayward kiss from a fetching female can be deadly, this will help, the other protection is to stay close to me.  ‘Speaking of which,’ she kissed him again.  ‘I’ll meet you in the Casino in little while, be good’

She was walking back to her dressing table when through the open patio doors, a thin steel projectile entered and struck her in the calf freezing her instantly in mid step

The woman pulled the quill from Anne’s calf as she stood frozen in place. 

‘Now Miss Payton a slow death that starts with a kiss a special kiss,’ she said opening her clutch purse and taking out a lipstick.

She walked over to the mirror and applied a thin coating then replaced it in her purse and walked over Anne.

‘My lipstick is a lethal poison, it requires two kisses to work,’ she said touching Anne’s lips lightly.

‘That’s one you can have to other when you beg me for it, for you see my dear COIL agent you are about to experience the Stinging Lotus Knot, first let’s get you out of this negligee and me out of my evening gown.’

She stripped the COIL agent and then slipped out of her gown, but kept on her thong and bra and heels.  She applied herself quickly and sunk in.  Anne didn’t move from the bite, she couldn’t as the woman moved her deeper into the knot.  Several more minutes and the woman felled them to the soft carpet Anne entombed in the woman’s knot but free of the drug from the poison needle.

‘There Miss Payton one simple lock of my heels and your life is over, shall I kiss you now?’

‘Yes,’ she moaned.

The woman delivered the kiss and smiled, then relaxed as Anne injected her with her needle ring.

‘The residual lipstick from sealing my partner’s lips earlier seems to be protection enough, however I’ll just wipe it off you and me before we continue,’ Anne purred. 

Anne dressed and did her make up, she looked stunning as always but she was undecided as to how to take care of the woman

Dressed and ready for the party and he was waiting so getting undressed again didn’t appeal to her, besides she wanted to save her energy for later with him.  She did her lips them got the idea.  She picked up two atomizers and walked over to the woman’s dress and gave it a few sprays in certain places while she did her own perfume concealing the task from her opponent.  She closed and locked her vanity with all her weapons and then returned to the woman.

‘I regret I don’t have time to finish you my dear but my partner and I have a mission to complete, doubtless the same one you’re trying to.  The difference is that we will, but you won’t, but on the positive side you get to live another day so you can explain to your superiors how you failed.  My drug will wear off in about a half an hour, be sure you’re departed by then,’ Anne explained.

What she didn’t say was that half another after the drug wore off her perfume would cause an even more fatal reaction. 


‘Your lipstick tastes sweet,’ he said and went for another taste.

Anne Payton was more than happy to comply.

He drank in her kiss, long and passionate as he felt her body under her baby doll.

‘How do you feel?’ she asked after they broke apart and she went to get her glass of wine on the table.

‘Fine, how should I feel?’ he asked.

She looked disappointed and surprised as she put down her glass

‘Well per my notes the receiver should begin to feel lethargic almost immediately and you had two kisses,’ she said.

‘And two very good kisses and I assure they made me feel anything but lethargic,’ he said advancing to her.

‘Well that was a miss, I need to make a note and send it back to the lab she said picking up a pen just as his lips found her neck.

‘Please darling I’m trying to work, this is important,’ she breathed as his hands caressed her breasts. 

‘Oh I suppose I can fill this out later,’ she said succumbing to desire as she turned in his arms and kissed him.

They coupled instantly then used several other methods of standing, sitting and kneeling positions before she touched her head and a look of surprise formed on her face.

‘You drugged me,’ she said weakly as he released her to the floor.  ‘But why, is this part of the testing I didn’t now about?’ she stammered.

‘Hardly, I’ve switched sides and you’re my first mission.  I switched the lipsticks when you were getting ready in the other room.  My weapon, men’s body spray, it weakens the female slowly, now to weaken you permanently,’ he smiled.

He had one more coupling in mind and his flexible body delivered her into it quickly, his cock worked inside her as she offered what strength she had to resist him. In the end, she was trapped, her body locked in The Forceps, his favourite.  Her legs ran up his body and behind crossed behind his head.  His legs followed her in a weaving embrace and pinned her head still with the flats of his feet.  He wove his arms into hers and locked his fingers in hers to secure her nails from their deadly touch on him and closed them around her tits, her nipples stiff and responsive.

‘You never could resist me,’ he flattered.

‘It was always business and acting, don’t think too highly of yourself,’ she answered.

He closed The Forceps slowly around her as she writhed and fought weakly.  He had used it on her once before during another tryst, she hadn’t been able to escape then either.  His body was thin and strong and flexible a fatal combination for a woman and he had her impaled in his massive endowment. She had not been able to escape once before at full strength; she was not going to this time either.  He pumped his rod inside her and tweezed her tighter as she struggled, his hands rotating her pin prick hard nipples in pleasuring strokes.  The combination was too much for Anne, she thrust her hips in and out on his steel pole and orgasmed as he tilted his head and coerced her lips to his.  She twisted and writhed as her strength came back, but she was deep in his embrace. 

Anne felt so delicious, her supple smooth feminine form, he never got tired of her.  He pinched inward as she moaned and pumped her furiously until he climaxed her lethal body, she the death of so many men of women, was close to being spent.  She pulled fruitlessly with her hips to dislodge her pussy but it was impossible, she instead caused a rushing climax that drew his knot close to conclusion.

He slowed his action and enjoyed her hot body while they kissed, the next cumming would end her life.  They kissed for a long while, he in no rush to be rid of the pleasure of her.

‘You can’t kill me darling I can feel it,’ she purred after a long kiss

‘Sorry love, but that’s the way things have to be,’ he answered.

‘Silly, you misunderstood darling, I mean you aren’t able to kill me.  You may have switched the lipstick when you thought I wasn’t looking, but camera concealed in my compact, set on my vanity told me a different story.  It relayed the picture to a special screen imbedded in my bathroom mirror.  Since I know your favourite way of finishing women off is a body knot I picked something of a full coverage nature, but soft.  Tell me darling do you feel anything?  I think not, my baby powder is most effective first it neutralises the muscles then collapses them and all applied with softest applicator possible, me,’ she charmed nipping his lips and pulling free of him. 

‘Now I can finish my report.’


‘What’s the matter Miss?’ they woman questioned as she leaned over her face and kissed her cheek. 

‘My special Sea Urchin Oil Miss, poisonously paralysing,’ she purred

‘I have orders to kill you, slowly Miss, is there any other way and to gather any information you may have, to that end I took the extra step to paint my fingernails and toenails with truth serum varnish shaded in a nice deep red and now to complete my make-up,’ she hissed.

‘My lipstick or should I say lipsticks, the first applied thinly is the last thing you will feel honey,’ she said closing it and revealing another.  ‘And this one a slow muscle relaxer for my knot, The Siamese Python, a specialty, slow and totally effective,’ she said applying a generous coat of the crimson emollient.

Anne her nude body glowing in the poisonous oil was entwined very slowly by the woman.  The assassin positioned herself at Anne Payton’s feet, her legs splayed out along either side of the drugged spy’s body.  The woman crossed over the spy’s ankles and fitted them flush into her inner thighs then pushed to her knees bending Anne’s legs back.  Heavily oiled her assassin slipped easily about her, the woman’s long legs snaking about the paralysed beauty until the flats of her feet came to rest on the sides of Anne’s neck.  She rolled them over and cupped the spy’s tits in her hands.

‘There I have the Siamese Python wrapped around and into you COIL’d agent, now for my relaxing kisses or would you prefer a sample of the knot’s lethal qualities first, move an inch and you’ll feel me once my oil wears off of course until then,’ she said flicking a toenail.

‘The first scratch of my toxin talons,’ she smiled as she felt Anne’s body surfacing.

Anne Payton worked her naked alert form in the knot; she was trapped perfectly in a deadly knot by a lethal woman.

‘Oh did I forget Miss, my paralysing oil also acts as a shield against your claws but not mine as my varnish as it contains a small solvent that allows mine through, like this,’ she purred.

Anne felt a touch to her skin, the woman’s nails were sharp, she barely felt the touch, but she felt the drug. 

‘Now Miss its time to talk, my varnish is in you and I need answers,’ she purred.

The COIL spy twisted and wormed her body as she fought the knot and questions.  The woman merely pricked her again until she was unable to resist talking. 

The Siamese Python encircled her slowly but expertly as the woman bent Anne back toward her waiting lips and the muscle relaxing lipstick than gleamed red before her.  The spy did everything she could to avoid the kiss, but she was braced on either side of her head.  The woman teased her with fake kisses and missed touches until she applied the first kiss and smiled.

Anne relaxed instantly but still struggled for minutes as her body fought the relaxing poison.  The woman applied another longer slower kiss as she felt it work she cinched the agent tighter and smiled.

‘You resist well Miss but my Siamese Python grows tighter about you,’ she purred.

Anne Payton strained and writhed in defiance of the drug, her scrumptious body enlaced in a maze of fatal feminine fortune.  Another kiss, a long one, the woman’s mouth coating and pressing and lightly touching certain points delivered her into the knot totally.  The woman slithered about her and tightened with a satisfied hiss.

‘Now just a few touch-up kisses and then my outer layer will be finished leaving my killing lipstick exposed,’ she purred.

She nipped the corners of Anne’s mouth then kissed one of her nipples and then the other before shuddering and wilting, freeing the COIL spy. 

‘Nipples of Venus, soothing, very soothing to the sensitive pressure points, you have about two minutes to live, my tits, I’m told are irresistible.  My version of a kiss of death darling,’ Anne hissed. 


She slipped from his embrace, his mammoth distended weapon running up her back as her ass pulled free.
‘My cock and a certain motion have you limp my dear deadly spy.  Male Biting Mantis position from the Kama Sutra, developed to counter the lethal Silkworm women, there are other positions but I prefer this one,’ he smiled.

Anne Payton was limp; she was sent to eliminate him and now it looked as if he had the upper hand.  She had him early in the encounter, her Silken Cocoon; courtesy of a sheer silk negligee dusted with her special baby powder would react with their heat and adhere to him in a deadly constricting shroud.  She was irresistible in it and fatal using it and she delivered her trap with perfection.

‘Don’t work to hard lover you’ll just encase yourself more in my weave,’ she smiled as she walked over to her purse.

‘I told you darling not to struggle so.  My negligee is quite special, it’s designed to stick to the prey wrapping them in a web of death, the silk strands separate as you move freeing more of the negligee to encase you.  Ironic, that you couldn’t wait to get me out of it and now you can’t get out of it.  Here daring left me help you,’ she said checking her face in the mirror as she walked by.

‘This should help,’ she purred leaning over and brushing his lips.   ‘There you’re still and all it took to calm you down was a kiss.  You’ll be still for at least half and hour honey my cherry blossom frosting is mild but that is more than long enough for the strands of my negligee to finish you,’ she smiled and went to take a shower. 

She came out of the bathroom expecting to find him dead instead she found herself trapped.  She was flipped onto the floor as she came into the room.  He straddled her and worked his stem in, her ass dancing as he tethered himself into her just a touch before she pulled her ass free of his cock and pinned it between her cheeks.

‘Nice try, but I’ve been briefed on your stem and how dangerous it can be to the female, perhaps just as dangerous as my ass,’ she purred as her cheeks squeezed and swayed.

He tightened his hold but she was already in her dance and undoing her body from his knot while slipping hers into place.  His stem was pulled back and forth in her soft skin as she convinced him to cum.  He spilled his body quivered and her dripping ass told her it was a good and draining one.  Anne freed a leg and ran her toes up and down his smooth calves a touch here and there along with a press of a certain toe on a spot working her plan. 

‘It’s called The Moth’s Wings darling,’ she whispered as her other leg came free and she proceeded to work on his other leg as she spilled him again.

She grabbed his arms and held him up while she worked; his body was weak from her touch.

‘Your weapon has been holstered in one of mine, a sheath of relaxing pleasure.  My dance can be fatal; The Moth’s Wings massages the male member and in turn creates a stimulus feedback into the body blocking nerve endings that I have designated with my touches.  Or it can be used as a paralysis dance, my preference, as I have something more insidious in store for you,’ she uttered sexily.

One more spillage and she lowered him to his back her cheeks keeping a firm and sliding grip on his member.  On the floor with Anne arched over him, her body sliding back and forth as her neck reached back to his face so she could see him and he her.

‘There that’s better darling, now we can see each other and kiss.  My mission is to finish you, I thought my negligee was the perfect trap but you escaped, tell me how honey,’ she hotly asked.

‘Like this!’ he said as slipped his cock free and into her ass once more.

‘Ahh, ohh, mmh, haaa,’ she exclaimed as she squirmed but was pinned as he locked around her and stood them up.

‘Huuh, mmm, uhhh!’ she fought as he thrust and worked his hips until she arched and quivered and went still.

‘A heat sensitive lubricating oil Miss Payton allowed me to slip free of your negligee and there was just enough left to escape you.  My phallus has stung you with The Biting Mantis, paralysing you for hours,’ he said as she slipped from his embrace.

‘I regret I cannot finish you myself with my stem but I do have something that is up to size to do the job,’ he said retrieving a bag and spilling it out on the floor. 

‘My friend here enjoys close contact with females, but regrettably he does not yet know when to relax around them,’ he laughed as the Albino Burmese Python forked its tongue and got the scent of nearby prey.

He left just as the head of the snake crossed over her foot its tongue flicking to find its way.  It proceeded up her bent right leg spilling a little over onto her calf and the floor as it went until it slithered up between her ass cheeks then sidled slowly up her back in a lazy back and forth motion then across her neck and carefully up around both arms contracting her wrists together.  A flip of its body rolled her over and rested Anne on his nest of coils.  Slowly he pulled his body through, his skin slipping on hers as his head wound under and over her stretched-out arms.  The slow coiling of the seductive nude woman had begun as her arms slowly were covered in the albino serpent.  Anne watched the python cross her shoulders and loop underneath returning again and again as her pulled himself along and her into his blanket of death.  Her torso over time was slowly draped in him, the slithering as he pulled along stimulating her nipples.  His body caressed across her bush perfectly catching her lips and spreading them in his band.

Her legs were the last of her to disappear, again slow and careful the snake recognized constrictors when he felt them and took care to bind them thoroughly until head to toe she was covered in Burmese Albino Python only her head and neck visible.  The snake lay still holding her and waiting until the drug wore off and she would fight then he would turn about her over time and crush a fellow predator. 

Anne Payton came alive after another ten minutes as did the python and gave her a taste of his coils and she succumb as his motion stimulated the spy, her nipples and spread lips open to his attack.  She tilted and rotated her hips in madding desperation to dislodge his skin.  Her whole body worked inside his erotic membrane as he stimulated her slowly while his loops adjusted her squirming form while she slithered inside him.  Anne came under his skill, her body slamming uncontrollably inside his grip in pleasure before she was reduced and he started again.  She was sexually alive instantly as she twisted and wormed until the same result happened as before.  Anne rolled over and smiled as she pushed up on all fours and rocked back and forth as he attacked again,

‘Come lover,’ she panted as her body gyrated and worked him for another climax which she got before undoing her body and breathing the air and smiling as she looked at her assassin.

‘I have you baby, my trap was for your master but it proves to be perfectly chosen for you,’ she delighted.

Anne carefully wrapped the snake about her and danced her prey weaker with each motion until she lowered herself to the floor and squirmed about for several minutes then lay still.

‘Come baby lets play some more, wrap me in your wonderful penis and finish what you started don’t leave a girl hanging you must be very tired, catch your breath and we’ll start again.  Don’t try to hard you’ll find it impossible I’ve seen to that baby, while you were busy wrapping me in your majestic body I was busy as well brushing you in with a skin suffocating body cream I applied after my shower.  I am afraid you coated most of yourself in its rich creamy seal and then I finished you off.  You’ll be dead in a few minutes’ baby I’m just finishing up a few spots your coverage of me insured my coverage of you only my seal is so much more deadly,’ she hissed. 


She enjoyed learning from retired agents, especially ones with exotic arts and this woman certain fit the bill.  She’d had tea with her the day before to see if she passed muster for teaching, apparently, she had for a note left at her hotel told her to come to her garden tomorrow.  The next morning Anne Payton came to her home and as per instructions entered via the garden door and made her way to the pagoda for training, the woman greeted her with a smile and nothing else.

Anne looked at her naked flawless ageless form situated a Lotus position as she meditated and decided to begin the lesson to her advantage and show what she had.  She slipped off her light sundress and sandals and lowered herself behind the woman.  Anne softly went about her task of undoing the lotus position and inserting herself in its place.  A combination of toe pinches and nail pressures undid the woman enough for her to work her body in and about over a short time.

‘Excellent my dear,’ the older woman said as she worked her body sexily against the young agents until Anne began to loosen the knot involuntarily. 

‘Fight me child before I free myself or you never feel freedom again,’ she offered with a smile.

Anne fought for thirty minutes, her flexibility and counter moves excellent, but she was up against the best and the last of her resisting form was quelled and she lay frozen covered in the woman’s snakelike body.

‘I cannot escape,’ Anne said finally after struggling.

‘Nor will you my dear,’ she hissed in delight.

‘What are you doing?’ the agent demanded.

‘Merely supplementing my retirement income with a contract killing I will be able to explain away as a tragic accident of some sort,’ she soothed then added as she noticed something was not quite right.

‘You’re wearing a protective coating my dear, how resourceful fortunately I’m a resourceful woman as well.  The Twirling Vine is designed to hold the opponent, not to kill them, that comes later.  You’re coating cannot protect you child, I have access to constant intelligence reports of agents that I offer my services to, including you.  I’ve read all about your incredible missions and escapes so I knew what to expect and how to plan for your death.  You have such soft lovely skin child you take very good care of yourself the sign of a dedicated agent.  I always took care of my body during and after my career especially my skin I keep it smooth the soft for just such occasions as this,’ she said as her cheek rested on the straining young agent.

‘Struggle all you wish child you cannot escape me; my years of experience dwarf your small tenure.  You do have a wonderful body, I can tell you it feels delicious, so delicious in fact,’ she purred.

The woman lightly touched the corner of Anne’s lips.

‘No poison child, just pleasure, let yourself relax, you have nowhere to go,’ she mused.

‘I will escape this knot,’ Anne’s voice laboured as she worked.

