Thursday, December 10, 2020

Sealing the Deal

 ‘You play along great. How was he after I hit him?’ Yen asked.

‘He responded quite well, so well in fact he called me. I’ll be able to give you a better report tomorrow,’ Cara smiled as she looked over what to wear, not that she expected to be wearing it for long. ‘How close to you intend to let Mr. Yang get?’ she followed up.  

‘I think I’ll keep this a business relationship, tease him, but not so much that he gives up, a little sweetness to encourage him. Besides, I think you’ll get much more out of his bodyguard. It’s always the people around the person who seem to know more than the main player thinks they do,’ Yen smiled

‘Well, we’ll find out tonight, but one thing is a certainty, a good time,’ Cara said, you enjoy yourself and don’t wait up,’ she added before leaving.

Cara took a ride back to the office, Mr. Yang had private suites built off the opposite wing of the building where his office was located.  Cara’s date, Than Aung, lived on site.  Cara suspected why, the man had enemies and maybe those enemies were not just local people who he was clearly exploiting, she’d seen surveillance photos of the mine sites, and safety was most definitely an afterthought.  She buzzed the door code he’d given her and the conclusion of her and Yen’s meeting this morning.  A door click followed and she entered and made her way down the hall pausing for a second and taking a small inhale, before turning and knocking on a door, she smiled in triumph as the receptionist from that morning opened the door.  

‘Oh, sorry,’ Cara said in her best sincere voice. ‘I was looking for Than’s place,’ she added with a confident smile.

‘He’s at the end of the hall,’ the woman said in a flat and annoyed voice.

‘Thank you, sorry to disturb your alone time,’ Cara responded, putting the bite into the alone word. ‘You’re welcome to join us for the evening, well part of it, but as the saying goes, two’s company, three’s a crowd. Oh, that is unless you're into threesomes, I don’t mind sharing his or my affections,’ she smiled sexily as the door closed on her, but not as fast as would be expected.

‘And one door closes, another opens,’ she said out loud as Than’s door opened and she moved to it. I hope you don’t mind but I asked your colleague to join us, if she was interested, but I don’t think she was, pity in one way, but better in that I have you all to myself and I’m hard enough to handle and speaking of hard,’ she smiled as her hand trailer about his member.  Glad to know you made a full recovery, he’s hard...for now,’ she added before slipping her arms around his neck and her lips to his.

‘Oh yes, the evening is off a great start,’ she breathed as their lips parted. 

She could see he had a nice apartment, nothing great and certainly not as good as the receptionists, from what she saw of it.

‘You have a nice play, cozy and mercifully air conditioned. One of the perks I suppose of being a key employee. Cara added.

‘It's nice, yes, but I’m sure you have  a much better place of your own and could have had if you wanted,’ Than stated.

‘I see,’ Cara smiled. ‘Yes I do have better, my success in business allows me that as for the other lets be clear, your not a mercy fuck or a consolation prize. I pick who I want to spend my time with, Mr. Yang is a business deal, pure and simple and that’s all he ever will be.  Personally, I don’t like or trust the man that much, I did some checking with the help of certain parties. I could have handled this entire operation on my own, but then I would have to mix business and pleasure and well there is a place I draw the line, hence Yen Chau.  I put her in the middle of this menagerie, she’s greddy, ambitious and well not that discriminating in whom she deals with, hence her little act with you this morning, she’s looking to impress and ingratiate herself into his trust and other places. I don’t need that, I chose and from where I’m standing I think I made a very good choice,’ Cara explained as she smiled provocatively then walked over and undid the buttons on his shirt, her fingertips bumping over his smooth skin and pronounced stomach muscles.  ‘The right choice indeed,’ she smiled as they kissed again.

‘Speaking strictly for myself, that was an incredible night, of course it took two to make that happen,’ Cara purred.  

The spy was serious, with some feminine guidance, nothing obvious, just subtle moves and clues she had adjusted Than so that he delivered maximum pleasure to her.  She reciprocated fully, his buckling body and incessant thrusting during multiple orgasms was all the proof required.  It was wonderful and informative, talk gets lost in the passion and the intimacy, but not to a trained ear or a spy.  Cara got what she needed and had a wonderful time getting it.

‘I need to be getting back home to get the ball rolling on all this business, but, not before I have something to eat,’ she said letting a shoulder strap on her bra fall. ‘Careful, I’m close enough to bite,’ she teased then reached out and pulled him by the sides of his underwear to her and onto the bed. Cara quickly rolled on top and pulled down his top. There you are, hiding, all curled up and nervous, don’t worry little man I’m warm, soft and gentle,’ she cooed as Cara lowered her head and took him into her mouth.  The spy had down just about everything else during the night with him except this.  She knew he wanted it, every man did, but when, that was the fun of it, that and seeing how much she could drive him crazy.  He came to full attention within seconds of her touch. Than just found the strength and coordination to sit up and unhook her bra before a deep pull shot him back down to the bed. 

‘I see there’s still fight in you!’ she said her voice soft and throaty as she broke contact before her tongue swathed around his tip.  Cara pushed his body, working his member in between her breasts. She swayed back and forth, twisting a little, that motion sending bolts of electricity through him.  ‘Mmmm, there’s so many ways to make you cum, I just may have to try them all. 