‘Yes of course you will when you’re dead you’ll be free of it, as I said I plan and my knot is merely holding you while my special body oil works on your skin sealer.  A coated my body in it this morning, an extremely mild solvent is as we speak eating away at your protection, dissolving your defences and then your skin will be exposed to what lies beneath my solvent she said tightening the spy slightly, a muscle relaxing baby oil, slick and effective and once I work it into you with a slow body massage that will open you up to some of my more inventive knots and death in my body.  Now kiss me as I work in my solvent,’ she smiled as the noose tightened around the spy.

Anne Payton took up the offer as she too up’d the struggle, her young body vigorous in its fight as the woman worked in her solvent.  The COIL spy did her best but she was held fast in the knot.  The woman’s magnificent form rubbed the solvent about as Anne flexed her frame to its limits only to be easily persuaded back into place with just the slightest of strokes.  She tried a final time and was rewarded with failure as her body slumped.

‘My solvent in everywhere in a few minutes you will be feeling nothing and then pain,’ she triumphed.

‘You may know some things about me old woman but others are kept secret even from you including my new skin sealer or more appropriately sealers designed just for this purpose and I wore it with you in mind noting you were a double agent ironically so is my sealant.  Your solvent merely eroded the first membrane a fatal mistake as it freed my rather lethal poison toad venom onto your unprotected skin, how do you feel old woman?’ she smiled.


Anne felt something was wrong instantly, but by that time it was too late.  The covers to her Cabana were closed and tied by her young attendant who turned and smiled.

‘My special suntan lotion Miss Payton, SPF 40 or Special Paralysing Formula 40,’ she smiled as she stripped off her micro bikini revealing her firm young form in all its deadly glory.  She pulled something from her kit bag and grinned as she rolled it onto her lips.

Lip gloss, a special type, a truth serum, coupled with my expertise is Thai knots Miss you will be talking in no time and dead soon after that.

The young attendant relieved Anne of her bikini and began with a kiss, slow and purposeful, then proceeded to join their two forms together in a languid arousing manner until her ancient skills settled into place and she held the spy tight inside her knot.

‘The Curling Centipede, I being the centipede Miss Payton, your body will feel my pressure from a hundred points and my bite is poisonous,’ she said depositing another kiss.

Anne was now a cocktail of drugs, each working its damage on her while the young attendant did the same.  Kiss after kiss nipped and caressed hers as the drug worked its loosening magic with convincing assistance from an ever-constricting embrace. 

The duo lay on the bed; the girl’s action the only movement as she worked her knot about the paralysed beauty drawing inward as the secrets drew outward.  Anne tried to resist but the lip gloss was potent and she could not fight it for long and soon succumb to the young charms and writhing body of her assassin.

‘Excellent Miss, my lip gloss has you deep in its spell as does my body,’ she purred as they kissed and she cinched deeper.

Anne was entering her third hour of imprisonment when the lotion finally wore off, she writhed and strained as the girl kissed her and moved slowly in a dancing motion, until Anne grew sluggish.

‘Thai Brush, Miss Payton, a massage to still you and let my knot sink itself further into you,’ she purred as she worked her massage.

Anne was strained weakly as the deadly girl stiffened her and brought pain to the surface.

‘Now Miss, tell me more, my lip gloss is exhausted, but now the true convincing weapon is in play.  Each little movement either you or me make will induce the knot to cinch and bring tongue loosening torment to you,’ she hissed.

Anne tried desperately not to move, but it was impossible and she was soon in torturous pain as the girl worked more from her over the next several hours as they knot worked.  She was near delirium with pain as the girl squirmed around her delivering more and exacting deep secrets.

The girl smiled and kissed as she worked about the woman, her body positioning the spy for death carefully with a slow body rubbing that would work Anne into place over several hours and totally leave her limp and non-resistant.  Anne fought weakly, but the rub was everywhere on her.  The girl kissed the helpless spy, her sweet youth deadly to the touch.  The girl rubbed slowly about the spy, deadening trained muscles and sinew with impunity.  Anne slid into place after two hours, her body no longer hers it offered no resistance.

The Cabana girl, her snake body braided into the spy at every conceived angle squeezed inward with each breath of Anne, slowly cutting off her air as she arched her back upon herself, pulling her out of the wet towel that had absorbed her perspiration from futile escape attempts. 

‘Goodbye Miss Payton it was a pleasure serving as your Cabana Girl I hope you found my services to your discomfort,’ she soothed as she rolled them over and prepared to thrust her body inward and snap Anne’s back and neck. 

The spy was positioned above the girl, her dangling body non-responsive except for faint moans and then a thud as she fell free on top of the girl, both unable to move for the longest time until finally Anne forced her body back into action. 

‘You should have never rolled me over and touched my towel, I sprayed it with my own special toxin and took the antidote for it this morning,’ she panted still exhausted from her ordeal.

Anne wrapped the towel around the girl and pinned it together then staggered into a chair to recover some more.

‘Soak in my drug girl, its slow poison, but deadly, as am I,’ she said.             


The sultry night was made a little more bearable as she flung open the French door’s, the relative cooler air hit her towel clad body with a welcome sigh.  Anne Payton opened her towel and let the air hit her just bathed body the last of the water droplets that clung to her wicked away into the air.  She closed her towel, just as she had closed her mission, and took a sip of her water before responding to a knock at the door of her hotel penthouse suite door. 

‘Your ticket for tomorrows flight Miss Payton,’ a smiling young woman said.

‘Right on time Pia, as usual,’ Anne smiled at the office attaché that had been assigned to her while she completed her mission in Mumbai. 

‘It has been a pleasure working with you,’ she said then added.  ‘You asked so very little and gave me so much that I would like to offer something back,’ Pia said coyly as she stepped forward and put the palms of her hands-on Anne’s shoulders.

Anne didn’t flinch as Pia slipped her arms tighter around Anne’s neck pulling the towelled spy’s lips to hers for a stunning kiss.

Their lips parted and Anne moved toward the door to exit her guest.

‘Thank you for all your help on this mission Pia and thank you for the kiss, it’s a shame your lipstick wasn’t effective,’ Anne mused just before her hand slipped off the doorknob.

Now it was Pia’s turn to smile as she closed the door and pushed the light-headed agent into the room.

‘An excellent move to block my lipstick, but my kiss allowed me all the contact I needed.  My Bindi contains a microscopic needle tipped with a disorienting drug; you didn’t even feel it as the pleasure of my kiss offered the distraction and touch I needed.  It’s true my lipstick was coated with a deadly resin that kills in seconds, however your foresight has ruined my kiss of death, you’ll wish you hadn’t, for my second means of death is slow and painful Miss Payton.’

Anne tried to focus but the room turned inside her head, she swung wildly at the location of her opponent only to miss by feet and be rewarded with a double chop to the neck and a sweeping forward leg kick that pulled the COIL spy’s feet from under her and crashed her to the floor.  Pia undid the towel and rolled Anne out of it.

‘What one feminine adornment didn’t accomplish another will COIL agent, my bracelets, thin, decorative and numerous an Indian woman’s everyday fashion statement, but like most of our jewellery it is designed for fatality as well.  Sidra’s Snake is a metallic coil of my bracelets about your body, a crushing embrace just as fatal as any snakes, your slightest move draws them tighter around you in a twisted entanglement of metal that not even you can undo for once the bracelets come in contact with each other they lock together, ring into ring as you are constricted, death is a relief,’ Pia smiled as she began removing her bracelets.

The enemy spy began linking them together as she removed them and starting with a single one about each wrist of Anne’s then stretched and crossed her arms above her head and linking them together with another bracelet.  The metal cylinders encircled her arms, then her torso and then endlessly about her legs until her ankles were finished off in the same manner as her wrists had been. 

‘Goodbye Miss Payton, I have a friend of yours to meet and a kiss to deliver, luckily my lipstick is still fresh,’ Pia purred as she left the agent to die. 

Anne knew her partner was in danger, but she could do nothing.  She lay helpless as Sidra’s Snake worked on her resisting form each clink of metal a defeat for the young agent.  She was compressed and twisted over several hours until she was a tight ball on the floor unable to move anything. 

‘Uhhhh!’ Anne moaned for the thousandth time as she was contracted again.

The spy felt her legs cross and the ball get tighter as she began wishing she’d not had protection for her lips and died from Pia’s kiss.  The bracelets contracted again and she moaned constantly for the final hour as her body was crushed to the breaking point and beyond and still she refused to submit, her pliant physique somehow managing to allow the bracelets to find slack to take in.  Anne endured the torment for another hour as she got smaller inside her prison and her moans got quieter.  She felt another contraction as links clinked together then she heard a snapping sound. 

‘I must endure,’ she weakly thought.

Several more chains popped under the stress, but the spy felt no relief as the slack was taken up instantly as others clinked into place to rescind the slack created by the broken ones.  Anne summoned the last of her reserves and clung to consciousness as she waited to hear a pop amidst the clangs about her.  The spy counted the clangs as she was locked even deeper into Sidra’s Snake, it was over ten before she began convulsing and lost count as the sound of an immense bang of metal on metal only marginally audible in her haze of agony as her prison exploded in a shower of broken metal about the room. 

Anne allowed herself a deep breath for the first time in hours.

‘The night is still young and I might still have time to save my partner,’ she thought as she tried to move.


She placed the room card into the swipe reader and held it in place at dead centre for just a few seconds then watched the indicator light turn green.  Anne Payton smiled and turned the handle and walked in, the device having sent a signal to the main hotel to access the security codes for the door then copies it back onto the card and allow her access.

Anne undid the button on her skirt, let it fall down her legs and stepped out of it.  She undid her silk blouse took a few more steps and deposited it on the floor.  Her bra and panties were next leaving only her shoes, which she kept, as she made her way to the closet. 

‘I know its very Matt Helm, The Silencers of me, but I can’t resist,’ she smiled as she donned one of his white shirts.

She waited on a bar stool, in direct view of the door, her legs crossed and displayed to more than eye popping potential.  The door open, she arched a well plucked eyebrow as he first noticed the trail of clothes and then her. 

‘I let myself in, please don’t ask, tricks of the trade,’ she smiled as she got up and walked toward him carrying a drink which she handed to him.

‘And who are you?’ he asked levelling his gun into the space between her breasts. 

‘The guns a trifle undersized, I’m a 36 and that’s only a 24,’ she smiled.

‘That didn’t answer the question,’ he demanded.

‘I’m an enemy agent sent to kill you now here drink this and die,’ she said with a smile and a small laugh.  ‘Seriously my ID and our mission are on the bar,’ she answered as she offered him the drink which he refused removing the gun and walking to the bar.

‘You seem to check out and this mission sounds exotic are you sure you’re up for it?’ he smiled.

‘You certainly are,’ she cooed reaching around and cupping his hard root in her hands as she hugged him from behind.

He turned around and tried to run his arms around her waist.

‘Easy lover one of us is way ahead of the other,’ Anne said wriggling from his embrace and grabbing the edges of her shirt to indicate her state of undress verses his.

He smiled knowingly and quickly remedied the disparity taking her into his arms his body free of clothes and hers soon to be.

Anne kissed him as he felt her ass under his shirt that she was wearing.  He undid the buttons as she kissed him again, then she finished the buttons herself, his body too stiff.  She walked over to the mirror and touched her hair.

‘My lipstick contains a special abrasive to scrub away any sealer, that’s kiss one.  Kiss two, the paralysing agent,’ she remarked into the mirror as she striped off the shirt and turned smiling.

Anne dripped with sophistication and sex appeal despite her young age.  Strawberry blonde shoulder length hair, high cheek bones, perfect lips and deep hazel eyes gave her an alluring face.  Her tanned nude form had been sculpted and worked to Aphrodite beauty.

She slipped back into his arms, around him and kissed him once more.

 Anne Payton was a woman of many weapons her paralysing body oil a favourite, Steel, the DOOM agent by name, fell victim to it and her.  He was entwined in a Standing Wasp and worked into her pussy. Anne used her nipples to further induce immobility. Yet another talent stemming from extensive and exotic forms of yoga.

‘My lipstick is short in duration Steel but not to worry I have a back up plan.  ‘Just in case my poisonous body met resistance I used my nipples to inhibit you as well. Like acupuncture needles inserted in just the right place they block strategic neural pathways and speaking of inserted.  Your legendary stem is fully engulfed.  Should you have any thoughts of using it to escape me I would discard them.  I sprayed my bush with a special perfume it hardens the ends of the hair to create a scrubbing pad to remove any sealer on your stem you may be wearing or to forbid a drug from entering me that you may have dipped it in before dipping it in me,’ she purred.

‘There Steel your mine, oh don’t expect a rescue, least of which from Sandy your former partner.  In fact, you should thank me I killed her before she could finish you today.  Yes, seems she had a change of heart about you,’ Anne offered.

Steel felt the skill of the woman about him, she moved with grace and purpose utilising her sexy body against his muscles.  Hard and soft at the same time her body gave the spy a lethal advantage, power, sex appeal and experience.  Steel tried to pulse his cock inside her but found he could not.

‘My pussy again Steel, a small dab of nerve toxin, it keeps you hard but that’s all,’ she whispered into his ear.

‘Careful Steel,’ Anne warned in a sexy voice as he felt his body coming free of her lotion.  ‘My nails darling, I manicured them to a rather fine edge and painted them with a lethal pink polish of mine, one scratch Steel is all it takes,’ she hummed.

Steel was trapped in her knot in every possible way except one and she delivered that with her lips.  Steel found himself kissing her before he even realised he was doing it, such were Anne’s seductive charms. She was a wonderful kisser inducing an orgasm from him.

‘I was told about your will power Steel so my one final act was to apply yet another special lipstick of mine, the base coat, its call Scarlet Seduction by its code name, but the female agents call it The Cumming Kiss.  In short it releases a chemical into your blood stream that induces orgasms, the net effect is your body is drained of its strength to resist,’ she breathed as she kissed him. 

Steel spilled and spilled until he was drained of fluid and strength and hung limply in her knot.

‘Spent already Steel baby,’ she cooed has her body suctioned about him in a slow snaking motion before Anne snapped hers in a sharp twisted. She relaxed her body and discarded his now dead one to the floor and pulled his shirt back on. 


Anne placed a few well-chosen mists of her atomizer on her neck and décolletage as a stall and an allurement.  She watched him drink in her scent and lick his lips.

‘One final request before you kill me,’ she cooed and then moved before could answer.

Her well primed lips danced over his for a few tangy seconds before she let him go and smiled, he sank to the floor.

‘A scratch in time,’ she hummed checking her nails.

‘Bravo Miss Payton and excellent escape,’ a female’s voice said from the direction of her courtyard doors.

‘All compliments accepted would you care for an instant replay Miss?’ Anne said as she turned to put a face and body to the voice.

‘Han Go is my name,’ the woman said as she took a step in. 

Han was wearing a black strapless cocktail dress studded in small diamonds that sparkled in the light.   Cut two inches above the knee and with a matching gauze scarf that fitted about her neck and draped down both her shoulders then down her back, her black heels and hose completed a very fetching package.

‘One of yours I suppose,’ Anne said, her head gesturing with a slight nod backwards to the dead man.

‘Not anymore it would appear,’ Han smiled as she answered.

‘We’ll have to make this quick I have a cocktail party to attend,’ Anne menaced.

‘I was wondering you’re a trifle underdressed at the moment,’ Han teased as she watched Anne in her gauze baby doll take a slight step forward then touch her forehead with her hand.

‘Something wrong Miss Payton?’ Han questioned.  ‘Perhaps your scent is more powerful than even you can handle.’

‘I don’t understand it’s my special scent,’ she said in an unsure voice.

‘Mine to or should I say my special additive a disorienting drug comingling with your scent,’ Han said as she stepped inside.

‘Eeha!’ Han landed the point of her shoe into Anne’s stomach doubling her over perfectly for the woman to drive her elbow into the back of the neck.

‘Ahhh!’ Anne moaned as she slumped to her knees.

‘I was told you were quite a martial artist apparently, I was misinformed,’ Han smirked as she circled her opponent.

‘Eeha!’ Han voiced once more as a kick smashed into the small of Anne’s back snapping her over flat on to her back.

Han placed her clutch purse on a small end table and came back to the now on her feet Anne who swung widely at her. Han grabbed her arm and delivered chops up and down her prey’s body with her free hand while holding her in an arm bar with the other.  She hip tossed Anne and relieved her of her baby doll then double chopped her neck and the spy folded to the floor.

‘So much for your reputation Miss Payton and soon your life,’ Han smiled as she positioned herself to the side of Anne’s stretched out prostrate form.

The deadly beauty turned the close ornate diamond encrusted petals of her broach a quarter turn then tapped the onyx centre.  An instant later Anne heard the air sing around and an after that she inside a tent of thin translucent strings surrounding her on all sides and all leading up and back to the diamonds dotting Han’s dress, who looked at her and smiled.

‘My dress is designed to catch a man and kill him as well.  I do like an outfit that I can use for several occasions.  Normally it fires poisonous darts; the stones can even be changed to allow micro needles to be ejected upon pressure, such as during an embrace.  However, in this instance it fires twine that encircles the victim, a sticky silken gossamer twine that once in contact with anything adheres and contracts around it,’ Han purred.

‘Eeha!’ Han said a fraction of a second later as she kicked Anne’s side and sent her rolling away from her and onto some of the twine that detached from her pin and fell about the nude body of the spy who was instantly entangled on the myriad the tacky strings from the top to the bottom of her body. 

Han retrieved her clutch purse and moved toward Anne’s vanity and sat down opening her purse and removing her lipstick. Han coated her lips carefully then turned to face the squirming Anne.

‘I plan to casually deposit a kiss on his lips, just one of many I’m sure.  Nothing long and attention getting, just a simple touch, fortunately I need nothing longer.  My lipstick contains a delayed poison; about two hours after my kiss he’ll begin to feel dizzy and then seconds later will drop dead.  Strangely you have about the same time left before you die,’ Han smiled as she leaned over and brushed her lips on Anne’s.

‘Insurance Anne, should you escape this trap you cannot escape my kiss,’ Han smiled as she rose and left the woman to struggle.

The spy turned on her side and arched her body up straining all she had to stretch the twine for some small opening or reprieve from the contraction around her.  The twine was everywhere on her, between her toes and fingers, about her surging hips and around her heaving chest. 

Her efforts were in vain, her body was crisscrossed in the deadly twine, her movement limited from the start was getting more so with each passing minute.  She rolled over and tried the other side of her body flexing frantically but the stubborn web refused her powerful form and she collapsed to the floor in exhaustion when she spotted it out of the corner of her eye.