He could not believe how firm and wonderfully she held him.  He reached out and caressed her nipples, she moaned in delight, he even managed to raise his head, her lips meeting his as they kissed, her tongue driving deep into his mouth.  

Cara pulled up, letting his cock escape, she kissed his neck as she raised him into a sitting position, curling herself behind him, her mouth and tongue on fire inside his ear, then suddenly she fell forward plunging her mouth around his wire, her face buried in his lap. Than fell back on the bed writhing madly in her embrace.  Cara stretched out her form opposite to him and he pulled her panties off.  He came before he finished, Cara slid them off as she finished him off, his body slamming side to side and thrusting as she refused to release him until he was spent and still. She teasing coddled and nipped him, his prong pulsing to life inside her once again.

Tran twisted his torso, his tongue eager to reciprocate and Cara happy to let him.  His tongue was wonderful, she helped by moving a bit and letting him know when he found the spot.  She came in a slow snaking orgasm that came from deep inside her, a low satisfying sexy growl filling the silence as she twisted like a snake.  The CURVE brought him effortlessly to climax a second time.  This time her sexy legs and arms coiled around him and held him as she struggled in joy, the physical restriction prolonging the orgasm as he fought to escape and she refused until he was done and she released all of his body from her embrace.  

Cara turned about and they kissed for a while, soft wonderful and slow until she felt him stirring against her thigh.  She shifted on top and they kissed some more until she tilted her hips and caught his tip.  She circled it about, her motion driving excitement down his obelisk.  

‘Your certainly trying to delay my return,’ she breathed and pushed him in.  The two lay together, Cara’s ass rocking and shifting slowly, his hands stroking up and down her sides, her’s wrapped around his shoulders.  

Hurried they made love, Cara climaxing wonderfully, her moans rich and rewarding, her body tensing the shuddering followed by several long enjoyable aftershocks, his cock ramming hard to increase her pleasure.  His was scant seconds after she finished, her body giving him all the pleasure he could handle.  

‘I need another shower,’ she smiled. ‘Care to join me?’ she smiled.  


Cara gave Yen all the Intel she had gleaned from Yan on their drive home.  ‘They will start shipping to me in 10 days,  That gives me more than enough time to line up the air and water travel and get the necessary people and bribes in place so everything goes smoothly.  I will send you all the step by step details in about a week, that will give you time for all the details to be in place at your end.  How did it go with him?’ Cara asked.

‘He definitely likes me and my legs’, she laughed.  ‘I told him I’m going to have a big launch party for the new product line.  I may have suggested, with a cross of my legs and a lean in to him that he would want to invite the potential customers for this new product, that way we could meet.  I also told him, perhaps they could invite a few friends who they think may be interested as well, he took the meaning.  That way the profit could be even bigger’

Clever woman,’ Cara noted.  

‘And our catch could be substantially bigger,’ Yen noted.

‘More predators in the water is good and bad, good for the mission, but bad for us if they all decide to come after us,’ Cara stated.

‘I would love that, and you would too,’Yen smiled at her and Cara smiled back.


Yen got back to Hanoi and began immediately setting up the launch party for the new products. She picked the location, chose the decorations, the drinks, food, colour scheme and even the placement of the hidden camera’s.  She selected he quests she wanted, naturally an assortment of her SALON sisters, notably customers she already had and finally government officials who she had to set straight about behaviour dress.

‘Yes, I agree, not my favourite people either, but please no politics and no and I mean no military uniforms, use your covers, please, you know how important this whole thing is, even to us as a country,’ she had to explain to several agencies on a conference call.  

Yen was referring to the historically testy and at times outright disdain the Vietnamese had to China and the Chinese in general.  She was reassured that everyone had promised to play nice for the sake of the mission, still she instructed the wait staff to limit alcohol consumption just to be on the safe side.  

The night finally arrived Mr. Yang had arrived in town the night before, but Yen had kept him bay, refusing to see him, saying she had everything well under control and it was better for all concerned if she ran the show as the one in control, mercifully he did not need to be told why, but to sooth him a bit she teased that seeing her walk down the stairs to meet her would be worth the wait. 

The crowd was just as she wanted, everything was ready. She appeared at the top of the stairs, her employees at the both clapping to get everyone's attention, which she certainly had, especially Mr. Yang, who she made her special guest waiting for her at the bottom.  Everyone knew, because a rumor had been spread that he was her partner in her latest creation and that he was also special to her, it was left at that for people to draw what conclusion they may..

Yen gracefully started down the stairs, all eyes glued on her, especially Mr. Yang’s.  All around the camera’s recorded close up of the guest and fed them into FORCE’s and Vietnamese Intelligence computers for identification.  Yen focused her gaze on her special guest, cementing in some minds the rumors and gossip they had heard.  Mr. Yang was uncomfortable, not with the attention that he loved. No, he was physiologically uncomfortable, not from food or drink because of the vision coming toward him.  

Every step flashed one of Yen’s legs to all, gorgeous toned and shaped to weaken any man’s knee’s.  To that she added her incredible body and stunning looks.  He could feel his pants becoming tighter and embarrassed shifted slightly to hide it.  He did notice he was not alone in his uncomfortable nature, he also noted all the jealous looks that formed on male faces as she hooked her arm into his.  

‘Do you mind if we make the rounds now and do the introductions?’ Yen asked.  ‘After all this is my party,’ she added with a reassuring smile.  

‘What man would say no,’ was his response.

Yen had done this many times in her career, she had built her small empire, 10 beauty salons, so far, on excellent products, many of her own creation, on having an eye and the business acumen to recognize good new products when they showed up and getting the rights for them, on her excellent staff and service, but mostly on this, the ability to connect with people, smooze as they called it in the west.  This a different crowd, Yen was mostly used to receptive enthusiastic people at her parties, in truth she was used to her own people.  She could tell this would be harder, Chinese and Vietnamese people did not get along well.  There was a long history of occupation, a war in 1979 and now territory incursion.  She hoped her ability to speak Mandarin would carry some weight and the fact that she was the conduit for what they were really after.  Of course she also wanted something else from them and her earrings and choker took very good pictures of their faces.  

‘You should call me Zheng in private or if you prefer Zheng He in more formal settings such as this,’ he said as they walked toward another couple.

‘Named after the famous explorer and do you by nature share his curiosity to explore?’ Yen teased the question.

‘Depends in the terrain and the riches that such exploration may yield,’ he shot back and she smiled.

Yen was escorted about meeting the guests, small talk, deferring to Mr. Yang which she hated, but hid, knowing this played well with the patriarchal nature of her guests.  Greetings were formal and cordial and when completed Yen did what she did best, mingle and ingratiate herself, even if she had to play the humble shopkeeper role.  She told herself whatever it took to have a successful mission. By the end of the night she was tired, having carried the load, she’d set up the first meetings and sales, collected numbers and emails and made sure everyone got all the attention, food and drink they could ever want, now she just wanted to upload the data, get out of her dress, have a spa bath and go to bed, but out of the corner of her eye she saw Mr. Yang and his look.  

‘Oh great, I have to perform some more,’ she thought to herself, seeing the look in his eye she more than understood.  Yen walked over to him, returning the smile as she came closer, reached out her hand and took his in hers leading him to the staircase.

‘My have a private suite above here,’ she explained.  I usually sleep here before these events to make sure I get everything right and after, we’ll because I’m exhausted from them, but tonight I’m not exhausted for some reason, maybe you could do something about that/’ she queried, then slipped her hand between his legs.  ‘Yes, I’m sure you can,’ she added with just the right breath and hunger that even she believed it.  

Yen, his hand in hers led him up the stairs and down a hallway to a set of double doors that she opened revealing a modern appointed oasis.  ‘My inner garden, if you will,’ she said looking at him while he took in the room.  A modern four poster bed immediately in front, a small eating space behind that he could only make a bit, perhaps a small living area, when her arms slipped around his neck and he forgot everything, a whirl of her lips playing with his, her perfume filling his senses with desire while her pressed body overflowed it.  

‘Why don’t you make yourself at home, I need to get out of this dress and make myself ready,’ Yen teased as she walked away toward the back not waiting for an answer, she knew she didn’t need one.  ‘Oh, one more thing, I will be needing your jacket,’ she asked coming back, circling around back and flawlessly removing it, a kiss to his neck, her tongue, wet and hot, just trailing along the skin set him afire as she disappeared.  

He had removed some of his clothes when Yen leaning against the half wall next to the bed spoke. 

‘Glad to see you left something for me to unwrap.  He looked over to see her in his jacket, a pair of black heels and a bodice, her smile cool and sexy.  ‘Give this was a corporate event tonight, I thought I’d keep it a black tie affair, for a little while anyway,’ she sexily suggested.

If she looked stunning earlier, she looked more so now.  Her legs went on forever, he imagined them curled around him as they made love, the skin moving in a rocking rhythm to his motion, caressing him.  Her firm breasts giggling as he rose up and thrust into her, the signs from her sensuous mouth as his lips sucked and coddled her perfect pink nipples until she pulled him fully into her.  

Yen knew the game, especially with people like Yang, the trick was to appear to give him control while retaining it yourself..  Her experience and womanly arts guided him about, making him give her pleasure but letting him think it was all his idea.  Yen, in spite of her previous misgivings about the night found him a semi skilled lover and with her feminine wiles he was better by the end, she satisfied and he more than satisfied with his triumph.  

She did all the after’s perfectly and when he had gone she uploaded her data, showered and got some well deserved sleep. 


A sharp quick rapping on her door announced the urgency more than the quickened steps of David Jacobs, FORCE’s Head of Intelligence.  

‘Congratulations David, you now hold the record for the fastest time to my desk, don’t tell Cindy,’ Claire smiled as she looked up from her laptop.  

‘We have an issue with the mission in Myanmar!’ he said with an urgent tone in his voice that stopped any further quips from Claire. ‘I ran the pictures Yen sent back through all the databases, official and otherwise and these 6 individuals came back.’

Claire scanned the pictures then looked up at David.

‘Take a seat David, hovering makes me ancy and you just more agitated.’  She waited for him to sit then with a look from her he continued.

‘Those people in front of you all come back on the CIA payroll, maybe just informants, maybe the agency has something on them or they could be double agents.  None are current military, some did serve, all now are rich and well connected right up to the inner circle in Beijing,’ David explained.  

‘Interesting,’ was all Claire said as she scanned the pictures. ‘Do you know if any of the people who are not on the CIA list have connections to any of the people on the list?’ she asked.

‘I crossed referenced it and could find nothing, but that doesn’t mean they don’t and we just can’t find anything,’ David added.