The ensnared beauty rolled across the floor and inched her body beside her baby doll artfully spreading in out fully on the floor before she rolled onto it and then back over again and again the garment stuck to the twine in place as if she was wearing it. 

‘An excellent trap Han but you forgot about the man your organization sent to kill me, you didn’t do your research luckily I did,’ she smiled as she felt the baby doll begin to work.

Anne’s intelligence had confirmed his modus operandi as a man skilled with his body as a weapon.  She decided on an attack and escape strategy, the attack, her poisonous nail polish, had proven successful, that however still left her the escape, her baby doll.  Made with silicon thread it would dissolve when heated beyond a certain point coating her in a lubricant she would employ to slip herself free of his body and escape.

‘One trap or another, so long as it works,’ she said.

The sticky twine loosened and she shimmied her shoulders and arms free. Anne smoothed the oil down her legs working it into her skin until she could slide the twine off her form.  She got to her feet and made her way to the bathroom where she towelled off the oil then made her way to her vanity.  The spy opened her compact and lowered down the mirror revealing a hidden compartment.  Anne reached up and peeled away a clear film from her lips and placed it on the chemical scanner then activated the analyzer.

‘Kissing me allowed me to obtain a sample of your lipstick Han and in a few minutes, I will have the antidote to your kiss of death,’ she smiled.


Anne accepted the hug and the flick of a nail from the House Mother who stepped back and smiled.

‘I keep my nails filed to perfect sharpness and painted with a variety of poisons, some deadly in seconds’ others merely deadening.  You’ve been injected with Cicada venom rendering your body stiff instantly.  Did you really think your little rouse of getting into my master’s harem would not go unnoticed Miss Payton?’ she purred. 

‘I’ve been a headmistress and a spy far too long to let a simple girl like you elude my eye, even one as pretty and supposedly skilled as you, that however will soon be put to the test,’ she smiled pulling the rope on the bell system alerting her girls outside the room who soon appeared.

‘Girls take our guest to dance class and dispose of her slowly.  You see Miss Payton my girls are trained in several deadly dances; you will be their partner in The Cobra.  Each strike of their fangs delivers a trace amount of deadly poison enough touches and you die and you most assuredly will die,’ she smiled evilly as the paralysed beauty was carried away.

Anne was taken to the classroom, a circular room devoid of anything except Ayesha’s students who were engaged in a variety of dances and training.  The headmistress followed the procession in and clapped her hands to gain attention.

‘Ladies, I present Anne Payton, enemy spy.  Your lesson for today is to kill her with The Cobra Dance, but slowly ladies,’ she said nodding to a bevy of trailing servants who moved among the girls just as Anne came to her feet.

‘Ah Miss Payton back with us I see and just in time please remove your clothes and jewellery oh not to worry my ladies will do the same.  I want maximum exposure for their strikes on your body,’ she explained in a delighted tone.

The sexy spy obliged with a patronising smirk as she undid her saree and slipped it off followed by her gold bangles on both wrists, several rings and necklaces then the pins and clips in her hair then finally her earrings. 

‘Excellent I love a co-operative student.  My ladies will be with you shortly as you can see my servants they are preparing them for the dance.  Nails, both fingers and toes must be sharpened to perfection so that even the merest touch breaks the skin.  Once that is achieved then the poisonous nail polish is applied and once dry we can begin.  You can absorb maybe 1000 strikes before death.  I also should warn you that several of my ladies can multiple bite rather quickly to specific nerves.  If this occurs you will be totally paralysed for a short time, perhaps only five seconds, but long enough to be bitten hundreds of times.  Of course, you can try to escape,’ she smiled deceitfully.

By this time the ladies had formed a circle about Anne, eight against one. 

‘Enjoy the music and the dance while you can,’ the headmistress said as she clapped her hands and the music began.

Anne’s eyes shot about, she was against long odds to be sure but more than certain she could prevail because the dancers would all have the same movements and she could match them in terms of motion keeping their strikes to a minimum while allowing her to strike back.  All that went out the window with the start of the music, instead of being in sync to the music all the girls had different motions as they all started on a different beat, the result was no discernable pattern of motion that Anne could see or determine and she was struck several times in the process. 

It seemed to Anne impossible to defence, she blocked two opponents and then was stung by a third and a fourth.  The spy absorbed more bites than she could count her actions totally defensive as she back and front flipped about.  She managed to deliver a few kicks, widening the circle about her just enough for her to exhaust herself further. She came out of a front walk over and as met with a leg kick to either side of her thighs then up her side then finally her neck, the nails pricking her skin at every touch, she reached out, seized the calves and pinched before she went numb.

Anne was bitten for only 3 seconds in duration, but hundreds of times she felt their bites on her hot wet skin until she freed herself.  Foolishly the girls and not pulled their legs free quick enough, Anne pinched their calves.

‘Zeeso!’ Anne yelled as she jumped in the air and smashed each girl between her legs for a forceful front kick from each of her legs.  Both girls buckled at the waist and fell forward right into her waiting arms!

The spy placed each in a front headlock then dove forward over them her sexy long legs unfolding and catching two more necks in the crook of knees, a tense of her lethal legs ensured they stayed there just for her purposes which were unveiled a fraction later.  Anne rolled her body over to the left in a sharp fluid motion, she felt the necks of the girls in her arms crack and then her legs tingled with victory as the feel of breaking necks ran up her deadly gams.  She tossed the two from her legs at two of her four executioners left, they caught then for a fraction of a second then let them fall.  Anne was on them in a second but so were the two opponents not affected by her ploy. 

She blocked a strike from an extended arm, used it as a pivot pole to swing her body around the back of the girl and glue their forms together for just a second, that however was all the girl next to her needed as she suctioned onto Anne’s back.  The girl in front slipped from Anne as the girl from behind slipped herself around the agent.

‘AHHH!’ Anne grunted and she strained and flexed her body a dervish of violent motion.

‘I have you Miss, my Standing Crane I can assure you is most inescapable,’ the girl said.

‘MMMGHAHH!’ Anne gasped as she snapped and snapped her body wicked the remaining three girls in her labours before she was totally spent. 

‘Now to end the dance,’ the House Mother said from across the room as her eyes grew wide.

‘I couldn’t agree more,’ Anne answered as she watched the girl slip from her and then the two others fall down at her feet.

Anne saw the woman look on in totally shock, she quickly seized on that and moved between her and the door, cutting off escape.  She smiled a menacing smile and spoke.

‘With hard work and my perspiration, before I handed you my earrings I injected myself via the stem with a genetically designed poison, I’m immune but your ladies are not, it escapes via my perspiration, extremely lethal as you can see,’ Anne sexily said.  ‘Now to return that hug!’


‘Hitoh’ the Japanese beauty said as she snapped a punch into the kidney of Anne who arched back on herself in pain.  Suki ducked a wild swing from Anne and cart wheeled across her.  ‘Hee Ta, Hee Ta,’ she yelled in turn as each of her feet connected with Anne’s jaw.  Suki tumbled forward and past Anne and rose up in a hand stand.

‘Yaka,’ she toned several times as her legs snapped kicks into the chest of Anne before Suki’s calves closed about her neck and flung her across the Dojo. 

Anne tried to clear her mind as she forced herself to her feet.  Suki closed in as Anne tried to double chop her neck.  Suki caught her hands in mid air, turned her wrists, spun about so her back was to Anne.

‘Wahsa! Wahsa!’ Suki said sharply as her legs took turns firing up her body to each side of her head where they connected with Anne’s forehead.  Suki then bent forward and flipped Anne over her and hard to the floor still holding her wrists.  A leg swept forward and then back crashing into her mound doubling her over as her arms hugged her hips.  ‘Banso!’ Suki yelled as she executed the move.

The Japanese beauty picked Anne up, so was not finished yet with her. 

‘Hi-sa-so!’ Suki voiced as she rammed her elbow into Anne’s mound then snapped her over her shoulder.

Suki stood up untied her kimono and freed her body for the execution, her Geishedo had triumphed.  Suki picked up Anne, holding her arms out stretched she delivered a kick to Anne’s abs. 

‘Wootah!’ she said sharply as Anne fell forward from the blow.  Suki snapped her leg around Anne’s neck and pushed her foot into the back of Anne’s knee forcing her down on one leg.  The Poison Geisha twisted Anne’s arms about hers as she brought them behind the woman’s back.  Suki reached down and secured her fingers into Anne’s toes while her remaining leg circled around Anne’s back and locked in front the top of her foot stroking Anne’s pussy.

‘Geisha Brush Anne san.  Pleasure before pain,’ Suki said softly.

Anne resisted furiously as the Poison Geisha softly stroked her small bush and lips with her sensuous touch.  The softness of the Poison Geisha’s touch coupled with her exotic body scent of Tiger Lotus and sandalwood weakened her already crumbling defences to the brush.  Suki felt Anne’s body tensing a sign she was close to climax, but she didn’t rush it, the build up was most important, she would take the dam to the breaking point and then with one touch crumble all its walls and let the rushing tidal orgasm fill her opponent.

‘In that way I drain her resources most totally,’ Suki smiled at the thought.

‘Impressive resistance Anne san but feel you close to breaking,’ Suki said as Anne did just that.  The COIL felt her body go rigid from the climax, all her pleasure receptors when off at once and Anne shook and snapped, her moans and cries of delight music the Suki’s ears as she tightened to hold the violently arching woman who she did everything too, to induce the duration of the climax. 

After the COIL agent, had finished twitching from her orgasm Suki worked her toes into Anne, her moist mound easily receiving the deadly intrusion.  The Poison Geisha tumbled forward a rolling Anne powerless to block the transition. 

‘Geisha Hairpin Anne san,’ Suki offered as Anne writhed inside her knot.

The Hairpin killed by closing tight and snapping the back of the prey as they were bent.  Refusal was met with sexual stimulation to weaken the prey.  Suki twisted her foot slightly and pressed giving Anne a small sample of her talents. 

‘Yes Anne san my body can deliver deadly pleasure as well, but pain is also a pleasure to deliver as well.  Geesah!’ Suki said, as Anne’s body was shot with pain.

‘Geishedo can still be used in knot Anne san, used to persuade or kill, Gee-so sa!’ Suki yelled and Anne convulsed.  ‘I choose kill,’ the Poison Geisha added. 

Anne fought Suki relentlessly, her body may have been caught, but she was hardened steel to break as Suki was finding out, but she was winning, her Geishedo was slowly breaking the beauty.  The Poison Geisha used her Geishedo every five minutes on Anne who was very close to being snapped in two, Suki contracted the slack in the knot and struck, just as Anne was trying the twist.

‘Koyo sa!’ Suki voiced and then contracted the moaning Anne to the point of death and held as she let the time pass.

‘Rei-hi-ahh!’ Suki said then broke the knot and grabbed her legs. 

‘Capezzoli di Venere, Suki.  Nipples of Venus.  You let your legs get too close to my hardened nipples, the result a muscle knotting touch,’ Anne gasped out. 

Anne with all the strength she could muster rolled her fevered body over to Suki and worked her nails into the Poison Geisha’s spine stilling her.

‘There now you’re paralysed for hours, Korean Bee Sting, long enough for me to escape,’ Anne panted in exhaustion.


The Poison Geisha reached both hands into her ornate hair and extracted two long wooden hairpins, placed the tops together and turned then pulled them apart, a concealed wire now connected the two hairpins turning them into num-chuks.   The room filled with a buzzing sound as Suki spun the weapon about her body and catlike advanced on Anne who dodged left and right with her upper body to avoid strikes from the hairpins.

The motion gave Suki all the advantage she and her Geishedo needed.  The Poison Geisha snapped a kick to Anne’s left leg while the num-chuks scored a stinging blow to her stomach bending Anne over front ways as Suki moved behind her.

‘Hihe’ Suki said as her fist rammed into the small of Anne’s back sending her to her knees.

In a flash the Poison Geisha wrapped the wire about the COIL agent’s neck, braced her knee into the shoulder blades of Anne and slowly pulled the wire tight. 

Anne Payton opposed the temptation to bring her hands to her neck and grab for the wire, instead her arms reached behind her seized the heels of the Poison Geisha and pulled.  Her timing had to be perfect and it was, she snapped her torso back as Suki fell, the back of Anne’s head crashed into her sternum, the contact jarred the weapon from Suki’s hands.  Anne rolled away and hurriedly undid the wire from her neck as the Poison Geisha rolled toward her then onto her side and snapped a kick to Anne’s chest.  The num-chuks flew out of Anne’s hands and through the paper wall as she rolled backward over herself from the blow.  Suki came to feet and padded silently off to Anne who was on her feet as well but dazed and short of breath.  Anne tried to fight defensively but Suki closed in for the kill, the Poison Geisha had no intention of letting her prey recover.

‘Hihe’ the Geisha said softly with each blow as her punch hit home followed by a double chop to the neck and kick to the back.  The Poison Geisha backed off and waited for Anne to get to her feet.  The COIL agent obliged and snapped a kick that connected to her opponent’s sternum driving her backwards and onto her ass. Anne circled around Suki as she got back to her feet before aiming a short punch into her side.

 ‘Zeeso,’ Anne voiced as the blow hit home and the Poison Geisha doubled over.

Anne Payton spun the stunned woman around and continued her barrage.  ‘Zeeso,’ Anne repeated as her punch connected on the woman’s mound followed by chops to each side of her hips that straightened her up for a punch to the jaw.

Suki blocked the punch, held the arm in a bar with one well her free arm delivered chops to Anne’s torso in sharp rapid succession. 

‘Hihe,’ Suki said as a chop crashed into Anne’s mound, her arm snapping back and forth up the torso of the spy as her knife edge chops connected in rapid her soft ‘Hihe’ filling the air after each blow.  The Poison Geisha released the arm lock, fluidly spun about and delivered another double neck chop.

‘Hihe!’ Suki whispered as her chop connected and Anne slumped to her knees were another short kick sent the COIL agent backward to the mat.

‘My Geishedo appears to be getting the better of you COIL agent,’ Suki said as she moved toward the rising Anne Payton.

‘Hihe’ Suki softly intoned as a front kick landed in Anne’s stomach, the Poison Geisha pirouetted and delivered a crushing elbow to her chest then grabbed her arm stepped inside.

‘Hihe!’ Anne heard as she sailed through the air and crashed to the floor on the far side of the room. 

Suki walked silently over to Anne who was struggling to her feet just as she arrived.

‘Hihe!’ Suki said again and again her fists thumping into the body of the COIL agent.

‘Zeeso,’ Anne voiced as she raised a knee into the Poison Geisha’s stomach several times before crooking her arm and sweeping Suki’s legs out from under her crashing her on her back.

This time it was the Poison Geisha’s turn to fly to the other side of the room as Anne Payton flipped her over her shoulder and cart wheeled after the body to deliver more punishment.

‘Zeeso, Zeeso, Zeeso, Zeeso,’ Anne voiced as her punches and chops hit home on the body of the Poison Geisha softening her up.

Anne kicked the woman over on her back, grabbed her arms and bowed her back upon herself placing the tops of Suki’s feet against the back of her calves to hold her in place.  She lowered her ass into place relaxing her cheeks as she worked the Poison Geisha’s face to them and pushed down sealing Suki in place.  The Concubines Chair would either suffocate or break the back of the victim or both but either way it was fatal.

Suki writhed and flexed but the hold was structured perfectly to take away any motion from the victim, The Poison Geisha was unable to move her feet from Anne’s calves, her body just could not pull back.  Designed by a female assassin in ancient China, she first used it while posing as a concubine.  Her opponent was helpless to counter, unlike others, Poison Geisha did not use lipstick or nail polish as weapons, the two weapons that could save her were by tradition, missing from her extensive arsenal. 

Anne applied a little downward pressure and bowed Suki a little more as she frantically tried to escape Anne’s grip, her sexy lethal ass firmly sealed in place, her cheeks a vice of soft smothering death.  After several minutes Suki’s body began to weaken, Anne released her arms.

‘Zeeso,’ Anne Payton breathed as her hands punched into the sides of the Poison Geisha to weaken her more.

The COIL agent rolled her ass in small circles as she worked more pressure into the bow bending the stricken woman back upon herself more and more.  Suki was as tense as a spring in the trap for several minutes before she started to weaken, her arms falling useless to her sides.   Anne Payton rotated her ass in delight for several more minutes until she was certain the Poison Geisha was dead.  She relaxed her cheeks and rose from her position letting Suki slip from her grip and fall. 


Anne applied a little downward pressure and bowed Suki a little more as she frantically tried to escape Anne’s grip, her sexy lethal ass firmly sealed in place, her cheeks a vice of soft smothering death.  After several minutes Suki’s body began to weaken and Anne applied further downward force via a slow twisting of the woman’s neck. 

Suki’s body quivered and twitched as she fought for oxygen but it also worked as a distraction as it kept her opponent focused on it and not on her hands that had slowly crept to her head and into her hair.  She extracted her ornate butterfly hair clip positioned it in her hand and closed the clasp turning it right instead of the usual left.  Silently ten tiny needles appeared out of the butterfly’s wings almost invisible to the human eye.  Her arms were too weak to rise to Anne’s body, but she had an alternate means of flight for her surprise.  She launched it with a flick of a finger, its wings landing and imbedding in the thigh of Anne Payton whose turn it was to quiver.  The Poison Geisha was free seconds after her butterfly stung, Anne Payton relaxed her cheeks and grip and fell away as Suki breathed life back into her body.

The Poison Geisha recovered quickly and moved next to Anne Payton pulling her weapon from the woman’s thigh before rolling her over on her back to face her. 

‘My butterfly has a very effective bite, its wings contain Geisha Orchid Nectar a very efficient muscle relaxer that makes it impossible to move and soon that will be very important to you,’ Suki laughed.

The Poison Geisha removed her remaining four hairpins and an equal number of coloured disks from her hair as she moved to Anne’s feet.  Suki placed a single disk over the ends of the pin and slid them up the shaft until she heard a click, next she turned the rounded tops of the pins and placed them against the floor in a crossed pattern and pushed down on the tops igniting a shot that drove them securely into the floor.