Claire shuffled the pictures about, each photo had the name of the person, what they did or owned and bullet points on their past history.  She played with it for a few minutes ignoring David like he wasn’t there, a situation he took no offence to,  He’d seen it before, her mind working on the puzzle with the ability to lock out any and all surrounding stimuli.  I think the initial puzzle based on a timeline in terms of contact would look something like this,’ Claire said finally.  

‘How can you be so sure of that, seems like speculation to me,’ he mused.

‘It’s all speculation, this and most of the spy games. Guess, is a better word for it, but as long as the other side doesn’t know or think you’re guessing, they might actually give something away that proves you right or wrong, either is just as important.  Right for obvious reasons, is great, but wrong, well that tells you to look down another path, the trick or skill, if you like, is not tipping the other side that you made a wrong choice,’ she smiled.

‘Which side are we talking about?’ he asked.

‘Either in this case and perhaps we can play this so both sides give us information we need without the other of them knowing it,’ Claire added as she tapped keys on her computer, smiled and picked up her phone.

‘I’m flying to Washington later today, care to come with me, I thought it would be a good chance for you to renew an old friendship.  That’s what I thought, call you in a couple of hours with the details. Time to find out who knows, who doesn’t know and who wants to know,’ Claire smiled.  

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

All in a Night's Work

  ‘I could watch you get dressed all day long,’ he mused from the bed, his eyes scanning her up and down.

‘You could also watch me undress all day long, as well,’ she retorted with a turn of her head back to him, her hair cycloning around and covering one eye as she spoke, the visual more than sufficient to get him thinking.

She adjusted her shoulders and pulled on her second skin completely, pulling the zipper up just the top of her stomach as he watched.

‘You’re incredibly flexible,’ he added as she turned to face him a smile playing across her face,

‘I should think my performance this afternoon would have demonstrated that already then she noticed something.  ‘Get your little man, as much as I like him, under control.  I have a mission to complete and no time for that, as wonderful as it is, I need to be strong and sharp FORCE isn’t just going to hand me the Intel TRIDENT wants,’ she explained in a firm but teasing way.  ‘There, that’s everything I need. I won’t bother asking how I look, I can see from the tent you're making with the sheets that I meet with your approval.  I will however take a kiss for luck,’ she smiled walking over to the bed.

She took her kiss then a second.  ‘The first for luck, the second a promise for when I return.  Rest up baby, I always come back very stimulated,’ she added walking out the bedroom door, her amazing ass bobbing about as she went.  

Michelle Lee, former dancer, stuntwoman, model, now TRIDENT Agent, exited the elevator and walked over to her car in the underground parking.  She had about an hour drive to the target location.

‘If you’re going to go, go in style,’ she smiled as the Acura NSX fired up and she pulled it out of the underground.  She was soon off the city streets and onto the highway driving into seemingly endless suburbia.  The off ramp taken at a ridiculous high rate of speed pumped her up a little, getting her ready.  She zipped through the empty streets of an industrial complex mostly warehouses dotted in places with small office buildings no more than 4 to 6 stories.  Michelle zipped around a few corners and leaned into some sweeping bends before slowing the car and stopping.  

‘Time for work and to look and be my best,’ she smiled opening a little purse she brought with her.  A few minutes later she silently exited and stretched, folding her upper half down and into her lower, MIchelle feeling the wonderful pull as her lithe form worked.  The spy placed a straight leg on the roof of the car and leaned over it, she repeated with the other thinking that it was good he didn’t see this or she would never have gotten here,’ a smile crossing her face as she pumped her body forward.  A few minutes later her body warmed up and ready she advanced silently toward her target.


‘FORCE certainly does not make things easy,’ she mused.  

Intel obtained by another TRIDENT female agent had given them the chance to steal schematics for a new tactical missile that one of FORCE’s cover company’s was working on.  The only issue was that it was broken up into five levels, one for each floor and you needed all the levels to make sense of the data as they were all linked by a complex algorithm that only worked if all 5 pieces were together.  TRIDENT’s computer department had been unable to hack into the system, so Michelle was given the mission.  She did have a basic understanding of the layout and where the initial point of contact would be, once inside she was on her own, not knowing who or what she’d encounter.  

Michelle walked up along the fence then turned and disappeared into the darkness around the corner and up against the brick wall of the structure.  Her body melted into the darkness as she listened for the footsteps of the patrolling guard.  He passed right in front of her before she pulled him into the darkness, her hands twisting his neck around finishing what they had started with a sharp strike to his throat that crushed his trachea.  Michelle undid his uniform and slipped it on, she was fast and efficient in her motions and was soon making her way to the main door, passcard in hand.  The corner of her eye spotted where she needed to go as she swiped the card, the doors wooshed open and she darted inside, head down right to the guard at the front desk.

She made it undetected, he looked up at the last minute.  ‘Something to report…’ he started to say before a pair of soft lips pressed against his then let go as his face fell forward against the desk.  

‘I’m a knockout in more ways than one,’ Michelle said as she inserted  a Flash drive pulled from one of her earrings into the control console.  ‘There that will create a constant video loop. Pity I had to waste my knockout lipstick on him,’ she thought looking at the guard.  ‘I guess they can’t all be hunks, but a girl can wish,’ she thought as she moved to the stairs up to the first floor.  

The spy had only taken a few steps; she saw a leather suited woman slid down the railing to the landing at the halfway point, she gracefully landed, her sword poised for action.  