The victorious woman now reached for her remaining pins and flipped open the tips and pushed down on the tops.  Anne Payton heard the Poison Geisha adjusting something but she could not determine what as she could feel nothing in her body or see anything from her angle. Suki tilted up the COIL agent’s lovely long legs and began feeding her hairpins over and under the agent’s helpless legs before letting them down and moving behind Anne.  She pushed Anne up at the waist and began again, carefully avoiding the neck before finishing all the way up her arms.  The COIL agent heard the click of the disks and bang as the hairpins were fixed above her. 

The beautiful Geisha then dressed and redid her hair reusing the num-chuks as pins.  She looked as fresh as before the fight when she returned to Anne’s side and bowed. 

‘My drug will be wearing off soon Anne san, but that is not good news for you.  I have placed you in The Geisha’s Loom where even the slightest of movements is punished.  At the present your body is loosely crisscrossed in our special yarn whose ends are tied into the pulleys, the former discs from my hair and they are locked into place around my hairpins, now to your fate COIL agent.  As I mentioned once my drug wears off you will begin to move which I will advise you not to do for you see The Geisha’s Loom works on body motion as you move the yarn vibrates, that vibration will activate the extremely sensitive spring wound motors within my hairpins.  When that happens COIL agent the pulleys on the pins spin drawing the yarn tighter about you until sooner than you think your body is tight in the crossed yarn and has been pulled off the ground to hang in torment while the yarn crushes you in its embrace.  It is a most painful way to die, but that is why I’m here,’ she smiled bent over and kissed Anne lightly on her cheek.

‘Hihe!’ Suki softly said as she delivered a double chop to Anne’s hips.  ‘I believe I owed you that.’  The Poison Geisha rose silently and left and satisfied smile upon her lips.

Anne felt the drug slowly drain from her naked form, she lay as still a possible but even her low breathing worked the yarn slightly. 
The COIL agent very gently moved the side of a finger nail against the yarn and turned it, the wheels turned as she was contracted a little.

‘My nails are unless, the yarn is cut proof,’ Anne gasped.

She lay still and listened to the wheels whirl every so often and the net draw closer about her. It was impossible to slip a limb free, Suki and crossed the yarn in a close weave to prevent it.  Anne stayed calm even as the yarn began to pull her nude form taut and stretch her fully out between the hairpins.  The spy positioned her body for least resistance to prolong the trap in the hopes of escape, but muscles were not autonomically working against her as they twitched in the bind.  The yarn dug in, wet more by her glistening perspiration coated body, its sheer diaphanous fibres holding the beads of water until Anne looked like a delicate insect caught in a spider’s web covered in morning dew. 

The woven spy was pulled off the ground just past an hour in the Loom.  Anne dangled, the motion whirling the small motors endlessly as she moaned and twitched uncontrollably.  The spy thrashed and bucked uncontrollably from muscle spasms, her motion sending droplets of moisture into the air in a dance to match her own.  Anne snapped and snapped her body in fast fluid undulations her action frantically trying to pull out one of the hairpins which stayed in place and whizzed in noise as the yarn bit deeper into her and she moaned louder, she snapped one final time and caught.

Anne turned her head slightly and relaxed as did her body, the yarn unravelled and lay loose about her.  The spy after a while extricated her body from the yarn.  She steadied herself on her feet and walked over to the mirror.  Her body was crisscrossed in red lines, but they were fading already.  Anne undid her hair bun and smiled as she brought the hair clip into her view. 

‘You’re not the only woman with a concealed weapon,’ she smiled.  ‘My tungsten hair pin’s concealed blade just needed to catch one of the trailing wires, nothing can stop its cutting action once it makes contact. 



‘Not to worry I have already made plans for her capture,’ she said hanging up the phone. 

She checked her look in the mirror, turning from side to side and left leaving him behind.  Cindy was 43, he had been 27 and Anne’s partner, but he proved no match for her.  The DOOM agent dripped sex appeal in a size 12, a lethal sex appeal.


‘How will you finish him?’ he asked.

‘I’m deciding, perhaps a scratch from a nail or these, poisonous pantyhose or killing body oil,’ but I want it to be intimate and I want Anne to know that,’ she said into the phone.

‘Why? Simple, because then she will come after me for revenge and she’ll not be thinking straight.  Her emotions will be getting the better of her at having lost him to me, emotions that will be the death of her.  Confidence, have you ever known me to miss?  I baited the trap this morning when we were alone by the pool, Anne is away all afternoon more than ample time to finish him and start the chase.  Now I must go and prepare myself, he is a trained agent after all,’ she said and hung up the phone.


She opened to door, her silk robe tied in such as to reveal just enough of her décolletage to entice him.  Her hands rested on his chest and slithered upward as her lips closed in for a soft welcoming kiss.  Cindy’s arms crossed behind his neck as her lips caressed his and he undid the string to her robe letting it fall open.  The spy let it happen, his defences were excellent, her lipstick should have killed him by know and her nails slid along his skin unable to bite.

‘You are well prepared lover,’ she thought as they separated. 

Cindy smiled and turned around letting the robe slip from her body naturally as she stepped along.  She gave him a glance over the shoulder and a rapid flick of her eyes up and down his body suggesting he lost his clothes as well which he did quickly and pursued her.  She paused in front of the mirror and touched her hair as he embraced her from behind and kissed her neck before she delivered a stinging elbow to his ribs and a spinning back heel kick that sent him to the floor.

‘I was hoping for something a tad more feminine in terms of your death, but since you won’t co-operate, this will have to do,’ she offered as she cart-wheeled close beside him.

His leg swept out quickly and knocked her arms out from her.  She crashed to the floor beside him and he was on her in a second and inside her a second later.  Her plus body writhed as she wormed in the knot, her ass dancing about his cock as he worked into her. Cindy straining as he tightened her until she was buried inside his seal.  She kissed him slowly as he worked and she worked to free herself from him.  Cindy swirled her ass and worked him very slowly deeper into her while she kissed him and rubbed her hard body against his.  He pulled them into a standing position and contracted as she churned in his knot.  Cindy was strong, her plus body offered him a fight, sexy and soft but steel hard she was dangerous to hold.  As she worked he tightened about her taking away her freedom quickly as her excited body slid about his.  Cindy watched them in the mirror looking for clues in his face and body as she slunk about.  She jerked and twitched then slowed and rubbed, varied her attack all the while feeling his knot reduce her each minute.  She pumped her ass four or five times and then stilled.

Cindy untwined her arms and relaxed her ass letting him fall away from her a smile on her face.  She walked over to the mirror and teased her hair back into place. 

‘My arsenal of weapons extends even to my ass darling.  A slow dance about your wand, a caress of soft pleasure, innocuous, but the results speak for themselves,’ she purred still looking into the mirror.

‘You trapped me just as I had planned; once your massive prong was inserted I had you although it appeared the other way around.   I worked you in slowly for a reason; the massage I was applying to the shaft of your rod is meticulous in its requirements.  The results speak for themselves, my churning ass bathed you in pleasure while also penetrating your nerve endings and capturing them in my siren embrace.  Once I had them my caress spread its nerve paralytic throughout your body,’ Cindy explained as she finished at the mirror and turned around leaning on the little table beneath the mirror, her beautiful naked hard form smiling down at him. 

‘Now baby to kill you, slowly as you intended for me,’ she menaced with a sexy deadly smirk of her dangerous lips.  ‘But first I need to look and smell my best for you after our little encounter.’

The spy used several weapons from her vanity before she took her place beside him on the floor and softly gripped his elongated member in her toes and kneaded it.

‘Nothing you can do lover but enjoy, oh sorry baby, my toenails are rather sharp, you see I just re-filed the edges as you lay there.  Seems my original filing was meeting some resistance from your skin sealer.  In case you’re wondering my nails are painted in Tranquil Tangerine, a relaxing shade,’ she laughed.

Cindy pulled him up into a sitting position and hugged him from the back as her toes continued to stimulate him.  She pushed her hardened nipples into his back at various points.

‘Anemone Ends daring, my nipples pressed into certain nerve endings open up pathways that prove useful in convincing you to talk, but that’s for later there’s still more of me to explain to you.’

The sexy spy released her toes and replaced them with her hands.

‘Time to get closer baby,’ she purred as her body weave began.

‘We’ll stop here for a little recreation and pleasure,’ she cooed as she kissed him slowly.  ‘I knew you were protected from the first kiss at the door, my first kiss should have been our last, this kiss however will last.  Microscopic beads in my lipstick break apart with just the right body heat, my lips and yours.  They contain a solvent for that nasty sealer your wearing after that my drug can penetrate and you can tell me all about Anne, now hug me baby, she said and pulled close.

‘Drink me lover, my perfume is intoxicating in more ways than one, I’m impervious but I’m told its effects are quite mind bending.  Disorientation makes your tongue looser, an excellent idea,’ Cindy purred as she took his mouth again.  Cindy kissed him again and smiled as she took in more of him in her evolving knot, her four-pronged attack was slowly making progress on his sculpted form.

‘My lipstick, my nails, my nipples and my perfume are wearing you down baby, of course my knot isn’t helping,’ she mocked as her body contracted.

Cindy used in weapons to total effect on him she climaxed him and killed him during the act, a true black widow move and a visual for Anne.

 Cindy dressed and left behind a calling card, a pair of stockings for Anne to find along with him.

‘The trap begins,’ she smiled.   


‘You’re looking much better everyday,’ Sharon said with a smile and a peck on the cheek for Anne.

‘I start physio today, a couple of weeks, hopefully less and I’ll be back to work,’ Anne Payton said brightly.

‘Not so fast young lady, having spent a fair share of time in hospitals over my career its best to go slow.  I want a fully fit and functioning agent, you do no one no good especially yourself coming back too early just because you’re bored with these four walls, besides how can you be bored I come everyday for a visit and I can see by the cards and flowers your colleagues have been dropping by,’ Sharon chided gently.

‘That’s just torture, they’re all active agents and I’m sitting on the sidelines, makes me itchy just thinking about it,’ Anne said as she fidgeted about. 

‘Hush now, the time frame is the time frame Anne and you have to live with it, no sense making yourself miserable over it that will just slow down the healing process,’ Sharon said with a squeeze of Anne’s hand.

‘You should listen to this wise woman,’ a pretty young hospital worker said as she came into the room. 

‘My Physiotherapist and now apparently, my conscience, Lu Wen,’ Anne said with a motion of her hand from Sharon to the woman. 

‘I see you two get along famously already,’ Sharon said with a sigh.

‘Actually, this will be our first session, we spent yesterday doing and assessment to find out all the weak areas Anne needs to work on to get better,’ Lu Wen offered as she pushed a wheelchair up the other side of the bed.

‘Well in that case I won’t keep you from your work, just promise me to work her extra hard maybe it will improve her attitude,’ Sharon said as she rose.

‘I brought my whip along just in case, I can always tell the difficult cases,’ Lu Wen said with a smile as Anne dropped into the chair.

Sharon said her goodbyes and soon Anne was being wheeled down the hall into the elevator, up two floors and into the Physio room, COIL ensured she had the best of coverage and care and that extended to private care, they had the room to themselves.  The room was filled with exercise machines, some stand alone total fitness devices, others such as a Stairmaster, a mini trampoline, assorted exercise bikes and free weights all dotted about the room with the centre a bare circle for stretching, low impact workouts and group demonstrations.  Anne got a panoramic view of all this as the chair was spun 360 about the circle and she was tumbled out of it onto the floor. 

‘New kind of treatment Miss Payton, one session is all you need and those aches and pains will be gone permanently and don’t worry about the cost DOOM is picking up the tab on this one,’ Lu Wen laughed as she advanced on the fallen COIL agent. 

Anne reacted quickly, her one good leg kicking the wheelchair into the path of the DOOM agent sending her sprawling over the back of it.  Lu Wen thrust out her arms her hands seizing the arms of the chair she raised herself into the air, folded her body, the tucked herself neatly into the chair one leg snapping out from the knee and connecting to the chin of Anne sending her rolling back over herself. 

‘You think you’re a cripple now wait till get I through with you COIL agent,’ she said stepping out of the chair and picking up a ten-pound dumbbell along the way as Anne tried inching back on her elbows.  Lu Wen swung the weight down hard toward Anne’s knees the spy opening them into a leg split at the very last second as the weight hit the floor.  The move forced the COIL spy upright and a quick punch to the jaw send the DOOM agent off kilter and sideways for a second before Anne connected a blow to her kidney that sent Lu Wen winching in pain to her stomach a few feet from her opponent. 

Anne tried to get to her feet but her one knee could not support her weight, she stumbled and fell on it screaming in pain as her hands instinctively wrapped about it and Lu Wen instinctive wrapped a TheraBand exercise tape around her neck.  Anne immediately felt the constricting sensation about her neck and the dry throat as her brain screamed for air.  The COIL spy scuffled her feet as she desperately back peddled toward Lu Wen then snapped he good leg up and over her head connecting it with the DOOM spy’s forehead which she quickly followed up with a back snap of her head into the face of the woman freeing the garrotte around her neck. 

The tables turned it was now Anne’s turn to give Lu Wen a feel of the TheraBand.  She rolled over and straddled herself on Lu Wen’s back swiftly encircling the neck with the band.

‘Turn about is fair play,’ she menaced pulling the device tighter by the second.

‘Hilo!’ Lu Wen said sharply as her hands chopped into the exposed sides of Anne smashing into just below her rib cage and cutting off her air for a fraction of second, more than Lu Wen needed to grab head of the woman and toss her over her own body and to the floor. 

The COIL agent landed on her back with a thud then the screaming voice of her opponent filled her ears as Lu Wen came crashing down implanting an elbow to her chest and a knee to her mound forcing Anne’s head to jerk off the floor and up where it was met with a head butt from Lu Wen.

Anne was bleeding from the mouth and nose, she ached everywhere and now Lu Wen wrapped the TheraBand around her neck again.  The COIL agent grabbed fruitlessly at the stretching fabric as she fought for breath and life.  Lu Wen smiled and laughed as she pulled tighter, leaning back to put more tension on the windpipe.

‘Feel the burn!’ Lu Wen laughed manically as she arched back some more and into the path of Anne’s knee to the small of her back shooting the DOOM agent over top of the strangling spy. 

‘Not so fast COIL bitch!’ Lu Wen said as she found her feet and swung her arms in a circle the TheraBand still attached around Anne’s neck sending the agent flying off her feet and smashing back first into the wall.

‘Shit!’ Anne moaned as she forced herself to stay upright. 

Wiping tears and blood from her face the spy watched her opponent drop the Theraband and smile as she walked towards her stalking her prey for the kill.  

‘This is really going to hurt,’ Anne though to herself as she took two big hops and launched herself onto the mini tramp, her knee screaming in pain and tears welling at the corners of her eyes again.  Off she volleyed, into the air and across the open space, her action and speed catching the overconfident DOOM agent off guard. 

Anne legs neatly scissoring Lu Wen’s head, her thighs closing tight about it as the duo fell to the floor and rolled over each other several times from the momentum.  The COIL spy’s body was in agony and near collapse, but she forced that away for some revenge, her strength returning as she dished out a little payback. 

‘How about a nice relaxing neck massage and while I’m at it a few touches to relieve those pressure points’ Anne said through gritted teeth.

With that her thighs rolled and squeezed the DOOM assassins neck in their steel embrace while Anne snapped and smashed short sharp punches to the kidneys and ribs of the woman.  The spy kept up the attack for as long as her strength held out, but not the DOOM agent’s ribs which cracked under the assault, only then did she relax and drag her body to the alarm by the door and with one final gigantic effort rammed her hands against it.  Anne rolled over and watched the still body of Lu Wen, her own barely hanging on to consciousness.  Darkness overtook her when she heard the door open and footsteps rush into the room.

‘Well you look no worse for wear considering your ordeals as of late,’ Sharon said with a smile as Anne smiled back.

‘Fit and ready to return to work, but first I have to pay a visit to a colleague in the hospital,’ Anne said as she brandished a bouquet of flowers.

‘Black roses?’ Sharon questioned. 

‘Yes, poor girl and she was just starting to recover,’ Anne said with a smile as she walked away. 


‘You worry far too much for your own well being,’ Anne typed as her fingers flashed across the keyboard.

‘That’s my job,’ came the instant reply.

‘And my job is to carry out the jobs you send my way.  I appreciate the input but I will handle them my way and I think I’m on safe ground when I say I have a pretty good track record in that area.  So, if that’s all there is I have a plan for this mission and a back-up plan as well and a contingency plan in case the back up to the back up plan goes amiss.  We’ll talk again when I complete the task assigned,’ Anne typed, sent and then turned off her laptop.  ‘Honestly that woman worries far too much, it just makes me nervous and nervous is not what I need right now.’

She’d made her presence known about the resort, indeed it was hard to miss or ignore her depending on your sex.  The men just found her hard, both in the body department and what transpired between their legs!  A variety of bikini styles and colours was welcomed each day around the pool or the beach, the tensing of her thighs and calves, the movement of the firm muscle tone she had and the lovely long line of her back that led to the amazing ass that swayed just so as she walked about.  The women were less enthused; she was competition for the male and much too much competition at that so they were somewhat relieved that she seemed not the least bit interested in ‘cutting a steer from the herd’ as more than one of them had said to another. 

Anne was in fact doing just that, but her training and natural abilities made it all seem like it was just a mirage, a magic trick, that no one saw being preformed, which was fine with her.  ‘Keeps the complications down to a minimum and let her concentrate on the maximum and his name was Ridge, a DOOM agent of some renown.  When Anne had reviewed the dossier on him in order to formulate a plan of attack she’d made note of all the female agents he finished off in a variety of ways. 

‘Very impressive, especially your stem, yes that is impressive,’ Anne allowed her mind to wander and a small smile to crease the corners of her mouth.

The spy had worked her seduction perfectly over the first few days so that the last three they had been coupling at least twice a day.  Intense, hot and fully satisfying Anne had nibbled, thrust, rotated, stroked, swivelled and churned secrets from him using her charms, but just barely, his cock was most distracting.  She’d kept the sex intense by teasing him with other men to ramp up his jealousy and thus let his guard down.  It had worked to perfection three times, but she dared not use it anymore.

 ‘The ruse can wear a little thin after a while,’ she thought.

Anne went back to her dossier on him and more specifically his root.  Anne noted five female agents had been killed by his tool, either directly or indirectly.  Two had been lured in positions during sex where once he inserted they could not extract his engorged prong.  Exhaustion from multiple orgasms had left them easy prey.  The other three had been victims of a poisonous prong.  The male variation on poison lipstick, the kiss was insertion and the result was the same.  Usually one of three choices, instant death, paralysis or a muscle toxin, the first was preferable from the female’s perspective as the latter two meant a slow helpless death.  Anne glanced further down the page. 

‘Deadly knotting skills as well, 5 more agents killed in his body, I like a challenge,’ she purred and got up to prepare herself.

Anne left the door to her private cottage unlocked and he entered right on time calling her name.  The spy could feel the heat radiating of his body which she knew instinctively and from encounters was by this time divesting itself of clothes.  Anne checked herself in the mirror one last time then stepped from behind her changing partition striking a pose. 

‘No need to yell baby, at least not yet,’ she coyly said, turning about giving a grand tour of her filmy covered body.  The sheer fabric clung to every delightful curve of her sexy form.  She smiled at his blatant arousal walking toward him and into his arms. Her lips melted into his and her tongue curled inside his mouth, the tip dancing, gliding and probing inside his.

Anne unhinged her arms around his neck and drew them down his body and about his cock.  Delicately she wrapped his colossal rod in the sheer covering and massaged as they kissed.  He pulsed in her hands as she caressed, the soft creamy stroke of her experienced hands starting to set the tempo of their motion.

Her lips increased in speed, quick touching nips about his lips then the hot duo danced further a field, to his neck and shoulders and across his chest before her wet tongue cut searing runs into his skin slamming his senses into the red.

Anne looked up, watched his eyes flutter and smiled.

‘Now baby a final set of questions and my mission is complete.  Now we left off at your knowledge of the Golden Key, let’s continue at that point,’ she whispered hotly in his ear.

Anne had used three hypnotic techniques on him in the previous day’s encounters all using his main weapon against him.  The Sheathed Dragon encased his prong inside the sweetness of her pussy.  Once inside the male only thought about one thing, which the female delivered, but she also delivered something else.  Through the contraction and relaxation of her walls and lips the spy delivered her mind bending attack, even at that Anne climaxed four times before she put him under her spell.  Hot and wet she got the Intel she needed just in time before her caressing spell wore off. 

The Medusa’s Lips employed her other set of lips, but their kiss was just as effective. Anne had started with his lips, giving him a small taste of her honey before she kissed down his chest, her hands expertly pulling off his swim trunks just as her mouth arrived. Even flaccid he was impressive, but so was her touch, two light pursed lip touches to his tip and a jet of hot breath began to swell him and she was waiting.  Anne gently seized his growing organ by the tip with her rounded open mouth and tenderly pressed her teeth to hold him.  The spy turned her head from side to side as he grew and slid deeper into her mouth.  The edges of her teeth rippling and bumping over his sensitive prong as she turned, his body quivering and jerking more and more.  The spy finally got to the base of his monolith and gradually receded, repeating the process as she extracted her mouth.  She slid up his stone stiff body and smiled.

‘You look tense darling, lets see if I can relax you,’ she had said after several highly intense sessions courtesy of her and wasn’t sure he could handle another.  Anne lay on top of him and ran her hands under him and around his limp member.  She churned and wiggled on his back while her lips kissed about his neck and back stopping to occasionally run her wet tongue about his ear.  The seductress rolled them onto their sides and released her hands running the tips of her nails up his spine to tingle while her long smooth legs folded about his torso and kneaded back and forth while her toes fondled and stroked his cock. 

‘You’re beginning to un-relax baby,’ she purred kissing his neck then twisting her head around to take his mouth.  She departed minutes later, kissed and nibbled down his back before a final quarter turn put him on his back with her straddling him on top.  Anne smiled and lowered her head and lapped his rod with long runs of her devilish tongue before scooping up his semi into her wet hot mouth and churning slowly her tongue doing things to his staff he could not believe.  Her hands played behind his neck then pressed down his chest as he came to full erectness.  Anne pulled up his shaft letting her tongue bath him on final time before a lick and kiss of his tip ended the session and left him again under her spell.

Anne worked out the last of the Intel she needed with just a little time to spare.  She closed in and hugged him fully, her cling designed to illicit danger from him.

‘Time to wake up baby, before it’s too late to escape me,’ she cooed hotly in his ear and gave her body a slight twist. 

‘You bitch!’ he yelled as his senses fully altered to the danger reacted.

‘You just can’t trust anyone these day’s baby,’ she laughed.

Anne kissed his neck in torment as she gripped him and tried to turn him again.

‘Try all you like bitch I have blocked your simple knot and will soon undo it,’ he said confidently.

‘Uhhhh!, Noooo!’ the spy grunted and gasped as she was slowly pried open her body being twisted off of him to the side and around his back.

‘You resist magnificently it will be a very real pleasure to kill you slowly in something where I can feel this succulent form of yours at my leisure and your enduring pain,’ he menaced. 

Anne held on desperately, adjusting her body position one last time just before a sudden thrust of his hips jolted her free.  She spun away from him with the force but maintained her feet, the body elegantly twirling like a ballerina before coming to a stop several feet from him a finger placed on the edge of her lips and a coy knowing smile on her face.  He lunged toward determined to replace the smirk with a grimace, but all he managed to do was stumble and fall at her feet then thrash wildly and swear for several minutes before exhausted he stilled and she sat down next to him, scissoring his head in her thighs she kissed him lightly.

‘You’re the Briar Rabbit and I’m the Tar Baby lover, at least my veil is,’ she purred.  ‘You must have some ego to think you’re that good at escaping knots or perhaps I’m just that good an actress either way here you are.  In case your wondering my covering has duplicitousness, it acts to arouse the opponent, when close contact is initiated its second more interesting function begins.  The outside of the veil is coated in a special adhesive, heat activated, hence my knot.  Once it contacts anything it sticks, the more you struggle the more of it you become entangled in.  Your root was struck first just in case my other arts failed your weapon would be useless to you.  My that temper over the last several minutes has fully stuck you, no escape I’m afraid, not from me or my trap.  Oh, you’ll be happy to know you fully co-operated during our couplings, the Intel you provided is most useful as I’m sure anything else you know will be once I arrange for COIL to pick you up,’ she said kissing him again before releasing him from her smooth legs to arrange just that.


‘I’m glad to see my instructions were accurate,’ Anne Payton smiled as she slipped a drink into his hands and her lips to his.  ‘Still an excellent kisser Thorn, your drink, as you like it,’ Anne said.

He watched her sashay, her ass, something he was very familiar with, wiggling like a firm mold of Jell-O which was something he was fond off in the female variant especially viewable in her see thru black negligee that moved with the slightest breeze or motion and covered her wonderfully from neck to heels. 

‘I suppose that outfit, if you can call it that, has some sort of function other than the arousal one, which I can tell you it has achieved,’ she smiled as he followed her into her living room.

Anne stopped and tilted her head back just enough to convey the message, not that he needed any and she gave him another kiss, before turning about to face him for a more intimate embrace.  ‘It’s not the clothes, there just lace and gauze and silk, it’s what the woman makes them become, that is the arousal,’ Anne said between kisses.  ‘But to answer your question, yes, it does have ulterior functions.  The fabric can act as a kind of poisonous net, I simply spray a few well-chosen places with one of my more interesting scents and wait for close contact to deliver it, the fabric prevents absorption on my skin.  There’s of course the standard built in strangulation wire in each sleeve cuff and finally these cuts are designed for my lover.  They display signs of me beneath, wanting glimpses of skin that work up to that inevitable touch,’ she said as she swayed about as only Anne could do.  ‘No baby don’t!’ she said pulling away quickly and almost spilling his drink for him in the process.

‘Once you put your hand or foot in any slit it becomes entangled as do you once I complete the ensnarement by tying you into my negligee from there you are crushed to death by it as it draws inward with each movement you make.’

‘That almost sounds like an offer to good to turn down,’ he smiled and carefully leaned forward to kiss her, his limbs safely out of harms way.

‘Of course I don’t need to use this at all, a simple hello kiss followed by some flattering remark or scratch of my nails or perhaps a prick of my poison needle ring,’ she smiled knowingly, then continued.  ‘Not to worry Ridge tonight I’m unarmed, but you really should try and keep your guard up, among other things,’ she mused feeling the bulge in his pants.

‘Oh, so tempting, but we have a mission to discuss and you have been out of the loop for a long time, so that will have to wait, much as it pains me to say it,’ Anne demurred and made her way into her study he following.  ‘Now the way I see this mission proceeding is not with you nibbling my, ohh neck,’ Anne breathily whispered as she pulled her neck away after many wonderful seconds. 

‘If you really wanted to discuss the mission why not do it at HQ and if here why are you wearing that seductive outfit,’ he offered.

‘Guilty on all counts, I need a partner for this mission and they wanted someone else, but I wanted you, in several ways, this way, at my place, we are away from prying eyes and I can get you up to speed on things so that you are the best candidate for my partner, we worked so well together before, we seem to click and we fit each other,’ she said undoing his pants and then his shirt, he removed the rest.  She smiled and took his hand leading him into her boudoir where she carefully undid her negligee and let it fall from her body on the far side of the room giving him a panoramic view of her as she turned around while the garment descended her delectable form.  She stepped out of her kitten heels and walked toward him.  Her cool sweet smelling form pressed into his as they kissed passionately.  She encouraged his motion against his gigantic wand but he did not take the bait, Anne inwardly smiled and shorted her kisses to small touches before her lips left his and slid down his chest, her hands securing softly his rod in theirs awaiting and even softer touch to come. 

Anne parted her lips enough to allow his head entrance, her tongue pushed forward to the edge of her mouth and against the underside of his rod before she rotated around the circumference of his obelisk changing directions and sensations as she went.  The jolt of electricity that shot through him from her first touch nearly dislodged the joining, but the squatting Anne held fast.  Her sensuous lips caterpillared forward brining more of her tongue to rest on his shaft as she revolved around it. 

Thorn jerked and moaned in delight as his body swayed and he fought to keep his balance.  Anne instinctively caressed his feet with her hands as she took more of him as he jerked backward she going with him this time all the way.  The sexy spy felt her mouth slid away, her fingers become entrapped in his toes, her ass swing up and legs find a new confining home criss-crossed at the ankles and tied into his arms as they suspended vertically above his head.

‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder Anne or in your case your ass!’ Thorn intoned before his hardened missile struck home with a direct hit on her wiggling rear.  The reaction he got told him he was perfect in his attack.

‘My time away from the field was not spent foolishly, unfortunately for you my sweet.  DOOM has a rather extensive training program for males particularly dealing with death traps for females.  This one is called The Pentangle, five thrusts of my rod delivered in different placements of the female will finish you Anne and insure I become a very rich and powerful man within my new organisation,’ he explained coolly as Anne twisted and bent to escape his spindle. 

‘You seem not only to have come unprepared but also with a complete forgetfulness of my anatomy.  First you foolishly told me about your weapons and then you explained that you had none and then proceeded to remove your negligee and render yourself totally defenceless.  And if that wasn’t a big enough blunder you seem to have forgotten how well endowed I am, but not to worry I feel these next four thrusts will bring back your memory, pity it will only be short term memory,’ he mocked.

Anne contorted her naked form, bowing her sexy shape as she desperately attempted to pry his prong from her.  His knot held her too close despite her best efforts she remained trapped. Thorn began adjusting her again, slowly his legs began to cross trapping her head in them as she whipped her body to avoid future capture to no avail.  He slowly began to bow his body forward, his sculpted form employing deadly power to bend her body back upon itself. 

‘Comfy Anne,’ he mocked as his hands straddled her hips, her legs still caught in them.  Thorn arched back and drove forward, Anne convulsed, her body silent otherwise.

Thorn moved his hands and cupped them under her chin then lowered then down to his knees.  Anne raised her ass up and down and side to side, if she couldn’t extract him one way she would another, by cumming him limp, but Thorn was not about to fall victim to her siren song, he rushed forward and twisted his hips around her ass.  Anne’s body spasmed, her tits shaking as her body waved and finally stilled a dull numbing feeling begin to take control of her physique.

‘Two more Anne and our reunion will be over,’ he laughed as he released his cup of her chin and she fell prostrate.  Thorn rotated 180 degrees so that he looked now down upon her wonderfully toned and sexy legs.  He reached back and tied her arms into his and then as a final measure cupped her chin with the palms of his locked hands and slowly raised her up as he rocked forward on his knees.

Anne unable to reposition her hips felt his full width and depth work into her as her back was pressed against his.  She gasped for breath, half from the position, its maddening fullness on her clitoris coupled with his kisses to her legs and the arc of the bend her body was placed it. 

‘HAHHH, HAHHH.. OOOOHHH!’ she echoed about the room, drawing what little breath she could in short pants before releasing her growing desire as his cock pushed her closer to climax. 

Thorn rocked back and forth on his knees, his piston pumping inside her to near madness, her torment measured in refusing yells and screams as she fought her desire and his weapon.  He nuzzled and kissed her smooth legs as he motioned back and forth the torment enjoyable for him but growing tiresome as clearly she was unwilling to let him win anything from her, but her death, he consoled himself with that as he stopped rocking and kissed the sweetness of the inside of her calves before lunging forward with his hips his head coming to rest between her feet.

Anne snapped violently about and screamed but she had managed to pin the back of his neck to the floor with the soft pad of one foot while the toes of her other foot struck the back of his neck and upper spine several times with quick downward thrusts of her toenails.  He relaxed for a split second, but that was all she needed as Anne executed a back walkover and came to her feet her back against the far wall.  He came to his feet a second later against the other side of the room.

‘You’re losing your touch Anne, you’re Striking Scorpion should have immobilized me,’ he smiled.

‘I can assure you my touch is just as deadly as it used to be,’ she purred and flipped a wall switch beside her. 

Instantly he was drawn back flush with the wall and held in place no matter how much he struggled to free himself.

‘I told you my touch was deadly or rather in this case magnetic.  My baby powder Thorn, a new weapon, thousands of microscopic metal flakes applied to my body with a simple powder puff.  They cling to me until contact with another body at that point they transfer and work into your skin and you ensured total coverage,’ she said.

Anne found her feet several minutes later, the numbness leaving her.  ‘COIL had suspicions about you Thorn, I had doubts, I can see we were both right unfortunately you picked the wrong woman to mount a comeback on, so to speak,’ she smiled at the pun as she picked up the phone to call COIL HQ.


Amidst the clanking glasses and the rat a tat of knives Anne heard the steady din of multiple footsteps approaching and the parting of the sound as they did, the clank of chairs being pushed back and hurried steps of ladies heels along with the scuffle of men’ shoes.  She chose to ignore them for the minute and concentrate on the work of art sitting on the plate before her, even as the man preparing the next delicacy set down his knives and backed away from his preparation area right in from of her.  A delicate touch picked up the Nigiri-sushi between her chopsticks and brought it up to eye level slowly turning it about as her eyes took in the delicate beauty of the construction and the artisans touch in its creation.  Her tongue moved slowly across her lips as she anticipated the explosion of orgasmic flavour she was about to experience.

‘You’ve got a fuck of a lot of nerve still being around gaijin!’ a voice said from behind her.

Anne took a bite of the delicacy then placed the remainder back on the plate and took a sip of her Orion Premium before the voice became a face in front her and a fist slammed down dangerously close to her meal.

‘And you have a lot of nerve disturbing my meal,’ she answered.

‘You are either very tough or very stupid, this is our district, nothing happens here that we don’t know about or let happen.  You are not among friends so I vote for very stupid, what say you?’ he smiled nastily at her.

‘I’ve been accused of that in the past but truthfully I don’t much care what you think!’ Anne answered as she took another bite of her food.

A couple of snickers came from his entourage which quickly fell away as he shot a nasty glance that way then turned back to Anne. 

‘You’re not going to care about much for too much longer Gaijin bitch!’ he said as he spat on the piece of Sushi she was about to pick up with her chopsticks.  ‘Forget that bitch I got a chopstick to stick in your mouth,’ he said and laughed and his group laughed along with him.

Anne took a causal sip of her beer set it down and turned toward him with a disarming smile on her face. 

‘That sounds great but you know I think I have an even better idea? How about I stick my chopsticks in you!’

A flash later the spy stabbed the two ends of her chopsticks into his neck then used the flat of her palms to drive the chopsticks all the way in and almost out the other side of his neck.  Blood gushed and spurted out of the wound as he screamed turning about before slumping on the bar and falling to the floor taking Anne’s Sushi and beer with him.  His cadre barely had time to react, which was unfortunate, as Anne already had.  Clutching the two knives the chef had left in front of her Anne crossed her forearms at shoulder height and flashed them across her chest taking out two more of his men as crimson erupted from their necks, hands reflexidly covering the wound as they sunk to their knees and then keeled onto their sides.  The spy’s eyes flashed about, her vision catching hold of a bright metallic glint for a millisecond long enough for her to process and react to the danger.

‘Fool never use a nickel plated high polished weapon, it’s an early warning device!’ she though as one knife sailed from her hand and toward its target hitting home perfectly as the agonizing scream told her.  Anne darted toward the distressed voice, but between her and it stood an obstacle in the form of a large male.  Anne readied the knife then snapped her wrist, the steel cutting the air with fierce sharpness until it sailed between his legs just missing his package and thumped into a wooden pillar his slight jump saving his package but dooming him in the process.  The sexy spy was on him, her throw did as she intended, it distracted him from her, she not the knife was the real menace.

Anne delivered a sharp flying kick to his stomach then a bone crushing double chop to his collar bones the audible cracking of the bones telling her she scored a double triumph.  Still the man tried to counterattack, he swung widely with both hands left and right, Anne easily bobbed and weaved to avoid the hits then drove her left leg up and into his neck in a standing side kick her gorgeous body protracted out in a perfect straight line from her foot against his neck to her head barely and inch off the floor.  Anne reached and closed her hand around the hilt of the knife and yanked it free.  Her blow to the neck had crushed his windpipe, a killing strike, still as she released her leg it was as if her body was a tensed spring that swung up and deposited the knife into his throat pinning him against the pillar. 

The COIL agent closed her hands around the pillar and ran a circle around it before letting go and launching herself into the air toward her next foe.  Just as he was about to pull his knife free of his impaled hands Anne’s foot slammed into it driving the hilt back into the wood and breaking his other hand at one and the same time.  He screamed and reached for the knife handle trying desperately to get a grip on it with his damaged hand.  Anne raised her leg and drove her knee into the small of his back ramming his frame against the wall.  She leaned in seized his chin in her hands and pulled back with a sharp thrust the room filling with the cracking of the vertebrate in his back.  She released his body now bowed backward into an impossible contortion the pain etched forever on his frozen face.