‘I do have an ID card,’ Michelle smiled, holding up one taken from the guard at the desk.  ‘Not a good likeness of my though,’ she added before tucking the card inside her suit.  

The FORCE agent waited for Michelle to come to her, she held the high ground.  

Michelle stepped slowly up, then accelerated the taking the final four quickly as her opponent spun round, the blade slicing the air and only the air as Michelle turned her body parallel to the stair below the beautiful agent and arched back over herself, the sabre whizzing by just below her face.  The TRIDENT spy used her strength and flexibility to unwind her body, her legs rising up, one of them connecting with the side of the woman’s head.  Michelle let the motion carry on pulling her into a handstand where she spun and connected again with the woman’s head who fell backward her body sprawling upward reclined on the steps.  Michelle fell over driving an elbow into the woman’s stomach.  The TRIDENT spy was on her feet instantly, she had the advantage and meant to keep it.  Grasping the woman by the ankles she turned her over onto her back, slipped the legs over she shoulders and run up the stairs, flipping her assailant up and over, the sword wedging in between the steps and pulling frr of her hand, it clanged on the metal steps, like a clock counting down the seconds left in a prize fight.  

Michelle pushed the woman’s legs between two steps and bent her body back over her before cupping her hands under her neck and pulling her up, bringing their faces side by side and cheek to cheek but backwards to each other.  

‘Earlier tonight my lover told me I had an incredibly flexible body, but why take his word for it,’ Michelle explained her voice dripping with malice.

The TRIDENT spy leaned forward straining her captive back while her arms flailed helplessly at her side.  ‘I see I’m not the only one who’s stretchy, but every rubber band has a breaking point, even a FORCE one,’ she added.  MIchelle bent forward a little more, her victim unable to escape.  The sexy spy gave a sharp jerk of her arms and released, the FORCE agents body falling back down still on the steps the satisfying crack of her broken neck still playing its sweet melody in her ears.  

She picked up the sword and headed up the stairs.  After a few dead ends she found the room she wanted, the passcard giving her access .  She pulled a second flash card from her other earring, inserted it, typed in the password provided by the Intel they had and downloaded the data.  She was in and out in 3 minutes and moved up the stairs silently to the next level.  

Michelle, even in heels, was light and silent on her feet, she swiftly moved to the next floor, paused at the top and looked around the corner, seeing nothing she moved quickly to the 

door she thought would contain the data she desired.  She guessed correctly and added it to the cache before slipping back into the hallway.  

‘Going somewhere?  Not even going to say hello or give us time to get to know one another,’ Came a voice from the darkness followed by a crack and Michelle finding her arms pinned to her side by a whip.  

‘Normally I like to warm up a little, get to know the person before we move on to the discipline part of the fun, but to each her own,’ Michelle cooed, then grabbed the whip  ran toward the woman, snapped the loose part of the whip creating a loop which she maneuvered around her opponents arms and waist  placing her in the same predicament.  

When they came together Michelle spun into a spinning back heel kick, her leg fully extended and high, the leather stretched and taut against her skin.  The kick swung over her opponents head as the woman ducked, Michelle’s momentum spun her around, the FORCE agent  snapped a punch to the kidney of Michelle then knocked the legs out from under her sending her to the floor where the FORCE agent crossed her legs and tied Michelle’s legs into a triangle.  Arching up she pressed and strained Michelle’s legs stretching her hamstrings and adductors.  Michelle pushed back as best she could she could feel the pressure on her knees and ankles.  

‘Speaking strictly for myself I kind of enjoy the ruff stuff right away,’ the FORCE agent said through gritted teeth and she arched up further causing Michelle to grunt in pain.  Michelle wedged herself up on her elbows, pain searing her lower body, she pushed back, her hips gaining the height advantage pushed back and forced her opponent’s legs down, quick thrust sideways and she rolled them over, reversing the situation.  

‘How’s it feel now? Speaking just for myself I’m enjoying this, how about you?’ Michelle smiled as she pushed up further.  It took the FORCE agent a few minutes before she rolled them again, but only to their sides giving neither woman the advantage.  Attempted blows and strikes were pairied by each as they refused to let go of each other.  Michelle needed to break the stalemate to avoid another FORCE agent stumbling upon them.  She took a blow to the side of head to draw the woman in then unleashed a head butt that finally broke them apart.  Michelle spun on her back and unleashed a furious kick to the FORCE Agents head sending her rumbling over herself as the Trident agent used the momentum to spin up to her feet.  

‘I like a good cat fight as much as the next girl, but I’m a little pressed for time,’ Michelle explained as she walked toward the FORCE agent picking up the whip.  ‘Well, who’s the kitten with a whip now,’ she added, snapping it sending the cord circling about her opponents ankles.  With a might pull the FORCE agent slid across the marble floor toward an awaiting and prepared Michelle.  The infiltrator encircled the stiletto points of the womens boots then yanked the whip turning her over on her stomach where she tied her wrists behind her back and firmly held the remaining whip between her hands hooked it around the next of the FORCE woman.  

‘Excellent thing about whips is that they can be used in so many ways, a versatile weapon in the right hands of course and many an agent has told me my hands are very versatile, of course I don’t think they meant this.’