‘Hi-Hee!’ Anne heard in an approaching voice that announced its arrival with a driving straight leg kick to the side of her face, a blow that crashed her backward several steps before she tripped over debris and feel to the floor.

The sexy spy narrowly avoided another kick just managing to turn her body sideways and the slipper clad foot of one of the kimono wearing restaurants hostess stamped the floor next to her with the same cry coming from her.  Anne rolled again, quicker this time as she recovered from the blow, up onto one knee on her side and snapped her leg from the knee down connecting perfectly with the back of the woman’s knee. The agent let her momentum from the kick carrying her on in the circle her body rising and coming to its feet all in a fluid dynamic motion, a second spin improved her velocity as she jump and delivered a spinning back heel kick to the side of the hostess’s head sending her into a spin of her own until Anne grabbed her arm and judo tossed her into yet another oncoming assailant who took the full force of the flying object and crashed through an ornamental paper wall, against a table and finally bouncing his head off a chair back.

‘Two for the price of one,’ the spy thought allowing a brief crinkling smile.

‘Banzo!’ came another voice and foot rushing buy her face that somehow she managed to avoid, her reactions autonomic, such was her training.

Another hostess, this one spun and delivered a chest high kick that Anne blocked.  She followed up with a series of complex punching and kicking techniques that used a random pattern.  Short sharp strikes mixed with snapping knee kicks that intermixed with full front scissor roundhouse and whirlwind kicks and sweeping arm blows.  It reminded the spy of a perfect mix of Thai Boxing, Wushu and Karate and deadly troika but one for which fortunately she had the measure of skills to defend.  Anne blocked inside and out, forearms in close, then extended as she parried the blows while her legs danced with her partners.  The dull thud of blocked blows came a went in such a rapid succession that it merged into one droning sound until Anne’s leg came up a fraction quicker allowing her to come higher up the leg of her opponent just enough to block and then instantaneous continue the motion, her leg straightening as she connected to the jaw of the woman breaking the stalemate.  She followed it up with a sharp rap to the kidney and a high knee to the stomach doubling the woman over just as planned.  A well-placed foot at the base of her pelvis, a backward roll and forceful push as she released her sent the woman, kimono billowing as she sailed through the air and crashed onto a table breaking it and her as well.

The lithe lady continued the roll back and onto her feet before continuing the procession with a series of back walkovers, her driving pinwheel motion keeping what was left of her attackers at bay.  A final back flip, hands free was needed, not for show but for tell, the tell was released from the belt loops on her pants and dipped it into the Koi Pond as her head passed near the floor, the wet limp belt was a smooth gleaming hard sword as she landed on her feet just in time to meet her final two assailants, each brandishing a sword of their own. 

Anne cross blocked the first strike, slid her left leg out perpendicular from her body and slide closer to the floor her opponents blade coming with her.  A spinning sit sweep from the aforementioned leg took his out from under him; a snap kick to the back of his head forced him forward at violent pace then snapped his torso back to the floor with an audible thud.  The super spy spun on one knee like a break dancer and braced her arms as his partner’s sword clanged down on hers and off on an angle to the floor as Anne’s sword and intended.  The cool classy female pushed up and launched herself into the air, the point of the sword holding firm in the wood floor giving her purchase was the blade acted as a pole vault for her scrumptious body.  High up above and behind her foe she went, her magnificently trained form twisting and somersaulting in the air before a kick from both her legs to his back send him flying away from her. 

The spy lightly landed tucked into and rolled forward grabbed his left behind sword with one hand and hers with the other.  A simultaneous toss sent his across the room then into and through him pinning him to the wall at chest level.  Her sword came back to earth as she exited from her tuck, straightened to her feet, crossed one leg over the other in the air at waist height and drove the hilt of the sword into the opponent on the floor finishing off the last of her challengers.  Anne brushed her clothes walked over to a mirror and checked her look, did a few adjustments and elegantly walked to the exit.  The night was still young; it was Tokyo and there was always another place for Sushi. 


Anne hooked in the harness to the line and slid away from the building across the open inky black sky and down toward the turret balcony of his castle, the rotunda that sat atop and the prize inside.  Her smooth tight silhouette landed softly and silently, she unhooked the harness and moved to the door while reaching into the tight bun of her hair to remove a special barrette she’d hidden inside.

Opening the end, she carefully worked the thin metal end into the lock off the door then pushed the clasp to activate the small touch screen LCD.  The COIL agent rapidly pressed several command codes to activate the device as she stepped into the shadows and waited.

The cool night air swirled about her skin suit as she waited for the device to find the security code and unlock the door.

‘Next mission I’ll ask Claire for surf and sand,’ she mused even though the skin suit protected her from the elements. 

The descrambler lighted green telling the spy success.  She opened the door, removed the barrette, replacing it in her bun and silently slipped inside.

Her special contacts allowed her to see the invisible infrared lines that crisscrossed the floor it was considered sate of the art and impossible to get across, but it had never been tested against the highly supple and sexy body of Anne Payton.

‘Time to not put a foot or any other part of me wrong,’ Anne mused.  She knew the consequences; one misplaced move and the room would be sealed and flooded with poison gas.

Anne erected a handstand, straight and true and moved to the edge of the beam, her specially designed contacts letting her see the invisible webs of light that changed directions in a seemingly random pattern, but not to the COIL spy.  This was not her first nocturnal visit to his villa, her contacts had been recording and mapping the changing beams for several nights to find a pattern and find one they did, with the aid of her laptop. 

‘These are incredible, a microprocessor built into the contacts and memory to store the recorded data,’ Anne had marvelled on the previous night’s escapades.  The sequence had been imbedded into the contacts and she waited for the contacts to flash a red light in the corner of her eye so she could begin.

A tilt of her knee and the spreading straight of one of her gorgeous legs out from her inverted body signalled the start of her adventure to the middle of the floor and the prize.  She cartwheeled back her legs landing apart and skipping between a beam before they slid gracefully apart in a split along the floor that she held for just a fraction of a second to allow the light to miss her before she fully split and arched her body back upon itself a beam passing just above her sensational breasts.  Anne swung about like the hands of a clock along the floor beams passing over and under her arms and legs as she raised and lowered them in choreographed dance.  She tightened in a ball then thrust herself forward and onto her feet and into a walkover as she advanced holding a cat stretch then sliding her feet under her body to slither along the marble floor, no snake ever looking as sexy. 

Anne quickly raised a leg and her responsive muscles flexed about pushing her skin suited body to display the female form in all its wondrous curves.  The invisible light beams danced all around always changing direction as she did, her glasses keeping her one fraction of a second ahead in the game.  Beams shot between the valley of her breasts, the cleft in her wonderful ass and between the sweetness of her thighs.  The spy was fast and smooth in her movements, her body contouring to defeat the beams at every turn as she inched within striking distance of her prize, when the pattern changed suddenly.  The body gloved spy knew she’d been found out and rather than expend energy she may need for escape and knowing her adversary she simply stood up and broke the beams setting of the alarms, but as she suspected not the poison gas.

‘Well played Miss Payton, it was an arousing experience watching you work I hope we can recapture that and of course you,’

‘I do enjoy and chase and arousal, well, that goes without saying and I do not mind ménage a trios once in a while but 10 men is a bit much even for me,’ Anne smiled as she looked about at the men who wore skin tight suits that displayed lean cut forms she knew were meant to finish her.

‘While I can’t promise I’ll be as vigorous with the first as I am with the last I can assure you boys you’ll all be satisfied,’ Anne said as they formed a circle about her.

‘No rush boys we’ve got all night, don’t want to tire yourselves out too soon, give a spy a chance to look her best.’

‘That’s the problem with you men, you lack staying power’ Anne smiled as she touched up her hair bun.

‘A very neat but expected trick Miss Payton, but unfortunately for you your barrette dart gun only has five shots and you’ve used them all.  It’s a good thing I brought extra bodies,’ he smirked.

‘Am I really becoming that obvious?’ Anne said in a self-mocking tone.  Oh, well what’s a girl spy to do, I only have so many tricks in my repertoire.  Now I suppose it will just have to come down to the five of you against me.  Somehow I still like my odds,’ she said.

Anne back flipped herself passed the stricken victims of her darts over to the circular wall then back pedalled her way up a full body length a smile crossing her face that just spoke to her opposition in a ‘come get me’ look.

‘You seem to be full of tricks Miss?  Now it’s micro suction cups on the soles and palms of your body glove.  You can run and even climb but you cannot escape us,’ he said as three of them rushed toward her. 

Anne detached a slender gam and snapped a kick connecting under the jaw of the first unfortunate to arrive sending him back over himself and to the floor in a tight ball.  Just as that motion had concluded the spy sprung off her fixed leg twirled 180 along the wall, her swing leg connecting square to the jaw of the second male sending him skidding away.  Her hands found the wall and stuck, face first to the partition she swept her first leg back the flat of her foot slamming flush in the face of the third attacker and spun back and away.  Anne flipped around and repeated her smile.

They came again, the two spares from the first attack and a one repeat offender.   Anne stepped down the wall a few feet shot out a leg and neatly captured one of her attacker’s heads in the crook of her bent appendage.  Hanging on by her hands she blocked a punch with her free leg, easily parrying it aside before delivering a slamming heel kick into the thorax of one male before ramming that leg back and into the small of the captured males back, releasing him to fall in writhing pain.  The lucky third male was encased in scissors, Anne’s body tensed a 90-degree angle as she squeezed slowly then snapped herself in a roll over and discarded him to the floor.  She shimmied up the wall and awaited the next attack.

‘This could go on all night but I think we have just the thing to bring this spider back down to earth,’ the leader said as he went to a control panel on the opposite wall and entered a sequence into the keypad and returned with his 4 comrades to below the spy.

Anne Payton began to feel a tingling in her hands and feet that was growing strong with each passing second.  She removed and replaced her hands and feet one at a time but the tingling persisted.

‘Having trouble Miss, soon you will think that a mild discomfort to what awaits you in our hands.  The wall of this rotunda is electrified.  As time passes the current grows stronger.  Soon you will be forced to abandon you perch and fall into our waiting clutches,’ he smiled as they massed tighter below her.

Anne slipped a finger into the O ring of her zippered front and pulled it all the way up sealing the spy inside her cocoon as she let go and fell to them, giving one last push to adjust herself to them.

The deadly sexy spy opened her legs and slipped around the neck of one letting him slip all the way until his face was in her mound, she closed about it beginning her series of fluid motions.  She thrust backward her beautiful ass relaxing and spreading as she took the face of another into her prison.  Anne shifted her body and fell forward as her arms and legs rose.  In rapid succession, her hands and feet closed about the mouth and nose of males 3 and 4 while lucky number fives face became sealed between her breasts.  They fell to the floor in a jumbled pile of thrashing bodies that slowly stilled as they gelled to Anne.

‘Sticky situation we find ourselves in boys, well you do.  My body glove comes fully equipped in the grip department.  Not only the soles and palms but the whole outfit, once I zipped up it activated turning my body into an adhesive embrace I which you are all caught and soon to be finished by suffocation.  My arsenal has been deployed fully and to its deadly best.  My tits, ass, pussy arms and legs all occupied with finishing you while other parts have adhered themselves to my glove leaving you and your fate sealed,’ Anne explained in a sexy voice.

The males rocked and moved jerking the mass about but unable to free themselves from the deadly vixen.  Anne stop the motion as she bent her legs and pinned the male caught in her feet to the floor the pads of her feet secured over his mouth and her toes pinched about his nostrils.  She thrust her hips in and secured the male trapped in her pussy on top of him and one in her tits was wedged against him.  She sat back and pinned the male imprisoned in her ass to the floor while the ones in her hands rested on her shoulder.

Their struggle continued for several minutes as she held firm until they were all still.  Anne relaxed and waited another ten minutes before she was certain she had finished them.    She reached down with her teeth and undid the zipper releasing her prey as the glove deactivated.

The spy rose up amongst the jumble of men and stepped over to the case in the middle of the room and took what she came for and a few other things not on the list.  She looked back at the 10 males, pursed her lips and kissed them goodbye.


Anne touched down on the beach, a perfect landing from her Para-Sail unhooked the harness and revealed another piece of perfection, her bikini body, firm and tanned and dazzling in her sea green choice of the day.  Having rocked the beach, she decided it was time to spread the look about, namely in the pool area.  She sashayed her way up the beach the only other natural force with that much power was busy breaking waves upon the sand.  She passed through the arch and into the large but private and very exclusive pool area.

She paused at the bar, got her drink and continued as she sipped many eyes drank her in as well.   This was her hunting ground and she had designs on a certain male creature. 

‘The hunt should be a game, it’s always best to show yourself, pretend you’re not interested to get the prey off guard and curious.  Once they get to that point you strike with ease, best not to use up all your energy luring the prey, save that for the capture,’ she though as she walked away her ass wiggling as she passed him by and found an empty chaise lounge. 

She picked up her bottle of suntan lotion and with just the perfect pause and look, a perfect, come hither to him, she squeezed the milky thick substance onto her palms, brought them together and let him see the cream oozing from between her motioning fingers then reached down and drew the salve up one leg her hands snaking front to back as they slid up.

She started on her other leg and smiled as a shadow came beside her own.

‘You may need help with the more remote areas, I would be glad to assist all in the name of health of course,’ he said the wry nature of his voice needing no explanation.

Anne turned around and smiled, both at the comment but more at the closeness of the desired prey.

‘Thank you so much, but I’m rather flexible, I can get into places many ordinary women can’t,’ she added back in her own wry tone.

‘I should leave you in peace then,’ he asked.

‘Sometimes a second set of hands makes the coverage more thorough,’ she said handing him the bottle of lotion and turning around.

‘Before we get too personal I’m Anne Payton,’ she soothed as his hands caressed her lower back.

‘Roger Matheson,’ he said as his hands worked upward.

Anne made the appropriate swaying motions with her torso the show approval as he moved up and about her shoulder and neck.  

‘I think you have it covered,’ she said and turned around.

‘Are you sure I may have missed a sensitive area,’ he said looking right into her eyes.

His hands descended the sides if her torso and around her hips where his thumbs hooked into her bikini bottom, his fingers overlapping the fringe of the material just so slightly before her hands intercepted them and placed them comfortably in hers resting them between her legs.

‘Maybe we should save that for later when we know each other a bit better say after dinner tonight perhaps,’ Anne smiled pressing his hands into her muff.

‘You’re being overly coy considering the placement of my hands?’ he asked hoping she’d melt into his arms.

‘It’s true, but you must allow a woman her tease, after all its how I got you over here, not that you weren’t thinking about how to run in to me from the first time we passed each other 2 days ago,’ her voice danced over the words and she added a light peck to his lips that surprised him.

Her experience as a spy but more so her experience as a woman told her a kiss, one that promised more, as hers did could often act as a pleasing distractor and turn the embarrassing discovery that you hadn’t been as transparent as you had hoped into a faded memory, as her kiss did.  He forgot what he was saying and she had to pick up the conversation, leading it where she desired it to go. 

‘Dinner tonight then, I’ll meet you there, reserve something private,’ she demurred then gave him another kiss, this one full of expectation for later. 

Anne enjoyed the sun for a while after that, she needed to do no more than let natural events unfold for her complete her mission.  In due time, she made her way around the pool, out the entrance and down a path to her beach front suite.

Anne entered her code in the door, entered, tossed her towel on a chair in the small anteroom and moved down the hall passing the doors to the sitting room before opening the double doors that led into the bedroom.  In a fluid motion as she walked the sexy spy hooked the briefs of her bikini, pulled down and stepped out of them without breaking stride, a quick reach behind undid her top.  She dangled them on one finger as she made her way into the shower; they had done their job, now it was her turn and another piece of clothing to do theirs. 

The shower removed all the residue of her lotion, she padded herself dry exiting the shower room and into her large spacious bedroom.  Satisfied she tossed the towel in the hamper and moved in front of the dressing mirror for a final inspection.  She let the natural light from the double patio doors dance on her nude firm form, her toned legs, flat firm stomach and wonderful upright orbs playing light and shadow as she moved.  She turned about, liked over her shoulder and checked her ass; a small shake moved her silhouette.  She smiled just as the explosion happened.

              *              *              *             
Anne heard the catch on her Cabana door open followed by the click of approaching heels on the tile floor.

‘I’m over here Miss Payton, oh yes, my apologies, ‘the menacingly sweet voice said as heels clicked again as the face finally came into view.

`We meet again Anne and under similar circumstances as before, with me as the aggressor and this time the victor in the end.’

Anne recognised Han Go from a previous encounter, one she had barely escaped. 

`Oh yes I made the switch to Trident some time ago, why wait until it’s too late, as it is for you, ‘Han laughed

`This time I will finish what you started and you as well, a lethal embrace from me for him and an equally lethal embrace for you Anne from your captor,’ the Trident agent smiled.

‘You made me wait several days before I could perfectly spring my trap.  I must say for a woman who spends a great deal of her time naked you certainly took your time getting there, I was beginning to lose hope, but luckily you complied and just in the nick of time.  Although I suppose I should thank you for doing all the background work for me.  By the time I show up to sooth his dashed hopes from you not showing up, my part in this small threesome will be child’s play to execute both for me and to him.  Speaking of execution, that brings us back to you.  I got wind that Force or COIL or whatever you want to call yourselves these days, lets simplify that and just call you ‘The Good Girl Spy’s’ would make an appearance so I set my plan in action, having it be you just makes it all the sweeter given our history.  I had the planter exchanged; mine, besides being much more decorative had several Trident upgrades.  The first being a heat proximity sensor that sends to my compact a thermal image of you, the redder the image the more you were in a state of undress.  The innocuous turn of the clasp set off the built-in explosive and now to part three of my plan and where you find yourself right now Anne,’ Han said as she circled around the agent the smile never dimming from her face.

‘As you can see the explosion released my assassin.  A native of the Jungle of Equatorial Africa, the Glue Worm has no known predators but is itself a very lethal one when provoked as this one is.  They coil quickly about their opponent secreting an instant paralysing toxin that I can see has you completely stilled.  Although you cannot feel it the Glue Worm is as we speak repositioning itself for the second part of its attack and the one from which it derives its name.  As I speak the worm is slowly winding itself around and up your nude form until it can place all its 4 feet in a circuitous embrace about your lovely neck.  Once in place Miss Payton my assassin will begin oozing a clear gelatinous liquid as it slowly turns about and down your body depositing its discharge from its thousands of pores as it turns and using that motion to spread and coat you in glue 10 times more sticky than spider silk.  Once fully covered Anne you will stuck firmly in the position you now occupy totally unable to move as the glue will hold you fast.  What no contraction as the glue dry’s, no poison glue, no my dear agent none of that death is much slower and merciless, just as I like it.’