The lethal TRIDENT spy locked her heels against those of her opponent and fell backward so her legs extended from where the FORCE spy’s ended and pulled up arching the agent back as the whip began to strangle her, her body contorting side to side as she tried to escape.  Michelle pulled a little more taking in some slack but holding it in abeyance until in a lighting move she circled another loop around the helpless agent's neck.  She slowly pulled the cord tighter, the woman’s body spasming as she tried to escape, her form contorting and bucking as she gurgled almost inaudibly until a last wide thrust shook them body and then stillness, the defeated agent hanging limp, the last sound a small thump as MIchelle let go of the whip and her dead body hit the floor.  Michelle allowed herself a small satisfied smile before nipping up the stairs to her next rendezvous.  

‘You look like a spy on a mission,’ a voice said stepping from the shadows. 

‘And you look like a spy  intent on stopping me from doing so,’ Michelle retorted as she tensed her body.

‘Not just stopping you, oh of course that will happen, but well why rush things, that’s  the last step, it’s the steps in between that are the most fun, for one of us anyway.,’ the FORCE agent smiled as she pulled nunchucks out from behind her back.

‘Like I said, the in between steps,’ the FORCE agent menaced as she began spinning them about in a dizzying and skillful display.  

‘It's a good thing I took first in armed versus unarmed combat in bad girl spy school,’ Michelle smiled as she began moving about, dancing on the front of her feet, her body darting and weaving as she changed directions and speed.  

The FORCE agent circled with her, slowly working the nunchucks over one shoulder and the other, she darted in and out making Michelle faint and jump a smile crossing her lips at the sight of the TRIDENT agent being kept nervous. Swinging the weapon around her waist she suddenly moved in.

‘Iyyaaa,’ she yelled as one Monouchi slammed flat against Michelle’s stomach the force of the blow doubling her over just as the FORCE agent had expected.  ‘Iyaaa,’she yelled again as the Kontei delivered a punching rap to both kidneys.  The FORCE agent twirled with the grace of a ballerina, one hand releasing one of the Monouchi’s as the other swung around smacking its sister hard against the back of MIchelle’s thighs, collapsing her to the floor. 

The TRIDENT agent tried to tuck and roll away to gain distance and time to recover from the quick succession of blows, but having advantage the FORCE agent aimed to keep it and pursued her.  Michelle came out of a tuck and aware of the woman spun her body hard on the floor,  legs extending fully out she scissored the FORCE agent about the torso, the speed of her spin carrying the agent over and spread eagle on her stomach to the floor.

‘My Nunchucks are just as deadly and if I may say, far more sexy,’ she said, pulling in with all her might.

The FORCE agent  was being squeezed hard, her breath being taken away quickly by Michelle's long constricting legs, she needed to break the embrace quickly or risk being crushed. She pushed up with the flat of her hands inching her way backward, the process slow and painful as Michelle tightened even more.  Pain etched on her face she somehow managed to come to her feet as Michelle’s hands found the floor, her body bent at 90 degrees, her legs still pulling in as her booted ankles crossed and locked before the FORCE agents eyes.  

She focused her mind and slipped the holes in the Kusari into the TRIDENT agents stiletto points and turned, the leverage pulling open Michelle’s vice despite her best efforts to hold on.  An instant pivot of her body freed the FORCE agent then twisted the nunchucks again corkscrewing Michelle’s legs together.  A pirouette completed her escape and the TRIDENT agents entanglement.  One leg inserted into the open space on her mound while the other snapped around Michelle’s neck with the back of her knee.  She fell over, driving her leg up tight against the spy’s mound and around her back where it acted as a brace.  Michelle on her side, her heels caught on the chain, a leg crushing against her neck while her body was slowly being bowed backward grunted and grasped for freedom.  

Michelle could not escape, her arms tried futility to relieve the pressure on her neck, but it was hopeless.  Her hands shook violently from the lack of oxygen as she worked, her mind unsure if she was doing anything or just imaging she was until finally she was sure of nothing except one arm reaching behind her pawing the the FORCE agents clothing as she worked her way up the top, her strength almost gone, hands patting and snagging until a finger hooked into a button near the collar.  She opened her hand unable to hold on any longer, her vision blurred and nearly black, she spasmed, her hand opening and letting go as it spasmed and fell limp to the floor as did she a second later.

A slow sluggish head turned over as the low gurgling sound increased in her ear.  Her eyes slowly came into focus, a picture of a woman’s body snapping involuntarily on the floor next to her as her hands pulled at her neck.  Michelle slowly shook her head side to side trying to clear her mind until she thought she was ready.  

‘One of the hidden features of my catsuit FORCE agent, my zipper, not only functional, but feature packed.  I just managed to detach it from my suit and toss it before I passed out. Lucky for me my aim was accurate. My zipper contains nanobots, programmed to come together and keep coming together.  Once my zipper made contact with your skin it used the moisture on it and the electrical charge that moisture contains to power the nanobots to come together, one end couling with the other, then your own struggle powers the zipper to close tooth by tooth.  The teeth are made of an alloy that is impervious to cutting so all you can do is lay there and let it slowly tighten, unable to move or scream until it strangles you to death. I love to hang around but I have a mission to complete,’ she smiled and winched a little.

Michelle struggled to her feet and staggered slowly about for a few steps eventually using the wall as brace to help her get to the room and the data she needed.  She hurt everywhere and just climbing the stairs was hard graft.

She got the data on the next to last floor, thankful for the recovery time as she downloaded the Intel.  Safely tucked away Michelle opened the door and stepped into the hallway.  

‘Ekaa!, ekai!, ekai!, ekai!’ Michelle heard and after each a blow to her body starting with her thighs, front and back, next her stomach and finally across her shoulders, that blow sending her crashing into the opposite wall where a foot snapped a kick to her head bouncing her forward where she was launched into the air and tossed landing hard several feet away. She just managed to sit up when a pair of legs slammed into her sides, crossed and locked over hers and two escrima sticks came against her throat and pulled her chin up.

‘Take a wrong turn Miss?’ the FORCE agent said sarcastically as she pulled up and pressed in even more.

‘I think my GPS needs recalibrating,’ Michelle managed to say before slamming an elbow into the gut of the FORCE agent then snapping her over her shoulders.  ‘Nope, working just fine!’ she added coming to her feet a little slower than she would have liked.  

‘You hid those well,’ the FORCE agent said as Michelle pulled the nunchucks from her catsuit.

‘Parting gift from a friend,’ the TRIDENT spy smiled.  

Michelle hoped to use the weapon to buy herself some time to recover from all the blows she’d taken but her opponent pressed the attack, Miichelle using the reach and leverage of her weapon to keep the other away and off guard.  Afast strike put pay to those hopes, the blow stinging the front of her thigh followed up by a spinning back heel kick that staggered the TRIDENT agent backward down the hall, she fighting loss of balance.  Her opponent advanced and swung again, somehow Michelle found the strength to swing her weapon up and wrap it around one of the sticks catching and twisting the Monouchi around locking the Escrima.  Michelle twisting herself about forcing her opponent to let go of the stick, a small reward followed up by a blinding punishment as the FORCE agent smacked her with the remaining stick then slammed up her body with a series of short sharp kicks.

‘Watah!, Watah!, Watah!, Watah!,’ four precision strikes knocked the spy about her body wobbling then in a slow motion crumpling to the ground.

‘Where’s your mouth now,’ the FORCE agent mocked as she jammed the stick into Michelle’s stomach with a blow so sharp that not even her stomach muscles could mitigate the blow.  The FORCE agent recocked and slammed again, only this time MIchelle was prepared and raised her hips, the Escrima missed and Michelle closed and trapped it against her thighs then followed up with a punch to the mound, then two sharp shots to the inner thighs.  

Michelle looked to have the advantage turned to her favour but she was hurt and not as fast as she normally would have been.  The FORCE agent fell forward from the blows but turned a disadvantage into a positive as she fell over top of Michelle, her hands interlocking and catching under Michelle’s chin pulling back her head and back and snapping her body.  

As the FORCE agent spun about one leg and hand stretched out to support her in a striking position, she watched Michelle’s body convulse then slowly try to drag itself against the wall for protection.  

She was picked up, a knee driving into her stomach, then a second time.  The FORCE agent leapt into the air, spun about and applied a fly headscissors, twisting as she fell and sending the TRIDENT agent skidding across the floor toward the stairs Michelle curled into a ball right by the edge. 

‘I’m afraid you get a failing grade for your mission or more appropriately a falling grade,’ the FORCE agent said as she picked up the woman and placed her across her shoulders.  ‘You know I think there’s just enough room for you to fit between the stairs and the wall.  Of course there may be a few knocks on the way down, but think of them as breaking your fall as well as your bones.!’ she said turning around and tossing her backwards over her shoulder.

Michelle fell but only six feet before she stopped, she used the last of her strength to reach out and pull the legs of the FORCE agent under the bottom rail sinking the back of her head against the top and pinning her in place.  

The pinned agents' struggles bobbed Michelle up and down as the garrotte wire held her in place, Michelle swinging a leg over to wrap the strand completely around her neck.  Hands banged against the uprights and her body convulsed as she strangled.  Michelle dropped a little the wire was cutting into her neck, she needed to move or risk falling.  A quick snap of legs away from each other finished the FORCE agent.  Michelle undid her leg and pushed up with her hands to take the pressure off before working upward and tilting over falling to the ground exhausted from the effort, but victorious.

She reached down and unhooked one end of the wire from inside her heel and closed the point. A gentle pull and the wire auto retracted on the spool in the other heel, she closed the point on that as well.

‘You see what happens when you keep her head during combat,’ she couldn't resist saying as blood dripped on the floor and down the open well to splash 4 floors below.  

She couldn’t even smile at the joke.  Michelle knew she was in bad shape, it took her four attempts to get to her feet, any victory now would come on adrenaline and thinking and she had one more floor to go.  She lurched to the stairs, stumbled and fell across them.  She pulled and dragged herself up resting against the wall on the 5th.

‘All that way to fail,’ the blonde said.

‘Don’t be too harsh, it's the trying that counts,’ the Indian woman answered.

‘I think you mean, all in the dying,’ she responded.  

Michelle raised the Escrima sticks she had managed to drag along.  Both women smiled as they pushed off the wall and walked toward her.  Michelle went into a weak stance. She swung and missed as Indian woman ducked underneath, now they had her surrounded.  It was easy to disarm her from there, one simply kicked and scored while the other grabbed one arm and pinned it against the wall, the other arm was quickly joined. 