Han turned about Anne once more then adjusted the mirror so the FORCE spy could see her reflection.

‘There now you can enjoy the show.  The glue acts as a heat sink progressively building up around the trapped prey steaming them alive inside the clear solution.  Placing you into the sun and having the mirror reflect its rays in the morning will leave you inside a sauna of death from which you cannot free yourself.  By my estimate the worm will take another hour to secure about you then about 8 hours to coat you leaving you a little of the night to prey for death before the sun comes up and your torment really starts.  Pity I won’t be here but I have a man to seduce and a mission to finish,’ Han smiled sexily as she left leaving Anne to her fate.


Anne cast her eyes down to watch her assassin.  The Glue Worm had gathered its length about her tits and was turning in a tight circle slowly upward.  The spy did a quick mental calculation based on the space left and the worm’s movement coming up with an estimate of an hour before he settled in against her neck.  Her frozen body refusing her commands to even try to move no matter her pleas.

The slow turn of the worm rubbed against the nude spy’s nipples stimulating her as her breathing shortened and she willed the climax to the surface.

‘Ohhh yes,’ she panted as she watched the Glue Worm.

The first of his four bands were almost halfway around her rosettes his small but intensely gripping skin segments pulling and pushing as they used her extended points to hold and move.  Anne was soon again in a state of arousal her mind fighting the desire to release pleasure.

‘No, no, I will not submit,’ she willed herself for another ten minutes.

Anne’s body heated up fast it needed and demanded release, it was pushing at the walls, her clitoris was pounding, her breath frantic still she refused until finally the force of nature crashed her will of determination.

‘Again and again!’ she thought in joy as she wetted.

The second band slipped onto her pin pricks keeping the spy stimulated as it moved.  Anne was now half covered in the afternoon sun as it streamed through the closed patio doors, time was moving along as was her time to escape.  She worked herself into any orgasm, her body joyfully enjoying itself.  Anne needed to keep cumming, she remembered old missions, deadly traps she’d escaped, lovers to supercharge her excitement.  She came three more times on the second band, her strength ebbing with each climax, she was hot and wet now fully covered in blazing sunshine. 
The third band slipped into place and Anne winched, he had rubbed her to irritation and she needed stimulation.  She refocused her mind on pleasure even as she baked in the sun, her luscious nude form dotted in beads of water.  Her mouth was open as she fought for air in the hot room a trick of water ran from her pussy down her left leg, the sign of past pleasures.  A small trickle of sweat traversed between her firm breasts down her stomach and onto her thigh where it slipped and merged with her spent paradise juice.

The Glue Worm slipped forward on the underside of one nipple and Anne was in heaven.  Two thunderous climaxes followed superheating the spy who was now perspiring freely a constant dripping sound heard on the wood floor.  The lubricant allowed her to be aroused faster and easier which she was.  Anne soon was in the grips and near constant pleasure her drenched body a river of water.

She watched and smiled, her labours were working.

‘He’s slipping on my skin; I’m too slick to get a grip on.’

She climaxed two more times adding to her slickness as his bands fell down around her hips then slowly tumbled down her sexy legs to the floor between them.

Free of her body the Glue Worms paralysing toxin wore off the Anne Payton stepped out of the circle of death that had enveloped her.

‘I’m free thank goodness, but Han Go has won this round and the mission, I owe her one,’ she said as she went for another shower. 


Anne arched up one final time, her instincts and body telling her he needed or more importantly wanted one last effort and she was more than willing to oblige him wringing every last portion of joy from him before replacing it with something else of her own doing but far less satisfying, at least for one of them. 

His hands clamped around the indentation just above the start of her hips, Anne preferred men who slid them up and over her lovely derrière and then into place rather than as he had done roughly clamping them in place like so much industrial machine sex. 

‘Give the client what they want, after all it’s merely a part of the job, sometimes a pleasant part and sometimes not, but it’s just a distraction for a larger goal,’ Anne told herself.

His thick fingers tightened about her waist as he pulled her down and bowed himself upward simultaneously followed by a rapid and prolonged shudder of his form beneath her.  The spy femme fatale watched him intently, her hands slowly coming off the sides of the backless chaise settee and slipping about the sides of his thick neck.

‘Say goodbye lover,’ she thought with a smile as her fingers pressed inward on nerve endings.  Barely had the last word escaped her mouth when she was sent sailing through the air.  Training took over instantly, her eyes sighted bearings, her body told her where it was in relation to the floor and made the necessary tucks and turns that allowed her to land not only on her feet but more importantly, facing her opponent. 

‘Now why did you have go and spoil things so, we were having such a good time, well one of us was,’ Anne said her voice leaving no doubt that she was not that person.

‘Do you think I didn’t know you were a FORCE agent, I’m not as vain as that,’ he stated.

‘I’ll take that compliment, and no you’re not, but the nature of this game calls for me to be a good actress as well, but apparently not so convincing this time.  Oh, well no matter, instead of what would have been a quick demise you chose door number two,’ Anne smiled and blew him a kiss.

‘You won’t be so cocky when you see what’s behind my door number two for you,’ he shot back.
‘Speaking of cocky, it’s amazing your still at attention.  Better transfer that alertness to your other head, because you’re going to need to it, shall we begin,’ Anne challenged as she softly advanced her naked sex glistened form forwards to face his equally moist physique.

The spy’s sensuous form, her lean long sculpted contracting and expanding as she moved in and out of the moonbeams and shadows that played across the large sitting room they’d made it to before collapsing on the Settee, the bedroom a quick and distance memory as she began to pleasure him.  Her sylphlike form move in and out of the shadows as did his, the lean hungry body of the male looking to make a quick meal of the female and devour her adding yet another triumph to his list. 

Anne danced into the light; her body waving with a Medusa trace motion and then out of the moonbeam as he entered it, just the time to strike.  His eyes failure to adjust to the change quickly and in the split second of blackness about the cornea’s she unleashed a furious set of snap kicks to the back of his left thigh, then cartwheeled past his side as he swung wildly, the force rustling the air as she fanned behind him and kicked the other leg at the back of the knee forcing him down to his knees.  The sexy super spy vaulted over him her fingers locking together in a cup around the back of his head; she came down between his legs his torso snapping far too forward, his head hitting the floor between his knees.  The resulting aftershock sending him flying back and off to the side his hamstrings pulled totally. 

‘I told you baby the other way would have been far easier on you, but you wanted it this way, thinking you could take a little female out with superior strength and size, surprise, my talents extent to other areas far beyond what you thought, even farther than your hamstrings.  Don’t bother to get up for the next round, I haven’t the time to wait for you to struggle to your feet, besides why interrupt the fun, time for the bonus round,’ Anne menaced as she pushed a lock of hair away from her face and stepped forward. 

Thinking it was just a matter of mopping up the mess Anne relaxed and paid for it when a round house punch slammed into her side doubling her over before a sweep of his arm cleared her feet off the floor and crashed her down on her back beside him. 

His ham fist came across and caught her in the stomach; Anne could feel the air rush from her lungs, her arms weakening and slow to respond as he tried the same tactic again.  She blocked it, partially, but just enough for him to expose his own midsection which her left heel promptly planted itself in with a short sharp stab.  She tried to spin away and come to her feet but he was more than ready, the fight not gone from him.  His locked about her arms pinning them to her sides as his mass shift and rolled on top of her, the weight of his naked form pressing her to the floor as she squirmed under him. 

‘That’s right doll move as much as you want now because in a few seconds you’ll be pinned in place and unable to.  Then we’ll see how much stamina you have!’ he laughed.

Anne didn’t need a translator for that; she knew what was coming, both figuratively and literally.  His hips arched up, Anne felt the full length of his shaft and then his tip trailed down and across her mound, she smiled in anticipation of the sudden strike he was preparing.

‘Aim straight and true lover boy,’ she demurred as her legs turned inward and slid silently under his arched torso and hips, he so focused on his goal and her sexy words he never saw or felt anything. 

He plunged down on her paradise, instead of the wet yielding but firm confines of her honey pot his hips met the firm barriers of her knees and lower legs.  The surprise had just started when he was sent ass over tit and landed hard on his back spread across the settee, the force stunning him.

All this happened in the blink of an eye, but while it was going on Anne was right behind him as he flew through the air.  She let the of motion flipping him carry her backward as her hands found the floor and she pushed off, vaulting backward in a walkover and then into a back flip before she splayed her legs just enough to slip them on either side of his neck.  She provided a squeeze to hold him and get his attention as her small wonderful ass rested on his chest and she smiled at him.

‘Right back where we started lover, I do like being on top, so much more control that way,’ she said, her legs becoming just that much tighter.  ‘But even a spy needs a change to position every now and then and I think this is one of those times,’ she added then gave him a quick kiss, undid her legs stepped over his head and dived her body under the settee. 

He was aware, in his daze that she was up to something, but what.  He had his answer a second later, her comely legs slipped around his ankles until she pulled them into behind her knees and squeezed tight fusing them to her in a steel embrace.  Her hands came up, fingers locked and cupped under his chin and pulled his head over the edge of the settee and down, stretching him out up top and she raised off the floor and let her weight and gravity fix him in place.  Her face met his, her predatory smile fully engaged as she spoke.

‘Some men have told me that my kisses take their breath away, but somehow they always seem to get it back, so it can’t really be a foolproof method, so a girl has to come up with something else, see if you can guess what,’ Anne said as she gave him a kiss and a smile and slowly snaked her hands up and over his mouth, her thumb and fore finger pinching his nose while her other wove into the fingers of her other hand and sealed around his mouth.

Her weight acted as the perfect pendulum, holding him fast in place across the settee as she gently rocked side to side ticking away the seconds and counting down to victory.  The spy never forced her arms tighter, all that did was strain her and drain her strength, it did nothing to speed up the suffocation that would take time.  His body was frantic to escape this mere slip of a woman, but as he was discovering, she was skilled in many areas.  His tugs and pulls and thrashing did nothing to free him, her sexy legs held his fast and she had him pinned perfectly in her trap. 

Anne lifted her head and looked into his eyes, could see the damage she was doing, his eyes were panicked, his pupils widening, but his body was still fighting hard.  She decided to fight back a little.  She kissed and nuzzled his ears, her tongue make deep swathing probes.  Her hot breath and whispers paradoxically excited him even as he struggled to be free of her, those words and touches made him want to stay and be closer.  Anne knew what she was doing, his heart rate increased, eating up his oxygen supply even as his stem began to swell. 

She knew she’d done the necessary damage; she gave him a final peck and fell back into a slow rocking side to side motion underneath the settee.  Her arms pulled his neck back slightly, a sure sign he was weakening and a few seconds more a little further, her hands plated about his mouth in their soft caressing death.

Anne rocked lightly small beads of perspiration from the fight and her exertions dipping from her body.  A few more swings and he stopped moving completely.  She clung to her prey for another 5 minutes to ensure his demise then released and emerged from below.  It hadn’t been the ending she had envisioned at the start of the evenings activities, but it was still fully satisfying.


Anne surfaced from her light slumber, the heat and stillness of the day creating a general drowsy atmosphere among the beach patrons this day.  She got up and rubbed more suntan lotion on her lovely form, her new bikini displaying more of her than usual.  She liked the look of it and the looks she got in it; she finished with the lotion, her lovely light tan just about right and uniform for her.

‘Just a few more minutes and I’ll call it a day, these vacations are exhausting,’ she thought with a smile.

It was a much-deserved rest, FORCE had been pushing back hard against TRIDENT and Anne and certain other agents had been in high demand.  She didn’t mind, in fact she rather enjoyed all the work, but Claire and Alice had demanded she and others rest despite protests to the contrary.

‘Not to worry,’ Claire had told her.  ‘Trident will be there when your vacation is over and I have a few choice missions lined up for you already.’

That was all Anne Payton needed to hear, she took the vacation without further protest.  Everything had been arranged and beach house in on an exclusive resort island complete with white sand beaches, turquoise waters and the finest service one could wish for.  The sun did its job in short order and she was finished, she rose, stretched her form, to the admiring looks of many, donned her mesh beach poncho, gather up her things in her bag and walked up the warm sand beach, the white grains pushing between her toes until she reached the path that lead uphill in a winding motion to her beach house tucked neatly behind a spread of large palm trees.  She paused at the door brushed the sand from her feet and slipped on her wide heeled low sandals, all white with crisscrossed straps over the toes. 

A quick open and close of the door, her heels clicking on the tile until she reached the carpeting that covered the main living area that encompassed the bar just off the kitchen on the far side of the room one of whose chairs was occupied.

The spy eyed the woman, not that she needed to, her look told her everything she needed to know, beautiful, age uncertain, but definitely over fifty, killer body, evidenced by the wearing of sea foam coloured bikini accentuated by a sheer gold cover up that gave her figure a shimmering luminesces.  Long shapely legs, slender well-turned ankles swept up into perfect calf’s, the swelling of the calf like a perfect wave, anymore or any less would have diminished it, but as it was, you wanted to ride it all the way to its conclusion, the sweep of a hand, just like the caress of the board on the wave as it swooped back and forth to maximize its time on perfection, pulled up, feeling the smoothness of the surface, the clam the thrill of what lay just beneath and the power.  Anne’s eyes scanned upward, just as the metaphorical hand crossed the apex of the calf, onto the smooth clam of the knee for just a second lingering on the reassuring stillness of it before plunging into the more dangerously powerful waters.

A deep drop down and then a sudden cutback, fighting gravity and the desire to become lost in comforting territory and to rest for just a while, but knowing such a choice would leave you trapped there forever.  The surface like glass, cool and smooth and persuasive, easily you flow up and around and over the top cascading down the other side, the gentle roll and hum of the ever-changing landscape calming and reassuring but always just a trifling dangerous, just the way you wanted it.  The smoothness belying what you sense underneath, a raw power, so carefully concealed in disarming symmetrical beauty that you want to reach down and dip yourself in those magic waters, but as you nearly succeed a slight rolling cuts you off and you surface. 

Perfect legs yielded to a serene savannah, an impeccably flat stomach with just a soupçon of exposed taut muscle, the perfect measure, not too much to advert the eyes, rather a mixture designed to draw that sense into it, to feel the landscape, its total and absolute firmness yet at the same time its yielding when touched, the soft and warm tertiary drew in the explorer who becomes lost in the feminine landscape, with no possibility of escape. 

Peaks on the horizon draw the traveler, they rise perfectly, firm, round, complimentary to their surroundings.  They give in your hands, but never surrender, instead they prompt a reaction, a sudden shift, a seismic rebellion of that overtakes you, a force larger than the one it’s coming from overwhelms you and throws you up before settling you in warmth and desire, the oracle has you in her gaze.

A woman you instantly want to kiss, to meet those lips, that superbly majestic mouth, her look says try, then with the slightest faint of her head, she denies you that touch, her eyes dancing and teasing for you to try so she can tweeze away again, she is not willing to release you that easily, she has you already, why rush the end. The result will be the same and she has needs as well.  Her body, so intoxicating, you push gently, try to pry open a little, you want to settle on her, she ignores it, giving you a closer feel of her face to yours, a brush of cheeks, a nip of her teeth and lips to your ear, slow you but only momentarily.  Impatient, just what she wants, you try too hard, your movements from before take on an adolescent urging.  You feel her body resist, just enough, she employs the strength, dangerous strength you can feel it you back off, but she has aroused you and in turn you have awoken her to action.  It takes nothing, a small turn of her leg and suddenly you begin to roll, she controlling the speed and fluidity, it may be a complete reversal of position or she may grant a small break, resting on your sides she rewards with a kiss and then continues, you are free to explore her further now that she has total control, you willingly oblige.

A teasing tensing of her body as it presses against yours controls the flow, hands arc down the back, the tender inward slope of her sides then the passionate expressive bow of her hips, the soft contour of her amazing firm bottom as it quivers to caressing and in turn palpitates your root that commands your hips to undulate back and forth searching for her until she places it for you and then locks the door.

Warmth, a sense of it like no other enters you at your point and flows up, consuming you demanding more accommodation, she sensing quells that with kisses and pours fire on it with motion, you try harder to open the door, she resists even more with gentle smiles and knowing laughs, you’re trapped in a variation of a Chinese Finger Puzzle, in frustration you surrender, she smiles victoriously and gives you an approving look.  Her body relaxes for the briefest of instances, you barely know it, her only moment of surrender, just long enough to capture you, she tenses and is in command again.  Lost in rapture you surrender to her and she strikes.

‘To what do I owe the honour of a Silkworm attempted execution?’ Anne said putting down her bag.

‘You’re too modest Miss Payton, a woman with your talents and well-deserved reputation.  We apologise for our tardiness, we should have dealt with you much earlier, but as I’m sure you know we’ve been rather busy as of late.  I do however take exception to the ‘attempted’ description.’

‘A compliment to my body of work, speaking of that I see you came attired for the day,’ Anne said.

‘Do you like it, sea foam green a favourite colour, besides you dress for the occasion,’ the Silkworm smiled.

‘And the person,’ Anne added.

‘Our dossier on you does suggest that you have a higher than average propensity for skin to skin contact as well as a preference for various cosmetics.’

‘Hence the room service,’ Anne said looking about.

‘Yes, I took the liberty of packing up all of your belongings, out of sight out of reach, besides you won’t be needing them any longer, its checkout time my dear,’ the Silkworm said her voice full of menacing promise.

‘For one of us,’ Anne smiled.

‘Oh and don’t think I forgot about your suntan oil, I arranged to have that switched as well. Tell me do you enjoy dancing my dear?’ the Silkworm asked as she slithered off the barstool. 

In the same instant Anne came to her feet from the arm of the chair she’d been sitting on. ‘Very much, but I find like other close contact undertakings the level of enjoyment is greatly dependent of the skill of one’s partner, don’t you agree?’

‘I can assure you I’m quite skilled in numerous routines, I hope the same cannot be said of you,’ the worm answered.