A series of punches to the stomach and sides loosened her grip on the sticks and they fell.  Both women threw her across the hallway, spun across on there heels and slammed a leg up her back hooking their heels under her 

chin, The duo showed their flexibility by arching over themselves, each grabbing a heel point of Michelle’s boots and lifting her off the ground putting her back in duress as she was suspended.  

‘Well look at this,  a strangulation wire built into the heel.  You do come prepared to party don’t you honey.  Excellent, we both like a good party,’ the bark hair woman stated.  

At that queue, both heaved Michelle backward where she caromed off the opposite wall and rolled away in a heap.  

The two didn’t give her a moment's rest, straightened out and sat her up, scissored her, one from the front, the other the back, the woman at the back holding her arms behind stretched out behind her.  

‘This is going to hurt you a lot more than us,’ the dark haired woman smiled as she stared right into the eyes of Michelle.  

‘But look on the positive side you are helping us with our thigh muscle workout,’ the blonde added along with a small laugh.

All the talk only added to the agony coursing through her body.  Michelle was caught in an ever closing vise, she could feel her rib cage being pushed up and her breath getting shorter, both women had very effective legs.  

‘I don’t know about hurting me more than you,’ Michelle said defiantly as she mustered all the strength she could.  Michelle jack hammered her head backward then rocketed it forward.  The blow hurt all three, but it did what Michelle wanted it to do, she escaped the deadly double scissor.  A spinning flare kick added a second hit to them, she pushed off with her heel spinning in tight ball one leg connecting with the blonde then tucking back in while the other extended and hit home on the other FORCE agent.  

Michelle knew she had to act fast, her body said otherwise, she pushed through the pain the will to succeed overriding her torment.  She spotted the Escima stick, her body executed and backward somersault, her poise and fluid slinky motion both sexy and menacing in the same moment. The heels of her boots hooked the stick, her legs flicked it into the air. She came out of her backwards roll, spun and snapped a kick to the back of the blondes torso, she cursed herself for not hitting her head , but the blow accomplished the result she wanted but with a less stunning result.  Just as the kick ended the Escrima stick fell from above into her awaiting hands, the spy hooked it into the back of the heels of her opponent, the fronts of her thighs pushed against the stick while her arms reached forward and seize the blondes head and a tight embrace, Michelle pulled back pinning the woman to her.  

‘I wish this could be a long goodbye, but needs must and just to be clear this will hurt you much more than me,’ Michelle added as she violently turned her arms, the crack of the blonde's neck echoing about the hallway.  The other FORCE agent’s eyes widened as she heard it then saw the rag doll body of her partner smash lifeless to the floor as Michelle got to her feet, stick in hand.  

‘One down, one to go,’ Michelle smiled in spite of the pain she felt with every step.

She raised the stick and made for a quick strike, it was a foolish move, she knew it the minute she’d made it.  The blow was telegraph but her lack of speed.  The FORCE agent caught the blow in her hand.

She wrenched Michelle’s arm down in a circle with one hand while the other slipping to the back of the TRIDENT spy’s thighs lifted up and tossed the woman over hard to the floor!  Michelle rolled over onto her hands and knees before a leather boot slammed into the stomach, the force sending her hard into the wall.  

The FORCE agent seized Michelle by her hair and pulled her up, the winching spy having no choice in spite of the pain to assist in her demolition.  

‘Hiyee!,’  the woman yelled as she half turned and drove the point of her elbow into Michelle’s sternum then turned her stomach to the wall driving first her fists into Michelle’s kidneys and small of the back, the scorpion kicking her to the back of the head.  

Michelle bounced off the wall and into a back to back neckbreaker.  The  taller FORCE spy pulled Michelle up off the floor and began to slowly twist, the TRIDENT agent kicking and fighting with the little energy she had left.  Slowly her view of the hallway changed as her head was turned, her neck feeling the strain, her breath short, her back on fire.  Her hands frantically scraped, pulling and slapped at her opponents arms.  

The FORCE agent bounced her up and down adding more fuel to the pain.  MIchelle resisted, her foe tilted forward intent on finishing the encounter, Michelle kicked violently upward, her foot slamming into the woman’s mound created by the opening of her legs to balance her forward pull.  She felt a pause for a second, not longer, but long enough to tell her she’d scored a hit, she did it again, this time the hands uncoupled and she fell free.  

Michelle grove an enblow into the small of the woman’s back, the hammer shot skidding her away to the far wall, she turned just in time to she the TRIDENT spy vault up the wall, one foot pushing off and then a deadly pair and catsuit covered legs wrap around her neck.  Michelle leaned forward and took them to the ground a rolling tumble ensued ending with the back of the spy's left leg wrapped around the neck of her opponent.

‘I won’t waste any time and get right to the point,’ Michele gasped as she pulled the captured head down with her leg, the heel point of her other boot driving into the eye socket and then into the brain of the FORCE agent.

Michelle held firm as her opponent’s body twitched and spasmed the last vestiges of life from it.  After a minute or so she unhooked her leg, slipped the top of her boot under the neck of the dead woman and flicked her free.

The victorious spy fell back in pain, she clutched her sides, exhausted and hurt she felt like crying out in pain but refused, still still had to get the last vital piece of Intel.  She pulled herself along the floor until she found the Escrima stick and used it as a brace to get to her feet.

Michelle got the last of the data and then fell against the stair railing and she gingerly descended the steps she had won, but as she listened to her body, she wondered at what cost the victory had been purchased.