The women moved slowly about the large open living space, each thee other way from the other before the Silkworm began her dance.  Skilled artisans they employed every recognized classic Indian dance style Bharatanatyam, Chhau, Gaudiya Nritya, Kathak, Kathakali, Kuchipudi, Manipuri, Mohiniyattam, Odiss, i Sattriya and Thang Ta and few hybrid inventions of their own from collected centuries of existence.  Transformed, they became an instrument of death through various means.  A Worm could attack on various levels, certain dances induced a paralysing hypnosis, other dances were used as a fighting form with quick strikes to the victim, still others more insidious ones entangled the victim in a literal dance of death. 

The Silkworm weaved and bobbed, her arms flowing sinuously about, her hips swaying to music only she could hear, an ever-sexy evil knowing smile on her face as she looked at Anne who danced about as well.  The FORCE agent kept her distance, dancing away as the Silkworm tried to get closer all to aware of the sudden quick hand and foot strikes the dance employed, Anne also was wary of the beach covering.

‘Who knows what deadly trap that simple bit of clothing may entail, with a Silkworm it’s always best to be cautious,’ she thought.

They moved in and out, the Silkworm going for several strikes and just missing each time, Anne a split second ahead, a cartwheel away to the side, a back or front walkover or a simply lithe turn left the Worm striking air.  In was a stalemate for minutes then the Silkworm changed styles to a more southerly one, quicker movements and sharper strikes, Anne adjusted perfectly as they covered also every inch of the carpeted room.  A final few sways and turns and the spy stopped leaving the Silkworm surprised.

‘I think this concludes our session,’ Anne smiled as she stopped dancing.  You must be tired from all that leading me about, perhaps you should rest.  In fact, for your own good I would advise standing still and not stepping in any direction lest you put a foot wrong and you certainly wouldn’t want to do that,’ Anne smiled as she danced closer to the Silkworm who did as she was instructed sensing something in the other woman’s voice.  ‘I’m glad you heeded my advice, one step in any direction would be a certain misstep and death.  Your Swaying Cobra Style is excellent, your Sun Spider superb, as is I’m sure the bite if you had managed to put me under their spell.  There are however counter dances to your siren swerving’s that keep me from falling under your spell.’

‘Very good my dear, you live up to advanced billing,’ the Silkworm said remaining cool but still.

‘Let’s hope the Silkworm’s reputation is all it’s cracked up to be.  Our little cotillion has trapped you in a minefield of your own creation with my help of course.  As we moved about I deposited into the carpet tiny pellets of an extremely explosive nature, the slightest touch will set it off.  A spy never is completely unprepared, the heels of my sandals contain the pellets, each step releases one pellet from each shoe.  Right now, you are surrounded. The special contacts in my eyes let me see where I’ve placed them in the carpet.  While it was clever of you to remove all my other accessories, you weren’t quite clever enough and really I didn’t need them to finish you, this is all the weapon I need, the deadliest one yet designed,’ she said indicating her body in general and the female form in particular.  ‘It would have been fun to use it, but I’m on vacation and my time is precious to me so a more expedient method was called for.’

The sexy spy reached down one hand at a time and slipped off each shoe, secured them by one of the straps onto the finger of her left hand and placed them over her shoulder in that sexy way a woman can do with her apparel.

‘In this instance I don’t mind being the heel,’ Anne said with a wry smile coming over her face.


Anne Payton picked up her bottle of suntan lotion and headed for the pool/patio era of the very exclusive resort.  She didn’t need training and years of experience to tell her how to act, it just came naturally to the female as predator and she was certainly that in both areas, the training was just the frosting.  She’d picked a favourite, a yellow cream bikini that tucked in at all the right places, contouring to give her just barely enough coverage and more than ample space for the imagination to cover the rest. 

‘A bikini only goes so far,’ she thought as she turned the corner into the pool area. ‘You need to add the rest.’ A completely normal, but highly practiced walk ensued, enhanced by a stunning effective body, toned to perfection and sculpted, her muscles dazzling, her ass wiggling, her firm round breasts not bouncing, her hips articulating to a beat she kept as the spy made her way across the rim of the patio and found a lounger poolside.

‘Now to protect and augment the assets,’ she mused opening and squeezing out some lotion into one hand.

The clear lotion oiled her legs first, darkening her slight tan a shade as the lubricant glazed and painted her stunning gams, the muscles flexing as she did so, her flexibility on total display as she bent over to apply the fluid, her ass dancing about as she shifted weight for one leg to the other while her bikini bottom strained under the pressure. 

She soon moved on to her midriff.  The emollient riding the waves of her stomach muscles like surf crashing on the shore.  Anne had a strong core, she needed it in her line of work, but not so visible as to be a distraction or a turn off.  No, hers was solid and lightly visible but rock hard, years of specialised yoga had seen to both the hardness and concealment.  Next came her arms. ‘Sexy if you know how to make them,’ she thought as a trail of thin salve snaked down one arm and up the other.  The bottle of lotion capped and placed on the lounger arm Anne proceeded to entwine her arms in the Eagle Pose to help spread the protective lotion and display her solid arms and shoulders to the poolside crowd.  She disentangled slowly, letting the motion carry lotion to places previously untouched, the procedure continuing as she brought her arms behind her and did her back, her breasts projecting forward, her body tensing and exhibiting sexily for all to see.
Anne finished up with a little more lotion to her chest, neck and just a touch to her face before gingerly and erotically lowering herself to the lounger, her feet receiving the last the of the elixir before she lowered herself and relaxed.

After a strenuous hour of working on her tan Anne got up walked to the pool edge and slipped into the water in a smooth unbroken motion like a well-schooled woman slipping on a stocking.  She swam over to the floating bar and took a seat, choosing a place seemingly at random, that had a vacant spot on either side.

‘Vodka tonic please,’ she said to the bartender who out of the corner of his eye could see the sharks swimming toward the bar, Anne noticed it in his eye movement and face, she smiled.
The drink arrived with the feeding frenzy as both seats were quickly occupied and the others swam away. 

‘Now which maneater to choose,’ Anne’s head told her. ‘And how to get the other to swim away.’

Luckily or perhaps, not so, given who she was, she had planned ahead.

She smiled at her two companions then flashed her room pass card she had on her wrist at the bartender for her tab as both alphas brought theirs up to insist on their treat.

‘Awfully kind of you both,’ she smiled as the dominate shark won out.  Anne brought down her wrist on the table next to the second-place finisher, but too close to indicate to indicate a preference and turned it up slightly at the corner while her gaze transfixed the winner.

‘Goodness, that took longer than I expected,’ Anne said as she heard a small splash and the other was gone.

‘I thought women liked men fighting over them,’ he said in a knowing way.

‘I’d be lying if I said I didn’t, wonderful for the ego, but not so good for the figure what with all those drinks or food you feel obligated to consume.  Does tend to cut down one’s performance over the long run,’ she said looking up as she took a sip of her drink.

‘Nothing wrong with a view from here,’ he mused back.  ‘Callum Boyd, Miss?’

‘Anne Payton,’ she smiled back. ‘And thank you for the compliment.’

‘Hope it wasn’t too forward,’ he asked.
‘No, not at all, and even if it was too late to take it back.  Besides I like a shark that swims directly at its intended,’ she demurred.

‘You make me sound so cold blood,’ she said trying to sound but failing to project hurt feelings.

‘I was hoping for warm blooded,’ Anne replied leaving no misunderstanding of what she meant.
‘Direct, suddenly I’m not sure who’s the real shark here Miss Payton?’

‘No reason we can’t both be, makes encounters all the more exciting, don’t you think, the joining in battle, the struggle, two combatants locked together, each matching the other,’ she sexily said then paused just long enough to see the hunger in his eyes before adding. ‘You never know who’s going to end up on top.’

Anne could see him stir at that last statement and she had to admit she was a little aroused herself, he was a handsome specimen, well-toned, with a rugged outdoor face and sandy blonde hair.

They continued to chat Anne charging the air with her words and her body, a brush of her feet against his leg, her body leaning in and moving closer to his until finally her hand came to rest on his while she causally sipped the last of her drink. 

‘Would you like another Miss?’ the bartender asked.

‘No thank you, I think I have just the right amount of lubrication in me,’ she said looking directly at Callum whose eyes widened just a tinge, has hand on hers just making the faintest of motions to lift hers and have them leave.  Anne causally slipped it free and before it became an awkward moment put her finger to his lips as they stood up and stepped close against his body.

‘While there’s still sun overhead I want to work on my tan, a little relaxation before more strenuous pursuits,’ she whispered before removing her fingers and replacing it with her lips, her arms running up his sides and around his neck as her lips slaked about his in a most promiser fashion.

‘Come and get me two hours,’ she said and swam away.

Anne exited the water and went over to a patio attendant who ran off and set up a screen around her lounge chair while she reapplied her suntan oil in a different way this time but just as arousing before slipping behind the barrier and removed her bikini and stretched out fully on the lounger allowing maximum sun to skin coverage rotating about as time passed.

‘He peaked inside the curtain just as she finished slipping her bikini bottom on.  Anne gave him a knowing smile, then scooped up her lotion in one hand and his hand in hers with the other as they walked away and toward his cabin.

‘Hope you don’t mind a continuation of the water them only in a small space, I thought about using the hot tub,’ he said as he led the way to the back of the cabin.
‘Private and intimate, nowhere for me to swim away this time,’ Anne said giving his hand a squeeze.

‘We need to shower off first though, hot tub etiquette and the resort rules,’ he stated as they stepped under the outdoor shower and he pulled the lever cascading warm water on them.

‘At least its warm water,’ he stated.

‘I was hoping for cold, to cool me off,’ she replied.             

He excused himself and came back with a small bowl of fruit and two drinks on a tray.  Anne took a piece of apple put it between her teeth and removed her bikini, gave Callum a short but penetrating stare then slipped herself into the water.  He joined her instantly turning on the water jets.

‘I think you can turn those down a touch, I have a feeling we’ll make enough agitation on our own,’ she smiled slipping into his arms while her hands funnelled around his appendage.

‘It’s good to see you’re well-muscled in all areas,’ she breathed before her lips found his while her hands guided him in.

He tried to thrust into her, a natural reaction, but the skilled woman delayed it expertly.

‘You’re so huge, let me please work him in, I need time to surround him,’ Anne panted between kisses as her hips swirled and churned about his head, she knowing the stimulation was driving him wild.  Her hips slanted up and down as she gasped, her body clinging to him.
He felt the final resistance to his spear fade and he was pulled into her fully, Anne beginning a beguiling dance as her mouth found his ear and her tongue danced, its tip igniting his rod into action, he came after four strokes, a great shudder mass the exhilaration that caused waves upon the water.

‘I told you we didn’t need those jets, your jet is more than sufficient.  What a compliment that I can excite you that much,’ she added assuaging any embarrassment he had over his early exit.
Anne controlled the pace, slowing it to a Tantric level, her hips pushing down gently until her clitoris came pressed fully on his shaft, she tightened her arms around his neck and nuzzled as she emitted a soft purr.

‘We have all night, pace is important, I’m not going anywhere and neither is part of you,’ she breathed.  ‘Just let your stem pulse against me, its throbbing is more devilishly effective than any motion you and I can do, but will most definitely try later.’

They kept each other interested, it wasn’t hard, though he certain was, with touches and kisses.
‘You so hard and firm yet so soft, it’s such a paraaa….,’ she started to say before just the ahhh came out in a long slow quite moan, her head turning from only side of his neck to the other and tender quivers of delight move her body slightly against his, the scent of hair, the hotness of the air from her gasps escaping about his neck and the sensuous delicate bites of her teeth to the nap of his neck brought him to climax right after her.

Anne didn’t let him rest, swiveling about, her back to him, her hips raised she took his still buzzing rod in her hands, toying with it for a few minutes before she inserted it partially back in. 

His pole tingled with delight as she worked back and forth, pushing herself down and around him, her swollen walls making progress slow and pleasurable for him.  She slipped the last of him in, he feeling her grip his root in a warm wet surround.  Callum was all set to begin the motion went Anne bent forward then arched her back so her face came back to meet his, her arms crossed behind his neck.

‘You better eat me alive before I do the same too you,’ she panted as she hips began to work in and out.  He matched her rhythm, so and steady building into an insistent gallop, each urging the other on.  Anne’s sex was stroked to full bore while his cock was fully encased within her python walls of pleasure.

She pressed her tongue into the roof of his mouth before languidly exploring.  It set him off, he jerked then snapped, his body bucking as his essence escaped in a torrent of pleasure.  Anne contracted against him, ramming her hips back and forth around his piston, her expertly timed jerks sapping every ounce of juice from him in return for the mind bending pleasure shocks they delivered.

‘I’m close, stay with me, oh so close, no let me have full control,’ she moaned as he tried to take charge of the action she guiding his hands to the side of her hips.

‘I knew I picked the right shark, oh yes, yes!’ she moaned as her body staggered under the tidal wave of pleasure washing over her.  She shook violently for a long time then stilled and pulled off swimming to the other side of the hot tub she looked back and smiled.

‘I told you I’d end up on top, see, there are things more dangerous than sharks in the water,’ she said then exited the water reattached her bikini and left him, his twisted about in a way it should not be able to.

‘Now for my second appointment of the evening, and this one is just pure pleasure.’

Or maybe you’d prefer this ending

Anne moved her hips back and forth wringing the last of the pleasure from her body before slowly releasing him and turn to straddle and cuddle.

‘I think you need a rest,’ she whispered into his ear as her hand cupped his limp member. ‘Don’t tell me I’ve tired you out already?’ she added and kissed his ear. ‘I was led to believe your gun had a very reliable and consistent fire rate?’ she soothed as her figure clasp tighter about him. ‘Perhaps there’s a suppressor attached to it,’ she hummed for a few moments as she switched sides and nibbled his other ear then added. ‘Me’
Anne brought her face to his, kissed him lightly and smiled.

‘Well I played a small part in the process, but this was really the main ingredient,’ she explained reaching for a showing him the bottle of suntan lotion.

‘The first application poolside, done to attract the sharks, would normally work as a breathable membrane for my skin, the standard, keeps moisture out while letting air pass through.  Of course, both of us know that this membrane is water soluble so when I swam over to the bar, the water and the chemicals in the water washed away my protection so I made a reference to continuing to work on my tan and again made a production of applying the lotion.  You of course had to get it off of me, you couldn’t take the chance of letting me choose where we would couple so you suggested the hot tub and what better way to ensure that I was completely without a poisonous sheath about me than a rule about rinsing before getting in, plus it gave you the added advantage of two rinses, one catching what the other didn’t,’ Anne explained and kissed him again.

‘Such non-responsive lips, pity, but that just means my trap is working.’

‘Feeling confident in your plan you naturally decided to enjoy the moment while the foolish FORCE agent tried to kill you with a poisonous embrace, my suggestion of the Tantric must have confirmed it for you. 

Anne brought the bottle up so he could see it and rotated the cap 180 degrees with a smile on her face.

‘The bottle is split into two containers.  One side contains the traditional method, still useful in many situations and this side an entirely new formulation that is water activated, the only drawback is it has an extremely short active life once exposed to water.  Once I determined you’d absorbed enough it was a simple and pleasurable matter to accelerate your heart to speed the poison along.  You’re deep in its embrace now thanks to being deep in my embrace earlier,’ Anne cooed.

The spy gave him a final soft kiss, released her embrace and exited the water donning her bikini she took a piece of fruit and left.

‘Business before pleasure,’ she thought as she made her way to her cabin smiling when she saw the rejected shark from earlier waiting for her. 

Vignette 27

‘Poison Salamander Miss Payton,’ the Japanese woman said as she held Anne for several seconds and then released.

Anne fell to the floor of the bath house as the delicate woman prepared for the execution of the COIL spy. She pinned up her hair opened her disguised soap and began applying her make up as she looked in the mirrored top half of her soap make up kit. 

‘Trapped by a bath house girl, wrapped in a silky Japanese girl’s body as I bathed you never suspecting I could be coated in a muscle sapping water proof drug until it bit and now it’s too late.  DOOM implanted me months ago and gave you a trail, a subtle trail to follow, I waited and you fell into my trap now to close the trap permanently. 

‘The Japanese girl was maybe 19, her delicate petite body most likely belying her skills and talents.

‘As you know Miss, Asian women tend to be smaller, more delicate and feminine than their western counterparts in espionage, but has never stopped us, we simply employ tactics suited to us that confound you, but we also use your tactics against you, so we have the best of both worlds as you say,’ she said as she rolled Anne over on her back and straddled her at the hips.

‘Japanese women use soft knots to immobilise and kill their victims I employ a modified version which I find more lethal to western women.  I will work you into my body, entwining you into The Silk Beetle, a slow soft death coupled with my modifications.  I adopted western techniques, namely the use of cosmetics.  My lipstick ensures you muscles remain soft and pliable for me while my body lotion works information from you on fellow agents.  My nails, I’m just about to sharpen and coat in blow fish toxin mixed to a lovely cherry blossom colour, it also a muscle relaxer should the lipstick wear off.  Just a light run, enough to inject poison, so you see miss you are finished by an eighteen-year-old and the best agent we have that’s why I was chosen,’ she explained.

The girl sharpened and painted her nails expertly then closed her kit and turned her attention the Anne.  The soft lethal thing entangled her prey slowly, her limber form curving about Anne in a most succulent manner.

Anne dangled in the girl as she worked her lotion in, her diminutive form holding the western woman with ease as she writhed and flexed. 

‘Ugh, fhmm, yaaa!’ Anne’s voice laboured as she tried to break free.

‘As I explained Miss you cannot escape, you’re trapped in my death knot,’ she hissed and worked in her drug. 

The bath house assassin slowly drew her body inward and delivered her first kiss.  Anne relaxed instantly and the girl softly cuddled as a second kiss followed.  She drew in again as Anne relaxed even more.

‘My lipstick is very strong, now COIL agent tell me the name of another agent,’ she softly questioned.

Within two hours Anne had told all she could and the girl was satisfied, she kissed in the last of her lipstick and began the slow sexy execution of her western opponent.  Her supple body melded every curve of hers to that of Anne’s as she limply strained and frothed her damp body to escape to the last small move she had and then even that was taken away.  The Silk Beetle now began to exert its pain as the assassin drew it inward on a limp and immobile opponent then stopped; Anne slipped her body reluctantly free and kissed her opponent

‘My hair gel is slow activating but packs a paralysing punch and is also water proof,’ she offered before dispensing with pleasantries